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China has banned profit-led private schools from the nine-year compulsory education system, which covers primary to junior high school years, according to a revised law.根据《民办教育促进法》修正案,我国已禁止营利性民办学校涉足涵盖小学和初中阶段的九年制义务教育。The revised law on private education was adopted last Monday at the close of the National People#39;s Congress Standing Committee#39;s bi-monthly session after a third ing and will take effect on Sept 1, 2017.全国人大常委会每两月举行一次会议,本次会议于上周一闭幕,当天,会议通过了该修正案三审稿,修正案将于2017年9月1日生效。China#39;s compulsory education is a nationwide free system, supported by funding from the central government.我国在全国范围内实行免费义务教育,由中央政府提供资金持。The system is a public service that must be provided by the government, said Zhu Zhiwen, vice-minister of education, at a press conference after the law#39;s revision was finalized.在修正案通过后的一场新闻发布会上,教育部副部长朱之文表示,义务教育是政府必须提供的一项公共务。;Profit-led private schools are unsuitable for the free education program,; Zhu said.朱之文说:“营利性民办学校不适合实施免费义务教育。”He stressed that private schools are still allowed to offer diversified, market-oriented paid educational services, as long as they comply with the law.此外他还强调,只要符合法律要求,民办学校仍可以按照市场需求,提供多样化的收费教育务。China has about 162,700 private schools nationwide with more than 45.7 million students, according to figures from the Ministry of Education.根据教育部的数据显示,我国全国共有大约16万2千7百所民办学校,这些学校拥有4570万名学生。 /201611/478876Hong Kong’s high court disqualified two pro-independence lawmakers on Tuesday as authorities intensified their crackdown on the burgeoning separatist movement in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.周二,香港高等法院取消了两名“港独”议员的议员资格。针对这块半自治中国领土快速发展的分离主义运动,当局加大了打压力度。The Chinese government last week pre-empted the outcome of the court case by issuing an unprecedented ruling that anyone promoting separatism in Hong Kong must be barred from public office.在香港高等法院做出这一裁决前,北京方面上周先发制人,发布了一条史无前例的司法解释,规定任何宣扬港独的人都不能担任公职。Opposition politicians and legal experts said Beijing’s intervention in the case, which was initially brought by the Hong Kong government, dealt a heavy blow to the rule of law in the global financial centre.反对派政治人士和法律专家表示,北京方面对此案的干预给这个全球金融中心的法治造成了沉重打击。此案是由香港政府提起的。Judge Thomas Au said he disqualified Baggio Leung and Yau Wai-ching, who were elected to the city’s legislative council in September, because they had failed to take their oath of office properly, pledging allegiance to the “Hong Kong nation” and describing China in derogatory terms.负责此案的法官区庆祥(Thomas Au)表示,他之所以取消今年9月当选为香港立法会议员的梁颂恒(Baggio Leung)和游蕙祯(Yau Wai-Ching)的议员资格,是因为他们未能正确发表就职宣誓,而是宣称效忠“香港国”,还使用侮辱性字眼称呼中国。In his judgment he said they had committed a “wilful and deliberate attempt” to “insult China” and “manifestly refused” to bear allegiance to the “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China”, as the territory is formally known.他在判决书中表示,两人“蓄意地企图……侮辱中国……并明显拒绝”效忠“中华人民共和国香港特别行政区”。中华人民共和国香港特别行政区是香港的正式名称。He said he would have made the same decision regardless of the intervention by Beijing.区庆祥表示,无论北京方面干预与否,他都会做出同样的裁决。Speaking outside the court, Ms Yau, a 25-year-old political novice who has divided opinions with her uncompromising style, said the outcome was “not fair but expected” because of the “threats to the judge” from Beijing.25岁的政治新人游蕙祯在法庭外发表讲话时表示,由于北京方面“对法官施压”,判决结果“不公但在意料之内”。游蕙祯一直因不妥协的风格而引发争议。Noting that she was elected by more than 20,000 voters and Mr Leung by more than 37,000, she said that “if the court can disqualify us this way, everyone should know what kind of society we live in”.