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襄阳医院包皮手术谷城县妇幼保健中医院能检查怀孕吗湖北襄阳治疗性功能障碍多少钱 Hopes of finding any more survivors in modern China’s worst aquatic tragedy were fading rapidly on Wednesday as rescue workers prepared to cut open the hull of a stricken cruise ship.现代中国最糟糕的水上悲剧发生后,找到更多幸存者的希望周三变得越来越渺茫。救援人员准备切割开一艘翻沉客船的船体。The Dongfangzhixing, or Eastern Star, capsized on Monday night on a section of the Yangtze river. The cruise ship was carrying 458 passengers and crew, most of them elderly tourists from eastern China, towards the scenic Three Gorges area.“东方之星”轮周一晚在长江湖北监利段翻沉。当时该船正开往三峡景区。船上载有456名乘客和船员,多数乘客是来自华东地区的老年游客。As of Wednesday afternoon there were only 26 confirmed dead and 14 survivors. Most of them managed to escape as the ship turned over, with only two found alive in air pockets some 15 hours after the tragedy and pulled to safety.中国媒体报道,根据最新统计,共搜到43人,其中14人生还,29人遇难。生还者当中,多数是在该船翻沉的过程中设法逃离的,只有两人是在悲剧发生差不多15小时后在气穴中被找到并被救出的。“It’s a race against time,” said Yang Chuantang, China’s transport minister. “As long as there’s even a little hope, we will not give up.”中国交通部长杨传堂表示,这是一场与时间的赛跑:“只要有一点希望,我们就不会放弃。”The Eastern Star was one of six Yangtze river cruise ships cited for unspecified safety violations two years ago, according to an August 2013 document posted on the Jiangsu Maritime Bureau’s website. Bureau officials were not immediately available for comment.根据江苏海事局网站贴出的一份2013年8月的文件,“东方之星”轮是两年前被指违反安全规定的六艘长江旅游客船之一。记者一时联系不上该局官员请其置评。But local media also noted that the Eastern Star was subject to frequent safety checks, the most recent on April 10. Official accounts have suggested that the ship was the victim of a freak tornado and China’s domestic cruise industry has a good safety record.但是当地媒体也指出,“东方之星”轮受到频繁的安全检查,最近一次是在4月10日。官方说法似乎表明,该船是一股反常龙卷风的受害者,中国的内河客船航运业有着良好的安全记录。State media reported that three bodies had been found 50km away from the wreck, in Jianli county, Hubei province, while one tour guide survived after he grabbed a life jacket and floated 90km downstream.据官方媒体报道,三具遗体在湖北省监利县被找到,距离沉船地点有50公里,而一名导游在紧急关头抓到一件救生衣后,向下游漂流了90公里,最后被救起。The Eastern Star was travelling from Nanjing to Chongqing — a route that would have taken it through the locks of the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest. Officials reduced the amount of water flowing through the dam in an effort to help the search effort, which is being hampered by bad weather.事发时,“东方之星”轮正从南京开往重庆,途中将通过全球最大水坝——三峡大坝——的船闸。为了协助搜救作业,官员们调低了三峡大坝的下泄流量,但搜救工作仍受到恶劣天气的影响。The Eastern Star’s captain and chief engineer, who both survived the tragedy, reportedly told police that their vessel had been hit by a sudden tornado. The China Meteorological Center confirmed that a tornado with winds of more than 90kph had been recorded in the area at the time.“东方之星”轮的船长和轮机长均已获救,据报道他们告诉调查人员,该船遭遇一股突如其来的龙卷风。中国气象局(China Meteorological Administration)确认,事发地点当时记录到了风力12级以上的龙卷风。If the apparently high death toll is confirmed, it will exceed the more than 300 people, mostly high-school students, who perished in last year’s Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea.如果显然很高的死亡人数得到实,此次事故的严重性将超过去年发生的韩国“世越号”(Sewol)客轮海难,那次事故导致300多人死亡,其中大多是高中生。Chinese officials have aly pronounced the Eastern Star their country’s worst aquatic tragedy in more than 60 years.中国官员已宣布,“东方之星”轮是中国60多年来最严重的水上悲剧。