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现在,我们身边的好多地方都有WiFi信号覆盖了。不过总能听到有人抱怨说信号不稳,或者网速太慢。好消息来啦!据说,研究人员已经研究出了更加便捷和快速的数据传输方式,你家的台灯就能帮你下电影呢!听起来是不是很酷?Imagine only needing to hover under a street lamp to get public internet access, or downloading a movie from the lamp on your desk. There#39;s a new technology on the block which could, quite literally as well as metaphorically, #39;throw light on#39; how to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-speed wireless connectivity. Radio waves are replaced by light waves in a new method of data transmission which is being called Li-Fi(Light Fidelity).想象一下这样的场景,在街灯下走两步就能连入公共区域因特网,通过桌上的台灯就能下载电影。现在,有这样一种新技术就可以解决上述这些高速无线网络连接的需求问题。这种新技术叫做Li-Fi(光保真)技术,是用光波取代无线电波传输数据的技术。As well as being a potential solution to our ever-increasing hunger for bandwidth, Li-Fi has other advantages over WiFi, such as being safe to use on an aircraft, in hospitals and medical devices, and even underwater, where WiFi doesn#39;t work at all. Research suggests that Li-Fi has the potential to be faster, safer and cheaper than conventional WiFi technology.除了能够解决带宽需求以外,Li-Fi相对于WiFi的优势还有:能够在飞机和医院等场合无障碍使用,甚至在WiFi不能到达的水下区域,Li-Fi也能大展拳脚。而且研究显示,Li-Fi会比传统的WiFi更快、更安全、更省钱。 /201205/182456

  Samsung Electronics is following Google and Apple into the smart home with the acquisition of SmartThings, which allows a variety of internet-connected devices to be controlled by a single mobile app.继谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)之后,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)也通过收购美国公司SmartThings打入智能家居领域。SmartThings能让用户通过一个移动应用来控制各种联网设备。Samsung, which showed off a range of its own “Smart Home” appliances at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, said SmartThings would continue to operate independently but move to Silicon Valley as part of the South Korean company’s Open Innovation Centre.在今年1月的消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上,三星曾展示过一系列自己的“智能家居(Smart Home)”电器。它表示,SmartThings将继续独立运营,不过会搬到硅谷,成为三星开放创新中心(Open Innovation Centre)的一部分。Washington DC-based SmartThings raised .5m in venture funding after receiving .2m from a Kickstarter campaign in September 2012.SmartThings目前总部位于华盛顿特区。2012年9月,该公司先是在一次Kickstarter众筹活动中获得了120万美元,接着又筹集了1550万美元风险投资。Samsung’s acquisition of the three-year-old start-up, for a reported 0m, represents another bid by a leading technology company to persuade more consumers that the benefits in convenience or energy-saving of wiring up their homes to the internet outweigh the security risks and additional complexities.据报道,三星以2亿美元的价格,收购了这家只有3年历史的初创企业。和其他已涉足智能家居领域的高科技企业一样,三星希望说消费者,将家居设备联网在便利性和节能方面的好处,超过了这么做的安全风险及额外的复杂性。It follows Google’s purchases of Nest, a maker of online thermostats and smoke detectors, and Dropcam, an internet-connected security camera developer, earlier this year. In June, Apple laid the foundation for its own move into the “internet of things” with HomeKit, a way to control heating, door locks or lights with an iPhone.今年早些时候,谷歌收购了Nest和Dropcam,前者生产能联网的温控装置及烟雾警报器,后者则是一家联网安保摄像头的开发商。今年6月,苹果也为自己向“物联网”的进军打响了第一。当时,该公司推出了HomeKit应用,用户可以在iPhone上使用这款应用,控制暖气、门锁或电灯。While Apple has allowed only a select few device makers to work with HomeKit so far and Nest has slowly opened up its developer platform in recent months, Samsung and SmartThings touted their “open platform for the smart home”, which now supports more than 1,000 products and thousands of mobile apps.到目前为止,苹果只选取了少量设备制造商围绕HomeKit开展合作。而Nest则在最近几个月才缓慢开放了其开发者平台。相比之下,三星和SmartThings则在大力推销它们的“智能家居开放平台”,这一平台目前已持逾千种产品和数千个应用。David Eun, head of Samsung’s Open Innovation Centre, said that more investments, acquisitions and partnerships around the internet of things were planned.三星开放创新中心主管戴维#8226;尤恩(David Eun)表示,三星还计划围绕物联网开展更多投资、并购及合作。Samsung’s own Smart Home family of products only worked with its own appliances, such as fridges and washing machines. SmartThings will continue to work with other companies’ products, including those from rivals Google and Apple, after the acquisition, while benefiting from Samsung’s reach and distribution.三星自己的智能家居产品只持三星的电器,比如电冰箱和洗衣机。而SmartThings则会在并购之后,在享受三星市场影响范围及分销网络的同时,继续兼容其他公司的产品,包括那些来自三星对手谷歌和苹果的产品。 /201408/321612


