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东莞塘厦清溪凤岗镇去除川字纹手术多少钱寮步大岭山大朗镇抽脂多少钱If you are one of the same sex couples getting married this weekend, I want to congratulate you and wish you the very best of luck. As you make your vows, you’ll be making history.Finally, after years of campaigning, and having seen off some very tough opposition, any couple who wants to get married can get married.Together we’ve made our country a place where we celebrate love equally, gay or straight – and for that reason we should all be raising a glass.So, as you make those last-minute preparations and your family and friends gather, I hope you have a day to remember.Here’s to a long and happy life together for you and your partner. And here’s to a fairer more modern and equal future for our country.201502/358932东莞双眼皮价格 Thank you.谢谢大家。I have only got 18 minutes to explain something that lasts for hours and days,so Id better get started. 我只有18分钟的时间来讲一件持续了数天数夜的事情,所以最好述不宜迟,Lets start with a clip from Al Jazeeras Listening Post.我们先来看一段来自Al Jazeera监听站的短片。Richard Gizbert: Norway is a country that gets relatively little media coverage. Ricahrd Gizbert:挪威是个媒体覆盖率相对较低的国家。Even the elections this past week passed without much drama.好比这礼拜刚完的选举,没啥亮点。And thats the Norwegian media in a nutshell:挪威的新闻媒体就是这么回事:not much drama.没有亮点。A few years back,Norways public TV channel NRK decided to broadcast live coverage of a seven-hour train ride seven hours of simple footage,a train rolling down the tracks. 几年前,挪威的公共电视台NRK决定现场直播行程7个小时的火车之旅—固定镜头拍摄一辆行驶中的火车镜头长达7个小时。Norwegians, more than a million of them according to the ratings, loved it.收视率数据表示, 有超过一百万的挪威观众喜爱收看这个节目。A new kind of reality TV show was born,and it goes against all the rules of TV engagement. 一种全新的真人秀从此横空出世,而且它和以往的电视节目截然不同:There is no story line, no script,no drama, no climax,and its called Slow TV. 没故事,没脚本,没亮点,没高潮,它就叫做慢电视。For the past two months,Norwegians have been watching a cruise ships journey up the coast,and theres a lot of fog on that coast. 就在前两个月的时间里,挪威观众看的是一艘游艇漫游海岸的旅程,关键是那海岸还迷雾缠绕。Executives at Norways National Broadcasting Service are now considering broadcasting a night of knitting nationwide.挪威国家广播务的高管们,现在正在考虑播放一档举国编织之夜的节目。On the surface, it sounds boring,because it is,but something about this TV experiment has gripped Norwegians. 乍一看,这节目无聊透了,因为它就是这么无聊,不过这个节目就是有吸睛的效果。So we sent the Listening Posts Marcela Pizarro to Oslo to find out what it is, but first a warning:我们于是派了监听站节目组的Marcela Pizarro去奥斯陆去一探究竟。但是!不要说我没提醒你:Viewers may find some of the images in the following report disappointing.以下的节目画面会让某些观众些许不适,因为太无聊了Thomas Hellum: And then follows an eight-minute story on Al Jazeera about some strange TV programs in little Norway.后面是Al Jazeera带来的这一奇葩节目的八分钟报导,Al Jazeera. CNN. How did we get there?CNN的Al Jazeera。这一报导的由来是什么?We have to go back to ,when one of my colleagues got a great idea. 那是年的时候,我们一同事想了个好点子。Where do you get your ideas?在哪想出来的?In the lunchroom.午餐室里想出来的。So he said, why dont we make a radio program marking the day of the German invasion of Norway in 1940.这位同事说,我们干嘛不做一档纪念1940年德国入侵挪威那一天的节目,We tell the story at the exact time during the night.讲一讲那一晚在那个时间点发生的事情。Wow. Brilliant idea, except this was just a couple of weeks before the invasion day.点子很赞,只不过离那个纪念日就那么几个礼拜了。So we sat in our lunchroom and discussed what other stories can you tell as they evolve?于是我们几个坐在那午餐时就讨论起来有什么故事可以用来讲述其经过?What other things take a really long time?还有什么其他事情也历时良久?So one of us came up with a train.有人提出了火车这个想法。The Bergen Railway had its 100-year anniversary that year.那一年卑尔根火车线路正好100年周年庆,It goes from western Norway to eastern Norway,and it takes exactly the same time as it did 40 years ago,over seven hours.这条线路从西向东穿过挪威,行程跟40年前一样,没变过,也就7个多小时。