Thousands of police and People’s Liberation Army soldiers have descended on the area, setting up cordons near the site of the accident and at a hospital where the few survivors were taken.数千名警察和解放军官兵已抵达事发地点,在沉船现场附近以及收治了少数生还者的一家医院拉起警戒线。State media released pictures of Premier Li Keqiang visiting the survivors. He headed to Hubei to direct rescue efforts shortly after the news broke overnight, in a sign of the government’s concern about the tragedy.官方媒体发布了中国总理李克强看望生还者的照片。他在沉船消息于周一晚间传出后不久便亲赴湖北指挥搜救工作,这个迹象表明政府对这场悲剧感到关切。Public grief can quickly turn to anger if people believe government officials and tightly controlled state media are withholding information or covering up administrative negligence. On Tuesday relatives of the victims were involved in chaotic scenes at a Shanghai government office near where their loved ones had booked the journey.如果人们相信政府官员和受到严格控制的官方媒体知情不报或隐瞒管理上的疏忽,公众的悲痛可能很快会转化为愤怒。在上海,乘客家属周二在亲人预订旅程的旅行社不远处围住一个政府部门,当时出现了一些混乱场面。As hopes fade for those still unaccounted for, Chinese officials will have the delicate task of making arrangements for distraught relatives to visit the remote area.随着下落不明的乘客生还希望越来越渺茫,中国官员将面对安排悲痛欲绝的亲属到偏僻的事发地悼念遇难者的微妙任务。 /201506/378935Beijing#39;s big Chinese-character slogans, seen at many intersections and subway stations, have been criticized as creating confusion about the city#39;s international image。在北京很多十字路口及地铁站,大字中文标语比比皆是。这些标语因影响到北京的国际形象而受到批评。Adding to the confusion are the many foreign-language signs, mostly in English, that include mistakes, wrong information or words that might be misunderstood, said Xu Lin, the director of China#39;s overseas Chinese-language teaching program who is among the nation#39;s political advisers now meeting in Beijing。全国政协委员、中国对外汉语教学项目负责人许琳表示,北京有不少外文标志,多为英文标志,上面的错误、失当信息和偏差词汇容易引起误解,为北京国际形象增添不少干扰因素。Slogans painted in Chinese in public places stem from the political campaigns of half a century ago. They are usually ideologically charged and don#39;t fit Beijing#39;s current identity as an open, dynamic international city, said Xu, director-general of the Confucius Institute headquarters, or Hanban, and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference。许琳指出,公共场所的中文标语源于半世纪前的政治斗争。这些标语大多充斥着某种意识形态,与北京当前开放、活力四射的国际化都市身份不符。许琳是孔子学院总部(汉办)总干事。Xu, a scholar who has earned honorary titles from universities in many countries, said Beijing#39;s slogans don#39;t contribute to a good environment because they don#39;t paint an international image true to the change in the Chinese people#39;s everyday lives。许琳身为一名学者,曾获得多个国家大学的荣誉称号。她认为,北京的标语没能如实描绘中国人民日常生活变迁,树立北京的国际化形象,因此不能营造良好的环境。China#39;s image depends heavily on Beijing because it is host to more than 100,000 foreign residents, more than 4.2 million overseas visitors, and many multinational corporations and international businesses。北京住着超过10万外国移民[微],接待420多万外国游客,不少跨国公司和国际企业在此设立分公司。因而北京的形象很大程度上影响着中国的形象。;Some of my foreign friends have said they felt uncomfortable seeing the red banners painted with words that have different, if not negative, connotations in their home countries。“我的一些外国朋友曾说,那些红色横幅上的字在他们的国家虽然不算有负面含义,但意义可以说是截然不同,他们看着就觉得不自在。”;Others have pointed out such confusing slogans seen in public as #39;Chinese Dream, Subway Dream#39;. Posters and banners of this sort don#39;t help others understand Beijing and the country,; Xu said。“我的其他外国朋友指出,公共场所里像‘中国梦,地铁梦’一类标语也常常让人丈二摸不着头脑。这种海报和横幅难以让人真正了解北京和中国,”许琳说。