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Quake lake expected to shrink as drainage speeds up Picture taken at 9 am on June , from a military helicopter shows the drainage of the Tangjiashan quake lake in southewest China's Sichuan Province. Drainage of the quake lake through a manmade spillway speeded up to 1,760 cubic meters per second at 9:30 am on Tuesday, whereas water flow in the lower reaches of the lake, in Beichuan County, reached ,0 cubic meters per second. Picture taken on June , from a military helicopter shows flood water flowing past Beichuan County in southewest China's Sichuan Province. Drainage of the Tangjiashan quake lake through a manmade spillway speeded up to 1,760 cubic meters per second at 9:30 am on Tuesday, whereas water flow in the lower reaches of the lake, in Beichuan County, reached ,0 cubic meters per second. Rushing water from a "quake lake" flows through the earthquake-devastated city of Beichuan, Sichuan province June , . 1987。

  • 1、Work only a half a day; it makes no difference which half –it can be either the first hours or the last hours.每天只工作半天,前小时与后小时并无太大差别.Work is the master key that opens the door to all opporties.工作是打开所有机会大门的万能钥匙3、Mental attitude plays a far more important role in as person’s success or failure than mental capacity. 工作态度对于一个人的成功或失败比工作能力起着更大的作用、Remember that we all climb the ladder of success one step at a time.记住我们所有人在攀登成功阶梯的时候每次只能攀登一步5、There are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree. One way is to sit on an acorn and wait; the other way is to climb it.有两种方法达到一棵树的顶端一种方法是坐在一棵树果实上等待它长大,另一种方法是爬到树的顶端6、Do not be afraid of taking a chance .Remember that a broken watch is exactly right at least twice every hours.别害怕冒险记住一块坏表每小时至少有两次时间是正确的7、The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does. 快乐的秘密不是做自己喜欢做的事,而是喜欢自己所做的事8、Eliminate m your vocabulary the word, “I don’t think I can” and substitute, “I know I can.” 把这句话从你的词汇表中删除掉,“我认为我不行”换成“我知道我行” 56。
  • Attempts by Chinese companies at Disney-style transmations — from unloved industrial frogs to handsome media princes in the eyes of investors — have been dealt a blow by new regulations aimed at curbing capital flight.中国多家企业实施迪斯尼式转型、从投资者眼中不讨喜的工业青蛙变为英俊的传媒王子的企图,受到了限制资金外逃的新监管规定的沉重打击The Chinese currency controls could scupper the metamorphosis of enterprises such as Zhejiang Jinke Entertainment, merly known as Zhejiang Jinke Peroxides,中国的外汇管制或令浙江金科文化股份有限公司(Zhejiang Jinke Entertainment)等企业的转型遭遇失败 an industrial chemical company from southern China.该公司原名浙江金科过氧化物股份有限公司(Zhejiang Jinke Peroxides),是中国南方一家化工企业Its move from a lacklustre sunset industry towards becoming a global entertainment powerhouse had been swift. 这家原本属于一个死气沉沉的夕阳产业的公司,一直以迅速的步伐朝着成为一家强大的全球企业迈进In February, it bought a local mobile gaming company Rmb.9bn ($m); in July, it officially changed its name and said it would buy more entertainment assets.今年月,该公司斥资9亿元人民币(合.亿美元)收购了国内一家手游公司;今年7月,该公司正式更改了企业名称,并表示会收购更多业资产Within a month, its Shenzhen-listed share price had surged 70 per cent.在不到一个月的时间里,这家在深市上市的企业股价暴涨了70%But Jinke’s plans have been thrown into flux. 