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Shanghai has launched pilot childcare services in a number of workplaces to encourage more families to have a second child, local authorities said last Tuesday.上海相关部门上周二表示,为鼓励更多家庭生育二孩,上海已在一些工作场所开展幼儿托育务试点。About 80 percent of women of child-bearing age in Shanghai do not want a second child, according to a 2016 survey jointly conducted by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.由上海市总工会及上海社会科学院联合开展的一项2016年的调查显示,上海约80%的育龄妇女不想生育第二个孩子。In the survey, all interviewed women had permanent Shanghai residence permits, and the major reason for their not wanting a second child was that there was ;no one to help them take care of the child.;所有接受调查的妇女都拥有上海永久居留,他们不想生第二个孩子的主要原因是没有人帮助他们照顾孩子。Shanghai has 3.3 million working women, with many calling for government help with child care.上海市共计拥有330万职场女性,其中许多人呼吁政府帮助进行儿童护理。The Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions established 12 childcare pilot centers in workplaces before the International Women#39;s Day, March 8, to help working women take care of their children.为帮助职场女性照顾子女,上海市总工会在;三八;国际妇女节前在工作场所设立了12家幼儿托育试点中心。These centers are set up in enterprises, industry parks, public institutions and government departments that have strong demand for such services.这些试点中心设在企业、工业园区、事业单位和政府部门等对托育务有强烈需求的场所。Shanghai will expand childcare services gradually. By the end of 2017, the city is expected to have 50 such childcare centers, according to the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions.上海将逐步扩大幼儿托育务。上海市总工会称,今年年底前,该市预计将建成50家这类务中心。Also, the federation has set up 1,765 ;mom#39;s huts; since 2013 to provide services for pregnant, postnatal and breastfeeding women.此外,2013年以来,上海市总工会已建造1765家;爱心妈咪小屋;,为期、产后和哺乳期女性提供务。 /201703/498326

Li Ning, the Chinese sportswear brand, made a small profit last year, ending three years of annual losses. 中国运动饰品牌李宁去年实现小额利润,结束了持续三年的年度亏损。 The company — a familiar name on the Chinese high street — reported net profit attributable to equity holders of Rmb14m (.2m), after a Rmb781m loss in 2014. Revenue grew 17 per cent to nearly Rmb7.1bn and the debt to equity ratio fell to 109.7 from 198.3 in 2014. 该公司(中国商业街上一个熟悉的品牌)报告,归属于股权持有者的净利润达到1400万元人民币(合220万美元),而2014年录得7.81亿元人民币亏损。营收增长17%,至近71亿元人民币,而负债与股权之比从2014年的198.3降至109.7。 Shares in Li Ning were up more than 7 per cent in Hong Kong yesterday morning before closing up 1 per cent. 李宁股价昨日上午在香港上涨逾7%,收盘上涨1%。 The brand, named after an Olympic gymnast, has struggled to shake off its reputation for cheap sports shoes. But over the past three years it has restructured, clearing out inventory at distributors, closing thousands of stores and increasing the percentage of directly run outlets and ecommerce sales. 以奥运会体操明星李宁命名的这个品牌,一直在艰难摆脱廉价运动鞋的名声。但在过去三年间,该公司进行了重组,清理了经销商的库存,关闭了数千家门店,提升了直接运营网点和电子商务销售的百分比。 In a filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange Li Ning said the rising popularity of sports and fitness on the mainland — amid “supportive” national policies — had helped retail, wholesale and ecommerce outlets to record double-digit revenue growth. 在提交给香港交易所(HKEx)的监管申报文件中,李宁公司表示,中国内地在国家政策的持下,运动和健身日益流行,推动零售、批发和电商网点录得两位数的营收增长。 