Even worse, she added, some slogans send wrong messages, failing to convey the message about the freedom and democratic rights that the Chinese people have. Some of them even ;make China appear as if it is a country pursuing international hegemony,; Xu said。更糟的是,一些标语传递出了错误信息,不能展现中国人民拥有的自由和民主权力。有一些标语甚至还“让中国看起来像是个追求国际霸权主义的国家,”许琳说。She proposed that the Beijing municipal government should make rules and offer guidance regarding posters and banners in public places, phasing out those that are highly ideological or confusing. ;We should learn from the successful experience of other international cities in the world.;她建议,北京市政府应制定相关规定,指导公众场合宣传画及横幅展示,去除那些高度意识形态化及高度干扰性的宣传画及横幅。“我们应当学习世界上其他国际化都市的成功经验。”Alistair Michie, adviser of the Foreign Experts Advisory Committee under the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, said he agrees that the Beijing municipal government should improve the ways it boosts the city#39;s image and communicates with the city#39;s foreign residents and visitors。国家外国专家局外国专家咨询委员会委员阿利斯泰尔·米基说,他也认为北京市政府应当改进宣传城市形象的方式,改善与外国移民、游客交流与沟通的方法。;I have often thought that the use of campaigns in English to promote #39;core socialist values#39; leaves a negative impression among foreign visitors,; Michie said. ;Those words make no sense to foreigners because they do not understand the context.;“我常觉得用英文提倡‘社会主义核心价值观’的运动给外国游客留下了负面印象,”米基谈道。“这些用语对外国人来说毫无意义,他们根本就不明白上下文背景。”;Beijing, like China, has a great story to tell - but the lack of clever and creative communication means that foreigners cannot get to know the reality,; Michie added。“北京如同整个中国,历史寓意丰富,但因交流方式不够巧妙、没有创意,导致外国人根本无法了解它的真实情况,”米基进一步说道。Ding Junjie, a professor with Communication University of China, said the problem is not only about slogans but, more important, about the way to express and communicate China#39;s political ideas。中国传媒大学[微]教授丁俊杰认为,问题不仅仅在于标语,更重要的是,在于表达和传递中国政治理念的方式。;The root cause lies in communication skills,; Ding said. ;Some people simply use goals as content. For example, #39;to build a harmonious society#39; is a goal, but you have to tell a story to convey this idea instead of simply putting those words on a banner.;“根本原因在于交流技巧,”丁俊杰说。“有些人干脆把目标当内容了。举个例子,‘建设和谐社会’是一个目标,但你得讲述一个故事来传递这个理念,而不是直接把这句话写在横幅上。”Michie added that the Chinese capital should adopt a new approach to showcasing its qualities and attracting an overseas population。米基补充道,中国首都应采取新形式展示本土特质,吸引外国移民。;The municipal government should recruit a team of foreigners and let them advise it about what overseas visitors may be interested to learn,; he said. ;And that may be vastly different from what may appeal to domestic tourists.;“市政府应当招募外国咨询团队,向他们征询外国游客可能感兴趣的内容建议,”他道。“他们的兴趣可能和国内游客的兴趣截然不同。”Additionally, Michie said, ;Greater attention is also needed in using foreign languages properly.;除此之外,米基补充道,“要更加注意外语的正确使用。” /201503/363760襄阳市铁路医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱

