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And the Athabasca River drains downstream to a range of Aboriginal communities.阿萨帕斯卡尔河下游即原住民聚集地。In Fort Chippewa, the 800 people there,奇普怀恩堡有800位居民,are finding toxins in the food chain,食物链中含有毒性物质,this has been scientifically proven.已经科学实。The tar sands toxins are in the food chain,食物链中含有沥青砂这种毒性物质,and this is causing cancer rates up to 10 times what they are in the rest of Canada.导致当地癌症发病率比加拿大其他地区高十倍。In spite of that, people have to live,尽管如此,人们需要生存,have to eat this food in order to survive.需仰赖食物维生。The incredibly high price f flying food into these remote Northern Aboriginal communities and the high rate of unemployment makes this an absolute necessity for survival.空运到这片遥远北方原住民小区的天价食物和当地的高失业率使当地物产成了赖以为生的必需品。And not that many years ago, I was lent a boat by a First Nations man.几年前,我向原住民借了一条船。And he said, When you go out on the river,他说,当你沿河航行时,do not under any circumstances eat the fish.千万别吃鱼。Its carcinogenic.那是致癌物。And yet, on the front porch of that mans cabin,然而,在那名男子家门口,I saw four fish. He had to feed his family to survive.我看见四条鱼,他必须藉此养家糊口。And as a parent, I just cant imagine what that does to your soul.身为父母的我,无法想象这对心灵的影响。And thats what were doing.这正是我们目前所做的事。The boreal forest is also perhaps our best defense against global warming and climate change.北方森林或许亦是对抗全球暖化及气候变迁的最佳防线。The boreal forest sequesters more carbon than any other terrestrial ecosystem.北方森林吸收的排碳量胜于任何现存的生态系统。And this is absolutely key.无疑是十分重要的生态环境。So what were doing is,但我们所做的是,were taking the most concentrated greenhouse gas sink,将温室气体吸收率最大的环境,twice as much greenhouse gases are sequestered in the boreal per acre than the tropical rainforests.每英亩北方森林吸收的温室气体比热带雨林多两倍。And what were doing is were destroying this carbon sink, turning it into a carbon bomb.我们所做的是,摧毁这个碳汇,将它转变成碳弹。201511/408970。

  • Im a loyal and disciplined member of the African National Congress. I am therefore in full agreement with all its objectives, strategies and tactics.我是非洲人国民大会忠于职守、遵守纪律的一员。因此,我完全赞同它所提出的所有目标、战略和战术。The need to unite the people of our country is as important a task now as it always has been. No individual leader is able to take on this enormous task on his own. It is our task as leaders to place our views before our organization and to allow the democratic structures to decide on the way forward. On the question of democratic practice, I feel duty-bound to make the point that a leader of the movement is a person who has been democratically elected at a national conference. This is a principle which must be upheld without any exceptions.和以往一样,现在的重要任务是把我国人民团结起来。任何个别领导人都无法独自肩负起这个重担。作为领袖,我们的任务是向我们的组织阐明观点,并允许通过民主机制来决定我们前进的方向。对于实行民主问题,我感到有责任强调一点,即民主运动的领导人要由全国大会通过民主选举而产生,这是一条必须坚持且不能破例的原则。 /201305/242029。
  • Over the past seven years, Ive been following my fascination with the built environment,在过去的七年里,我一直在追随着我对建筑环境的兴趣,and for those of you who know me, you would say that this obsession has led me to live out of a suitcase 365 days a year.并且对你们当中了解我的人,你们会说这种痴迷使我一年365天提着行李生活。Being constantly on the move means that sometimes I am able to catch lifes most unpredictable moments,一直四处奔波意味着有时我可以抓住生活中最不可预测的时刻,like here in New York the day after the Sandy storm hit the city.比如在纽约这里在桑迪飓风袭击城市后的一天。Just over three years ago,正好在三年前,I was for the first time in Caracas, Venezuela,我第一次来到委内瑞拉的加拉加斯,and while flying over the city, I was just amazed by the extent to which the slums reach into every corner of the city,当飞机飞过城市上方时,我很惊讶于这里的贫民窟已经遍布了城市的每个角落,a place where nearly 70 percent of the population lives in slums,一个百分之七十的居民生活在贫民窟里的地方,draped literally all over the mountains.贫民窟满山遍野的搭建着。During a conversation with local architects Urban-Think Tank,在和当地的城市设计智库的谈话中,I learned about the Torre David,我了解到托雷·大卫,a 45-story office building which sits right in the center of Caracas.一个45层高的办公楼,坐落在加拉加斯的中心。The building was under construction until the collapse of the Venezuelan economy and the death of the developer in the early 90s.这个高楼一直在施工,直到90年代初委内瑞拉经济大崩盘并且设计者去世。About eight years ago, people started moving into the abandoned tower and began to build their homes right in between every column of this unfinished tower.大概八年前,人们开始搬进被废弃的大楼里并开始在这个未完工的大楼的每个间隙里搭建他们自己的房子。201601/422265。
