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There was young Henry, officially the next king of England,首先是小亨利 英格兰的法定继承人but in reality still having to apply to his father for pocket money.事实上仍是寄人篱下 衣食住行还得靠其父He rebelled, only to end up dying of dysentery.他参与了叛变 最终却死于痢疾Then there was Geoffrey, as bright and devious as his namesake grandfather,其次是杰弗里 继承了祖父之名 同时也继承了其才智和诡计多端 given Brittany,but then trampled to death by a horse.封地为布列塔尼 却死于马蹄的践踏之下This left Richard Coeur De Lion, the Lionheart,physically brave, chivalrous and brutally ambitious.接着是狮心王理查 鲁莽勇敢 仗义行侠 野心勃勃And the youngest, John. Vindictive, self-serving,but undoubtedly clever.最后是幺子约翰 心胸狭窄 自私自利 却无疑地相当聪明Henry saw in him perhaps the only prince who could properly inherit the government.在亨利看来 也许只有他 才是继承王位的合适人选Between them Richard and John managed to undo, in their own spectacular ways,理查和约翰各自以令人惊叹的方式not only the prospects of the kingdom,but, in the space of 15 years,the entire empire their father had so skilfully constructed.不仅瓦解了王国的未来 还毁掉了其父花费十五年 而精心建造的帝国It was on Richard that Eleanor pinned her hopes.埃莉诺寄希望于理查She was even prepared to go as far as to encourage an alliance between Richard and her husbands bitterest enemy, the king of France.她甚至准备鼓动理查 与其丈夫的死敌法国结盟So, in 1189, Richard declared war on his father.1189年 理查向他的父亲宣战This time, Henry faced defeat,forced to watch as his barons defected to Richard.这一次 亨利遭到了失败 被迫看着自己的贵族倒戈向理查The beleaguered Henry had no choice but to negotiate and agree terms which humbled him before his own son.腹背受敌的亨利别无选择 只能屈膝向自己的亲生儿子妥协 /201609/468215So you have a special skill, they tell me, that has been passed down through the generations.你这个特殊技能,我听别人说是一代代传下来的。What is it? Snail whispering.到底是什么?蜗牛耳语。Excuse me? Snail whispering.什么?蜗牛耳语。You mean like the slow thing that crawls on the ground?你说的就是那种在地上爬的小生物?No, the one that lives on the beach when it, like, goes like this very slowly and he lives on the beach. Oh, okay.不是,它生活在海滩,走路很慢的那种。哦,我明白了。People whisper to snails in Maine? Thats what they do in Maine.缅因州的人对蜗牛耳语?是的。So do the snails whisper back? No.那么,蜗牛会向你们耳语吗?不会。They come out of their shells.它们会从壳中露出头。You have pet snails?你养过宠物蜗牛吗?No, we dont have pet snails.我们没有宠物蜗牛。We have pet dogs. Oh.我们有宠物。So explain to me how you whisper to the snails.向我们解释一下你们是怎么做到的。You take a snail and you hum to it.首先拿起一只蜗牛,然后对它哼唱。Really? And then that causes the snail to do what? Come out of its shell.真的?那蜗牛会做什么?从壳里出来。Okay, so can you show us how to do it?能向我们展示一下吗?You can? Here?你能?是在这里吗?Oh, wow. Okay. I think those are 15 snails or 50, Im not sure. Well, its a little bit more than 15.哇。好的。我不确定这里有15只还是50只。比15只多一些。Where do you want me to put these?你想让我把它放哪?You can just put them there. Okay. Just sit them right here? Mm-hmm.放这里就行。好的。放这里吗?是的。What do you do?接下来怎么做?You do this. You just pick up one? And you do this.我做这个。拿起一个蜗牛?我做这个。Look. Oh, thats it right there? Yes.看。哦,它出来了?是的。Thats crazy. Okay, is it a certain note youre hitting? No.这太疯狂了。是不是你的某些音调让它这么做?不是。All you do is pick up a snail and you just start humming.你要做的就是拿起一个蜗牛,然后对它耳语。Okay, hold it up.好,你拿住。