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SHANGHAI — The Walt Disney Company unveiled on Wednesday the designs and attractions at the new megaresort that is expected to open here in Shanghai in the spring, its first theme park in mainland China.上海——华特·迪士尼公司在周三公布了一座新的迪士尼综合乐园的设计和游乐项目。这片度假区将于明年春天在上海开幕,是中国大陆的第一座迪士尼主题乐园。The company said it was completing work on a 1.5-square-mile area that will house the Shanghai Disney Resort, with six themed areas, including one devoted to the hit ;Pirates of the Caribbean; film series, as well as live entertainment venues, a Broadway-style theater, two hotels and the ;tallest, largest and most interactive castle at any Disney theme park.;迪士尼公司表示,即将完成占地1.5平方英里(约合390公顷)的上海迪士尼度假区的建设工作。该乐园包括6大主题园区,其中一个将围绕热门系列电影《加勒比海盗》展开,此外还包括多处现场场所、一家百老汇风格的剧院、两家宾馆,以及;一座全球迪士尼乐园中最高、最大、最具互动性的城堡;。;We are taking everything we#39;ve learned from our six decades of exceeding expectations — along with our relentless innovation and famous creativity — to create a truly magical place that is both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese,; Robert A. Iger, Disney#39;s chief executive and chairman, said at a news conference here.迪士尼首席执行官兼董事长罗伯特·A·艾格(Robert A. Iger)在上海的新闻发布会上表示,;我们把过去60年来所积累的一切关于如何超越游客期待的秘诀,加以迪士尼永无止境的创新精神和丰富创意,来打造这样一个‘原汁原味迪士尼、别具一格中国风#39;的神奇度假目的地。;Shanghai Disneyland represents an enormous bet on China#39;s shifting approach to westernized entertainment and leisure travel. Mr. Iger has said the company considers the .5 billion resort to be as transformative for the company as the establishment of Walt Disney World in Florida was in the 1970s.上海迪士尼乐园代表的是一次巨大的,押注的是中国向西式和休闲旅游方式的转变。艾格表示,这一斥资55亿美元的乐园对迪士尼公司的变革意义,不亚于70年代在佛罗里达州建成的华特·迪士尼世界。Disney#39;s goal is to create an engine that will drive demand in China for a wide range of Disney products: toys, clothes, furnishings, movie downloads and games. Disney typically relies on the creation of new Disney TV channels to pump its brand abroad, but China#39;s limits on foreign media have made that impossible.迪士尼的目标是要打造一个引擎,推动中国对大量迪士尼产品的需求,包括玩具、饰、室内陈设,电影下载和。在向海外推广品牌的过程中,迪士尼通常依赖的方式是设立新的迪士尼电视频道,不过中国对境外媒体的限制使得这一方式变得不现实。But Disney is walking a careful line. China approved the resort only after Disney promised that it would reflect Chinese culture. To that end, Disney#39;s messaging has been careful, with executives at the company#39;s headquarters in Burbank, Calif., repeatedly referring to the park as ;authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.;不过,迪士尼小心行事。在公司承诺乐园将会呈现中国文化以后,中国才批准了乐园的建设。为此,迪士尼在讯息的传达上颇为谨慎。来自美国加利福尼亚州伯班克总部的高管们不断强调,这个主题乐园是;原汁原味迪士尼、别具一格中国风;。Disney has tried to keep its specific plans for the Shanghai resort a secret, partly because it wants to control the marketing message and partly because of fears that Chinese parks would churn out copycat attractions. Those worries were stoked earlier this month, when a Chinese animated movie called ;Autobots; was marketed with images that were nearly identical to characters from Disney-Pixar#39;s ;Cars.;此前迪士尼一直对上海迪士尼的具体规划方案守口如瓶,一方面是因为公司希望能够控制营销讯息,另一方面则是由于担心会出现大量山寨的中国公园。本月早些时候发生的事情更是验了迪士尼的担忧,中国推出了一部名为《汽车人总动员》的动画片。该片的多幅宣传图片和迪士尼-皮克斯(Disney-Pixar)的《赛车总动员》(Cars)几乎一模一样。Despite Disney#39;s efforts, however, plans for the park have leaked for months onto fan blogs. Generating particular interest online ahead of Wednesday#39;s announcement was Disney#39;s decision to build a major ;Tron;-themed attraction. ;Tron: Legacy; was released in China in 2010, but it took in only million there. Disney recently decided not to move ahead with a sequel.虽然迪士尼做出了种种努力,但几个月来各种相关方案还是泄露到了粉丝客上。在周三官方正式公布整体方案前,网友们最感兴趣的是;创;主题公园。电影《创:战纪》(Tron: Legacy)于2010年在中国上映,不过只获得了1900万美元的票房。迪士尼最近决定不推进续集的创作。To compare, the last ;Pirates of the Caribbean; movie, subtitled ;On Stranger Tides,; took in million in China in 2011. The strong audience response was one reason Disney felt comfortable in moving ahead with plans for a large ;Pirates;-themed area.相较之下,2011年在中国上映的最新一部;加勒比海盗;系列电影《加勒比海盗:惊涛怪浪》(Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides),获得了7000万美元票房。迪士尼之所以乐于推进一个以;海盗;为主题的大型园区的建设,一个原因就是观众对该片的热烈追捧。Disney knows all too well the downside of skimping on rides and shows. A boutique-size Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened in 2005, struggled with losses for its first six years, in part because attendance was lower than expected; visitors and the local news media criticized the park as not offering enough to do.对于游乐项目和演出节目不足造成的负面影响,迪士尼再清楚不过了。占地极为有限的香港迪士尼乐园于2005年开幕,头六年里一直处于亏损状态,其中部分原因是入园人数低于预期;游客及当地新闻媒体批评那里游乐项目不足。Disney and the Hong Kong city government, which owns 52 percent of that resort, have since poured more than billion into a resort expansion that will stretch into 2017. Last year, Hong Kong Disneyland attracted 7.5 million people — roughly flat compared with 2013 — and generated .8 million in net profit, a year-over-year increase of 36 percent, according to Disney.迪士尼和持有该乐园52%股份的香港政府,已投入逾10亿美元用于乐园扩建。扩建工作将持续到2017年。据迪士尼介绍,去年香港迪士尼乐园吸引了750万人——与2013年大致持平——带来了4280万美元的净利润,同比增加36%。In its announcement Wednesday, Disney said the new resort had more technology and original features than previous parks, including many Chinese features blended into mosaics, gift items, performances and even the huge castle.