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宣城检查性病的医院安徽海电子集团公司总医院包皮手术多少钱Sleeping more than eight hours a day is associated with a higher risk for stroke, a new study has found.一项新研究发现,每天睡眠超过八小时与更大中风风险有关联。Researchers studied 9,692 people, ages 42 to 81, who had never had a stroke. The study tracked how many hours a night the people slept at the beginning of the study and how much nightly sleep they were getting four years later. Over the 10-year study, 346 of the study subjects suffered strokes.研究对象为9692名42岁至81岁的人,研究开始前他们从未发生过中风。研究人员记录了这些人在研究开始时及四年后每晚的睡眠时间。在十年的研究中,有346名研究对象中风。After controlling for more than a dozen other health and behavioral variables, the researchers found that people who slept more than eight hours a day were 46 percent more likely to have had a stroke than those who slept six to eight hours.在控制了十多项其他健康和行为变量之后,研究者们发现,每晚睡眠超过八小时的人比睡六至八小时的人患中风的可能性高46%。The study, published online last week in Neurology, also found that the risk of stroke was higher among people who reported that their need for sleep had increased over the study period.这项研究上周发表在《神经学》周刊(Neurology)的网站上。研究还发现,在研究过程中,自称睡眠需求增大的人中风的风险更大。The authors caution that the data on sleep duration depended on self-reports, which can be unreliable. In addition, the study identified an association between sleep and stroke risk, rather than cause and effect. Sleeping more may be an early symptom of disease that leads to stroke, rather than a cause.作者们警告说,睡眠时间数据基于研究对象的自我报告,也许不可靠。另外,这项研究只是表明睡眠和中风风险之间存在联系,并不是存在因果关系。睡得更多可能是导致中风的疾病的早期征兆,而非中风起因。“It could be that there’s aly something happening in the brain that precedes the stroke risk and of which excessive sleep is an early sign,” said the lead author, Yue Leng, a doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge.“可能在中风风险出现前,大脑已经发生了某种变化,过量睡眠是其早期迹象之一,”这项研究的主要作者、剑桥大学士研究生岳伦(音译)说。In any case, she added, “we don’t have enough evidence to apply this in clinical settings. We don’t want people to think if they sleep longer it will necessarily lead to stroke.”她补充说,不管怎样,“我们没有足够的据把研究结果用到临床上。我们不想让人们认为,睡得更久一定会导致中风。” /201503/363034宣城朝阳医院黑吗 Fish Soup with Pebbles卵石鲜鱼汤According to legend, the famous Blang dish, Fish Soup with Pebbles, was created by some Blang fishermen in the wild. The story goes that, everyday Blang fishermen had to travel a long distance to catch fish in the river far away. After catching the fish, the fishermen, usually so hungry for food, would cook the fish beside the river with extremely limited ingredients—the fresh fish just caught and a bit of salt they carried. They dug a pit on the bank and laid several layers of Japanese banana leaves over the bottom, using it as a pot. After filling it with water, they put the fish inside and began to cook the fish soup, with the water heated not by fire, but by the hot-burnt pebbles they put one by one between the leaves. Before long the redolence mixed with the flavor of the fish soup and roasted pebbles prevailed along the river. Magically, the soup was no less palatable even cooked without using a pot or other common ingredients such as edible oil, onion, ginger or garlic, etc.布朗族名菜“卵石鲜鱼汤”,相传是渔民在野外抓到鱼后,又馋又饿,除了当场捉到的活鱼和随身携带的一点盐巴外,他们不用任何佐料。只要在沙滩上刨一个坑,在坑内铺上几层芭蕉叶代替铁锅,然后装上清水和鲜鱼,将河中卵石取来放在火塘内烧红,再将烧红的卵石一个接一个地投入装有清水和鲜鱼的芭蕉叶内,于是不用锅不用油的鲜鱼汤便这样烧成了。这种鱼汤味道鲜,而且有烧石的香味。 /201505/377236It happened in the blink of an eye. The waters around Manhattan rose more than three feet. Low-lying areas along the Hudson and East Rivers were swamped. It was Hurricane Sandy all over again, but this time, the high water was here to stay, and it would only continue to rise.眨眼间,曼哈顿周围的河水就涨了三英尺多高,淹没了哈德逊河和东河沿岸的低地。这仿佛又是飓风“桑迪”(Hurricane Sandy)的情景,不过这一次猛涨的河水不仅没有退去,还只会继续上涨。Miranda Massie did what anyone sane person would do in this situation. She fled to New Jersey. Her hand manipulated the virtual reality device at the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change in Hong Kong, and the newly inundated New York City was left behind for the relative dryness of Paramus. Or was it Hackensack?米兰达·马西(Miranda Massie)在此时做了一件任何一个理智的人都会做的事情,那就是逃往新泽西。她在香港赛马会气候变化物馆(Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change),用手操作着虚拟现实仪器,刚刚纽约市洪水泛滥的场景瞬间变成了帕拉默斯(Paramus)相对干燥的场景。还是说,那里其实是哈肯萨克(Hackensack)?Ms. Massie was in Hong Kong to visit what she says is the world’s only museum specifically devoted to an issue that many people, including herself, view as the most pressing one facing humankind. She’s the executive director of the Climate Museum Launch Project, a group based in New York that is seeking to build a similar, but far bigger and more ambitious, museum in Manhattan.按照马西的说法,她来香港参观的这座物馆,是唯一一座专门为气候变化议题建立的物馆,而包括她在内的很多人都认为,这个议题是人类所面临的最紧迫的问题。马西是“气候物馆启动项目”(Climate Museum Launch Project)的执行总监,这个总部位于纽约的团体力图在曼哈顿建立一座类似的物馆,不过规模会更大,目标也会更大。In Hong Kong, she sought ideas and inspiration. The museum, financed by a grant from a club that runs horse racing and other betting activities, had some to offer. One was the enormous projector screen that showed the effects of rising sea levels on cities across the globe. She found another in the photo booths at the end of the tour that offered digital pictures of the visitors in a polar setting — the Chinese research vessel Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, in the background, polar bears and penguins in the foreground. To get the photo, visitors have to make a simple carbon-reducing promise. Choices included “travel less by airplane,” “bring your own shopping bag” and “eat vegetables rather than meat.”她到香港去寻找想法和启发,而这座物馆给了她一些灵感。物馆由一家从事赛马和其他活动的俱乐部提供资金持,馆内有一块用来投影的巨大银幕,向参观者展示海平面上升对全球城市所造成的影响。她还发现了另一个可以借鉴的东西,在参观的末尾处有几个自动照相棚,可以为参观者生成极地场景下的数字图像——照片中远处是中国的雪龙号极地考察船,近处则是北极熊和企鹅。如果想要得到照片,参观者必须做出一个简单的减碳承诺,可以选择“出行少坐飞机”、“自带购物袋”,或者“多吃蔬菜少吃肉”。At the end of the tour, a screen showed the effect of the combined commitments of the more than 27,000 people who have made the pledges: 997.8 million grams of carbon removed from the atmosphere.在参观的末尾处,一个屏幕上显示了超过2.7万人的承诺会起到怎样的影响:大气中的减碳量达到了9.978亿克。“It’s very hard to communicate effectively with a 5-year-old and a 45-year-old,” Ms. Massie said. “So you have to build really sophisticated and interactive displays to do that.”“要想同时与5岁的孩子和45岁的大人进行有效沟通是很难的,”马西说道,“所以需要打造一个很先进,并且具有互动性的展览。”It is the focus on what people can do collectively to reduce carbon emissions that will be the main focus of the New York museum, rather than a scary look at what the future may hold — flooded coastal cities, droughts, storms. Those calamities will not be ignored, but the focus will be on ways to mitigate climate change and to adapt to it.纽约的物馆主要是想让人们了解,如何通过集体的努力来减少碳排放,而不是给他们看可怕的未来,例如洪水泛滥的沿海城市,干旱或暴风雨。不是要无视这些灾难,而是要关注如何缓解和适应气候变化。