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Hardliner Netanyahu Poised to Become Israel's New Prime Minister右翼鹰派要人可能当以色列新总理 Public opinion polls before Israel's national elections next Tuesday have consistently shown former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the lead. Netanyahu represents the right-wing Likud Party, which has been gaining support as many Israelis express frustration over the lack of progress toward a peace agreement with the Palestinians. 在以色列下周二举行全国选举之前,民意调查显示,前总理内塔尼亚胡的持率一直处于领先位置。内塔尼亚胡代表右翼的利库德集团。由于许多以色列人对政府迟迟无法同巴勒斯坦达成和平协议感到不满,利库德集团获得了民众的持。Benjamin Netanyahu, at the age of 46, became Israel's youngest prime minister in 1996, and the first to be born after the creation of the state of Israel. His hawkish views resonated with many Israelis who were eager for a tough-talking leader, following a string of suicide bombings and other violence by Arabs against Jews. He was voted out of office in 1999. 本雅明·内塔尼亚胡曾在1996年成为以色列最年轻的总理,也是第一位在以色列建国后出生的总理,当年他46岁。他的鹰派观点曾在许多以色列人心中引发共鸣。当时,在阿拉伯人针对犹太人发动一系列爆炸和暴力袭击后,这些以色列人期待出现一位言论强硬的领袖。内塔尼亚胡在1999年竞选失败后下台。Now, Netanyahu, a one-time furniture salesman known to Israelis by his nickname of Bibi, is riding on a new wave of support as many Israelis express frustration over the outgoing government's lack of progress in peace talks with the Palestinians, the continuing threat of Iran's nuclear ambitions, and with the outcome of Israel's war in the Gaza Strip.  曾经当过家具推销员的内塔尼亚胡被以色列人昵称为“比比”。现在,许多以色列人对即将卸任的这届政府在以巴和谈上缺乏进展而感到失望。同时,伊朗的核野心继续威胁着以色列的安全。After a 22-day assault on militants in Gaza, Hamas remains in charge and rockets from Gaza have continued to hit communities in southern Israel. 而以色列对加沙地带激进组织哈马斯22天的进攻又没能推翻哈马斯,来自加沙的火箭弹继续袭击以色列南部。Netanyahu visited the southern city of Ashkelon immediately after a rocket launched from Gaza hit there on February 3 - one week before election day. He said he would take a tougher stand against Hamas than the ruling centrist Kadima party has done.  加沙的一枚火箭弹在二月三号,也就是距离以色列大选还有一周的时候,击中了以色列南部城市阿什克伦。内塔尼亚胡在袭击发生后立即赶到了阿什克伦。他说,他将对哈马斯采取比目前的中间派前进党政府更为强硬的立场。"The army did a great job, but the Kadima government stopped short of achieving the goal. There is only one thing that will remove the missile threat from Ashkelon and the other cities and towns of Israel, and that is to bring down the Hamas government and we will bring down the Hamas government," he said.  他说:“以色列军队表现出色,但是前进党政府没能实现目标。只有一个办法可以消除对阿什克伦和以色列其它城市和乡镇的威胁,那就是推翻哈马斯政府,而我们正是要这么做。”It is the tough talk that is appealing to Israelis whose main concern in these elections is security.  这种强硬的表态吸引了那些在选举中主要关注安全问题的以色列选民。His views on the status of Jerusalem - one of the key sticking points in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations - have been no less clear and uncompromising. 导致巴以和谈无法取得进展的一个关键障碍是耶路撒冷地位问题。内塔尼亚胡在这个问题上也毫不含糊。"For 3,000 years this place has been the capital of the Jewish people. For 2,000 years we have been struggling and praying to get back here and re-establish our sovereignty. We did not unite Jerusalem to leave it. We did not unite it to re-divide it. And the government of Likud will keep Jerusalem united under Israeli sovereignty," Netanyahu said. 他说:“三千年以来,耶路撒冷一直是犹太人的首都。两千年来,我们一直在斗争和祈祷,希望能回到耶路撒冷,并重新建立我们的主权。我们统一耶路撒冷的目的不是为了放弃它,或者再次分裂它。利库德集团领导的政府将使耶路撒冷在以色列的主权下继续统一。”On the other contentious issue of Jewish settlements in disputed lands, Netanyahu has said Israel would not build new outposts, but said existing ones should be allowed to expand. He has pledged not to expel any settlers.  在另一个引发争论的问题,即犹太人在有争议土地上建立定居点问题上,内塔尼亚胡说,以色列将不会建立新的定居点,但是现存的定居点应当被允许扩大。他还保,不会驱赶定居点里的任何以色列居民。