So we caught our commissioning editors in Oslo, and we said,we want to make a documentary about the Bergen Railway,and we want to make it in full length,and the answer was,Yes, but how long will the program be? 我们当时就找了奥斯陆的策划编辑,告诉他们我们想要做有关卑尔根线路的,全程纪录片。他们回复,可以啊,不过这节目要多长啊?Oh, we said, full length.火车全程那么长。Yes, but we mean the program.额,我们是问这个节目它本身要多长。And back and forth.就这么来回商讨。Luckily for us, they met us with laughter, very, very good laughter,so one bright day in September,we started a program that we thought should be seven hours and four minutes. 幸运的是,他们非常愉快地答应了我们。接下来就是九月的时候那个明媚一天,我们开始制作这个为时7个小时4分钟的电视节目,Actually, it turned out to be seven hours and 14 minutes due to a signal failure at the last station.结果其实是7个小时14分钟,因为最后那一站的时候信号出了问题。We had four cameras,three of them pointing out to the beautiful nature. 我们设了4个摄像机,有3个对着美丽的大自然进行拍摄。Some talking to the guests, some information.穿插一些嘉宾访谈,一些资料补充。We will arrive at Haugastl Station.下一站Haugastl。And thats about it,but of course, also the 160 tunnels gave us the opportunity to do some archives.基本上就是这样。当然还有,在穿越那160个隧道的时候, 我们穿插了一些历史纪录片:Then a bit of flirting while the food is digested.酒足饭饱了就来些情调吧。The last downhill stretch before we reach our destination.旅程结束之前的最后一段下坡路。We pass Mjlfjell Station.我们经过了一站。Then a new tunnel.接下去又是一段隧道。And now we thought, yes, we have a brilliant program.然后呢,我们就觉着我们做了一个超赞的节目,It will fit for the 2,000 train spotters in Norway.会非常迎合挪威的2000多名铁路迷。201506/381614东莞市人民医院去痘印多少钱

东莞哪家医院做双眼皮好广东东莞市自体脂肪填充多少钱 Hi, everybody.大家好!At a time when our businesses have created 9.2 million new jobs in just over four years, and more companies are considering bringing jobs back from overseas, we have a choice to make. 我们的私营企业在过去4年时间里创造了920万个工作岗位,此时此刻,还有更多企业考虑将工作机会从海外带回国内,我们必须做出选择。We can make it easier for businesses to invest in America-or we can make it harder.我们应该让企业到美国投资更为便捷,而不是使其更为艰难。I want to work with Congress to create jobs and opportunity for more Americans. 我希望与国会合作,为更多美国人创造就业机会。But where Congress wont act, I will. 但如果国会不做出行动,我会去做。And I want to talk about three things were doing right now.我想谈论一下当前我们正在做的3件事情。First, were helping more businesses bring jobs to America from overseas. 第一,我们正在帮助更多企业将工作机会从海外带回国内。Three years ago, my Administration created Select USA-a team of people in embassies abroad and agencies here at home focused on insourcing instead of outsourcing. 3年前,当局成立了“选择美利坚”组织,这个团队是由海外大使馆的工作人员和国内相关机构的人员构成,他们更多关注内包经济而非外包经济。Today, theyre helping a Belgian company create jobs in Oklahoma.今天,他们正在帮助一家比利时公司在俄克拉荷马州建厂招工。Theyre helping a Canadian company create jobs in Kansas.他们还在帮助一家加拿大公司。In my State of the Union Address, I asked more businesses to do their part. 在我的国情咨文中,我请求更多企业加入这一计划。And this week, business leaders from across the country are coming here to the White House to discuss new investments that will create even more jobs.本周,全国各地的企业领导将来到白宫共同探讨新的投资计划,这将带来更多的就业机会。Second, on Thursday, Ill be heading to Cooperstown, New York-home of the Baseball Hall of Fame-to talk about tourism. 第二,下周四,我将前往棒球名人堂的故地纽约的库珀镇与人们谈论开发旅游事业。Because believe it or not, tourism is an export. 因为无论你相信还是不信,旅游就是出口。And if we make it easier for more foreign visitors to visit and spend money at Americas attractions and unparalleled national parks, that helps local businesses and grows the economy for everyone.如果我们让更多外国人来美国旅游更为方便,让他们在美国的旅游景点和举世无双的国家公园消费,那将帮助地方经济增长并最终惠及每一个人。Finally, we know that investing in first-class infrastructure attracts first-class jobs. 最后,我们都知道一流的基础设施建设投资将吸引一流的就业岗位。And I want to spend a minute on this, because its very important this year.我想花时间讨论这一问题,因为对于今年而言这很重要。We know business owners dont seek out crumbling roads and bridges and backed-up supply chains. 我们知道企业主追求的不是破败的道路和桥梁以及应急的供应链。They set up shop where the newest, fastest transportation and communications networks let them invent and sell goods Made in America to the rest of the world as fast as possible.