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One of his proudest achievements was his memorial complex at Thebes, near modern Luxor.他最骄倣的成就之一是在底比斯修建的纪念建筑群,位于今日的卢克索附近。It wasnt a tomb where he was going to be buried, but a temple where he would be venerated in life and then worshipped as a god for all eternity.这里并非他的墓地,而是他生前接受敬拜,死后被当作神灵永世崇拜的庙宇。The Ramesseum, as its now known, covers an immense area about the size of four football pitches and contains a temple, a palace and treasuries.我们如今将其称为拉美西斯神殿, 它占地极广,约存四个足球场大小,包含神庙,宫殿与藏宝库。There were two courtyards in the Ramesseum, and our statue sat at the entrance to the second one.拉美西斯神殿内有两个院子,我们的这座雕像原本便在第二个庭院的人口处。But magnificent though it is, this statue is just one of many-Ramesses is replicated again and again throughout the complex, a multiple vision of monumental power that must have had an overwhelming effect on the officials and priests who went there.虽然它雄伟壮观,但当时也仅是院内的众多雕像之―。拉美西斯的雕像遍布整个建筑群,这种不朽的力量反复重现,一定会让前来朝拜的官员及神职人员震撼不已。We went to see Antony Gormley in the studio where he created his own monumental sculpture-the Angel of the North:创作了“北方天使”的安东尼戈姆利认为:;Well for me, as a sculptor, the acceptance of the material as a means of conveying the relationship between human-lived biological time and in a way the eons of geological time, is an essential condition of the waiting quality of sculpture.身为雕塑家,我认为原料的材质反映了人类寿命的生物时间与永恒的地质时间之间的关系,是雕像能够长存的基本条件。The fact that sculptures persist, endure, and life dies.人的生命易逝,而雕像永存。And all of Egyptian sculpture in some senses has this dialogue with death, with that which lies on the other side.在某种意义上,所有的埃及雕像都曾经与死 亡对话,与另-个世界对话。;For me there is something very humbling that is, in some senses, a celebration of what a people can do together, because that is the other extraordinary thing about Egyptian both architecture and sculpture.雕像中也包含了一些极为平凡的东西,它是人类集体力量的结晶。这正是埃及雕像与建筑的另一奇特之处。201408/317767。

The result was as profound a transformation for human beings as any revolution in history. This process of settling down did, of course, make you more vulnerable to a crop failure, pests, diseases, above all to the weather, but while things were good, society boomed. 这种结果与人类历史上任何一次革命性转变一样,产生的影响是极其深刻的。定居生活的过程中,确实使人类更加容易遭受各种威胁——谷物失收、虫灾、疾病等,几乎都由气候变化决定;然而遇上风调雨顺的好年头,人类社会就会蓬勃发展。A guaranteed abundant food source fuelled a sustained population explosion, and people began to live in large villages of between two or three hundred - the highest concentration of people the world had yet seen. When your larder is stocked, the pressure is off and youve got time to think, and these rapidly growing, settled communities had the leisure to work out new social relationships and to contemplate the changing pattern of their lives.这种很有保障的丰富食物来源成就了持续性的人口大爆炸,人们开始生活在两三百人组成的大村落里,这样的规模是史无前例的。当你家里的储藏架上填得满满的,压力便降低了,你开始有闲心进行思考;再加上生活在这快速发展、落户安居的村落里,人们也开始有闲心来培养出新的社会关系,并且认真地考虑关于他们生活模式的各种转变。Our little sculpture of the entwined lovers may be a response to this new way of living - a different way of thinking about ourselves. What does it mean to depict the sexual act in this way, at this time? Archaeologist Ian Hodder has done a lot of work on this period and he sees here a process he calls the domestication of the mind: 我们这件缠绕紧拥的恋人小雕塑也许恰恰代表了这种崭新的生活方式,一种看顾人类自身的不同思维。在历史上这个时期,采用这种表现手法来描绘性爱行为,这究竟意味着什么呢?