Li Ning, which is backed by private equity group TPG Capital and GIC, the Singapore wealth fund, had said in January it expected to break even. 背后有私人股本集团TPG Capital和新加坡政府投资公司(GIC)出资的李宁公司曾在今年1月表示,它预期实现盈亏平衡。 Ben Cavender of China Market Research said that while Beijing’s healthy living push had helped, Li Ning had done “at least some of the necessary work needed to optimise performance”. 中国市场研究(China Market Research)的本#8226;卡文德(Ben Cavender)表示,虽然中国政府的健康生活宣传有所帮助,但李宁公司做了“至少一部分优化绩效所需的必要工作”。 Gross inventory fell 20 per cent as a net 300 direct points of sale were added. 总库存下降20%,同时净增300个直接销售网点。 “Running has become a craze among the increasingly affluent and health- conscious Chinese people,” Nielsen said in a recent report. “Consumers are willing to invest a lot in the sport.” “在中国日益富裕和具有健康意识的人士中间,跑步已成为风靡一时的活动,”研究机构尼尔森(Nielsen)在最近一份报告中表示。“消费者愿意在这项运动上投入许多资金。” Chen Ke, a Shanghai-based retail partner at Roland Berger, warned that competition was set to increase. 咨询公司罗兰贝格(Roland Berger)常驻上海的零售业合伙人陈科警告称,竞争势必会加剧。 /201603/432684

Hangzhou, a city in eastern China with apopulation of 9 million, is best known for its tourist-magnet WestLake area and historic buildings – even if local authorities haveallowed the latter to be convertedinto McDonald’s and Starbucks branches.拥有900万人口的中国东部城市杭州以西湖和历史建筑闻名,尽管当局允许后者变成麦当劳和星巴克店面。Despite the pace of recent developments –partly due to Hangzhou becoming a business hub for technology companies – thecity has largely left the machotower-building to its neighbour Shanghai, located 180km northeast, andChina’s other expanding megacities.尽管最近的发展——部分归因于杭州成为了科技公司集结的商业中心——在高楼建筑方面实在不及上海和中国其他正在扩张的大城市。There is, however, another reason whyartist’s impressions of a major new Hangzhou development, set to beginconstruction next year, have caused a stir. The Zhejiang Gate Towers, designedby Australian-Germanfirm Lava, bear a striking resemblance to New York’s twintowers. Their shape is so similar to the old oneand two World Trade Center buildings that, on first glance, it’s hard to quellsuspicions that this yet another case ofChina’sobsession with copycat architecture. Hangzhou aly has its ownversion of the Eiffel Tower, while in Tianjin, north-east China, a versionof Manhattan is being launched.然而杭州最近的一个新的高楼项目引发了骚动,当然这另有原因,预计明年动工。这两栋浙江门塔由澳洲-德国的Lava公司设计,看起来像极了纽约的双子塔。乍看之下,像极了纽约世贸大厦,所以很难一下子就让人平息这是中国对山寨建筑的迷恋的怀疑。杭州已经拥有了自己的埃菲尔铁塔,也天津版本的曼哈顿也即将启动。But talking to the Guardian from his Berlinoffice, Lava’s co-founder Tobias Wallisser laughs off the twin towerscomparison. “Well, I did live in New York when I studied there, and of coursethe World Trade Center was an iconic structure,” he says, adding that a WorldTrade Center copy was never part of Lava’s Hangzhou design brief orspecifically mentioned as a marker point.但是在柏林办公室接受卫报采访时该公司的联合创办人Tobias Wallisser对这种比较一笑置之。“好吧,我确实在纽约生活过,当时在那里学习,当然世贸大楼是个标志性的建筑,”他说在Lava此次的杭州大楼设计中根本没有涉及世贸大楼。“Put any two buildings together and theywill probably resemble the World Trade Center,” Wallisser adds. “But there area few famous twin structures we have compared our new one to recently, such asPetronas Towers [in Kuala Lumpur]. The client wanted to have a simple,commercially viable building with a simple silhouette.”