  In his State of the Union Address, President Obama made a big deal about manufacturing jobs as a central part of his economic vision for the country. ;Our first priority is making America a magnet for new jobs in manufacturing;, he proclaimed. I support the president#39;s aim and passion to revive manufacturing, but to accomplish it we first have to jettison industrial era thinking. The industrial era and the 7.1 million manufacturing jobs lost in the U.S. from 1979 to 2012 aren#39;t coming back. We must create new 21st century manufacturing jobs that leverage what America is great at, creativity and innovation. Manufacturing will grow in the U.S. when we accelerate the use of technology to increase productivity, enable new business models designed for mass customization and unleash the manufacturers in all of us.美国总统奥巴马在国情咨文演讲中把制造业工作岗位当作美国经济发展蓝图中的重头戏。他说:“我们首要的任务,是要把美国变成新的制造业工作岗位的吸铁石。”我持奥巴马复兴制造业的目标和热情,但是要实现这个目标,我们首先要抛弃工业时代的旧思想。工业时代已经一去不返了,同时消失的还有美国1979年至2012年间在美国消亡的710万个制造业岗位。我们必须建立能够利用美国现有优势的21世纪的制造业岗位。随着我们加快利用科技促进产能,美国的制造业一定会再次增长,而且会催生为大规模定制化生产务的新商业模式,释放我们所有人的制造才能。To begin, we need to recognize that manufacturing isn#39;t an industry sector, it#39;s a capability with plenty of opportunity for innovation. We take industry sector definitions for granted. As if industries were clubs with exclusive admission criteria and secret handshakes only revealed to companies that agree to play by understood rules. The industrial era was defined by clearly delineated industries, making it easy to identify which sector every company was competing in. It was all so gentlemanly really, as if competition was governed, like boxing, by a code of generally accepted Marquess of Queensberry rules. Companies were all assigned a numerical Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code (now North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS) identifying which industry sector they fit in to.首先,我们需要认识到,制造并不单纯的是一个产业部门,而是一种能力,其中蕴含着许多创新机会。只是目前我们理所当然地把它看成一个产业部门。工业时代的“产业”就像一个个俱乐部,每个产业都有各自的准入标准和暗箱操作,只向那些同意按规则出牌的公司敞开。工业时代是由一个个界定清晰的产业构成的,我们很容易就能把每家公司归类到一个个产业部门里。看似颇有君子之风,就好像大家都在监督之下公平竞争,就像拳击赛一样,人人都要按规则出招。每个企业都会有一个标准产业代码(SIC)(现为北美产业分类系统,简称NAICS),用来确定各自属于哪个产业部门。Those days are over. Industries don#39;t work that way any more, the industrial era isn#39;t coming back. Is Google (GOOG) a manufacturer or a service provider or both? Their acquisition of Motorola Mobility and U.S. production of the Nexus Q home media player suggest Google is serious about building manufacturing capability. Is Apple (AAPL) a manufacturer or a service provider or both? It#39;s hard to tell the difference between a manufacturer and a service provider and the distinction is limiting. Today the lines are blurring. Think iPod. Apple didn#39;t bring the first MP3 player to the market. It changed the way we experienced music by delivering on a value proposition that bundled product (iPod) and service (iTunes). Apple didn#39;t view the competition as other product manufacturers Apple is a market maker not a share-taker.但是这样的日子已经结束了。各个产业的运行规则也不复如旧,工业时代也一去不返。谷歌(Google)到底是一家生产商还是务商,或者两者兼而有之?谷歌收购托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility),在美国生产Nexus Q家庭媒体播放器,表明谷歌在非常认真地打造自己的生产能力。苹果(Apple)算生产商还是务商,又或两者兼而有之呢?现在我们已经很难指出生产商和务商之间的区别,而且二者之间的区别也很有限。如今生产商和务商之间的界限正在渐渐模糊。以iPod为例,苹果并不是第一个推出MP3播放器的厂家。但是苹果把它的产品(iPod)和务(iTunes)捆绑推出后,给我们带来了一种新的价值定位,改变了我们体验音乐的方式。苹果看待竞争的角度与其他产品生产商不同,苹果并不是抢占市场,而是在创造市场。Industrial-era thinking and NAICS industry codes force companies into characterizing their business models as being either product- or service-focused. This is a false choice. Making a product doesn#39;t define the market a company is creating or competing in. Describing a business as a manufacturer immediately constrains business model innovation opportunities. If we want to bring back manufacturing we have to start by changing our thinking about manufacturing.工业时代的思维方式以及NAICS产业代码使企业的思维模式陷入窠臼,它们的业务模式不是以产品为中心,就是以务为中心。这是一种错误的选择。生产一种产品,并不意味着一家公司只能在某个市场里竞争。把一家公司定位成生产商会限制业务模式的创新机会。如果我们希望重振美国的制造业,我们必须改变对制造业的思维模式。