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U.S. federal health officials say the number of deaths from an outbreak of rare fungal meningitis caused by a contaminated steroid has risen to 14.美国联邦卫生官员说,因注射被污染类固醇而患上罕见的真菌性脑膜炎而死亡的人数升至14人。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that there are 169 confirmed cases of the disease. It says 90 percent of all patients who received the tainted medicine have been identified.美国疾病控制中心星期四说,已经有169个被实的病例。该中心说,已经找到90%接受了被污染针剂注射的病人。Officials say more than 50 vials of the steroid manufactured by the New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts have tested positive for the fungus.官员们说,麻萨诸塞州的新英格兰化合物中心生产的类固醇中,经检验受到真菌污染的玻璃瓶针剂超过五十个。They also say the company may have broken state law by making large batches of the steroid and selling it out of state. Under Massachusetts law, compounding pharmacies are only permitted to make small doses of made-to-order prescription drugs.他们还说,这家公司有可能违反了麻萨诸塞州的法律,大批量生产类固醇,并向外州出售。根据麻萨诸塞州法律,合成药物只允许生产小剂量的定做的处方药。The patients who have come down with meningitis were being treated for back pain. Others patients were injected in the knee, neck, or ankle joints and are only at a slight risk for meningitis. Health experts say they do not know how many people will actually become sick. They say it could take several months for a fungal infection to develop.病人为了治疗背部疼痛却患上脑膜炎。其他一些病人在膝盖、脖子或踝关节接受注射,他们患上脑膜炎的风险不大。卫生专家说,他们不清楚将会有多少人生病。他们说,真菌感染的过程可能会几个月。 /201210/203634。

Alabama: Yes, We Have Electricity阿拉巴马州:是的,我们有电!Alaska: 11,623 Eskimos Can#39;t Be Wrong!阿拉斯加州:一万一千六百二十三名爱斯基人是不会错的!Arizona: But It#39;s A Dry Heat亚利桑那州:可是,这里的热是燥热呀!Arkansas: Literacy Ain#39;t Everything阿肯色州:有文化并不能代表一切!California: By 30, Our Women Have More Plastic Than Your Honda加利福尼亚州:到30岁的时候,我们的妇女使用的整形塑胶的数量将会超过本田公司塑料用量的总和。Colorado: If You Don#39;t Ski, Don#39;t Bother科索拉多州:如果你连滑雪都不会,那么请别来打扰我好吗?Connecticut: Like Massachusetts, Only The Kennedy#39;s Don#39;t Own It Yet康涅狄格州:和马萨诸塞州几乎没什么区别,只是肯尼迪家族还没有拥有它。Delaware: We Really Do Like The Chemicals In Our Water特拉华州:我们真得很不喜欢我们的水源中携带的化学物质。Florida: Ask Us About Our Grandkids佛罗里达州:问问关于我们的孙子孙女的事情吧。Georgia: We Put The ;Fun; In Fundamentalist Extremism乔治亚州:我们给极端的正统基督教信仰注入了一些“有趣的东西”。Hawaii: Haka Tiki Mou Sha#39;ami Leeki Toru (Death To Mainland Scum, But Leave Your Money)夏威夷州:让美国大陆上的那些无用之辈去死吧,不过记得把你们的金钱留下。Idaho: More Than Just Potatoes... Well Okay, We#39;re Not, But The Potatoes Sure Are Real Good爱达荷州:这不仅仅是马铃薯的问题......好吧好吧,我们不是这个意思,不过马铃薯绝对是真正的好东西!Illinois: Please Don#39;t Pronounce the ;S;伊利诺斯州:拜托,我们州名最后那个字母S不需要发音!Indiana: 2 Billion Years Tidal Wave Free印第安纳州:20亿年过去了,潮汐带来的波浪还是那么自由自在!Iowa: We Do Amazing Things With Corn爱荷华州:我们能用玉米做惊天动地的大事儿!Kansas: First Of The Rectangle States堪萨斯州:在所有长方形的州中,我们是一个Kentucky: Five Million People; Fifteen Last Names肯塔基州:我们有500万人口,但所有这些人只有15个姓!Louisiana: We#39;re Not ALL Drunk Cajun Wackos, But That#39;s Our Tourism Campaign路易斯安纳州:我们可不全是疯疯癫癫的法国移民后裔,那不过是我们的宣传活动罢了。Maine: We#39;re Really Cold, But We Have Cheap Lobster缅因州:我们真得很冷,但我们的龙虾很便宜。