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枣阳妇幼一二医院治疗女性疾病怎么样襄樊市妇幼保健院是公立还是私立Peruse the produce aisle at your local grocery store and you’ll likely find a massive selection of juices featuring blueberries, carrots, strawberries and other familiar fruits and veggies.But the juicing craze — a growing, multibillion-dollar business — has up until now left one popular fruit behind: the watermelon. Now one Illinois farmer is hoping there’s still some room for the large fruit to make a splash.The watermelon juice in question is called Tsamma [pronounced sah-mah], and it was conceptualized earlier this year by fresh produce grower Sarah Frey-Talley. After testing a variety of flavor bases at home for a few months, Frey-Talley, the chief executive of Frey Farms, is now bringing Tsamma to major retail shelves.Frey-Talley believes the watermelon is a perfect fit for the juice aisle, pointing out that the average American usually buys a whole watermelon just five times a year. It can take a lot of time to slice the fruit, remove seeds, and then it has to be consumed quickly—all factors that limit its growth potential.考察一下商店货架,你很可能会发现各式各样的果汁口味可供选择,包括蓝莓、胡萝卜、草莓以及其它各种我们所熟悉的水果和蔬菜。榨汁热潮一路发展到现在,这个价值数十亿美元的市场已引得各路果蔬竞折腰,但到目前为止,有一种很受欢迎的水果仍未得到充分的开发利用,那就是西瓜。现在,美国伊利诺伊州的一名农场主正在期盼,这种大个头的水果能在榨汁市场上引发轰动。弗雷-塔利认为,西瓜非常适合制成果汁进行销售,她指出,美国人平均一年通常只买五次一整只的西瓜。把西瓜切片和去籽非常费时,而且必须尽快吃掉——所有这些因素都限制了西瓜的发展潜力。“我们选择了美国人喜爱但食用不方便的水果,并且将它加工成瓶装产品。”“We took an inconvenient item that Americans like to eat anyway and we put it in a bottle.”Even though it has been on the market for just three months, Tsamma is aly on the shelves in more than 1,200 stores, including Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. Other national chains are expressing interest in the beverage, which squeezes one-and-a-half pounds of watermelon into each bottle.Tsamma’s quick acceptance from grocery-store chains can be attributed to Frey-Talley’s experience as both a farmer and a savvy saleswoman. When Frey-Talley was as young as eight, she accompanied her mother on a delivery route for the watermelons her family grew on a small, 80-acre farm in southern Illinois.By the time she was a teenager, Frey-Talley took over the route from her mother, at that point she also began to purchase watermelons and cantaloupes from small farms and distribute them to stores across several states.Since Frey-Talley took over the family business she has expanded what is now called Frey Farms across seven states, with several thousand acres of land, and distribution centers that package and ship the produce. In the beginning, Frey-Talley worked alone, but now she employees up to 600 workers during the peak-growing season.上市才短短三个月,Tsamma就已经出现在1,200多家商店的货架上,其中不乏全食超市(Whole Foods)和生鲜市场(The Fresh Market)这些知名的零售商。其它全国性的连锁店也纷纷表示出对这款每瓶用1.5磅西瓜榨成的西瓜汁的兴趣。Tsamma能够迅速获得食品杂货连锁店的认可,农场主弗雷-塔利功不可没,她在农场的经营上经验丰富,同时又深谙销售之道。当她还只有8岁时,就跟着母亲,将自家在伊利诺伊州南部一座面积为80英亩的小型农场里种出的西瓜送往经销商处。到了十几岁的时候,弗雷-塔利接手了母亲的送货工作。当时她也开始从其他的小型农场里购买西瓜和甜瓜,然后分销到美国数州的大小商店中。接管家族生意后,弗雷-塔利开始拓展业务。如今的弗雷农场已经在7个州拥有数千英亩的土地,还有负责农产品包装和运输的分销中心。农场规模也从最初的弗雷-塔利一人,拓展到现在农忙季节时多达600人的雇佣工。