斯坦福大学的考古学家伊恩·霍德对这段历史时期研究颇深,他将这里观察到的现象称之为“心灵的驯化”过程:The Natufian culture is really before fully domesticated plants and animals, but you aly have a sedentary society. And so, I think that this particular object, because of its focus on humans and human sexuality in such a clear way, is part of that general shift towards a greater concern with domesticating the mind, domesticating humans, domesticating human society, being more concerned with human relationships rather than on the relationships between humans and wild animals, and on the relationships between wild animals themselves.Natufian文化其实存在于人类完全驯化植物与动物之前,然而当时已经产生了一个定居社会。因此,我觉得因为这件特殊物品如此清晰地集中刻画出人类性行为,也反映人类心灵上驯化、身体上驯化、社会上驯化、过程中思维变迁的一种巨大转折;人们变得更加关注人与人之间的关系,而不是像以前一样,只关心那些人与野兽,野兽与野兽之间的关系。As you hold the Ain Sakhri pebble and turn it round, whats striking is not just that there are clearly two human figures rather than one, but that its impossible, because of the way the stone has been carved, to say which is male and which is female could that generalised treatment, that ambiguity, have been a deliberate intention on the part of the maker? 当你把玩着这枚Ain Sakhri卵石,转过来转过去地观察,让人感叹的不仅仅是这是一件双人而非单人雕像,更重要的是从这石头雕刻的方式,根本就区分不清哪个是男,哪个是女。这种模糊处理,这种模棱两可性,当年雕塑家是否是有意而为之的呢?We just dont know, but we dont know either how this little statue would have been used. Some scholars think it might have been connected with fertility, but Ian Hodder takes a different view:我们无从知晓,同时我们也无法弄清这件小小雕像当年的真正用途。有些学者认为可能与生育有关,但伊恩·霍德采取不同的看法:This object is one that could be in many ways, and I think that earlier on, one would have often thought that these notions of sexual coupling, and sexuality itself, were linked to ideas of the mother goddess, because its been assumed that when you have the first farmers their main concern is the fertility of the crops. “这物品显然可以有不同的诠释方式,而且我觉得在人类早期,很容易就可以把性爱及性行为本身与母系女神本身联系起来,因为大家都在觉得,当最早期的农耕人类出现了,自然而然的他们主要关心的使是农作物的生育能力。”201404/284599。

根大通这广告大打亲民牌,内容是这几年全球金融危机,他们做了些什么(为什么别人倒了他们没倒)。符合美国人民和小企业利益的事情诸如此类。这广告风格清新,和其他金融机构强调豪气的主流不同,选取书本折纸3D动画走文艺范儿,配上清清淡淡却又不失动人心弦的背景配乐,加上旁白浑厚但略显沙哑的成熟稳重的质感声音娓娓道来,高高在上不可一世的家姿态一下子就变得亲民可爱、慈眉善目了。英语广告视频的文本双语中英对照:Being a leader means moving fast.领跑者必然决断如流。Across the country when the economy tumbled, JPMorgan Chase set up new offices, to work one-on-one with homeowners.经济危机横扫全国之时,根大通新立专门办事处为购房者提供一对一务。Since , weve helped over 200,000 Americans keep their homes.自年以来,我们共帮助二十万以上美国人民拥有自己的家。And were reaching out to small businesses too, increasing our lending commitment this year to billion, and giving businesses the opportunity to ask for a second review if they feel their loan should have been approved.并且这项务也触及小企业贷款,今年我们的贷款承诺额增至一百亿美元,此外,对于首次贷款审批未通过的客户我们还可以再提供一次审核机会。This is how recoveries happen--Every one, doing their part. This is the Way Forward.经济复苏的有赖于此--人人须尽好属于自己的责任。这就是“前进之道”。201404/285491。

A vacation can be relaxing, exciting, and fun, unless you and your travel partner spend the entire time arguing about where to go and what to do.假期非常放松,激动和有趣,除非你和你的旅行伙伴所有时间都花费在争论去哪里和做什么方面。You Will Need你需要Agenda日程Budget预算Ability to compromise妥协的能力Breaks冷静Sense of humor幽默感Overnight trip (optional)夜间旅行(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Understand differences1.理解分歧Understand that different people like to experience traveling in different ways. One person may prefer to have a meticulously detailed schedule while another may prefer to wing it.要理解,不同的人喜欢以不同的方式体验旅行。一人可能喜欢详细地计划行程,而另外一人则喜欢随心所至。Test the waters by going away for only one night on your first trip with a travel partner.