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Before you trade in your faithful skinnies for a pair of this season#39;s on-trend flares, you might want to think about what your choice of denim really means.在你正准备放弃你最爱的紧身裤拿去折价购买新款喇叭裤前,不妨想想,你对牛仔裤款式的选择其实有更深层次的意味。According to a new survey by Qualtrics, the fit of our jeans affects confidence, mood and - bizarrely - our recycling habits.Qualtrics最近进行了一次关于牛仔裤的调查,结果发现,牛仔裤的贴身程度会影响我们的信心,情绪,甚至环保习惯。The research found that women who wear figure-hugging styles are nine per cent more likely to report high levels of happiness than someone who wears boyfriend or boot cut looks.调查显示,相比那些穿宽松男友风或靴型牛仔裤的女士,穿贴身牛仔裤的女士感到十分快乐的几率要高9%。The study also discovered that women who describe themselves as #39;extremely or very confident#39; are 12 per cent more likely to be slim jeans devotees.同时,喜欢穿紧身牛仔裤的女士认为自己“非常或十分自信”的几率比其他人高12%。Skinny jeans became the go-to trouser in the early Noughties after being spotted on the likes of supermodel Kate Moss and reality star Kim Kardashian.在本世纪的头几年,紧身牛仔裤受到超模凯特#8226;斯(Kate Moss)和界名媛金#8226;卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)等人的青睐,因而受到众人热捧。Speaking about the drainpipe trouser#39;s widesp appeal The Fashion Police commented: #39;You don#39;t need to be skinny to wear skinny jeans: the word #39;skinny#39; refers to the cut of the leg, not the shape of the wearer.时尚警察(The Fashion Police)节目对瘦腿紧身裤裤的流行发表了以下:“并不是只有瘦人才可以穿紧身裤,‘紧身#39;指的不是穿者的身材,而是收紧裤腿。”#39;Pay close attention to fit: these jeans are much less forgiving than other cuts of denim, which means you really can#39;t afford to size down in them.“要格外注意是否合身:紧身牛仔裤不像其他款式的牛仔裤那么好穿,尺寸小了真的不行。”#39;Dark washes will look dressier than lighter ones, and will also be more slimming.#39;“深色款比浅色款更百搭,而且会更显瘦。”Weirdly, Qualtrics also discovered a host of unusual facts about those who favour skinnies.而且Qualtrics发现,喜欢穿紧身裤的女士们还有一些奇怪的共同点。Wearers of tight jeans are more likely to sit in the aisle than by the window on aeroplanes and they are more likely to favour PC devices over Apple electronics.她们坐飞机时不喜欢坐靠窗位置,更喜欢坐靠近过道的位置;她们更喜欢PC设备,而不是苹果的电子产品。Sydney-born Berkshire-based entrepreneur Donna Ida Thornton runs innovative Denim Clinics, which provide a comprehensive masterclass in helping women find their perfect jeans match.在悉尼出生,在伯克郡工作的企业家唐娜#8226;艾达#8226;桑顿(Donna Ida Thornton)专门开办了一家“牛仔诊所”——为女士们提供专家级的牛仔裤挑选指南。If you have long legs she recommends wearing a #39;low to mid rise#39;.她建议腿长的女士可以选择低腰或中腰的牛仔裤。She said: #39;This cut keeps the waist at the right height, whereas petite girls look great in a high rise that accentuates the waist and elongates the legs.#39;她说:“这种款式可以保裤腰的位置刚刚好。身材娇小的女士应该选择高腰裤,这样可以凸显腰部,并使腿显得更长。”Donna advised: #39;Pear shapes should look for skinny jeans with a high waist to elongate the leg and apple shapes should look for plenty of stretch in a straight leg in a dark wash.#39;她还建议:“梨形身材的女士应选择高腰紧身裤,来拉长腿的视觉效果。而苹果型身材的女士应选择深色有弹性的直筒裤。”#39;Boyish shapes can wear most styles.#39;“男式体型的女士,大多牛仔裤型就可以穿。”The Qualtrics research found that people who wear super-tight trousers are less likely to be eco-warriors - recyclers are seven per cent less likely to wear skinny jeans.Qualtrics的调查还发现,穿超级紧身裤的人不太可能是环保主义者——环保人士爱穿紧身裤的几率比其他人低7%。 /201506/379974

  To give someone the moon door means to break up with somebody. Alternatively, it means to fire somebody from a job。把某人推出月亮门指与某人分手,也可以指,把某人炒鱿鱼。Basically, the word describes any situation in which someone#39;s position or status is completely stripped away from them in one fell swoop。这个表达的基本意思就是,一下子就把某人的身份或地位完全剥夺。This phrase derives from the book and TV series, Game of Thrones, in which there is a castle on a high mountain with a hatch built into the floor. This hatch is called the ;Moon Door.; When opened, the Moon Door releases people into mid air, so that they fall directly to the floor of the Vale far below。这个表达来源于热门小说及改编电视剧《权力的游戏》,里面有个城堡建在高山上,而城堡的地面上有个可以打开的出口,这个出口就叫“月亮门”。这个月亮门一旦被打开,站在上面的人就会跌落到下面的深谷中。 /201506/382585


  You will see them across the city tonight, whatever city you happen to be in. They will stand out for their tightly clenched jaws, their sullen silences and general air of shiftiness. These are the men who have been dragged by their partners to see Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema.2015年2月14日的晚上,无论你身处哪座城市,都会看到这样一群人在城市里穿行。他们的外部特征是:牙关紧咬,愤懑不语,表情变幻不定。这就是被伴侣硬拽着去电影院看《五十度灰》(Fifty Shades of Grey)的男人们。There they will sit, beacons of submerged testosterone in a largely female world, present mainly because they have calculated that they are, at least, on a promise; this not being the kind of film to which a woman takes her partner if sex is absolutely not on the agenda. True, after gazing lustfully on the fab abs of Jamie Dornan, their own partners’ more fleshy features may seem a step down but are they really going to start looking for an alternative at 11pm on a Clapham Saturday?他们坐在影院里,星星点点的男性荷尔蒙隐藏在几乎全是女人的海洋中。他们之所以愿意来,主要是因为心中至少有个盼头:如果一个女人丝毫没有上床的打算,是不会带另一半看这种电影的。诚然,女人们在盯着杰米#8226;多南(Jamie Dornan)的完美腹肌流完口水后,再看自己另一半臃肿的身躯,视觉上可能会产生落差。