“将任何两栋建筑放在一起看起来都会像世贸大楼,”他说。“但是最近我们将我们的建筑和一些著名的双子结构进行了比较,比如吉隆坡的双子星塔。客户想要一个简单轮廓的具有商业可行性的建筑而已。”Zhejiang Gate Towers will stand at 280 metres, making them the tallest buildings in Hangzhou, and as is the modern trend, will feature a mixture of retail, residential and office space. According to Wallisser, the original design had been more complicated than a basic twin tower structure, but was simplified to lower costs.浙江门塔将高达280米,将成为杭州最高楼,集零售,住房和办公于一身。据Wallisser,原来的设计要比双子塔复杂,但是为了降低成本被简单化了。Rather than New York’s famous twin towers, one of the main design ideas for the new Hangzhou structure was to have it reflect the Chinese character for the word “gate”: 门比起纽约著名的双子塔结构,杭州这个新大楼的设计理念要反映出中国的汉字:门。 /201606/451978

  Hundreds of Chinese officials are to be sacked or demoted for their part in a vaccine scandal that has added to discontent at poor oversight of food and drug safety, especially relating to children. 数百名中国官员将因为他们在疫苗丑闻中的角色而受到撤职、降级等处分。这场丑闻加剧了中国公众对食品和药品安全监管不到位(尤其是涉及儿童的食品和药品)的不满。 Xinhua, the state news agency, said late on Wednesday that 357 officials are to face punishment, with 192 criminal cases aly filed and 202 people detained after improperly stored or transported vaccines were sent to 59 health institutions. 官方的新华社周三晚间报道,357名公职人员面临处分,各地已有刑事立案192起,刑事拘留202人。此前储存或运输不当的疫苗被送到59家卫生机构。 This is the latest in a string of food and drug safety scandals in a country where parents often import products for infants and babies from overseas to ensure quality. Many remember with fear the 2008 milk powder scandal, in which infant formula laced with melamine caused at least six deaths and 300,000 children to fall ill. 这是中国一连串食品和药品安全丑闻的最新一例,中国的父母往往从海外进口婴幼儿产品,以保质量。许多人仍对2008年曝光的配方奶粉丑闻有恐惧记忆,在那场丑闻中,三聚氰胺被故意掺入婴幼儿配方奶粉,导致至少6名婴幼儿死亡,30万幼童患病。 Beijing last month made public an illegal operation in eastern Shandong province in which a hospital pharmacist and her daughter traded m in vaccines that may have been compromised because they were expired or improperly stored or transported. 北京方面上月公布了发生在华东的山东省的一起非法活动,一个医院药剂师和她的女儿买卖了价值8800万美元的问题疫苗,这些疫苗因为过期或者储存或运输不当而可能已经变质。 The China Food and Drug Administration said, however, that the vaccines posed no greater than the normal risk to patients. “We don’t see that the vaccines’ effectiveness has been reduced,” added the health watchdog in a report. 不过,中国的国家食品药品监督管理总局称,接种涉案疫苗不会对受种者带来常规不良反应以外的安全性风险。“没有发现涉案疫苗有效性下降的情况发生,”这家卫生监督机构在《山东济南非法经营疫苗系列案件涉案疫苗接种安全性和有效性风险评估报告》中补充称。 Nonetheless, health officials fear a backlash against Chinese-manufactured vaccines, which aly have a reputation for being more dangerous than those made overseas. Importation of many vaccines is banned. 尽管如此,卫生官员担心中国生产的疫苗遭遇反弹;国产疫苗本来就有比进口疫苗更危险的名声。中国禁止进口许多疫苗。 Wang Yuedan, deputy director of Peking University’s immunology department, said the key to evaluating risks is to check whether package seals are broken or for contamination with micro-organisms. “The vaccines in the Shandong case don’t have those problems,” he said. 北京大学免疫学系副主任王月丹表示,评估风险的关键是检查包装密封是否破损,或者有没有微生物污染。“山东发生的问题疫苗案没有这些问题,”他表示。 Those vaccines had been subject to higher than normal temperatures that could have lowered their effectiveness and reduced their protective value. But the official investigation showed the vaccines “are still effective”, he said. 