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惠州地区包皮手术陈江镇医院割包皮Business商业报道Business and geopolitics商业与地缘政治学Enter the G20走进G20Business hopes to be heard at next weeks G20 summit商界希望下周的G20峰会能倾听到自己的心声WHEN the G20, a group of governments from the worlds biggest economies,本月晚些时候,世界上最大的20个经济体组成的集团,meets in Los Cabos, Mexico, later this month, business will have a seat at the table.G20将在墨西哥的洛斯卡沃斯召开会议,这一次,商界将也要出席这次会议。The bosses of more than 300 large companies will be at the same beach resort for the fourth summit of the B20, a group that tries to persuade governments to be more business-friendly.超过300个大公司的总裁将会在同一个海滩度假胜地迎来第四次B20峰会。B20这个集团组织的宗旨是游说政府对对商业更加友好。For the first time, B20 leaders will be invited to address the assembled politicians.这是B20的领导第一次受邀在政治家云集的峰会上演讲。They will give advice on matters ranging from infrastructure to jobs,这些商界领袖将会针对从基础设施到就业等重大问题,向大会献计献策。but the B20s most useful role may be as a watchdog.不过B20最有益的作用或许是充当监督者。The politicians at these powwows have a reputation for saying one thing and doing another when they return home.众所周知,参加这类会议的政客回国后,常常说一套做一套,甚至光说不做。To hold them to account, the B20s chairman, Alejandro Ramírez, touts a new performance dashboard.为了让他们说到做到,B20主席亚利桑德罗·拉米雷兹竭力推荐实施一种全新的绩效榜机制。This dashboard, prepared with input from the International Chamber of Commerce, the McKinsey Global Institute and the University of Toronto, will track each G20 countrys progress in keeping promises made at each years summit.这个绩效榜上待评价的指标是由国际商会、麦肯锡全球研究所和多伦多大学共同编写的。每年G20 国家都会在峰会上做出承诺,绩效榜将跟踪每个G20 国家在实现承诺的进展情况。Initially, the dashboard will focus only on commitments directly relevant to business.最初,绩效榜将关注与商业直接相关的承诺。The Economist has seen a draft dashboard, minus the country names.《经济学人》杂志同僚曾经见到过绩效榜的草稿,略去了国家的名称。It tracks progress made between the 2010 and 2011 G20 summits on 13 categories of pledge.它跟踪调查了2010年G20峰会和2011年峰会间,13类承诺的实现情况。They include improving the financial system, fighting climate change, promoting free trade and curbing corruption.这些承诺包括:改善财政体系,积极应对气候变化,促进自由贸易并整治腐败。It makes dismal ing, in places.绩效榜上有些国家的表现十分低迷。On trade, only four of the G20 did what they said they would.在贸易方面,只有4个国家信守了承诺。Five made no progress at all, or regressed.5个国家没有实现任何进展,甚至有所倒退。Pledges to fight corruption, manage exchange rates sensibly and price fossil fuels to reflect their carbon emissions were also widely breached.包括打击腐败,合理控制汇率,对矿物燃料定价使其能够反映其碳排放多少等在内的许诺大部分都没有兑现。The dashboard ought to embarrass people who deserve to be embarrassed.绩效榜应该然让那些理应蒙羞的人感到难堪。But although it has been shown to the G20 governments, the B20 is dithering about whether to publish it.但是,尽管G20各国政府都看到了这个绩效榜,但B20却对是否发表这个榜单犹豫不决。Fans of good government will be disappointed. What use is a watchdog that does not bark?有信誉的政府的持者可能会感到失望。但是,要是看门不叫的话,要它何用?For now Mr Ramírez, whose day job is boss of Cinépolis, a Mexican cinema chain, will say only that Australia has performed best, making progress on every pledge, whereas Argentina has performed poorly.作为B20主席,拉米雷兹的日常工作是担任一家名为辛普利的墨西哥影院连锁的总裁。仅就目前而言,拉米雷兹只能说澳大利亚的表现是最好的,在每一个承诺上都做出了成绩,相反,阿根廷表现很差。No surprises there.这点不足为奇,Australia has grown rich selling food and minerals to China, and is rolling out the welcome mat for foreign talent.澳大利亚通过向中国出售食品和矿产而大发横财,并展开怀抱,积极引进外国人才。