Once we realize that manufacturing is a capability we can get on with democratizing it. We can all be manufacturers. In the State of the Union Address President Obama announced his plan for a billion investment to build a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation composed of fifteen advanced manufacturing hubs. To bring manufacturing back to the U.S. we don#39;t need fifteen hubs, we need fifteen million makers creating stuff.一旦我们意识到,制造是一种能力,我们就可以通过把制造业大众化来实现这个目标。我们人人都可以成为制造商。奥巴马在国情咨文中宣布,计划投资10亿美元建立一个全国制造业创新网络,这个网络由15个先进的制造业中枢组成。要想让美国的制造业复兴,我们并不需要15个制造业中枢,我们需要的是1,500万个可以制造创新产品的人。It won#39;t be long before everyone will have access to a 3D printer. Talk about democratized manufacturing capability. Armed with a 3D printer, individual makers can create their own digital design for any imagined object or borrow a design from anywhere around the world. By simply pressing a button makers can set a 3D printer into motion rendering the physical object with layers of plastic or other material right before their eyes. What was science fiction ten years ago is reality today. It wasn#39;t long ago we listened to the whir of a dot-matrix printer spitting out documents from our computers, now a 3D printer renders any object we can dream up the same way. With the magic of 3D printing capability we are all manufacturers, constrained only by our imaginations.在不久的将来,3D打印技术将走进千家万户。这是制造能力的大众化。有了3D打印机后,人人都可以通过数码设计制造出各种想象中的物体,或者借用不管来自世界哪个角落的某种设计。只需要按一个按钮,3D打印机就可以用一层层的塑料或其它材质,把你设计的物品在你眼前“打印”出来。10年前的科幻小说情节如今已经成为现实。事实上,能让我们的电脑打印纸质文档的点矩阵打印机,还是不久之前才发明出来的,而现在3D打印机又以同样的方式,使我们梦想的各种物体都能呈现在我们眼前。有了3D打印机的魔力,人人都是制造商,唯一能限制我们的,就是我们的想象力。I agree with President Obama that our national mantra should be to make more stuff. I just think the effort should be less top-down and more bottom-up. The maker movement is aly in full swing. If you want to witness it first hand just go to one of the 60 community Maker Fairesbeing held around the world in 2013. Maker Faires are all-age community gatherings of makers. They are part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new. 165,000 people attended the two flagship Maker Faires in the Bay Area and New York in 2012. If you go, prepare to be blown away by an infectious passion to make things, creativity to hack and reassemble the parts and a do-it-yourself (DIY) fire in the belly that won#39;t be stopped.奥巴马把复兴美国经济的希望寄托在重振制造业上,我同意他的观点。但我认为,在实践这个目标的过程中,应该减少从上至下的成分,更多的是要自下而上。“全民造物”运动已经在蓬勃发展了。如果你想亲眼见它的发展,只需要参加2013年全球60个民间制造者大会中的一个。制造者大会是老老少少的民间制造者的盛会,它既是科学盛会,也是地区盛会,同时也是一种前所未有的新生事务。2012年,有16.5万人参加了旧金山湾区和纽约的两场创造者大会。如果你也去的话,你一定会被那种亲手制造东西的热情所感染,你心里一定会无可遏制地冒出亲自动手敲敲打打、组装零件和DIY点什么东西的念头。A maker movement is aly happening across the country. Imagine if instead of looking for top down solutions in a small number of manufacturing hubs we encouraged the bottom up maker momentum emerging in every community. Less push, more pull. We can all be manufacturers.“全民造物”运动已经在美国各地蓬勃展开了。想象一下,如果美国的每一个社区都由下而上地迸发出生产热情,而不是由上而下地依赖几个生产中枢,那会是什么情形。少一些“推动”,多一些“拉动”,我们人人都能成为制造家。Saul Kaplan is the author of The Business Model Innovation Factory. He is the founder and chief catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) in Providence, RI, and blogs regularly at It#39;s Saul Connected.本文作者索尔.卡普兰是《商业模式创新工厂》一书的作者,也是美国罗德岛州普罗维登斯市的商业创新工厂公司的创始人和首席分析师,定期在It#39;s Saul Connected网站发表文。 /201303/227983

  Wireless carrier ATamp;T (T) was the top target of so-called patent trolls in 2013, having been sued more than 54 times by them in 2013—more than once a week. This year#39;s list of top ten patent troll targets was published today in a Fortune magazine feature story about RPX Corp.(RPXC), which compiled the statistics.2013年,无线运营商美国电话电报公司ATamp;T成为了 “专利流氓”的首要攻击目标。一年之内,ATamp;T被这类公司起诉达54次,平均下来每周超过一次。今天,《财富》杂志在一篇关于专利集成公司RPX Corp的专题报道中公布了这家公司统计、编撰的2014年“专利流氓十大目标公司”名单。The article, called ;Taking on the Trolls,; states: ;ATamp;T is no anomaly. Google (GOOG) was hit with 43 [such] suits last year; Verizon (VZ), 42; Apple (AAPL), 41; Samsung (SSNLF) and Amazon (AMZN), 39 each; Dell and Sony (SNE), 34 each; Huawei, 32; Blackberry (BBRY), 31. Every brand on this unenviable top-ten list was sued by [a patent troll] at least once every 12 days.;这篇标题为《迎接魔头的挑战》(Taking on the Trolls)写道:“ATamp;T并不是一个特例。谷歌公司(Google)去年被起诉达43次,威瑞森通信(Verizon)被起诉42次,苹果公司(Apple)被起诉41次,三星(Samsung)和亚马逊(Amazon)分别被起诉39次,戴尔(Dell)索尼(Sony)分别被起诉34次,华为(Huawei)32次,黑莓公司(Blackberry)31次。进入这张榜单并不是一件令人羡慕的事,榜单中的这些公司至少12天就要被(专利流氓)起诉一次。”