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Parents seem to be looking in an unusual place for inspiration for baby names this year - their smartphones and iPads.今年,家长们似乎开始另辟蹊径,以智能手机和iPad为灵感给宝宝取名。The number of babies named after Apple products has soared - Apple, Siri and Mac have all risen in popularity as baby names this year, according to parenting advice site BabyCenter#39;s annual report.美国育儿网站BabyCenter的年度报告称,今年取名为Apple产品名称的宝宝大幅增加,取名为Apple,Siri和Mac的宝宝都有增加。Siri - the name of the #39;personal assistant#39; app on iPhone - has risen 5% in popularity, and the name Apple has leapt 585 places up BabyCenter#39;s chart this year.取名为iPhone手机中“个人助理”应用程序Siri的宝宝增加了5%,Apple已经在BabyCenter今年的宝宝取名排行榜中跃升了585位。The huge success of iPhone and iPad seem to be behind the new trend - BabyCenter describes the youngsters as #39;iBabies#39;.iPhone和iPad产品的巨大成功成为这一趋势的原因。BabyCenter网站将这一代宝宝称为iBabies。;The smart phone may just be the best parenting tool since diapers, and some moms and dads are paying homage to industry leader Apple in their choice of baby names,; says Linda Murray, the site#39;s global editor in chief.该网站的全球总编琳达-莫雷说:“自从纸尿裤问世以来,智能手机可能是出现的最好的育儿工具,而且很多父母在给宝宝取名时以此向工业先驱苹果公司表示敬意。”;The moniker Apple, though still an unusual choice, rose 15% for girls, vaulting a whopping 585 spots.;“尽管Apple还不是常用的宝宝名字,但取名为Apple的女婴今年增加了15%,跃升了585位。”;For boys, the name Mac jumped 12%. And parents sure like the sound of Siri: The company#39;s voice-enabled personal assistant climbed 5% on the list of girl names.;“取名Mac的男婴今年增加了12%。家长们的确很喜欢Siri的发音:苹果公司的这款有声个人助理程序在女婴取名排行中上升了5%。”Space-themed baby names - perhaps inspired by the publicity around NASA#39;s Mars Curiosity Rover - also rose in popularity.受空间探索启发而取的宝宝名字也有增加,这也许是受到美国宇航局发射好奇号火星探测器的影响。;It seems space was a huge naming inspiration for parents this year: Sky, Star, Luna, Skylar, Heaven, Stella, and Mars all flew higher than last year. BabyCenter moms aren’t alone; celebrities like Uma Thurman – who named her daughter Luna – are looking to the sky as well,; says Miller.米勒说:“看起来今年受空间探索启发给宝宝取名的父母很多:取名为Sky, Star, Luna, Skylar, Heaven, Stella, 和Mars的宝宝都有上升。BabyCenter上统计的妈妈们并不孤单,乌玛-瑟曼等名人也以此给宝宝取名,她给宝宝取名为Luna。”Last week, a couple claimed to have called their baby Hashtag, after the Twitter term.上周,一对夫妇给他们的宝宝取名为Twitter词汇Hashtag(标签)。A Facebook post said, ;Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 o#39;clock last nite. She weys 8pounds and i luv her so much!!!!!!;Facebook上的一篇帖子写道:“Hashtag Jameson昨晚10点出生了,重八磅,我好爱她!”Later, the authenticity of the post was disputed, with some claiming that the name was a fake, or a viral promotion.随后,这篇帖子的真实性遭到怀疑,有人认为这个名字是伪造的,或者是一种病毒传销。 /201212/212382

A Japanese diplomat posted in California has been charged with domestic violence against his wife and could face up to 20 years in jail, the local district attorney said Tuesday.美国地方检察官周二称,一位驻加利福尼亚州的日本外交官被控对妻子实施家庭暴力,可能会面临20年监禁。Yoshiaki Nagaya, vice-consul at Japan#39;s consulate in San Francisco, is accused of 17 felony offenses, 14 of domestic violence and three of assault, including stabbing her with a screwdriver and knocking a tooth out.长屋嘉明是日本驻旧金山领事馆的副领事,他被控犯下17项重罪:14项家庭暴力罪和3项侵犯人身权利罪。罪行包括用螺丝刀捅妻子,打落她的一颗牙齿。