Netanyahu's record of delivering on his right-wing promises has not been perfect. He lost his 1999 re-election bid after angering his hardline supporters by agreeing to withdraw in stages from 13 percent of Israeli-occupied lands. His supporters at the time accused him of giving in for the sake of political ambition, although his administration never fulfilled the agreement.  内塔尼亚胡过去并没有完全兑现他的右翼竞选承诺。他1999年寻求连任失败就是因为他同意分阶段从百分之13的以色列占领领土上撤退,这激怒了强硬派的持者。当时,他的持者指责他为了政治野心而屈,虽然他的政府其实并没有真的实施这一撤退协议。If Netanyahu is elected, his ability to take pragmatic steps while retaining his right-wing following will be tested once again when it comes time to restart negotiations with the Palestinians.  如果内塔尼亚胡当选,那么当他重新开始同巴勒斯坦人的谈判时,他从实际出发采取行动,而同时保持右翼选民持的能力就将再次受到考验。Netanyahu is promising to pursue the peace process and at the same time be tougher than Kadima has been in negotiations with the Palestinians. This strategy is likely to win the vote of those in Israel who are seeking change. 内塔尼亚胡保会继续奉行和平进程,同时也要在以巴谈判中采取比前进党政府更强硬的立场。这一战略可能会获得那些希望改变现状的以色列选民的持。02/61990。

US Expects "Difficult" Beijing Talks on North Korean Disarmament美国预计北韩无核化会谈将很艰难 The U.S. State Department said it expects a meeting in Beijing next week on ending North Korea's nuclear program to be difficult, but that no consideration is being given to scrapping the six-party talks. The senior U.S. delegate to the talks Friday ended a two day set of preparatory meetings in Singapore with his North Korean counterpart. 美国国务院表示,预计下周在北京召开的北韩无核化六方会谈将很困难,但是并没有取消这轮会谈的想法。参加会谈的美国高级代表星期五结束了在新加坡同北韩代表举行的两天预备会议。Officials at the U.S. State Department said the Chinese- sponsored meeting due to begin Monday will likely be no less difficult than previous meetings on the North Korean nuclear program. But they said even though China has yet to officially announce the meeting, they do expect the six-party session to go forward as planned. 有关官员说,这次由中国担任东道国的六方会谈定于星期一开始。这次有关北韩核项目问题的会议的难度不会小於先前的几轮会谈。不过他们说,虽然中国还没有正式宣布举行会谈的消息,但他们预计这次六方会谈能够如期举行。All six heads of delegations to the long-running talks are to convene in Beijing to approve a verification plan for the declaration of its nuclear holdings and activities North Korea made last June. 六方会谈已经进行了很长时间。所有参与国的首席谈判代表这一次将在北京开会,争取批准一项计划,用于核实北韩去年6月提交的北韩核项目材料及活动清单的真实性。Approval of a verification protocol is to open the way to the final phase of the intricate agreement reached last year, under which North Korea is to eventually scrap its nuclear program, including weapons, in return for energy aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties. 去年各方达成一项复杂的协议。根据该协议,北韩最终将放弃核项目,包括核武器,以换取其它五方提供的经济援助和外交利益。批准核实机制为实施该协议最后一个阶段的内容打开了大门。The latest snag in the process involves whether disarmament inspectors can remove samples from North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear complex for outside analysis. 这一进程遇到的最新阻碍是,负责检查北韩非核化工作的人员是否可以从宁边核反应堆拿走采样,到外面进行分析。Chief U.S. delegate Christopher Hill said North Korea agreed to sampling, at least verbally, in talks in Pyongyang in July. The North Koreans later said they made no such commitment. 美国首席谈判代表、负责东亚事务的助理国务卿希尔说,在今年7月于平壤举行的谈判中,北韩至少在口头上同意允许核查人员进行采样。不过北韩官员后来表示没有做过这种承诺。Hill, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs, met in Singapore with his North Korean counterpart Kim Kye-Gwan. Both said Friday they had extensive discussions on verification issues but did not indicate they had reached a final agreement. 希尔本周在新加坡会晤了北韩首席谈判代表金桂冠。双方星期五都表示在核项目确认问题上进行了深入讨论,但并没有说他们达成了最终协议。At a news briefing here, Deputy State Department Spokesman Robert Wood said that would be the goal of the six-way meeting, which will include South Korea, Russia and Japan, along with the ed States, North Korea and host China: 在美国国务院的一次新闻简报会上,副发言人伍德说,就核实问题达成最终协议将是六方会谈的目标。