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Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, took some wild questions at a town-hall meeting in New Hampshire on Thursday. One woman objected to the wearing of hijabs (which she called “heebie-jobbies by airport security officials and wondered if military veterans could be found to replace them. Mr Trump promised to look into it. He thereby conveyed the core principle of his campaign: there is no subject so controversial or off the radar that he will not speak his mind about it. That is what makes his rallies so interesting and, for his audiences, thrilling.不久前,美国共和党推定总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)在新罕布什尔州一个市政厅的集会上回答了几个疯狂的问题。一名女士反对机场的运输安全(TSA)官员戴“希贾布”(hijab,穆斯林妇女戴的头巾——译者注;提问的女士还把这个词说成了“heebie-jobbies”),并且想知道是否能找些退伍军人替代她们。特朗普承诺研究此事。他由此传达了其竞选的核心原则:从不因话题争议太大或过于冷门而保留自己的观点。这使得他的竞选集会非常有趣,同时对于他的受众来说,非常令人兴奋。They thrill Republican leaders less especially when Mr Trump vents his unorthodoxy on the “valuesthat once brought Christian voters to the polls in droves. Last week the US Supreme Court intervened to void certain Texas laws restricting access to abortion. This sort of judicial meddling has always been oratorical catnip for Republican candidates. Mr Trump said nothing. He was still busy talking, weeks after a mass murder at a gay nightclub in Florida, about what a terrific friend he would be to gays and lesbians.这些集会对共和党领袖来说没则那么令人兴奋,特别是当特朗普将他的离经叛道用到共和党的传统“价值观”上时——这些价值观曾吸引大批基督教选民投票持共和党。不久前,美国最高法Supreme Court)介入,宣布德州限制堕胎的法律无效。共和党候选人总会拿此类司法干预大做文章。但特朗普什么也没说。在佛罗里达州一家同性恋夜店击案发生数周后,他仍在忙着谈论他会是同性恋多么好的朋友。Mr Trump is looking like one of those cosmopolitan New York politicians who travel badly former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, for instance, who was the Republican frontrunner in 2008 until voters nationwide got acquainted with his tolerant, big-city ways. But Mr Trump adds a canny understanding of how the broader electorate has drifted away from his party’s preoccupations.特朗普看起来就像那些一出本地就不吃香了的纽约大都会政客,比如纽约前市长鲁道#8226;朱利安尼(Rudolph Giuliani)008年,朱利安尼一度是领先的共和党候选人,直到全美国的选民了解到他宽容的大城市人做派。但是特朗普又多了几分精明——他知道大部分选民已经不再关心那些共和党全心关注的问题。Abortion is an organisational pillar for both parties. For Republicans Roe vs Wade, the 1973 case that legalised abortion, was long a powerful symbol of judicial over-reach. To invoke it was to connect with activists upset by the Supreme Court’s role in other cases, from workplace safety to civil rights. This fostered an optical illusion. Certain candidates grew unable to tell the party apparatus from the broader public. They believed Republicans could prosper by throwing the public more red meat. Ted Cruz, Mr Trump’s primary-season rival, was especially deluded on this score.美国两党都把堕胎问题作为本党的组织柱。共和党长久以来一直认为,1973年促使堕胎合法化的罗诉韦德案(Roe vs Wade)是司法越权的有力标志。援引此事就是在拉拢其他不满于最高法院在其他案件(从工作场所安全到民权案件)中角色的活动人士。这强化了一种视觉错觉。某些候选人渐渐无法把党组织与整体公众区分开。他们认为,共和党可以通过给公众更多合他们胃口的东西而蓬勃发展。在这一点上,特朗普初选时的竞争对手特#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)的错觉尤其严重。Of course, respect must be paid. Mr Trump has hired anti-abortion staffers and drawn up a list of potential Supreme Court justices acceptable to them. In March Chris Matthews, the MSN host, got Mr Trump to agree (after four minutes of badgering) that, if Republicans really did plan to make it a crime to seek an abortion, then clearly this crime must have consequences for women who sought it. This was a novice’s blunder. Mr Trump erred on the side of candour and intellectual curiosity, two things a politician must never show. He had to renounce his remarks and paid for them with a heavy loss in the Wisconsin primary. Yet the episode showed him as someone who will not don a party line like a suit of clothes. He may benefit in the long run from not having thought through abortion.当然,面子上还是要过得去的。