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武汉华夏男子割包皮怎么样好不好武汉华夏男科医院怎么样武汉比较好的包皮手术医院 David:As a foreigner, I traveled around China and noticed that the cuisine in the north and south is very different. There is a great variety of food in China.作为一个外国人,我游历了中国的很多城市。我发现北方和南方的食物风格很不同。中国的食物种类真是太多了。You:There are so many places where people live in China. People from these different places have different life styles and food. The produce of different places might not even be the same. So people make different types of food depending on different ingredients and different cooking styles.中国人口分布很广,不同地区的人有着不同的生活,饮食习惯,各地的特产也不同,那么不同的原料,不同的烹饪方法就使得人们做出的食物也大不相同。David:Well, what is the biggest difference between northern and southern food?嗯,那你认为北方和南方食物最大的区别在什么地方?You:Maybe our cooking styles. Even though they use the same ingredients, northern and southern people will prepare their local food differently. The cooking style.烹饪方法吧。即使用一样的原料作出来的食物也不会相同,因为烹饪方法不同。David:Can you give me an example?能举个例子吗?You:Take fish for example. If northern people cooked the fish, maybe they would add a lot of ingredients and cook the fish in some sauce. But southern people might just add ginger and boil the fish. Their meal may taste lighter than northern food.就说鱼吧。北方人做鱼时要放很多佐料,然后把鱼放在料里炖。南方人做鱼时,一般只放一些姜;这样做出的鱼一般比较清淡。David:Sounds like northern and southern cuisine are quite different.听起来南北的烹饪方法是很不一样的。 /201208/1969628.Ive heard much about you.我知道很多关于你的事。还可说成:I know a lot of thing about you.I know much about you.谚语:Hear much, speak little.多听少说。9.We have been ten-year friedns.我们已经是10年的朋友了。还可说成:We have known each other for ten years.I have been friends with him for ten years.谚语:A friend to all is a friend to none.滥交者无友。10.Whats happening recently?最近在忙什么?还可说成:What have you been up to?What are you doing these days?应用:as it happens 碰巧赶上,恰好出现;happen on 碰巧赶上;be likely happen 可能要发生;happen to say 碰巧说起,偶然提到11.I know your business is going strong recently.我听说您最近生意兴隆啊!还可说成:I heard that your business is being prosperous these days.Business is on the up grade at last.12.I am sorry ti hear you are doing a losing business.很遗憾听说您生意不顺。还可说成:Sorry to hear that your business is dull.I feel sorry about that your business is stagnant now.谚语:There is no time to lose.机不可失失不再来。 /201209/199336武汉那个医院治疗少精症好

三峡大学仁和医院男科专家挂号体育运动 Sports锻炼身体 take exerciseA: You look refreshed recently. How do you do it?B: I keep taking exercise.打高尔夫 play golfA: Do you play golf?B: Yes,but Im not very good at it. I play just for the fun of it.足球赛 football matchA: Did you see the football match last night?B: Yes.The game was very exciting. The score was 3∶2.慢跑 joggingA: Hi,Linda,youve lost a lot of weight. How did you do it?B: I keep jogging every morning.扭伤手腕 twist/hurt ones wristA: Whats wrong with your arm?B: I twisted my wrist while playing basketball yesterday.骑自行车 bicycle ridingA: Mary,Id like to join the bicycle club.B: Very good! Its said riding a bike may keep us younger.健身俱乐部 health/fitness clubA: Why did you join a health club? You are not over weight.B: I think I am too skinny.A: But I thought a health club is designed for people who are overweight.B: No.It is for people who want to stay fit and be healthy.瑜伽 yogaA: How do you keep so fit?B: I do yoga three times a week.我赌中国赢。I bet China will win the game.A: There is a live show of a football match on this Saturday. Japan against China.B: I bet China will win the game. /201203/176129武汉的私立医院有哪些 武汉黄陂区治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

广州军区武汉总医院男科挂号 41 Why Study Abroad第41章 出国留学热You:These days more and more students choose to study abroad. What do you think of this trend?现在越来越多的学生选择出国留学。你对这种趋势怎么看?David:Many students want to learn more about western culture and business. This has been increasingly important after China entered the WTO. However, some students want to study abroad in order to move there.许多学生想要了解西方的文化和商业经济。中国加入WTO以后,这变得尤为重要了。然而,也有一些学生想要移民出去。You:What is the percentage of students return to China?留学生回中国的比例是多少?David:I personally dont know. It depends. If they get accustomed to the country, they stay.我不太清楚,视情况而定。如果他们适应了新的生活,就会留下来。You:I have seen movies about Chinese people who live abroad. They might be happy at times but as time goes by they might find living in a different culture very difficult. They might also find that they arent treated as equals.我看过一些描写在国外生活的中国人的电影。开始时他们可能觉得挺开心,但随着时间的推移,他们会觉得在一个不同文化的国家生活非常困难,或感觉受到不平等待遇。David:They dont have confidence?是他们对自己没有信心吗?You:Is the problem their confidence or their nationality? In order to get a green card some people will work hard and pour their heart and soul into this endeavor. When they get the green card, however, they might discover that there are some problems with other people. Some people discriminate against them because they are Asian.问题出在他们的信心还是他们的国籍呢?为了拿到绿卡,一些人不惜一切代价地拼命工作。然而当他们拿到了绿卡,他们可能发现真正的问题在于一些人因为他们是亚洲人而歧视他们。David:Two things make it difficult to live abroad. One thing is that it may be illegal to work there and the other thing is that some people may prefer hiring people from their own country rather than foreigners. Its different here in China. Foreigners are more welcomed here.完全不合法的艰苦工作和工作机会的不平等,一些人喜欢雇佣自己国家的人工作,这使得中国人在国外生活非常艰难,而在中国就不一样了,外宾是很受欢迎的。 /201211/208699武汉大学人民医院割包皮多少钱武汉如何治尿道炎



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