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As former president Mahinda Rajapaksa comes to terms with his second electoral defeat in eight months, many in Sri Lanka are also predicting what once seemed unthinkable: the final political demise of a leader who, until just a year ago, seemed to hold an iron grip on their country.斯里兰卡前总统马欣达拉贾帕克萨(Mahinda Rajapaksa)不得不接个月内第二次在选举中落败的事实。与此同时,在许多斯里兰卡人的预期中,出现了一度似乎不可想象的一幕:一位在短短一年前似乎还严密掌控着国家权柄的领导人,就要走上政治末路。Mr Rajapaksa hoped Tuesday’s result would herald an unlikely comeback allowing him to seize the office of prime minister while simultaneously avenging his downfall at the hands of former party ally Maithripala Sirisena in presidential elections in January.拉贾帕克萨曾希望,周二公布的选举结果能让他可能性不大的东山再起梦想成真,让他能在夺取总理宝座的同时,报今月在总统选举中被前党内盟友迈特里帕拉缠里塞纳(Maithripala Sirisena)赶下台的一箭之仇。Instead, his Sri Lanka Freedom party trailed in second behind the centre-right ed National party. The result leaves the UNPs Ranil Wickremesinghe set to return as prime minister, having claimed victory on Tuesday, and form a new coalition government in the island’s 225-member parliament. Analysts say Mr Rajapaksa’s departure after a 10-year rule could herald a new era, one in which Sri Lanka faces up to brutality of its past and distances itself from its once cosy relationship with Beijing.然而事与愿违,他领导的斯里兰卡自由Freedom party)在此次选举中落在中右翼统一国民ed National party)之后,屈居第二。这一结果令统一国民党的拉尼尔维克勒马辛Ranil Wickremesinghe)得以回归总理宝座,并在斯里兰25人组成的议会中构建新的联合政府。维克勒马辛哈已在周二宣布胜选。分析人士表示,拉贾帕克萨在统治斯里兰卡十年后离开政治舞台,或预示着斯里兰卡迈入新时代。在这个新时代里,斯里兰卡将直面过去的残暴行径,并淡化与中国一度十分亲密的关系。As in Januarys contest, Mr Rajapaksa’s appeals to the Sinhalese-speaking Buddhist majority failed to rack up enough votes to overcome more liberal-minded urban voters, alongside those backing Tamil parties, which won overwhelmingly in the island’s north.和今月的选举一样,拉贾帕克萨对占人口多数的讲僧伽罗语的佛教徒的拉拢,未能为他带来足够的选票,以击败思想倾向自由主义的城市选民以及那些持泰米尔党派的选民。在斯里兰卡北部,泰米尔党派取得了压倒性胜利。At a deeper level, however, analysts said the result represented a rejection of the muscular nationalism embodied by Mr Rajapaksas rule, borne of his role as victor in the islands civil war, which ended in a crushing defeat for the Tamil Tiger rebels in .不过,分析人士表示,这一选举结果从更深层次来说,意味着对拉贾帕克萨统治所体现的强硬民族主义的拒绝。拉贾帕克萨是以斯里兰卡内战胜利者身份确立这种统治的009年,这场内战以泰米尔猛虎组织(Tamil Tiger)叛军的全面失败告终。“The hope must now be that a double defeat means Sri Lanka can move on, and begin to solve some of the issues of post-war reconciliation and devolution of power that have been so difficult,says Alan Keenan of the International Crisis Group.国际危机组织(International Crisis Group)的艾伦蘒Alan Keenan)表示:“目前的全部希望在于,(拉贾帕克萨的)二次落败意味着斯里兰卡能够走出过去的阴影,着手解决部分战后和解与权力下放问题。这些问题一直难以得到解决。”Making good on promises of better governance will be one early challenge, and one of direct interest to Mr Rajapaksa himself, as he braces for an array of corruption investigations. Opponents claim the Rajapaksa’s family-dominated regime siphoned away huge sums during its decade in power, including from the many Chinese-backed infrastructure schemes that symbolised Sri Lanka’s post-war economic boom.