Maryland: If You Can Dream It, We Can Tax It马里兰州:只要是你能想到的事情,我们就能对其征税!Massachusetts: Our Taxes Are Lower Than Sweden#39;s (For Most Tax Brackets)马萨诸塞州:我们征收的税金可没有瑞典人那么高(对于大多数的税级来说是这样)。Michigan: First Line Of Defense From The Canadians密歇根州:如果加拿大人发起进攻,我们将是第一道防线!Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes... And 10,000,000,000,000 Mosquitoes明尼苏达州:我们有一万个湖泊......还有10万亿只蚊子!Mississippi: Come And Feel Better About Your Own State密西西比州:来吧,对你自己的州感觉好一点儿!Missouri: Your Federal Flood Relief Tax Dollars At Work密苏里州:你所缴纳的联邦洪灾救济税款能够排上用场。Montana: Land Of The Big Sky, The Unabomber, Right-Wing Crazies, And Very Little Else蒙大纳州:这片土地上到处都是大片的天空、邮寄炸弹的恐怖分子和狂热的右翼分子,除此之外几乎一无所有!Nebraska: Ask About Our State Motto Contest内部拉斯加州:问问关于我们州座右铭大赛的事情吧。Nevada: Hookers and Poker!内华达州:红灯区里拉客的娼妓,当然还有纸牌游戏!New Hampshire: Go Away And Leave Us Alone新罕布什尔州:走远点儿,让我们安静会儿!New Jersey: You Want A ##$%##! Motto? I Got Yer ##$%##! Motto Right Here!新泽西州:你们想要一个很那个的座右铭是吗?好吧,这就是我给你们找的很那个的座右铭!New Mexico: Lizards Make Excellent Pets新墨西哥州:蜥蜴可是非常非常不错的宠物啊!New York: You Have The Right To Remain Silent, You Have The Right To An Attorney...纽约州:你有权保持沉默,你也有权成为一名律师...North Carolina: Tobacco Is A Vegetable北卡罗来纳州:难道烟草不是一种蔬菜吗?North Dakota: We Really Are One Of The 50 States!北达科他州:我们真得是美国的五十个州之一!Ohio: At Least We#39;re Not Michigan俄亥俄州:最起码我们不是密歇根州。Oklahoma: Like The Play, Only No Singing俄克拉荷马州:和演出很相似,只是没有歌声!Oregon: Spotted Owl... It#39;s What#39;s For Dinner俄勒冈州:斑点猫头鹰...它就是我们的晚饭。Pennsylvania: Cook With Coal宾夕法尼亚州:烹饪要用煤做燃料。Rhode Island: We#39;re Not REALLY An Island罗得岛州:我们真得不是一个岛屿!South Carolina: Remember The Civil War? We Didn#39;t Actually Surrender南卡罗来纳州:还记得南北战争吗?事实上我们并没有投降!South Dakota: Closer Than North Dakota南达科他州:比北达科他州要近一些。Tennessee: The Educashun State田纳西州:“教育”之州!Texas: Si#39; Hablo Ing#39;les (Yes, I Speak English)得克萨斯州:是的,我会说英语。Utah: Our Jesus Is Better Than Your Jesus犹他州:我们的耶稣比你们的耶稣更好!Vermont: Yep佛蒙特州:是啊!Virginia: Who Says Government Stiffs And Slackjaw Yokels Don#39;t Mix?弗吉尼亚州:谁说那些刻板的政府官员不能和懒散的乡下人混为一谈?Washington: Help! We#39;re Overrun By Nerds And Slackers!华盛顿州:救命呀!我们这里的蠢货和懒鬼已经泛滥成灾了!Washington, D.C.: Wanna Be Mayor?华盛顿特区:嗨,想当市长吗?West Virginia: One Big Happy Family... Really!西弗吉尼亚州:一个幸福的大家庭...真得,没骗你!Wisconsin: Come Cut The Cheese威斯康星州:来切些奶酪了!Wyoming: Where Men Are Men... and the sheep are scared!怀俄明州:这里的男人都是男子汉...胆小鬼只有害怕的份儿! /201204/178921。

Crazy Shopping on Last Day末日抢购热In Sichuan province, panic buying of candles has swept through two counties in the fear that an ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on December 21 proves to be true.由于害怕古老的玛雅预言所说的世界会在12月21日末日是真的,四川省两个县的人们纷纷抢购蜡烛。“Candles are selling by the hundreds, with buyers constantly coming to the market. Many stores have run out,” the owner of grocery said, “At first, we had no idea why. But then we heard someone muttering about the continuous darkness”.“蜡烛都是成百成百的卖的,购买者不断涌进市场,很多商店的蜡烛都卖光了,”店主说,“开始我们也不知道发生什么事。但是后来我们听说有人传言会有持续的黑暗。”The source of the panic was traced to a post on Sina Weibo, predicting that there will be three days of darkness when the apocalypse arrives.这个恐慌的来源来自新浪微的一篇文,说到在末日来临那天,地球将会有三天全黑暗时期。