哪里有最新最快捷的交通网络和通信网络,可以让他们将创新和美国制造的产品销往世界各地,他们就会选择在哪里建厂。Heres the problem: If Congress doesnt act by the end of this summer, federal funding for transportation projects will run out. 当前的问题是,如果国会在今年夏天之前不行动,联邦交通项目基金的资金链就将断裂。States might have to put some of their projects on hold. 各州不得不停止一些在建项目。In fact, some aly are, because theyre worried Congress wont clear up its own gridlock. 实际上,有些现在已经暂停了,因为他们担心国会无法摆脱政治僵局。And if Congress fails to act, nearly 700,000 jobs would be at risk over the next year.如果国会不能采取行动,明年将有将近70万人面临失业风险。Thats why I put forward a plan to rebuild our transportation infrastructure in a more responsible way. 因此,为了对国家和人民负责,我提出了一项重建交通基础设施的计划。It would support millions of jobs across the country. 这将为全国数百万人提供就业持。And wed pay for it without adding to the deficit by closing wasteful tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas.由此产生的持不会增加一分钱的财政赤字,因为资金源自消除对将工作岗位转移到海外的公司的浪费性税收漏洞。Now, the Republicans in Congress seem to have very different priorities. 现在,国会的共和党人好像有着不同的侧重点。Not only have they neglected to prevent this funding from running out, their proposal would actually cut by 80% a job-creating grant program that has funded high-priority transportation projects in all 50 states.他们不仅对防止基建基金资金链断裂这一问题无动于衷,还在提议将已经得到批准的创造就业的大型项目的资金削减80%,这些项目在50个州都是高优先级的交通基建项目。And they cant say its to save money, because at the very same time, they voted for trillions of dollars in new tax cuts, weighted towards those at the very top.他们不会说这是为了节约资金,因为此时此刻,他们对数以万亿的税收优惠政策进行了投票,要为社会最顶层的人务。Think about that. 想想看。Instead of putting people to work on projects that would grow the economy for everyone, they voted to give a huge tax cut to households making more than 1 million a year.他们考虑的不是为人民带来工作,会促进经济增长惠及所有人的项目,而是要给每年赚取100多万的家庭提供巨额减税。So while Congress decides what its going to do, Ill keep doing what I can on my own.因此,一旦国会决定怎么做,我将继续按照我将竭尽所能行事。On Wednesday, I was in New York where workers are building the areas first large new bridge in 50 years. 上周三,我去了纽约,那里的工人们正在建筑50年来当地的第一座新大桥。And theyre doing it ahead of schedule.他们的工程进度比计划的快。Three years ago, I took action without Congress to fast-track the permitting process for major projects. 3年前,在没有国会帮助下,我采取措施,为重大项目的审批开辟绿色通道。Normally, it would have taken three to five years to permit that bridge. 正常而言,这座大桥的审批将花费3到5年的时间。We did it in a year and a half. 而我们只用一年半就完成了。And I announced a new plan to cut red tape and speed up the process for even more projects across the country.同时我宣布一项新的计划,减少行政审批流程,加快全国各地重大项目的审批。All these steps will make it easier for businesses to invest in America and create more good jobs. 所有这些措施将让越来越多的企业在美国投资更为便捷,更多在美国创造就业。All of them can be done without Congress. 这些事情即便没有国会帮助一样能做好。But we could do a lot more if Congress was willing to help. 但如果国会愿意帮忙我们就能做更多的事情。In the meantime, Ill do whatever I can-not just to make America a better place to do business, but to make sure hard work pays off, and opportunity is open to all.同时,我将尽我一切能力,不仅要把美国变成更适合企业发展的地方,更要确保辛勤的付出能够得到回报,每个人都享有平等的机会。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201405/300231东莞中医院玻尿酸多少钱

东莞疤痕软化针哪家医院好THE PRESIDENT: Hello, St. Paul! (Applause.) It is good to be back in Minnesota. (Applause.) AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you!THE PRESIDENT: I love you back. That’s why I came here. Good to see you.Although, can I just say that when we got off the plane, Secretary Foxx, who is from North Carolina, turned to me and he said, this is the coldest I’ve ever been in my life. (Laughter.) Now, we were only out there for like a minute -- (laughter) -- which goes to show how soft these folks from North Carolina are when it comes to the weather. (Laughter and applause). I, on the other hand, am from Chicago -- (applause) -- I walked off