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四川重庆星辰医院整形重庆共振吸脂价格四川省保妥适多少钱 When it comes to weight loss, it often seems like men and women are from different planets. That’s the topic of my Today Show segment (check back later for the ). Does gender really make a difference in your ability to lose weight and keep it off? Read on, as I answer some questions I’m often asked. The answers are both biological and behavioral – not a surprise when it comes to Mother Nature. Do you have others? Let me know what you’re thinking!Is it easier for men to lose weight than women?It often can be. Men have more testosterone, which does two things: (1)supports greater muscle mass (so resting metabolism is usually higher); and (2) promotes more muscle mass with exercise – both which burn greater numbers of calories.Plus, women have a biological “yo-yo” – childbearing, where excursions of weight are normal, and it’s often a struggle to get exactly back to the same pre-pregnancy weight. Monthly changes in hormonal status (up to and including menopause) also can stimulate appetite.Do men and women accumulate different kinds of fat?The fat is the same, but it’s distributed differently. Men typically have “belly” fat – around the middle, and women tend to have lower body fat, around the hips, thighs, and buttocks.Is one kind of fat harder to lose than another?Belly fat, most common in men, actually is targeted first during exercise. So, if you’re an exerciser, the biggest changes first seen will be in abdominal fat. The lower body fat is often deposited during the child-bearing years – where it is meant to be used when the baby is born to nourish (via breastfeeding). There are female hormones that target this fat at that time.Do men and women eat differently for comfort?In general, women are greater consumers of fruits and vegetables than men. When it comes to comfort, women seek out sweet/fat foods – think ice cream, baked goods, candy and chocolate, while men tend to look for savory and salty/fat foods – think pizza and cheeseburgers.What about keeping weight off?Weight maintenance is the great equalizer! Both women and men struggle with long term weight maintenance. Both sexes are “yo-yo” dieters. It appears that the same strategies for long term weight changes are the same for both men and women. One thing for sure, no matter how it comes off, we all need social support as a key strategy to keep it off!!What do you think about this? 说到减肥,男人和女人似乎有着千差万别。今天节目就围绕这个话题。。。。。在减肥和保持体重上,性别真的起到至关重要的作用?继续听下去,我将回答一些我经常被问到的问题。引起这种差别的有生理上的原因和行为上的原因—如果归结到母性,那这些区别也就不足为奇了。你还知道其他原因吗?知道就请告诉我吧~男人会比女人更容易减肥吗?一般是这样的。男人有更多的雄性激素,这不仅保了有着男人更大块的肌肉,从而使得他们的新陈代谢旺盛,同时促进肌肉的运动。而这两者恰恰会燃烧大量的卡路里。再者,生育使得女人的体重变化不定。生育期间,体重增加甚为正常,想要减到生育前的体重很是辛苦。再加上一月一次荷尔蒙数量的起伏变化(包括升高或是更年期)又使得女人胃口大开。男人和女人堆积的脂肪是一类吗?一样的脂肪,不同的分布。男人的脂肪一般在腹部—在身体的正中间,而女人的脂肪一般堆积在下半身,比如在臀部和大腿、不同脂肪有难减易减之分吗?男性经常堆积的腹部脂肪,通常在运动中首先被消耗的。所以说,如果你是个做运动的人,你将发现,肚子上的变化将是最先注意到的。而下半生的脂肪一般是在怀期间对堆积的,因为这些脂肪将用于母乳喂养。这时雌性激素会作用于这些脂肪。在吃的方面,男女有没有不同的趋好?一般来说,女人会吃更多的水果和蔬菜。但说到喜欢吃什么,那么诸如冰激凌,烘烤的食物,糖果,巧克力等甜的高脂肪食物将是女性的首选,而男性则喜欢可口的,咸味的高脂肪食物,如匹萨和奶酪三明治。在保持体重方面有区别吗?在保持体重方面男女是完全一样的,他们都要为长期体重的维持而奋斗着,都是摇摆不定的减肥者。我们发现,同一种减肥策略对男女长期维持体重效果是一样的。。但有一点是毋庸置疑的,那就是无论男女减肥是又怎样的千差万别,别人的帮助持才是让我们保持体重最重要的战略。你认为呢? /200804/36815B News – Shares in Japanese gaming company Nintendo jumped by nearly a quarter on Monday following the success of its new Pokemon Go smartphone game. It debuted at the top of gaming charts in the US last week and is set to be released in Japan soon. B新闻 – 日本游戏公司任天堂新的宝可梦Go智能手机游戏大获成功后,其股价周一跃升近1/4。它上周在美国一经亮相,即登上游戏排行榜榜首,不久将在日本发布。Pokemon Go requires users to try to catch on-screen characters like Pikachu using their real-world locations. Millions of users have aly downloaded the game. The game was downloaded onto more US Android smartphones than the dating application Tinder within a day of its launch, according to data from Similar Web.宝可梦Go要求用户利用其现实世界中的位置设法捕捉皮卡丘等屏幕角色。数百万用户已经下载了这款游戏。根据同类网的数据,这款游戏推出一天内,其在美国安卓智能手机上的下载量超过了约会应用替你得。It has aly generated headlines from armed robbers using it to lure gamers into a trap, to a person discovering a dead body in a river while searching for a Pokemon character.它已经引发了各种头条新闻 - 从武装劫匪利用它将游戏玩家诱入圈套,到某人搜寻宝可梦角色时却在河里发现了死尸。The rally in Nintendo#39;s shares since the debut of Pokemon Go on 6 July has added more than bn to the company#39;s market value.自7月6日宝可梦Go首发以来,任天堂股价回升已为公司市值增加70多亿美元。Evan Lucas, a market strategist at IG has called the investor speculation around the app ;amazing; but said that the company will need to do more to justify the jump in its share price.IG市场策略师卢卡斯称围绕这款游戏的投资者投机行为“令人惊叹”,但他表示,任天堂需要作出更多努力为其股价跃升正名。There is also a question as to how much profit Nintendo will actually receive from Pokemon Go given it was not the main developer of the augmented reality game. It has partnered with US-based game developer Niantic and the Pokémon Company, which owns the rights to the characters.还有一个问题,就是任天堂实际能从宝可梦Go收到多少利润,考虑到它并非是这款增强现实游戏的主要开发商。它与设在美国的游戏开发商奈安蒂克和拥有这些游戏形象所有权的宝可梦公司合作。Nintendo, which is also behind the iconic Super Mario game, has traditionally relied on sales of its gaming consoles. However, sales of those have been slowing in recent years as more gamers move online and onto portable devices.任天堂也是传统的标志性游戏超级马里奥的开发商,它传统上依赖其游戏机的销售。然而,随着更多游戏玩家转战网上和便携式设备,游戏机销量近年来一直呈放缓趋势。Analysts have criticised the company for lagging its rivals like Sony and being late to the game in catering to the growing smartphone market. In March, Nintendo released its first-ever mobile game Miitomo, which has done well. It gained a million users within three days of its launch.分析人士批评任天堂在迎合日益增长的智能手机市场方面落后于索尼等竞争对手,手游开发姗姗来迟。三月份,任天堂发布了其首款手游Miitomo,表现不俗。推出3天内即赢得百万用户。The Japanese company has said it plans to launch four more smartphone games by the end of March 2017.这家日本公司说,它计划在2017年底之前再推出4款智能手机游戏。 /201607/453821重庆星辰整形美容医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱

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