曾经暴露于高于正常温度的那些疫苗,其有效性和保护价值可能有所下降。但他表示,官方调查显示,涉案疫苗“仍然是有效的”。 Beijing, which publicised the affair almost a year after it was exposed, and several years after it started, appeared eager to show commitment to crack down on abuses by announcing the action, political analysts said. 政治分析人士表示,北京方面在案发近一年后、涉案行为开始几年后公布此案,似乎急于通过宣布采取行动,展现严厉打击违法行为的承诺。 The CFDA said a system was being set up to track vaccines from production to use. 国家食品药品监督管理总局称,正在建立疫苗从生产到使用的全程追溯制度。 The World Health Organisation warned the scandal could jeopardise China’s public health gains if parents become distrustful of vaccines. It also expressed confidence in Chinese vaccines, saying public immunisation campaigns had eradicated polio and sharply reduced cases of hepatitis B and measles. 世界卫生组织(WHO)已警告称,如果父母变得不信任疫苗,这场丑闻可能危及中国的公共卫生进展。该组织还表示对中国疫苗有信心,称中国的公共疫苗接种行动已经根除了小儿麻痹症,还大幅减少了乙型肝炎和麻疹的病例。 /201604/437950


  Europe’s steelmakers are urging EU leaders to take a tougher stance on unfair trade to help preserve the industry on the continent at a time when it is under pressure from cheap Chinese imports.欧洲钢铁制造商敦促欧盟领导人对不公平贸易采取更强硬立场,以保护遭遇中国廉价钢材压力的欧洲钢铁业。In a letter seen by the FT, top executives from more than 50 companies - including ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp - have called on member states to bolster the bloc’s trade defences.在英国《金融时报》看到的一封信中,包括安赛乐米塔尔(ArcelorMittal)、塔塔钢铁(Tata Steel)、蒂森克虏伯(ThyssenKrupp)在内的50多家公司的高管呼吁欧盟各成员国强化欧盟的贸易防御。With China seeking the coveted status as a “market economy” in trade disputes, which opponents warn would give Beijing a “licence to dump”, European steelmakers also want Brussels to adopt a position similar to the US by refusing any status that would allow dumping.中国正在争取贸易争端中的“市场经济”地位,反对者警告称,这将赋予北京一张“倾销许可”。欧洲钢铁制造商希望布鲁塞尔也采取类似美国的立场,拒绝给予可能为倾销开启大门的任何地位。The intervention comes amid ratcheting trade tensions and a rising tide of protectionism, as a popular backlash in the west against the perceived ills of globalisation grows.此番呼吁正值贸易关系日趋紧张、保护主义不断升温之际,西方民众抵制全球化在他们眼中的种种弊端。Europe’s steel industry was battered by a collapse in prices for the metal last year, triggered by global oversupply and a wave of cheap imports into the bloc.去年,由全球钢材供应过剩以及大量廉价钢材进入欧盟导致的钢材价格暴跌,使欧洲钢铁业遭受重创。China in particular is accused of distorting competition by subsidising lossmaking companies and dumping excess material on to international markets at unfairly low prices. Brussels has enacted tariffs against types of steel from a number of countries, but critics say it takes too long to act and is insufficiently robust.中国尤其被指责通过补贴亏损的钢厂并以不公平的低价向国际市场倾销过剩钢材而扭曲了竞争。布鲁塞尔已对来自多个国家的多种钢材加征了关税,但批评人士称其行动太迟缓,且不够强硬。“EU trade defence instruments are very slow to deploy compared to our trade partners,” s the letter, drafted by the lobby body Eurofer ahead of a European leaders’ summit in Brussels this week.信中称:“相比贸易伙伴,欧盟实施贸易救济措施的速度非常慢。”这封信由游说机构欧洲钢铁联盟(Eurofer)在本周欧盟领导人在布鲁塞尔举行峰会之前起草。“In addition, the effectiveness of the EU anti-dumping instrument is uncertain, producing measures which are significantly below the calculated size of the of the dumping, often not even a tenth of US measures”.