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USE ENCRYPTION使用加密功能Much to the FBI#39;s displeasure, iPhones running at least iOS 8 offer full-disk encryption by default.更让联邦调查局头疼的是,iPhone从iOS8系统版本开始,默认为全磁盘提供加密功能。That means that the information stored on the phone can#39;t be extracted - by authorities or by hackers - and on another computer.这意味着,无论政府或者黑客,都无法在另一台电脑上读取手机所储存的信息。If the phone isn#39;t unlocked first, any information obtained would be scrambled and unable.如果手机没有被解锁,从中获取的任何信息都是不可读的乱码。With Android, however, you typically have to turn that on in the settings.对于安卓系统,你得在设置中开启加密功能。Google#39;s policy requires many phones with the latest version of Android, including its own Nexus phones, to offer encryption by default.针对默认加密务,谷歌的政策要求手机安装最新安卓系统,包括谷歌自己的Nexus手机,内附加密升级版软件。But, according to Google, only 2.3 percent of active Android devices currently are running that version.但据谷歌数据统计,目前只有2.3%的安卓活跃用户在使用该版本。SET UP DEVICE FINDERS设置手机寻找功能Find My iPhone isn#39;t just for finding your phone in the couch cushions.“查找我的iPhone”功能并不是在沙发垫上找手机那么简单。If your device disappears, you can put it in Lost Mode. That locks your screen with a passcode, if it isn#39;t aly, and lets you display a custom message with a phone number to help you get it back.如果手机不见了,您可以通过密码将其设置成丢失模式,锁定手机。锁定前,您还可以在自己的iPhone上显示用来取得联系的电话号码,帮助找回手机。The app comes with iPhones, but you need to set it up before you lose your phone. Look for the Find iPhone app in the Extras folder.虽然这项应用程序是iPhone自带的,但是你得在手机丢失前设置好。打开Extras文件夹,即可找到Find iPhone应用。Meanwhile, Activation Lock makes it harder for thieves to sell your device.与此同时,有了激活锁定功能,小偷也很难将赃物卖出。The phone becomes unusable - it can#39;t be reactivated - without knowing its Apple ID. The feature kicks in automatically on phones running at least iOS 7.不知道苹果账户的ID和密码,就无法重新激活使用手机。iOS7系统版本以上的iPhone都自带这项功能。If all else fails, you can remotely wipe the phone#39;s data.如果上述尝试都已失败,那么您只好远程抹掉手机数据。While your information will be lost, at least it won#39;t end up in the hands of a nefarious person.哪怕手机信息全没了,也比落在坏人手里强。There isn#39;t anything comparable built into Android phones, but Google#39;s Android Device Manager app, along with a handful of others made by third parties, can be downloaded for free from the Google Play app store.虽然安卓系统目前没有类似功能,但谷歌的“安卓设备管理器”应用和第三方出品的一些其他软件也能发挥一定作用。这些应用可从谷歌官方电子市场免费下载。 /201605/440499Uber has struck a deal with Alipay that will allow Chinese travellers to use the online payments platform to request and pay for rides overseas, as the US ride-hailing company seeks a fresh edge in the highly competitive Chinese market.优步(Uber)与付宝(Alipay)达成一项协议,允许中国游客在海外使用付宝叫优步的车并付款。这家美国叫车务公司试图在竞争激烈的中国市场建立一项新的优势。The deal will allow Chinese users of Uber to pay in renminbi using Alipay, the online payment service run by Alibaba’s financial affiliate Ant Financial, across the 68 countries in which Uber operates.根据该协议,在优步有业务的68个国家内,优步中国用户将可使用付宝以人民币付款。付宝是阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下金融公司蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)运营的在线付务平台。As Uber has expanded rapidly, processing payments in each new market has been a challenge. The San Francisco-based company has struck scores of payments deals around the world and introduced cash payments in several cities.