“There’s research currently that shows the more people learn about climate, the more they tend to emotionally shut down and disengage,” Ms. Massie said. “Not everybody, but most people. Because it’s distressing and because it’s very clear that just changing the light bulbs in your own home doesn’t matter. So you have to make it clear that you’re part of a broader set of efforts and those broader efforts can succeed.”“当前的研究显示,对气候了解得越多,人们就越会情感崩溃并且选择回避,”马西说道,“虽然不是每个人都这样,但大多数人会这样。因为这会让人忧虑,大家也很清楚只是更换自己家里的电灯泡也是不管用的。所以讲清楚,你自己是更宏大的努力中的一员,而这些更广泛的努力可以获得成功。”The Hong Kong museum occupies one floor of a high-rise building on a university campus. Since it opened in December 2013, it has brought in just over 56,000 visitors, more than a third of them students. The museum’s goal, according to its program director, Cecilia Lam, is to raise awareness of climate change in Hong Kong, especially among children.香港的气候变化物馆在一所大学校园的一栋高层建筑里占据了一层。自从2013年12月开放以来,它已经吸引了超过5.6万名参观者,其中超过三分之一是学生。据项目主管杨诗诗称,这座物馆的目的是在香港提升民众对气候变化的认识,特别是在儿童中间。“The major difference between our project and Miranda’s — it seems to me that they focus on the whole world,” Ms. Lam said. “Our main group of targets is people in Hong Kong.”“我们的项目和米兰达的项目之间主要区别是,在我看来他们注重于整个世界,”杨诗诗说。“我们的主要目标人群是香港人。”Ms. Massie, 48, who worked for years as a public-interest lawyer, is looking for donors. She hopes to set up an interim museum, bigger than the one in Hong Kong, in an office building or even on a barge in New York in the next two years, with a permanent site in Manhattan (or possibly Brooklyn) by 2020.作为一个多年来致力于公益诉讼的律师,48岁的马西正在寻求捐助者。她希望在接下来的两年里建立一家临时的物馆,要比香港的这座大,可以在纽约的一栋写字楼里甚至大型游船上,直到2020年在曼哈顿(或者在布鲁克林)找到一座永久性的场所。And Ms. Massie’s goal is far more ambitious. The New York museum would aim to attract at least a million visitors a year and seek to influence the world, including political leaders in the ed States. At the end of the tour, visitors would be encouraged to volunteer their time to help groups that are trying to address climate change: doing anything from making calls on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council to volunteering to help elect a candidate who is determined to reduce carbon emissions.马西的目标还远不止于此。纽约的物馆计划每年吸引至少一百万的游客并企图影响世界,包括美国的政治领袖们。在参观最后,会鼓励游客花一些时间,志愿帮助那些正努力应对气候变化的团体:比如以自然资源保护协会(Natural Resources Defense Council)的名义打电话,再比如志愿帮助选举一个有决心减少碳排放的候选人。“We want to be a hub for the world for climate solutions,” Ms. Massie said. “We want to be a beacon for the world.”“我们想要成为全世界气候问题解决方案的一个中心,”马西说。“我们想要成为世界的一座灯塔。”The goals of the Hong Kong museum are far more modest. Absent from the museum is any prominent mention of the fact that Hong Kong is part of a country, China, that is far and away the world’s leading carbon emitter, putting about twice as much carbon into the atmosphere as the No. 2 polluter, the ed States.香港的物馆目标则要谦逊得多。在这座物馆里,看不到任何关于香港是中国一部分的醒目提示,后者向大气中排放的碳大约是第二排放国美国的两倍,碳排放量遥居世界首位。The many schoolchildren coming to the Hong Kong museum on field trips get a very different message. The first part of the museum replicates a trip on the Xue Long, highlighting its polar research, displaying mock-ups of ice cores taken from the polar regions and discussing the dangers climate change poses to polar bears, penguins and seals.很多来到香港的物馆参观的小学生得到了一个不同寻常的信息。物馆的第一部分复制了雪龙号上的一次旅程,突出了它的极地研究,展示了从极低挖出的冰芯的模型,并讨论了气候变化对北极熊、企鹅和海豹产生的危害。“The use of Xue Long is just one way to get the public interested in what the scientists are doing,” Ms. Lam said. “We tried to use a storytelling approach.”“运用雪龙号的例子,只是让公众对科学家所做的事情感兴趣的一种方法,”杨诗诗说。