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青岛比较大的整容医院青岛水光针注射瘦腿多少钱Taylor Swift Releases Shake It Off Outtakes Taylor swift has released the outtakes from her ;Shake it off; . So popular its gotten 49 million views on youtube and hit number one on the billboard charts. -Geo with some pop news.-Alright. Good morning again, guys. Tayler Swift has released the outtakes from her megapopular Shake it off . You heard that song right there. Its so popular. Its aly got nearly 49 million views on youtube and hit number one on the billboard charts. This behind-the-scenes clip shows Taylor learning how to do a basket task with some cheerleaders and having a whole lot of fun there. She also reveals why that message shake off the haters is so important to her. Listen.-One thing I learned in whole process is that you can get everything you want in life without ever feeling like you fit in. You know, selling the millions of records doesnt make me feel cool.-Hilarious. Shes always so classical,right? We cant wait to have Taylor right here October, shaking it off on GMA.-Its a great song with the great message. I love it again. She says, have more fun in your haters.-Right, yeah. its also great to see the outtakes, to see its not always perfect and funny.-Its good to show us .-I think its pretty cool. I mean buttom lines.-So far you have a great start.-Alright. Not always p***, right? Ahh, you hear that. Im afraid of no ghost. You know why? Because its National Ghostbuster Day. Thats right. The original fan and fighters are back in honour of the 30th anniversary of the cool classic. The movie is being rereleased in theater starting Friday just in time you kick up your labour day weekend. If there is something strange in your neighbour, who you gonna call? -Geo!-Oh, alright. Just not those ghostbuster in **. Everyone just get so excited whenever we talk about Ghostbuster.-You are talking about bringing me back also doing a good one.-Thats right.-With Wen, right?-The first is classic.-I do, if they did women, and its just fair enough.-Yes, I mean.-And you all know how much I love Jiff, the pomeranian.-Yes, we do.-But this morning, breaking news! It turns out hes a recorder setter, the Guinness World Record, in fact. Guinness crowning the pint-sized dog as the fastest dog on two paws. He took the title Wednesday in races on both hind and front legs, and we were big fans for Jiff right here on GMA. I first met him sitting right here on this desk and there falling for Flora, and ever since we just havent stopped taking Sophie. Just a few, just a few.-Was he bord with you? He was **.-I may be one.-Were kind of obssessed with him, but so is everyone else. Theres 333,000 followers on its page, more than all of us combined.-Cheer ourselves.-Thank you, Geo. /201409/326836滨州医学院附属医院鼻部整形 Hi, Im Jessica 嗨,我是Jessicaand today Im gonna talk about a reaction I like to call今天我要讲的化学演示叫作;Midas magic; ;迈达斯的魔术;and before I get started, lets watch the reaction in action在开始之前,我们先来看看实际反应with the help of Dr. Bassam Shakhashiri 演示由Bassam Shakhashiri士来做and here he is 这就是他了hes actually the president of the American Chemical Society他是美国化学学会主席and his motto is science is fun他的格言是,科学很有趣Here he is at MIT and lets see what he has to show us他来到MIT,看他是怎么做的Watch this. I take this clear and colorless liquid看这个,这是一种无色透明液体and I put some of it into beaker, about 100 milliliters将一些倒入烧杯,大约100毫升How do I know its about 100 milliliters?