但是,难道她们真打算开始在“克拉珀姆周六”(Clapham Saturday)的夜晚11点寻觅一个备胎吗?At some point it might occur to the men that in being made to watch the bondage bonkbuster, they have in effect been tied to their seat and forced to submit to the sexual fantasies of their wives or girlfriends. They may, like Anastasia, have worked out that sex was in the air, but they did not anticipate the “red room” — a darkened chamber where deviant fantasies are played out to the soundtrack of munched popcorn and the slurping of Diet Coke. No doubt Christian Grey would have had them sign a contract in advance promising never to reveal what happened inside the secret chambers of the Vue North Finchley or the Odeon Sheffield. In this case, it won’t be necessary. Few will want to talk about it.男性们或许会在某一刻突然觉得,强迫他们观看这部捆绑性爱大片,实际上就是将他们绑在座位上,强迫他们向自己妻子或女友的性幻想对象屈。他们可能像安娜斯塔西娅(Anastasia)一样知道性爱即将来临,但他们没料到会有“红房间”(red room)——一间黑暗的房间,在嚼爆米花声和吸健怡可乐声中,这里上演着离奇的性幻想。毫无疑问,克里斯蒂安#8226;格雷(Christian Grey)肯定会让他们提前签一份合同,承诺绝不泄露Vue电影院北芬奇利店或Odeon电影院谢菲尔德店的那间“密室”里发生过什么。不过对于这些男性来说,完全没这个必要,因为没几个人想谈论它。Maybe it will cross the minds of the more sensitive men that they are facing karmic revenge, experiencing how women feel most weeks of the year at the cinema as their partners drag them to Basic Instinct,Showgirls, American Pie or 9#189; Weeks.也许有些较为敏感的男性会意识到,自己正面对因果报应,体验着一年中大多数时间女性在电影院的感受,她们被伴侣拽着去看了《本能》(Basic Instinct)、《艳舞女郎》(Showgirls)、《美国派》(American Pie)或《爱你九周半》(9#189; Weeks)。The women I know tell me they are not convinced Jamie Dornan is right for the part, feeling he does not quite scale the heights of their vision of the perfect male. Personally, I find this quite encouraging since Dornan and I are not that alike, but it is the kind of remark that could dent the self-esteem of a less confident man. As it happens, Dornan and I do have similarly sculpted six-packs; I just keep mine under a protective layer. Should the Fifty Shades frenzy ever catch on in my own household, I could, I suppose, plan a secret red room of my own. But when the time came to furnish it, I’d end up eschewing all the erotica and opting for a La-Z-Boy recliner, a huge TV and a hotline to Papa John’s pizzeria. It may not be romantic but there’s a lot less chafing.我的女性朋友告诉我,她们认为杰米#8226;多南扮演这个角色缺乏说力,觉得他不太符合她们心中那位完美男主人公的形象。就我个人而言,她们的话让我倍感欣慰,因为多南跟我不怎么像,但对于没我这么自信的男士来说,她们的会削弱他的自尊。我刚好跟多南一样有6块腹肌,只不过我的腹肌藏在保护层下面。要是我自己家里也上演起《五十度灰》热,我想我可以设计一间自己的秘密红房间。不过等我布置这间密室时,我最后肯定会省掉所有情色道具,而选择放一把La-Z-Boy休闲躺椅,一台超大屏幕的电视和一条直通棒约翰(Papa John’s)披萨店的热线电话。我的红房间或许不浪漫,但不会让人感到那么烦躁。I dare say there will be plenty of girls’ nights out on offer for those let down by their partners or attracted by a night of whooping and slavering. Yet for all the discomfort felt by men attending the movie, my hunch is that ushering your partner into the clutches of a hen party is the more dangerous position. For unless you are supremely good-looking, damn rich and a demon in bed, there seems little chance of your partner returning from her ladies’ night pondering whether she might just have sold herself short.我敢说到时候会有大量“狂欢夜”,提供给那些对伴侣失望,或被一晚上的喘息声、吞咽口水声撩拨起来的女性。尽管这部影片令观影的男性感到如此不适,但我预感更危险的是它将你的伴侣引入女性派对的魔掌。因为除非你英俊非凡,富可敌国,床技一流,否则你的伴侣参加完狂欢夜后,反思自己是否轻易地放纵自己去参加这种派对的可能性很低。So it might make more sense for a man to attend. In the first place, he can spend time subtly pointing out the downsides of the film, the lack of screen chemistry and the general soullessness of the ho-hum billionaire lifestyle. Second, he may be able to remind his partner of her good fortune in snagging a boyfriend who, though short of a helicopter, can hold down a relationship without resorting to spanking paddles. And finally, his mere presence inserts him into his partner’s fantasy film night so that, who knows, she may even ascribe some of Grey’s better traits to him.因此对于男士来说,去看这部电影可能更为明智。首先,他可以花时间仔细指出这部影片的缺点,男女主角间没有火花,以及这位乏味的亿万富翁过着多么空洞无聊的生活。其次,他或许可以提醒他的伴侣她有多么幸运,能抓住自己这样的男友,他虽然没有直升机,可不靠打屁股就能维系一段感情。最后,只要他去看这部电影,他就挤进了伴侣的性幻想电影之夜,谁知道呢,没准她甚至会在他的身上找到格雷的部分优点。So for any man caught in this paradox, I make the following suggestions. Embrace the Fifty Shades; turn it into a Valentine’s weekend extravaganza; dress up; hire a limo; book a fancy restaurant; be the fantasy date.因此对于每一个陷入这一矛盾的男士,我作出如下建议。拥抱《五十度灰》吧,把它变成一场情人节的周末盛事,精心打扮,租辆豪华轿车,订一家高级餐厅,来一场梦幻约会。And when you get home, don’t forget the blindfold. After two hours of gazing at Christian Grey, she may not be y for reality just yet.而当你回到家,千万别忘了给她戴上眼罩。目不转睛地盯着克里斯蒂安#8226;格雷看了两个小时后,她或许尚未准备好看到现实。 /201503/362002

  In 1957, when Americans took for granted electric ovens, hand-held mixers and finned cars, their British cousins were, comparatively speaking, just emerging from the cave. In a telling indicator, only 5 percent of working-class Britons owned a refrigerator, and only 12 percent over all. Yet this was the year that Harold Macmillan, the new prime minister, proclaimed, “Most of our people have never had it so good.”1957年,当电烤箱、手持搅拌机、有侧翼轿车在美国已司空见惯的时候,他们的英国亲戚相对来说好像还刚从洞穴里钻出来。一个数据很有说力:在当时的英国,只有5%的工薪阶层拥有冰箱,在整个人口中,只有12%拥有冰箱。同年,新上任的首相哈罗德·麦克米伦(Harold Macmillan)称:“我们当中的大多数人从来没有过这样的好日子。”It was true. As David Kynaston documents, exhaustively and exhaustingly, in “Modernity Britain: 1957-1962,” the Macmillan years felt good to a country recovering from war, austerity and rationing. It was a period of full employment, rising wages, affordable consumer goods and artistic ferment, as new working-class voices made themselves heard in fiction, drama and film.这是真的。正如大卫·基纳斯顿(David Kynaston)在他的《现代性英国:1957-1962》(Modernity Britain: 1957-1962)一书中详尽记述的,对于一个刚刚从战争中恢复过来、厉行节约、实行配给制的国家来说,麦克米伦的年代已经很好了。这个时期实现了充分就业、工资上涨,生活消费品更便宜了,艺术的发展也在酝酿之中,新兴工人阶层开始在小说、戏剧与电影中发出自己的声音。