第一次和一名伙伴同行时,可以先尝试一个晚上的旅行,进行一下试验。STEP 2 Plan an agenda2.计划日程Make an agenda, itemizing what each of you wants to see or do on the trip.制定一份日程,列明双方想要在旅途中看到什么,做什么。Be open to any situations that arise on the trip that may be more fun or interesting than what is outlined in the itinerary.坦然面对旅途中可能出现的任何情况,可能比原来的行程更有趣。STEP 3 Budget the trip3.制定预算Set up a budget for the trip that clearly outlines how much the trip is going to cost. Specify every expense and determine how much each person is responsible for.为旅程制定预算,清晰地列出旅行需要的花费。具体到每一项花费,确定每人应该承担多少。STEP 4 Compromise4.妥协Be willing to compromise. Compromise means that sometimes both parties have to give up a little of something they want to make each other happy.愿意做出让步。让步意味着有时为了对方开心,双方都必须放弃一些自己喜欢的事情。STEP 5 Take a break5.冷静一下Take a break from each other. If you have travel plans that conflict, or one of you wants to stay in the hotel, split off and meet back together later.双方都冷静一下。如果你们的旅行计划互相冲突,或者其中一方想要待在旅馆里,可以暂时分开,稍后再会合。STEP 6 Work together6.一起努力Work off each others strengths and weaknesses. If your partner is better at planning, and you are better at taking pictures,then do what you are good at.取长补短。如果你的同伴擅长计划,你擅长绘画,可以发挥各自的长处。STEP 7 Laugh7.开心地笑Have a sense of humor. It is often easier to get along when you and your partner can share a laugh about your travel experiences.有点幽默感。如果你和你的同伴可以一起笑对旅行经历,你们将更容易相处。According to the ed Nations World Tourism Organization, in 2008, international tourism generated 4 billion.根据联合国世界旅游组织的统计,2008年,全球旅游业创造了9440亿美元的收入。视频听力译文由。201409/324905。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Whats the only South American country whose official language is Portuguese? If you think you know it, shout it out!哪个南美国家的官方语言是葡萄牙语?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Argentina, Portugal, Brazil or Guyana?是阿根廷、葡萄牙、巴西还是圭亚那?There are several world nations whose official language is Portuguese. 世界上有几个国家的官方语言都是葡萄牙语。But the only one in South America is Brazil. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;但是唯一的一个南美国家是巴西。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Favela is a Portuguese word dating back to the 1940s. “Favela”是一个可以追溯到1940年代的葡萄牙单词。It translates to shantytown, or slum. 它被译为糠市或者是贫民窟。An event coming soon to Brazil could bring a lot of money to some of Rio de Janeiro favelas. 一个即将来到巴西的节日可能会给里约热内卢的贫民窟带来大量的钱。The FIFA World Cup, the biggest and most watched sporting event on the planet takes off on June 12. 世界杯,世界上最盛大的同时也是观看人数最多的体育赛事将在6月12日开幕。It will play out in Brazil over a month, and as the supply goes down for places where can stay, demand goes up as do prices and opportunities.赛事会在巴西持续一个多月,当他们住宿的供给开始减少时,需求增加了,同时增加的还有价格和机会。 /201403/278411。

视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》He greets his young for the very first time.他第一次跟他的孩子们打了招呼The coolness of the Benguela Current brought the penguins here凉爽的本格拉洋流将企鹅带到了这里but that very coolness is a great disadvantage,但那凉气其实很不利because it generates little rain.因为它会产生很少的雨It can, however, produce moisture in a different form.然而 水分将以另一种形成呈现A thick blanket of fog rolls in from the sea一团厚实的云雾从海面飘来and condenses on this thirsty land.在这片干渴的土地上凝结成水And each year,因此每年the desert bursts into life with a dazzling display.这片沙漠都会绽放出五绚丽的花朵Water is so scarce that this show will not last long,极其稀少的水源使绽放期无法持续很久so plants compete to attract their pollinators with colour.因此花朵需要用艳丽的色吸引授粉的昆虫201404/286701。