;Patent troll; is a pejorative term. A more neutral term, and the one that RPX uses, is ;non-practicing entity,; or NPE. An NPE is a company that sells no products or services of its own. In their most controversial form, NPEs purchase patents on the open market and then assert them against operating companies, like ATamp;T and Google, seeking licensing fees and, often, suing to get them.“专利流氓”这个称呼带有鄙夷的意味,而RPX公司所使用了一个更中性的称谓——“非专利实施主体”,即NPE。NPE公司本身不为他人提供任何产品或务。它们最具争议的做法是,在公开市场上购买各种专利,然后声称运营公司(比如ATamp;T或谷歌)使用了他们的专利,然后要求对方付授权费。NPE拿到授权费的方式通常是向这些公司发起法律诉讼。RPX is what#39;s known as a defensive patent aggregator. In exchange for a subscription fee—currently paid by some 168 companies, including Google, Verizon, and Samsung—it attempts to buy up potentially problematic patents on the open market, before NPEs can get their hands on them.RPX则是所谓的防御型专利集成公司。RPX向公司收取会员费,然后赶在NPE动手之前,抢先买下公开市场上对成员公司具有潜在隐患的专利。目前RPX共有约168家客户,其中包括谷歌、威瑞森通信和三星。According to RPX#39;s statistics—which have been relied upon by academics and government agencies—NPEs filed 3,608 new suits in 2013, up 19% from the 3,042 they filed in 2012, and their suits named 4,843 total defendants, up 13% from the 4,282 sued a year earlier. NPE suits accounted for 67% of all new patent cases filed last year, and 63% of all new patent defendants, according to the figures RPX shared with Fortune.学术及政府机构均仰仗RPX提供的统计数据。根据它向《财富》杂志提供的资料,2013年,NPE共提起了3,608起诉讼,比2012年的3,042件增加了19%。这些诉讼指向的被告共有4,843名,比2012年的4,282名增加了13%。NPE提起的案件占去年全部专利案件的67%,被告人数为总被告人数的63%。When one takes into account NPE cases filed in previous years and still unresolved as of December 31, 2013, the top NPE target was Google, which was fighting 72 active cases as of that date. The next nine companies in line after it were ATamp;T (70), Apple (68), Samsung (63), Sony (58), Amazon (54), Verizon (46), HTC (42), LG Electronics (42), and Dell (41). (The figures for Google include suits against its Motorola Mobility unit, which Google announced last month that it is selling to Lenovo (LNGVY).)如果按在2013年12月31日前未终结案件的总数来计算,谷歌是NPE的首要目标。截至这一日期,谷歌手头上还有72件没有终结的专利官司。其余九大目标公司依次为ATamp;T(70件),苹果(68件),三星(63件),索尼(58件),亚马逊(54件),威瑞森通信(46件),宏达国际电子HTC公司(42件),LG电子(LG Electronics,42件)及戴尔(41件)。【谷歌的案件数中包括针对托罗拉移动部门(Motorola Mobility)的诉讼,谷歌上月已宣布计划将这一部门卖给联想(Lenovo)。】NPEs have their defenders, as the Fortune story explains: ;These argue that giant tech corporations routinely pilfer innovations dreamed up by independent inventors, and that NPEs simply give these powerless individuals the financial support and litigation muscle they need to vindicate their rights. NPEs therefore serve not only small inventors, the argument continues, but also society at large, by preserving the incentive systems that our Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution to ensure that the Thomas Edisons of the world would be motivated to provide the rest of us with the maximum possible benefit from their genius.不过,《财富》文章同时也写到,也有些人在为NPE辩护。“这些人的观点是,大型科技公司经常窃取独立发明家的创新专利,NPE公司不过是为这些无力反抗的人们提供了他们所需要的经济援和法律手段,以维护他们自身的权利。为了保世界上所有像托马斯?爱迪生一样的发明家能运用自己的天赋为社会带来更多福利,开国元勋们已将发明创新激励机制写进了宪法。而通过维护这一机制,NPE公司不只在为个体发明家务,更是在造福整个社会。”;Still, the sheer numbers have many people skeptical. Is ATamp;T really stealing breakthrough ideas from various Edisons at a rate of more than once a week?;“然而,仅仅从数字上看,很多人就对这种说法表示怀疑。难道说,ATamp;T在以超过每周一次的速度窃取爱迪生们的突破性成果吗?” /201403/279155Are you getting the most out of Android? You may not know it, but some of the Google operating system#39;s most useful features may not be in plain view.你的安卓(Android)系统物尽其用了吗?你或许还不知道吧,谷歌(Google)的这个操作系统中一些最有用的功能可能并不是让人一目了然。This week, I gathered 10 tricks that could make using an Android device easier and more enjoyable. Since only a handful of devices currently run the latest Android operating system, known as Jelly Bean, I focused on features that work on the more prevalent version of Android known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Many of these tips work on devices that run Jelly Bean and some work on earlier versions of Android. Since there are so many Android phone models, names and wording may differ in some of these steps.Google你用手机拍摄的任何照片或视频都可自动保存到Google+中一个名为“即时上传”的私人(默认)文件夹中。前不久,我收集了10个能让安卓设备用起来更加便利、更加愉快的窍门。