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'Polite' Britons died on TitanicMore British passengers died on the Titanic because they queued politely for lifeboats, researchers believe.A behavioural economist says data suggests Britons in that era were more inclined to be "gentlemanly" while Americans were more "individualist". Women with children had a 70% better chance of survival than men in such an environment, he told the B.The Titanic sank during its maiden voyage in 1912 after hitting an iceberg, with the loss of 1,500 lives.David Savage, from Queensland University of Technology, studied the disaster to look at how people react in life and death situations.He said that in testimonies from inquiries in America and Britain just after the event, there were a lot of statements from women saying their husbands put them on lifeboats.They then "went to the back of the boat to have a cigar, to stand around and be chummy, while basically the boat went down".Mr Savage said: "There was one gentleman who was rather wealthy... who went back downstairs after he put his wife on the [life] boat... put on his tuxedo...went back upstairs and smoked... with the idea that if I am going die, I may as well die as a gentleman and well-dressed."'Peak of society'The "unsinkable" ocean liner went down in freezing Atlantic waters during its voyage from Southampton to New York. As it sank, the captain, Edward John Smith, shouted: "Be British, boys, be British," according to witnesses."The American culture was set up to be a more individualist culture and the British culture was more about the gentlemanly behaviour," Mr Savage says."You've got to remember that this is the Edwardian period when to be a gentleman was the peak of society."Mr Savage also concludes that social norms such as "women and children first" were very strong in British culture and survived in such an environment. /200903/63612

To reap the health benefits of tea you need to drink three cups a day, according to Simon Gibbons, Professor of Phytochemistry at the University of London School of Pharmacy. He suggests drinking one cup in the morning, one at midday and one in the evening. 'You must leave the tea (whether a bag or leaf) to steep for at least five minutes to allow the hot water to extract the plant material,' he says.  来自伦敦学派大学药房的教授经过研究认为,如果早、中、晚每日都饮茶,可以变得更健康,特别是泡茶的时候,泡茶的时间至少要到5分钟以上,可以使得茶叶中提取物更容易被吸收。  CUTS STROKE RISK   减少中风的危险   A 15-year study in the Netherlands found a strong link between regular consumption of tea made with black tea leaves drunk without milk and reduced risk of stroke. Researchers concluded that the flavonoids (nutrients with anti-oxidant properties) found in high concentrations in black tea helped reduce the production of LDL, the 'bad' cholesterol that can cause arteries to narrow, increasing the chance of stroke or heart attack.   一项在荷兰为其15年的实验调查明,单纯喝“不加奶的红茶”可以大大减少患中风的危险。 研究者总结,在红茶中“黄酮类”物质(一种具有抗氧化功能的营养素)含量很高,可以大大降低低密度脂蛋白,喝红茶有利健康,因为有害的胆固醇可以使得动脉血管萎缩,使得患高血压、心脏病的风险大大增加。   AIDS DIGESTION   帮助消化   Green tea - made from unprocessed tea leaves - helps keep your digestive system regular. It can also help with weight loss: green tea has been found to block the absorption of bad fats by up to 30 per cent. Peppermint tea is also beneficial. Herbalist Sebastian Pole, of Pukka Herbs, explains: 'The essential oils in mint help to relax tension in the digestive system to help you digest your food better.' They prevent the intestinal muscles from cramping and allow digestive gases to pass easily.   在外国,绿茶指的是不经加工的茶叶。喝绿茶可以使得消化系统更好的运转,身体过于肥胖的人饮用绿茶有减肥的效果,因为饮用绿茶可以“抑制”脂肪吸收达到30%。此外,饮用薄荷茶对健康也很有益处,有中草药专家称:“在薄荷中含有的精油成分可以大大舒缓消化系统的紧张程度,此外,它可以防止肠道肌肉紧张蠕动,使得肠道胀气程度缓解。” /201101/124892