“我们尝试采取了讲故事的手段。”Back in “New York,” the simulator increases the water level. One meter, two meters, three meters, four. Ms. Massie noted that one possible future for New York is for some parts to surrender to the waters, to become a sort of Venice. Charming as that might sound, rising sea levels, she says, will be especially devastating for people living in coastal regions of poor nations, such as Bangladesh. It was the enormity of the problem that led Ms. Massie to shift her focus away from school desegregation and affirmative action and toward the environment.回到“纽约”,模拟器升高了海平面。一米,两米,三米,四米。马西注意到纽约可能的一个未来就是其中一部分要被水淹没,变得有点像。听起来可能很迷人,但她说,不断上涨的海平面,对于住在贫穷国家沿海地区的人们——比如孟加拉国——毁灭性尤其巨大。正是这个问题的严重性,使马西把她的注意从阻止学校的种族隔离和平权措施(affirmative action)转移到了环境问题。“I came to see climate change specifically is going to determine our fate as a species in a way that none of these other things is capable of doing,” she said.“我看到气候变化将会以一种特别的,其他问题所不能的方式,决定我们作为一个物种的命运,”她说。 /201505/376847绩溪县妇幼人民中医院割包皮多少钱

芜湖市治疗龟头炎多少钱Even when he has lunch by himself, he never dines alone.即使他是一个人在吃午餐,但他也并不孤独。A loving husband headed to a California In-N-Out Burger last week for a date with his wife, who died five years ago. He propped up a framed photo of his love and enjoyed a burger with his late sweetheart.上周,一位有爱的丈夫在加州一家汉堡店与他的已去世5年的妻子“约会”。他将两人曾经的合影放在桌子上,凝视着爱人、和爱人一起享用汉堡。Twitter user Madina Bashizadah snapped a photo of the date.推特网友麦迪娜拍下了这感人的一幕。;Oh my god I just died!!! He has a picture of his wife with him as he eats! I love him I love love,; she wrote.“天哪我感动得要死!他看着已故妻子的照片在吃汉堡,太有爱了。”Bashizadah then got up to ask him about the photo, she told the Huffington Post.麦迪娜说她起身向老人询问那张照片的故事。;We found out that she was his sweetheart, his wife who passed away five years ago,; she said.“我们得知照片里的女子就是他的妻子,是他已经去世5年的爱人。”The two met when they were 17 years old — just before he went to war. They lost contact, but he never stopped thinking about her.老人与他的妻子在17岁的时候相遇,那时候他正要上战场。之后他们断了联系,但他一直忘不了她。Ten years later he told his story of lost love to a barber in California. The barber through the story sounded familiar, so he called his daughter — who immediately recognized the man as the war-bound solider she met a decade ago.10年后他把自己这段经历告诉给加州的一个理发师。这位理发师觉得这段经历很熟悉,于是叫来了自己的女儿---她立刻就认出了眼前这名在战争中受伤的士兵就是十年前的那个他。The two were quickly married and stayed together until her death 55 years later, Bashizadah said.两人很快结了婚,并一直在一起直到她55岁离开人世。;He takes her photo everywhere,; she said. ;Goes to show you true love does exist.;“他去任何地方都带着她的照片。” 麦迪娜说,“这明真爱确实存在。”The man left the user with a few lessons on love and life.这位老人留给这个网友很多关于爱和生命的感悟。;People are like candles. At any moment a breeze can blow it out, so enjoy the light while you have it,; he told the diner.“人的生命就像燃烧的蜡烛,不知道什么时候就会被一阵风熄灭,所以我们一定得珍惜现在。”He continued: ;Tell your wife that you love her every day. And be sure to ask her, #39;Have I told you that I love you lately?#39;;这名网友还写道:“每天都告诉你的妻子你爱她吧,然后还要跟她确认‘我最近跟你说过我爱你了么’。” /201411/343037宣城治疗膀胱炎比较好的男科医院 Gap Inc’s GPS 3.05% namesake brand is in a deep funk again. And the company’s CEO says that a much more inspired women’s wear collection is key to restoring the chain’s health.Gap公司的同名品牌再度陷入困境。公司首席执行官称,一个更具灵感的女装系列是让这家连锁零售商重拾活力的关键。Gap’s comparable sales fell 5% last year, compared to a flat performance at sister chain Banana Republic and a 5% jump at value chain Old Navy. Gap has been facing stiff competition from fast fashion stores like Hamp;M and Uniqlo, and basic clothing has become more of a commodity. Add to that mediocre fashion designs and you have an iconic but faltering brand.