由于只有少数一些设备运行被称为“Jelly Bean”的最新的安卓操作系统,因此我主要关注的是那些在更加常见的安卓版本──Ice Cream Sandwich──上可用的功能。其中许多技巧都可在运行Jelly Bean系统的设备上运用,有一些也适用于更早版本的安卓。由于搭载安卓系统的手机机型非常之多,其中一些操作步骤涉及的名称与说法可能会各有差异。1. Easier Keyboarding1. 更简便的键盘输入To avoid switching from Android#39;s letter keyboard to its number and symbol keyboard, hold down the period key to see commonly used punctuation marks and symbols. Slide your finger to the that appears, lifting it to select the right key.为了免却从安卓的字母键盘切换到数字与符号键盘的麻烦,按下点号键便可看见常用的标点与其他符号。将手指滑至出现的菜单上,然后抬起手指选择正确的键。If you can#39;t stand tapping on glass to type on a virtual keyboard, try not lifting your fingers as much. Many Android devices come preloaded with Swype, which lets you type by dragging your finger from one letter to the next; lift your finger up when the word ends. It#39;s remarkably accurate. To see if Swype is running on your device, spell out a word without lifting your finger. If connecting lines don#39;t appear between each letter, tap and hold the space bar to see the Select Input Method screen and choose Swype. You can still type the old way, tapping one key at a time.如果你不喜欢点击屏幕来在虚拟键盘上打字,那么你可以选择不要抬起手指。许多安卓设备出厂时都预装了滑行输入法Swype,通过它可以将手指在字母和字母之间滑动来打字,写完一个词后再将手指抬起。若要查看你的手机是否安装了Swype,试着不要抬起手指拼写一个词。如果字母之间没有连线,那就点击空格键并将其按住以使“选择输入法”屏幕显示出来,然后再选择“Swype”。此外,你依然可以按老方法每次按一个键来打字。2. Unlock With Your Face2. 脸部识别解锁Instead of tracing a pattern on a screen or typing in a PIN, hold your Android device up and stare into its front-facing camera for a second to unlock it. This isn#39;t as secure as other methods and doesn#39;t always work, but it can be fun to use. To set this up go to Settings, Security, Screen Lock and choose Face Unlock. Set a backup PIN or pattern to trace for those moments when face detection doesn#39;t work.若要将安卓设备解锁,你不必在屏幕上滑动解锁图标或是输入个人识别码,只需把你的设备举起来,然后盯住它的前置摄像头一秒钟时间。这个方法并不如其他方法那么保险,而且也不是一直都有用,但是用起来倒是很有意思。若要设置这个功能,可选择“设置”-gt;“安全”-gt;“屏幕解锁”,然后选择“脸部识别解锁”。你还可设置一个备用的个人识别码或是解锁图案以备脸部识别不起作用之时使用。3. Screen Shots Made Simple3. 轻松截屏Capture a still image of any screen you#39;re looking at by simultaneously pressing the power button and the volume down button. Find your screen shot in your Gallery under Screenshots or in the Notifications shade, which pulls down from the top of the screen. This feature only works in Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or later.同时按下电源按钮和音量降低键可截取你正在观看的任何屏幕的静态图片。你可在“截屏”目录下的“图库”或是“通知栏”(可把它从屏幕顶端拉下)中找到你的截屏。该功能只适用于搭载Ice Cream Sandwich或更新版本的安卓设备。4. Manage Screens4. 管理屏幕In Android, app icons and widgets are organized on several Home screens. There are two ways to rearrange or remove these screens. One way on certain phones is to swipe from right to left to get to the last screen on your phone, tap at the bottom of that last screen (an option may say Manage Pages) and then touch and hold a screen to rearrange its order or remove it. For a shortcut, tap and hold the phone#39;s Home button for a second to jump directly to this.在安卓系统中,应用程序的图标与小工具都被排列在几个主屏上。重新排列或删除这些屏幕的方法有两种。其中一种可在某些手机上应用的方法是从右向左滑动屏幕以转至手机上的最后一个主屏,在这一屏幕的底端点击(这项操作的另一个说法可能是“管理页面”),然后触摸并按住屏幕来重新安排其出现的顺序或把它删除。若要快捷操作的话,点击并按住手机的Home键一秒钟时间直接跳到这一步。5. Shortcut to Contacts5. 快捷联系你的联系人There#39;s an easier way to get in touch with your favorite people: Pin their faces to a Home screen. Go to All Apps, Widgets, select the Contact widget, which will prompt you to choose a person#39;s name from your contacts list. That person#39;s photo and contact information will be pinned to Home, for faster texting, calling and social networking. A Favorite Contacts widget pins four together on the Home screen.与你的常用联系人联系有一种更简便的方法:把他们的脸部照片“钉”在主屏上。选择“所有程序”-gt;“工具”,然后选择“联系人”这一工具,它会让你从联系人列表中选择某个人的姓名。然后,这个被选中的联系人的照片与联系方式会被“钉”在主屏上以便你更快地向其发送短信、打电话或是通过社交媒体联系。“常用联系人”工具可将四名联系人一同“钉”在主屏上。6. Save the Battery With a Widget6. 借助小工具节电Stop digging through s to quickly turn off features that suck up your battery. One tool will do the trick: the Power Control widget. Find this by opening the All Apps page and tapping Widgets at the top. You may have to flip through a few screens to find the Power Control widget, but when you do, tap and hold it to anchor it on any of your pages. Once this bar is on a page, it will let you tap once to turn five features on or off: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, automatic account syncing (for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others) and screen brightness (low, medium, high or auto).