六方会谈的参与国包括韩国、俄罗斯、日本、美国、北韩和中国。"Really where we are now is trying to get those understandings and assurances that the North Koreans provided Chris [Hill], in addition to those understandings on verification, to get all of this on paper and codified at the six-party heads of delegation meeting. So the negotiations on that will take place in Beijing and hopefully we will have a final verification protocol after that meeting," said Wood. 伍德说:“我们目前真正想做的是把北韩向希尔所表达的那种理解和保,以及双方在核实问题上的理解都在六方会谈时写在书面上,成为正式文件。各方会在北京进行谈判,我们希望在会谈后能够看到最终的核实机制。”Both Wood and North Korean envoy Kim in Singapore said there was no reason why the Beijing meeting should not go forward, despite the lack of an official announcement. 伍德和北韩特使金桂冠都表示,虽然中国还没有正式宣布将在北京举行六方会谈,但是会谈没有理由不举行。Wood said Assistant Secretary Hill will go to Seoul on Saturday and then on to Beijing Sunday where he will consult with the Japanese, Chinese, South Korean and Russian envoys on the eve of the opening of the six-way meeting. 伍德说,希尔将在星期六前往首尔,在星期天前往北京,在六方会谈召开前夕听取日本、中国、韩国和俄罗斯谈判代表们的意见。Their discussions will also cover a delivery schedule for heavy fuel oil committed to North Korea in return for the disablement of the Yongbyon reactor complex. North Korea has slowed the disablement process, saying that nearly half the one million tons of fuel it has been promised has not been delivered.Japan has refused to join other parties in providing oil, because it said Pyongyang has not fully accounted for Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea agents in the 1980's.200812/58063。

McCain, Obama Square Off in Season's Last Debate奥巴马、麦凯恩选前最后电视辩论  The third and final American presidential debate produced heated discussion of the slumping U.S. economy and some testy exchanges about the conduct of the candidates' two campaigns. 第三次也是最后一次美国总统候选人辩论会星期三晚上举行。两位侯选人围绕下滑的美国经济进行了激烈的交锋,双方还就对方的竞选方式相互指责。In their last joint appearance before the November 4 election, senators McCain and Obama clashed on how best to revive the U.S. economy and spare Americans from pain and dislocation stemming from the continuing financial crisis.  这是11月4号美国总统大选日前两位总统候选人最后一次同台亮相。麦凯恩和奥巴马两位参议员在如何能够最好地恢复美国经济,如何化解美国持续的金融危机给美国民众造成的痛楚和烦扰的话题上进行了交锋。McCain took a strong stand against any new federal taxes and said Obama's plan to raise taxes for high-income earners would harm small businesses and ordinary Americans.  麦凯恩强烈反对提高联邦税,并说奥巴马增加高收入人群税收的计划将损害小型企业和普通美国人。"Why would you want to increase anybody's taxes right now? Why would you want to do that [to] anyone, anyone in America, when we have such a tough time, when these small business people, like Joe the plumber, are going to create jobs, unless you take that money from him and sp the wealth around,” said John McCain. 他说:“为什么你现在要提高税收,为什么你要对纳税人这样做?不管是什么样的美国人,眼下都处在非常艰难的时期。小生意人,比如普通管道工,能够创造就业机会。你这样做无非是要从他那里把钱拿来让大家分享。” Obama stressed he wants to cut taxes for middle-income Americans and said McCain represents a continuation of President Bush's economic policies.  奥巴马强调他是为美国中产阶级减税,并说麦凯恩代表的是布什政府经济政策的延续。"On the core economic issues that matter to the American people - on tax policy, on energy, on spending priorities - you have been a vigorous supporter of President Bush,” said Barack Obama. “Essentially what you are proposing is eight more years of the same thing, and it hasn't worked, and I think the American people understand it hasn't worked and we need to move in a new direction."  他说:“在和美国人民息息相关的关键的经济议题上,不论是税收、能源、政府出的轻重缓急等问题上,你都是布什总统积极的持者。本质上你所提倡的是再实行八年同样的政策,这种行不通的政策,我认为美国民众了解那一套行不通,我们需要转向一个新方向。”