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2020年01月19日 19:51:32

Todd: OK, Eucharia, were going to play a game: Choices. I will say 3 things, you tell me which would you choose. Ok, the first one: coffee, tea or water in the morning?托德:好,尤查里亚,我们要玩个游戏:选择。我会说三件东西,你告诉我你的选择。好,首先是:你早上会喝咖啡,茶还是水?Eucharia: Water.尤查里亚:水。Todd: Water!托德:水!Eucharia: Yeah, when I wake up I usually have 2 glasses of water and then at the moment Im trying not to drink coffee and not to drink caffeine so at the moment its water but if I were given a choice normally it would be coffee.尤查里亚:对,我起床后一般会喝两杯水,现在我会尽量不喝咖啡还有含咖啡因的饮料,现在我的选择是水,不过通常情况下如果你问我我会选择咖啡。Todd: Ok how about at night time. Youre at a party, which would you rather have: beer, wine or a cocktail?托德:好,那晚上呢?假设你在参加派对,你想喝什么:啤酒、葡萄酒还是鸡尾酒?Eucharia: It depends on the party. If Im going dancing, cocktail. If Im going out eating, wine and if its just friends getting together, beer.尤查里亚:这要取决于哪种派对。如果我去跳舞,我会选鸡尾酒。如果我是去享受美食,我会喝葡萄酒,如果是朋友们聚在一起,那就会喝啤酒。Todd: Youre on an aeroplane and youre flying across the ocean. What would you prefer to : newspaper, a magazine or a book?托德:假设现在你在飞机上,正在飞越海洋。你会选择看什么:报纸、杂志还是书?Eucharia: A book, definitely.尤查里亚:当然是书。Todd: A book, why a book? That was a very strong answer!托德:书,为什么是书?这个回答很肯定啊!Eucharia: I love ing. I have to every night before I go to sleep for maybe 30 minutes so I really enjoy ing and I find that I emotionally engage with the book and whats happening in the book and I forget the fact that Im on a 12 hour inter-continent flight.尤查里亚:我喜欢读书。每天晚上睡前半小时我都会读书,我真的很喜欢看书,我发现我会把情感投入到我看的书上和书中讲述的内容上,我会忘记我坐的航班是12个小时的洲际航班。Todd: Ok you have to choose between 3 seasons: summer, fall or winter.托德:好,你要从三个季节中选择:夏季、秋季还是冬季?Eucharia: Summer.尤查里亚:夏季。Todd: Summer?托德:夏季吗?Eucharia: I love sunshine, I love heat, I cant stand rain, which is why I dont live in my home country and I dont like snow.尤查里亚:我喜欢阳光,我喜欢热度,我不能忍受雨水,这就是我不在我的祖国生活的原因,而且我也讨厌下雪。Todd: Ok Im with you on that. Ok next one. To pass the time at night you can watch TV, you can check the internet or you can watch a movie, a dvd. What would you prefer?托德:在这点上我和你一样。好下一个。晚上消磨时间可以看电视、上网或者看电影光盘。你更喜欢哪个?Eucharia: Probably watching a dvd because, yeah if Im on the internet Im on the internet at work and so I dont want to go on the internet late at night because I start thinking too much and I cant sleep.尤查里亚:可能是看电影光盘,因为我白天工作时就一直在网上,所以晚上我不太想继续上网,因为那样我会想很多事情而无法入睡。Todd: Ok last one. Youre at the beach. Would you prefer to: play a sport on the beach, on the sand; go in the water and swim or surf; or lie on the beach and get a tan?托德:好,最后一个问题。想象一下你现在在海滩。你喜欢哪个:在沙滩上进行运动;在海里游泳或冲浪;还是躺在沙滩上晒日光浴?Eucharia: Lie on the beach and get a tan! Yep, Im from a country we dont see a lot of sunshine so I still get very excited when I see sunshine. Maybe Ill go to the beach and maybe Ill go to the water and swim a bit but my favourite thing is to lie on the beach and get a tan.尤查里亚:躺在沙滩上晒日光浴!我们国家的阳光并不充足,所以我看到阳光时会非常兴奋。也许我会在沙滩上玩,然后去水里游会儿泳,不过我最喜欢的是躺在沙滩上晒日光浴。Todd: Thanks Eucharia.托德:谢谢你,尤查里亚。Eucharia: Youre welcome.尤查里亚:不客气。 译文属 /201412/351241五常市妇幼保健妇保医院是公立I only use Accent for soup.(误译)我只须强调做汤。(正译)我只在做汤时加味精。accent 口音The Kiwi accent was a particular hit.我的新西兰口音特别受欢迎。Her speech partakes of Shanghai accent.她讲话时带有上海口音。His accent argues him to be a foreigner.他的口音说明他是个外国人。accent 重音Blways use the correct accent marks in your text.在你的文本中施用不错的重音符号。Always use the correct accent marks in your text.在你的文本中使用正确的重音符号。In typesetting, an accent above the letter in the form of a diagonal stroke downwards left to right.排版中加在字母上方的一种重音符号,其形状是自左至右向下的对角线。accent 重读Please accent the first syllable.请重读第一个音节。Sentence stress refers to the word or words in sentence that receive a strong accent.句子重音总是落在单词的重读音节上。In another country I often avoid abstract language when talking to other academics and try not to accent every word.在另外一个国家,与其他大学教师交谈时我通常不使用抽象的语言,并且尽量不重读每个词。accent 重读We had to use green light as an accent color.我们不得不用绿光作强调色。NOTE: The faster the beat, the more accurate the hit or accent must be.注意:节拍越快,动作的就要击得越准,更加需要强调重点。Both feature nice premium uppers and just the right amount of accent color.以好的优质鞋帮和正确的相当数量强调色为特色。 /201205/181508哈尔滨中医大二院好不好网址1.Its your lucky day.你真走运。黑龙江哈市九洲医院是正规吗?