去年,Gap品牌的可比销售额下降了5%,同期,其品牌Banana Republic的销售额持平,而平价品牌Old Navy的销售额增长了5%。Gap面临来自H&M和优衣库等快时尚商家的激烈竞争,同时,基本款装日益普遍。加之Gap的装设计乏善可陈,品牌号召力大不如前。In an effort to find its footing again, Gap recently eliminated the role of creative director that had been held by star design consultant Rebekka Bay, whom it had hired just over 2 years earlier after she successfully launched Hamp;M’s upscale Cos brand. Gap also hired a new brand president. Gap Inc CEO Art Peck, who headed the brand a few years ago himself, said on Thursday that fixing Gap brand was his “No. 1 priority.” And that means focusing on improving its women’s wear in particular.为了重新站稳脚跟,Gap最近取消了由明星设计顾问丽贝卡o贝担任的创意总监一职。加盟Gap仅两年的丽贝卡,此前曾成功推出H&M旗下高端品牌Cos。Gap还聘请了新的品牌总裁。上周四,Gap公司首席执行官阿特o派克表示,重振Gap品牌是其“头等要务”,而这意味着专注于提升女装业务。派克在几年前曾亲自执掌Gap品牌。“It starts with righting the women’s business. There’s an esthetic issue, which we’re working on today with urgency,” Peck said, speaking on his first earnings call as CEO this week. Peck replaced longtime CEO Glenn Murphy earlier this month. “We need to have the women’s business hitting on all cylinders in order for the business the performances that we expect.”上周,派克在出任公司首席执行官后,首次出席收益电话会议,他表示:“首先要重振女装业务。这里存在审美问题,我们正努力尽快解决该问题。”本月早些时候,派克取代了担任首席执行官已久的格伦o墨菲。“要达到我们预期的业绩,女装业务必须马力全开。”Gap also announced on Thursday it had hired former L Brands LB -0.13% executive Wendi Goldman to the newly created role of executive vice president for Gap product design and development. Peck acknowledged she has her work cut out for her.Gap上周四还宣布,聘请了前L Brands高管文迪o戈德曼担任新设立的Gap产品开发设计副总裁一职。派克称,这一职位是为戈德曼量身打造的。While women’s denim is showing a bit of improvement, Peck said that Gap is missing the mark fashion wise on tops, particularly wovens and knits, with poor fits and an unappealing esthetic. “She’s just not responding to the product there right now at all,” Peck said, referring to Gap’s female consumers disinterest in the current merchandise.派克表示,虽然Gap的牛仔女装业务稍有起色,但该品牌的上装,尤其是针织衫,缺乏时尚感,而且既不合身也不好看。谈到Gap的女性顾客对现有商品兴趣缺缺,派克说道:“对现在的产品她们纯粹是眼也不眨一下。”The problem for Gap is that it has aly bought for the spring and summer seasons, so it warned its profit for the brand-new fiscal year will be hit by a “slower turnaround at Gap brand.”问题是其春夏款商品已经进货,因此,公司警告称,“Gap品牌局势扭转较慢”将影响其新财年的利润。Gap was also the author of its own problems in other ways. Gap was slower than its sister brands to speed up its supply chain, handcuffing it when it comes to responding to fashion hits or misses and reacting to what Hamp;M and Uniqlo do. So Peck is making it a priority to shorten the product calendar at Gap, and is making other changes so it can quickly ramp up production of things are proving to be popular items.在其他方面,Gap可谓是其自身问题的始作俑者。在供应链提速方面,Gap落在了品牌之后,这使其无法迅速对大热或受冷的时尚潮流做出反应,也无法迅速应对H&M和优衣库的动作。因此,派克将缩短Gap的产品周期作为优先事项,并辅以其他改变,使Gap能迅速增加热卖品的产量。Peck, who was president of Gap North America and its 700 stores from February 2011 to November 2012, pointed to his own experience to prove the Gap brand can strike again. Gap had struggled for a few years, closed 200 stores, but then had a massive home run in 2013 with bright colored jeans and “on-trend” products. Indeed, Peck promised more color and print and patterns later this year.2011年2月至2012年11月,派克曾担任Gap北美区及其700家门店的总裁。