然而,如今金科的计划却已陷入不确定性之中Last week, just as several Chinese news outlets reported it was in talks to buy the Slovenian entertainment company Outfit 7, valued at EURO600m, Beijing was busy promulgating new rules limiting capital outflows from China — including eign acquisitions by Chinese groups. 最近,就在多家新闻机构报道该公司正在进行谈判、准备收购估值为6亿欧元的斯洛文尼亚公司Outfit 7之际,中国政府正忙着颁布限制资金流出中国(包括中资企业的境外收购行为)的新规定In particular, it focused on those that had little to do with the company’s core business. 中国政府尤其关注的是那些与收购发起公司的核心业务没什么关系的交易In Zhejiang Jinke’s case, despite the name change, this is still peroxide chemicals.在浙江金科的案例中,尽管该公司改了名字,它的核心业务仍然是过氧化物生产Last Tuesday, four Chinese regulators issued a joint statement saying they were monitoring the tendency of irrational overseas investment in several industries, specifically real estate, hotels, film, entertainment and sports clubs.上周二,中国四家监管机构发布了一份联合声明,表示它们正在密切关注在房地产、酒店、影城、业、体育俱乐部等领域出现的一些非理性对外投资倾向Tying up to a media business has become very hip, says Michael Fosh of the Beijing office of Reed Smith, a law firm that handles entertainment deals. 礼德律师事务所(Reed Smith)北京办事处的傅石(Michael Fosh)表示:与传媒企业携手已变得非常时髦He notes similarities with the rush to capitalise on the commodities boom several years ago, 他还指出,这与几年前企业争相利用大宗商品热潮获利的情况类似,当时多家在名称中增加资源两字的中国国内企业股价直线上升when local companies that changed their names to include resources saw their stock prices shoot up. 礼德律师事务所为业并购交易提供法律务Last year, when Dalian Kemian Wood Industry changed its name to Dalian Zeus Entertainment Group, its share surged by three quarters over the course of the year. 去年,大连科冕木业股份有限公司(Dalian Kemian Wood Industry)更名为大连天神股份有限公司(Dalian Zeus Entertainment Group),其股价在该年暴涨了四分之三The latest attempt at a metamorphosis was the agreement last month by Anhui Xinke New Materials, a copper processor, to pay as much 8m to buy the parent company of Voltage Pictures, 此类转型尝试的最新例子,是上个月铜加工商安徽鑫科新材料股份有限公司(Anhui Xinke New Materials)达成协议,以5.18亿美元收购Voltage Pictures的母公司the Hollywood studio behind The Hurt Locker movie.Voltage Pictures是制作电影《拆弹部队(The Hurt Locker,见上图)的好莱坞制片厂The new investment rules cast doubt on whether the strategic transmations of many Chinese heavy industrial companies can succeed and revive share prices and tunes depressed by an economic slowdown. 新的投资规定令人怀疑许多中国重工业企业的战略转型能否成功、以及能否重振受到经济放缓打压的股价和企业命运The regulations appear more far-reaching than initially thought. 这一监管规定的影响似乎远远超出了最初的设想A number of aly agreed eign deals have been delayed as of November , according to one financier who works in the entertainment industry, pending questions from the State Administration on eign Exchange — including some transactions well below the bn threshold official scrutiny. 根据一位业领域金融人士的说法,截至月日,已有多笔已经达成的对外交易被推迟,等待国家外汇(State Administration of eign Exchange)的问询——其中包括部分规模大大低于亿美元官方审查门槛的交易The situation is also causing problems eign companies, with some unable to complete the usually routine process of remitting dividends abroad.这一局面也在为外国企业带来问题,部分外企无法完成将股息汇往境外这一通常为例行的程序With the restrictions, Beijing is seeking to curb capital flight disguised as eign investment. 中国政府正试图通过这些限制举措,抑制伪装成对外投资的资金外逃行为Some Chinese companies are thought to have moved billions of dollars offshore via acquisitions to escape the country’s weakening currency, with analysts noting a particular tendency among Chinese buyers to overpay eign assets. 