The book, an all-enveloping and mesmerizing social panorama, continues Mr. Kynaston’s grand project of chronicling everyday life in Britain from the end of World War II to the beginning of the Thatcher era. Under the collective title “Tales of the New Jerusalem,” he has aly completed “Austerity Britain: 1945-1951” and “Family Britain: 1951-1957,” whopping big books in which the author marshals vast quantities of data to create, dot by pointillistic dot, a vivid national portrait.这本书是一幅包罗万象、非常迷人的社会全景图,是基纳斯顿按时间顺序记述从“二战”后到撒切尔时代初期英国的日常生活的宏伟计划的一部分。这个计划合称《新耶路撒冷故事》(Tales of the New Jerusalem),除了本书,他已经完成了《节衣缩食的英国:1945-1951》和《家庭英国:1951-1957》两卷,在这几本巨著之中,他列举了大量数据,如同点派画家一样,一点点为这个国家描绘出一幅生动鲜明的肖像。No fact is too large, no fact too small for Mr. Kynaston, whose scrutinizing eye delights in particulars drawn from diaries, memoirs, the daily press and a host of other primary sources.对于基纳斯顿来说,没有绝对的大事,也没有绝对的小事,他那洞察一切的双眼从日记、回忆录、日报和其他重要来源中悉心寻找细节与详情。“On Monday, 6 January 1958,” a typical passage begins, “a disgruntled housewife in Paddington gave her Detergent Survey interview to Mass-Observation; Dennis Dee in Winestead did ‘hedging and ditching at the farm’ amidst ‘heavy rain nearly all the day’; Madge Martin in Oxford went to ‘Barnacle Bill’ at the Ritz (‘amusing enough, but a little too farcical’).” There is more. Queen Elizabeth, we learn, “took Charles and Anne to the Bertram Mills Circus at Olympia (both the Royal children bounced up and down in the seats with excitement’); and all three treasury ministers resigned — a unique event in 20th-century British political history.”他的书中,典型的一段是这样写的:“1958年1月6日星期一,帕丁顿一个闷闷不乐的家庭主妇接受了关于洗涤剂的民意调查采访;温斯蒂德的丹尼斯·迪伊(Dennis Dee)冒着‘持续整日的倾盆大雨’,‘在农场里扎篱笆,挖沟渠’”;牛津的马奇·马丁(Madge Martin)去了里兹影院看《巴纳寇·比尔》(Barnacle Bill)这部电影(‘它很有趣,不过有点太荒唐了’)。”还有更多内容,我们在书中读到,伊丽莎白女王“带着查尔斯和安妮去奥林匹亚看波特拉姆·米尔斯马戏团演出(两位皇子在座位上兴奋得跳上跳下);同时三位财政大臣都辞职了——这在20世纪的英国政治史上是唯一一次。”The fact stream flows on, page after page, like an unending newsreel. This is half the fun of the book, which proceeds at a lively pace in a brisk, appealing style. Mr. Kynaston, who seems to miss nothing, is like an air traffic controller, picking up incoming planes when they are tiny blips and following their progress intently throughout the book.一页一页,无数事实流淌而过,就像永无止境的新闻电影胶片。这还只是这本书趣味的一半。除此之外,它还有着生动的节奏与轻松美妙的文风。基纳斯顿似乎什么都不会放过,就像空中交通管制员盯着屏幕上的小光点,密切注视着飞机的飞行情况。Conservatives select a promising young woman, Margaret Thatcher, as their candidate for Finchley. The headline in the local newspaper: “Tories Choose Beauty.” Mike Jagger (not yet Mick) attends a Buddy Holly concert. A young actress named Judi Dench makes her debut as Ophelia at the Old Vic. The Evening Standard says she has talent and may get somewhere if she acquires some technique.保守党选择了玛格丽特·撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)这位大有前途的年轻女子作为芬奇利选区的议员,当地报纸当天的头条是:“保守派选了美女”。迈克·贾格尔(Mike Jagger,当时还没改名“米克”)去看了巴迪·霍利(Buddy Holly)的演唱会。一个名叫朱迪·邓奇(Judi Dench)的女演员在老维克剧团首演,出演奥菲莉亚一角。《旗帜晚报》(The Evening Standard)说她很有才华,如果再掌握点技巧一定大有可为。The cultural markers of the period shower down like confetti: the first E-type Jaguar, the birth control pill, “Dr. No,” holidays in Spain, Beyond the Fringe, the first flavored potato chips (cheese and onion), the satirical journal Private Eye, the first legal betting shops and the 8.5-mile Preston Bypass, Britain’s first highway. Bronco toilet paper, described by Mr. Kynaston as “cheap, traditional, notoriously nonabsorbent,” tests new pastel colors, and on Dec. 9, 1960, the working-class soap opera “Coronation Street” airs for the first time. A critic for The Daily Mirror found it “hard to believe that viewers will want to put up with continuous slice-of-life domestic drudgery two evenings a week.” The show is still on the air.这个时期的文化标志性事件像婚礼上的五纸屑一样向读者洒来:第一辆E-type捷豹汽车、避药、《诺士》(Dr. No)、去西班牙度假、《边缘之外》(Beyond the Fringe)、奶酪味和洋葱味薯片、讽刺日报《私密之眼》(Private Eye)、第一批合法的票销售点,还有8.5英里长的普莱斯顿大路,这是英国的第一条高速公路。基纳斯顿说,野马牌厕纸“便宜、历史悠久,出了名的不吸水,”它开始尝试使用新的淡色;1960年12月9日,工人阶层肥皂剧《克罗内申街》(Coronation Street)首播。《每日镜报》(The Daily Mirror)的家说,“很难相信观众愿意每周花两天时间,忍受这样一部乏味的家庭琐事剧。”Mr. Kynaston does not have an argument, but he does have some big themes. He traces the rise of a consumer society enjoying, for the first time, televisions and cars and washing machines — all the outward signs of the good life — and undergoing profound change as a result. Increasingly, the industrial proletariat — visible as never before in novels and films like “Room at the Top” and “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” — began to think of itself as middle-class, setting off an identity crisis for the Labour Party that continues to this day.基纳斯顿并不争论,但他的书中确实有重大的主题。他追溯消费社会如何第一次开始享受电视、汽车和洗衣机——这是美好生活的外在特征——以及因此而带来的深刻变革。劳工阶级前所未有地在小说和电影中大量出现,诸如《顶层房间》(Room at the Top)和《星期六的夜晚与星期日的早晨》(Saturday Night and Sunday Morning),他们开始自视为中产阶级,开始有了身份认同危机,今日的工党也仍旧如此。Race is another big topic. Open immigration from the Commonwealth, attracting thousands of West Indians, put Britain on the road to becoming a multiracial society, a fraught process, underscored by race riots in Notting Hill in the summer of 1958.种族是另一个大的主题。随着英联邦开放移民的政策,成千上万西印度移民开始涌入,英国开始走向多种族社会,这是一个令人忧虑的过程,1958年夏的诺丁山种族暴动更是其间的重大事件。A hefty portion of the book is devoted to housing. Horizontal cities became vertical, as ambitious slum-clearance projects plunked down high-rise apartment blocks in cities from London to Glasgow and relocated Britain’s poorest citizens, in a vast social experiment that did not always end happily. “Across much of urban Britain, modernism was being imposed upon a deeply unmodernist populace,” Mr. Kynaston writes.