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依兰县处女膜修复哪家医院最好的依兰县中心医院联系电话Matt Lauer: A new book explains why girls feel the pressure more than boys, it is called "stressed-out girls - helping them thrive in the age of pressure",the author is psychologist Roni Cohen-Sandler. Roni, good morning. Good to see you.Roni Cohen-Sandler: Thank you!Matt Lauer: I…I,I usually hate to start by saying, let me play devil's ad to keep it,(devil's advocate唱反调的人)/ Let me, let me play it for a second,(Sure.) when I was a kid, I thought it need to be good in soccer,in baseball,and to look good, and wear the right clothes,and be popular, and do well academically, so why is it harder for girls than boys ?Roni Cohen-Sandler: Well, it's true,it's true, Matt, that boys academically want to succeed just as much as girls,but there are two issues ,one is that girls face such more intense social pressures during middle school and high school. You know, they want to be seen as looking good ,and especially they have issues about body-image appearance that boys don't have. For example,girls that I spoke to, for this book,they told me about waking up early in the morning ,sometimes an hour or more,to blow dry their hair,to put make-up on,to make sure that their make-up wasn't too much or too little,and especially to pick out their out-fits,because they know that what they wear will say something very important about them.Matt Lauer: You've surveyed, I think, 3000 girls for this book, and you talk ( and some boys) , and some boys, you talk about the fact that girls tend to view their or experience their relationships in a different way than boys do, explain that.Roni Cohen-Sandler: Well, they care so much about their relationships. How their relationships are going well,( We're talking friendships here),every kind of relationship( right), um, their relationship with teachers, their relationship with parents, their relationships with their peers. And in fact, unless they feel like their relationships are going well, Matt ,they can't feel sucessful, boys are much more likely to slough it off, but for girls they go through their school day much differently, thinking about how their relationships are going.Matt Lauer:Th, this needs to feel extraordinary ,(Yes.)or to,to be extraordinary in so many different areas of their lives. More extraordinary than boys apparently they feel they have to be,how does that impact their personalities with that,the weight on their shoulder?Roni Cohen-Sandler: Well,they think that they have to be great in everything, and of course ,they have limitations. And when they have limitations ,they feel like they can't, they can't please people.They feel like they are just not good enough, that their best isn't good enough, and they end up feeling terrible about themselves, and sometimes they give up, they start feeling like they're hopeless and not trying this hard.Matt Lauer: Let's talk about some things that parents can do some signs and some advice(sure),look for signs of hidden stress, not obvious stress.Roni Cohen-Sandler: Right, the girls tend to keep their stress in ,because they want to please people.so ,you know, every ,every girl, for example, is going to be irritable and tired sometimes, but the key is if it becomes a pattern or she suddenly starts saying she hates school or complains about certain teachers, parents should really think about the fact that maybe something stressful is going on.Matt Lauer: Help create a sensible schedule, big peppy, that I think so many kids are over-scheduled ,(huge)you got to create downtime.Roni Cohen-Sandler: Absolutely,and parents need to be the voice of reason here, I suggest no more than once work per season, that they make sure that their daughters have at least one free period during the school day, and especially they have a couple of days after school. They just rest and relax, relax and rest, and have downtime .Matt Lauer: All right. So, and also help develop tangible goals, and