兑现改善治理的承诺,将是这一时代面临的早期挑战之一,也关系到拉贾帕克萨的切身利益。拉贾帕克萨即将接受一系列反腐调查。反对者称,在拉贾帕克萨掌权的十年期间,由他家族把持的政权黑掉了不少钱,包括从中国投资的基建计划中黑走的钱。这些计划曾是斯里兰卡战后经济繁荣的象征。Instead, Mr Wickremesinghe talks of a market-friendly economic policy, placing less emphasis on financial ties with China, and more on tempting global companies to use the south Asian island as a base for export-led manufacturing. He is likely to keep rebalancing Sri Lanka’s international relations too, patching up ties with India and the west after a decade in which Mr Rajapaksa cosied up to Beijing.而维克勒马辛哈谈论的是亲市场的经济政策,对斯中金融合作强调得要少一些,更侧重于吸引全球企业将这个南亚岛国用作出口导向型制造业的基地。他可能还会继续努力再平衡斯里兰卡的国际关系,在拉贾帕克萨奉行亲中国政策十年之后,修补斯里兰卡与印度及西方的关系。来 /201508/394779

DNA matching to take 2 daysDNA比对工作在两天内完成Authorities are gathering and matching the DNA of the victims of the Eastern Star disaster at full speed.;东方之星;号客船遇难人员DNA采集和身份比对工作正有序加速开展。Authorities in Hubei have examined all 412 bodies retrieved in the province and collected blood samples of 434 relatives. With 29 pairs of DNA match completed, identification of rest of the victims is expected to be finished in two days.湖北方面目前已完成本省境内搜寻到12名遇难者遗体检验和434名家属血样提取工作,29对DNA已比对成功。后续比对工作预计在两天内完成。Searching and clearing of passengers belongings at the cabin of the wrecked ship is continuing.;东方之星;客船船舱内的遗物清理工作仍在继续。The salvage will be packed and transported outside. The victims families will get to claim the recovered items belonging to their relatives.搜救人员将遗物整理打包转运出舱,送给家属认领。来 /201506/379480

REDCAR, England This small town on the North Sea, famous for a century-old mill that produced the steel for some of the world’s most iconic bridges, has been shattered by the news that the plant is about to shut forever, taking 2,200 jobs with it.英国雷德卡——这座北海边的小城,以一家为世界上的一些标志性桥梁生产钢材的百年老厂而闻名。然而,这家工厂即将永久关闭并随之丧200个工作岗位。消息令全城震惊不已。The upheavals of postindustrial Britain were on display one recent evening at O’Grady’s, a local pub, as steelworkers shared their sorrow just a few feet away from a businessman who sells cheap Chinese steel to the British government, something many in Redcar complain about.后工业化时代英国的这次振荡最近一个晚上在当地酒吧O’Grady’s展现得淋漓尽致。钢铁工人分享他们的悲伤,而咫尺之外就是一名向英国政府销售中国廉价钢材的商人——许多雷德卡人对此颇有抱怨。“Everyone’s going crackers,said Conrad McCormick, 38, a married father of two who lost his job at the mill, which made steel for the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia, the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zambia and 1 World Trade Center in New York.“所有人都要疯了,8岁的康拉德·麦考密Conrad McCormick)说道。他是一位有两个孩子的已婚父亲,丢了工厂的工作。他原来工作的地方为澳大利亚悉尼海港大桥、赞比亚维多利亚瀑布大桥和纽约世界贸易中心一号楼生产过钢材“The only thing I’m sure of in my life right now is this,he said, holding up a pint of beer.“现在我生活中唯一能确定的事情就是这个,”他举起一杯啤酒说。Across the pub, also pint in hand, stood Jim, a 61-year-old businessman who declined to give his surname. Jim said his midsize company was doing well selling Chinese and other foreign steel to the government to build railways, wind farms and public buildings.