全书也有很大一部分写了住房问题。平房变成了楼房,从伦敦到格拉斯哥,雄心勃勃的贫民窟改造计划在城市里建起了高层公寓,令英国最穷困的城市居民有了住处,而这项宏大的社会实验的结果并不总是好的。“在英国城市的很多地方,现代主义被强加给非现代主义的大众,” 基纳斯顿写道。Still, for the average Briton, life seemed sweet — or at least diverting — a far cry from the years of gray, postwar deprivation and slow recovery. It was not just appliances; it was Harold Pinter, Vanessa Redgrave, Michael Caine, Albert Finney, Peter Hall, Peter O’Toole, Benny Hill and many others. Mr. Kynaston’s lists and factoids really do go on and on and on, and American ers will be lost when it comes to many of the popular television shows, athletes, comedians and singers who figure in the narrative. Still, his total-recall approach does get across the flavor and excitement of the time.不过,对于普通英国人来说,生活似乎很美好,至少也是在好转,和战后那段贫穷、灰色、缓慢康复的时光大不相同。不仅有家电,也有哈罗德·品特(Harold Pinter)、凡妮莎·雷德格雷夫(Vanessa Redgrave)、迈克尔·凯恩(Michael Caine)、阿尔伯特·芬尼(Albert Finney)、彼得·霍尔(Peter Hall)、彼得·奥图(Peter O’toole)、本尼·希尔(Benny Hill)等许多人。基纳斯顿的清单和陈述确实冗长,美国读者读到叙述中大量出现的流行电视剧,还有当红的体育运动员、喜剧演员和歌手时,可能会感到混乱。不过,作者的整体回忆确实把握住了那个时代的韵味与令人兴奋之处。In the book’s final pages, a turning point looms. The Beatles perform on national radio for the first time, taking second billing to the Trad Lads on the show “Teenagers Turn.” John Profumo meets Christine Keeler for the first time. A new era beckons. But that is a story — a long one — for another day.在全书的最后几页,一个转折点出现了。“披头士”(The Beatles)首次在全国广播电台演出,他们在“青少年节目”这个栏目中成了二号头牌,仅次于“传统孩子”(Trad Lads)。约翰·普罗富莫(John Profumo)第一次遇到克里斯汀·基勒(Christine Keeler)。一个新时代即将到来,但这将会是另一天的故事——另一个很长的故事。 /201502/357851A single dose of a new Ebola vaccine that can be inhaled has been found to neutralize the deadly virus in monkeys, researchers reported on Monday.研究人员周一通报称,已发现一种新的可吸入型埃拉疫苗,只需一剂便可抵御猴子体内的致命性病毒。The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, demonstrated that the aerosol Ebola vaccine activated immune cells in the respiratory system of rhesus macaques and provided full protection against the virus. The study was conducted by researchers at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. It was the first attempt to use an aerosol to vaccinate monkeys against a hemorrhagic viral fever, the study’s authors said.发表在《临床调查杂志》(Journal of Clinical Investigation)上的该论文明,该气雾型埃拉疫苗激活了恒河猴呼吸系统内的免疫细胞,提供了针对该疫苗的完全防护。进行研究的是德克萨斯大学加尔维斯顿医学分部(University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston)和位于马里兰州贝塞斯达的美国国家卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)的研究人员。文章作者称,这是首次尝试用气雾剂给猴子接种防治病毒性出血热的疫苗。“The initial several decades of attempts to develop a vaccine against the Ebola virus were unsuccessful,” said Alexander Bukreyev, a virologist from the University of Texas Medical Branch and one of the paper’s authors. “This is one of the few vaccines that works.”“最初几十年研发埃拉疫苗的尝试都不成功,”来自德克萨斯大学加尔维斯顿医学分部的病毒学家、论文的作者之一亚历山大·布克列耶夫(Alexander Bukreyev)说。“这是少数有效的疫苗之一。”But the success of the vaccine in monkeys is no guarantee that it will work in people. This year, an Ebola drug that had been effective in monkeys failed to help humans.但在猴子身上的成功,不能保该疫苗在人身上有效。今年,在猴子身上有效的一种药物就未能帮到人类。“This is a positive step forward,” said Dr. Daniel Bausch, a virologist from Tulane University. “It’s not a breakthrough or ‘Eureka!’ ”“这是一个积极的进步,”来自杜兰大学(Tulane University)的病毒学家丹尼尔·鲍施(Daniel Bausch)说。“但不是突破或‘找到啦’。”The new vaccine can be administered without help from a medical professional. So if it proves successful in humans, the vaccine will be particularly useful in developing countries where there is a severe scarcity of doctors and nurses, as there is in West Africa, where the worst Ebola epidemic in history has yet to be extinguished.这款新疫苗可以在没有医学专业人士帮助的情况下用。因此如果明在人身上有效,该疫苗在发展中国家会特别有用,因为发展中国家严重缺乏医生和护士。西非便是这种情况。在那里,史上最严重埃拉疫情尚未被消除。“The discussion in the field right now is if this Ebola outbreak will be some kind of game changer for vaccine development, or will it only be one more scare that will be forgotten,” said Dr. Igor Lukashevich, a medical virologist from the University of Louisville, who was not involved with the study. “This aerosolized form of the vaccine is really what the field needs right now.”“目前,这个领域讨论的是,这一轮埃拉疫情是会让疫苗研究发生翻天覆地的变化,还是只会成为又一场将被遗忘的恐慌,”未参与这项研究的路易斯维尔大学(University of Louisville)医学病毒学家伊戈尔·卢卡舍维奇(Igor Lukashevich)说。“这种气雾形态的疫苗真的是这个领域目前所需要的。”The study’s lead author, Michelle Meyer, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas Medical Branch, said the respiratory tract may serve as a portal for the Ebola virus if it is exposed to droplets of infected bodily fluids.论文的第一作者、德克萨斯大学加尔维斯顿医学分部士后米歇尔·梅耶尔(Michelle Meyer)表示,如果接触了几滴被感染的体液,呼吸道可能会成为埃拉病毒的入口。In the study, the aerosol vaccine generated substantially more Ebola-immunity cells in the lungs than in the blood and spleen. The cells “in the lungs are acting as the first barrier for protection,” Dr. Meyer said. “That’s ideal to combat the virus at the site of infection.”研究发现,该气雾型疫苗在肺中产生的埃拉免疫细胞,远多于血液和脾。“肺里的这些细胞充当着第一道保护屏障,”梅耶尔说。“在感染的地方阻击病毒是最好的。”Four of the rhesus macaques used in the research were given one dose of the aerosol vaccine; four were given two doses; and two were given the vaccine in a liquid form. Two monkeys were not vaccinated, serving as controls.在研究使用的恒河猴中,四只用了一剂该气雾型疫苗,四只用了两剂,两只用了液态形式的该疫苗。