Argentina, in contrast, cannot even keep honest inflation statistics, and has a nasty habit of nationalising foreign companies.相反,阿根廷甚至在通胀数据上都不能诚实一点,并有个恶劣的习惯——将外国企业收归国有。Following a disappointing B20 last year in Cannes, when the politicians lectured the bosses but did not listen,去年在戛纳召开的B20峰会令人不快,因为政治家们批评了商界总裁,但却没有听取他们的意见。Mr Ramírez has been doing all sorts of sensible things to make the B20 seem more than just a club of rich grumblers.自此之后,拉米雷兹采取各种各样的明智的手段,以使B20看上去不仅仅是个爱发牢骚的富人的俱乐部。He has invited NGOs and other outsiders to join its deliberations.他邀请了许多非政府组织和旁观者参与到自己的讨论中来。Barbara Stocking, the head of Oxfam UK, is on the B20s food-security task force. John Evans, a veteran trade-union official, is on its employment task force.英国乐施会的负责人芭芭拉·斯托金已经加入到B20的食品安全特别小组。资深工会领导人,约翰·埃文斯已成为其就业特别小组成员。But a pressure group is measured by results, not intentions.压力集团是否起作用靠的是结果而非意图。The B20 has yet to prove itself.这一点上,B20有待明自己。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201307/246742惠州友好看男科怎么样 Browser wars浏览器之战Chrome rules the web谷歌浏览器掌控网络What Google’s browser has in common with Queen Victoria谷歌浏览器跟维多利亚女王的共同点是什么?Aug 10th 2013 |From the print editionEMPIRES rise and fall swiftly on the internet. Google’s Chrome browser, which celebrates its fifth birthday next month, has captured much of the territory of older browsers and is now responsible for about 43% of all the web traffic generated by the world’s desktop computers. When Chrome was launched the dominant browser was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), with a 68% share—it is now down to just 25%.网络帝国兴败迅速。谷歌的Chrome浏览器下个月就要庆祝诞生15周年了。它攻城拔寨,抢夺了旧浏览器不少的份额,现在拥有台式机领域网站流量的43%之多。谷歌浏览器发布的时候,占据主导地位的浏览器是微软的IE浏览器,当时台式机市场占有率为68%,现在已经降到了25%。It is only 20 years since Mosaic, the first browser capable of combining words and images in a single page, was made available. Some of its developers went on to launch Netscape, an improved version, in 1994, just as the internet was taking off. But Netscape’s dominance quickly crumbled after Microsoft started bundling IE with its Windows operating system. IE and Microsoft’s other software became so prevalent that in 2000 an American court briefly contemplated breaking the company into two.从第一款能同时显示文本和图像的Mosaic浏览器诞生到现在也不过20年的时间。当年Mosaic的许多开发者继续在1994年开发了改进版的网景浏览器。当时互联网刚要大规模发展。但是网景的主导地位很快被微软取代,因为微软将IE浏览器与其系统绑定销售。微软包括IE在内的很多软件风行一时,以至于2000年的时候,一家美国法院曾经考虑将微软公司一分为二。By 2010, when the European Commission forced Microsoft to start offering Windows users a choice of browsers, many were switching anyway, especially to Mozilla’s Firefox. Now Chrome is increasingly pushing Firefox to the margins. Measuring browser use is difficult and subjective: one source shows that IE is still in front in terms of numbers of visitors to websites. But for e-commerce, share of traffic matters more. By this measure Chrome now dominates much of the planet. Like the boast made of the British empire in Queen Victoria’s time, the sun never sets on its dominions.2010年,欧盟执行委员会强制命令微软为Windows使用者提供浏览器选项,很多用户选择了Mozilla公司的火狐浏览器。现在Chrome浏览器的崛起将火狐推到了边缘。衡量一款浏览器的使用情况既困难又主观。一个来源显示按照访问者访问网站的数量算,IE仍然领先。但是对电子商务来说,信息流量份额才是最重要的。按照流量算的话,谷歌浏览器主导了全球的浏览器市场。就像维多利亚时期大英帝国引以为豪的景象:大英帝国的领土上太阳从不落山。 /201308/252232惠阳区医院是私立