有人认为,部分中国企业已将数十亿美元资金通过并购的方式转移至境外,以规避不断走弱的人民币——分析师指出,中国买家中出现了以过高价格收购境外资产的独特倾向Commerce ministry data show that overseas purchases by Chinese companies hit bn in the first months of this year, surging past last year’s record of bn non-financial outbound investments.商务部数据显示,今年头个月中国企业对境外企业的非金融类直接投资猛增,达到60亿美元,超过了去年创下的亿美元的纪录Authorities are primarily concerned about outbound deals worth more than $bn, but those exceeding bn will face examination if they are outside a company’s core business, say people who have seen a draft of the new State Council rules. 见过国务院新规定草案的人士表示,中国当局主要关心的是价值超过0亿美元的对外并购交易,不过如果是涉及企业核心业务以外的并购,亿美元以上的交易就会面临审查In practice, deals well below that level are being queried by regulators, the people add. 该人士还说,实际上,规模大大低于这一水平的交易也已遭到监管机构问询Analysts say that even well-established entertainment companies may have trouble closing aly agreed deals. 分析师表示,即使是老牌的业企业,要完成已达成的交易也可能遇上麻烦I expect that over the next few months the government will make it very difficult a lot of outbound Mamp;A deals to close, says Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research, a consultancy in Shanghai. 上海咨询机构中国市场研究集团(China Market Research)董事总经理雷小山(Shaun Rein)表示:预计今后几个月政府会令许多对外并购交易极难完成I think it’s going to be tough the entertainment deals — a lot of those deals are about trying to get money out of the country or just to diversify.我认为业交易将面临困难——许多这类交易是为了将资金转移至国外或者仅仅是为了让业务多元化Dalian Wanda, the property and entertainment conglomerate led by Wang Jianlin, the country’s richest man, has been leading the Chinese march into Hollywood. 中国首富王健林旗下的房地产和业集团大连万达(Dalian Wanda)一直引领着中国人向好莱坞的进军Wanda, which is building a midable US film empire, 万达目前正在打造一个强大的美国电影业帝国last month agreed to pay $bn Dick Clark Productions, the company that runs the Golden Globe awards and Miss America pageant. 上个月,该集团同意斥资0亿美元,收购运营金球奖(Golden Globe)和美国(Miss America)选美活动的迪克.克拉克制片公司(Dick Clark Productions)Wanda declined to comment on whether the deal has closed or how it might be affected by the restrictions.对于该交易是否已经完成、或者上述限制可能如何影响该集团的问题,万达拒绝置评Jinke Entertainment says it was in talks about acquiring an asset, though it declined to give details, and seemed unperturbed by the new regulations. 金科表示,该公司正在就收购一项资产进行谈判,不过它拒绝透露相关细节,而且似乎对新的监管规定安之若素We are going with our original plan; we don’t expect any impact, the company says. 该公司表示:我们正在原计划实施,预计不会受到任何影响Analysts say Anhui Xinke’s deal may well come under the microscope, especially since the price it paid was high, according to two entertainment finance specialists. 分析师表示,安徽鑫科的交易或许会被置于显微镜下审视,尤其是考虑到根据两位业金融专家的说法,该公司付的价格很高Xinke considers media its core area of business, according to Chinese press reports, because it has a television station in the central Chinese city of Xian and has set up a special media subsidiary based in Hong Kong.据中国媒体报道,由于鑫科在中国中部城市西安拥有一家电视制作公司,在香港还拥有一家专门的传媒公司,该公司认为传媒是自己的核心业务But there are separate questions about how Xinke plans to pay its 80 per cent stake in Voltage Pictures. 不过,对于鑫科打算如何为Voltage Pictures公司80%的股份付款,还存在其他质疑The deal is to be all cash, but Xinke made a profit of just Rmb7m ($m) last year, on revenues of Rmb5.8bn, according to stock exchange filings.该交易将全部用现金完成,然而根据鑫科向交所提供的文件,该公司去年营收为58亿元人民币,利润总额只有700万元人民币(合10万美元)Voltage Pictures did not immediately respond to a request comment. Voltage Pictures未马上回复记者的置评请求Xinke declined to comment on the deal.鑫科拒绝置评该交易These regulations are a double-edged sword, says one entertainment financier in Beijing. 北京一位业金融人士表示:这些监管规定是一把双刃剑There are a lot of crazy deals that will get blocked, but some legitimate ones might also run into trouble. 许多疯狂的交易将被封杀,但部分合法交易可能也会遇到问题 83393。