还有两只未接种疫苗,充当着控制组的研究对象。Four weeks after their treatments, all 12 monkeys were injected with 1,000 times the fatal dose of the Ebola virus. A little over a week later, the two unvaccinated monkeys succumbed to the disease and were euthanized, but the vaccinated monkeys stayed healthy. At the end of the study, the researchers euthanized the surviving monkeys, examined their blood and tissues, and found no traces of the Ebola virus.四周后,12只猴子体内全被注入了1000倍于致死剂量的埃拉病毒。一周多一点后,那两只未接种疫苗的猴子被该病毒感染,接受了安乐死,但接种了疫苗的猴子依然很健康。最后,研究人员对幸存下来的猴子实行了安乐死,并对它们的血液和组织进行了检查,未发现埃拉病毒的踪迹。“One aerosol dose of our vaccine was able to protect these animals from death and severe disease,” Dr. Meyer said.“一剂气雾型疫苗就能防止这些动物死亡和重病,”梅耶尔说。The next step will be for the team’s colleagues at the National Institutes of Health to perform clinical trials of the vaccine on humans.下一步,国家卫生研究院的研究人员将对该疫苗进行人体临床试验。 /201507/385709

  7.It Slows Your Metabolism7.减缓新陈代谢If you#39;re sedentary and you#39;re eating more than you burn, you can put on weight. But staying seated all the time can wreak additional havoc on all the processes that make up your metabolism.如果一直坐着不动,进食的脂肪比燃烧的还要多,就会增胖。久坐还会影响人体正常的新陈代谢。It doesn#39;t take much time sitting around to slow down the process by which your body converts food into energy and regulates multiple biological processes. In the time it takes to watch just one episode of ;Game of Thrones; (about an hour of sitting), your body slows down its production of the fat-burning enzyme lipase by 90 percent. When your metabolism slows down, if you don#39;t also slow down your caloric intake and up your exercise you#39;re going to gain weight. But you also lose, too -- your body loses the good cholesterol, HDL, that keeps the bad LDL cholesterol in check, putting you on a path toward cardiovascular disease. You#39;ll also lose efficiency in how well your body is able to effectively manage insulin, steering you toward diabetes.只坐一会儿,你的身体将食物转化为热量、调节体内多个生物进程的速度就会减缓。看一集《权力的游戏》(大约1个小时),身体产生的脂肪酶就会减少90%。当新陈代谢减缓的时候,如果不降低卡路里的摄入量或者增加运动量的话,就会增加体重!与此同时,还会损失有益的胆固醇和高密度脂蛋白,诱发心脑血管疾病。体内调节胰岛素的能力也会弱化,从而提高糖尿病的发病率。6.Underused Muscles, Underused Insulin6.肌肉退化,胰岛素过盛You may be inactive, but your pancreas didn#39;t get the memo. The muscle inactivity that comes along with sitting disease has been associated with a decrease in your body#39;s sensitivity to the insulin your pancreas makes, and that puts you at an increased risk of developing chronic diseases including metabolic syndrome (conditions associated with pre-diabetes) and type 2 diabetes (by about 7 percent). Researchers are finding that women may be more at risk for this side effect of sitting than men.你也许不爱运动,但是你的胰腺并不会意识到。久坐症会影响肌肉活跃度,使身体对于胰腺分泌的胰岛素的敏感程度下降,并增加感染慢性疾病的风险,包括代谢症候群(与糖尿病前期症状有关)以及2型糖尿病(大约7%)。研究人员还发现久坐对于女性的副作用大于男性。Too much insulin in addition to higher levels of C-reactive protein and other chronic inflammation markers circulating in your sedentary body are also linked to certain cancers, such as breast and colon cancer (about a 10 percent risk increase). It#39;s theorized that when the body becomes less sensitive to insulin, levels build up in the body; the excess insulin in your body stimulates cell growth. It#39;s also possible hours of sitting decreases production of antioxidants, which are the body#39;s natural way of protecting itself against free radicals, known cell damagers (and cancer causers).在你习惯于久坐不动的身体里,除了C反应蛋白水平过高和其他慢性炎症反复发作,胰岛素过多也易患癌症,例如乳腺癌和结肠癌(增加大约10%的风险)。理论上来说,当身体对于胰岛素的敏感度降低,体内血糖水平会升高;体内多余的胰岛素会刺激细胞生长。久坐也会降低抗氧化剂的分泌。抗氧化剂是机体祛除自由基对人体损害(及癌症)的自然保护剂。5.It Clogs Your Heart5.心肌梗塞Researchers have reported couch potatoes who spend more than four hours a day sitting passively in front of a screen have roughly a 125 percent greater risk of developing symptoms of cardiovascular disease, such as angina (shortness of breath) or experiencing a heart attack than their peers who only spend about two hours doing so.研究表明,相比于一天只花两个小时坐在电视机前的同龄人,那些花四个小时以上的电视迷们将患心血管疾病的风险提升至125%,例如心绞痛(气促)、心脏病发作。Sitting is clogging your heart. Excessive sitting changes the way your body handles fats (known as lipids) in your blood, and the outcome isn#39;t good. It puts the brakes on HDL production; HDL is known as the good cholesterol because it cleans up the bad cholesterol, LDL, which builds up on the walls of your arteries. Researchers have associated all that sitting you#39;re doing with lower amounts of HDL circulating in your body, and that means lipids and triglycerides are allowed to build up -- and that fat in your blood puts you at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease.坐着可致心肌梗塞。久坐会改变身体处理血液内脂肪(也称脂质)的方式,其结果总归是不好的。这样会抑制身体产生高密度胆固醇;高密度胆固醇是一种有益胆固醇,帮助人体清除低密度胆固醇(低密度胆固醇可使脂肪在动脉血管壁沉积)。研究人员认为久坐可降低身体内部循环的高密度胆固醇量,并增加脂类和甘油三酸酯量,从而增加患心血管疾病的风险。4.Poor Circulation in Your Lower Extremities4.下肢血液循环不良When you sit for more than an hour at a time, you increase your risk of developing peripheral edema -- that#39;s swelling caused when fluid builds up in the tissues in your lower extremities (legs, ankles, and feet). The lack of circulation also ups your odds of developing or worsening varicose veins, suffering from thrombophlebitis, or suffering a blood clot, specifically deep vein thrombosis.坐着超过一个小时,将增加患外周性水肿的几率——当体液在下肢(即,双腿、脚踝和双足)组织中淤积,就会引起水肿。血液循环不良会增加静脉曲张恶化的几率,另外,也易引发血栓性静脉炎或血栓——尤其是增加深静脉血栓的患病几率。Poor blood flow doesn#39;t just affect your lower extremities; it also can cause damage to other organs in your body as well as cause you to feel dizzy, numb or as though you#39;re in a mental fog.血流不畅不仅会影响到下肢健康,对身体其他器官也会造成伤害。不仅如此,你还会因此感到眩晕,身体失去知觉,仿佛处于一种精神恍惚状态。审校:哎呀 校对:落花生 编辑:Freya然 /201507/384792