黑龙江省哈尔滨人民医院客服咨询哈尔滨九州医院有上班Situation 74情景74Push five,please.请按五楼。Well,hello Lisa.哟,哈罗丽莎。Hi,Jim.嗨,吉姆。I didnt know you worked here.What floor do you want?我不知道你在这儿工作。你要到哪一楼?Push five,please.Ive been working here for almost a year.请按五楼。我在这儿工作已经快一年了。What company are you with?你在哪家公司工作?Wang,Min and Wu.Its a law firm.王明武,它是个律师事务所。Let me help you with your packages.让我来帮你提行李。I have them.Thank you,anyway.我自己拿就可以。不管怎样,谢谢你。What floor do you want?你要去几楼?Ten,please.十楼,谢谢你。Are you sure I cant help you?你确定不需要我帮忙?Im okay,thank you.我没问题,谢谢你。Hold it,please.请等一下。We just missed it.我们刚错过它。It looked pretty full.Maybe the next one will be empty.看起来相当拥挤。也许下一班会是空的。Push the up button again.再按一次上楼的钮。Do you work in this buiding?你在这栋大楼里工作吗?Yes,on the fifth floor.是的,在五楼。 /201208/194471When I was eight years old I went to Girl Scout camp with my best friend Lauren. It was for two weeks and it was in the middle of July so it was really hot. We had no air conditioning. We actually slept in tee-pees like the native Americans. It was a great time. Everyday we took swimming lessons. We went to arts and crafts. We had to help cook the meals. We made breakfast, lunch and dinner. We learned how to canoe, ride in a canoe, and we also, what did we do? We rode horses, too. We got to ride horses. At first, maybe the first three days, I was really homesick, and I cried and I wanted to go home but after one week I loved it and I didnt want to leave.我8岁的时候和我最好的朋友劳伦一起参加了女童子军夏令营。夏令营为期两周,因为是在7月中旬,所以非常热。我们没有空调。实际上我们像美国土著民一样住在印第安帐篷里。那是段很愉快的时光。每天我们都会上游泳课。我们学习艺术和手工艺。我们还要帮忙做饭。我们会准备早餐、午餐和晚餐。我们学习了如何划独木舟,我们还做了什么?我们还骑了马。我们去骑马了。刚开始,可能是前三天,我真的非常想家,我经常哭泣,想要回家,可是一周以后,我喜欢上了这里,我一点也不想走了。 /201309/256361黑龙江妇幼保健医院专家咨询黑龙江哈市医大一院药房

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