调查表明:女性“下床气”比男性严重Women are grumpier than men after waking up in the morning.Menknow better than torub their wives the wrong wayin the morning andhave their heads bitten off, for 6 in 7 women are in a foul mood after waking up.A new research has found that not only are women grumpier than men, but also that they remain in a foul mood for longer. A survey by The Sleep Council showed a quarter of men never wake up in a bad mood, compared to just one in seven women.And reeling from a sleepless night, caused mainly by stress and worry, 13 per cent of women remain in a bad mood for up to four hours, compared to ten per cent of men.Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council said women's grumpiness may be worsened because they shoulder most of the household chores in the morning."Twenty-eight per cent of women as opposed to only 5 per cent of men do any housekeeping before going to work," she was ed by the DailyMail, as saying."It tends to be them that prepares the breakfast, spends time with the children, check their emails andattend to their beauty regime. Women far outweigh men in having a busy and packed morning.So what do men do? Apparently just get up and go out: 17 per cent of them spend only 10 minutes on their wake up and get out routine," she added.The survey found that four in ten people believe a disturbed night is the main reason for grumpiness in the morning.Nearly one in five of the population say they never really get a good night's sleep.7个女人中有6个都有“下床气”,所以,先生们都懂得早晨最好不要惹太太生气,免得吃不了兜着走。一项最新调查发现,女性早晨起床后脾气要比男性暴躁,而且持续的时间比较长。睡眠研究会所做的一项调查显示,没有“下床气”的男性占四分之一,而女性只有七分之一。由压力和忧虑导致的失眠是起床后情绪不佳的主要原因。13%的女性的“下床气”会持续四个小时之久,而男性中只有10%的人有类似情形。睡眠研究会的杰西卡·亚历山大说,由于女性早上得做很多家务活,所以她们的“下床气”更为严重。《每日邮报》援引她的话说:“28%的女性早晨上班前得料理家务,而男性中只有5%的人需要做这些事。”“女人们早上起床后得做早餐、照看孩子、上网查邮件、自己还要梳妆打扮一番,她们比男人忙多了。那么,男人们都做些什么呢?很简单,起床上班。17%的男人整个过程只需要花10分钟。”调查显示,40%的人认为,睡眠不好是早晨脾气暴躁的主要原因。近五分之一的调查对象说,他们晚上从来没有睡过一个好觉。Vocabulary:know better than to do sth. : 懂得…而不去做…rub sb. the wrong way: to annoy,irritate(惹恼;惹某人生气)bite off one's head : to respond to a comment in an angry or reproachful way(没好气的回答)attend to beauty regime : 指“梳妆打扮”、“美容护理” /200803/32057

Better diet and medical care means one in six of us will live to 100, according to new research. Here are some simple steps to ensure you reach your centenary:   据一项调查称,健康均衡的饮食以及完备的医疗保健能使六分之一的人口活到百岁,下面几个简单的部奏也能助你健康长寿。 GET A DOG  养只儿   Dog owners enjoy a longer and healthier life than the rest of the population, according to psychologists at Queen’s University, Belfast. It’s thought pets buffer us from stress, known to increase the hormones linked to life-threatening diseases.  据根据皇后大学心理学家贝尔法斯特的介绍,养的人要比不养的更长寿,更健康。可爱的宠物有利于减轻压力对于我们身体的伤害,总所周知,压力过大将刺激人体分泌一种有可能危机生命的激素。   U.S. researchers also found that stroking a dog can cause blood pressure to drop by 10 per cent. Then there’s the benefit of exercise from dog walking — this can lower cholesterol.   美国的研究人员发现,抚摸能是人体的血压降低百分之十,而带着爱犬散步则有利于降低胆固醇的含量。 /201101/123555