  It#39;s the biggest event in the social calendar.这是社交日历上最为盛大的节日。And last night, a galaxy of stylish stars, including some of the world#39;s most beautiful women, walked the London Coliseum red carpet to attend the British Fashion Awards.在昨晚,一光鲜明亮的明星,其中不乏世界上最美丽的女人们,踏上了伦敦大剧院的红毯参加英国时尚大奖。Style icons such as Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung looked picture perfect as they faced a gauntlet of flashbulbs.时尚风标们——维多利亚·贝克汉姆,卡拉·迪瓦伊和艾里珊·钟——他们面对这闪光灯的恶意还是拍出了完美无瑕的照片。From expert make-up artists to nail technicians - and even handbag carriers - the A-listers called in their loyal entourage to ensure they were y for their close ups.从专业级的化妆设计师,到美甲技术人员,甚至还有手提包运营商——这些好莱坞大腕们叫来了他们忠诚的一流级团队,确保他们为这次走秀做好了充分的准备。The fashionable face that drew the biggest applause was Victoria Beckham. The womenswear designer pipped Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney to the Best Brand award and no one could be more thrilled at her incredible achievements in the fashion industry than her proud husband.吸引了最多欢呼喝的当属时尚界宠儿维多利亚·贝克汉姆。女装设计师亚历山大·麦昆和斯特拉·麦卡特尼为她颁发最佳品牌奖,获得时尚界这项无与伦比的成就,没有人比她的丈夫更为她骄傲自豪了。David told MailOnline: #39;It#39;s amazing, she#39;s amazing. I#39;m very, very proud of her.#39;贝克汉姆告诉《每日邮报》:“简直太棒了,她太棒了。我真的非常,非常为她感到骄傲。”Leading the style set was Alexa Chung. Although she was not nominated for a British Style Award (she has aly won three consecutive gongs), the model and muse#39;s look did not disappoint.领导了风尚设计的是艾里珊·钟。虽然在英国风尚大奖上,她并没有被提名(她已经连续获得了三个奖章),这位缪斯模特看上去并不失落。The IT girl opted for a silver Emilia Wickstead dress and quirky bag by Charlotte Olympia - because it reminded her of her favourite childhood toy: Pogs.这位IT女孩选择了银色的艾米利亚·威克斯第德裙,配上夏洛特·奥林匹亚新潮的包——因为这唤起了她童年最喜欢的玩具画片的记忆。Another world-renowned style icon to grace the red carpet - also wearing Emilia Wickstead - was Olivia Palermo. The American socialite and former star of The City gushed about British fashion.#39;另一位举世闻名的时尚宠儿在红毯上尽显优雅——她也穿着艾米利亚·威克斯第德——她就是奥利维亚·巴勒莫。这名美国社交名流,同时也是美剧《都市》的前影星向英国时尚界进发。This is absolutely the most impressive time for British fashion, it#39;s really influencing the world, especially British music.“对于英国时尚界来说,这绝对是让人印象深刻的一刻,它正影响着世界,尤其是英国音乐。”WINNERS OF THE BRITISH FASHION AWARDS 20142014英国时尚大奖获奖名单Brand of the Year年度最佳品牌Victoria Beckham维多利亚·贝克汉姆Model of the Year年度最佳模特Cara DelevingneCara DelevingneBritish Style Award英国风尚大奖Emma Watson艾玛·沃森International Designer国际设计师大奖Nicolas Ghesquièr尼古拉#8226;盖斯基埃Womenswear Designer of the Year年度女装设计大奖ErdemErdemMenswear Designer of the Year年度男装设计大奖J.W. AndersonJ.W.安德森Emerging Womenswear Designer女装设计新人奖Marques#39; Almeida品牌“阿尔梅达Emerging Menswear Designer男装设计新人奖Craig Green克雷格绿Emerging Accessory Designer配饰设计新人奖PrismPrismRed Carpet Designer红毯设计大奖Alexander McQueen亚历山大·麦克奎恩New Establishment年度新创大奖Simone Rocha西蒙·罗卡Establishment创意大奖PreenPreenAccessory Designer of the Year年度配饰设计奖Anya Hindmarch安雅芝Special Recognition优秀奖Chris Moore克里斯#8226;尔Special Recognition Award特别荣誉奖Anna Wintour OBEAnna Wintour OBEIsabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator年度最佳创意Edward EnninfulEdward Enninful /201412/349154

  Hip replacement改朝换代。When Satchmo Armstrong sits in for Lawrence Welk.当阿姆斯特朗坐在劳伦斯.威尔克旁边时。 /201505/375869。

  Over the last 30 years, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have dressed Madonna, designed costumes for Baz Luhrmann movies and fended off one of the most convoluted tax evasion cases in recent business history.过去30多年里,杜梅尼克·多尔奇(Domenico Dolce)和斯蒂芬诺·加班纳(Stefano Gabbana)为麦当娜(Madonna)提供装,为巴兹·鲁赫曼(Baz Luhrmann)的电影设计戏,并且从近年来商业史上最复杂的逃税案件诉讼中逃脱。Well before same-sex marriage became widely recognized around the world (though not in Italy), the two were openly living together as lovers, unapologetic as they showed up in their tight white T-shirts at gay clubs like the Sound Factory. A recent ad campaign for their fashion line, Dolce amp; Gabbana, seemed to extol group sex.早在同性婚姻在全世界广泛受到认可之前(尽管在意大利尚未得到承认),两人便公然以恋人身份同居,身穿紧身白T恤衫,毫无愧色地在“声音工厂”之类男同性恋俱乐部出双入对。他们的时装品牌杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp; Gabbana)最近的广告宣传似乎又在赞美群交。So it was something of a surprise this week when word broke that the two men, who are no longer romantically involved but still run their business together, had given an interview in the Italian magazine Panorama in which they said they opposed gay people having families of their own.这个星期传来惊人的消息:恋爱关系已经走到尽头,但仍然在一起经营生意的这两位,在接受意大利杂志《帕诺拉玛》(Panorama)采访时称,他们不赞成男同性恋者组成自己的家庭。“You are born to a mother and a father, or at least that’s how it should be,” Mr. Dolce said. “I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Rented uterus, semen chosen from a catalog.”“人们天生注定是爸爸和妈妈,至少应当如此,”多尔奇说,“我把那种化学手段生出来的孩子称为‘人工合成的孩子’,他们是用租来的子宫,从目录里选出来的精子生出来的。”Outrage was swift.此言引发的愤怒之情迅速蔓延开来。Elton John, who has two children via in-vitro fertilization with his husband, David Furnish, called for a boycott of Dolce amp; Gabbana, a brand he has long worn. Courtney Love declared her intention to burn all the Damp;G clothing she owned. The director Ryan Murphy tweeted that Dolce amp; Gabbana’s clothes are “as ugly as their hate.”