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5 Check out 结账退宿经典对话CCashier 收银员 GGuest 顾客C:Good morning, sir. May I help you?先生,您早,有什么可以帮到您吗?G:Yes, I’d like to check out.我想退宿C:Certainly sir. May I have your room key, please?好的,请把房间钥匙给我,好吗?G:Sure, Here it is.好的,给你C:Just a moment, please. I’ll draw up your bill you.请等一下,我帮您结帐(After a while 过了一会儿)C:Mr. Johnson, your bill totals US, How would you like to make the payment?约翰逊先生,您的账单总计是 5 美元您打算如何付款?G:By credit card. Do you accept Visa?用信用卡你们接受维萨信用卡吗?C:Yes, Mr. Johnson.是的,约翰逊先生G:Here you are.给你C:(Print the card)Could you sign here , please?请您在这儿签名,好吗?G:Sure.好的C:Thank you, Mr. Johnson. Here is your credit card and your receipt. Have a nice trip.谢谢您,约翰逊先生这是您的卡和收据祝您旅途愉快常用句型百宝箱1. 结帐基本应对1) Just a moment, please. The cashier will have your bill y in a moment.请稍等,收银员马上会准备好您的账单) I will calculatedraw up the bill you.我帮您结账单3) Thank you waiting, Mr. xx, here is your bill. Would you like check it?让您久等了,xx 先生这是您的账单,您要核对一下吗?) Would you like a breakdown of the bill?您的帐目要细分吗?5) That’s mach more than I expected.那比我预料中的要超出许多6) Shall I explain some items you?要我解释什么收费款项吗?7) If you think there is any error in your bill, we can check it you.如果您认为账目有错,我们可以为您核对一下8) “L” stands laundry, and “T” means telephone call charge.“L”代表洗衣费, “T”代表电话费9) I am afraid it is not enough to cover the amount. I’m afraid it can’t cover the amount.恐怕那不够付账) How would you settle the bill make payment?您打算如何付款呢?) In cashBy credit cardBy travel’s check.用现金用信用卡用旅行票) May I have an invoice?可以给开张发票吗?) Certainly ,sir. May I know the name of your company?当然可以,先生请问贵公司宝号?) Here’s your change and receiptinvoice.这是您的零钱和收据发票) I’ll call the bellman to take your baggage down.我会叫个务员把您的行李拿下来. 由第三方付款的结账退宿1) Your bill will be paid by xx company.xx company has arranged to pay your bill.您的账单由 xx 公司付) Could you make out two separate bills me?可以给我分开两张账单吗?3) What charges does each bill cover, please?请问每张账单包括哪些费用?) One bill covers the room rent and telephone rate. They are paid by our company.一张账单包括房租和电话费,这些是由我们公司付5) May I have your signature , please?请您签个名,好吗?6) Could you sign your name here ,please?请您在这儿签名,好吗?7) May I have two of your business cards, please?请给我两张您的名片,好吗?3. 兑换外币1) I’d like to change these US dollars into RMB.我想把这些美元兑换成人民币) Could you fill out this m, please?请您填写这张表格好吗?3) The exchange rate of US dollar to RMB is 0:83,that will give you RMB xx yuan.美元兑人民币的汇率是 0:83,那就是说要给您 xx 元人民币) Would you like it in small or large bills?您想要小额还是大额的钞票?5) Please keep the receipt, you’ll have to produce it when you want to change your money back.请保管好您的收据,您要换回钱币的时候需要出示它6) I’m afraid that we only offer one-way change.恐怕我们只提供单向兑换7) We have a change limit of US$ xx between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m..在夜晚 9 点到早上 8 点之间,我们有 xx 美元兑换限额8) You may go to the Bank of China to change your money.您可以到中国进行兑换9) If we change large amounts, our cash supply runs out and we’re unable to oblige our otherguests.如果我们兑换大额的款项而造成人资金短缺,那么我们就无法为其它客人提供务了) We hope you can understand.希望您能谅解. 付款时出现问题1) I’m sorry ,but we are not allowed to accept personal cheques .对不起,我们不能接受个人票) I’m sorry ,but we are not allowed to accept personal check according to the hotel policy.. 对不起,根据酒店规定,我们不能接受个人票3) I’m afraid this currency is not accept in our hotel.我们恐怕不能接受这种货币) The figures and the words on the cheque do not agree.这个数字和您票上写的英文不相符5) The credit card limit set by the Visa Card Office is US.维萨卡的信用限额是 00 元美金6) We need their permission to extend credit cover that amount.如果数目超出哪个限额,我们就必须得到他们的允许7) Would you like to settle the difference in cash?您愿意用现金付差额吗?8) I’m afraid we have no credit arrangements with your company,madam. You may pay by any ofthese credit cards instead.女士,我们与贵公司恐怕没有信用贷款的协定,您可以该用这些信用卡中的任何一种来付5. 关于延迟退宿1) If you check out after :00 at noon, you’ll have to pay half of the rate.如果您在中午 点之后退宿,就得付半天的房费) If you check out after 6:00 p.m., you’ll have to pay the full rate.如果您在下午 6 点之后退宿,就得付一天的房费6. 算错了账款1) I’m sorry to hear that.很抱歉听到您这么说) I’ll check it with the department concerned. Would you mind waiting a moment?我去跟相关部门核对一下,您介意等会儿吗?3) There has been an error.是我们搞错了) I neglected that detail when I drew up your bill.我在开账单时忽略了那个细节5) I’ll correct your bill.我来把您的账单改过来6) We’ll correct your bill by deducing 180 yuan from the total.我们将把账单改正过来,从总额中减去 180 元7) Here is the money you overpaid.这是您多付的钱7. 送别客人1) Have a nice trip.祝您旅途愉快) We hope to enjoyed your stay.希望您在这儿住得愉快3) We hope you have a pleasantan enjoyed stay, madam.希望您在这儿住得愉快,夫人) We look ward to serving you again.我们期望能再次为您务 86