不用细究菜单便可迅速关闭那些耗费电量的功能,有一个工具能够帮到你──“电量控制”工具。要想找到这个工具,打开“所有程序”页面,然后点击顶端的“工具”。你或许还得翻过几个屏幕才能找到“电量控制”工具,当你找到它时,点击并按住以把它固定在随便哪一个页面上。一旦把这个工具栏放到了页面,点击一次便可启动或关闭五个功能──无线网络、蓝牙、GPS、账户自动同步(针对谷歌、Facebook、LinkedIn及其他账户)以及屏幕亮度调节(低亮、中亮、高亮或自动调节)。7. Auto-Update Apps7. 自动升级软件Avoid the nagging update notices that appear in your drop-down Notifications shade and set your apps to automatically update as updates become available. If you#39;re worried about conserving data, set this to update only over Wi-Fi. Open the Google Play store, Settings, Auto-Update Apps by Default and check the Wi-Fi option.这一设置可帮助你消除在手机的下拉式通知栏中出现的恼人的更新通知,在有软件可更新时自动更新它们。如果你担心保存数据的问题,可把它设置为只通过无线网络更新。打开“Google Play store”-gt;“设置”-gt;“默认自动更新软件”,然后勾选“无线网络”选项。8. Sync Photos and Videos on the Go8. 即时同步照片和视频If you#39;ve signed up for Google#39;s social network, Google+, you can automatically save any photos or s you capture on your device to a private (by default) folder in Google+ called Instant Upload. See these back at your desktop by accessing Google+ and looking at Photos, Instant Upload. (Videos are there, too.) Conserve data usage by adjusting when these photos and s get uploaded, like only in Wi-Fi or only when the device is plugged in and charging. Adjust these settings from your mobile device in Google+, Settings, Instant Upload.如果你注册了谷歌的社交网络Google+,你用手机拍摄的任何照片或视频都可自动保存到Google+中一个名为“即时上传”的私人(默认)文件夹中。若要在桌面浏览这些内容,可访问Google+,查看“照片”-gt;“即时上传”(视频也保存在此处)。将这些照片和视频上传之后,可通过调整设置来保存数据流量,比如只通过无线网络或是当手机接通电源充电时启用。你可在手机上访问Google+ -gt;“设置”-gt;“即时上传”来调整这些设置。9. Smarter Web Browsing9. 更智能的网页浏览功能Google#39;s Chrome browser comes preloaded on Android devices and works on PC or Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and other devices. If you own a few devices and use Chrome on each, instantly access the tabs you left open on one from another device by tapping Menu, Other Devices and tapping on an opened website in another device#39;s list of opened tabs. Browse in Chrome without leaving any history by using Incognito Mode on your Android mobile device. Turn this on in Menu, New Incognito Tab.安卓设备预装了谷歌的Chrome浏览器,它还可在PC电脑或Mac电脑、iPad、iPhone和其他设备上运行。如果你拥有好几部安卓设备,而且在每部设备上都使用Chrome浏览器,若要从另一部设备迅速访问你在某部设备上打开着的标签页,可点击“菜单”-gt;“其他设备”,然后在这部设备打开的标签页列表中点击一个打开的网站。你可在安卓移动设备上启用“无痕浏览模式”,如此在Chrome浏览器上浏览网页时便不会留下任何浏览记录。选择“菜单”-gt;“新建无痕浏览标签”即可启用这个功能。10. Back Up and Restore Settings, Apps10. 备份与恢复设置和应用程序If you#39;re upgrading from one Android device to another, you can start using your new device with your old settings and apps if you follow these steps.如果你新换了一部安卓设备,按照以下这些步骤进行设置,即可在新设备上使用以往的旧设置和应用程序。First, on the old device, go to Settings, Privacy Settings (for devices running Android version 2) or Settings, Backup and Reset (for devices running Android version 4 or 5). Place a check mark beside the Back Up My Data option. Give it a few minutes to back up and then when you start the new Android device, a setup option will let you restore settings and apps from backup.首先,在旧设备上选择“设备”-gt;“隐私设置”(适用于搭载安卓2.0版本的设备),你也可以进入“设置”-gt;“备份与重置”(适用于搭载安卓4.0或5.0版本的设备)。勾选“备份我的数据”选项,然后等待几分钟以让设备备份数据。当你启动新安卓设备时,便可通过一个设置选项恢复备份中的设置与应用程序。 /201211/208274

  Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is ramping up efforts to bring U.S. brands to consumers in its home country.中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)正在加大力度拉近美国品牌与国内消费者的距离。Alibaba, which is widely expected to file to go public this year, says it will offer U.S. companies several ways to get their merchandise to China, including through its Alipay payments subsidiary and sophisticated shipping methods. It is also getting closer to launching a new U.S. online marketplace called 11Main.com for small- and medium-sized brands and manufacturers.市场普遍预计,阿里巴巴将在今年进行首次公开募股(IPO)。该公司称,将向美国公司提供几种便于其商品出售到中国的途径,其中包括使用阿里巴巴子公司付宝(中国)网络技术有限公司(Alipay.com Co., 简称:付宝)的平台以及复杂的运输方法。同时,阿里巴巴也接近推出其首个美国网络购物平台“11 Main”,将主要招募中小品牌和制造商入驻。ChannelAdvisor, which advises companies with their e-commerce strategies, on Tuesday plans announce that it has partnered with Alibaba to help U.S. companies sell into mainland China using its software. Its clients will be able to more easily list, sell and deliver items on Alibaba#39;s Tmall.com site.