My fathers passed, but right now, hes in Heaven looking at me going, that is not what I taught you.我父亲过世了,但他现在正在天堂看着我,说这可不是我教你的。Hes coming out. He was coming.它出来了。它出来。Come on out, little snail出来吧,小蜗牛。I said come on out我说快出来吧。Dont sing to it! Hes not gonna come out!不要对它唱歌!那样它是不会出来的!He likes that. Its a snail song.它喜欢这样,这是蜗牛之歌。Its not a snail song. It is a snail song. This is a snail song.这不是蜗牛之歌。这是。这个才是。Okay, lets do it together then. You y? One, two, three.那让我们一起做,准备好了?一二三。Rhys? Can I tell you something?瑞斯?我告诉你件事。Youre a pretty nice kid.你是个善良的孩子。Lets see if we can turn this into some money some kind of way.试试让它为我们创造财富,怎么样。Folks, the snail world has a friend and her name is Rhys. Give your love for Rhys.朋友们,蜗牛世界有了一位新朋友,她叫瑞斯。为瑞斯的精表演鼓掌。201706/515520TED演讲视频:数据如何改变商业商业的未来会是怎样的?在这一信息丰富的演讲中,菲利普对两个历史悠久的战略理论进行了扼要的前瞻,并解释了他为什么认为这些理论最终会失效。201704/505356

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Are you always this happy? Yeah.你老是这么高兴吗?是。Yeah. Man! Does anybody else in the family sing?是的!我的天啊!你们家还有谁唱歌吗?Um, my mom, my dad sings a little, and my aunt, me, my mom, and my grandma sings.嗯,我妈妈,我爸爸会唱一点,我舅妈,我,还有我妈妈和奶奶。Thats it! And my brother sings, too!就这么多!还有我哥哥,我哥哥也会唱歌!God, I wish I was this happy.老天,我真希望我能像她一样高兴。Im...the only time Im this happy...我这还是第一次能这么欢乐。How old are you?你几岁了?I am 5, and, um, I think its Tuesday Im turning 6.我五岁,恩,这个周二我就六岁了。How old were you when you started singing? Two.你几岁开始唱歌的?两岁。When you were 2?你两岁的时候开始唱歌的?Do you remember your first song?你还记得你唱的第一首歌吗?Uh, that would be...恩,应该是Jesus, Jesus耶稣,耶稣Theres just somethin about that name你的背后是无尽的故事That kings and kingdom国王和王国Shall all pass away都将消逝无踪影But there is somethin about that name但你却能万古长青Normally, normally, when I ask the person what song they sang, theyll just say the name of it.一般我问别人唱过什么歌,他们只说名字就可以了。Because my aunt taught me how to do it.Your aunt taught you how to do it?这是因为我舅妈告诉我这么做的。你舅妈教你的?Is she here today?她今天来到现场了吗?Yes, sitting right with the girl with the hat on.来了,戴帽子的人旁边就是我舅妈。Thats my mom with the hat and thats my aunt.戴帽子的是我妈妈,旁边是我舅妈。Oh. Oh, the girl. Oh, okay.哦,哦,那个人,我知道了。The girl with the hat on, thats...thats my mama. Okay.戴着帽子的是我的妈妈,我知道了。Yeah, she got that fly hat on.是的,她戴了一顶平顶帽。What...what kind of hat is that Mom has on?妈妈戴了一顶什么样的帽子?Mom, you tell him!妈妈,你告诉他!Its just a hat, just to cover my hair cause I dont have time to do it cause I have four kids.就是一顶能遮挡头发的普通帽子,我实在没时间打理,你知道我有四个孩子要养活。Yeah, her hairs so ratted, I cant even say how ratted it is!是,她的头发乱蓬蓬的,真没法说她的头发太乱了!Do you have a bike?你有自行车吗?Yeah, but its very old.有,但非常旧。That old bike you got is gonna be your only bike.那辆旧车将会是你唯一一辆自行车。Do you have lots of clothes?你的衣多吗?Yes. I have too many. Why, why did you wear this outfit today?多,我有很多衣。你今天为什么穿这套衣?We just bought it cause I didnt have anything in my closet I could wear.因为我的衣柜里没有几件能穿的衣,所以我就买了身衣。You just said, you just said you cannot practice being a woman now.那你刚才说,你刚才说你还不能练着成为一个女人。You just said you had a closet full of clothes.你刚才还说你的衣柜里全是衣。I know, but...And then you turned around and said you aint had nothing to wear!我知道,但是...