I would imagine that wouldn't be: get straight-As,(no,um)or you've got to get 1600 on your SATs, what are tangible goals?Roni Cohen-Sandler: Tangible goals are: do your homework at night before you go to bed instead of trying to do it in the morning before a class or over your papers before you hand them in, so you don't make careless mistakes, or your textbooks again before you take a big test for example.Matt Lauer: Give it your best effort,but don't worry about the results as much.Roni Cohen-Sandler: Absolutely!Matt Lauer: That's good advice and the last one of course : don't be afraid to make mistakes.Roni Cohen-Sandler: For sure.Matt Lauer: Roni, thanks so much. Good to have you here.Roni Cohen-Sandler: Thanks for having me. 200807/44000黑龙江第十人民医院预约电话 Ex-Bosnian-Serb Leader and War Crimes Suspect Radovan Karadzic Arrested波黑前塞族领导人卡拉季奇被逮捕  Serbia says it has arrested one of the world's most wanted war crimes suspects, Radovan Karadzic, who has been linked to Europe's worst massacre since World War Two. 塞尔维亚宣布逮捕了战争罪犯嫌疑人、世界上最重要的通缉犯之一的卡拉季奇。卡拉季奇被指控对二战以来欧洲最耸人听闻的大屠杀负责。The office of Serbian President Boris Tadic says former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was arrested late Monday in a raid by Serbian security forces.  塞尔维亚总统塔迪克的办公室表示,前波斯尼亚塞族领导人卡拉季奇星期一晚间在塞尔维亚安全部队的突袭行动中被逮捕。Officials say Karadzic was transferred to an investigative judge of Serbia's War Crimes Court in Belgrade.  有关官员说,卡拉季奇被移交到贝尔格莱德的塞尔维亚战争罪法庭。Prosecutors of The Hague-based ed Nations War Crimes Tribunal charged Karadzic with genocide and crimes against humanity during the Bosnian war. He is accused of masterminding the killing of more than 7,000 Muslims in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica. 联合国设在海牙的战争罪法庭指控卡拉季奇在波黑战争期间犯有种族灭绝罪、反人道罪和其它暴行。卡拉季奇被控策划了在波斯尼亚城镇斯雷布雷尼察屠杀超过七千名穆斯林的行动。In the ed States, the White House welcomed the arrest and said it is atribute to the victims of the war's atrocities. 美国政府欢迎逮捕卡拉季奇的行动并表示这归功于战争罪行的受害者。Karadzic's wartime military commander Ratko Mladic, who is also among the most wanted men by the war crimes court, remains at large. 卡拉季奇在战争时期的指挥官姆拉迪奇也是战争罪法庭的通缉要犯之一,目前仍然在逃。The executive director of the Belgrade-based Balkan Trust for Democracy, Ivan Vejvoda, says Karadzic's arrest was the right move for the Serbian government.  总部在贝尔格莱德的巴尔干民主基金会负责人韦沃达说,逮捕卡拉季奇是塞尔维亚政府的正确行动。The arrest "also shows very importantly that the new government in Belgrade has demonstrated in practice what it said rhetorically, that it has the political will to move forward and make the arrests of the remaining (war crimes) indictees a priority of its government." 他说:“这非常有力地表明,贝尔格莱德新政府以实际行动兑现了承诺,新政府有政治意愿,把逮捕其余的战争罪犯作为政府的一个首要任务。”The U.N. Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz also welcomed the arrest of Karadzic, saying it is an "important day for international justice because it clearly demonstrates that nobody is beyond the reach of the law."  联合国海牙战争罪法庭首席检察官布拉默茨也对逮捕卡拉季奇表示欢迎,说这是“显示国际正义的重要一天,因为这清楚地表明没有人可以逃脱法网”。Serbia had been under pressure from the European Union, Washington and the ed Nations to turn Karadzic and other war time suspects over to The Hague tribunal. 塞尔维亚曾一直受到欧盟、华盛顿和联合国的共同压力,要求将卡拉季奇和其他战争罪犯嫌疑人送上海牙法庭,接受审判。200807/44629探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 15In January 2000, John Dubinski set out to calculate the final fate of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and that of our nearest neighbor, Andromeda. The Andromeda galaxy is actually falling towards the Milky Way, which means there probably have some close encounter at some point in the future. At the moment, Andromeda is moving towards us at 400,000 kilometers per hour and scientists think one day it will hit us. So Dubinski decided to work out what will happen to us in three billion years when the two galaxies finally collide. After a long and complex calculation, the result was a vivid picture of the impending collision. A detailed prediction of how the Milky Way will end. The clouds of gas hit each other at these huge