Daydreaming About Last Day末日白日梦Since the beginning of December, the word “Mayans” has trended on Weibo as millions of normally phlegmatic Chinese speculate that the end is nigh. “If the Mayans are right, I won’t pay my credit card bill,” was one popular post.自从12月开始,“玛雅”这个词在微上成为热词,普通老百姓纷纷推测末日的到来。一条转发量大的微说到,“如果世界末日是真的,我就不付信用卡卡债了。”To be Charitable on Last Day末日慈善心A spokesman said they had handled 25 apocalypse-related cases in one 24-hour stretch. Most of the scam artists took advantage of credulous pensioners, encouraging them to hand over their savings for one last act of charity.一个发言人说他们在一天内接到25宗跟末日有关的案件。很多骗子利用退休老年人对末日的轻信,鼓励他们把退休金及存款都交给他们做最后的善事。In Shanghai, the police have had to issue a public warning about doomsday. “The end of the world is a rumour,” the police said, “Do not believe it and do not be swindled”.在上海,公安不得不发布对末日的公众警告。警方说:“世界末日是谣言,不要相信,也不要受骗。”In Nanjing, a 54-year-old university professor’s wife took out a pound;100,000 mortgage on her pound;300,000 home, saying she would donate the money to underprivileged children, saying she hoped to “do something meaningful before the world ended”.在南京,一名54岁大学教授的妻子用她30万欧元的房子拿了10万欧元抵押,说她要把钱捐献出来给贫困地区的孩子,她希望“在末日之前想做些有意义的事情。”Noah’s Ark for Last Day末日造方舟Last month, a man in the far west province of Xinjiang made news when he spent his life savings of pound;100,000 to build an ark for 20 people. He said if the apocalypse failed to materialise, he would use the boat to take tourists on sightseeing tours.上个月,新疆省西部的一个男子说他花了一生的10万欧元积蓄去建造可容纳20人的方舟。他说,如果末日不是真的,那他就用这船去周游世界。Family Day Last Day末日团聚天In Chengdu, a web company has given its workers a tongue-in-cheek two-day break on Dec 19 and 20. “We suggest you take advantage of this ‘final’ time to spend more time with your closest family. We wish everyone a meaningful doomsday.”在成都,一个网络公司给其员工一个半开玩笑的从12月19日至20日的两天假期,说到,“我们建议你们要借着这‘最后的’日子好好跟最亲密的家人团聚,希望每个人都有一个有意义的末日。”Foreign Carnival on Last Day国外末日也疯狂In America, there was an explosion in sales of survival shelters .在美国,抢购生存避难所的热潮爆发。In France believers were preparing to converge on a mountain where they believe aliens will rescue them.一些法国信徒准备聚集在一座山上,他们相信外星人会拯救他们。The city of Novokuznetsk faced a run on salt. In Barnaul, close to the Altai Mountains, panic-buyers snapped up all the torches and Thermos flasks.新库兹涅茨克(俄罗斯西西伯利亚东南部城市)面临食盐短缺。 巴尔瑙尔(俄罗斯城市),靠近阿尔泰山,电筒和保温瓶被恐慌者一抢而空。Meanwhile in Mexico, where the ancient Mayan civilisation flourished, the end time has been seen as an opportunity. The country has organised hundreds of Maya-themed events, and tourism is expected to have doubled this year.在墨西哥,古老玛雅文化的盛行之地,末日被看做一种机遇。墨西哥组织了上百个以玛雅为主题的活动,本年旅游业绩有望翻倍。 /201212/214246。

Summer babies with aspirations toward the C-suite may be out of luck.夏天出生的孩子要想成为未来的企业高管,他们也许缺少了一点运气。A new study finds that those born in June and July are least likely to rise to chief executive jobs, while those born in March or April may have a better shot at becoming a CEO someday.最新研究显示,6、7月份出生的人被擢升到C级高管职位的机会最小,而3、4月出生的人更有机会成为首席执行长(CEO)。