惠州治尿道炎多少钱But even on its own, a mammoth was still highly dangerous and an attack required stealth and teamwork. Oneof the hunters may have acted as a decoy, distracting the animal while others surrounded it. These huntershad another trick up their sleeve. Using a specially crafted wooden stick called an atlatl, they were able to launch sharp pointed darts more than 40 meters. So we know these people were efficient hunters, but could they really have wiped out all the mammoths of the North American continent?但是就其本身而言,一直猛犸象还是及其危险的,因此猎人们需要偷袭,同时也要进行配合。一个猎人可能作为一直诱饵来分散猛犸象的注意力,而其他人则趁机包围。这些猎人的手里还有另一种武器。他们使用一种称作“梭标投射器”的特殊制作的手工木,这种尖利飞的射程可达40米以上。因此我们知道这些猎人们极具效率,但是他们这能够杀光北美大陆所有的猛犸象吗?Today the remains of mammoths, in particular their tusks, may help answer that question. To the clues contained within these tusks, you need to look at the mammoths’ closest living relative, the elephant.如今猛犸象们的化石,尤其是它们的象牙,可能帮助我们回答这个问题。想要读懂这些遗留在象牙化石中的线索,你需要观察一个猛犸象的近亲——大象。Elephant tusks grow throughout their lives, with the tip being the oldest part. Mammoth tusks show the same pattern of growth as modern elephants. Each year of life is represented by a ring, just like tree rings.大象的象牙一生都在不停生长,尖端的最早生长的部分。猛犸象的象牙和现代大象象牙的生长方式相同。每年增加一环,就像树木的年轮一样。But tusks can also be a record of the most stressful period in an elephant’s life. As bulls mature, they are forced out of the family group and have to fight to survive. During this stressful time, they don’t have so much energy for growth, so the space between each ring is narrower.然而象牙同样也可以反映一头大象生命中的最艰难的时期。当它们成熟后,它们会被强迫离开家庭群体,并且自立谋生。在这样的时期里,它们没有足够的能量维持生长,因此象牙每一环的间距都相对较窄。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201310/262271博罗县中医医院男科咨询 Most of us have had the same experience.大多数人都有过这样的经历,We see a big, red tomato in the grocery store, take it home for our salad, and find out that it tastes like cardboard.从商店里挑选出又大又红的番茄回去做沙拉,然后一尝,味同嚼蜡。You might think that the tomato is sub-par because its been picked before it ripened, or shipped across the country.你可能认为买回的番茄味道不好是因为它没有成熟就被摘下,或者是运输过久的原因。Those things can be true, but scientists have found another reason why modern tomatoes have little or no taste.这的确是一部分原因,然而科学家们发现现今的番茄不好吃还有其它原因,Its in their genes.那就是它们的基因问题。The problem began with old fashioned or heirloom tomatoes.这个问题要追溯到从前的天然番茄,They didnt ripen consistently.它们并不总能完全长熟,Someareas would be red, while other areas, usually near the stem, would be white or green.番茄的有些部分是红的,而其它地方,尤其是靠近茎蒂的地方,往往是白色或绿色的。About seventy years ago, tomato breeders accidentally discovered a variety that turned red uniformly.大约70年以前,番茄种植者们偶然间发现一种全红的番茄品种,Consumers liked the way the tomatoes looked, and companies that made ketchup and tomato sauce could make better looking products.不仅消费者们喜欢这种模样的番茄,番茄酱制造公司也能生产出卖相更好的产品,The trouble was, red did not equal tasty.然而问题也出现了,看起来好看并不代表它的口感好。While experimenting with weed genes that turned tomatoes dark green, geneticists accidentally discovered one of the reasons why todays tomatoes lack taste.基因学家在对使番茄呈墨绿色的基因进行实验的过程中,意外发现了现今西红柿乏味的另外一大原因。Modern tomatoes are light green before they turn uniformly red.现在的西红柿在全部变红之前是呈浅绿色的,Surprisingly, the mutation that gives tomatoes uniform red color actually disables some of the ripening genes.