吧台另一边,站着61 岁的商人吉姆(Jim),他的手里也拿着酒。他不愿透露自己的姓。吉姆说,他的中型公司销售中国等地的外国钢材给政府来修建铁路、风力发电场和公共建筑,生意不错。Britain “is saving money and cutting the public deficit by importing cheap material from abroad,he said.英国“正通过从国外进口低成本材料来节省资金和削减公共赤字,”他说。The final closing of the Teesside Steelworks plant, founded in 1917 and most recently owned by Sahaviriya Steel Industries of Thailand, was announced on Oct. 12. Earlier in the month, the British unit of Sahaviriya, which operated the plant, filed for bankruptcy, and the coke ovens were kept burning amid talks of a takeover by another company. But those talks fell through. Once the coke ovens go cold, there is very little chance of restarting the plant.提赛德钢铁厂(Teesside Steelworks)成立917年,最近由泰国伟成发钢铁工业公Sahaviriya Steel Industries)拥有,于102日正式宣布关闭。本月早些时候,伟成发负责运营此家工厂的英国分公司申请破产,与另一家公司谈判收购事宜之际,厂内的炼焦炉保持了点火状态。但这些谈判最终不了了之。一旦炼焦炉冷却,重新启动工厂的机会就微乎其微了。The same forces are also buffeting another steel company, Tata, which announced on Friday that it was slashing 1,200 jobs in Britain, or 7 percent of its work force there.同样的力量也在猛烈冲击另一家钢铁公司——塔塔钢铁公Tata)。它于上周五宣布,将在英国大幅削200个工作岗位,相当于当地员工总数%。The government has announced a compensation package worth 80 million pounds, or about 3.5 million, for the Teesside workers, involving retraining and money for start-ups, but the latest crisis was the final nail for the famous steelworks.政府已经宣布了一项价8000 万英镑(约合7.9亿元人民币)的提赛德员工赔偿方案,包括再培训和创业资金,但最新的危机是对这家著名钢厂的最终定论。Redcar, a northeastern England town of just 35,000, is in a region aly suffering from Britain’s highest unemployment rate 8.5 percent, three points higher than the national figure. At least 10 percent of young people here are unemployed, and hundreds of steelworkers on contract have been fired in addition to the 2,200 employees.雷德卡是仅有3.5 万人口的英格兰东北小城,本已身处英国失业率最高的地区。这里的失业率达8.5%,比全国平均数字高出三个百分点。雷德卡至少10%的年轻人处于无业状态。在200名员工之外,还有数百名合同工被解雇。Once renowned for its solid industrial jobs, the town is now famous for its “charity shops, pubs and takeaways,said Claire, a 35-year-old nurse who is married to a steelworker.这座小城曾以不错的产业工作岗位而享誉英国,现在却以“慈善商店、酒吧和外卖店”而闻名,35岁的护士克莱Claire)说道。她的丈夫是一名钢铁工。Without steel, Redcar offers little else to the world, except for modest summer seaside tourism. Even then, it is badly served by the local rail network a slow, four-carriage train on rickety tracks and British tourists find it easier to fly to Spain.去掉钢材,雷德卡就没有什么其他东西可以向世界供应的了,除了规模不大的夏季海滨旅游。即便是旅游业,也被当地铁路网——摇摇晃晃的轨道上跑着一趟缓慢的四车厢列车——严重拖累,英国游客觉得飞到西班牙会更容易一些。“It’s such a small town, it’s forgotten by everyone else,said Alan Bunn, 38, another steelworker who has been laid off.“它是一座弹丸小城,被所有人遗忘了,”另一位已下岗8岁钢铁工人阿兰·邦Alan Bunn)说。The loss of Redcar’s competitiveness is on open display: Even the soccer stadium in the nearby city of Middlesborough was built using German steel. An offshore wind farm in the sea near the town was built with German and Belgian steel.雷德卡的竞争力丧失是有目共睹的:就连附近城市米德尔斯堡修建足球场使用的也是德国钢材。小城附近洋面的一座海上风电场使用的是德国和比利时钢材。