The 32-year-old pled not guilty in court on Monday, and was released on bail of 0,000, said San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, adding that the alleged offenses occurred between January 2011 and March 2012.圣马特奥市的地方检察官史蒂芬#8226;瓦格斯达菲说,这名32岁的外交官周一在法庭上辩称无罪后,缴了35万美元保释金被释放。他还说,这名外交官被指控的罪行是在2011年1月到2012年3月期间发生的。;The violence ranged (from) pushing and shoving, and bruising upwards (to) the most serious, (when) he knocked a tooth out. On another occasion he jabbed her or stabbed her in the hand with a screwdriver.“他实施的暴力包括推搡、将妻子浑身上下打出多处瘀伤,最严重的一次还打掉了一颗牙齿。还有一回他用螺丝刀戳、刺入妻子的手。;On another occasion he knocked her down and stomped on her with his foot. The final occasion was when he shoved her out of a car in their parking garage, causing scrapes to her face and knees.;“还有一次他把妻子打倒在地,并用脚在她身上使劲踩踏。最后一次施暴是将妻子从自家停车库的车里推出去,致使她脸部和膝盖擦伤。”He added: ;That was when she decided that enough was enough, and she went to the police.;该检察官补充说:“这时候妻子觉得自己受够了,于是她就去报了警。”Nagaya does not have diplomatic immunity for the alleged offenses. ;There is immunity, but not when you#39;re doing things in your purely private life, for somebody at his level,; said Wagstaffe.长屋对被指控的罪名没有外交豁免权。瓦格斯达菲说:“外交官有豁免权,但像他这样级别的外交官,在纯私生活中并不享有行为责任豁免权。”Both Nagaya and his wife are due back in court on June 14 for a preliminary hearing. A restraining order was issued, barring the diplomat from having any contact with his wife in the meantime.长屋和他的妻子将于6月14日重返法庭参加初步听会。此前已发布了限制令,禁止这名外交官在此期间同妻子有任何联系。Michio Harada, the deputy consul general at Japan#39;s Consulate General in San Francisco, said Nagaya remained on the staff pending developments or a decision from Tokyo.日本驻旧金山总领事馆的副总领事原田道夫说,在日本政府有任何动向或决定之前,仍将保留长屋的职位。;If those charges are true it would be quite regrettable, certainly, but we would like to see how the court proceedings develop and then the final outcome,; he told the reporters.他告诉记者说:“如果这些控告属实,那么当然是非常令人遗憾,但是我们想先看看法庭诉讼的进展情况和最终审判结果。”The consulate general was not providing legal support. ;This is not related to our official work, it#39;s a private thing, so I understand he has his own lawyer for a criminal case.;总领事没有提供法律持。他说:“这和我们的官方工作无关,是私人的事情,所以我认为他会自己请个刑事律师。”Regarding Nagaya#39;s job, he added: ;The decision is mostly made by Tokyo but at this moment I don#39;t think we can do anything. He is with us now. He#39;s not in the office, but he works for us.;提到长屋的工作,他补充说:“这基本是由日本政府决定的,不过目前我认为我们不能有任何举动。他现在和我们在一起。他不在领事馆里,但在为我们工作。” /201205/182028

Roughly a month after passing a law requiring adults to regularly visit their elderly parents, Chinese policy makers are considering legislation to encourage another activity the country’s people have neglected: ing. 在出台成年子女须定期探望年迈父母这一法律大约一个月后,中国决策者开始考虑通过立法鼓励另一项被国人忽视的活动:阅读。 The General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television announced that it had drawn up the first draft of a new Regulation on Public Reading Promotion, which it planned to submit to the country’s cabinet, the State Council, for approval by the end of the year. 中国国家新闻出版广电总局宣布,草拟了《全民阅读促进条例》初稿,打算在年底前将其提交给国务院审批。 The regulation, which has been in development since the country’s annual legislative conclave in March, is motivated by new research showing Chinese people ing books at a relatively low rate despite the country being one of the world’s most prolific book producers. 自从今年3月中国召开年度立法会议以来,该条例便一直在酝酿中,而这么做的动力来自一份新研究调查。