Tsamma (named after a melon grown in Africa that is thought to be the parent of all melons we know today) is angling for a slice of the bottled super-premium fruit and veggie juices segment, which reported sales of .25 billion last year, according to a Barron’s report that cited Beverage Marketing data. Sales for that segment are up 58% since 2004, the research and consulting firm has reported.Consumers are gravitating toward bottled juices, and even buying more mixers to make juices at home, as they aim to drink more all-natural beverages. That shift has resulted in greater sales of juices, smoothies and flavored waters, but fewer sales of high-sugar beverages like soda.Sherry Frey (no relation to Frey-Talley), vice president of Nielsen Perishables Group, said the popularity of juices has ebbed and flowed the past few decades, but this time around it is notable that juices aren’t just popular with health-conscious consumers. Juice sales today have across-the-board appeal, Frey said, noting that millennials are looking for something healthy on the go, parents like to serve juices to their kids, and boomers are looking at the benefits of juicing as they look to extend their lives.Frey-Talley has a fairly aggressive growth plan for Tsamma, hoping annual sales will hit 0 million within five years.“Some might think that our plan of growth is aggressive, and we definitely have a lot of consumer education to do to get people to understand the benefits,” Frey-Talley said. She believes watermelon juice sales could one day rival the sale of coconut water — another beverage that has become wildly popular in recent years.“I’m hoping anyway,” she said. “Otherwise I’ll have to sell a farm.” Tsamma(得名于非洲的一种瓜,这种瓜被认为是当今所有瓜的亲本)的意图,是在高级瓶装果蔬汁饮料市场中赢得一席之地。根据《巴伦周刊》(Barron)引用的研究咨询公司Beverage Marketing的报告数据,去年美国果蔬饮料市场的销售额高达22.5亿美元。这家公司称,自2004年以来,果蔬饮料市场的销售已增长了58%。瓶装果汁对消费者很有吸引力,甚至有越来越多的消费者开始购买果汁机,在家自制果汁,因为他们希望喝到更加纯天然的饮料。这种消费趋势的转变,推动了果汁、冰沙和果味饮料的销量上升,汽水等高糖饮料的销量则随之下降。尼尔森食品集团(Nielsen Perishables Group)的副总裁谢里o弗雷(与弗雷-塔利没有亲戚关系)表示,果汁的流行在过去几十年里起起落落,但如今的发展尤为值得关注,因为它不仅受到了关心健康的消费者的喜爱,更具有全方位的吸引力。弗雷分析,千禧一代十分热衷于寻找健康的饮食,父母们希望让孩子多喝果汁,而婴儿潮一代则希望果汁能延长寿命。弗雷-塔利为Tsamma制定了雄心勃勃的扩张计划,希望年销售额能在5年内冲到1.5亿美元。“也许有人认为我们的发展计划过于激进。而我们确实还有大量的消费者教育工作要做,好让大家了解我们的产品优势,”弗雷-塔利表示。她相信,西瓜汁的销售有一天必能与椰子汁比肩——这也是近年来十分流行的一款饮品。“当然,这只是我的希望,”她承认,“如果最终达不到预期,我就只好卖掉一座农场了。” /201410/338844襄阳市第一人民医院是正规的吗 汪峰抢头条遭遇五连败?No no no是六连败,网友高呼,汪峰天生就不是上头条的命,但是还是觉得世界欠汪峰一个头条,并且全民帮汪峰上头条。下面和小编一起来看看帮汪峰上头条事件的经过。 1.September 13, When he declared that he had divorced his former wife, the news that Faye Wong and Li Yapeng broke up took the headline.9月13号,在微宣布离婚碰上“菲鹏”婚变。 /201312/269046襄阳市第一人民医院看乳腺检查多少钱

襄阳医院网上预约What you eat before and after a workout can make a huge difference to your performance. Give your body the quality fuel it needs and you can train harder, run faster and recover quicker – not to mention lose fat and build muscle.锻炼前后吃什么对你日常生活的表现有很大的不同。给予身体所需的燃料的质量,你会训练的更加努力,跑的更快,恢复的更快-更不用说减掉脂肪,增强肌肉了。Read on to discover the 12 best foods for fitness and when you should be eating them.往下读,当你吃某种食物的时候,要知道它们是12种最有益身体健康的食物。 /201409/329000襄樊妇幼保健院中医院妇科挂号 襄阳妇幼保健中医院检查妇科病怎么样