随着优步迅速扩张,在每个新市场处理付已变成了一项挑战。这家总部位于旧金山的公司在全球各地达成了大量的付协议,并在几座城市推出了现金付。Tuesday’s agreement is notable not only because of its scale — Alipay is China’s leading online and mobile payments service with 450m users — but also because Alibaba is an investor in Didi Kuaidi, Uber’s biggest competitor in China, as well as its US rival Lyft.周二达成的这项协议之所以引人注目,原因不仅在于其规模——付宝是中国头号在线与移动付务平台,用户数达4.5亿——还在于阿里巴巴是滴滴快的(DiDi Kuaidi)和Lyft的股东,而滴滴快的是优步在中国的最大竞争对手,Lyft则是优步在美国的竞争对手。Under the payments agreement, Alipay will promote Uber in its app to Chinese users outside of the mainland, who will be able to call a car via the Alipay app. Alipay will take an undisclosed cut of the transaction, as it does with other businesses promoted within its app.根据这项协议,付宝将在其海外版应用内向用户推介优步,用户将能够通过付宝应用叫优步的车。付宝将从交易额中抽成(比例未公开),正如它对自己应用内推介的其他业务采取的做法一样。In China, the Alipay app will continue directing users to Didi, as it currently does.在中国,付宝应用将像目前一样,继续把用户导引给滴滴。The tie-up could strengthen Uber’s hand as it contends with the global anti-Uber alliance — comprising Didi, Lyft, GrabTaxi and India-based Ola — to win the business of Chinese travellers.在优步与全球反优步联盟(由滴滴、Lyft、GrabTaxi和印度Ola组成)对抗之际,这次合作可加强优步的实力,以赢得中国游客的业务。Uber aly accept payments made via Alipay from passengers within China, under an agreement struck in 2014. Before Tuesday’s deal, Chinese passengers needed a foreign currency-denominated credit card in order to use Uber outside of China.根据2014年达成的一项协议,优步已接受中国境内乘客通过付宝付叫车费用。周二的协议达成之前,中国乘客在境外需要外币信用卡才能使用优步的务。 /201605/441477Your morning routine may go as follows: have breakfast, brush teeth, shower, then head out to start your day. 早上起来,你可能会先吃个早饭,然后再刷牙、洗澡、出门开始新的一天。But there’s a hidden step in there you may not be aware of – polluting the ocean and endangering sea life while *contaminating the food chain.但是,你可能并没有意识到,你清晨的一个小习惯,正在污染着海洋,威胁着海洋生物的生存,甚至破坏着整个食物链。*Microbeads are *miniscule pieces of plastic omnipresent in our everyday cosmetics that you may have never paid much attention to up until now. 微珠是一些非常小的塑料碎片,它在我们每天都用的化妆品中无处不在。或许直到现在,你都没有注意到它的存在。From face *scrubs, *exfoliating shower gels and even toothpaste, there’s no escaping them.从脸部磨砂膏、去角质沐浴露、甚至是牙膏,到处都有它们的身影。But while they may help keep our skin and teeth looking good, many species of sea life are mistaking the tiny colorful balls for food, ending up with them in their *digestive systems.尽管它们让我们的皮肤和牙齿看起来很棒,但许多海洋生物却将这些微小的色颗粒误以为是食物并将其吞下,进入它们的消化系统。We find pieces of plastic in every sample of seawater we study from round the world, professor Tamara Galloway of Exeter University told the B.我们在世界各地的海水样本中都找到了这些塑料碎片,英国埃克塞特大学的塔玛拉#8226;加洛威教授向B表示。What makes this even more worrying is that plastic is known to be excellent at absorbing toxic pollutants in water – such as motor oil or *pesticides – and it’s thought that these toxins could be making their way up the food chain and eventually onto our plates.更加令人担忧的是,我们都知道,塑料十分易于吸收水中的有毒污染物——如机油和杀虫剂等——而有人认为这些毒素可以因此进入食物链,最终出现在我们的餐桌上。An average plate of oysters could contain up to 50 plastic particles. 平均一盘牡蛎可能就含有50个塑料颗粒。We don’t have any evidence yet for the harm this might cause but most people would probably prefer not to be eating microbeads with their food, Galloway explains.