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the U.S. strategic outreach to the Asia Pacific region will be a top priority as Washington transitions away from a decade of military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clinton told a gathering of U.S. diplomats in Washington on Tuesday the future of Asia will continue to be vital to U.S. interests, saying a government-wide effort is being made to develop new relationships there.美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿说,在美国逐渐脱离持续十年的伊拉克和阿富汗军事行动之际,美国向亚太地区的战略扩展将成为首要任务。克林顿星期二在华盛顿对一些美国外交官说,亚洲的前途将继续对美国的利益至关重要,目前美国政府正为在亚太地区发展新的关系而做出广泛的努力。In her wide ranging speech at the Global Chiefs of Mission conference, Clinton outlined her priorities for American diplomatic efforts over the next year. She said U.S. diplomats will continue to focus on sustainable development programs around the world, help build a transparent and fair global economic system, and promote democracy in the Middle East and other developing areas. 克林顿在全球使命首脑会议上发表了内容广泛的演讲,概述了她在今后一年期间的美国外交工作重点。她说,美国外交官将继续把工作重点放在世界各地的可持续发展项目上,帮助建立一个透明而公平的全球经济体系,并促进中东以及其他发展中地区的民主化。来 /201203/174377


  According to the Daily Telegraph on February 22, the world's smallest aquarium was made by Anatoly Konenko, a Russian artist who specialized in making small stuff. The tank just holds a mere 10 milliliters of water.俄国“微型物”制作艺术家阿纳托利·克纳恩科目前制造出世界上“最袖珍的金鱼缸”,这个金鱼缸只能装10毫升的水 /201102/126605。


