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南岗区药流哪家医院最好的哈尔滨哪家做无痛人流价格合理This Chinese character has taken China internet by storm这个汉字已风暴般席卷了中国互联网A new word is taking the internet by storm in China-- but no one knows quite what it means.一个新词汇席卷了中国网络,但谁都不知道它到底是啥意思The character ;duang; is so new that it does not even exist in the Chinese dictionary. But it has aly sp like wildfire online in China, appearing more than 8 million times on China micro-blogging site Weibo, where it spawned a top-trending hashtag that drew 3,000 discussions among ,000 users. On China biggest online search engine Baidu, it has been looked up almost 600,000 times. It been noticed in the West too, with eign Policy seeing it as a ;break the internet; viral meme - like a certain Kim Kardashian image, or a certain multicoloured dress.duang是个新造词,甚至在中文字典里都不存在,但却已经如同野火燎原版在中国网络上迅速流行起来,在微上出现了800万次以上,成为时下最热门的话题标签,吸引了000名用户的3000次的讨论在中国最大的线上搜索引擎百度上,它被查询了60万次与此同时也引起了西方世界的关注,将其视为;打破互联网;的病毒式基因——就好像金卡戴珊或者一条搞不清颜色的裙子一样But what does it mean?但它到底是个什么意思?;Everyone duang-ing and I still dont know what it means! Looks like it back to school me,; said Weibo user Weileiweito.;每个人都在duang来duang去的但是我还是不知道它到底啥意思!感觉好像回到读书的时候一样;微用户Weileiweito说Another user asked: ;Have you duang-ed today? My mind is full of duang duang duang.;另外一个用户问道:;今天你的duang了吗?我整个人都duang duang duang了;;To duang or not to duang, that is the question,; wrote user BaiKut automan.;duang还是不duang,这是个问题;,微用户BaiKut automan写道;Duang; seems to be an example of onomatopoeia, a word that phonetically imitates a sound. It all seems to have started with Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan, who in was featured in a shampoo commercial where he said famously defended his sleek, black hair using the rhythmical-sounding ;duang;. The word resurfaced again recently after Chan posted it on his Weibo page. Thousands of users then began to flood Chan Weibo page with comments, coining the word in reference to his infamous shampoo appearance.duang似乎是一个拟声词例,用来模仿一种声音他始于香港武打明星成龙在年拍摄的一个洗发水广告在里面他一边为自己顺滑的黑发边界一边发出了;duang;的声音当他把这个视频转发到微上后,这个词最近又重新浮出水面成千上万的用户开始涌向成龙的微发,对着他臭名昭著的广告形象duang个不停The word appears to have many different meanings, and there no perfect translation, but you could use it as an adjective to give emphasis to the word that follows it. A kitten might be ;duang cute;, example. Or you might be ;very duang confused; by this blog.这个词可以有很多不同的意思,没有确切的翻译但你可以把他当一个形容词来用,来强调它后面的词举个例子,kitty猫可以是;duang 好萌!;,或者你可能被这篇文章搞得;duang 晕死了!; ers of Chinese characters, the Jackie Chan theme is also apparent from the quirky way in which the word is written: a combination of Chan Mandarin names.对于看得懂汉字的人来说,也很容易从这个词诡异的书写方式上看出成龙来因为它就是由成龙的中文名字合起来的 36558哈尔滨公立三甲医院在哪个区 哈尔滨哪里治疗痛经好

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哈尔滨医大二院几楼 'Lust Caution' Star Tang Wei Returns in 'Crossing Hennessy'Chinese actress Tang Wei and director Ivy Ho appeared at the Hong Kong International Film Festival the Sunday-night premiere of their romantic comedy 'Crossing Hennessy.'Attendees at the sold-out premiere clamored photos and autographs of Ms. Tang, whose appearance is her first since she was blacklisted in China following her graphic sex scenes in Ang Lee's controversial espionage drama 'Lust Caution.'Ms. Tang, a native of mainland China and a Mandarin speaker, drew applause from the audience when she displayed the considerable Cantonese-language skills she also demonstrates in the movie.'Crossing Hennessy' is the story of a pair of lonely singles - Ms. Tang and Jacky Cheung, a no-show at the premiere - pushed together by their families. It is described by second-time director Ms. Ho as an exploration of the 'mysteries' of the human heart.Also appearing at the premiere were co-stars Paw Hee-ching, who won best actress at last year's Hong Kong Film Awards 'The Way We Are,' Chinese-American actor Andy On, and veteran Hong Kong actor Lowell Lo. 'Crossing Hennessy' opens general release in Hong Kong on April 1.-Dean Napolitano* Crossing Hennessy,* Film,* Hong Kong,* Hong Kong International Film Festival,* Tang Wei 1958佳木斯第一人民中医院收费哈尔滨什么医院治疗妇科好



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