“此外,欧盟反倾销手段的有效性并不确定,所采取措施相对估算的倾销规模明显不足,常常不及美国措施力度的十分之一。”Demands outlined in the text include the suspension, in certain cases, of the so-called “lesser duty rule”, under which EU duties are calculated. This would in effect remove a cap on levies.信中列出的要求包括在某些情况下暂停实施欧盟计算关税使用的所谓“从低征税规则”(lesser duty rule)。此举实际上等于取消关税上限。The European Commission has aly proposed a strengthening of the legal tools at its disposal, but there are deep divisions among members states. Britain is among a cabal of countries opposed to the plans, first tabled in 2013, despite heavy job losses in the UK steel industry over the past year.欧盟委员会(European Commission)已提出一个强化版法律工具供其使用,但各成员国之间存在深刻分歧。英国自该计划2013年首次提交以来,一直是反对国家之一,尽管过去一年英国钢铁业工作岗位流失严重。A Commission spokesperson said: “[W]e need to reinforce our trade defence instruments to be able to face the challenges of globalisation.欧盟委员会发言人表示:“我们需要加强我们的贸易防御手段,以便能够面对全球化挑战。”“We have an unprecedented number of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures in place on steel products and we’re making full use of the available instruments. But these are not enough”.“我们对钢铁产品采取了数量空前的反倾销和反补贴措施,而且我们充分利用了现有工具,但这些还不够。”The EU’s executive arm will try to unblock the legislation’s progress this week at the Brussels summit, at which trade policy will be one of the main topics.这个欧盟执行机构将于本周在布鲁塞尔峰会上试图开启这一立法进程,贸易政策将是此次峰会主要议题之一。The open letter also touches on the contentious issue of China’s desire to be classified as a market economy, a status that Beijing says it is automatically entitled to obtain at the end of the year under World Trade Organisation rules. Supporters such as the UK say it would boost investment between Europe and China, but detractors believe it would become harder to impose tariffs.公开信还谈到中国想获得市场经济地位的争议性问题,北京方面表示根据世界贸易组织(WTO)规则,中国应该在今年底自动获得该资格。英国等持者表示这将推动欧洲与中国之间的投资,但批评者认为这将加大征收关税的难度。While the debate in Europe has moved on from a simple binary answer to the question, steelmakers want the EU’s anti-dumping regulation to include the bloc’s own criteria for when a country is a market economy, with the burden of proof remaining on exporters into the single market.尽管欧洲的辩论已超越对这个问题的简单二元,但钢铁商希望欧盟的反倾销法规包括该区域自己对市场经济国家的认定标准,举责任仍落在向欧盟单一市场出口的出口商身上。The Eurofer letter also calls for a more favourable treatment for the sector under the EU’s emissions trading scheme.欧洲钢铁联盟的信还呼吁在欧盟碳排放交易机制下对该行业更加优待。 /201610/472506

  The murderous terrorist assault in Paris that has killed at least 127 people is civilisation’s worst nightmare: indiscriminate attacks in the heart of a capital city on peaceful people, guilty of nothing more than enjoying a meal or listening to a band. Coming days after suicide bomb blasts in Beirut, it is clear we are living through another spasm of Islamist terrorism, just at the moment when the extremists’ badlands in Syria and Iraq are under threat.已造成至少132人被害的巴黎恐怖袭击是文明的最可怕噩梦:在某个首都的市中心向和平的人民发起不分青红皂白的袭击,而被害者的过错无非是享用一顿美餐或者听一场音乐会。这波凶残的恐怖袭击发生在贝鲁特遭遇自杀式炸弹几天后,显然说明我们正在经历又一波伊斯兰主义恐怖活动就在极端分子在叙利亚和伊拉克盘踞的不毛之地受到威胁之际。The immediate reaction of the civilised world must be: collective courage in the face of such outrage; heightened vigilance and intelligence sharing; a targeted military response; and international solidarity with the French people.