Unlike previous debate encounters where McCain and Obama spoke from podiums or took turns standing in front of a town hall audience, this debate had the two men seated close to each other at a single table. The proximity was intended to foster direct, spontaneous exchanges between the candidates, and to make it harder for either to give a series of pre-rehearsed mini-speeches.  和前两次辩论不同,麦凯恩和奥巴马不是各自站在讲台上或者在市政厅里满满的听众前轮流发言,这次辩论,两人坐在同一张桌子旁边,彼此很近,这样的安排是有意促成辩论双方直接和自发的交锋,以及难以让任何一方发表一连串事先准备好的短篇演讲。The formula seemed to have worked.  这个安排似乎产生了效果。McCain, who repeatedly went on the offensive to challenge Obama's positions and statements, pressed his rival on his connection to a 1960's radical, William Ayers. He also mentioned Obama's ties to a civic organization, Acorn, that has been accused of voter registration fraud.  麦凯恩多次直接挑战了奥巴马的立场和说法,迫使对手解释1960年代他和一个激进分子威廉姆斯·艾尔斯的关系。他还提到奥巴马和公民组织“现在就进行社区改革组织协会”的关连,这个组织受到了在选民登记中作弊的指控。"Mr. Ayers - I do not care about an old, washed-up terrorist, but as Senator [Hillary] Clinton said in her debates with you, we need to know the full extent of that relationship,” he said. “We need to know the full extent of Senator Obama's relationship with Acorn, which is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating the greatest fraud in voter history."  他说:“艾尔斯先生这个过时的、彻底失败的恐怖主义份子不是我要关注的,但是克林顿参议员在和你辩论时所提到了这个问题, 我们需要全面了解这种关系程度,我们需要全面了解奥巴马参议员和‘现在就进行社区改革组织协会’的关系,这个组织可能已经到了选举史上犯有最严重舞弊行为的边缘。”Obama, who seemed determined to project calm and an even temper, took the opportunity to speak on the Ayers matter, which has been the focus of much media attention in recent days.  奥巴马看上去似乎决意保持冷静与平和的语气,利用这个机会解释了艾尔斯的问题,这个问题是近日众多媒体关注的焦点。"Forty years ago, when I was eight years old, he [Ayers] engaged in despicable acts with a radical domestic group,” he said. “I have roundly condemned those acts. Ten years ago, he served and I served on a school reform board that was funded by one of Ronald Reagan's former ambassadors and close friends. Mr. Ayers is not involved in my campaign."  他说:“四十年前,我还在8岁的时候,艾尔斯就跟一个激进的国内组织参与了卑鄙的行动。我曾强烈地谴责了这种行为。十年前,他和我都参加了一个学校的改革理事会,这个理事会是由前总统里根的一位大使和密友的基金资助的。艾尔斯没有参与我的任何竞选活动。”The wide-ranging debate also explored health care reform, trade policy, the negative tone of political advertising, judicial nominations, abortion and education. 这次议题广泛的辩论还涉及到医疗保健的改革,贸易政策,政治广告的负面基调,司法人士提名,堕胎以及教育等问题。During the debate, both campaigns issued statements rebutting their opponent's arguments. Both campaigns claimed victory moments after the event ended. Post-debate polls will explore the American public's verdict on the debate, in coming days. 在辩论中,双方竞选团队都发表声明中指责对手的论点。辩论结束后,双方都声称取得胜利。而几天以后的民调结果将显示美国公众对辩论会的看法。200810/53102。

The U.S. Senate has approved a bill aimed at helping the country's small businesses, giving President Barack Obama a political victory in his effort to revive the country's economy.The Senate passed the bill Thursday with the help of two key votes from opposition Republicans. It now heads to the U.S. House of Representatives, which is expected to pass the bill and send it to the president to become law.President Obama says U.S. exports had a bigger-than-expected increase during the past year, which he says will help fight unemployment.奥巴马总统说,过去一年来美国的出口增长超过预期,这会帮助降低美国的失业率。"Obviously working off a low baseline, given the crisis last year, exports are expected to be up, but we are very pleased to see that they are up 18 percent, to where they were a year ago," Mr. Obama said. "And manufacturing exports are up 20 percent, and that is helping put a lot of our people back to work."奥巴马说:“我们的起点显然很低,尤其是在去年发生经济危机的情况下,出口预期会增加。