游蕙祯指出,她和梁颂恒分别获2万多和3.7万多选民选出。她说,“如果法庭能以这种方式取消我们的议员资格,我想大家都心中有数,这究竟是个什么样的社会”。Mr Leung said they would appeal the judgement.梁颂恒表示,他们将提起上诉。“This judgement simply reflects that elections in Hong Kong are meaningless and the results can easily be overturned by the government,” he said.他说:“这种判决仅仅反映出香港选举毫无意义,以及选举结果能够被政府轻易推翻。”The young lawmakers sparked a furious reaction from Beijing and its supporters in Hong Kong with the manner of their swearing-in last month.这两位年轻议员上月就职宣誓时的表现,让北京方面和香港的亲北京人士大为光火。Earlier this month, the Hong Kong government brought a judicial review to disqualify Mr Leung and Ms Yau, even though the president of the Legislative Council had offered them the chance to retake their oaths.本月早些时候,香港政府提请司法复核以取消梁颂恒和游蕙祯的议员资格,尽管香港立法会主席此前已允许两人重新宣誓。Beijing’s representative office in Hong Kong has warned it may seek to unseat as many 13 other opposition lawmakers in the 70-member council for failing to take their oaths properly.中国中央人民政府驻香港特别行政区联络办公室(简称:中联办)警告称,该办可能会寻求剥夺其他至多13名未能正确宣誓的反对派议员的议员资格。香港立法会总共有70名议员。Zhang Xiaoming, the head of the office, vowed at the weekend to crack down hard on separatism, saying Beijing would never “appease treason”.中联办主任张晓明在上周末誓言严厉打击分离主义,他说,北京方面绝不会“纵容叛国”。Regina Ip, a pro-government lawmaker, said the decision by the court and Beijing’s intervention had “made clear to Hong Kong people the importance of territorial integrity and respect for the sovereignty of our country”.亲北京的香港立法会议员叶刘淑仪(Regina Ip)表示,法院的判决和北京方面的干预“让香港人明白了国土完整和尊重‘一国’原则的重要性”。The government will have to arrange a by-election to allow voters to replace Mr Leung and Ms Yau, although they said they would seek an injunction to stop this from happening until their appeal has been heard.香港政府将不得不安排补缺选举以便让选民们选出替代梁颂恒和游蕙祯的议员,尽管这两人表示,将寻求取得禁制令以阻止补缺选举,直至他们完成上诉。“Now is only the beginning, not the end,” said Mr Leung. “The enemy has declared war on us and we will fight until the last moment.”梁颂恒表示:“(现在)只会是开始,而不会是结束。敌人既然宣战,我们只能够奋战到最后一刻。” /201611/478591

The EU’s trade deal with Canada was yesterday pulled back from the brink after Belgian regional leaders dropped their objections to the country’s government signing the pact in an eleventh-hour rescue.欧盟与加拿大的贸易协议昨日从悬崖边缘被拉回,此前最后一刻的挽救努力奏效,比利时的地方领导人放弃反对该国政府签署协定。The agreement came just hours after Justin Trudeau, Canada’s premier, cancelled a trip to sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement in Brussels.在有关各方达成协议的几小时前,加拿大总理贾斯廷.特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)取消前往布鲁塞尔签署《综合经济与贸易协定》(CETA)的行程。MPs in the French-speaking region of Wallonia, the Brussels region and the country’s tiny German-speaking region have been asked to confirm their approval of the Ceta treaty by midnight tonight.讲法语的瓦隆大区(Wallonia)、布鲁塞尔地区以及该国微小的德语区的议员被要求在今晚午夜之前确认他们批准CETA条约。Charles Michel, Belgium’s prime minister, said the regional parliaments would have “the last word” on a deal that would retain Belgium’s “credibility on the international stage”.比利时首相夏尔.米歇尔(Charles Michel)表示,地区议会对于“保留比利时在国际舞台上的信誉”的一项协定将具有“最后发言权”。Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, said he would only contact Mr Trudeau “once all procedures are finalised” for the EU to sign Ceta.欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳德.图斯克(Donald Tusk)表示,“只有当所有程序都已完成”,欧盟可以签署CETA之后,他才会联系特鲁多。There has been deep frustration among Ceta’s supporters at the failure of the Belgian regional leaders to approve a deal that the government in Brussels and those of 27 other member states had agreed to sign.