文明世界的直接反应必须是:在这样的暴行面前拿出集体勇气;加强警戒和情报共享;有针对性的军事反应;以及国际社会要与法国人民团结在一起。The lines of blood donors queueing outside Parisian hospitals testify to the resolve and humanity of this great city’s population. The mass deployment of troops on France’s streets and the imposition of a state of emergency are the necessary response to restore public security. The expressions of sympathy from abroad are heartfelt. For so many foreigners, France is their second homeland: Nous sommes tous .巴黎各家医院外人们排起长队献血,明了这个伟大城市的市民的决心和人性。在法国的街道上大规模部署部队,以及实行紧急状态,都是恢复治安的必要回应。来自国外的同情表示是发自内心的。对很多外国人来说,法国是他们的第二故乡:Nous sommes tous (我们都是法国人)。As ever with such attacks in New York and Washington in 2001, Madrid in 2004, London in 2005, Mumbai in 2008 and Paris earlier this year the terrorists are intent on killing ideals as well as individuals. They are targeting the values of open societies, of individual liberties and collective rights.就像以往的此类袭击(2001年在纽约和华盛顿、2004年在马德里、2005年在伦敦、2008年在孟买,以及今年早些时候在巴黎)一样,恐怖分子的意图除了杀戮之外,还包括杀害理想。他们的目标是开放社会、个人自由和集体权利的价值观。Values should be defended, rather than diluted, amid the clamour of populist politicians offering simplistic and often counter-productive solutions. More powers may need to be granted to the police, border and intelligence agencies across Europe to counter extremism. But they should only ever be done so in the context of full democratic debate and accountability.在民粹主义政客嚷嚷着提供简单化而且往往适得其反的解决方案的背景下,价值观应该得到捍卫,而不是稀释。为了对抗极端主义,可能需要向整个欧洲的警察、边防和情报机构授予更多权力。但只应该在经过充分民主辩论和确立责任制度的情况下这样做。The attacks come at a moment of acute vulnerability for Europe as it struggles to cope with a migrant and refugee crisis originating in north Africa and the Middle East. Millions of desperate people have been fleeing the kinds of mindless barbarity now visited on the streets of Paris. Europe is struggling to pick a path between humanitarian generosity and hard-headed pragmatism in dealing with this unprecedented crisis.这波袭击发生之际,欧洲正处于格外脆弱的时刻,它正在艰难应对一场源自北非和中东地区的移民和难民危机。数百万绝望的人们逃离如今降临巴黎街头的这种盲目野蛮行为。在如何处理这场史无前例危机的问题上,欧洲正艰难地在人道主义慷慨和头脑清醒的务实态度之间摸索路径。What is certain is that Poland’s ugly linkage of the Paris attacks to Europe’s migration policy is not the place to start. But tighter border controls, albeit short of formally suspending the Schengen agreement providing for free movement, should be on the table.可以肯定的是,波兰方面把巴黎遇袭与欧洲的移民政策丑陋地联系起来,不是一个合适的起点。但是,收紧边境控制(尽管不到正式暂停让欧洲人自由流动的申根协议的地步)应该被提上议事日程。The medium-term response in France and elsewhere in Europe must be to address the clear alienation of a small minority of its own citizens. President Hollande has aly acknowledged evidence of complicity in the attacks from within France. Further integration, rather than the demonisation of minority communities, is the only sensible, if difficult, response.中期来看,法国以及欧洲其它国家必须做出的回应是,解决本国公民中一小部分人明显与主流社会疏离的问题。法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德( Hollande)已承认,有据表明这波袭击得到了法国居民的内应。唯一明智(即便困难)的回应是进一步推动少数族裔社区融入主流社会,而不是把他们妖魔化。A long-term policy has to include Syria, where similar atrocities have become a daily tragedy. Isis, which has claimed it was behind the attacks, has established a stranglehold over parts of the country. The group’s mystique is that of a ruthless Sunni organisation, which brooks no opposition and contemplates no compromise, peddling a millenarian ideology that transcends both geography and time.