他称自己的经历表明Gap品牌能东山再起。Gap曾有几年苦苦挣扎,关了200家门店,但随后在2013年凭借亮色牛仔裤和“潮流”单品大获成功。事实上,派克承诺在今年晚些时候,推出更多色、印花和带图案的单品。Gap Inc cannot afford to have its .2 billion-a-year namesake brand falter for very long. It generates 38% of the parent company’s sales, and the brand is expanding overseas. Its mens, babies, and Fit lines are doing well. But the biggest category in the Gap brand – women- is not. And that has to change.Gap公司不能任由其年销售额高达62亿美元的同名品牌一蹶不振。Gap品牌贡献了公司38%的销售额,而且该品牌正向海外扩张。Gap的男装、婴儿装以及Fit产品线的业绩都不错。但该品牌最大的产品类别——女装业绩不佳。这种局面必须扭转。“I wish Gap was in a different place,” Peck said.派克称:“我真希望Gap不是眼下这样。” /201503/362744宣城整形外科包皮短了能修正吗

宣城治疗尿道炎的价格KDS’ FAVOURITE WESTERN BOOKS: LES MISERABLES西方文化必读书籍之《悲惨世界》WHAT’S THE BOOK ABOUT?内容概览What doesn’t happen in the plot of Les Miserables? In this 365-chapter, 1,000+ page novel, French literary great Victor Hugo describes the misery, love and ultimately redemption of ex-convict Jean Valjean. Valjean represents the best of humanity, a man who serves 19 hard years in prison for a theft driven by economic hardship yet continues to give back to the society that wronged him. As the narrative follows Valjean from embittered social outcast to honorable man, many other characters are introduced at varying levels of complexity, highlighting the consequences of social injustice and illustrating a range of human feelings including love, loneliness, and honor.还有什么比《悲惨世界》更惨的?这本365章节、1000多页的鸿篇巨著中,伟大的法国文豪维克多·雨果,用笔杆描写了前科犯冉阿让的故事——悲惨、爱和最后得到的救赎。主人公冉阿让代表了人性至善的一面,穷困潦倒而偷东西,进而因盗窃罪入狱19年。即使社会对他并不公正,他却始终回报着社会。故事讲述了冉阿让从心怀怨恨的社会流浪者,成为受人尊敬的先生,过程中引入了许多其他人物,不同人物展现了人性的复杂。小说强调社会的不公正待遇,同时描绘了一系列人类最纯真的感情,包括爱、孤独和荣誉。WHAT’S THE STORY BEHIND IT?小说背后的故事Hugo wrote Les Miserables amid the injustices of nineteenth-century France, and unlike much of the literature of his time, Les Miserables was not written exclusively for the literate elite but instead describes the plights and possibilities for working-class society. Jean Valjean’s specific crime is based on a similar incident Hugo witnessed on the streets of Paris, when an impoverished man was arrested for stealing b. Even as Hugo provides a critique upon the society that subjects his characters to such misery and injustice, he also shows how they are able to transcend their societal constraints with the help of love and compassion.雨果写《悲惨世界》的时候正值法国19世纪的黑暗时期,同时期的其他作品是为受过教育的精英阶层写的,相反,《悲惨世界》描述的是工薪阶层的困境和机遇。冉阿让的所犯罪行的原型,是雨果在巴黎街头亲眼所见的一件小事——一个穷人偷了面包而被捕。雨果赋予了人物很多的悲惨经历和不公平待遇,虽然批评了整个社会,但是另一方面,也想展示人们如何在爱和同情的帮助下,冲破社会不公正的枷锁。WHAT’S SO AWESOME ABOUT IT?此书妙在何处?Les Mis has too many characters for ers not to love at least one, and for me this character is Eponine, the daughter of criminals who reaches adolescence in rags after a pampered childhood. Although Eponine comes from a morally bereft family, she ends up making tremendous personal sacrifices to do the right thing, and her tragic story of unrequited love invites compassion despite her shady background. Such complex characters make this novel memorable and give it a real human element, making their miserable circumstances that much more compelling.《悲惨世界》塑造了太多生动的人物,让人不得不爱。我最爱的人物是艾潘妮,她是罪犯德纳第夫妇的女儿,从小倍受溺爱,青年时期却十分悲惨。尽管艾潘妮来自道德缺失的家庭,最后她依然为践行正道不惜牺牲个人利益。虽然她名声不好,但她富有悲剧色的暗恋,还是得了读者的同情。小说令人难忘的,正是这些复杂的人物形象,同时,这些人物也赋予此书真实的人性元素,使得人物角色的悲惨经历更打动人心。