velocities, hundreds of kilometers per second, and that basically creates great shockwaves which move through the gas and heat it to great temperature. At the heart of this maelstrom, the boiling gases hurl towards the two converging black holes. This kick-starts a violent dual feeding frenzy as the two monsters spiral towards each other. And eventually those two independent black holes with their accretion discs will spiral together and merge themselves and form an even more massive black hole. Two possible fates await us. If we are on one side of the galaxy when this clash happens, we could be thrown out into the emptiness of space- if we are lucky. The second possibility is that we're on the other side of the galaxy at the time of the collision in which case we could be thrown right into the center of this chaos. In the active center of the merging galaxy, the huge feeding black hole will trigger a giant stellar explosions and supernovae. This is bad news for Earth. There could be a horrible catastrophe. The wave of radiation from the blast wave of the supernova would hit the atmosphere and boil it off in an instant. So the atmosphere would be gone, the seas would boil off into space and the Earth would be toast.200808/46262哈尔滨省中医医院官网QQ

哈尔滨中医院 是市级医院吗US Defense Chief Calls for Cautious, Prudent NATO Response to Russia美国防长促北约对俄罗斯小心谨慎   U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he will urge caution and prudence in NATO's response to Russia's actions in Georgia when he meets with alliance defense ministers in London Friday. 美国国防部长罗伯特·盖茨表示,他这个星期五在伦敦跟北约国家国防部长会面时,将敦促北约对俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的所作所为作出反应时,持小心谨慎态度。Secretary Gates says NATO needs a unified response to Russia, and needs to address concerns the Georgia conflict raised in some member countries. But speaking with reporters here Thursday he indicated he does not want the alliance to do anything that would give Russia cause to become even more aggressive. 国防部长盖茨表示,北约需要对俄罗斯采取一致的反应,需要解决格鲁吉亚冲突在某些成员国引起的担忧。不过盖茨星期四在伦敦对记者讲话时指出,他不希望北约盟国的行动成为俄罗斯扩充侵略野心的理由。"I will suggest we do some prudent things that are consistent with the kinds of activities NATO has been engaged in for nearly 60 years, in terms of planning, in terms of exercises, and so on, that at the same time are not provocative and don't tend to draw any firm red lines or send signals that are unwanted, at the same time that it provides some reassurance to the allies in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States that we're mindful of their concerns," he said. 盖茨说:“我建议我们在制定和执行计划等方面要稳健行事,要符合北约近60年来在各类行动中的一贯风格,同时我们的行动不要具有挑衅性,也不要试图设定任何确切的限制、或者发出任何不必要的信号,另一方面,我们的行动要让东欧盟国和波罗的海沿岸国家放心,让他们感到我们重视它们的忧虑。”Secretary Gates said NATO must not accept Russia's effort to help Abkhazia and South Ossetia secede from Georgia. 盖茨国防部长说,北约绝不能认同俄罗斯帮助阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯脱离格鲁吉亚的任何努力。Speaking later on condition of anonymity, another senior U.S. defense official said Friday's NATO meeting - originally called to discuss the familiar topic of modernizing the alliance - may be considerably more substantive because of the situation in Georgia. The official says NATO defense ministers will likely discuss the core issue of whether the alliance can really live up to its mutual defense commitment.  美国国防部另一位不愿透露姓名的高级官员稍后表示,由于格鲁吉亚目前的局势,星期五的北约会议可能会更加务实,而这次会议原先计划讨论如何实现北约现代化之类的老话题。这位官员说,北约各国国防部长有可能讨论北约盟国是否能兑现共同防务承诺这一核心问题。The ed States believes NATO needs a strong, flexible, deployable joint force to respond to potential threats, and the official says many Baltic and East European members agree, particularly after the Russian invasion of Georgia. Georgia is not a NATO member, but alliance leaders have pledged that it will become one, along with Ukraine, although no timeframe has been set. The U.S. official who spoke Thursday says NATO is "not on a trajectory" to develop even the "minimal" modern military capabilities its leaders endorsed at their last summit, and that are needed "to protect the alliance and pursue its interests." The official says that needs to change in order to reach Secretary Gates' goal of reassuring allies whose fears have been sparked by the Georgia situation. 