尽管目前为止没有据表明这些颗粒会对人体有害,但大多数人都不会选择食用含有微珠的食物,加洛威解释道。A number of countries have announced they will ban microbeads, including the UK and the US, but campaigners say that more still needs to be done to completely rid Earth of the tiny grains of plastic for good.包括英国和美国在内的一些国家已经宣布将禁用微珠。但倡议者们认为,要想让这些塑料颗粒在地球上完全消失,还有许多工作要做。There’s a load of products containing microbeads – like washing detergents and other household products – which might not be banned. 市面上有大量包含微珠的产品——如清洁剂和其他的家用产品——并不会被禁用。That makes no sense to us, Fiona Nicholls of Greenpeace UK writes on its website.这对我们而言便毫无意义,来自英国非政府组织绿色和平的菲奥娜#8226;尼科尔斯在网站上写道。After all, what does a hungry fish care if the microplastic clogging its gut has come from a face scrub or a washing powder?毕竟,又有哪条饥肠辘辘的鱼会在意,这些堵塞它们肠道的微塑料,是来自于面部磨砂膏,还是洗衣粉呢?There are still safe ways to dispose of microbead-containing products, for people who decide they don’t want to use them any more.对于决心不再使用含微珠产品的人们来说,也有一些安全的处理方法。Natural substitutes纯天然的替代品Several websites recommend squeezing the offending product into the trash, rather than down the sink, before cleaning out the container with disposable tissue and placing it in the recycling bin.一些网站建议,在使用一次性纸巾彻底清理这些产品容器,并将它们放入回收垃圾桶前,不如将里面这些惹人厌的内容物都挤入垃圾桶中,而不是直接倒入水槽里。And for those who still want to enjoy the benefits of exfoliating, they still can. 当然,还有别的方法能够帮助人们去除身上多余角质。There are several natural substitutes that are said to work in the exact same way as their plastic counterparts, except these will *biodegrade when flushed down the drain.好几种天然替代品都具有和塑料微珠相同的功效,在冲入下水道后,这些物质还都能被降解。There are many ingredients that can be used as an alternative. There’s *jojoba beads, *cocoa, raspberry seeds, rice flour, oats – to name but a few, says Sonia White of British cosmetics firm Love Lula.许多原料都能用作替代品,如荷荷巴油珠、可可粉、树莓籽、米粉、燕麦等等,来自英国化妆品公司Love Lula的索尼亚#8226;怀特介绍道。There is absolutely no cosmetic ingredient that is worth using if it has a negative effect on the environment and animals.如果一种化妆品原料会对环境和动物产生不利影响,那么它便没有使用价值。 /201609/468710

CCTV Headquarters央视大楼The CCTV Headquarters is a skyscraper that is the new headquarters of China Central Television. Groundbreaking took place on September 22, 2004. The building is built in two sections that will be completed in December 2007 and in December 2008 respectively. Rem Koolhaas from Holand is the architect. The building will stand at 234 metres tall and will cover 550 thousand m2 of floor space.央央电视台总部大楼位于北京东部CBD,设计师:雷姆·库哈斯(荷兰)2004年10月正式开工建设,此工程B标段将先一步于2007年年底前竣工,2008年初交付使用,这亦将作为北京奥运转播中心和今后中央电视台节目制播中心。A标段于2008年年底竣工,2009年交付使用,此标段主要是电视文化中心、管理中心,地处中央商务区核心地带,总建筑面积约55万平方米,最高建筑234米。The main building is not a traditional tower, but a continuous loop of five horizontal and vertical sections, creating an irregular grid on the building#39;s facade with an open center. Because of its radical shape, it has acquired the nickname dakucha, translated into English as ;Big Underpants; or ;Big Shorts;. The construction of the building is considered to be a structural challenge.主楼建筑外形就像是一只被扭曲的正方形油炸圈;两座竖立的塔楼向内倾斜,倾角很大;塔楼之间被横向的结构连接起来,总体形成一个闭合的环,有人称之为“大裤衩”。它被认为是世界上设计最激进的建筑。 /201603/430108

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