在周三发布的方案中,迪士尼称,和之前的迪士尼乐园相比,新乐园体现了更多科技和原创元素,许多镶嵌画、礼物、表演甚至大城堡中,都融入了中国特色。Some of Disney#39;s most iconic attractions, including Space Mountain, It#39;s a Small World and Star Tours, a ;Star Wars;-themed journey through space, will not be featured when the park opens.乐园在开业时将不会包括迪士尼部分最具代表性的经典游乐项目,如飞越太空山(Space Mountain)、小小世界(It#39;s a Small World)和以《星球大战》为主题的太空之旅星际遨游(Star Tours)。Perhaps surprisingly, ;Star Wars; and the Marvel superhero movies will be represented upon opening, not by showpiece rides but by costumed character meet and greets, a comic book drawing area and a ;cinematic experience.; When the resort opens, its Broadway-style venue, the Walt Disney Grand Theater, will have a global premiere of Disney#39;s hit show ;The Lion King; in Mandarin.或许有些意外的是,《星球大战》和漫威系列超级英雄影片会在开业时重现,但并非主题游览路线,而是通过身着戏的演员见面会、漫画绘制区和;电影体验;的形式。开业时,百老汇风格的沃尔特·迪士尼大剧院(Walt Disney Grand Theater)将举行迪士尼大受欢迎的节目《狮子王》(The Lion King)普通话版的全球首演。Shanghai Disneyland will most likely rely less on repeat attendance and annual passes than its Hong Kong cousin. Disney estimates that 330 million people live within three hours of the Shanghai property, which is in the Pudong district.相比于香港迪士尼乐园,上海迪士尼乐园极有可能不那么依赖多次入园票和年票。迪士尼估计,三小时以内可到达位于浦东区的上海迪士尼乐园的人有3.3亿。Disney owns about 43 percent of Shanghai Disneyland, with the balance held by Shanghai Shendi, a government-controlled entity; Disney retains operational control, however, holding a 70 percent stake in the management company created with Shendi to run the resort.迪士尼拥有上海迪士尼乐园大约43%的股份,其余股份由政府控制的实体公司上海申迪持有。但迪士尼保留了经营控制权。在为经营乐园而与申迪联合成立的管理公司里,迪士尼持有70%的股份。Early this year, Disney said that it was moving the opening of the park to next spring, a delay from early 2016, and that the company and its Chinese partner would spend an additional 0 million to increase the number of rides on opening day, bringing total spending to .5 billion.今年年初,迪士尼宣布将把开业时间从2016年年初推迟至春天,并称该公司和中方合作伙伴将再追加8亿美元,用于增加开业当天的游乐项目。这使得上海迪士尼的总投资增至55亿美元。 /201507/387704The Chinese government will waive a 10 per cent sales tax on electric vehicles in its latest attempt to spur consumer interest in environmentally friendly transportation.中国政府将针对电动汽车免征10%的车辆购置税,这一最新举措旨在增强消费者对有利于环境的交通工具的兴趣。More than 20,400 electric vehicles were sold in the first half of this year, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), exceeding the number of pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids sold in all of 2013.根据中国汽车工业协会(China Association of Automobile Manufacturers)发布的数据,今年上半年,中国的电动汽车销量超过2.04万辆,超过了2013年全年纯电动汽车和插电式混合动力汽车的总销量。But in the context of the world’s largest auto market, with sales of 18m cars last year, uptake has been anaemic. Wan Gang, China’s science and technology minister, said at a briefing on Thursday that there were only about 78,000 electric vehicles – primarily public buses and taxis – on the country’s roads.然而,中国作为全球最大汽车市场,去年的汽车销量为1800万辆,人们对电动汽车接纳热情并不高。。中国科技部部长万钢在周四的一个发布会上表示,中国的电动汽车保有量仅为7.8万辆左右,主要是公交车和出租车。According to a notice posted on the State Council’s website, the tax will be waived from September 1 until the end of 2017. Shares in BYD, an electric carmaker based in southern China, rose 3 per cent in Hong Kong on the news.根据中国国务院网站发布的通知,从今年9月1日至2017年底,将对国产以及进口电动汽车免征10%的车辆购置税。这笔税收本用来为公路建设融资。受此消息影响,总部位于中国南方的电动汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD)在香港上市的股票上涨3%。The 10 per cent sales tax, used to fund road construction, will be waived on locally produced and imported electric vehicles.行业高管和分析师表示,在充电站和其他基础设施建成之前,大众市场电动汽车的销量可能仍会疲弱。“基础设施是关键,”万钢表示,“我们需要在靠近用户的地方修建充电桩和充电站。”Industry executives and analysts say sales of mass market electric cars are likely to remain sluggish until charging stations and other infrastructure is in place. “Infrastructure is key,” Mr Wan said. “We need to build charging posts and stations that are close to users.”特斯拉(Tesla)和宝马(BMW)只会向那些在家或办公场所有充电设施的消费者销售它们的电动汽车,它们正与房地产开发商合作,在小区安装必要的基础设施。今年5月,宝马宣布在上海小规模试建充电网络。Both Tesla and BMW will only sell their electric cars to customers who have charging facilities at either their home or workplace, and are working with property developers to install the necessary infrastructure. In May, BMW announced a small pilot charging network in Shanghai.特斯拉正推出太阳能充电站网络,并希望其最终推广到全国范围。中国汽车工业协会秘书长董扬表示:“充电设施缺乏正限制电动汽车市场的发展。”Tesla is introducing what it hopes will eventually become a nationwide network of solar-powered charging stations. “The lack of charging facilities is constraining the development of the electric vehicle market,” said Dong Yang, CAAM secretary-general.中国推广电动汽车的举措与中国国务院总理李克强今年3月宣布的“向污染宣战”行动一致。中国政府还将要求所有汽车在明年初之前符合更为严格的排放标准———国四标准。 /201407/311475