The pattern is due in part to the cutoff dates that U.S. schools use to determine when children start kindergarten. Because the cutoff generally falls between September and early January, summer babies are usually the youngest in their class. (Those born in August enjoy a somewhat higher likelihood of becoming a CEO because children born in that month are sometimes held back a year, making them the oldest in their class.)这其中的部分原因在于美国儿童进入幼儿园的年龄限制。因为入园儿童的年龄门槛通常在9月到1月初之间,夏天生的孩子通常是班级里年龄最小的。(8月份出生的人在某种程度上更可能成为CEO,因为这个月份出生的孩子通常要推迟一年才能入幼儿园,他们在班级里年龄最大。)According to the report, just 6.1% of a sampling of Samp;P 500 CEOs was born in June, and 5.9% had July birthdays. That#39;s well below the number born in March (12.5%) and April (10.7%). The researchers looked at 375 CEOs who held the job title between 1992 and 2009.这份报告显示,在标准普尔500指数成分股公司CEO的抽样中,仅有6.1%的人出生在6月,5.9%的人出生在7月,远远低于3月份(12.5%)和4月份(10.7%)出生的CEO的比率。研究者共调查了375名曾在1992年至2009年间拥有CEO头衔的人。Older children - the March and April babies - tend to perform better than younger ones in a class. At age four or five, just a few months can make a big difference in intellectual development. They do well in kindergarten, may learn to sooner, thus are funneled into advanced courses, and voila: Executive material in the making.在班级里,年龄较大的孩子,如3月和4月出生的孩子,往往比年龄小的孩子表现更好。在儿童四五岁的时候,就算仅有几个月的差异,智力发展水平就可能很不相同。年龄较大的孩子在幼儿园里表现出色,识字速度可能更快,并因此被选拔学习更高级的课程,未来高管的材料就这样登场了。(Malcolm Gladwell detailed this phenomenon as it applied to Canadian hockey players in his book Outliers.)(格拉德威尔(Malcolm Gladwell)在他的《异类:不一样的成功启示录》(Outliers:The Story of Success)中详细阐述了加拿大冰球运动员中存在的这种现象的例子。)As a further test of the impact of school cutoff dates, the researchers looked at birthdays of CEOs entering school after 1960, when cutoffs were mandated in most states. Just one of the 43 CEOs in the study born in or after 1955 had a June birthday and two were born in July, well below the mathematical norm.为了进一步研究学校入学日期的影响,研究人员还特别查看了1960年之后入学的CEO的出生日期。之所以选在1960年,是因为那时大多数州都规定了入学年龄门槛。在1955年及以后出生的43名CEO中,只有一人出生于6月,两人出生于7月,这个比率都远远低于数学意义上的常态。The three researchers completed the report while at University of British Columbia#39;s Sauder School of Business. They are now at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanyang Technological University and Sauder. The report will be published in the December issue of Economics Letters.三名研究人员在英属哥伦比亚大学(University of British Columbia)尚德商学院(Sauder School of Business)完成了这份报告。目前他们分别在上海交通大学(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)、新加坡南洋理工大学(Nanyang Technological University)和尚德商学院工作。这份报告将刊登在12月号的《经济学通讯》(Economics Letters)上。 /201211/207397。

Aries likes variety -- so serve a bunch of appetizers. Fire Signs want their food to be hot and spicy. The Ram hates bland things and likes to spice up their meals with basil, cinnamon and curry. When cooking for an Aries, remember: The redder, the better.白羊座讨厌味道寡淡的东西,喜欢辛辣食物,习惯加入罗勒、肉桂、咖喱粉等各种调味品。Taurus has a sweet tooth, so marshmallows, cinnamon and nutmeg are all winners. Earth Signs like practical food, too, so hearty dishes with flavors like parsley and mint are a good thing. The Bull will want to savor a meal full of fine flavors, so never take one out for fast food.