An official at EDF Energy Renewables, which operates the wind farm, said the company’s policy was to use local material. But local steel was found to be “not up to par with the company’s standards of quality,the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.运营这座风电场的法国电力集团可再生能源公EDF Energy Renewables)的一位负责人表示,他们公司的政策是使用当地材料。但是当地钢材“没有达到公司的质量标准,”这位负责人说。由于问题的敏感性,此人要求不具名。The government is trying to spur the economies of larger northern cities like Manchester and Leeds, but not those quite as far north as Redcar. Its streets are lined with shuttered stores; there are 12 charity shops and six pawnshops. Cafes, restaurants and hotels that once relied on hundreds of contract workers are empty.政府正试图刺激较大的北方城市如曼彻斯特和利兹的经济发展,而不是那些像雷德卡这样的偏远北方小城。它的街道两旁是倒闭的商店;这里2家慈善商店和六间当铺。曾依赖数以百计的合同工的咖啡馆、餐厅和宾馆现在空空如也。The only other large-scale employer in Redcar is Sembcorp, an energy company based in Singapore that employs 270 workers here.雷德卡唯一的另一个大型雇主是一家总部设在新加坡的能源公司——胜科工业集Sembcorp),它在这里雇用了270名工人。“No one really cares about the northeast,said Mr. Bunn, the steelworker. “You grow up feeling that way. It’s common knowledge.”“没有人真正关心东北地区,”钢铁工人邦恩说道“成长过程中一直有这种感受。尽人皆知。”Politicians have lost a lot of credibility among Redcar residents, he said, and voters are rejecting the dominant parties to register protest votes instead. In the May election for a parliamentary seat, the local candidate for the anti-immigration U.K. Independence Party did well, coming in just shy of second place.政客已经在雷德卡居民中丧失了许多信用,他说,选民们向主要政党说不,转而进行抗议式投票。在 5 月的议会席位选举中,反移民的英国独立U.K. Independence Party)在当地的候选人表现很好,差一点就位列第二。Residents and workers like Mr. Bunn acknowledge that job losses are inevitable in a market economy. But there is widesp anger at the government for appearing to abandon the steelworks and the community.当地居民和像邦恩一样的工人承认,市场经济下裁员是不可避免的。但是,对政府放弃钢厂和社区的态度,很多人都怒火中烧。Workers and local employers say they want a robust industrial plan to level the playing field for British steel makers. For example, they say, Britain’s environmental taxes and energy prices, which are the most expensive in Europe, must be reduced. They also want the government to impose higher tariffs on Chinese imports and require companies and public works to use local sources for some of their material.工人和当地的雇主表示,他们希望有一个强力的产业规划,以保英国钢铁制造商拥有公平的竞争环境。例如,他们说英国的环境税和能源价格是欧洲最高的,必须下降。他们还希望政府对进口的中国商品征收更高的关税,并要求企业和公共工程使用的材料部分来自当地。“It’s not that we’re trying to pick on China,said Gary Klesch, a British-American businessman who this year decided against buying a Tata-owned steel plant in Scunthorpe, about 70 miles south of Redcar, citing high energy costs and taxes. China gives its steel industry stronger support than Britain does, he said, “and while China doesn’t break trade rules, they are bending them.”“这并不是说我们正在试图挑中国的毛病,”英裔美国商人加釷克莱施(Gary Klesch)说,他决定今年不购买塔塔钢铁公司在斯肯索普的钢铁厂,理由是高能源成本和赋税。斯肯索普位于雷德卡以南0英里处。他说,中国给钢铁行业的持远比英国更强有力,“虽然中国没有违反贸易规则,他们正在扭曲这些规则。”The Conservative government of Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out that kind of intervention.