Pizzeria chain Pizza Hut’s sales could use a few more toppings.披萨连锁店必胜客(Pizza Hut)的销售额需要再加点料了。Parent company Yum Brands YUM -0.57% said on Wednesday that sales at Pizza Hut stores open at least a year fell 3% in the second quarter, an unexpected drop as analysts were anticipating a small 0.1% increase, according to Consensus Metrix,必胜客母公司百胜餐饮集团(Yum Brands)周三公布消息称,据Consensus Metrix数据显示,营业一年以上的必胜客连锁店第二个季度销售额的跌幅达到了3%,分析师原本预计销售额能有0.1%的小幅增长,但结果却让人大跌眼镜。分析师称,必胜客连锁店的运营机制比较老旧,创新寥寥无几,一直疲于应付来自其他竞争者的挑战。它的主要竞争对手达美乐披萨(Domino’s Pizza)现在正搞着火爆的促销活动:店内的双层配料披萨只售5.99美元。与此同时,其它餐饮连锁店也开始插足必胜客的领地:12月,契普多墨西哥连锁快餐店(Chipotle Mexican Grill )入股了一家小型快餐连锁店Pizzeria Locale,现在正在建设分店。另外,布法罗鸡翅烧烤店(Buffalo Wild Wings )也投资了一家披萨连锁店PizzaRev。Pizza Hut, which analysts say is operating dated stores and offering very little in the way of innovation, has been facing tough competition from all corners. Archrival Domino’s Pizza DPZ -0.29% has been discounting aggressively, and, for example, is currently offering pizzas with two-toppings for .99. Meanwhile, other restaurant chains are muscling in on Pizza Hut’s turf: In December, Chipotle Mexican Grill CMG -1.17% took a stake in a small chain called Pizzeria Locale, and is adding new outlets. And Buffalo Wild Wings invested in the pizza restaurant chain PizzaRev.必胜客首席执行官大卫o诺瓦克在发言中说:“虽然第二季度销售额下滑令人沮丧,但我们正大力改善必胜客在美国的业务,以期重振销售,希望销售额(年末能)出现大幅反弹。”本周,必胜客推出一款8寸披萨形状的巧克力饼干,以吸引餐厅内外的消费者。这款饼干类似棒!约翰(Papa John)去年推出的一款餐后甜品。“At Pizza Hut, although second-quarter results were disappointing, we are taking significant actions in our U.S. business to reignite sales and expect to make substantial progress” by the end of the year, CEO David Novak said in a statement. This week, Pizza Hut announced that it would sell an eight-inch pizza-shaped chocolate chip cookie to entice customers who are just racing in and out of its restaurants. Papa John’s introduced a similar dessert last year.百胜餐饮集团旗下陷入困境的品牌并不是只有必胜客一个。至6月14日为止的季度报告中,百胜餐饮集团旗下的塔可钟连锁餐厅(Taco Bell chain)的业绩也好不到哪儿去。塔可钟连锁餐厅的可比销售额只增加了2%,低于分析师预测的3.6%。Pizza Hut wasn’t Yum’s only trouble spot. Its Taco Bell chain also had a disappointing showing in the quarter ending June 14. Comparable sales rose 2%, below analyst estimates for a 3.6% increase.不过,百胜餐饮集团旗下的肯德基餐厅最终赢得了中国消费者的认可,中国贡献了百胜集团大约一半的收入。肯德基(中国)餐厅的同店销售额增长了15%,超过了分析师的预估值11%。去年禽流感爆发后,百胜餐饮集团在中国的销售额一度直线下滑。这家公司一直在努力打消中国消费者的疑虑,宣传连锁餐厅的食品安全。现在看来,他们的努力没有白费,这个集团在中国市场的运营利润增加了三倍。 /201407/313159

  A World Trade Organisation panel has upheld a ruling that China broke trade rules by restricting exports of rare earths, minerals used in high-tech products, including hybrid cars, mobile phones, wind turbines and energy-efficient lighting.世界贸易组织(WTO)一专家委员会维持了有关中国限制稀土出口违反贸易规则的裁决。稀土用于高科技产品,包括混合动力汽车、手机、风力发电机和节能灯。The organisation#39;s appellate body affirmed a March ruling against China, in a significant victory for the US, EU and Japan.WTO上诉机构确认了今年3月作出的对中国不利的裁决,这是美国、欧盟(EU)以及日本的巨大胜利。Michael Froman, the US trade representative, said he was pleased that the US had prevailed in the case.美国贸易代表迈克#8226;弗洛曼(Michael Froman)表示,他对于美国的胜诉感到满意。;We have sent a clear signal to our trading partners that we will be tenacious in protecting American businesses, American workers, and the rule of law. By upholding rules on fair access to raw materials, this decision is a win not only for the ed Sates, but also for every nation that respects the principles of openness and fairness. Those principles are the pillars of the rules-based global trading system, and we must protect them vigilantly.;“我们向我们的贸易伙伴传达了一个明确信号:我们将坚决保护美国企业、美国员工以及法治。通过维持有关平等获取原材料的规定,这一裁决不仅是美国的胜利,也是所有尊重公开和公平原则的国家的胜利。这些原则是基于规则的全球贸易体系的柱,我们必须小心保护。”China accounts for 90 per cent of global production of the 17 elements – including lanthanum, tungsten, neodymium and molybdenum – known as rare earths.中国占全球17种被称为稀土的元素产量的90%,包括镧、钨、钕和钼。Beijing#39;s export restriction was first introduced in 2009. Two years later, the cost of some rare earths had soared by as much as 500 per cent amid fears of a global shortage.中国于2009年首次实行出口限制。两年后,由于市场担心全球供应短缺,一些稀土的价格飙升500%。 /201408/320045


  China has announced plans to set an absolute cap on CO2 emissions for 2016, a report says.有报道称,中国已宣布方案,为2016年二氧化碳排放设置绝对上限。The unprecedented stance comes one day after the ed States set goals for the power sector to reduce its own emissions, suggesting a breakthrough in climate change talks for two of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases.就在美国为电力行业设定温室气体减排目标一天之后,中国做出了这一史无前例的决定,意味着世界最大的两个温室气体排放国在气候变化问题上取得了突破性进展。China, which emits the most greenhouse gas in the world, will set the cap as part of a larger five-year plan, according to a Reuters report. He Jiang, chairman of China’s Advisory Committee on Climate Change, made the announcement at a conference in Beijing.路透社的报道称,作为世界最大的温室气体排放国,中国将把这个上限作为它宏伟五年计划的一部分。中国国家气候变化专家委员会(China’s Advisory Committee on Climate Change)主席在北京的一次会议上做出了这个宣布。By setting an absolute cap, China aims to better regulate and control the amount of carbon emissions in the country’s coal-reliant economy.中国经济对于煤炭有较强的依赖性,通过设定绝对上限,中国意欲更有效地规范和控制碳排放量。The cap level to be set, however, is not yet clear. A number will potentially be decided upon next year.然而,上限的具体数额目前还没有确定。这个数字有望在明年敲定。Both announcements by China and the ed States come ahead of worldwide climate talks slated to take place in Germany beginning Wednesday.中国和美国赶在了周三德国全球气候对话拉开帷幕之前做出了上述声明。 /201406/303469