美国认为北约需要一强大、灵活和调度有方的部队,可以对潜在威胁作出反应,美国国防部这位高级官员还说,许多波罗的海沿岸和东欧成员国都认同美国的观点,尤其在俄罗斯出兵格鲁吉亚之后。格鲁吉亚目前还不是北约成员国,不过北约各国领导人承诺,格鲁吉亚以及乌克兰会成为北约一员,只是他们没有为此设定时间表。这位官员星期四说,北约没有遵行上次峰会上各国领导人所认同的方针,北约“没有踏上轨道”提高部队现代化军事能力,甚至没有做到发展最起码的现代化军事能力,而这些能力是“保护北约,追求其利益所必需的。”这位国防部官员表示,要想实现盖茨国防部长提出的目标,即让那些因格鲁吉亚局势而恐惧的盟国放心,上述现状必须改变。The official says no one in NATO expects Russia to invade a member state, but says it could take other aggressive steps, such as reducing or cutting energy supplies, trying "political pressure" and even cyber attacks like the recent one on Estonia that is widely blamed on Russia. And the official says in addition to pursuing new and enhanced capabilities, NATO can also respond by intensifying its traditional military training, exercising and planning work. 美国国防部这位不愿透露姓名的高级官员说,北约中没有人预期俄罗斯会入侵其成员国,不过他认为,俄罗斯可能会采取其它挑衅性行动,比如减少或者切断能源供应、试图向北约施加政治压力,甚至向北约发动网络攻击,就象爱沙尼亚最近受到的一次网上袭击那样,外界普遍认为这是俄罗斯发动的。这位官员还说,北约除了获得新的更为强大的军事能力之外,还应该加强其常规军事训练,演习和规划工作。200809/49274哈尔滨呼兰区做孕检多少钱 国家地理:Planet Carnivore: Lions 动物星球: 狮On the southern edge of Ngorongoro Swamp, the lake cats have a new opportunity to make a big kill. Buffalo have poor vision. They are only 30 meters away, but in the dim morning light, they can't see the pride. While they don't see very well, buffalo can smell predators over 150 meters away. This time, luck is on the lions' side. They are downwind.The lake cats fail again. The other two buffalo take cover in the swamp. They'll simply wait for the pride to move on. The pride is still adjusting to hunting without Moj and now Kea has now become too slow to help in the chase. But hunger isn't their only problem now. There are enemies just outside their territory.Four powerful male lions lurk on the borders of Kea and Moran's home. Now that they are over three years old, these nomadic lions have been chased out of their own pride to the crater. Today they set their sights on a big prize- the lake cat lionesses. The nomads are now sexually mature, and they want to mate. But to win control of the pride, these young males would first have to get past Moran.pride: a group of lionsdownwind: in the direction that the wind is moving200709/17385黑龙江九洲妇科医院治妇科靠谱吗?

黑龙江深度预约挂号哈医大Georgian Crisis 'Decisive Moment' in Russia-West Ties格俄冲突导致俄罗斯与西方摊牌?  Georgia is emerging battered but defiant from its recent military confrontation with Russia. Russian troops still control significantly more Georgian territory than they did a month ago and no one can answer the key question: How can the occupiers be forced to leave? But Georgian officials are openly gleeful over Moscow's diplomatic isolation, as its friends decline to join the Kremlin in recognizing the independence of two breakaway Georgian regions. Georgians are beginning to see a silver lining in the clouds of war that still hang over their tiny but strategically-located nation. 尽管格鲁吉亚在最近跟俄罗斯的军事对峙中饱受创伤,但是仍然没有低头。俄罗斯军队控制的格鲁吉亚领土大大超过一个月以前俄军控制的格鲁吉亚领土,而且谁都不知道如何迫使占领者离开格鲁吉亚。不过,格鲁吉亚官员对莫斯科在外交上的孤立公开表示高兴,因为俄罗斯的友好国家拒绝跟克里姆林宫一道承认格鲁吉亚两个分离地区的独立。格鲁吉亚人开始看到,这个地处战略要地的小国上空虽然战争的硝烟弥漫,但仍有一丝光明。Georgia's fate is still a very big question mark. Russia has issued a blunt challenge to the West to stay out of its Caucasus backyard. And there are serious doubts that Europe and the ed States have the political will to make the Russians go home. 格鲁吉亚的命运仍然前途未卜。俄罗斯直截了当地向西方发难,要它们远离俄罗斯的高加索后院。而且人们严重怀疑欧洲和美国是否有政治意愿让俄罗斯人撤回俄罗斯。The former president of Georgia's parliament, Nino Burjanadze, who now is a strong government critic, maintains it was a mistake to challenge Russia's provocative military actions in the breakaway South Ossetia region in early August. "I think we aly lost the war, and I'm afraid there is no military solution of this situation," he said. 对政府持强烈批评立场的格鲁吉亚前议长布里扬纳吉强调,8月初在争取独立的南奥塞梯地区对俄罗斯发起挑衅性的军事行动是错误的。布里扬纳吉说:“我认为我们已经输了这场战争,恐怕通过军事途径解决不了目前的局势。”