  I want to book a seat to New York.我想预订一张去纽约的机票Id like to make a reservation to Shanghai.我想预订一张去上海的机票Id like to reserve a seat to Singapore.我想订一张去新加坡的机票“book”作动词,意为“预订”,相当于“reserve”I want a one-way ticket June 3.我想订一张6月3号的单程机票ticket n. 票I want to depart tomorrow morning.我想明天上午动身depart v. 离开,出发,起飞I want a round-trip ticket.I want a return ticket.我要一张往返票round-trip ticket(美)return ticket(英)“来回票,往返票”明天到亚特兰大的航班都是几点的?What time are your flights to Atlanta tomorrow?What flights do you have going to Atlanta tomorrow?明天到亚特兰大的飞机有哪几班?flight n. 航班,飞行Will you be traveling first class or economy? Which would you prefer, first class or economy?您要头等舱的,还是要经济舱的?这里简单介绍一下飞机里的“客舱( cabin)”:其中最贵的是“头等舱( first class)”,最便宜的是“经济舱(economytourist class)”,居中的是“商务舱(business class)”Which airline would you prefer to fly with?你想坐哪家航空公司的飞机airliner n. 航空公司Is there a discount? Can I have a discount?打折吗?discount n. 折扣How long will this flight take?这趟航班要飞多长时间?When will it take offarrive?什么时候起飞/到达?I want to take a direct flight.我想搭乘直飞的航班direct a. 径直的,直接的Id like to confirm my reservation.我想确认一下我订的机票confirm v.确定,确认 6586

  1.惯用口语句子:Id like to ask about taking a loan.我想问一下贷款的事情Id like to know the procedure of applying a loan.我想了解一下申请贷款的程序loan n. 贷款apply v. 申请apply “申请”Id like to apply a loan.我想申请一笔贷款Id like to apply a mortgage.我想申请一笔抵押贷款mortgage n. amp; v. 抵押Id like to apply a home equity loan.我想申请住房抵押贷款I want to mortgage my home.我要把住宅作为抵押equity n. 抵押资产的净值Id like a variable interest rate mortgage.我想要一笔可变利率抵押贷款variable a. 可变的Please explain an adjustable rate mortgage.请解释一下可调利率抵押贷款adjustable a. 可调整的Could you please tell me something about fixed rate loans?麓给我解释一下固定利率贷款吗?fixed a. 固定的Do you have any -year terms available?你们办理返还期为年的贷款业务吗?term n. 条款available a. 可利用的,可获得的Is there a prepayment penalty?有提前还款罚金吗?prepayment n. 先付,预缴penalty n. 处罚,罚款Id like to borrow thousand dollars.我想贷两千美元How much can I borrow?我可以贷多少钱?What are my monthly principal and interest payments?我每个月要付的本息是多少?principal n. 本金How large a down payment is required?首期付款是多少?down payment(分期付款的)首次付款 36987The UK’s most expensive flat has been sold in London for pound;135.4 million, according to Land Registry documents.14亿人民币!英国最贵公寓诞生!根据英国土地登记处的文件,“海德公园一号”的一套公寓以1.354亿英镑(约合人民4.4亿)的价格成交,当之无愧成为英国最昂贵的公寓。The buyer of “Flat aat the One Hyde Park development is understood to be a Ukrainian who purchased the penthouse in cash in 2007.据悉,该套“海德公园一号”的买主是位乌克兰人,他2007年就用现金提前预定了这里的一处阁楼。The new owner is thought to be spending up to pound;60 million on interior work after receiving the apartment with bare walls and no amenities.这还不止,大手笔的买主还要另外花000万英镑来进行室内装饰,因为他花几个亿买下来的仅仅是个毛坯房,几乎没有任何装饰。The Ukrainian used an offshore company called Water Property Holdings to buy the flat, which covers the top three floors in the Richard Rogers designed complex next to Knightsbridge.这位乌克兰富豪用一家名为Water Property Holdings的海外公司买下了该豪华公寓,公寓占地3层,毗邻著名的骑士街。来 /201104/132774