  NANCY LIU arrived in Sydney from China as a “skilled immigrant” with an economics degree 14 years ago. With her husband, she set up a business consultancy in the suburb of Hurstville, once an Anglo-Celtic working-class stronghold. Since then, Chinese investment has transformed it: most of its shop signs are now in Chinese. Last year, Ms Liu was elected Hurstville’s deputy mayor.据《经济学人》报道,14年前,作为一个拥有经济学学位的“专业技能型移民”,刘女士(南希)从中国奔赴至澳大利亚。她同她的丈夫一起在赫斯特维尔的郊区成立了一个商业咨询公司,而那里曾是凯尔特工作阶级的聚集地。之后,中国投资者改变了这一状态,现在,那里大多数的商店符号都是汉字。去年,刘女士选举成为赫斯特维尔副市长。Ms Liu was a forerunner of a new wave of Chinese immigrants to Australia’s oldest and biggest city. Hong Kong once supplied most of Australia’s Chinese settlers, but over the past few years the pattern has shifted. Now it is the rising middle classes from mainland China who go there, looking for a cleaner, more relaxed lifestyle. About 4% of Sydney’s 4.6m people were born in China. Hurstville’s China-born population is about a third of its total and almost half its residents claim Chinese ancestry.刘女士是新掀起的中国移民到澳大利亚古老大城市浪潮中的先行者。香港曾向澳大利亚提供了大部分的中国居民,但就过去几年来看,形势已经改变。现在,日益增长的中国大陆中产阶级为了更干净舒适的生活,移民至澳。悉尼460万人口中有4%是中国移民。赫斯特维尔的中国移民则占据了其总人口数的三分之一,而接近一半的居民有着中华血统。Sydney’s first Chinese immigrants arrived as farm workers in the 1840s. The gold rush a decade later drew more. “Celestial City: Sydney’s Chinese story”, an exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, shows what happened next. By the 1880s, political fears of a “Chinese invasion” sparked anti-Asian immigration laws known as the White Australia policy, which lasted well into the 20th century.悉尼的第一批中国移民是19世纪40年代来澳的农民。十年后的淘金热则吸引了更多的人前往。悉尼物馆开展了主题为“人间天堂:悉尼的中国人的故事”的展会,叙述了后续故事。到了19世纪80年代,政治上提出“中国式入侵”的恐惧论,触发了反亚洲移民政策,也就是白澳政策。这一政策直到20世纪才被取消。But China’s emergence as Australia’s biggest trading partner, and its largest source of foreign university students, has revolutionised the relationship. In the fiscal year 2011-12, more than 25,000 Chinese people obtained permanent residence in Australia. Most of them were from the new middle classes. Then in late 2012 Australia launched a “significant investor” visa, aimed at China’s super-rich. To get one, people need Am (.6m) to sink in “qualifying” investments. After investing for four years, successful applicants can apply for permanent residence.中国已新兴成为澳大利亚最大的贸易伙伴,以及最多来澳大学留学生的来源地,这一切都彻底改变了两国关系。在2011年至2012年的财政年度间,超过2.5万的中国人取得了澳大利亚的永久居住权。其中,大部分都是年轻的中产阶级。2012年年末,澳大利亚针对中国的顶级富豪发行了“重要投资者”签。申请此签的人需要在澳投资500万澳元才能获得资格。而在连续四年的投资之后,成功的投资者可以申请永久居住权。The visas are called “subclass 188” and “subclass 888”. As the number eight represents luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, the visa’s main target is obvious. More than 90% of 702 applicants so far have been Chinese.该签被称为188类别和888类别签。因为数字8在中国文化中代表着好运和发达,该签的目标人群就显而易见了。截至目前,702位申请者中有90%是中国人。Many of the émigrés are media-shy. But their influence is visible in Chatswood, another formerly Anglo-Australian suburb. Towers of apartments, many owned by Chinese immigrants, now overlook the Edwardian-era stone and timber bungalows. Shops on the main street are crammed with Chinese noodles and vegetables, and Mandarin is the chief language among shoppers. Stacks of Chinese newspapers outnumber English ones.许多移民者是躲避媒体的。但他们对查茨伍德区的影响却是引人注目的,而那里之前是英国侨民聚集地。中国移民居住的高层公寓现如今俯瞰着英国人的木质平房。主街上的商店里堆满了中国面条和蔬菜,普通话则成为了店员们的主要语言。成摞的中文报纸的数量远超出了英文报纸。Yan Zhang, who settled in Sydney after studying at Macquarie University, orders a lunch of pork dumplings at the New Shanghai restaurant. He reckons the new wave of middle-class Chinese immigrants, who arrive with residence aly granted, come to Australia for the same reasons he did. “They want to make life more enjoyable and more secure,” he says. “If I’d returned to China, I’d have had to be more selfish to survive.”张岩(音)在麦考瑞大学就读之后就定居在悉尼了。他在新上海餐馆订了一份猪肉水饺作为午饭。他认为新兴的中国中产阶级移民来澳的原因同他一致,他们在获得合法居住权后到来。“他们都希望更享受、更安全的生活,”他说。“如果回国的话,我可能会为了生存而变得更自私。” /201405/296724Fifty-five aircraft flew over eastern Ukraine on July 17, carrying the flags of nine nations. They flew in airspace declared safe by air traffic controllers, and on flight paths approved by European regulators appointed by the UN’s global aviation body. But out of a clear blue sky came violent destruction. Evidence suggests that Flight MH17 was shot down.7月17日,有55架飞机载着9个国家的国旗飞越乌克兰东部。它们飞经的空域被空中交通管制员认定是安全的,飞行的航线也经过了由联合国(UN)旗下全球航空组织任命的欧洲监管员的批准。但蔚蓝的天空上却发生了暴力破坏活动。有据表明,MH17客机是被击落的。In Malaysia, still recovering from the loss in March of MH370, there was disbelief. As we began to understand what had happened, this gave way to anger. Responsibility for the lives lost lies with those who brought MH17 down. We will pursue every avenue to bring them to justice. But that will not prevent another tragedy. For MH17 exposed an uncomfortable truth: there are no clear standards for determining whether a flight path is safe.当时的马来西亚仍沉浸在今年3月MH370航班失联的痛苦中,全国上下弥漫着怀疑的情绪。当我们开始明白发生了什么事情后,这种怀疑被愤怒所取代。击落MH17的人应为那些逝去的生命负责。我们将寻求通过各种途径将他们绳之以法。但这不能防止另一场悲剧的重演。因为MH17失事暴露出了一个令人不安的事实:在判断一条航线是否安全方面,缺乏清晰的标准。As airlines revealed their vastly different approaches to conflict zones, passengers were left wondering who ensures the safety of the skies. The International Civil Aviation Organisation, the UN global aviation body, issues advice on areas to avoid – but does not declare flight paths unsafe. Instead, individual countries are responsible for issuing warnings for their airspace.随着各航空公司公布迥然不同的经过冲突地区的航线,乘客不禁在想,谁来保天空的安全?联合国旗下的全球航空组织——国际民航组织(International Civil Aviation Organisation)会发布有关避让区域的建议,但没有宣布哪些航线是不安全的。各个国家负责发布有关各自领空的警告。Yet countries benefit from keeping airspace open because they collect fees for every aircraft that flies over their territory, a global revenue stream of more than bn a year. In fragile states, this conflict of interest could have dangerous consequences.