金牛座喜欢甜食,药属葵、肉桂、肉豆蔻均深得他们的喜爱;他们喜欢美味的食品,钟情于欧芹、薄荷口味的菜肴,不能忍受吃快餐。Gemini is always on the go, so they#39;re looking for food that they can pick up and run with or that they don#39;t need to spend forever preparing. The Twins are fond of ginger and parsley. As an Air Sign, they#39;re looking for variety.双子座总是很忙碌,所以他们喜欢便携食物或是不用花太多心思准备的食物;双子座比较喜欢姜和欧芹口味。Cancer is the homebody that, as a Water Sign, is looking for comfort food. The Crab is an excellent cook, though, so making delicious meals with their favorite flavors -- like basil, garlic, mint, nutmeg and vanilla -- is no problem.居家男人巨蟹座是个出色的厨师,喜欢动用罗勒、大蒜、薄荷、肉豆蔻、香草等调味品做出一桌丰盛的美味食品。Give a sunny Leo sunflower seeds for munching. They want spicy food from warm places, like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Garlic is not a flavor for the Lion, but they adore cloves, nutmeg and parsley. Remember that Leo wants the absolute best of everything.狮子座喜欢辛辣食物,不喜欢大蒜,喜欢丁香、肉豆蔻和欧芹口味;另外,一定要记住,狮子座喜欢什么都要最好的。Stable Virgo likes mint, parsley, vanilla and herbs in general. They will want a meal that is served or created in an orderly fashion and is not missing any key parts. They will have good taste when it comes to either making or consuming a meal.处女座喜欢薄荷、欧芹、香草口味,喜欢很有序地准备出来的食物,而且这些食物不能缺少任何关键的配料。Libra gets two of everything in a meal, and it may take them a little while to decide which dish they prefer. These dishes, however, will most likely contain some of their favorite flavorings, like cloves, ginger, mint and vanilla.天秤座在吃饭时总是在两种选择之间比来比去,但这些菜一定都放了他们喜欢的丁香、姜、薄荷、香草等调味品。Scorpio is all about intensity. The Scorpion wants food bursting with powerful flavors like basil, cinnamon, curry, garlic and ginger. If possible, the food should be deep red in color. As a Water Sign, though, there#39;s still some element of Scorpio wanting food that reminds them of home.天蝎座喜欢那些能给他们的味蕾带来强烈冲击的菜肴,喜欢加入足量的罗勒、肉桂、咖喱粉、大蒜、姜等调味品。如果可能的话,他们的食物应该呈深红色。Sagittarius is always in the mood for something new and adventurous. Their fiery nature leads them to hot and spicy food with bold flavors featuring cloves, curry and garlic. They are also fond of fig trees and the color blue.射手座的热烈、火暴决定了他们喜欢辛辣食物,而且是放了丁香、咖喱粉和大蒜的。Capricorn, always steadfast and practical, likes simple, earthy foods. You don#39;t want to feed the Goat anything exotic, like ginger or basil; they#39;re happy with the plain parsley and cloves or nutmeg for flavor. They are also partial to substantial foods that will fill them up.坚定、实际的羯座喜欢简单实惠的食物,不追求奇异的东西;他们喜欢简单的欧芹、丁香口味或是肉豆蔻口味。Aquarius rules the olive tree, which works well for an Air Sign who wants to snack and run. They like a variety of strong flavors, too, including garlic and ginger. Though they#39;ll eat almost anything, the Water Bearer would rather eat takeout.水瓶座喜欢各种强烈的口味,如大蒜、姜等;他们几乎什么都吃,比较喜欢外卖。Pisces is, naturally, a big fan of seafood. Whether it#39;s standard salmon or exotic octopus, the Fish will devour it. Their special spices are cloves, mint, nutmeg and vanilla, but more importantly, they want any food that they consume to be organic.双鱼座喜欢吃海味,不管是鲑鱼还是章鱼,都能吃得不亦乐乎;他们比较喜欢丁香、薄荷、肉豆蔻和香草口味。 /201208/193194。