But Burjanadze says Russia has also emerged a loser. "When I said we Georgians are not winners in this conflict, it does not mean Russia has won," he said. "Russia showed once again its real face, that it preferred to be the gendarme in international relations and not to be a distinguished member of the international community that will be respected." 不过,布里扬纳吉同时认为俄罗斯也失败了。布里扬纳吉说:“我说我们格鲁吉亚人在这场冲突中不是赢家,并不等于说俄罗斯赢了。俄罗斯再次让人们看到它的真面目,那就是,它渴望在国际关系中充当警察,而不想成为国际社会中受到尊重的杰出一员。”President Mikheil Saakashvili's political rivals say he will have a lot of explaining to do if and when the crisis subsides. In the short term, almost all agree that the Kremlin's intense dislike for Mr. Saakashvili has made his position at home more secure.  格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利的政治对手认为,如果这场危机得以平息,在这场危机平息以后,萨卡什维利要对很多问题说清楚。从短期来看,几乎所有的人都认为,克里姆林宫对萨卡什维利的极度厌恶让他在国内的地位更加稳固。But in the longer term, political analyst Archil Gegeshidze says Russia will surely succeed in creating internal political instability in Georgia. 不过从长期来看,政治分析人士格格什吉认为,俄罗斯肯定会成功地在格鲁吉亚国内制造政治动荡。"In due course, I expect there will be some new waves of mass protests here in the country," he said. "To what extent this government will be able to survive those protests remains to be seen. But it is obvious there will be some internal political instability." 格格什吉说:“我预计不久以后,格鲁吉亚会爆发新的抗议浪潮。格鲁吉亚政府在多大程度上能够平息那些抗议,还有待观察。不过很明显,格鲁吉亚国内将会发生政治动荡。”Nonetheless, Georgians are increasingly hopeful that the final outcome of their confrontation with Russia will be to their advantage. For one thing, Western countries that until recently had all but forgotten the Caucasus are again recognizing Georgia's critical strategic importance.  尽管如此,还是有越来越多的格鲁吉亚人认为,他们跟俄罗斯的对峙最终会对他们有利。首先,直到最近几乎遗忘了这个高加索国家的西方国家才再次认识到格鲁吉亚的战略地位极为重要。The European Union is holding a summit to discuss how to respond to Russia's intervention. The ed States has poured tens of millions of dollars of humanitarian assistance and uncounted military aid into Georgia, and it has sent several senior officials to Tbilisi, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Democratic Party vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. Vice President Dick Cheney is expected to arrive next week. 欧盟正在召开成员国首脑会议,讨论如何应对俄罗斯的这场干预。美国已经向格鲁吉亚投入数千万美元人道主义援助和数目不详的军事援助,并派出几位高级官员访问第比利斯,包括国务卿赖斯和民主党副总统候选人拜登。美国副总统切尼预计下星期访问第比利斯。Georgia's minister for European integration, David Darchiashvili, says the crisis has prompted the government to accelerate its move to embrace, and be embraced by, western institutions. 格鲁吉亚欧洲一体化事务部部长戴维.达齐阿什维利认为,目前的危机促使政府加快接受西方制度以及被西方制度所接受。"Until recently the top priority was NATO integration," he said. The EU is not as high a priority. But now what has happened, since the EU is playing the very important role, Europe's weight will increase in Georgia, and Georgia will be heading toward European integration more seriously." 达齐阿什维利说:“直到最近,格鲁吉亚的首要任务是加入北约军事一体化。加入欧盟还不是首要任务。可是现在的情况是,鉴于欧盟正在发挥非常重要的作用,欧洲的份量在格鲁吉亚将会增加,因此格鲁吉亚会更加严肃地对待逐渐融入欧洲大家庭这件事。”Darchiashvili says the government is becoming increasingly confident that it did the right thing in confronting Russia, and that it will be able to defend itself against domestic critics. 达齐阿什维利表示,格鲁吉亚越来越坚信,跟俄罗斯对峙做得对,并且也坚信能够战胜来自国内的指责。"I am y to answer any questions," he said. "I do not see any major breach from our side, the principles we stayed for years. We do not want to confront Russia with it's huge resources, but it's Russia that wants to reconquer Georgia. So we should not defend ourselves?" 达齐阿什维利说:“我准备回答任何问题。我认为,在我们一方,我们多年来遵循的原则没有任何重大漏洞。我们不希望跟有丰富资源的俄罗斯冲突,是俄罗斯想重新征格鲁吉亚。因此我们不应该自卫吗?”Officials here have hardly been able to contain their glee at the diplomatic rebuff Russia has suffered, as close friends such as Belarus, Cuba and Venezuela have shied away from endorsing Moscow's recognition of independence for the breakaway Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. 对于俄罗斯受到的外交挫折,格鲁吉亚官员难以抑制他们的兴奋。白俄罗斯、古巴和委内瑞拉等俄罗斯的友好国家都拒绝跟莫斯科一道承认格鲁吉亚分离地区阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯的独立。