令人惊奇的是,让番茄变红的变异却恰恰抑制了成熟基因的作用。Those genes allow the fruit to make its own sugar which makes the tomato sweeter.而成熟基因可以使水果产生糖分,从而使番茄变甜,The genes also increase the amount of carotenoid pigments,which give tomatoes the red color.同时产生更多的类胡萝卜素,使番茄变红。When researchers turned the ripening genes back on, their experimental tomatoes had twenty percent more sugar and up to thirty percent more carotenoids.当研究者们尝试着将成熟基因恢复到原有数量后,他们的实验番茄中所含的糖分增加了20%,类胡萝卜素提高了30%。Unfortunately, regulations prohibited researchers from tasting their experimental fruits, but youcan try eating heirloom tomatoes.遗憾的是,由于法规的原因,研究者们无法品尝自己的实验番茄,不过你们可以试着尝尝那些纯天然的番茄。They arent as pretty looking, but are tastier.它们不中看,但是很好吃。 /201403/279415惠州市第一人民医院看男科怎么样

惠州友好门诊专家预测Science and technology科学技术Solar power from space太空太阳能Beam it down, Scotty老兄,传下来吧Harvesting solar power in space, for use on Earth, comes a step closer to reality在太空获取太阳能以供地球之用:梦想距现实又近了一步THE idea of collecting solar energy in space and beaming it to Earth has been around for at least 70 years.在太空获取太阳能并传送回地球这一创意存在了至少有70年了。In “Reason”, a short story by Isaac Asimov that was published in 1941, a space station transmits energy collected from the sun to various planets using microwave beams.由艾萨克·阿西莫夫创作、1941年发表的短篇故事《推理》,描述了一个太空站将获取的太阳能以微波束的方式传送至多个星球的场景。The advantage of intercepting sunlight in space, instead of letting it find its own way through the atmosphere, is that so much gets absorbed by the air.相比于让阳光穿过大气层后再获取太阳能,在太空中截取太阳能的一大优点就是大气吸收的能量很少。By converting it to the right frequency first a space-based collector could, enthusiasts claim, yield on average five times as much power as one located on the ground.热衷者声称,首先通过调节阳光至适当频率,在太空中的太阳能收集器可以吸收五倍于地面收集器的能源。The disadvantage is cost.缺点在于成本高。Launching and maintaining suitable satellites would be ludicrously expensive.适用卫星的发射和维护成本会高得惊人。But perhaps not, if the satellites were small and the customers specialised.但也许不会—如果卫星足够小、且是为专门客户务。Military expeditions, rescuers in disaster zones, remote desalination plants and scientific-research bases might be willing to pay for such power from the sky.军事远征队、灾区救援人员、偏远的脱盐工厂和科研基地也许会愿意为太空太阳能买单。And a research group based at the University of Surrey, in England, hopes that in a few years it will be possible to offer it to them.英国萨里大学的一个研究小组希望在未来几年内可以提供太空太阳能。Heavenly power天国能源This summer, Stephen Sweeney and his colleagues will test a laser that would do the job which Asimov assigned to microwaves.今年夏天,斯蒂芬·斯维尼和同事将测试一个激光器,该激光器用来完成阿西莫夫为微波“指派”的任务。Certainly, microwaves would work: a test carried out in 2008 transmitted useful amounts of microwave energy between two Hawaiian islands 148km apart, so penetrating the 100km of the atmosphere would be a doddle.当然,微波可以发挥作用:2008年进行的一项测试为相距148公里的夏威夷两岛传送了大量的微波能,所以穿越100公里的大气层应该易如反掌。But microwaves sp out as they propagate.但微波在传送过程中会扩散。A collector on Earth that was picking up power from a geostationary satellite orbiting at an altitude of 35,800km would need to be sp over hundreds of square metres.接收35,800公里外的地球同步卫星传送的能源所需的地面收集器需覆盖数百平方米。Using a laser means the collector need be only tens of square metres in area.而使用激光器则意味着收集器面积仅需达到几十平米。Dr Sweeneys team, working in collaboration with Astrium,斯维尼士的团队正与卫星和太空公司Astrium合作。