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湖北男科挂号武汉华夏男科医院收费标准He paid a matter of 1000 yuan.  (误译)他付了1000元的货物账。(正译)他大约付了1000元。a matter of 大约;;;的问题It is a matter of compromise and balance. 这是一个妥协与平衡的问题。This is actually a matter of indifference. 这其实是一件无关紧要的事。Cancer therapy is too often a matter of chance. 癌症治疗是否成功,经常得靠运气。Its not a matter of circumstance but of choice. 这不是环境的问题,而是我们的选择问题。1. approximately adv. 大约,近似地;近于I kept out till approximately nine oclock, and then I came back. 我在大约九点钟以前,一直留在外面,后来我才回来。Malaria, as we all know, kills approximately one million people a year. 虐疾,如我们所知,每年夺走大约一百万条人命。Experts predict by the 2015, approximately 35 percent of the Germany population will be over 60. Part of the reason is high unemployment which discourages couples from having families. 专家预测,到2015年,德国人口将近35%都是60岁以上。原因之一就是高失业率,阻碍了夫妇的结婚生育。2. about prep. 关于;大约adj. 在附近的;四处走动的;在起作用的adv. 大约;周围;到处n. 大致;粗枝大叶;不拘小节的人Well, I; about three months or. 我;;,大概三个月左右或者。For comparison, search engines account for about 7% of site visits. 与此相比,搜索引擎占了站点访问量的7%左右。 /201203/173479武汉华夏医院检查 在你遇到朋友、同事和新认识的朋友并和他们打招呼时,某些话题可不能随便提起。下面的情况可能在社交场合引起侮辱和尴尬,对照看看,以免犯错误哦!(1)You've put on weight 避免指出某人很胖或对体重发表意见,除非你试图用粗鲁的方式对待别人。体重常常是非常敏感的话题,而类似You're getting fat. 则是非常之粗鲁且侮辱人的。 /201004/102326Unhappiness-坦率的表达1) I am sorry you feel sad. 抱歉,让你伤心了。2) Jack will feel sorry when she leaves. 她一走,杰克会觉得悲伤的。3) That deep sigh could only express Helen's sadness. 那深深的叹息,不外乎表示出海伦的悲哀。4) The news of Tom's death filled us with grief. 汤姆的噩耗,使得我们满怀悲伤。 *grief是表现在外的悲伤,比sadness或sorrow表现更深一层的悲伤。5) Rodney began to sob with grief. 罗杜尼悲伤得开始哭了起来。6) Spot, the dog, always whimpers when he is left alone. 那条叫斯伯特的,被单独留下来,时常寂寞得呜咽。 /200812/59924武汉前列腺增生的治疗方法