然而,保持领空开放有利于各国,因为它们可以向飞越本国领空的飞机收取费用——在全球范围内,这项收入每年超过200亿美元。在脆弱的国家,这种利益冲突可能会带来危险的后果。Avoiding flying over every conflict zone is impractical; that would paralyse aviation and the world economy. Instead, passengers rely on airlines, regulators and aviation authorities to ensure safe passage. In this case, the system that governs global air safety failed. There are three things we can do to improve it.避开所有冲突地区是不切实际的;这将令航空业乃至全球经济陷入瘫痪。乘客依赖航空公司、监管机构和航空管理机构来确保飞行安全。在这种情况下,规范全球空中安全的体系却失灵了。我们可以采取三项措施来改善这个体系。First, airlines can share data about flight risk. In the weeks after MH17, it became clear that carriers differ vastly over conflict zones. Germany’s Lufthansa, which flew over Ukraine, avoided northern Iraq and Israel. Australia’s Qantas flew over Iraq but avoided Ukraine and Israel. British Airways flew over Israel but avoided Ukraine and Iraq. Why? Because airlines do not share their risk assessments. That must change.首先,航空公司可以共享有关飞行风险的信息。在MH17失事后的数周内,有一个事实浮出水面:航空公司飞经冲突地区的路线大不相同。德国的汉莎航空(Lufthansa)会飞经乌克兰,但避飞伊拉克北部和以色列。澳大利亚的澳洲航空公司(Qantas)飞越伊拉克,但避飞乌克兰和以色列。英国航空公司(British Airways)飞越以色列,但避飞乌克兰和伊拉克。为什么?因为航空公司不会共享它们的风险评估。这一点必须改变。Second, countries can share more information from their intelligence services. One reason carriers choose different routes is because they receive such information from their national agencies. But some countries have more extensive networks than others, and even the most comprehensive have blind spots. A system for sharing sensitive information would narrow the gaps in intelligence and aviation warning systems, providing greater protection for passengers.其次,各国可以共享来自情报机构的更多信息。航空公司选择不同航线的一个原因是它们从本国情报机构那里得到了相关信息。但一些国家拥有比其他国家更广泛的情报网络,而即便是最完善的情报网络也有盲点。共享敏感信息的机制将有助于弥补情报体系与航空警告体系所存在的缺陷,为乘客提供更有力的保护。Countries are understandably reluctant to share sensitive material. But, as the International Air Transport Association has pointed out, recommendations based on intelligence can be presented without compromising security. If sanitised information can be shared with civilian national carriers, it can be shared with other airlines.各国不愿共享敏感资料是有情可原的。但正如国际航空运输协会(International Air Transport Association)所指出的那样,可以在不损害安全的情况下,提出依据情报得出的建议。如果经过审查的信息可以与民用国家航空公司共享,那么这些信息也可以与其他航空公司共享。Third, we should improve the information published by national aviation authorities. Restrictions over Ukraine, for example, made no mention of the presence of surface-to-air missiles, or the recent downing of Ukrainian military aircraft. More comprehensive information would allow airlines to better understand why airspace is restricted.第三,改进国家航空管理机构的信息发布。例如,关于乌克兰的限制信息没有提及地对空导弹的存在,也没有提到最近乌克兰军机被击落的消息。更为全面的信息会让航空公司更好地了解空域被限制的原因。These changes require action. Strong words in the aftermath of one tragedy must become actions that will prevent another. After MH17, ICAO set up a task force on conflict zones. It is considering recommending enhanced warnings from national aviation authorities, and a central system for sharing flight risk information. We should seize this opportunity to fix the flaws in the global aviation system.实现这些改革要求我们付诸行动。在一场悲剧发生后所发表的强硬言辞必须转化为行动,以阻止另一场悲剧的发生。在MH17航班失事后,国际民航组织成立了一个负责冲突区域相关事项的工作小组。该小组正考虑建议加强来自各国航空管理机构的警告,并建立一个共享飞行风险信息的中央机制。我们应抓住这个机会,修复全球航空体系存在的缺陷。After Air France Flight 447 crashed in 2009, investigators called for new aircraft tracking standards. Yet progress fizzled out over questions of cost and implementation. We cannot afford to wait for another tragedy.在2009年法航447客机坠毁后,调查人员曾呼吁制定新的飞机跟踪标准。然而,由于成本和实施的问题,这一努力最终流产。等待另一场悲剧的发生是我们无法承受的。Information sharing can save lives; that was the conclusion of intelligence services after the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001. After MH17, we must choose collective security over national interest. We should commit to sharing flight risk information – among airlines, aviation bodies and nations. In so doing, we can honour those who lost their lives by making our skies safer for all.信息共享可能会挽救生命;这是情报机构在2011年9#8226;11恐怖袭击之后得出的结论。在MH17事件后,我们必须将共同的安全置于国家利益之上。我们应致力于在航空公司、航空组织和国家之间共享飞行风险信息。这样做,我们才能让我们的天空更加安全,以此来纪念那些逝去的生命。The writer is prime minister of Malaysia本文作者是马来西亚总理 /201409/329356Plans by a Chinese developer to build a replica of the famous Crystal Palace structure in south east London are set to remain a dream, after the local council ran out of patience and withdrew from negotiations.一家中国开发商在伦敦东南部重建著名的水晶宫(Crystal Palace)建筑的计划注定仍是一个梦,此前失去耐心的地方议会退出了谈判。Zhongrong Group had proposed building a #163;500m “cultural destination” on the same scale and size as the original Victorian glass and iron structure that burnt down in 1936. But Bromley council said it had concluded “there was not a realistic prospect of reaching agreement” and it would be looking at other options.中融集团(ZhongRong Group)曾提出斥资5亿英镑,打造一个与当初维多利亚时代风格的“玻璃加钢铁建筑”(1936年被焚毁)规模和大小相同的“文化胜地”。但布罗姆利区地方议会(Bromley Council)称其得出结论认为:“不存在达成协议的现实前景”,将研究其他选择。Barring an unforeseen breakthrough, the news marks the end of the grandiose proposal — launched with great fanfare by London major Boris Johnson a year and half ago — to rebuild the glass structure that hosted the Great Exhibition of 1851.