埃尔顿·约翰和丈夫大卫·弗内什(David Furnish)拥有两个通过试管婴儿方式生下的孩子,他呼吁抵制杜嘉班纳,这个品牌他已经穿了很久。柯妮·拉芙(Courtney Lve)宣布,她打算烧掉自己所有的杜嘉班纳装。导演瑞安·墨菲(Ryan Murphy)发推特说,杜嘉班纳的装“和他们的憎恨一样丑陋”。Andy Cohen, the host of “Watch What Happens: Live,” said earlier this week that he was auctioning his black Dolce suit on eBay and would donate the money to the Family Equality Council, a gay rights organization. “Even though I loved this suit,” he said in the listing, “it wouldn’t be any fun for me to wear it again.” (By Wednesday afternoon, bidding had reached ,850.)“观察:现场”(Watch What Happens: Live)的主持人安迪·科恩(Andy Cohen)本周早些时候说,他正在eBay上拍卖自己的黑色杜嘉班纳西装,并打算把拍得的款项捐赠给男同性恋权利组织“家庭平等委员会”。“尽管我喜欢那件衣,”他在物品描述中说,“我也不会再乐意穿它了。”(截止周三下午,拍卖额已经达到1850美元)。It was the second time in the last year that members of the fashion and entertainment communities have called for the boycott of a global brand over gay rights issues, the other involving the Dorchester hotels owned by the sultan of Brunei, among them the Beverly Hills Hotel, Le Meurice in Paris and the Principe di Savoia in Milan. Brunei is implementing laws allowing harsh punishment for gay sex and adultery.一年来,这已是时尚与界第二次因为同性恋权利问题而呼吁抵制某个国际品牌了。上一次遭抵制的是文莱苏丹拥有的多切斯特酒店集团(Dorchester),其中包括了贝弗利山庄酒店(Beverly Hills Hotel)、巴黎的默里斯酒店(Le Meurice)和米兰的萨维亚普瑞斯普(Principe di Savoia)酒店。起因是文莱法律严惩同性性行为及通奸。The difference this time, in what seems like a tacit acknowledgment of the power a major advertiser wields in the publishing world: no editor of a fashion magazine contacted for this article would agree to comment or even be interviewed about the proposed boycott, not even Anna Wintour of Vogue, who took a very public stance over the Brunei issue, banning Vogue staff members from staying at those hotels and actively encouraging other Condé Nast executives to do the same.这一次不同的是,大广告商的势力似乎对出版行业产生了心照不宣的影响:本文所联系的时尚杂志主编都不愿意就此发表意见,也不愿就提议中的抵制问题接受采访。《Vogue》杂志的主编安娜·温图尔(Anna Wintour)曾在文莱事件中采取非常鲜明的立场,禁止《Vogue》的员工到多切斯特连锁酒店下榻,还强烈建议康泰纳仕集团(Condé Nast)旗下的其他管理层也这样做,但这一次,就连她也没有开腔。This time, along with Ms. Wintour, Cindi Leive, the editor of Glamour, and Roberta Myers, the editor of Elle, declined to comment, as did the openly gay (and recently married) Ariel Foxman, InStyle’s editor.除了温图尔,《Glamour》的主编辛迪·里弗(Cindi Leive)和《Elle》的主编罗伯塔·米尔斯(Roberta Myers)都拒绝,还有《InStyle》的主编,已公开同性恋身份并且新近结了婚的艾利尔·福克斯曼(Ariel Foxman)。Even Joanna Coles, the normally loquacious editor in chief of Cosmopolitan, was silent Wednesday. (Testy relations with the news media are nothing new for Dolce amp; Gabbana. The designers have banned the fashion critics for The New York Times from their Milan runway shows since 2007, when they were angered by a review of their collections that year.)就连《Cosmopolitan》的主编、一贯多话的乔安娜·科尔斯(Joanna Coles)在星期三也缄口不语(杜嘉班纳与新闻媒体关系向来不佳。2007年该品牌的米兰时装秀后,两位设计师看到《纽约时报》关于杜嘉班纳的一则后大为光火,从此便禁止《纽约时报》的时尚家出席他们在米兰的秀)。And while Madonna declined to comment, associates of the singer seemed to be making subtle attempts this week to distance her from the designers, noting that her relationship with Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana has been contentious over the years. The message: Lots of people have issues with them.麦当娜也拒绝,这个星期,她的助手们似乎在小心翼翼地做出努力,强调她与多尔奇和加班纳的关系多年来争吵不断,把她与这两位设计师的距离拉开。说起来,倒是很多人都看他们不顺眼。For their part, Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana issued an apology, of sorts, that did little to mollify their critics.在多尔奇和加班纳方面,他们发表了某种程度上的道歉,但并没有缓解对他们的批评。“We firmly believe in democracy and the fundamental principle of freedom of expression that upholds it,” Mr. Dolce said in a statement delivered by his spokesman, Paolo Cigognini, who declined further comment. “We talked about our way of seeing reality, but it was never our intention to judge other people’s choices.”“我们坚决相信民主,以及自由表达这一民主的基本原则,”多尔奇通过发言人保罗·西格格尼尼(Paolo Cigognini)说,“我们说出了我们对真相的看法,但我们无意评判他人的选择。”西格格尼尼拒绝发表进一步。(On his Instagram page, Mr. Gabbana called Elton John a “fascist” and posted images of a Je Suis Charlie-style campaign, titled appropriately “Je Suis Damp;G.”)(加班纳在自己的Instagram页面上说埃尔顿·约翰是“法西斯”,还贴了“我是查理”式的宣传画,标题是“我是杜嘉班纳”。)Italian fashion is largely a dynastic industry, but unlike Miuccia Prada, Donatella Versace or Angela Missoni, Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana, who met in the early 1980s, do not come from money.意大利时尚界以家族传承居多,但与缪西娅·普拉达(Miuccia Prada)、多娜泰拉·范思哲(Donatella Versace)和安吉拉·米索尼(Angela Missoni)不同,相遇于80年代初的多尔奇和加班纳并非出身富庶的家庭。Mr. Dolce grew up in Sicily. His father, according to a 2005 New Yorker profile, was a tailor and his mother sold fabric and clothing at a local emporium.多尔奇在西西里长大,根据2005年《纽约客》上的一则人物特写,他的父亲是个裁缝,母亲在当地百货商场里卖布匹和衣。Mr. Gabbana is taller, flashier, perennially tan and rides around Milan, his hometown, on a leopard-print motorino. His father worked in a printing factory and his mother worked for a laundry service.加班纳身材更高、穿着更花哨,皮肤常年晒成古铜色,经常骑着带豹纹的托车在家乡米兰一带飙车。他的父亲在印刷厂工作,母亲在一个洗衣房里工作。The two began their business in 1985 and by the early 1990s, Madonna was wearing their clothes everywhere. She was the ideal spokeswoman for the two designers, who both rebelled against Roman Catholicism and yet revered its iconography.1985年,两人成立了自己的公司,90年代初,麦当娜开始穿他们设计的装到处亮相。她反抗罗马天主教,但仍尊敬它的图像,可以说是两位设计师的理想代言人。And like her, Dolce amp; Gabbana promulgated an image of excess but in real life were workhorses.和她一样,杜嘉班纳也宣扬一种表面有些放肆,但在现实生活中,却非常耐用的形象。