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1. Life is a gift, and the more the better.1.生活就像礼物,越多越好。2. "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." Yep.2.”做你想做的,你的生活中就不会有工作“,是的。3. Be friendly as a matter of policy. Turn the other cheek in the face of ad hominem attacks. It might seem crazy, but it works.3.在问题上友好。面对广告时,侧一下你的脸。它似乎很疯狂,但很有用。4. Obsessiveness is an powerful solution for physical and social problems. Unfortunately it's also a major cause of emotional problems.4.痴迷在物理和社会问题上是一个强大的解决方案。不幸的是,它是情感困惑的主要原因。5. Once you're an adult, religious people will leave you alone if you leave them alone.5.当你成年以后,大家将会孤立你,如果你孤立大家的话。 /201104/131633

Don't just hit up the big guys. 不要只关注大型的招聘网站。Big-name websites like Monster and CareerBuilder are wonderful resources for online job hunting, but don't stop there. They charge fees that some smaller companies can't afford or don't believe in paying. Make sure to check out smaller job boards or job board aggregates such as indeed.com to find more online gigs。大网站的确会为求职者提供更多的工作机会,但也绝对不要忽视小型的求职网站。不能排除有的小公司无法向大网站付使用费用或者不相信付费网站的务,所以记得也不要漏掉小型的求职网。Don't use your company's email to job-hunt. 不要用在职公司邮箱投递简历(包括注册招聘网站时要使用的邮箱)。Even if your company says it's OK to use their email server to send out resumes, don't do it. You can get in trouble with your existing company, plus it won't look like a move in good taste to the prospective employer if you use your work email. Another setback: If you're contacted in the future and are no longer at your current job, you'll miss the message. Set up one email account with a professional handle (your name, for example) and stick to that.即便是你的公司告诉你可以用公司邮箱投递其他工作的简历,也不要那么干。你可能会在公司遇到麻烦,对求职公司的老板来说,也不会留下好印象。还有一个原因。如果你跳槽离开那个公司了,这个邮件地址则可能会让你错过一些很重要的招聘信息。创建一个专业一些的邮箱吧,然后一直用这个邮箱。Don't blast off your resume. 不要到处乱投简历。Blast out your resume, but with some personal attention. Don't just fire it off into the Internet abyss. More importantly, a customized cover letter can go a long way to win over an employer, so be sure to take the time to customize one as best you can.多投简历,但是要带有针对性。不要在网上到处放简历。你的简历应该有针对性、使公司感到是专门为应聘这个特定职位而来。这样才能获得更多面试机会。Consider your privacy. 保留一点个人隐私。While you may not want to post your contact information, that's OK for many people who see it as a move from someone who is Internet-savvy. Be sure to check out the privacy settings when posting your resume and do what feels right for you--and for your future career.对于经常使用网络的人来说,不愿过多透露个人联络信息是可以接受的。在网上发简历时记得要查看下隐私设置,然后设定对你和你未来的职业来说比较合适的状态。 /200910/87594

新年要到了,很多男生都会给自己的女朋友或者爱人买一份礼物,男人的理性思维决定他们总是喜欢买一些电子产品类的东西,三点建议帮助你挑选女孩喜欢的完美礼物。第一、颜色粉;第二、重量轻;第三价格贵。选择所有礼物通用,第三点不是那么的重要,关键是看你女朋友是什么样的要求。Guys usually loves gadgets and they easily fall for them, but when it comes to girls, they are a little selective and choosy. So, if you have got a girlfriend who love gadgets, here are the three things which you should consider to buy a perfect gadget for her:男孩们总是喜爱电子产品的,很容易就会被它们吸引。但是女孩呢,就会有一点点挑剔了。所以如果你有一个喜欢电子产品的女朋友的话,这里有三条建议帮助你为她选择一份完美的电子礼物:1. Play with the Pink ; Girls are a fan of ;Pinkish; stuff and if you have got something Pink for her, that will surely make her happy. This factor works in almost all the cases and choosing Pink will be the right choice to bring a smile on your girl#39;s face.1.记住选粉色;;女孩们都爱;粉嘟嘟;的玩意儿,如果你给她买了一份粉色礼物的话,她一定会很开心的。这条定律在一切时候都是生效的,选择粉色一定会让女孩笑开颜。2. Weight Matters ; Girls don#39;t like heavy and bulky stuff, they are always up for something which is portable and which is easily to carry. So, if you#39;re buying something for your girl, always prefer a light-weight gadget over a bulky one.2.重量很关键;;女孩们不喜欢笨重和大块头的东西,她们总是爱那些便携易带的玩意儿。所以,如果你要为女孩子买东西的话,一定要选更轻的。3. Show me the Money ; Not always, but yes, in most of the cases it is noticed that an expensive gadget gets more appreciation from the girls. You might have to spend a little more to impress her with your gift, and that extra expenditure will surely be worth it.3.让我看看价格;;不一定非得不可。但是在大多数情况下,越昂贵的电子产品越能得到女孩的赞赏。你可能需要多花一点点来取悦她,当然了,这些开销都是值得的。It will always be a good choice to make her choose the gadget herself, but if you can#39;t take her along or if you wanna give her a surprise gift then you should always keep these 3 factors in your mind to double her happiness.通常来说,最好的方法当然是让她自己来选。但是如果你没法带上她一起或是想给她一个惊喜的话,千万记住这三条建议,这一定会让她加倍开心的。 /201201/168211

Visionary. This style is most appropriate when an organization needs a new direction. Its goal is to move people towards a new set of shared dreams. “Visionary leaders articulate where a group is going, but not how it will get there - setting people free to innovate, experiment, take calculated risks,” writes Goleman。  愿景式(Visionary)。当一个组织需要有新的方向时,这种方式最为合适。它的目的是鼓动人们朝着一系列新的共同愿景而前进。戈尔曼写道,愿景式领导者为团队指明前进目标,而不是到达目标的方式,这让人们能够充分地创新、历炼、承担可能的风险。 /201003/97684

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