THIS IS GREAT TO READ WHEN…最佳阅读时机This is a great book for when you have a lot of time, as you will need a lot of ing hours to get into this work of classic literature – it was certainly not written for a generation accustomed to 6-second Vines and 140-character Tweets – and a lot more time once you’ve found yourself emotionally invested in the characters to their full fates. It’s probably also best to alone for when you start to tear up, which will likely happen a few times during this 1,500-page rollercoaster of emotions. I personally this while I was studying in France – it kept me entertained every night at an otherwise-isolated university, and really helped me appreciate my surroundings.如果你时间充沛,那么这本书是绝佳的选择。因为你需要很多时间去阅读,去融入这本经典文学作品中,显然不是写给习惯于看Vines搞笑六秒合集以及发140词微的一代。一旦你发现自己被其中的人物深深吸引,以至于迫不及待地想读完他们整个命运时,你会不自觉花去大量的时间。这本书同样适合独自一人的时候慢慢品味,因为你可能会在1500页的小说中,经历情感的大起大落,潸然泪下几次也是常有的事。我本人在法国留学期间邂逅了此书,大学与世隔绝,这部小说陪伴我度过了一个又一个漫长的夜晚,让我重新看待周边的人与事。IF YOU LIKED THIS, THEN YOU SHOULD TRY…进一步推荐阅读For starters, you should definitely try the recent film adaptation starring Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe (if you haven’t aly), or the musical that the script was based on. For more literary enjoyment, check out The Hunchback of Notre Dame, another Hugo bestseller with similarly complex characters. The hunchback, like Eponine, is not a physically attractive character, and as in Les Mis there are no clear heroes and villains but rather those who succumb to their dire circumstances and those who are able to rise above those challenges. And if you enjoy the long French novel, be sure to check out The Count of Monte Cristo by fellow French literary great Alexandre Dumas – it is also well over 1,000 pages although probably still a couple hundred pages short of Les Mis.如果你还没看,那么作为入门,你应该先看看最近由休·杰克曼和罗素·克洛领衔主演的电影改编本,或者手稿改编的相关音乐剧。如果想要读更多的文学作品,《巴黎圣母院》是不错的选择,这是雨果的另一本巨作,同样拥有复杂的人物。故事的主人公是驼背的钟楼怪人,就像艾潘妮,并不是一个外貌看起来很吸引人的角色,并且就像在《悲惨世界》中一样,没有明确的英雄和恶人,只有那些屈于悲惨境遇的懦夫,和能够在挑战中崛起的勇者。如果你喜欢法国长篇小说,一定要看看另一位法国伟大文学家大仲马写的《基督山伯爵》,也是一本超过1000页的小说,可能比《悲惨世界》稍微短一点儿吧。 /201506/384015 1.Banter轻松说笑2.Blowing a kiss飞吻3.Casual touches; such as a woman gently touching a man#39;s arm during conversation不经意的身体接触;例如女士在交谈过程中轻轻碰下男士的胳膊4.Coyness, affectedly shy or modest, marked by cute, coquettish, or artful playfulness (e.g. pickup lines)。害羞,端庄而有节制,通常看起来很可爱,羞涩或巧妙的嬉戏玩耍(例如花言巧语)5.Eye contact, batting eyelashes, staring, winking, eyebrow raising etc。眉目传情,眨眼睛,盯着看,眨眼示意递眼色,挑眉毛6.Flattery (regarding beauty, sexual attractiveness)恭维(通常指恭维女性漂亮,性感有魅力)7.Footsie, a form of flirtation in which people use their feet to play with each other#39;s feet。碰脚调情,一种通过偷偷碰脚来挑逗,暗中勾搭的调情手段8.Giggling, or laughing encouragingly at any slight hint of intimacy in the other#39;s behavior发现对方轻微的亲密行为暗示后放声咯咯大笑9.Imitating of behaviors (e.g. taking a drink when the other person takes a drink, changing posture as the other does, etc。)模仿对方行为(例如:对方举杯自己也马上举杯,对方换姿势,自己马上模仿对方的动作换姿势)10.Singing specially selected love songs in presence of the person。在对象面前唱精选情歌11.Maintaining very short distance during casual talking。随意交流时保持近距离12.Online chat, texting, and other one-on-one and direct messaging services while hinting affection暗示情感时:在线聊天,发短信或其它一对一的直接信息交流13.Protean signals, such as touching one#39;s hair各种暗示,如摸对方头发14.Sending notes, poems, or small gifts写情书,情诗示爱,送小礼物15.Smiling suggestively有暗示的微笑16.Staging of ;chance; encounters假装巧遇17.Teasing戏弄18.Tickling逗乐子 /201503/363243宣城那家男性医院好宣城市韩式包皮手术



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