但出口一下子增长了18%,并恢复到一年前的水平,这让我们非常高兴。特别是制造业的出口增长了20%,这会让很多美国民众重新就业。”The U.S. unemployment rate remains mired at 9.6 percent, which has depressed Mr. Obama's public approval ratings and hampered candidates from his Democratic Party.美国失业率继续维持在9.6%的水平,这影响到奥巴马总统的公众持率,并影响到民主党籍候选人的选情。The president says one way out of the recession is to sell more American goods and services in other countries.奥巴马总统说,摆脱经济衰退的一个途经就是向海外出口更多的美国产品和务。"The more American companies export, the more they produce," the president said. "And the more they produce, the more people they hire. And that means more jobs - good jobs that often pay as much as 15 percent more than average."他说:“美国公司出口越多,生产就会越多。生产越多,新聘雇员就会越多。这就意味着会创造更多的就业,而且是薪酬不错的工作,经常比平均工薪高出15%。”201009/113979。

AMERICANS looking for a new car nowadays often use online price-comparison sites such as AutoTrader, Edmunds and eBay to find the best deal. Most such sites charge dealers a small fee for passing on sales leads from shoppers who have submitted their details. TrueCar, a relative newcomer, does things differently. It charges dealers 0, but only when its introduction of a customer results in a sale, and it makes its dealers guarantee to honour their es, no excuses.如今的美国人若要买辆新车,通常会上一些比价网站来淘最好的价格,诸如AutoTrader, Edmunds和eBay等。这些网站多数将注册的经销商提供的销售线索展示在网页上,从中赚取小额报酬。而TureCar,作为行业相对年轻的成员,却有着不同的经营方法。它只在推荐的客户完成买卖后收取经销商300美元费用,前提是经销商无条件保履行其价格承诺。TrueCar taps into data from state vehicle-registration offices, car-loan providers and other sources to compile what it says are the most accurate figures available for what motorists pay for the same car locally. This can be several hundred dollars less than the sticker price, and is often below ;invoice;;the price that, according to the paperwork sent by the carmaker, represents the wholesale price the dealer paid. In fact dealers receive various rebates from carmakers, and make money from such things as loans and service contracts, so a modest profit is still possible.TureCar从车辆登记所、车贷机构和其他渠道得到的数据中总结出其所谓的最精准的当地最低车价,这个价格通常便宜几百美元,甚至经常低于;发票价;,即汽车厂商给予汽车经销商的纸面批发价。实际上经销商从厂商获取各种回扣,并通过像车贷及售后等务赚取利润,所以最低利润还是有的。But such heavy discounting alarms carmakers. Hondarsquo;s American arm recently told dealers it would cut off their marketing allowances;which can be worth hundreds of dollars for each car sold;if they did not stop offering sub-invoice prices on TrueCar and other sites. Honda insists dealers can sell at whatever price they wish, but it will not pay them to market its products as ;cheap; or ;low-end; cars. It also suggests that some dealers use such sites to ;bait-and-switch;, offering tantalisingly cheap cars they do not have, to reel in suckers, a practice many states ban.但如此大幅度的折扣引起了厂商的警觉。本田的美国车厂近日告知其经销商,如果不停止向诸如TrueCar等比价网站提供;低票价;,车厂将削减其营销费用,每车大约几百美元。本田表示经销商可以自己定价销售,但厂商不会为了将其产品宣传成;便宜货;或是;低档货;而付费用。本田更暗示说一些经销商利用网站进行诈骗,利用一些根本没有的超便宜车型吊顾客上钩再掉包销售,这在许多州都是被严令禁止的。TrueCar insists that the contracts it makes dealers sign commit them to deliver the cars they promise at the price ed. David Wilson, who recently told the 16 dealerships he owns in California to stop using TrueCar, says he has reason to share Hondarsquo;s scepticism: he plays back to The Economist a voicemail from a rival dealer who had ed him an attractive price via TrueCar on a new Lexus, calling to say that they did not have it in stock but could try to find one for him. TrueCar says there had been no hiding of the fact that the model concerned might no longer be available, and thus no question of ;bait-and-switch;; that this was a one-off case and that TrueCar has had few complaints so far. But it is awkward that a critic had so little trouble catching a dealer ing for a car it did not have.TrueCar坚称其要求经销商签订协议来保经销商按照约定的价格卖车。大卫。威尔森最近要求其在加利福尼亚州的16家经销商停止使用TrueCar,原因是他有理由相信本田对网站的质疑。他向《经济学人》杂志播放了一段音频,内容是对手经销商在TrueCar网站上给一款新雷克萨斯车型报了一个非常诱人的价格,但打电话过去后对方说没有该车库存并表示会尽力找一辆给他。TrueCar表示就此事而言,如果经销商没有隐瞒网上展示的车型没有存货,也就不构成;掉包诱售;的罪名。上述的事情只是个案,TrueCar表示至今收到投诉寥寥。而且那么容易就能抓到经销商;诈骗;有些不太正常。201201/167408。