特朗普聘请了反堕胎人士,并列出了一张他们认可的拟任命最高法院法官名单月,微软全国广播公司(MSN)主持人克里斯#8226;马修Chris Matthews)(在纠缠分钟后)使特朗普同意,如果共和党确实计划使堕胎成为犯罪行为,那么犯下这一罪行的女性显然必须承担后果。这是菜鸟级错误。特朗普过于坦率和富有求知欲了,这两样东西是政客绝不能表现出来的。后来,他不得不收回自己的言论,并为这些言论付出了沉重代价——在威斯康辛州初选中惨败。不过,这段插曲表明,他是那种不会时刻把本党的统一口径放在心上的人。从长远来看,没有仔细地思考过堕胎问题或许会使他受益。Unusually for a Republican, Mr Trump has thought through gay rights. He likes them. In 2000 he urged that sexual orientation be added to the US anti-discrimination laws. He sees sexual liberation as the highest form of western freedom. In this he resembles Geert Wilders of the Freedom party in the Netherlands. The status of homosexuality as the bogeyman of Islamism appears a reason to favour it.特朗普倒是仔细思考过同性恋权益——这在共和党人中并不常见。他持同性恋权益000年,他敦促将性取向加入美国反歧视法中。他把性自由视为西方自由的最高形式。在这方面,他与荷兰自由Freedom Party)的海尔特#8226;维尔德斯(Geert Wilders)类似。同性恋被伊斯兰教视为魔鬼,这似乎是持同性恋的理由之一。You could see this when Omar Mateen, an Afghan-American, murdered 49 people last month at the Florida nightclub. Mr Trump viewed it as a chance to vindicate his calls for restrictions on Muslim immigration a narrative that was complicated when it emerged Mateen’s feelings about his own sexuality may have had as much to do with the carnage as his ings of the Koran or opinions about Isis.你可以从上个月发生在佛罗里达州一家夜店内的击事件中看出这一点,当时阿富汗裔美国公民奥马#8226;马丁(Omar Mateen)杀害了49人。特朗普把这视为一次印他呼吁限制穆斯林移民的正确性的机会。然而,后来人们得知,和阅读《古兰经Koran)、对“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的态度一样,马丁对自己性取向的感受同样是导致杀戮行为的重要原因。这让特朗普的论不那么站得住脚了。“Ask yourself,said Mr Trump at a June talk, “who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community: Donald Trump with his actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words? I will tell you who the better friend is, and someday I believe that will be proven out. Bigly.”“你们扪心自问,”特朗普月的演讲中称,“谁真正是女性和LGBT群体(女同性恋者、男同性恋者、双性恋者与跨性别者)的朋友?是有实际行动的唐纳德#8226;特朗普、还是光说不练的希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)?我会告诉你谁才是更好的朋友,我相信有一天事实会以令人无可辩驳的方式,明这个的正确。”Does Mr Trump believe what he says? The safest answer is: he believes it as much as any politician does. He is soft-pedalling the traditional culture-wars rhetoric not because it does not convince him, but because it does not interest him. The Trump movement is about sociology not ideology. It is about reassuring globalisation’s losers that politicians have not forgotten them not about crafting elegant syllogisms. In western countries globalisation produces losers faster than winners, Mr Trump thinks, so democracy will eventually vindicate his side. Any issue that highlights the gap between grandees and commoners helps his cause. Any issue that distracts is to be avoided.特朗普相信他所说的话吗?最保险的是:任何一名政客有多相信自己所说的话,特朗普也一样。他没有卖力地参与传统的文化战争,不是因为不相信相关言论,而是因为他不感兴趣。特朗普的竞选围绕的是社会学,而不是意识形态;是让全球化的输家放心——政客并未忘记他们,而不是编制精巧的三段论。特朗普认为,全球化在西方国家制造输家的速度要快于它制造赢家的速度,因此民主最终将站在他这边。任何凸显权贵与平民之间差距的问题,都有助于他的事业。任何分散注意力的问题都要回避。In this, as in other things, nothing is more distracting than sex.在这方面,如同在其他领域一样,没有什么比性取向和性别更能分散注意力的了。来 /201607/455063MISAWA British fighter planes will take on Japanese aircraft for the first time since World War Two in aerial combat drills following the arrival in Japan on Saturday of four Royal Air Force Typhoon Eurofighters.三沢——随着四架皇家空军台风欧洲战斗机于周六抵达日本参加空战演习,这将是英国战斗机自第二次世界大战后首次与日本战斗机见面。The joint practice at Japan’s northern Misawa Air Base starts on Sunday and will be the first time Japan’s air force train at home with a foreign force other than that of the ed States.日本北部的三沢空军基地的联合训练将于周日开始,这将是第一次日本空军在国内与美国以外的其它部队一起训练。The jets along with a C-17 support plane touched down early in the evening under overcast skies, their high-pitched screams prompting some onlookers to cover their ears.这些喷气式飞机和C-17运输机在阴暗的天空下于当晚早些时分降落,它们高调的尖叫声促使一些旁观者遮住了他们的耳朵。The Typhoons will face off against and fly with Japanese F-15s and domestically built Mitsubishi F-2s in an exercise dubbed Guardian North 16.台风战斗机将在一场名为北方守卫6的演习中面对日本的F-15和国产三菱F-2战斗机。