电子商务咨询公司ChannelAdvisor周二宣布与阿里巴巴合作,协助美国公司借助其软件挺进中国内地市场。ChannelAdvisor的客户可以更方便地在阿里巴巴的天猫(tmall.com)商城上架、销售及运输商品。U.S. e-commerce companies have struggled to gain a foothold in China, in part because of Alibaba#39;s headstart with Tmall and its eBay-like site Taobao.美国电子商务公司在中国难以立足,部分原因是阿里巴巴旗下的天猫和类似eBay(eBay Inc.)的淘宝网(Taobao.com)已经抢占了市场。#39;The Chinese people are craving international offerings,#39; said John Spelich, Alibaba vice president of international e-commerce business. #39;There are a lot of people in China who just want to buy from overseas, they have a perception that imported goods are better.#39;阿里巴巴国际电子商务业务副总裁史贝里克(John Spelich)称,中国买家渴望购买国际产品。在中国,有很多人只想从海外购买商品,他们的普遍认知是进口商品更好一些。Spelich said Alibaba is meeting with U.S. brands to get them to accept Alipay, a PayPal-like service which processed about 0 billion in mobile transactions last year. The company would offer a checkout on a U.S. retailer#39;s site so that Chinese consumers could buy, say, a plaid J. Crew shirt that is otherwise unavailable in China.史贝里克说,阿里巴巴正在游说美国商家接受付宝。付宝是类似贝宝(PayPal)的付平台,其2013年移动交易金额接近1,500亿美元。阿里巴巴将在一个美国零售商网站上开通付款通道,便于中国顾客购买像J. Crew格子衬衫这样在中国买不到的商品。To that end, Alibaba will soon introduce shipping centers in the U.S. to handle proper packaging, levies and other import fees for U.S. retailers hoping to deliver to China, said Spelich. Because of China#39;s particular policies it can be difficult to deliver some merchandise there, he said.史贝里克称,为此,阿里巴巴将很快在美国推出运输中心,为那些希望进入中国市场的美国零售商提供商品缴税及缴纳其他进口费用的操作务。他说,由于中国的特殊政策,一些商品很难被送达至中国。As well, Alibaba is recruiting smaller brands to its 11Main.com site which will launch later this year, Spelich said. The site will be targeted to U.S. consumers featuring an array of products, in competition with eBay in particular.史贝里克说,阿里巴巴正在为其“11 Main”网站招募小型商家,该网站将在今年晚些时候推出,销售针对美国消费者的一系列产品,主要是与eBay一争高下。ChannelAdvisor, for its part, will help retailers process orders from Chinese consumers on Tmall.com, which has more than 70,000 global brands like Nike and, more recently, Apple.作为合作伙伴,ChannelAdvisor将帮助商家处理天猫上中国消费者的订单。目前天猫已经拥有超过70,000个全球品牌,比如耐克(Nike)以及最近进驻的苹果(Apple)。#39;We#39;re connecting retailers directly to demand in China, that can help them sell there very quickly,#39; said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo.ChannelAdvisor首席执行长文葛(Scot Wingo)表示,在中国我们将直接对接商家和顾客,这样有助于更高效的买卖。Alibaba#39;s IPO could value the company at more than 0 billion, according to analysts.据分析师称,阿里巴巴上市交易对公司的估值可能超过1,000亿美元。 /201403/279752

  Warren Buffett-backed Chinese carmaker BYD will launch London’s first ever all-electric taxi fleet today, pulling ahead of global rivals such as Nissan in the race to roll out zero emission cabs by 2018.得到沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)持的中国汽车厂商比亚迪(BYD)今天将推出伦敦历史上首全电动出租车队,在2018年前批量供应零排放出租车的竞争中走在了日产(Nissan)等国际对手的前面。BYD’s move into London transport comes ahead of a 2018 deadline set by Mayor Boris Johnson for all of the city’s taxis to be zero-emission, which has sparked a battle between manufacturers to develop vehicles.伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)设定了全市出租车必须在2018年前实现零排放的目标,引发汽车厂商争相开发新车。比亚迪赶在该期限之前率先打入伦敦交通市场。The Chinese manufacturer, 9.9 per cent owned by Mr Buffett, will launch a fleet of 20 electric cars operated by Thriev, a taxi company, less than two months after supplying London’s first fully electric buses.巴菲特持有9.9%股份的这家中国厂商将推出20辆电动汽车组成的车队,由出租车公司Thriev运营。不到两个月前,比亚迪还交付了伦敦历史上首批全电动公共汽车。“Londoners are typically early adopters of new technology#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and we are very happy to be first and beat the deadline by a few years. This is where electric vehicle technology will shine,” said Isbrand Ho, managing director of BYD Europe.“伦敦人常常是新技术的尝鲜者……我们很高兴比最后期限提前几年率先推出产品。电动汽车技术将在这里绽放光芒,”比亚迪欧洲董事总经理何一鹏(Isbrand Ho)表示。“Look at Boris, he rides a bike to work,” said Mr Ho. “London is at the forefront of zero emission.”“看看鲍里斯,他骑车上班,”何一鹏表示,“伦敦走在零排放的前沿。”Nissan, the most successful electric car manufacturer, and the London Taxi Company , which builds the iconic black cab, are developing fully electric models ahead of the 2018 deadline.