首相戴维·卡梅David Cameron)的保守党政府已经排除了采取这种干预方式的可能性。Jason Raj, a spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, said the government had “taken action to help steel makers by paying 47 million for compensation for energy costs.In July, Parliament voted to extend tariffs on Chinese wire rod products that Britain believes are priced below fair market value, he said, and “will consider further cases as they arise.”商业、创新与技能部发言人贾森·拉Jason Raj)说,政府已经“采取行动来帮助钢铁制造商,付了4700万英镑的能源成本补贴。”他月份议会经过表决,延长了对中国盘条产品征收的关税,英国认为该产品的售价低于公平市场价值,并且会“在新情况出现时,考虑进一步措施”。To Peter Atkinson, 56, the latest crisis is nothing new. He retired from the mill in 2010, when it was being sold to its current owners. Its owner then, Tata Steel of India, had laid off 1,700 workers after a contract ended. Now his 26-year-old son, also a steelworker, is out of a job.6岁的彼得·阿特金森(Peter Atkinson)来说,最新的危机不是什么新鲜事。他2010年从工厂退休,当时工厂出售给了目前的所有者。当时的拥有者印度塔塔钢铁公司,在一份合同结束后就解雇了1700名员工。现在,6岁的同为钢铁工人儿子,已失去了工作。“It’s nice to look after other people in the world,Mr. Atkinson said, alluding to a recent announcement by George Osborne, chancellor of the Exchequer, about a 3 million plan to teach soccer in China. “But sometimes you’ve got to look after your own.”“能照顾世界其他地方的人是好事,”阿特金森说,他在暗示英国财政大臣乔治·奥斯本(George Osborne)最近宣布的花费300万英镑(约合2950万元人民币)在中国培训足球教练的计划。“但有时你必须照顾好自己。”There is a lot of griping in Redcar about China, which the Cameron government is hotly pursuing for trade deals. China produces half the world’s steel, and its dominance resonates here because Britain, too, once produced half the world’s steel.卡梅伦政府正积极寻求与中国做生意,但在雷德卡,人们对中国有很多不满情绪。全世界使用的钢材有一半都是由中国生产,这种主导地位在这里产生了反响,因为英国一度也曾为全世界供应一半的钢材。China has vast steel stockpiles, amassed during the years after Beijing’s stimulus package in 2008. But now that its economy is losing steam, China is selling its steel at prices that British and other European steel makers struggle to match.中国有巨大的钢铁库存,它们是在北京于2008年实施经济刺激计划之后的数年里积累起来的。但由于中国经济现在失去了发展动力,它现在正以英国和其他欧洲钢铁制造商难以匹敌的价格销售其钢材。Britain imported 60 percent of its steel last year, according to UK Steel, an industry lobby; Chinese imports make up 8 percent of Britain’s demand. The figure seems low compared with other competitors from Europe, the Middle East and Russia, said Gareth Stace, the director of UK Steel. But the pace of Chinese imports is alarming, he said, quadrupling in a matter of months, and 40 percent of Britain’s rebar, used to strengthen concrete structures, comes from China.行业游说团体UK Steel的数据显示,英国去年的钢铁消耗量0%源自进口,而中国进口钢材满足了英国8%的需求。UK Steel总监加雷思·史戴斯(Gareth Stace)表示,相比来自欧洲、中东和俄罗斯的其他竞争对手所占的份额,这个数字似乎有些低。但他表示,中国进口钢材增长的速度让人心惊——在数月之内就翻了两番,而且英国用来加固混凝土建筑的钢筋,有40%都来自中囀?Back at O’Grady’s, Mr. Atkinson took a philosophical view. “We were born and bred steelers,he said. “But at the same time, we need to realize that everything has a life span.”回到O’Grady’s酒吧,阿特金森用一种颇有哲学意味的眼光来看待这件事。“我们生来就是钢铁工人,也是这么被养大的,”他说。“但同时,我们需要意识到,所有事物都有一个生命期限。”来 /201510/404915

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