“We will learn from each other, and ultimately we will make friendships that will tie us together more closely in the future,RAF Lieutenant Colonel Roger Elliot, said in introductory remarks to 100 Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) personnel.RAF中尉罗杰埃利奥特上校在对日本空军自卫队(JASDF)人员进行介绍时说:“我们将相互学习,最终我们将建立友谊,这将在未来把我们更密切地联系在一起”。Both countries want to hone scramble techniques to counter foreign military aircraft approaching their air spaces. Both regularly shadow Russian planes and the JASDF scrambles when Chinese jets approaching its southwestern border.两国都想磨练战斗机的战斗技术以对抗接近其领空的外国军用飞机。当中国喷气式飞机接近其西南边界时,通常就是影射指俄罗斯飞机与中国双方和JASDF进行对抗。As China’s control of the neighboring South China Sea tightens, Japan worries that Beijing’s attention is turning toward the East China Sea where Japan controls a chain of islands stretching 1,400 km toward Taiwan.随着中国对邻近南中国海的控制收紧,日本担心北京的注意力转向东中国海,在那里日本控制着面向台湾方向延伸1400公里的一系列岛屿。In the six months to the end of September, Japanese fighters took off to chase Chinese planes 407 times compared with 231 times a year earlier, according to the JASDF. Encounters with Russian bombers and surveillance planes, which fly in from the north rose 67 percent to 180 incidents.据JASDF称,月底为止个月中,日本战机起飞追逐中国飞07架次,而前一年则31架次而遇到来自北方俄罗斯的轰炸机和侦察机的频率上升了67%,到了180架次。The Typhoon visit is also an opportunity for Japan’s air force see Europe’s most advanced jet as it looks at proposals for developing a new fighter to replace its F-2s at a cost of as much as billion.这次台风战斗机访问也是日本空军借机观察欧洲最先进的喷气式飞机,因为它希望研发一款新型战斗机,以取代其成本高00亿美元的F-2战斗机。In 2011 Japan considered a bid by BAE Systems to sell it the Typhoon in a competition ultimately won by Lockheed Martin Corp with its F-35 stealth fighter.011年的一场竞标中,日本曾经考虑过最终赢过洛克希德马丁公司(Lockheed Martin Corp)F-35隐形战斗机的BAE系统公司出售台风战斗机的竞标价。Japan has yet to decide what kind of aircraft its new fighter, dubbed the F-3, will be, but the choice is between a cheaper non-stealth superiority fighter based on an existing design, such as the Eurofighter, or a more expensive program to build a stealth fighter like the U.S. F-22 Raptor. 日本还没有决定研发什么样的新型战斗机,虽然将会被称为F-3,但基于现有的设计其选择会产生于一架更便宜而没有隐身优势的战斗机,就如欧洲战斗机,或者是由一个更昂贵的程序来建造一架隐形战斗机,就像美国的F-22猛禽这两者之间。来 /201610/474771

B News On Friday the US congress voted to place limits on expense accounts allotted to former presidents. These accounts cover travel, staff and office costs. The new bill caps spending at 0,000 and reduces it further if the former president has made over 0,000 in a year.B新闻 周五,美国国会投票,为分配给卸任总统的费用账户设限。这些账户包括旅行成本,员工成本和办公成本。新议案设出上限为20万美元,并且,如果卸任总统一年赚取超0万美元,将进一步降低出上限。The bills authors said most ex-presidents did not need support from taxpayers since they make millions in book deals and speaking fees. ;Upon leaving office, most presidents go on to make millions of dollars and are not in need of taxpayer subsidies,; said the authors of the bill, Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland and Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, in a joint statement.议案撰写人说,大多数卸任总统并不需要纳税人的赡养,因为他们从出书交易和演讲费中赚取数百万美元。“离任后,大多数总统继续能赚得数百万美元,不需要纳税人的补贴。”议案撰写人,马里兰州的众议员卡明斯和犹他州的众议员查夫兹发表联合声明说。In 2014 US taxpayers covered .5m in expenses for the four living US presidents. This included .3m for George W. Bush and 0,000 for Bill Clinton both of which were mostly for office costs.2014年,美国纳税人为4位在世的美国总统付50万美元费用。这包括为小布什付30万美元和为比克林顿付的95万美元,两者中大部分都是办公费用。Under the new plan, that allowance would be cut by a dollar for every dollar of outside income above 0,000. The changes do not affect costs for security.根据新计划,对超0万美元的俸外收入每一美元都会相应削减一美元的补贴。这些变化不影响安保费用。The bill also sets pensions for presidents at 0,000 a year and 0,000 for spouses if they outlive the former president.议案还规定总统的养老金为每0万美元,如果卸任总统去世,其在世配偶的养老金为每0万美元。The bill cleared a voice vote in the House of Representatives and has been sent to President Obama to sign.该议案在众议院获口头表决通过,已送交奥巴马总统签署。来 /201607/453642

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