枣阳妇幼一二医院贵吗Oldest woman in marathon马拉松年龄最大女参赛者Harriette Thompson, a 92-year-old cancer survivor completed Marathon in San Diego in 7 hours, 24 minutes, 36 seconds, which made her the oldest woman to finish a marathon.92岁高龄、曾罹患癌症的哈丽雅特·汤普森日前参加圣地亚哥市马拉松比赛,并以7小时24分36秒的成绩,改写了女性完赛者最高龄纪录。The oldest woman to previously complete a marathon was Gladys Burrill, who was 92 years and 19 days old when she completed the 2010 Honolulu Marathon.此前该项纪录的保持者是年龄为92岁零19天的格拉迪斯·伯里尔,她在参加2010年火奴鲁鲁马拉松时创下纪录。Thompson is 46 days older.而汤普森比伯里尔大46天。 /201506/378557襄阳第一医院男科咨询 An unmanned cargo ship destined for the International Space Station blew up minutes after launching from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Sunday morning, NASA said, raising questions about how the agency and its partners will continue keeping the station supplied.美国国家航空航天局(NASA)表示,周日上午,在从佛罗里达州的卡纳维拉尔角空军基地发射数分钟后,一艘前往国际空间站的无人驾驶货运飞船发生了爆炸。这对该机构及其合作伙伴将如何为空间站提供补给提出了疑问。The countdown had proceeded without a hitch or worries about weather, and the 208-foot-tall rocket lifted off at 10:21 a.m. Eastern time. But 2 minutes, 19 seconds later, just as George Diller, the commentator of NASA#39;s television broadcast, said, “Data coming back shows vehicle on course, on track,” a cloud of white smoke emerged from the rocket#39;s midsection, and then a rain of pieces started falling toward the Atlantic Ocean more than 20 miles below.倒计时进行得很顺利,天气方面也没有任何问题,208英尺(约合63.4米)高的火箭在美国东部时间上午10时21分升空。但是2分钟19秒后,正当NASA的电视直播员乔治·迪勒(George Diller)表示“传送回来的数据显示,飞船按计划在轨道上飞行”时,一团白色烟雾从火箭的中段冒出,然后雨点一般的碎片开始向20多英里之下的大西洋坠落。Elon Musk, the chief executive of SpaceX, reported on Twitter, “Falcon 9 experienced a problem shortly before first stage shutdown.” About an hour later, he added some preliminary analysis: “There was an overpressure event in the upper stage liquid oxygen tank. Data suggests counterintuitive cause.”SpaceX公司的首席执行官埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)在Twitter上表示:“‘猎鹰9号’在第一级燃料耗尽之前不久遇到了问题。”大约一个小时后,他又做了一些初步的分析:“火箭上一级的液氧罐有超压现象。数据表明,出现了有悖常理的原因。The more than 4,000 pounds of payload included a docking adapter needed for future crew capsules being developed by Boeing and SpaceX, student experiments and a camera to record meteors streaking into the earth#39;s atmosphere.这艘飞船4000多磅的有效载荷中包括波音(Boeing)和SpaceX共同研发的供未来的船员舱使用的一个对接接合器、一些学生实验用具,以及准备记录流星进入地球大气层状况的一台摄像机。It was first failure in 19 launchings of the Falcon 9 rocket built by Space Exploration Technologies of Hawthorne, California, better known as SpaceX.这是位于加利福尼亚州霍桑的太空探索技术公司(Space Exploration Technologies Corporation)——更多地被简称为SpaceX——制造的“猎鹰9号”火箭19次发射历史上的首次失败。Until now, SpaceX has had a charmed record with the Falcon 9, avoiding the “infant mortality” that usually afflicts new rocket designs.迄今为止,SpaceX的“猎鹰9号”火箭保持了骄人的记录,避免了通常会困扰新火箭设计的“早期故障期”。This episode follows the failures of two other cargo rockets. In October, an Antares rocket, built by Orbital ATK, exploded on the launching pad in Virginia. In April, a Russian Progress rocket spun out of control, unable to reach the space station.在此次事故发生之前,还有另外两枚运载火箭发射失败。去年10月,Orbital ATK制造的安塔尔(Antares)火箭在弗吉尼亚州的发射台上爆炸。今年4月,俄罗斯“进步号”(Progress)火箭失去控制,无法到达空间站。The three astronauts on the space station — Scott J. Kelly of NASA and two Russians, Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko — are not in any immediate danger, with sufficient supplies to last until October, Michael T. Suffredini, NASA#39;s space station program manager, said during a news conference on Friday.NASA空间站项目的负责人迈克尔·T·苏弗雷迪尼(Michael T. Suffredini)在周五的新闻发布会上表示,空间站的三名宇航员——NASA的斯科特·J·凯利(Scott J. Kelly)及两名俄罗斯人根纳季·帕达尔卡(Gennady Padalka)和米哈伊尔·科尔尼延科(Mikhail Kornienko)——暂时没有危险,他们的供给足以撑到10月。 /201507/383561襄阳第一人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

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