除非出现意想不到的突破,否则这一消息标志着重建这座曾举办1851年万国工业览会(Great Exhibition)的玻璃建筑的宏伟计划画上句号。一年半以前,伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)大张旗鼓地宣布了这一计划。While there was an initial flurry of activity and a group of famous British architects shortlisted to produce designs, activity on the project soon stalled with the developer and the council unable to agree about land ownership questions.尽管各方起初展开了紧锣密鼓的活动,一群著名的英国建筑师被列入提供设计方案的入围名单,但该项目很快就陷入了停滞,原因是开发商与地方议会无法就土地所有权问题达成一致。The site is owned by Bromley council and designated as metropolitan open land, meaning there are restrictions on what can be developed.水晶宫原址地块属于布罗姆利区地方议会所有,被指定为城市公共土地,这意味其开发要受到种种限制。With details about what would be included in the development remaining vague, local residents and politicians were concerned by reports the developer was seeking a 125-year lease on the site, arguing this would amount to a sale.在项目开发细节一直不明确的情况下,当地居民及政界人士对于有关开发商寻求该地块125年租期的报道感到担忧,提出这将等同于出售该地块。After a 16-month exclusivity period ran out in February without visible signs of progress, the local council demanded that Zhongrong Group produce detailed proposals and pay a #163;5m deposit to extend the exclusivity agreement.中融集团被授予的16个月排他期于2月份终止,而项目没有进展迹象。于是地方议会要求中融集团拿出详细方案,并付500万英镑的保金以延长排他期。With that deadline now past, Stephen Carr, leader of Bromley Council, said the council would be looking at other options.随着最后期限已过,布罗姆利区地方议会领导人斯蒂芬#8226;卡尔(Stephen Carr)表示,该议会将研究其它选择。“We were prepared to properly listen to what Zhongrong had to say but we were never going to simply say yes to absolutely anything as we need to get this right,” Mr Carr said.“我们准备充分听取中融的解释,但我们永远不会对所有的事都简单地一口答应,因为我们需要正确把握这个项目,”卡尔说。Zhongrong Group said it was “obviously disappointed” that no agreement had been reached, adding that agreement around the size of the site and leasehold arrangements had been “critical” for the development.中融集团称,对未达成协议“显然很失望”,并补充说,围绕地块大小和租期安排的协议对整个开发项目“至关重要”。 /201503/361653

  Dear Annie:After almost 30 years in commercial banking, I took an early-retirement package during all the layoffs that went on in early 2009. It seemed like a good move at the time, but now I find I really miss working, and, since I#39;m still only in my early 50s, I#39;ve got at least another decade ahead in which to use my skills and experience. The problem is that five-year hole in my work history. I#39;ve spent the time taking some classes, doing a couple of consulting projects, and volunteering to help two local non-profits straighten out their finances. But my resume still shows no ;real job; for those years, and the few employers I#39;ve met with recently have seemed to hold that against me. Do you and your ers have any suggestions on how to handle this? -- Minding the Gap亲爱的安妮:我曾经在商业工作过30年。2009年初的裁员潮中,我接受了一笔提前退休金之后就退休了。当时,这似乎是很好的选择,但现在我发现,自己非常怀念工作的时光。而且,我刚过50岁,至少还能用我的能力和经验工作十年。问题在于,我的履历中将会出现五年空白期。虽然这段时间我学习了一些课程,参加了几个咨询项目,还作为志愿者帮助当地两家非盈利机构解决了财务问题。但这些年的经历在简历上仍不算是“真正的工作”,我最近见过的雇主大多也拿这个来反对我。我该怎么办?您和您的读者有什么建议?——M.G.Dear M.G.:Cold comfort though it may be, the number of long-term unemployed in the U.S. (defined as those out of work for six months or longer) seems stuck at about 3 million, so you can#39;t be the only one wondering. The first step in overcoming the stigma attached to that gap is one you may aly be taking: Bring it up yourself, rather than waiting for interviewers to ask.亲爱的M.G.:美国长期失业人口(指失业达六个月或更长的人)似乎达到了300万人,所以你肯定不是唯一一个在思考这个问题的人,虽然这个事实可能起不到任何安慰的作用。而要克履历空白期这一劣势,第一步是:自己主动提出,而不是等面试官问起。你可能已经做到了这一点。;Confront it,; advises Patty Prosser, CEO of HR and talent-management consultants OI Global Partners. ;Bring that hiatus up right at the start of the conversation, and enumerate all the things you#39;ve been doing to keep your knowledge and skills current. The more specific real-life examples you can provide, and the more closely they align with the job you#39;re seeking, the better.;人力资源与人才管理咨询公司OI Global Partners的CEO帕蒂#8226;普罗瑟建议:“面对事实。在对话开始的时候就主动提出这段空白,同时详细说明为了让自己的知识和能力一直保持在最佳状态,你都做过哪些事情。你能够提供的现实事例越具体,与你申请的工作的关系越密切,效果就越好。”Your volunteer experience may be especially relevant to finance jobs you#39;re applying for, but Prosser has seen plenty of job candidates downplay their unpaid achievements, or even neglect to mention them at all. ;Making an impact in a volunteer organization often takes a very special set of #39;people#39; skills that for-profit employers really value, so talk about that,; she says. ;Even if you #39;only#39; led a band-parents#39; fundraiser at a child#39;s school, for example, our career coaches would encourage you to tell how you got people engaged and what the outcome was.;你的志愿者经历与你正在申请的财务工作尤为相关,但普罗瑟见过许多求职者,他们对作为志愿者所取得的成就,要么轻描淡写,要么只字不提。她说:“在志愿者组织中产生影响,往往需要非常特殊的‘与人相关的’能力,而这些能力正是经营性公司雇主真正看重的东西。所以,不妨谈谈这些方面。即便你只是在孩子的学校负责家长团体的一项资金筹集活动,我们的职业教练也会鼓励你谈论一下如何让人们参与其中,最后取得了怎样的成就等。”The consulting projects you worked on probably helped keep you sharp, so talking about those is a good idea, too. Briefly describe any new skills you picked up and the results you accomplished -- and don#39;t be surprised if those temporary gigs lead to an offer of another short-term project at a company where you#39;re job-hunting. ;A growing number of employers prefer to bring on new hires on a contract basis before deciding whether to hire them full-time,; Prosser observes.