现在你却一百八十度大转变,说你没衣可穿!Do they all start training little girls to say this stuff?你们现在就开始教小女孩说这些话了吗?My wife is fifty-one and says the exact same thing!我妻子五十一岁了,她和你说的一模一样!They, they tell me that...Let me this card.他们告诉我说,让我看一眼卡片。Everyone in the family can burp loud, and youre the loudest.家里所有人都会打嗝,而你是打得最响的。Unh-unh! My aunt is the loudest in the whole family!啊啊!我舅妈才是打得最响的!Wait a minute. Hold on. Whoa, whoa, whoa.等一下,等等,哦哦哦。Is that her over there, the one in the black? This one, not me. Yeah!是她吗,穿黑衣的?是她,不是我。是的!She burps the loudest of anybody in the family? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, yeah!你说她是家里打嗝打得最响的?是的!是的!Why is she shaking her head like its not her?那为什么她摇头说自己不是?I dont know.我不知道。I dont want you to say anything else about nobodys hair and burping.我不想在听你说关于别人头发和打嗝的问题。Hey, wait, hold on. You aint done nothin. Hey.哈哈,等一下。你又有什么花招啊。I can do cute, too.我也能扮可爱。Watch this. Let me see you do that. Do this.看好了。让我看你做这个。做这个。Yeah, you look a little bit cuter than me.啊,你看起来更卡哇伊一点。Watch this right here. Mwah! Mwah!那你看这个。么么!么么!God, youre a happy child.天啊,真是个天真可爱的小孩。201706/512169TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463935

The irony about the restoration of Charles II was he came to the throne讽刺的是 查理二世的复辟 他得以登上王座not because England needed a successor to Charles I.并不是因为英国需要查理一世的继承者He came to the throne because England needed a successor to Oliver Cromwell.而是因为英国需要一个人接替 奥利弗·克伦威尔There was universal rejoicing, bonfires and feasting.全国上下一片喜悦欢庆之声The chaos brought by Cromwells death was ending.克伦威尔去世所造成的混乱结束了This new Charles seemed just what everyone had hoped for a model of sweet reason.新的查理看起来正是人们所希望的 一个美好的典范That, at any rate, is what Samuel Pepys thought.无论如何 至少赛缪尔·佩皮斯这么认为Pepys was a pure product of Cromwells England.佩皮斯长于克伦威尔治下的英国He was present when the new king boarded his flagship home.他随新国王乘坐皇室旗舰回国En route, the tall, dark-haired man strode up and down the quarterdeck在途中 这个高个子黑头发的男子 在后甲板上走来走去telling the story of his escape after the Battle of Worcester.讲述他如何从伍斯特战役生还Here was a king full of charisma.He had magic.他是具有非凡魅力的国王 他有那种魔力But would his reason survive the emotions stirred by his return?但是他能够从复辟的激动中保持冷静吗The diarist John Evelyn recorded, with unrepentant royalism burning in his breast:日记作家约翰·伊夫林用他那 狂热的保皇主义写道This day came in His Majesty to London after a sad and long exile,国王重返伦敦的一天到来了 在一场悲哀而又漫长的放逐后with a triumph of above 20,000 horse and foot brandishing their swords国王率领着在两万名随从凯旋 他们挥舞着手中的刀剑and shouting with inexpressible joy,the way strewn with flowers, the bells ringing.洋溢着难以言语的欢愉 鲜花遍地 钟声长鸣I stood in the Strand and beheld it and blessed God.我站在海滨注视着他 感谢上帝And all this without one drop of blood and by that very army which had rebelled against him.他利用那些曾经反叛过他的军队 没有流一滴血就得以胜利回归 /201704/504018Historians sometimes complain that its difficult to find hard evidence of any good that came out of the Protectorate.历史学家总是抱怨 很难找到确凿的据说明 这段摄政时期对后世有何积极影响Well, this is hard enough evidence for me.对我来说 这里就是确凿的据For it was on these unforgiving backless oak benches这是犹太人被驱逐的360年以来that the first Jews to be admitted since the expulsion 360-odd years before parked their behinds.