调查显示,尽管中国是世界上最多产的图书生产国之一,但中国人的阅读率偏低。 Chinese people between the ages of 18 and 70 6.7 books on average last year, including paper books and e-books, an increase of roughly one book per year compared with 2011, according to a national public ing survey conducted by the state-affiliated Chinese Academy of Press and Publication. 国有机构中国新闻出版研究院对全国公众阅读情况的调查结果显示,去年年龄在18岁至70岁的中国人平均读了6.7本书(包括纸书和电子书),比2011年增加了一本左右。 American ers consumed an average of 15 books per year in 2012, according to a survey by Pew. Three-quarters of Americans at least one book last year, Pew found, which means that Americans 10.5 books on average in 2012 when noners are factored in. 皮尤(Pew)调查显示,2012年美国读者平均一年阅读15本书。调查发现,四分之三的美国人去年至少读了一本书,这意味着如考虑那些不读书的人,2012年美国人平均读了10.5本书。 China publishes more than 400,000 different book titles last year ─ a 14.4% increase from 2011 ─ according to official statistics. 据官方统计,以不同的书名来看,中国去年出版的书籍数量超过40万种,较2011年增加了14.4%。 Such a low ing rate is disturbing to leaders in a country that once chose its officials according to how well- they were. Yet social-media users haven’t taken kindly to the announcement of the law, details of which have yet to be released. 对于曾经根据学程度来选拔官员的中国来说,如此低的阅读率令中国领导人不安。但社交媒体用户并未对有关“阅读法”消息持欢迎态度。相关法律细节尚未公布。 “I totally agree with promoting ing, but doing it by law is totally crap and useless,” wrote one user of Sina Corp.’s popular Weibo microblogging service. 一位网友在新浪公司(Sina Corp.)旗下人气颇高的微上写道:我极度赞同全民读书,但是用立法推动阅读,纯属扯淡!净整没用的! “Will people get sentenced for not ing enough?” asked another. 另一位网友问道:看不够书要判刑吗? Even the Communist Party’s mouthpiece newspaper was skeptical about legislating better ing habits, though it defended the spirit of the proposed regulation. 就连作为中共喉舌的报纸也质疑是否能通过立法培养更好的阅读习惯,尽管该报为这一条例的用意进行了辩护。 “No matter whether (the law) can really improve the ing rate, it is true that more and more Chinese don’t ,” People’s Daily said in on its verified Weibo feed. 《人民日报》在新浪微的认账户发帖说,姑且不论能否提高阅读率,但“不阅读的中国人”的确越来越多。 Given China’s long history of valuing scholarly pursuits, it isn’t clear why Chinese people have such a weak appetite for the written word, though some say it is precisely the country’s obsession with education and stiff competition on the college entrance exams ─ that’s too blame. 考虑到中国人长久以来就有重视求学的传统,当下的中国人为什么对读书如此提不起兴趣还没有明确的解释,不过有些人说,正是中国人对教育的投入以及考大学竞争激烈造成了这种现状。 “To score high in exams, we are forced to something outdated and valueless,” said Kang Kai, editor of CS-BOOKY, a Beijing-based publishing company. “The painful experience leaves a negative impression on people’s mind and later leads to the popular idea that ‘ing is useless.’” 位于北京的出版企业中南集天卷文化传媒公司(CS-Booky)的编辑康慨说,为了高分,我们被强迫读一些没有价值的,过时的内容,这种痛苦的经历给人们留下消极的影响,之后导致了读书无用论的盛行。 Others point to censorship. The publishing regulator maintains strict control over the issuance of book numbers, which are required for a book to be published or sold legally, denying them to books it deems inappropriate. Topics that allude to violence, religion, sex and politics are strictly controlled. Some publishers say this year, novels about Chinese officialdom an immensely popular genre widely embraced by Chinese ers in recent years have been unable to get book numbers. 还有一些人把矛头指向了审查机制。出版监管机构严格控制书号的发放,不给其认为不适合出版的书发放书号,而一本书要合法出版、合法销售就必须要有书号。