你参与的咨询项目也能帮你保持敏锐度,所以谈谈这些经历也是不错的选择。简单介绍一下你学到了哪些新技能,实现了什么样的成果。如果你求职的公司因为这些临时工作给了你一份短期项目的工作邀请,不必大惊小怪。普罗瑟说:“越来越多的雇主在决定是否作为全职员工聘用求职者之前,更喜欢先提供合同制的岗位。”Ford R. Myers, an executive career coach and author of Get the Job You Want, Even When No One#39;s Hiring, agrees that tackling the issue head-on -- as opposed, he says, to ;just hoping they won#39;t notice; -- is your best bet. ;Be forthright about it,; he says. ;Explain your early-retirement decision to interviewers in a professional, unapologetic way.;高管职业导师、《绝处逢生——怎样在岗位荒中找到理想的工作》(Get the Job You Want, Even When No One#39;s Hiring)一书的作者福特#8226;R#8226;梅尔斯同意,最好的做法是直面这个问题,而不是“寄希望于人们注意不到它”。他说:“直截了当地提出来。以专业、毫不后悔的方式,向面试官解释当初提前退休的决定。”At the same time, Myers suggests a few ways to make your five years between ;real jobs; less conspicuous on paper. First, if you haven#39;t aly done so, rewrite your resume using a functional format that groups all your past work together under different headings according to what you actually did (;Accounting,; ;Management,; and so on), rather than when you did it. This ;highlights your functional strengths, instead of focusing on dates of employment,; he says.与此同时,梅尔斯提供了五种方式,让“真正工作”之间的五年空白在简历上看起来没有那么扎眼。首先,如果你还没有这么做,不妨使用按工作职能划分的模式重写简历,以自己实际做过的工作作为小标题,而不是从事这些工作的时间。他表示,这样做“可以突出你的职能优势,而不是把重点放在就业日期上。”Since hiring managers skim most resumes (with or without chronological gaps) for no more than 10 seconds, Myers also urges that yours be as specific as you can make it. ;Quantify everything you can, including retention rates, sales numbers, performance increase, and the number of people or projects you#39;ve managed,; he advises. ;Wherever possible, use percentages, hard numbers, and dollar figures.;有些招聘经理浏览大多数简历的时间不超过10秒钟(不论是否有空),所以,梅尔斯还建议简历一定要尽量具体。他建议:“尽量把所有内容进行量化,包括人才保留率、销售数字、绩效提高,以及自己管理的人员或项目的数量等。如果可能的话,使用百分比、硬数据和美元数字。”Active verbs help too, he adds: ;Words like #39;create,#39; #39;launch,#39; #39;initiate,#39; #39;devise,#39; and #39;conduct#39; have a lot more impact than vague phrases such as #39;responsible for.#39;;他补充道,一些积极的动词也会有所帮助。“比如‘创造’‘首创’、‘发起’‘策划’和‘实施’等动词,比‘负责’等模糊的短语更有效。”Try not to get discouraged if your job hunt takes a while, Myers adds. ;Some employers will be open-minded and won#39;t see your five-year gap as an obstacle to hiring you,; he notes. ;There will be others, however, who reject you purely on the basis of that gap. You need to expect this, and try not to take it personally.; Or, as a health care executive Patty Prosser met with recently put it, keep in mind that ;if you were smart five years ago, you#39;re still smart now; -- or maybe even smarter. Good luck.梅尔斯表示,如果你的求职过程需要花费很长时间,不要灰心。他说:“有的雇主非常开明,他们不会把你五年的空白期视为聘用你的障碍。但也有人会因为这段空白期而拒绝聘用你。你要做好这样的心理准备,不要把它当作针对你个人的行为。”或者,正如帕蒂#8226;普罗瑟最近遇到的一位医疗行业高管所说,记住“如果你五年前是聪明人,五年后依然是聪明人”——甚至更聪明。祝你好运。 /201404/289203


  Wang Linshi, a thin, erudite 69-year-old from China#39;s eastern city of Taizhou, has a soft spot for chickens.69岁的王林诗是江苏泰州人,学多才,人很清瘦,尤擅画鸡。He paints them. In his work, done in the traditional Chinese style, daubs of black ink dart and splay into astonishing renditions of tiny claws, or fade to gray to become wings, or come alive with expressions, and the humor he gifts them.在他的传统中国水墨画中,可以看到他用墨汁随意抹两笔便绘出了鸡的爪子,用浅墨涂几下便描出了翅膀和神态。他笔下的鸡栩栩如生,作品意趣盎然。#39;Once, he painted five chickens, four of them eating rice, and one of them standing on a stone,#39; said Yang Linchuan, Mr. Wang#39;s friend and fellow painter. #39;I asked him why he left that chicken without food. He said the chicken is on guard, sacrificing himself for the happiness of others.#39;王林诗的朋友、画家杨林川说,有一次他画了五只鸡,四只在啄米,一只站在石头上。他问王林诗那只鸡为何不吃米,后者答道,这是站岗鸡,辛苦自己,幸福大家。Mr. Wang is a #39;typical Southern Chinese literati#39; who doesn#39;t say much, but when he does he isn#39;t above dropping Tang and Song dynasty verse into casual conversation, Mr. Yang said.杨林川说,王林诗是典型的中国南方文人,平日话不多,但一旦开口,闲谈之中不知不觉就会吐出唐宋诗词。On Jan. 20, the pair attended a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Nanjing Zhongshan Painting Institute, to which they both belonged. It might be the last time Mr. Yang would see his friend.今年1月20日,王林诗和杨林川一同参加了南京中山书画院建院30周年的庆祝活动。他们二人均曾供职于该书画院。这也许是杨林川最后一次见到王林诗。Mr. Wang was among 18 Chinese artists--calligraphers, painters, poets--aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 . The artists had been invited to a three-day exhibition last week in Kuala Lumpur organized by a Chinese online commerce group called IBICN.王林诗是马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)370航班上18位中国艺术家之一。这个中国艺术代表团由书法家、画家和诗人组成。他们上周应邀参加了吉隆坡一个为期三天的展出,主办方是中国在线商务网站国联资源网(IBICN)。Some in the group are regarded as heavyweights in the Chinese art scene.代表团中一些艺术家被认为是中国艺术界的重量级人物。Liu Rusheng, a 76-year-old Nanjing man, heads at least three traditional-Chinese art groups and is a member of the state-backed China Calligraphy Association. He is known for his mastery of portraiture, birds and flowers. Where Mr. Wang favors chickens, Mr. Liu has a knack for grapes and plum blossoms.76岁的刘如生是至少三个书画院的负责人,是官方的中国书法家协会会员。他以擅长画人物和花鸟闻名。王林诗爱画小鸡,刘如生则在画葡萄和梅花方面技艺精湛。#39;He was exemplary among artists because he had great technique, and he had a lot of friends,#39; said Ma Yongan, chairman of the China Calligraphy and Art Association.