those stairs and I was like, this is balmy, this is great. (Laughter.) February, in Minnesota -- can’t beat it. Cannot beat it.Now, in addition to Secretary Foxx, who I want to -- give him a big round of applause for that introduction. (Applause.) You’ve two champions for the people of Minnesota who are here today. You’ve got Representative Betty McCollum -- (applause) -- and Representative Keith Ellison. (Applause.) You’ve got your Mayor, Chris Coleman, in the house. (Applause.) The new Mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges, is here. (Applause.) And my great friend, who actually told me I was running for President before I knew I was running for President -- R.T. Rybak. Love that name. (Applause.) Where’s R.T.? Now, I want to thank everybody who showed me around Union Depot and gave me a preview of this new light rail line. It is fantastic. (Applause.) And I also just want to say -- even though he’s not here today -- I want to say to everybody how Michelle and I have been keeping in our thoughts and prayers one of the great Americans that we know, as well as a great Minnesotan -- Walter Mondale. (Applause.)Now, like millions of Americans, I’ve spent some time with Minnesotans lately -- because I was watching the Olympics. (Laughter.) Minnesota sent 19 athletes to the games. (Applause.) That’s tied for second most of any state, and they did us all proud. It is not shocking that Minnesotans might be pretty good at the Winter Olympics. (Laughter.) What is particularly interesting is that, once again, the tiny town of Warroad proved that it really is Hockeytown, USA, thanks to T.J. Oshie and Gigi Marvin, who we’re just so proud of. And T.J.’s shootout performance against the Russians I might say I enjoyed a lot. (Applause.) I tweeted at him about it. So we’ve spent some time over the last few weeks on hockey, but I’m not here to talk about hockey. By the way, I cannot play hockey. (Laughter.) I grew up in Hawaii -- we do not have hockey in Hawaii. But I’m here to talk about what you’re doing in the Twin Cities, and how you’re helping to create new jobs and new opportunities for every American.We are at a moment when our economy is growing. Our businesses have created about 8.5 million new jobs in the past four years. Unemployment is at the lowest it’s been in over five years; in Minnesota, it’s lower than it’s been in six and a half years. (Applause.) And, by the way, you’ve got a great governor who I served with in the Senate, Mark Dayton, who is helping to make that happen. (Applause.)So in a lot of ways things are looking up. But in some ways, the trends that had been battering middle-class families for a long time have gotten even starker, because those at the top are doing better than ever, while wages and incomes for a lot of families have barely budged. And too many families are working harder than ever just to keep up. So as I said at the State of the Union address a few weeks back, our job is to reverse those trends. (Applause.) We’ve got to build an economy that works for everybody. We’ve got to restore opportunity for all people, so that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, you can get ahead if you work hard and you’re responsible. And so I laid out an opportunity agenda that has four parts. Number one, good jobs that pay good wages in manufacturing, in energy, in innovation and infrastructure. Number two, train folks with the skills they need to get those good jobs, something that your senator, Al Franken, is doing great work on every single day. He cares a lot about that job training issue. (Applause.) Number three, guaranteeing every child has access to a world-class education. (Applause.) And, number four, making sure that hard work is rewarded with