Im standing at the north pole, the very top of the earth. Up here, is easing sea while the polar regions are so cold. The sun never rises higher enough in the sky to warm my back. And those rays do strike the surface, eventually reflected back from these white wildness. But the fundamental problem is that theres no sun here at all for half the year.我站在地球的最顶端北极。这里是非常寒冷的极地地区。太阳永远不会天空中升起很高来使我的背保持温暖。光线只是射到地面而已,最终还会从白茫茫的荒野中反射回去。但根本的问题是,这里一年中的一半根本没有太阳。The polar winter is unrivaled in its harshness, a night that lasts for months. Only the toughest day as temperatures plunge to minus 70 degree centigrade. And yet, the greatest challenge survive here is not the cold, but the extreme swings between the seasons.极地冬季是无与伦比的荒芜,一个晚上就像好几个月一样。最艰难的一天气温降至零下70摄氏度。然而在这里生存的最大挑战并不是寒冷,而是极端季节之间的变化。When the sun finally returns, an extraordinary transformation begins. This frozen world begins to melt away. The polar sping bings a brief opportunity for life. By summer, the sun no longer sets and works its magic for 24 hours a day. Now its a race to breed before the sun departs. By autumn, all but the hardest abandon the poles and the ice extends script. And the sea closes down for the long polar winter until once again the sun returns.当太阳终于返回,一个异乎寻常的变革开始。这个冰冷的世界开始融化。极地春天为生命带来了短暂的机会。到了夏天,太阳不再光顾而且不会出现一天24小时的情况。所以物种们现在要在太阳离去前繁衍生息。到了秋天,只有冰冷的两极而且冰层开始延伸。海水在冬季结冰直到太阳再次返回。Its spring in the high arctic and the sun illuminates a giant frozen ocean, the first stop on our journey. The most powerful land predator is on the prowl.这是春天的北极高地,太阳照亮一个巨大的冰冻的海洋,我们旅程的第一站就是这里。最强大的陆地捕食者被放出来了。166372。

Chinese internet companies中国互联网企业An internet with Chinese characteristics中国特色互联网Online business in China is growing even faster than the offline sort. Local tastes and needs, as well as the state, are endowing it with distinctive features中国网上业务较网下业务发展更为迅猛。本土风味与需求,还有政府,正赋予其鲜明特色。Jul 30th 2011 | HANGZHOU | from the print editionWHEN Huang Bing graduated from university in 2005, he promised himself he would make his first 1m yuan (about 5,000) within three years. It took him a bit longer, but no matter: if his business, a collection of online cosmetics stores, maintains its current trajectory, he will soon count his first billion. In a few years he expects annual revenues to reach 10 billion yuan.黄冰(音译)2005年大学毕业时,决心在三年内赚到首个100万(约15.5万美元)。现下看来,达成目标尚需时日,但不要紧,倘若其化妆品网店生意照现在这种趋势发展下去,首个100万很快就会赚到,且有望在数年后年收入达1000万元。Mr Huang’s company, ed Cosmetics International, is only one of thousands on Taobao Mall, a huge online shopping centre. He spotted a demand from women in China’s hinterland for branded cosmetics—and advice on how to use them. “A lot of women in rural areas don’t have access to quality products,” he explains, guiding visitors through the firm’s headquarters in the outskirts of Hangzhou, two hours’ drive south-west of Shanghai. On several floors, at desk after desk, “beauty consultants” busily type answers for customers.大型网上交易中心“淘宝商城”入驻企业成千上万,黄冰的“联合化妆品国际公司”(ed Cosmetics International)仅是其中之一。他看准了中国内地女性热衷名牌化妆品、渴望了解其使用方法的需求。“许多身处偏僻地区的女性没法接触到优质化妆品”,他一边领着来宾参观公司总部,一边解释道。其总部位于杭州郊区,距上海西南部两小时车程。几层楼上,桌子一张挨着一张,“美容顾问”忙着敲打电脑键盘,在线为顾客解疑答惑。 As goes ed Cosmetics, so goes the Chinese internet. It is growing by leaps and bounds (see chart 1), as ever more people log on from phones, homes or offices, or in huge internet cafés (pictured). The China Internet Network Information Centre reckons that the online population, aly the world’s biggest, has risen by 6% to 485m this year. And almost two-thirds of people are not yet online.“联合化妆品公司”所走之路,便是中国互联网成长之途。随着越来越多的人用手机入网,或在家中、办公室及大型网吧(见照片)上网,其发展突飞猛进。“中国互联网络信息中心”估计,已排名世界第一的中国网民数,今年又增加了6%,达4.85亿人。并且还有近三分之二的人尚未上网。201108/146939。