与暴力、宗教、性和政治有关的主题更是受到了严格的控制。一些出版商说,今年,官场小说也拿不到书号了。近些年来,官场小说在中国读者中大受欢迎。 “It’s not that Chinese don’t like to ,” said Wang Xiaodong, president of China Pioneer Culture amp; Media Co., whose company has many published books that later were adapted into films and dramas, including “The Flowers of War.” “It’s that Chinese don’t like to what the government publishes.” 新华先锋文化传媒有限公司总裁王笑东说,并不是中国人不喜欢读书,而是中国人不喜欢读官方出版的书。新华先锋文化传媒有限公司出版的很多书后来被改编成了电影和电视剧,包括《金陵十三钗》(The Flowers of War)。 The wide availability of pirated books online is another problem, according Mr. Wang. “It will be more meaningful for the government to try harder to curb online piracy and protect writer’s rights,” he said. 在王笑东看来,盗版书在网上泛滥是另一个问题。王笑东说,政府应该做打击互联网盗版以及保护作者的权利这样更有意义的事情。 Finally, there are the bad memories many Chinese have of the last time Beijing tried to force its citizens to . 而且,对于上一次中国政府强迫人们阅读的事,很多人还有着不好的记忆。 “It is fine to recommend good books to the public, but compelling people to may lead to mental oppression,” said Mr. Kang, referring to the Cultural Revolution when the public was commanded to works by Mao Zedong. 康慨说,向公众推荐好书是好的,但是强迫阅读会导致打压思想。他指的是文革中,人们曾被命令读毛泽东的文章。 /201308/252070A woman suffering from a premature aging disorder is desperate for a cure, today#39;s Zhengzhou Evening News reported.一个患有早衰症的女人渴望获得治疗,今天《郑州晚报》报道。The 28-year-old woman surnamed Hu had a happy marriage at age 21 and gave birth to a healthy boy in 2007. Then she felt her face sag and six months later, she looked like an old lady with a wrinkled face.这位28岁的胡姓女子21岁有一个幸福的婚姻,在2007年生了一个健康的男孩。之后她觉得她脸部皮肤松弛,六个月后她就像一个满脸皱纹的老太太。Dr Yin Guangping of Zhengzhou University No. 1 Hospital said her progeria syndrome is very rare. Only a dozen such cases were reported worldwide in 2010 and the cause of this disease is still unknown. Doctors have no cure except plastic surgery to remove her wrinkles.郑州大学第一医院的尹广平医生说她的早衰症是非常罕见的。2010年在世界范围内只有十几个这样的病例报道,造成这种疾病的原因仍然未知。除了整形手术移除她的皱纹外医生没有治愈的方法。Ashamed to go outside, Hu has consulted many doctors but none was able to treat her disease. The Zhengzhou Evening News and Hunan Television have offered to help her advertise for a cure.羞于外出,小胡已经咨询了很多医生,但无一能治疗她的疾病。《郑州晚报》和湖南电视台已经提出要帮她征求治愈方法。;I never expected to become an old lady in just a couple of years,; Hu said.“我从没想过在短短几年会成为一个老太太,”小胡表示。She is not alone in China. Four years ago, a 21-year-old woman surnamed Zhu also developed the same symptom. Failing to find effective treatment, she underwent a plastic surgery.她不是中国唯一的病例。四年前,一个21岁的朱姓女孩也出现了同样的症状。没有找到有效的治疗,她接受了整形手术。 /201301/221464

如何分辨感冒、流感与甲流How to distinguish a swine flu from a cold or a common flu?中新网9月22日电时序入秋,流感高峰的冬天,愈来愈接近了,加上新流感的威胁,今年冬天大家在疾病预防上,要格外提高警觉。专家现在最担心的是新流感和季节性流感病毒,万一结合,疫情恐怕会更复杂。  据台湾中广新闻网22日报道,事实上,每年秋冬,各种类型的感冒混和作乱,是很常见的,在这种状况下,一旦感冒,该如何分辨它只是一般身体着凉、还是被病毒传染,有几个重点可以作为判断依据。   华盛顿医院的传染病学专家修罕说,感冒、季节性流感和新流感,都是呼吸道疾病,但是它们是不同病毒造成的。一般感冒的症状比较普通,病患通常会鼻塞、流鼻水、身体疼痛以及咳嗽。  季节性流感和新流感则会有发烧、更严重的身体疼痛、干咳、腹泻以及严重的疲劳感。不检验的话,通常很难知道病患得的究竟是流感还是新流感。最保险的作法就是,当你觉得自己感冒了,就该赶快去看医生,不管是新流感和季节性流感,如果不治疗,都有可能恶化,甚至让你送命。  美国疾管中心说,新流感高危险群包括6个月到25岁的族群,妇以及有慢性疾病的人,美国把这几种族群列入疫苗优先施打对象。  至于季节性流感疫苗,对幼儿、老人、有免疫问题、计划在冬天怀等,有可能因为流感衍生严重并发症的族群也特别重要,不过,就算你都不属于这些族群,也不表示你就不需要注射疫苗。专家说,每个人都应该注射流感和新流感疫苗,这是自我保护的最佳办法。  /200911/88834

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