我怎么知道大约是100毫升Im ing the markers here on the beaker 我阅读了烧杯上的刻度and I take about 100 milliliters of a bit different clear and colorless liquid 再倒100毫升的另一种无色透明液体but you dont know its different, they look the same但你们不知道它不同,因为看起来是一样的and look at this look, look whats gonna happen now? 看这个,看看会发生什么Isnt one of the most fascinating observations you make?这非常迷人,不是吗You take 2 clear colorless liquid, you mix them together将两种无色透明液体混合and you get a yellow substance that is insoluble in water 却得到了一种不溶于水的黄色物质This is lead iodide这是碘化铅I mixed potassium iodide solution with lead nitrate solution我混合了碘化钾溶液和硝酸铅溶液So the magician never tells you how the trick works 魔术师不会告诉你们为什么会这样but in science we like to know whats going on 但科学中,我们会解释发生了什么So what is going on? Lets break it down发生了什么呢,我来讲解一下Dr. Shakhashiri started with two clear colorless liquidsShakhashiri士使用了两种无色透明液体He had about 100 milliliters of lead nitrate 他用了大约100毫升的硝酸铅and that aqueous, its in solution 这是溶于溶液的and about 100 milliliters of potassium iodide还有大约100毫升的碘化钾also aqueous 也是溶液状态and when he mixed those together将两者混合he got a yellow precipitate 他得到了黄色沉淀Lets color that in yellow我用黄色来表示A precipitate is a solid沉淀物是一种固体So how do we know what this yellow solid is?我们怎么知道这种黄色固体是什么呢Well, this is a reaction thats called a double displacement reaction这种反应被叫作复分解反应And in this kind of reaction这种反应中the cation and anion pairs switch places阳离子和阴离子相互交换So what exactly does that mean? 什么意思呢Im gonna use some colors to help me out我将用些色来描述So weve got cations and anions in each of these compounds 这两种化合物中都有阳离子和阴离子The cations have positive charge, so阳离子具有正电荷in this case its led which has a 2+ charge 这里铅离子具有2+电荷and nitrate, N03-然后是硝酸根离子 NOYou need 2 of those to have a neutral compound 这需要两个,才能得到中性化合物Our other compound over here has potassium这里另一种化合物拥有钾离子which has a +1 电荷是+1an our anion is iodide 而阴离子是碘离子which is -1 电荷是-1201412/351131青岛祛疤最好的整形医院

青岛地区市市立医院美容冠See if you can I.D. me.看你能否鉴别出我!Im a planet with two moons.我是有两个卫星的行星。Their names come from Greek words, for ;fear; and ;terror.;他们的名字来自希腊文字,代表的是“恐惧”和“惊慌”。A year for me lasts roughly 687 days.我的一年大概是687天。Im one of Earths closest neighbors.我只地球最近的邻居之一。Im Mars, and depending on our orbits, I can be anywhere from 35 million to 250 million miles away from the Earth.我是火星,根据我们的轨道,我离地球的距离大概是三千五百万到两亿五千万英里左右。AZUZ: A trip to Mars wouldnt exactly be a vacation.到火星的旅行并不是一次度假。It would be a one way ticket.这可能是有去无回。Some people say they are y to take it.一些人表示他们已经准备好去火星旅行了。And were not just talking about a handful of folks.而且我们说的并不是屈指可数的几个人。More than 100,000 people have applied to go.超过十万人已经申请了去旅行。We talked about this last school year, were going to back up and fill in a couple of details.我们在上学年已经讨论过了,我们将会补充持一些细节。A project called Mars One is planning manned missions to the Red Planet.一个叫做“火星一号”的项目在计划红色星球的载人任务。The group wants to send its first four astronauts in 2022.这个组织打算在2022年将首次送去它四人宇航员。The idea would be to colonize Mars, taking supplies like food and solar panels and then using the local Martian environment to produce water and oxygen.这个想法可能会将火星殖民化,获得如食物和太阳能等供给物,并且用火星当地的环境来制造水和氧气。There are some downsides to consider.同样也需要考虑到一些负面影响。Increased exposure to radiation in space and oh, yeah, that whole thing about how you could never come home again.受宇宙射线的照射越来越多,对了,还有,有关你什么时候能够再次回家的所有问题。But with volunteers signing up, the Mars One project might, just might get off the ground.但随着有志愿者报名参加,火星一号项目可能,仅仅是可能取得进展。 /201308/252205平度市地区人民医院治疗狐臭多少钱 青岛诺德医院是公立还是私立

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