鱼梁洲开发区人民医院泌尿科咨询Who should pay for the first date? The majority says it’s the guy’s responsibility. A survey released this month found that about 77 percent of people in heterosexual relationships believe men should settle the bill on the first date. The survey was put together by US financial website NerdWallet. The site polled roughly 1,000 Americans who had been dating their partners for six months or more.第一次约会该由谁买单?多数人认为这是男士的责任。本月初,美国财经网站NerdWallet公布了一项针对近1000名交往6个月及以上情侣的调查结果。数据显示,77%(异性恋)受访者认为应该由男士来买单。The financial chivalry began when, in the past, women had no access to employment and therefore couldn’t fend themselves financially. But nowadays, more and more women have become the bwinners. According to The Atlantic, between 1960 and 2011 in the US, the proportion of two-parent US households in which the mother earned all or most of the income roughly quadrupled.过去,这种勇于付款的“骑士精神”是因为女性没有工作,不能经济独立。但现如今,越来越多的女性都成为养家糊口的主力军,据美国《大西洋月刊》报道,从1960年到2011年,美国双亲家庭中母亲是家中主要或全部经济来源的家庭所占比例几乎翻了两番。So why, amid economic changes and gender equity advancements, are men still expected to pay for the bill?那么,在经济变革、两性更加平等的今天,为什么依旧应该由男士来买单呢?“As social roles start to change, people often embrace the changes that make their lives easier, but resist the changes that make their lives more difficult,” David Frederick, a professor of psychology at Chapman University, US, told The Huffington Post. “Who pays for dates … is one arena where women may be resisting gender changes more than men,” he suggested.美国柴普曼大学心理学教授大卫#8226;弗里德瑞克在接受《赫芬顿邮报》采访时表示,“在社会角色开始发生变化时,人们往往愿意接受那些使生活更容易的变化,排斥令生活更麻烦的变化。而谁来买单的问题?(在这个问题上)女性比男性更抗拒性别角色的变化。”Men pay more男士付得多Frederick is a co-author of a study released last year that also found men tend to pay for dates. The study was larger than NerdWallet’s and polled about 17,000 people, according to The Atlantic. The study also found 39 percent of its female respondents admitted that they hoped men would reject their offers to help pay. Frederick and his colleagues called paying for dates “a rare case” in which women are motivated not to fight old-school gender dynamics. In the same way, men who are no longer bwinners aren’t as eager to take up domestic responsibilities such as parenting and homemaking.弗里德瑞克教授去年与别人共同进行的一项研究发现,男士依旧是约会买单的主力。《大西洋月刊》报道称,这项调查的规模比NerdWallet网站的还大,约17000人参与了调查。数据显示,39%女性受访者承认就算自己提出买单要求,内心仍希望男士抢着付钱。弗里德瑞克教授和他的同事们认为,这是女性不抵触传统性别角色的“特例”。与之类似的还有,男士虽然不再独挑养家糊口的重担,却仍不愿承担教育小孩、操持家务等家庭责任。Many people would argue men’s paying for dates is a form of respecting women. But Joe Pinsker, writing in The Atlantic, says this seemingly “benevolent” form of sexism can lead to a sense of entitlement on men’s part — they tend to think that women owe them because they have paid.不少人认为男士在约会时买单是一种对女性的尊重。但乔#8226;皮斯科在美国《大西洋月刊》上撰文称,这种看似“善意”的大男子主义会让男人感觉自己拥有更多权利——他们为约会买单,因此认为女性对他们有所亏欠。Money can twist men’s opinion of sexual consent. Pinsker cites a 2010 study published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. It found that men were more likely than women to think that sex should be expected when a man pays for an expensive date.此外,付钱还会让男性将其误解为允许发生性关系的许可。皮斯科还援引了一份2010年发表于《人际暴力杂志》的调查,其结果显示,在为昂贵的约会买单后,男性比女性更容易认为将与对方发生关系。This really is disturbing. But Frederick found something optimistic in his study that might serve as a warning to some women. Almost half of the men surveyed in the study he co-authored said that they would break up with a woman if she never offered to help pay the bill on a date. “In this single telling finding about dating and paying interactions, we see evidence of a sea change,” Frederick wrote.这确实让人感到不安,但弗里德瑞克教授在他的研究中也发现了一些好消息,供一些女士参考:调查中,几乎一半男性都表示如果约会对象从未有过要买单的意思,他们会选择分手。弗里德瑞克教授说,“从这一结果可以看出,在约会与买单的互动关系上,我们可以看到巨大的不同。” /201410/335410 襄阳市四院治疗妇科多少钱襄阳市第一人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

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