武汉治疗尿道炎多少钱英语日常口语 81:Hello stranger和陌生人攀谈本单元是关于和陌生人攀谈的对话Khalid: Hello, stranger! Helen: Ooh, hi Khalid! How are you? It's been ages, hasn't it?Khalid: I know! I haven't seen you since the barbecue. Helen: Oh yeah, the barbecue. It was a smashing day wasn't it? But poor Alice was really ill the next day. Khalid: Was she?Helen: She had to go to the doctors. But she's as right as rain now. Anyway Khalid, what's happening with you?Khalid: Well, I've just enrolled on a part-time course here at the university, and I'm still a student at the language school!Helen: Wow! So you're studying hard?Khalid: Of course! But it's not easily to study at home. My flatmates are really rowdy and I can never get any peace and quiet.Helen: Hmm... I might be able to help you with that.Vocabulary:字汇 Hello strangeran informal greeting used when we meet a friend after a long time of not seeing themIt's been ageswe haven't seen each other for a very long time (it's been ages since we last met.)smashingexcellent, great, wonderfulright as rainfeeling completely healthy and wellrowdynoisy and disturbing本单元语言点是关于用 and 连接的两字短语,请看下面的解释和例句Binomials: peace and quietBackground: 背景 There are many phrases in English that use two words connected with ‘and’. For example, peace and quiet, fish and chips. These expressions are known as binomials. In these phrases the word order is usually fixed; we say 'peace and quiet', we don't say 'quiet and peace'.The following binomials are all noun phrases, although there are also many adjective and verb phrases that are binomials. Noun and noun:名词与名词Many binomials combine words which are similar or closely connected in meaning:peace and quiet: freedom from noise and disturbanceHe sent his children to the park so that he could have some peace and quiet.life and times: the story of someone's life, especially in its social contextI'm ing a book about the life and times of Winston Churchill. It's fascinating.law and order: the maintenance of a good society because people follow the laws and criminals are caught and punished.After the war there was a serious breakdown in law and order. It has taken a long time for the police to gain control of the situation.Other binomials refer to things that are closely or frequently connected:fish and chips: the popular and traditional take-away food in BritainI can't be bothered to cook, I'll go and get some fish and chips.salt and vinegar: the condiments or flavourings that are often had with chipsDo you want salt and vinegar on your chips?pros and cons: the advantages and disadvantages of something; the things for and against something.What are the pros and cons of capital punishment?Rhyme and alliteration:旋律和押韵 Many binomials combine words that rhyme:odds and sods: a collection of small and unimportant things. Odds and ends has the same meaning.I've done all the important building work; I've just got the odds and sods left, you know, like fitting the door handles.hustle and bustle: a lot of noise and activityI love the hustle and bustle of city life. I'd get bored in the countryside.Many binomials use alliteration. This is when the sounds at the beginning of the words are similar.rest and relaxation: a time of inactivity, for example when on holidayThe doctor said I need some rest and relaxation; I've been working too hard.trials and tribulations: the difficult challenges that we face in lifeRemember, while marriage is a wonderful thing, it also has its own trials and tribulations, which you both have to survive.Grammar words:文法用字 Many binomials combine grammar words such as prepositions and conjunctions.ups and downs: the good and bad times in lifeThe ups and downs of life are similar all over the world, but people react differently to them.ins and outs: the details and fine points of something.I don't know all the ins and outs, but it seems the Prime Minister has made a serious mistake.down and out: a homeless and jobless person. This is also often used as an adjective.Did you see the poor down and out sleeping in the park? Should we tell the police about him?ifs and buts: the reasons why someone doesn't want to do something; their objectionsWhenever we try to change the work routines, the workers have so many ifs and buts that we never manage to change anything.Abbreviations 缩写 Many common binomials are referred to by an abbreviation of the initial letters.R and R: rest and relaxationI'm going on a 2 week beach holiday. I really need some R and R.P and P: postage and packing - usually seen when you buy something that needs delivery.You know you want to buy that bicycle over the Internet? Did you check that the price includes P and P?R and D: research and development - usually a department in an industrial business.Sony has a very strong R and D division: that's why they keep coming up with new products. /200708/16890武汉男科体检 1. To know everything is to know nothing.样样皆通,样样稀松。 /201007/109038武汉看梅毒医院

武汉啊波医院1. The rain is coming down. 雨开始下了.在美国的口语中, 美国人很喜欢用动词片语, 尤其是以 get 或是 come 开头的片语. 因为这类的动词除了表示出动作之外, 还说出了方向. 像这句话同样也可以说成, It's raining, 或是 It's starting to rain. 但所表达的意思就不如 come down 来的丰富. 这句话是有一次去看 Football 时学的, 打到一半就下起雨来, 播报员就说, Tha rain is coming down.Come down 还有另一个重要的意思, 就是"下来楼下" 的意思. 比如说你去找一个住在五楼的朋友, 你在楼下的对讲机就可以问他, Do you want to come down? 你想不想下来啊? /11/88462 千万不要只是观看,务必跟着录音大声朗读,这样口语才能步步高 /200808/45329武汉怎样射精子武汉市协和医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱



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