a satellite-and-space company that is part of EADS, a European aerospace group, will test the system in a large aircraft hangar in Germany.Astrium隶属于欧洲一航天集团欧洲宇航防务集团。斯维尼士的团队将在德国一座大型飞机库测试该系统。The beam itself will be produced by a device called a fibre laser.光束将由光纤激光器发出。This generates the coherent light of a laser beam in the core of a long, thin optical fibre.该激光器利用细长的光纤核心汇聚激光束。That means the beam produced is of higher quality than other lasers, is extremely straight and can thus be focused onto a small area.这意味着产生的光束比其他激光器发射的光束质量更高,最直接,也因此可以汇聚到更小的区域内。Another bonus is that such lasers are becoming more efficient and ever more powerful.另外一个益处就是此类激光器效率正逐步提高、力量更大。In the case of Dr Sweeneys fibre laser, the beam will have a wavelength of 1.5 microns, making it part of the infra-red spectrum. This wavelength corresponds to one of the best windows in the atmosphere.斯维尼士采用的光纤激光器发射的光束波长将达到1.5微米,从而使其达到红外线的光谱范围。该波长正处于大气最佳窗口之一。The beam will be aimed at a collector on the other side of the hangar, rather than several kilometres away.光束将瞄准飞机库另一侧的—而不是数公里之外的——收集器。The idea is to test the effects on the atmospheric window of various pollutants, and also of water vapour, by releasing them into the building.通过释放各种污染物以及水蒸气至机库中,该创意旨在测试这些物质对大气窗口的影响。Assuming all goes well, the next step will be to test the system in space.如果一切都进行顺利,下一步将是在太空中测试该系统。That could happen about five years from now, perhaps using a laser on the International Space Station to transmit solar power collected by its panels to Earth.这可能要在五年之后实现,或许会利用国际空间站上的激光器将空间站电池板收集的太阳能传送回地球。Such an experimental system would deliver but a kilowatt of power, as a test.作为测试,该试验系统将只传送一千瓦的能量。In 10-15 years Astrium hopes it will be possible to deploy a complete, small-scale orbiting power station producing significantly more than that from its own solar cells.Astrium 希望在未来10到15年的时间内能够建立一个完整的、小规模的、沿轨道运行的太阳能站,利用自身的太阳能电池发出大量电能。Other researchers, in America and Japan, are also looking at using lasers rather than microwaves to transmit power through the atmosphere.美日其他研究者也在考虑弃微波、用激光器,穿过大气层将能量传送回地球。NASA, Americas space agency, has started using them to beam energy to remotely controlled drones.美国航天机构国家航空航天局已开始采用激光器传送能源至遥控飞机。Each stage of converting and transmitting power results in a loss of efficiency, but with technological improvements these losses are being reduced.能量转化、传送的每一个环节都会有一定的功耗,但随着技术的改进,损耗正在降低。Some of the latest solar cells, for instance, can covert sunlight into electricity with an efficiency of more than 40%. In the 1980s, 20% was thought good.例如,部分最新型的太阳能电池将阳光转换成电能的功率超过了40%。而在上世纪80年代,20%的功率就很高了。Whether the Astrium system will remain a specialised novelty or will be the forerunner of something more like the cosmic power stations of Asimovs imagination is anybodys guess.Astrium 系统将是一个专业用途的创新,还是某个更接近阿西莫夫想象中的太空太阳能电站的先导?一切都还是未知数。But if it comes to pass at all, it will be an intriguing example, like the geostationary communications satellites dreamed up by Asimovs contemporary, Arthur C. Clarke, of the musings of a science-fiction author becoming science fact.但倘若系统通过测试,它定将激起人们的兴趣,正如与阿西莫夫同一时代的科幻小说作家亚瑟·C·克拉克所梦想的地球同步通讯卫星一样——梦想最终成为了现实。 /201304/236714 惠州博罗县妇幼保健人民中医院不孕不育科惠阳区有泌尿科吗



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