  All Well That Ends Well善终为善On the way back from the embassy, Kathy and Evan stop in a city park.从大使馆回来的路上,凯西和艾凡在一座市立公园停下来K:Oh. Evan. Im so embarrassed! I cant believe I misplaced my passport.凯西:哦,艾凡我好尴尬哦!真不敢相信我竟然忘记我把护照放哪儿了E:Well, I guess youve learned a good lesson from all this.艾凡:嗯,我猜这一番折腾让你得到了一个很好的教训K:You bet I have! one thing, Im going to keep a close eye on my passport and other travel documents from now on.凯西:那还用说!举一个例子吧,从现在开始,我会紧盯着我的护照和其它旅游文件E:That good. Anything else?艾凡:太好了还有别的吗?K:Yes! Im going to put away my clothes as soon as I return to the hostel each time. 凯西:有!以后一回旅社我就会收拾我的衣If I hadnt just thrown my coat onto the bed the other day, I might have checked the pockets bee hanging it up.如果前几天我不是回去就把衣往床上丢的话,我就会在挂外套前检查口袋了E:That would have been a good idea. It good to be organized.艾凡:要是当时你那么想就好了有条有理是不会错的K:I envy you, Evan. Youre always so well-organized.凯西:艾凡,我好羡慕你你一向很有条理E:Well, remember what I told you at the beginning of the trip?艾凡:嗯,记得我在这趟旅行一开始时告诉过你的话吗?K:Uh, you mean, Always be prepared?凯西:呃,你是说:随时有备吗?E:That right. Gee, Kathy, it kind of chilly. Let head back to the hostel. Then we can have dinner, OK?艾凡:没错咦,凯西,有点冷了咱们回旅社去吧然后我们可以吃晚饭,好吗?K:OK. And tonight it my treat!凯西:好的今晚我请客!E:That the best idea youve had today!艾凡:这是你今天所提的最好的主意! 58333

  A newly-wed couple on a four-month honeymoon were hit by six natural disasters, including the Australian floods, Christchurch earthquake and Japanese tsunami. 一对瑞典的新婚夫妇竟然在四个月的蜜月期里经历了六场自然灾难,其中包括了澳大利亚洪灾、新西兰克莱斯特彻奇地震以及日本海啸。Stefan and Erika Svanstrom left Stockholm, Sweden, on December 6 and were immediately stranded in Munich, Germany, due to one of Europe's worst snowstorms. Stefan Svanstrom和Erika Svanstrom夫妇于去2日离开了瑞典首都斯德哥尔,很快他们就因为欧洲地区严重的暴风雪灾害而被困在了德国慕尼黑。Travelling with their baby daughter, they flew on to Cairns in Australia which was then struck by one of the most ferocious cyclones in the nation's history.之后,夫妇两个带着他们的宝贝女儿继续飞往澳大利亚凯恩斯,可是随后当地就遭遇了龙卷风。那是澳大利亚历史上最猛烈的龙卷风之一。来 /201104/131274。


  A:Good morning. Sit down,please.你好,请坐.B:Doctor,my eyes are very red and sore.大夫,我的眼睛又红又疼.A:Let me pull up your eyelid to have a look让我翻开你的眼皮看看.Please look down.Now look up,look left,and right.请朝下看,朝上看,向左,向右.B:Is there anything wrong?有什么问题吗?A:You have an infection.Something dirty must have come into your eyes.眼睛发炎了,一定是进去脏东西了.B:I swim a long time everyday because Im a swimmer.我每天游泳的时间很长,因为我是游泳运动员.Usually,I use eyedrops afterwards,通常我游完后都点眼药水but I didnt use these days because I have used them up.但这几天我没点因为眼药水用完了.A:That what caused your problem.这就是问题所在.Ill give you some eyedrops but you cant go swimming until it clears up.我给你开些眼药水,但要等眼药水干了以后才能游泳.But dont worry,that wont prevent you from taking part in your game.不过别担心,这不会妨碍你参加比赛.B:Thanks a lot,Doctor.多谢了,大夫. 6189


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