第一次得以在这冰冷的 无背橡木长椅上占据一席之地It was nder the Protectorate,that Jews were allowed finally to worship openly and to live openly in what became a little piece of early multi-cultural London.在护国公治下 犹太人终于得以光明正大地祈祷和生活 这成为了伦敦早期多元文化的一分子Its Oliver Cromwell we have to thank for that这都要感谢奥利弗·克伦威尔for opening a new chapter of Anglo-Jewish history my history.是他为盎格鲁犹太人的历史打开了新的篇章 我的历史His Apocalyptic timetable told him that the conversion of the Jews would herald the coming of the last days.他的预感告诉他 犹太人的转变预示着最后时刻的来临His business sense told him that,through their network in the Dutch and Spanish trading world,他的商业头脑告诉他 通过他们遍布荷兰和西班牙的贸易网络the Jews could be a priceless source of commercial and military intelligence.犹太人将成为商业和军事情报的 无价资源Piety and pragmatism, those twin qualities,so often at odds inside Cromwells personality,虔诚和务实 这一对品质 成为了克伦威尔人格上矛盾的双方this time came together to make him,as far as the Jews were concerned,a true Lord Protector.直到处理有关犹太人的问题上 才组合在一起 造就了一个真正的护国公But not king.In the end, and so unlike the king he had destroyed,而并不是一个国王 在最后 与他所摧毁国王不同的是Cromwell could never shake off his sense of unworthiness.克伦威尔没能摆脱他那;无价值;的妄想It was what saved him and Britain from a true dictatorship.这使得他和英国免于真正的独裁统治 /201704/503722Females and calves can easily get separated from the main herd.母象和小像一不小心就会和大部队分开For this pair sanctuary lies in the patch of woodland a few miles ahead.对于这对母子而言,避难所就在前方几英里处的林地内They cant rest until they reach it.它们不能休息,必须尽快到达那里The main herd has aly got there safely.大部队早已安全抵达Finally, the stragglers emerge from the dust.最后,掉队者终于从尘埃中走了出来The exhausted calf is still blinded by sand.疲惫不堪的小象仍旧看不清路,因为沙子蒙住了它的眼睛Its mother does everything possible to help it.母象尽可能地去帮它一把The storm is now subsiding, but not all the elephants have been so lucky.现在,风暴已经消退,但是并非所有的象都是那么幸运One youngster has got lost.一头小象迷了路Thirsty and exhausted, it follows the tracks of its mother, but sadly in the wrong direction.尽管又渴又累,它仍追随着母亲的脚步。不幸的是,它走错了方向。201702/490854

This would be a good place here to set,Set a trap you know.在这里设 设陷阱很好的Theres a natural funnel between the rock and between the tree.这里是天然漏斗 一边有石头一边有树This would make a good killing zone.Im gonna set a simple deadfall trap.这构成了一个很好的猎杀区域 我要设置一个简单的树林陷阱Im gonna actually use this log here.Thats a good,heavy bit of wood.我其实就是要用这里的这根原木 这是一根优质的 有点重的木头Itll act as a deadfall.If this lands on top of you,youre gonna know about it.它会很适合做陷阱 如果这东西掉在你脑袋上 有你好受的This is gonna be the trigger for it.这个做成扳机It can balance over that and then this just slips underneath and locks that trigger in place.它能够撑住木头 然后把这枝条塞在下边 把扳机锁定住And if anything stands on this to try and get the bait,its gonna get crushed by this.那么如果有东西停在这上边 想来吃饵 就会这样被砸到Im using some guts from my bats as bait.我要用些蝙蝠内脏做诱饵It always a good idea to set a few traps to increase your chances.设置一些陷阱总是 增加捕获机会的好方法The typhoon has brought yet more heavy rain which has turned day into night and soaked everything around me.台风让雨下得更大了 白天阴暗得如同黑夜 我周围的一切都浸泡在水中Try and get some fire going.Fire in the jungle is always...such a nightmare.Come on!