wages you can live on, and savings you can retire on, and health care you can count on. That’s what we’re fighting for. (Applause.) Minnesota is helping to lead the way on these issues. Your state legislature is poised to raise your minimum wage this year. (Applause.) In my State of the Union address, I called for a new women’s economic agenda. It’s actually a family economic agenda -- equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave and more. And there are leaders in your state legislature that are working hard at this, because they know when women succeed, America succeeds. (Applause.)So on all these issues, we’re reaching out to members of Congress, looking to see if they’re willing to work with us on some of these priorities. But what I also said at the State of the Union is, in this year of action, whenever I can partner directly with states or cities or business leaders or civic leaders to act on this opportunity agenda, I’m going to go ahead and do it. We can’t wait. We’ve got to move. We’ve got to get things going. Too many families are counting on it. (Applause.) So yesterday, I launched new hubs to attract 21st century manufacturing jobs to America. And today, I’m here to launch a new competition for 21st century infrastructure and the jobs that come with it, because any opportunity agenda begins with creating more good jobs. And one of the fastest and best ways to create good jobs is by rebuilding America’s infrastructure -- our roads, our bridges, our rails, our ports, our airports, our schools, our power grids. We’ve got a lot of work to do out there, and we’ve got to put folks to work. (Applause.)201502/358723 He remembers people saying, as he was sort of half-conscious, he remembers people saying, Steiners been hit in the head. Steiners dead.他记得。在他处于半清醒状态时听到人们说:斯坦纳被射中了头部。斯坦纳死了。And he was thinking, Im not dead.他想:我没死。And he sat up.于是坐了起来。And Brendan realized after that he could not protect his men,and that was the only time he cried in Afghanistan,was realizing that.之后布伦丹意识到自己没能保护自己的手下在阿富汗那么久,他第一次哭了。因为他意识到没能保护他的战士。Thats brotherhood.这就是兄弟情谊。This wasnt invented recently.这不是什么新词。Many of you have probably The Iliad.在座的应该都读过《伊利亚特》。Achilles surely would have risked his life or given his life to save his friend Patroclus.阿喀琉斯宁可牺牲自己也要保护他的朋友普特罗克勒斯。In World War II, there were many stories of soldiers who were wounded,were brought to a rear base hospital,在二战期间也有许多故事,关于受伤士兵的故事。他们被送去后方战地医院。who went AWOL, crawled out of windows,slipped out doors, went AWOL,wounded,to make their way back to the front lines to rejoin their brothers out there.可是他们会逃跑,爬墙穿门。即使身负重伤也要回到战场。回到战士们中间。So you think about Brendan,you think about all these soldiers having an experience like that, a bond like that,所以想到布伦丹,就能想到这些战士。他们有着这样的经历,彼此之间建立起重要的纽带。in a small group, where they loved 20 other people in some ways more than they loved themselves.在一个小群体中关心着其他20个人胜过关心自己。You think about how good that would feel, imagine it, and they are blessed with that experience for a year, and then they come home,and they are just back in society.可以想象一下这是一种怎样的经历。他们有幸能有这样的经历回到家中回到社会中。like the rest of us are, not knowing who they can count on,not knowing who loves them,who they can love,not knowing exactly what anyone they know.像我们普通人一样不知道自己可以依赖谁。不知道谁关心自己,也不知道有谁值得自己关心不知道那些自己熟悉的人。would do for them if it came down to it.在自己倒下时会作何反应。That is terrifying.这是很恐怖的事情。Compared to that,war, psychologically, in some ways, is easy,compared to that kind of alienation.相比之下从心理上说,战争是很简单的,没有这种陌生感。Thats why they miss it, and thats what we have to understand and in some ways fix in our society.这就是为什么老兵会恋战。我们必须要理解这种陌生感并且尝试找到办法去回应这一问题。Thank you very much.谢谢大家。Applause掌声。201411/342698莞城东城区做双眼皮修复手术费用东莞专业祛疤



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