最为成功的电动汽车厂商日产(Nissan)和经典黑出租车的制造商伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company)也准备赶在2018年期限之前开发出全电动车型。Mr Johnsons’ office said taxis account for more than a third of all exhaust emissions in the city, and the push for zero-emission cabs comes as part of a wider drive by the government to make the country a big market for electric vehicles.伦敦市长办公室表示,出租车贡献了伦敦所有尾气排放的逾三分之一,推广零排放出租车是政府将英国打造成重要电动汽车市场举措的一部分。BYD is also in talks with potential partners to start building the e6 models in the UK, Mr Ho said.何一鹏称,比亚迪还在与潜在的合作伙伴谈判,准备在英国生产e6型号汽车。The taxis can be hired through a phone app similar to those used by companies such as Hailo.这些出租车可通过手机应用(与Hailo等公司使用的应用类似)叫车。 /201402/275469



  Based on some of the early buzz, you#39;d figure the 9 Samsung Gear smart watch is a downright revolutionary device. On paper, it has several nifty things going for it: a 1.63-inch color display, Google (GOOG) Android, and 70 apps at launch from eBay (EBAY), Evernote, and RunKeeper, among them. It lets users make phone calls, check email, even point and shoot photos and by holding up your hand. And voice recognition means it#39;s possible to navigate the device touch-free. With all those features going for it, it#39;s easy to let the imagination run wild with far-out hypothetical scenarios where this thing is all but doing the home cooking.三星(Samsung)售价299美元的Gear智能手表刚一发布,就收到不少好评,但如果你据此认为这是一部革命性的设备,那不妨往下看看。从各项参数来看,Gear亮点颇多:1.63英寸的全屏幕、谷歌(Google)Android操作系统、70款首发应用,其中不乏eBay、印象笔记(Evernote)和健身软件RunKeeper等大牌应用。用户可以打电话、查阅电子邮件,甚至手腕一抬就能拍摄照片和视频,而语音识别更是让触摸操作都省了。面对如此繁多的功能,用户很容易浮想联翩,认为小小的Gear是万能的,能够完成生活中所有大小事,但事实并不尽然。Still, I#39;m not sold. Here are three easy reasons why:所以,我并不推荐Gear。以下是三条显而易见的理由。It doesn#39;t do anything my phone doesn#39;t aly do (yet). All right, so the Gear isn#39;t even out. But based on Samsung#39;s announcement, it doesn#39;t do anything my iPhone 5 doesn#39;t aly do besides look better strapped to someone#39;s wrist. Most of the 70 apps available on day one are aly available for Android and iOS devices. Sure, it might make certain tasks easier -- I like the idea of running without having to pull out my phone -- but there just aren#39;t enough unique use cases for me to even consider splurging on this.Gear能做的智能手机都能做到。所以,Gear并没有什么独门功夫。相反,三星在发布会上展示的功能我的iPhone 5全能做到,除了这款手表戴在手上比较好看之外。至于发布首日可用的70款应用程序,它们中的绝大部分Android和iOS设备都能下载到。的确,某些场合中手表比较方便——例如我在慢跑时就不用掏出手机了,但光凭这一点还不够,不值得我掏钱。I don#39;t have a Galaxy Note III. Unless users also have the Galaxy Note III, they aren#39;t going to get the most out of the Gear. Samsung#39;s smart watch must be paired via Bluetooth with the upcoming phone-tablet hybrid, a.k.a. ;phablet,; to perform many basic tasks. (That may change: Samsung has said the Gear will likely work with other Galaxy phones in the future, though it didn#39;t specify when.) In other words, the watch will only work with a small subset of devices for the foreseeable future. That severely limits its appeal and potential audience. Because in the end, I#39;d have to spend 0 for the Gear and purchase a Note III. That#39;s too rich for my blood.Galaxy Note III可不是人人都有。除非每个购买Gear的用户都有一台Galaxy Note III,不然多半是委屈了它。三星的智能手表必须通过蓝牙与三星最新款的平板手机配对,才能运行许多基本功能。(虽然三星表示未来Gear也可能持Galaxy手机,但具体时间还没有确定。)换句话说,在短期内Gear只能和三星的小部分设备配对,势必大幅降低它的吸引力,也极大地影响了潜在用户。最后一来,我必须花300美元购买Gear,然后还要搭买一台Note III。我可没这么多钱。I don#39;t love the so-so battery life. According to Samsung, the Gear should go a day in between charges depending on how it#39;s used. That#39;s just average as smart phone battery life goes and disappointing when it comes to so-called smart watches. To compare, the Pebble smart watch lasts up to a week before needing more juice. Sure, the Pebble uses a simpler black and white screen and lacks the bells and whistles of the Gear, but I still expect more out of the latter. I#39;m OK plugging in my phone before I go to bed each night. But my watch? Not so much.电池续航差强人意。三星表示,根据使用情况,Gear的续航时间为一天左右。这样的表现和智能手机相差无几,这难道还是所谓的智能手表吗?看看竞争对手,Pebble智能手表的续航时间可是高达一整周。当然,Pebble仅仅配备了一款简单的黑白显示屏,而且也没有Gear那么多花里胡哨的功能,但我还是希望后者的电池能更给力一点。每天晚上睡觉前给手机充电是理所当然的事,但手表也需要吗? /201309/256737


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