“You’d go into the stores and see all the studs and the bells and whistles in the front, but in the back there were surprisingly wearable clothes,” said the writer William Norwich, who worked for Vogue in the early 1990s.“你到店里去,表面上看到那些铆钉和各种花哨的装饰,但令人惊讶的是,它们其实是非常具有穿戴性的衣,”90年代初,为《Vogue》撰稿的威廉·诺威克(William Norwich)写道。The clothing business in the ed States never became enormous, but by 2005, their company employed about 2,000 people.美国的装业从来就没有大过,但早在2005年,他们的公司就雇佣了约2000人。They started a fragrance business, Mr. Gabbana appeared on reality shows and the two men even recorded a cover version of the Andrea True Connection’s 1976 disco classic, “More, More, More.” Which is just what they did. In 2003, according to The New Yorker, they sold more products in Italy than Gucci, Prada, Armani and Versace.他们开始进军香水产业,加班纳开始在真人秀上亮相,两人甚至翻唱了Andrea True Connection在1976年推出的迪斯科经典名曲《更多,更多,更多》(More, More, More)。他们就是这样我行我素。根据《纽约客》报道,2003年,他们的产品在意大利的销量超过了古驰、普拉达、阿玛尼和范思哲。Around this time, Dolce amp; Gabbana stopped being a pair — at least a romantic one. But in interviews, Mr. Gabbana talked openly about wanting children and made it clear he wasn’t referring to adoption.就在这前后,多尔奇和加班纳分手了,但依旧是事业搭档。在许多访谈中,加班纳都公开谈起要孩子的事,还强调说自己不想收养孩子。Instead, the two spent the next several years fighting charges of tax evasion. They were convicted in 2013 and given a 20-month suspended sentence, only to have that reversed and the conviction vacated by Italy’s highest court in October 2014.两人接下来的几年时间里,都在与逃税指控做斗争。2013年,他们被判有罪,获得20个月的缓刑期,2014年10月,意大利最高法院改判两人无罪。This February, they showed their latest collection in Milan. It drew heavily on that iconography and paid homage to mothers. Some of the models came down the runway holding babies. Others wore sweaters that said “I love you, Mama.”今年2月,他们在米兰展示了最新系列。它大量使用肖像,表现出对母亲的敬意。有些模特抱着婴儿走上秀台,还有些人穿的套头衫上写有“我爱你,妈妈”字样。Shortly thereafter came the Panorama interview, where the designers expressed apparent opposition to gay families.不久后就有了《帕诺拉玛》的访谈,两位设计师表达了对男同性恋家庭的鲜明反对。“They’re alienating a large portion of the customer base,” said Ed Filipowski, the president of KCD, one of the fashion industry’s largest public relations firms. “They’re alienating women or anyone trying to have a child in vitro and they’re alienating their L.G.B.T. constituency. It’s a serious issue.” (He added that he found Elton John’s comments on the matter commendable.)“他们这样做等于是放弃了很大一部分客户,”KCD公司总裁艾德·菲利波夫斯基(Ed Filipowski)说,KCD是时尚界最大的公关公司之一。“他们这样等于放弃了希望通过试管婴儿方式要孩子的女人以及所有人,放弃了自身的LGBT人群基础。这是个很严重的问题。”(他还补充说,埃尔顿·约翰对这件事的回应是值得称颂的)。In what may turn out to be a P.R. problem in Hollywood, Dolce has long been a favorite on the red carpet. In 2011, Scarlett Johansson was decked out in a fitted lavender dress with a floral pattern. A year later, Selena Gomez showed up to the Vanity Fair in a gray sleeveless dress.在引发好莱坞公关问题之前,多尔奇一直都是红毯宠儿。2011年,斯嘉丽·约翰松(Scarlett Johansson)穿了杜嘉班纳一件合身的淡紫色带花朵图案长裙。一年后,赛琳娜·戈麦斯(Selena Gomez)身穿一件灰色无袖长裙在《名利场》(Vanity Fair)上亮相。Terrence Howard wore a Dolce tuxedo to the Kodak Theater this year. In the auditorium, he sat near Ms. Wintour, whose daughter, Bee Shaffer, arrived wearing a Dolce gown. (Also wearing Dolce at the Oscars: David Oyelowo and Channing Tatum.)今年,特伦斯·霍华德(Terrence Howard)穿了一件多尔奇的晚礼,在柯达剧场亮相。入场后,他坐在温图尔身边,温图尔的女儿碧夏弗(Bee Shaffer)也穿了多尔奇的长袍。在奥斯卡颁奖礼上,大卫·奥伊罗(David Oyelowo)和查宁·塔图姆(Channing Tatum)都穿了多尔奇的装。Now, all these people risk getting an earful from gay rights organizations and their publicists.现在,这些人都面临遭到同性恋权力组织和他们的宣传人员斥责的可能性。“We have our annual Media Awards Saturday night,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, the president of Glaad, the gay rights organization. “We have a lot of people coming and we’re telling all of them that we would appreciate it if they not wear Dolce amp; Gabbana.”“我们有年度媒体奖周六夜颁奖仪式,”同性恋权利组织Glaad协会主席莎拉·凯特·埃里斯(Sarah Kate Ellis)说。“会有很多人出席,我们会告诉所有人,如果他们不穿杜嘉班纳,我们将表示感谢。”Simon Halls, a founding partner of the entertainment public relations firm Slate PR, said: “I don’t think this is going to go away. I think people are really going to take them to task for this.”西蒙·霍尔斯(Simon Halls)是公关公司Slate PR的创始人之一,他说:“我不觉得这事会马上过去。我觉得人们会谴责他们。”“These are families they’re talking about,” said Mr. Halls, who himself is an in-vitro fertilization parent along with his husband, the actor Matt Bomer. “These are children. Everybody’s got their own personal issues. Those guys are allowed as people to have their own opinions. But they also are public figures and when they communicate that kind of hate filled speech, they are firing up other like minded people in the most irresponsible way possible. It’s dangerous and despicable.”“他们的话涉及家庭,”霍尔说,他自己也和丈夫、演员马特·波莫(Matt Bomer)采取试管婴儿方式剩下孩子。“还涉及孩子。所有人都面临着个人的问题。他们当然可以像普通人一样有自己的看法。但他们也是公众人物,当他们说出那种充满仇恨的话语时,就等于在以最不负责任的方式煽动那些和他们有类似看法的人。这是很危险,也很卑鄙。”Some of the anger appeared to go beyond gay rights.针对他们的愤怒超出了维护男同性恋权利的范畴。Lynn Hirschberg, the editor at large at W Magazine, suggested that the designers’ heavy-handed behavior in the past was part of the reason the reaction has been so harsh.《W杂志》(W Magazine)的特约编辑琳恩·赫舍伯格(Lynn Hirschberg)认为,两位设计师过去那些拙劣的行为也令这次人们对他们的反应格外严厉。“They’ve been unkind and difficult for many, many years, and people have been waiting to respond,” she said. “This is an all debts must be paid kind of thing.”“很多年来,他们一直为人冷酷,不好相处,人们一直都在等机会反击,”她说,“就像是恶有恶报。” /201503/366169



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