中国书法艺术家协会主席马永安称,他是艺术家中的典范,他的绘画技巧高超,而且有很多朋友。Mr. Liu#39;s work is of such high quality that it attracted the attention of Chinese officials, who presented it as an official gift to Taiwan#39;s former premier, Lien Chan, Mr. Ma said. Mr. Lien#39;s office confirmed the gift. #39;We wish Mr. Liu all the very best and we hope the situation is not as bleak as it seems,#39; said Ting Yuan-chao, a spokesman for Mr. Lien#39;s office.马永安表示,刘如生的作品造诣颇高,受到了中国官员的关注,中国官员曾把他的作品作为官方礼物赠送给前台湾行政院院长连战。连战办公室确认收到过这份礼物。连战办公室发言人丁远超说,祝刘先生好运,希望事情不像看起来那么糟糕。Friends say Mr. Liu is an exuberant and energetic man given to speaking in a somewhat formal manner.朋友们都说,刘如生是一位精力旺盛、充满活力的人。#39;He has an air of celebrity, as he worked in an art troupe before,#39; Mr. Yang said. The term in China refers to a Communist Party vehicle for popular live drama.杨林川称,刘如生有一种名人气质,因为他以前在文工团工作。在中国,文工团指的是在共产党领导下的文艺团体。Mr. Liu performed in such a troupe for coal miners in the past, Mr. Yang said. A 2006 essay written by Mr. Liu described how his father, a coal mine boss in eastern Nanjing, had been stabbed to death by Japanese soldiers during Japan#39;s 1937 invasion of China. It was the first of six #39;close brushes with death#39; for Mr. Liu detailed in the essay, which has been circulating on the Internet since the disappearance of Flight 370.杨林川表示,刘如生以前在煤矿文工团当演员。刘如生曾在2006年发表过一篇名为《曾与死亡六次擦肩而过》的散文,其中描述了他的父亲、南京一煤矿老板在1937年日本侵华时被日本士兵杀害的经历。这是他六次与死亡擦肩而过的第一次,这篇文章在马航370航班失联后就在互联网上广为流传。Mr. Liu would continue to entertain even in Kuala Lumpur, where he held court on the bus en route to Kuala Lumpur#39;s Istana Negara, or Royal Palace, singing a #39;classic red song,#39; said Zheng Wenbin, a 45-year-old calligrapher from China#39;s port city of Shenzhen, who was in the group.45岁的书法家郑文彬说,刘如生在吉隆坡也继续给大家带来欢乐,他在开往吉隆坡马来西亚王宫(Istana Negara)的汽车上还唱了一首经典的红歌。郑文彬来自深圳,他也是此次访问马来西亚艺术家代表团的成员。The exhibition in Malaysia, billed by organizers as a four-year-old Sino-Malaysian art and cultural exchange, wasn#39;t a major international showcase. But for some in the group, like Maimaitijiang Abula, the fair was special because it was his first such outing abroad.在马来西亚的这次展览(主办方将其称为“中马艺术文化交流”,已经举行了四年)并不是一项重大国际项目。但对参加展览的买买提江#12539;阿布拉等人来说,这一项目有特殊意义,因为这是他第一次在国外参展。Mr. Abula, a clean-cut 34-year-old oil painter, has just started to get internationally noticed. For most of his career, he has worked in his hometown of Kashgar, China#39;s westernmost city in the Xinjiang region, where he developed a talent for depicting earth-toned images of faded urban desolation, including portraits of Uighurs, the ethnic minority to which Mr. Abula belonged.阿布拉现年34岁,是一位外表整洁的油画家,刚刚开始在国际上受到关注。在职业生涯的大部分时间里,他都是在自己的故乡喀什工作。喀什是新疆地区最西部的一个城市。他擅长用土黄色调表达城市的荒芜感,他还画维吾尔族人的肖像画,他自己也是维族人。Mr. Abula#39;s remote location has left him cut off from much of the art world, but he has sought to maintain a presence in the provincial capital of Urumqi.身处偏远地区的阿布拉基本与外面的艺术世界隔离,但他仍然在省城乌鲁木齐有着一席之地。#39;Kashgar and Urumqi are separated by 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) so he didn#39;t come here often, but he was our member and took part in our exhibitions,#39; an official with the 1,300-member Xinjiang Artists Association said.新疆美术家协会的一名负责人说,喀什和乌鲁木齐相隔1,500公里,因此他不怎么经常来乌鲁木齐,但他是协会会员,参加协会的展览。该协会有1,300名会员。Mr. Abula was thrilled to be invited by the organizers to the trip, said his friend and fellow painter Yimamu Aishan.阿布拉的朋友、同样也是画家的依麻木艾山说,在收到主办方的邀请时,阿布拉非常高兴。On Thursday, Mr. Aishan got a text message apparently sent by Mr. Abula from Kuala Lumpur. The group had mostly wrapped up the official portion of the visit by then.上周四,艾山收到了阿布拉从吉隆坡发来的短信。那时,艺术代表团的官方行程部分已经基本结束。#39;He said he was getting y to come back to Beijing,#39; said Mr. Aishan, as he sat beside Mr. Abula#39;s older brother in a Beijing hotel that Malaysia Airlines set aside for friends and relatives of the missing. #39;He said he won#39;t call because he might not have enough money on his phone card.#39;艾山称,阿布拉说他已经准备返回北京,说他不会再打电话,因为电话卡上的钱可能不够了。艾山此时正在北京一家马航为失联乘客亲友安排的酒店中,阿布拉的哥哥就坐在他身边。The pair met in Xinjiang Normal University more than 10 years ago, where they studied art, Mr. Aishan said. Both men favored oils, and painted together whenever they could. When Mr. Aishan moved to Beijing to study stage design at the Communication University of China about a year ago, Mr. Abula stayed in Kashgar.艾山说,他与阿布拉相识于十多年前,当时两人都在新疆师范大学(Xinjiang Normal University)学画画。两人都酷爱油画,一有时间就在一起搞创作。大约一年前艾山来到北京,在中国传媒大学(Communication University of China)学舞台美术设计,阿布拉则继续留在了喀什。Mr. Yang, the Nanjing painter, recalled inviting Mr. Wang to the podium to address the Nanjing Zhongshan Painting Institute in January.南京画家杨林川回忆起了1月份他邀请王林诗在南京中山书画院成立30周年座谈会上发言的情景。#39;He sat in the back, so I asked him to come up and speak,#39; Mr. Yang said.他说:当时王林诗坐在后排,我专门请他到台上来发言。When Mr. Wang did, #39;he spoke of how he wanted to do more charity work such as bringing art to the rural areas. He talked about his work plans, such as participating in overseas art activities after the Lunar New Year.王林诗上台之后,说了他希望多参加“送画下乡”这样的公益活动,还谈了他的工作计划,说他打算过完春节去国外参加一个艺术活动。#39;I didn#39;t think at the time what it would mean.#39;杨林川说,当时他不知道这个“国外”是不是马来西亚。 /201403/280286。




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