此前,对于比利时地方领导人未能批准该国和欧盟其他27个成员国政府已经同意签署的协定,CETA的持者深感沮丧。Mr Tusk has warned that a collapse of Ceta would have “obvious consequences” for Europe’s global position.图斯克警告说,CETA半途而废将给欧洲的全球地位带来“明显后果”。The Ceta affair has been deeply embarrassing for EU leaders, who had hoped the deal would prepare the ground for the even bigger Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership pact with the US. Instead the affair has raised questions over the ability of the EU to conclude complex deals that require the support of all the parliaments in the bloc.欧盟领导人曾希望该协议将为与美国达成更大的《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定》(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)做一些铺垫,因此他们对CETA遭遇的波折深感尴尬。与他们的初衷相反,这一波折令人质疑:欧盟有没有能力敲定那些需要得到成员国所有议会持的复杂交易?Belgium’s government strongly supports the deal but under the federal structure it cannot sign without regional approval. The national parliament backed Ceta as did the parliament in the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders.比利时政府大力持这项协议,但在联邦制下,如果没有地区层面的批准,它就不能签署。比利时的国家议会以及讲荷兰语的法兰德斯大区(Flanders)的议会持CETA。The parties came close to a deal on Wednesday but talks broke up — resulting in the cancellation of an EU-Canada summit. Before he cancelled his visit, Mr Trudeau said the logjam could still be broken. “We are confident that in the coming days we will see a positive outcome for this historic deal.”各方在周三曾接近达成协议,但谈判后破裂,导致欧盟-加拿大峰会被取消。特鲁多在取消赴欧行程之前表示,僵局仍有望被打破。“我们相信,我们在未来几天将看到这个历史性的协议取得积极结果。”Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s trade minister, said the country was y to sign this important agreement “when Europe is y”.加拿大贸易部长克里斯蒂娅.弗里兰(Chrystia Freeland)表示,该国准备签署这一重要协议——“只要欧洲准备就绪”。 /201610/475125

A survey carried out by China Central Television indicates that those born in the 1990s and those above 60 are more confident about their financial health, reported chinanews.com.据中新网报道,由中央电视台开展的一份调查显示,90后和60岁以上这两个群体对他们的财务状况更有信心。The China#39;s Economic Life Survey, sponsored by CCTV, the National Bureau of Statistics, China Post and National School of Development at Peking University, suggests new trends in income, expenditure, social security, and life quality of Chinese people.《中国经济生活大调查》是由央视、国家统计局、中国邮政、北京大学国家发展研究院联合发起的,显示了中国人在收入、开、社会保障和生活质量方面的新趋势。This year#39;s survey shows that 16 percent of post-1990s and 13 percent of those aged above 60 are confident about their financial prospects.今年的调查结果显示,16%的90后和13%的60岁以上人群对他们的财务前景充满信心。According to previous surveys, the confidence in income in 2015 rebounded to the highest point in recent years.在之前的调查中,2015年对收入的信心回升至近几年的最高点。In terms of investment, Chinese households are relatively risk averse, with 35 percent investing in nothing.中国家庭在投资方面会尽可能规避风险,35%的家庭没有任何投资。The most popular financial products are insurances – nearly two in five people chose to spend on them.最受欢迎的的理财产品是保险--近四成人选择把钱花在保险上。The survey also shows that 46 percent of respondents prefer to spend on tourism, leading in various kinds of consumption choices.调查结果还显示,46%的受访者偏爱把钱花在旅游上,在各种消费选择中排名第一。More than half said they ;are under much pressure from work, and have no time to exercise;. At the same time, 34 percent said they buy heath care products and services.超过半数的人表示,他们“工作压力大,没有时间锻炼”。与此同时,34%的人表示他们会购买保健品和务。When it comes to attitudes toward the second-child policy, 24 percent of respondents said they do not plan to have another child in short term due to economic pressure.当谈到对二孩政策态度时,24%的人表示,由于经济压力,短期内没有生二孩的计划。 /201703/496206

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