Back in the nation's capital, the debate over health care reform is ratcheting up. The House of Representatives might vote on its health care bill this weekend. And yesterday, that bill, which has been backed primarily by House Democrats, picked up the support of two big groups: AARP and the AMA. AARP is the country's largest organization of older Americans. The group's head says the house bill meets AARP's goals when it comes to health care reform. The AMA, or American Medical Association, is one of the nation's most influential medical groups. It said the bill doesn't represent its views perfectly, but it's close enough to earn the AMA's support. Many people, including most House Republicans, are opposed to the .1 trillion bill. Yesterday, they held a rally at the U.S. Capitol to speak out against it. One of their main criticisms is that the public option that's included in the bill is basically a government takeover of the country's health care system. Republicans have offered their own proposals, but they've been rejected by Democrats, who are in the majority in the House. Yesterday, leaders from both parties spoke out against each other's plans. REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R) HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: This weekend, the House of Representatives is likely to vote on Pelosi-care. This bill is the greatest threat to freedom that I have seen in the 19 years I have been here in Washington. Taking away your freedom to choose your doctor. REP. NANCY PELOSI, (D) HOUSE SPEAKER: Anything you need to know about the difference between the Democratic bill and the Republican bill is that the Republicans do not end health insurance companies' discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. Let that stand. That's scandalous, the fact that it exists. I don't understand why we have not heard the American people who have said that pre-existing conditions should not be a source of discrimination.11/88621。

But not everybody is a fan of Apples growing influence on the music world. iTunes almost single-handedly wiped out traditional music stores. Tower records declares bankruptcy. The national music chains and plus. There have been some holdouts to iTunes. I can understand their point. Why is my song worth the same as some, you know, Bavarian folk tune, right? Its not. This is pop music. Im Kid Rock.但是并不是所有人都对苹果的音乐世界着迷。iTunes几乎独自就摧毁了传统音乐商店。Tower制片宣告破产。全国音乐链其他音乐载体持续低迷。已经有部分歌曲转战到了iTunes。我能理解他们的观点。为什么我的歌就同样有价值,你知道,巴伐利亚民俗歌曲,是吗?不是的。这是流行音乐。我只是一个摇滚男孩。But the music industry is no match for Steve Jobs. Now defining itself as more than any single product, Apple drops the word ;computer; from its official corporate name.但音乐行业似乎对史蒂夫;乔布斯不太适合。现在的定义让苹果不只成为了任意一种单一产品,苹果一词在它的官方含义中就是代表;计算机;。You just look at your Apple product, a little bit more than you would look at something else. You dont sit there with you remote control at home and just like ogle it and sort of just mentally feel it up. But you do with Apple products and you did with the iPod.看看你的苹果产品,肯定会稍微比别的东西不一样。你无需坐在那里用家里的遥控器控制,只要感觉,感受,感触它即可。只要你用过苹果产品,以后就会坚定不移的一直使用下去。词语解释:1. traditional a. 传统的2. folk a. 民间的,民俗的3. industry n. 工业,产业162922。