It's the new riddle of the Sphinx: “Why didn’t he call me back?” You have a great first date with a promising guy. You think it went well and expect to see him again… but then poof! He vanishes inexplicably. You sit around with your girlfriends and debate why he didn’t call you back. What happened in between “I’ll pick you up at 8pm” and “poof?” You speculate, you obsess, you rationalize, you justify. You want to know why. When your friends tell you, “It’s not you, it’s him,” you want to know if they’re trying to be nice or telling you the truth. “他为什么不给我打电话呢?”这可是一个难解之谜哦。他是个好小伙,你们俩的第一次约会也十分美满,你很想跟他继续交往下去,可是……他却“噗”的一声人间蒸发了,真是莫名其妙呀。你跟你的闺蜜们聚在一起,争论着他不给你打电话的原因——在他决定说出“八点钟我来接你”和“噗”的一下消失之间到底发生了什么事?你们想啊,猜啊,推理啊,判断啊,就是想把原因弄个明明白白。可是到最后,朋友们对你说“不是你的错,是他不好”的时候,你却不知道她们是在安慰你呢,还是说的实话。Guess what? There is someone who does know the truth about what really happened on your date. But it’s not you. It’s not your friends. And it’s certainly not your mother. It’s the guy you went out with. So I decided to ask him for you! In fact, I asked 1,000 “hims.” During the past ten years as a dating coach and matchmaker, I conducted “exit interviews” with 1,000 single guys to find out why you never heard from him again after a date, or after he flirted with you online or at a party. And I got some real answers. It turns out there are clear, consistent reasons why men show initial interest and then disappear. Sure, sometimes the issue is all his—who hasn’t gone out occasionally with a real jerk? But it turns out that many times we’re sending out signals we might not be aware of. And the good news is that most of these signals are easy to fine-tune.   你想不到吧,的确有人知道事件的真相,可是这个人不是你,不是你的朋友,当然也不是你的老妈,他就是另一个当事人——跟你约会的那个家伙;所以我决定替你亲自“审问”他。呃,事实上,我审问了1000个“他”;在过去的十年里,身为一个约会指导师兼红娘,我总共对1000名单身小伙作过“分手后的调查”,目的就是找出其中缘故——为什么他会在初次约会之后就杳无音信、为什么他在网上或者聚会上给你送了一吨“秋波”之后却没了人影儿。我查到了很多真相,在男人们先是热情如火、接着却偃旗息鼓的背后,确实存在着清晰且一致的理由。有时候的确是对方脑子进水了,那种约会中的“傻X”男人,女人们都或多或少遇到过;但另一些时候,是咱们自己没注意,给他发送出去的是错误的“信号”。令人欣慰的是,这些误会是很容易纠正过来的。Men essentially confessed that when they first meet you, they have several “female stereotypes” floating around in their mind. They quickly try to peg which stereotype you are and then look for evidence to back up their hunch. You know who you are deep down, but he doesn’t yet. So he will decide whether to call you again based on his perception of you, not the reality. In the early stage of dating, perception is reality. Here are three of the most common reasons men revealed why they aren’t calling women back (get the other 7 reasons - and what you can do about all of them - in my new book).  男士们都承认,在初次见面之前,他们早就在脑海中将女人分了几个类型,接着他们会迅速地将你归类,然后在约会中寻觅各种信息、信号,来明他们的预想。你了解自己,可他不了解啊,所以他就根据对你的印象、而不是你的“真我”来决定是否再次约你、跟你交往下去。在两人约会的初期,男人是把“直觉中的你”当做“真的你”来对待了。下面列出的是三个最常见的原因,导致了男人的急流勇退(其余七条以及应对措施,请参看拙著)。 /201012/120254

The zoo built a special eight-foot-high enclosure for its newly acquired kangaroo, but the next morning the animal was found hopping around outside. The height of the fence was increased to 15 feet, but the kangaroo got out again. Exasperated, the zoo director had the height increased to 30 feet, but the kangaroo still escaped. A giraffe asked the kangaroo, "How high do you think they'll build the fence?"   "I don't know, " said the kangaroo. "Maybe a thousand feet if they keep leaving the gate unlocked.  动物园为刚引进的袋鼠建了一个特殊的八英尺高的围墙。但是第二天早上,人们发现这动物在围墙外面蹦跳着。于是围墙高度增加到十五英尺,但袋鼠还是跑了出来。动物园经理甚感恼火,又叫人把围墙高度加到三十英尺,但袋鼠还是逃了出来。一个长颈鹿问袋鼠:“你认为他们会把围墙建到多高?”  “我不知道,”袋鼠说,“如果他们继续开着大门,可能要修到一千英尺吧。” /201108/149463

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