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青岛地区哪家美容院好青岛全身去毛China#39;s top legislature has adopted the country#39;s first counter-terrorism law. Lawmakers approved the legislation Sunday afternoon at the end of the 18th meeting of the National People#39;s Congress Standing Committee.全国人大常委会第十八次会议27日下午闭幕,会议表决通过了我国第一部反恐怖主义法。;The passage of the specialized counter-terrorism legislation is based on the current provisions of law. It comes both from the need to combat terrorism and from China#39;s responsibility in the international community. It will provide legal support and guarantees for the nation to combat terrorist activities, safeguard national and public security, the security of people#39;s lives and property, and strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation in the international community,; said An Weixing, Division Chief of Counter-Terrorism, Public Security Ministry.中国公安部反恐怖局局长安卫星表示;;在现有法律规定的基础上,制定一部专门的反恐怖主义法,既是当前打击恐怖主义的现实需要,也是中国的国际责任。它的出台必将为中国依法打击暴恐活动,维护国家安全、公共安全和人民生命财产的安全,以及加强国际反恐合作提供更加坚实的法律撑和保。;The law establishes basic principles for counter-terrorism work and strengthens measures for prevention, handling, punishment as well as international cooperation. An Weixing said the newly-passed law is in response to the growing terrorism threat in the country and the world at large. It is essential to addressing terrorism at home and helping to maintain global security.这部法律确立了反恐怖工作基本原则,强化了安全防范、应对处置、国际合作、法律惩治等措施。安卫星还表示,这部新通过的法律将会最大化的对国内及国际上的恐怖威胁作出回应。同时,这对于解决国内恐怖主义,帮助维护全球安全也是极其重要的。The new law, which will enter into force in January next year, will provide legal support to the country#39;s counter-terrorism activities as well as collaboration with international anti-terrorism efforts.法律自2016年1月起施行,将为国家层面的反恐行动以及与国际社会的合作反恐提供法律依据。 /201512/418829青岛隆鼻报价 Is your phone cooking your sperm?你的手机是否在烹饪你的精子?Maybe it’s guilt about overusing them, maybe it’s the shadow of cigarettes, maybe it’s just technophobia. Whatever it is, it seems like we won’t be happy until it’s proven that we’re being slowly exterminated by our phones. To be clear, mobile phones are small radio transmitters, which means they are too weak to damage your DNA but they can warm up the tissue they pass through – slightly – perhaps as much as 0.2C. Other things that risk warming your body include: eating dinner, exercising, a sunny day. Could there be some other danger we don’t know about, however? Erm … well we don’t know. Here are some of the theories that have been floated – and sunk.或许是因为过多使用带来的愧疚感,或许是受雪茄的阴影,或许只是技术恐惧。无论是什么,似乎只有当明自己正被手机慢慢损伤着,我们才会满意。要弄清楚,手机只是小型无线发射器,这意味着他们太微弱了,不会毁坏你的DNA,但可以略微加热靠近的肌肤,最多大概0.2摄氏度。其他有加热你身体风险的事情有:吃晚餐,锻炼,晴天。然而,还有其他我们不知道的危险吗?额…我们不知道。以下是一些已知而被遗忘的理论。Do phones cause male infertility?手机是否会导致男性不育?New research from Israel found lower sperm counts and motility among men who were heavier phone users, suggesting that “certain aspects of cellphone usage may have adverse effects on sperm concentration”. There have been similar studies before, and heat does affect sperm production. However, this study involved questionnaires filled out by 106 men who had aly been referred for semen analysis at Carmel Medical Centre in Haifa. That isn’t very many men, so it could easily be a chance result. Nor is it good evidence anyway, since men who use their phone a lot might also be unusual in other areas, and it might be those areas, not their phone, that are responsible.以色列的新研究发现,手机的重度使用者有更低的精子数量和活跃度,这意味着“使用手机在某些方面或许会对精子集中度有不好的影响”。这之前还有类似的研究,温度确实会影响精子繁殖。然而,这项研究包含了106位男士所填的调查问卷,这些人已经在海法的卡梅尔医学中心进行了精子分析。参加的男士的数量并不多,因此这很可能是个巧合。不论如何这也不是个好的据,因为过多使用手机的人还会减少其他活动,故可能是那些活动的问题而不是手机。Do phones cause eye cancer?手机会导致眼癌吗?In 2001, a German doctor, Andreas Strang, found that rates of mobile phone use were much higher among a group of 118 uveal melanoma patients than in a control group. This was widely reported around the world, even though Dr Strang himself advised people not to take it too seriously. The results haven’t been repeated, and Cancer Research UK does not consider phones an eye cancer risk.在2001年,一个德国医生Andreas Strang发现一群118人的葡萄膜黑色素瘤患者比受控制群体的手机使用率高得多。尽管Andreas Strang医生建议人们不要太当回事,这项研究的结果却在全球广泛传播。结果并未被再次实,因此英国癌症研究会并不考虑将手机作为眼癌风险。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430222青岛市人民医院价格

青岛高密做光子嫩肤要多少钱Amid the throngs at a day at the races, tweed suits are a common sight –among the two-legged fans at least.  人山人海的赛马场上,粗花呢套装是常见的装束——至少人类粉丝是这样的。  So race-goers at tomorrow#39;s Cheltenham Festival will be forgiven for stopping in their tracks if they come across race horse Morestead, who has a tweed ensemble all of his own – complete with shirt, tie and customised cap.  所以,在明天(3月15日)的切尔滕纳姆赛马节上,如果观众因为邂逅赛马莫尔斯特德而驻足,也就情有可原了,因为那匹赛马将穿着自己的一整套粗花呢亮相——包括衬衫、领带和定制的帽子。  The tailor-made Harris Tweed outfit is the world#39;s first three-piece suit for a horse, and was unveiled by Morestead and champion jockey Sir Tony McCoy ahead of this year#39;s festival.  这套量身定制的哈里斯毛呢是世界上首套为马裁制的三件套装,由赛马莫尔斯德和冠军赛马师托尼·麦考伊于今年赛季前发布。  It was specially commissioned by bookmaker William Hill and designed by former Alexander McQueen apprentice Emma Sandham-King, who spent four weeks creating the outfit, which required ten times as much fabric as the equivalent human suit.  这套装是由公司公司特别委托定制的,由英国时尚教父亚历山大·麦昆从前的得意弟子埃玛·桑达姆-金设计,耗时四周,其所有面料相当于人类套装的10倍之多。  In all her team of seamstresses used more than 18 metres of tweed shipped in from the Isle of Harris.  埃玛的裁缝团队用了18米粗毛呢,所有面料都是从哈里斯岛运来的。  ;Tweed is undergoing a massive revival and this year’s Cheltenham Festival will see the most tweed worn since the 1960s.;  ;当下正流行粗毛呢复古风,今年的切尔滕纳姆赛马节上会看到自上世纪60年代以来最多的毛呢装。”  This year#39;s Cheltenham Festival begins tomorrow and lasts until Friday.  今年的切尔滕纳姆赛马节会从明天开始,周五结束。 /201603/433451平度市妇幼保健院怎么样 山东省青岛中心医院激光除皱手术多少钱

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