努力升起营火 树林中的营火 总是像...该死 拜托Everything just gets so wet,sodden through.But I split these little bits of bamboo.什么都是湿的 湿透了 但我劈开了这些根竹子201607/456391Anne returned to England in 1522,a sophisticated, accomplished,1522年 安妮回到英格兰 一个睿智 老练ambitious young woman with a mind of her own.有思想 有野心的年轻女人Anne Boleyn entered the glittering, dangerous world of the Tudor court in her 20s.安妮·林在她二十出头的年纪 踏入了闪耀夺目而又危机四伏的都铎宫廷Physically she was no raving beauty,despite the long balck hair and dark eyes.她没有倾国倾城的美貌 除了那她乌黑的秀发与深邃的眼眸but she knew how to exploit her natural vivaciousness to play the game of courtly love for all it was worth.但她知道怎样展现自己自然的灵动 和所有可利用之人玩起宫廷恋爱的游戏One of the first to fall was a man every bit as sophisticated as she was,第一个坠入情网的 是一个和她同样精明的男人Thomas Wyatt, the epitome of the Renaissance courtier.托马斯·怀亚特 文艺复兴主力军的代表人物A soldier, a diplomat and, above all, a poet.他是军人和外交家 更重要的是一个诗人His poems are heavy with the conventional lovers sighs,他的诗句带有强烈的传统情爱的咏叹but in those apparently inspired by Anne the sighs come from the heart.这咏叹因安妮而生 自心底徜徉而出Wyatt, unhappily married, realised he stood no chance with her,怀亚特不幸早已婚配 与安妮有缘无分and in one of his famous poems compares himself to a hunter, vainly chasing a deer.在他最著名的一首诗中 他自比猎人 徒劳追逐着母鹿Unable to divorce his wife,all that Wyatt could offer anne was that she should become his mistress,因为无法同妻子离婚 怀亚特能给安妮的 只有一个情妇的身份not good enough for an ambitious girl on the make.这对满心抱负 追名逐利的安妮远远不够And beside, there was another reason why Wyatt would never catch his hind,as his poem goes on to explain.除此之外 还有另一个原因让怀亚特难获芳心 他曾在诗中写道 /201612/485329At the heart of what we call the declaration of Arbroath阿布罗斯宣言的中心思想is something much more powerful, much more deeply moving.则更具力量 更激动人心It is the insistence that the nation lived on, beyond, and outside the person of the prince,它发人深省地阐述道 国家的存在 是超越帝王和朝代的 who for a time happened to claim its government.他们只是国家暂时的统治者Weve heard something like this before at the very beginning of our story in Oxford in 1258.我们之前也听过类似的论断 故事开篇提到1258年的牛津 也有人发出过类似的声音But here in Scotland, its much more eloquent,但苏格兰的此番宣言 更具说力The image of the free patriot drawn not as a desperado like Wallace,or a mighty prince like Bruce,But as one of a band of brother survivors.自由的爱国者不只局限于 像华莱士这样的孤胆英雄 或是像布鲁斯那样的强势君主 而是那些幸存下来的兄弟们For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,We will yield in no least way to English dominion.吾之国民 倘一息尚存 誓不屈于英格兰之淫威We fight not for glory, nor riches, nor honour,but for freedom,which no good man gives up except with his life.吾之战斗 不求荣 不图利 不为誉 唯求自由 为自由而战 直至生命的最后一刻The real lesson of the battle of Bannock Burn was that the Scottish king commanded loyalty In ways that just never occurred to Edward II.班诺克布恩战役真正的教训是 苏格兰国王用爱德华二世 不曾想到的方式表达了;忠诚;Robert the Bruce knew that he could only be successful if he could be the personification of Scotland,罗伯特·布鲁斯深知自己如果要取得成功 就必须成为苏格兰民族的象征The incarnation of the community of the realm.成为苏格兰王国的实际领袖And thats why he was not Scotlands Edward I,He was Scotlands Simon de Montfort.所以他不是苏格兰的爱德华一世 他是苏格兰的西蒙·德·蒙德福特 /201611/475948

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