  • Japan’s most powerful advertising agency is holding emergency talks with more than 0 clients to try to minimise damage from revelations that it overcharged Toyota digital media sales.日本最有影响力的广告公司电通集团(Dentsu)正在与0多位客户举行紧急会谈,试图尽可能地降低其数字媒体业务对丰田(Toyota)过度收费事件曝光带来的不良影响Following a dispute that has played out behind the scenes months, Dentsu’s other clients have questioned more than 0 possible incidents of overcharging, according to advertising executives in Tokyo.东京的广告业高管们表示,在数月幕后争论之后,电通的其他客户对逾0宗可能的过度收费事件提出质疑Dentsu controls about one-quarter of Japan’s annual bn advertising market, with Sony, Honda and Kao among its household-name clients.在日本每年6亿美元规模的广告市场上,电通集团控制着大约四分之一的市场份额,索尼(Sony)、本田(Honda)和花王(Kao)等家喻户晓的公司都是它的客户It declined to comment on the total number of complaints it had received from clients, but said: There were some inappropriate operations related to digital media business transactions which have aly been reported to the clients concerned. 电通拒绝透露总共收到了多少宗客户投诉,但是表示:在数字媒体业务交易方面存在一些不适当做法,已知会给相关客户Dentsu added that it was in consultation with those clients over any further steps required.该公司补充称,正在与那些客户就需要采取的任何进一步举措进行磋商Toyota said yesterday that it had been notified by Dentsu of irregularities in some digital media business transactions, but declined to provide details.丰田昨日表示,电通已向自己告知一些数字媒体业务交易存在不合规之处,但丰田拒绝透露细节Though the sums involved are comparatively small, senior advertising executives said the exposure of any -malpractice by Dentsu had the potential to trigger a shake-up of Japan’s tightly-controlled advertising market. 尽管牵涉到的资金总数相对较小,但资深广告业高管们表示,电通任何不当行为的曝光,都有可能引发受到严格控制的日本广告市场的震动The agency’s influence in corporate Japan means it rarely attracts open criticism from either domestic media or clients.电通在日本企业界影响巨大,这意味着它很少遭到国内媒体或客户的公开批评Dentsu’s extended empire of advertising agencies, brand consultancies and public relations subsidiaries includes ties with TV broadcasters and Japan’s two biggest news agencies — a network of influence that stretches deeply into corporate and public life, and which many believe gives it too much power.由广告机构、品牌咨询机构和公关业务分组成的庞大电通帝国与广播电视机构和日本两大新闻机构都关系密切——这种影响力网络深深地渗入至企业和公众生活当中,许多人认为这让该公司拥有了太大的势力Media industry analysts have suggested much of this power arises from Dentsu’s longstanding hold over digital and TV advertising slots — commodities it buys en masse, and resells to clients with a mark-up that often rankles.媒体行业分析师指出,这种力量很大程度上源于电通对数字和电视广告档位的长期把持——它打包购买广告档位,然后加价转售给客户(这种加价往往引发不满)Although Dentsu refused to name any of the clients affected by the inappropriate operations — or acknowledge that Toyota was among them — people close to the two companies suggested Japan’s largest carmaker had extracted a mal apology.尽管电通拒绝透露具体哪些客户受到了不适当做法的影响,也拒绝承认丰田就是其中的一家,但知情人士表示,日本最大汽车制造商丰田得到了正式的道歉 680。
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