National Security Director Alexander Lumaya says this kind of international response could force Moscow to think twice about its actions. 格鲁吉亚国家安全主任亚历山大.卢马亚认为,国际社会这样的反应可以迫使莫斯科对其所做所为三思而行。"Russia found itself close to complete international isolation," he said. "It's not something they feel comfortable with. So the path of development of this situation and whether they will apply this invasion pattern to other countries in the neighborhood would depend on how strongly the international community would pursue the line it has taken." 卢马亚说:“俄罗斯发现自己快要完全受到国际社会的孤立。这种事不会让它们感到舒。因此,局势的发展,以及俄罗斯是否会把对格鲁吉亚的入侵方式用于其它邻国,将取决于国际社会是否更加坚决地坚持目前的立场。”A big test comes on Monday when European Union leaders are scheduled to launch what is expected to be a full-scale review of relations with Russia. While news reports from Paris indicate there will be no decision on sanctions, the meeting is giving Georgians hope that the Kremlin will be made to answer for its invasion. 星期一,欧盟领导人计划开始对欧盟跟俄罗斯关系进行一次全面审查,届时将是一次重大考验。尽管来自巴黎的消息显示,这次会议不过做出制裁俄罗斯的决定,但是这次会议给了格鲁吉亚希望,克里姆林宫必须对入侵格鲁吉亚做出解释。Analyst Archil Gegeshidze sees Russia's move in Georgia as payback to the West for the Kremlin's perceived humiliation on issues such as Western recognition of Kosovo's independence, and expanding the NATO alliance up to the Russian border. 政治分析人士格格什吉认为,俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的行动是它对西方国家在一些问题上让俄罗斯蒙羞的报复,比如西方国家承认科索沃独立,把北约势力范围扩大到俄罗斯边界等。Gegeshidze calls this a "moment of truth". 格格什吉把这称为“摊牌时刻”。"This is a very decisive moment. Either Russia succeeds and the West fails, or West succeeds and Russia fails," he said. 格格什吉说:“这是非常关键的时刻。不是俄罗斯成功,西方失败;就是西方成功,俄罗斯失败。”Georgians say if Europe and the ed States can muster the political will to stand up to Russia, and if Georgia is soon invited to begin the process of joining NATO, and if sufficient aid arrives to start the process of rebuilding, the outcome of the current crisis could be decidedly positive. 格鲁吉亚表示,如果欧盟和美国能聚集起政治意愿跟俄罗斯对抗,如果格鲁吉亚很快被邀请启动加入北约的程序,如果格鲁吉亚能得到充足的援助开始重建家园,这场危机就会有具有决定性的积极的结果。But some analysts say those are some big 'ifs.' 不过一些分析人士认为,这些仅仅是“假设而已”。200808/47011 In this barren sea of sand, it's harder for larger animals to find enough to eat. You've got to be a real specialist, like the Namib sand snake. By sidewinding, it can swim its way up the dunes. But in such an open arena, ambush is tricky, it's speed that counts. The wedge-snouted lizard can afford to be blase. It has a secret weapon, rocket propulsion. Then it's under the sand as fast as you can , the best place to escape predators and the sun. Here in the Namib, shelter is sparse. What little there is, is fiercely protected. Colonies of dune ants monopolise the tough Namib grasses. Though aggressive to most invaders, the ants do tolerate the presence of small sap-sucking bugs which they get to milk for precious sugary water. In their grassy home, the ants are shaded from the worst of the sun. But out on the surface of the sand, the temperature can reach a blistering 60 Celsius. Spoor spiders have an extraordinary survival strategy. With nowhere to hang their webs, they spin their silk on the ground, meshing sand grains together. The result: a mini blanket which serves as a sunscreen. But these sandy blankets do more than shelter. They are beautifully camouflaged sticky traps. Dune ants get most of the food they need on their doorstep. But to supplement their diet they must also venture out onto the sand. Their long legs lift them above the baking ground to where the temperature is slightly cooler. But they must still t carefully, it's a minefield out there. propulsion:the force that drives a vehicle forward 推进力monopolise:to have complete control over something so that other people cannot share it or take part in it 垄断 独占camouflage:the way that the colour or shape of an animal protects it by making it difficult to see in the area in which it lives 伪装 拟态200807/44542大庆第一人民中医院有失败的案例吗道外区中医医院几点下班



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