长期的政策必须包括叙利亚,在那里,类似的暴行已成为日常悲剧。已宣布对巴黎恐怖袭击承担责任的“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS),已完全控制了叙利亚部分领土。该组织披上一个无情的逊尼派组织的神秘外衣,不容任何反对,不考虑任何妥协,穿越地理和时间,兜售一千年前的意识形态。But Isis territory in Syria is coming under pressure from the US air force and Syrian Kurdish militia, now poised to push south towards Raqqa, the group’s stronghold. Outside powers should discuss co-ordinated action to destroy this totalitarian menace on the ground.但ISIS在叙利亚的地盘正受到美国空军和叙利亚库尔德民兵组织的压力,他们正准备向南推进,进逼ISIS的大本营拉卡(Raqqa)。外部大国应该讨论协调行动,在第一线摧毁这个极权主义威胁。The G20 summit meeting in Turkey should show equal resolve to help protect the civilians in Syria, who have been so traumatised by Isis and the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Some 3m Syrians have fled abroad. More comfort and hope must be given to these people.在土耳其举行的20国集团(G20)峰会在帮助保护叙利亚平民的问题上应该表现出同样的决心,这些平民在ISIS和叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)政权的暴虐下遭受了巨大创伤。大约300万叙利亚人已逃往国外。必须给予这些人更多安慰和希望。That means that outside powers will have to push even harder for a political transition that attempts to distinguish between the interests of the Syrian state and those of the Assad regime. This is a time for further engagement with the world’s most troubled regions, rather than for a fearful retreat.这意味着,外部大国将必须加倍努力推动政治过渡,试图在叙利亚国家利益与阿萨德政权的利益之间作出区分。现在是对世界上最动荡的地区进一步干预的时候,而不应该出于恐惧而退缩。 /201511/410726




  Posing for a picture and flashing the V sign may expose your fingerprints, giving criminals an opportunity to steal your important information.照相的时候比剪刀手很可能会泄露你的指纹信息,给犯罪分子可乘之机。Researchers with the National Institute of Informatics in Japan successfully retrieved fingerprint information from a picture during an experiment, even though the subject was photographed from three meters away, according to the newspaper.日本国立情报学研究所的研究人员进行了一项实验,并在此过程中成功从一张比有剪刀手的照片中提取到了指纹。即使当事人当时是在三米开外的位置被拍摄的,但还是可以轻易获取到。Photos that include both people#39;s faces and fingers run a higher risk of revealing personal information, and the risk for celebrities is even higher, it was added.除此之外,研究人员还补充说道,那些显示当事人面部和手指特征的照片泄露个人信息的风险性更大,对于公众人物来说尤其如此。Chinese experts in fingerprint identification confirmed the possibility.中国指纹识别领域的专家也实了上述可能性。;Technically, we can use high-definition cameras to obtain people#39;s fingerprints,; said Dr. Yin Desen of the First Institute of the Ministry of Public Security.“从技术层面上来讲,如果摄像机像素足够高,人们是可能从中获取到指纹的,”公安部第一研究所专家尹德森这样说道。He also said that people#39;s external features are easily recorded. However, compared to , it is more difficult to obtain fingerprints through just one photo.他还表示,人类的外部特征非常容易被记录。不过,相比视频而言,单单从一张照片上提取指纹的难度将会更大。According to experts, criminals are able to use counterfeit fingerprints to commit crimes, such as stealing fingerprint passwords and signing agreements.专家们称,犯罪分子可以通过伪造指纹来实施犯罪活动,比如盗取指纹密码或者冒充签署协议等。Yin warned that people should pay more attention when they leave fingerprints or use them as passwords.尹德森提醒人们应该小心谨慎,在任何场合留下指纹或使用指纹密码都应严加注意。 /201702/490251



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