  • It has now been three months since the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut.自康涅狄格州新城的惨剧发生已经过去三个月。Three months since we lost 20 innocent children and six dedicated adults who had so much left to give.三个月前,我们失去了20名无辜的孩子和6位热心教育事业未竟的老师。Three months since we, as Americans, began asking ourselves if were really doing enough to protect our communities and keep our children safe.作为美国人我们三个月来一直扪心自问,我们是否为保护社区和孩子们的安全做好了充分的准备。For the families who lost a loved one on that terrible day, three months doesnt even begin to ease the pain theyre feeling right now.对于在那惨痛的一天失去亲人的家庭而言,三个月的时间无法抚平他们的伤痛。It doesnt come close to mending the wounds that may never fully heal.也永远无法治愈这一惨剧给他们造成的永久创伤。But as a nation, the last three months have changed us.但作为一个国家,过去的三个月改变了我们。Theyve forced us to answer some difficult questions about what we can do—what we must do—to prevent the kinds of massacres weve seen in Newtown and Aurora and Oak Creek, as well as the everyday tragedies that happen far too often in big cities and small towns all across America.这段时间要求我们对一些尖锐的问题做出回答,我们能做什么,我们必须要做什么才能防止类似新城、奥罗拉,橡树溪的惨案以及每天在全国的大中小城市发生的惨剧再次发生。Today there is still genuine disagreement among well-meaning people about what steps we should take to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in this country.时至今日,依然有大量好心人对减少暴力的措施持有异议。But you—the American people—have spoken.但你们,美国人民已经说出了自己的心声。Youve made it clear that its time to do something.你们清晰的表达出是时候行动了。And over the last few weeks, Senators here in Washington have listened and taken some big steps forward.过去几个星期里,华盛顿的参议员们也倾听了各方意见,并采取了一些重大措施来推动事情发展。Two weeks ago, the Senate advanced a bill that would make it harder for criminals and people with a severe mental illness from getting their hands on a gun.两周前,参议院提出了一项提案,即不能让犯罪分子以及患有严重精神疾病的人轻易得到。an idea supported by nine out of ten Americans, including a majority of gun owners.这一想法得到了90%的美国民众的持,其中还包括大部分持人士。The Senate also made progress on a bill that would crack down on anyone who buys a gun as part of a scheme to funnel it to criminals–reducing violent crime and protecting our law enforcement officers.同时参议院还在另一项法案上取得进展,打击任何购买企图犯罪的人员,以此来降低暴力犯罪并保护执法者。Finally, the Senate took steps to reinstate and strengthen a ban on the sale of military-style assault weapons, set a 10-round limit for magazines, and make our schools safer places for kids to learn and grow.最后,参议院还采取措施恢复并巩固了对军用武器的销售禁令,设定了10发子弹弹夹容量上限,确保孩子们在学校能更安全的学习成长。These ideas shouldnt be controversial—theyre common sense.以上这些想法不应该有争议,因为很合乎常理。Theyre supported by a majority of the American people.这些想法得到了大多数美国民众的持。And I urge the Senate and the House to give each of them a vote.而我也敦促参议院和众议院就其进行投票表决。As Ive said before, we may not be able to prevent every act of violence in this country.正如我之前所言,也许我们不能阻止这个国家发生的每一起暴力事件。But together, we have an obligation to try.但我们有共同的责任去尝试,We have an obligation to do what we can.有责任去做好我们能做的事情。Right now, we have a real chance to reduce gun violence in America, and prevent the very worst violence.现在,我们得到了降低暴力和防止恶行暴力事件的绝好时机。We have a unique opportunity to reaffirm our tradition of responsible gun ownership, and also do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or people with a severe mental illness.我们的机会有稍纵即逝,重申拥有的责任意识这一传统,以及更进一步确保犯罪分子和有严重精神疾病的人不能拥有。Weve made progress over the last three months, but were not there yet.过去三个月来我们取得了很多成就,但我们所做的还远远不够。And in the weeks ahead, I hope Members of Congress will join me in finishing the job—for our communities and, most importantly, for our kids.而在未来几个星期,我希望国会议员们能与我一起完成这一任务,为了我们的社会,更重要的是为了我们的孩子们。Thanks.谢谢大家。201303/232620。
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