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莱阳中心医院激光脱毛青岛冰点无痛脱毛Where can I change some money?在哪里可以换钱?Timmy: Could you please tell me where I can change some money?蒂米:请问我可以到哪里换钱?Ann: Over there at the bank.安:到那边的。Timmy: Thanks.蒂米:谢谢。At the bank在Timmy: Excuse me ,which window is foreign exchange section?蒂米:请问哪一个窗口可以兑换外币?Service: Please go to window 8.柜员:请到8号窗口办理。Timmy: Thank you.蒂米:谢谢! /201412/347179青岛激光祛痘的费用 Subject:As far as policy is concerned, I have to say something. 迷你对话A: I think there are some problem in our policy.我想我们的政策出了些问题。B: Well, as far as policy is concerned, I have to say something.嗯,说道政策,我得说几句。 地道表达 as far as 1. 解词释义Concern表示“涉及......,与......有关”。As far as的意思是“根据......而言”。例如:as far as I remember(就我会议来说),as far as I know(就我所知)。而as far as something is concerned是一种特殊的表达方式,意思是就某事而言,这个句型用来引出某人的观点和看法,也可以说为:so far as...is concerned。 2. 拓展例句e.g. As far as defense is concerned, we need to buy more sophisticated weapons.就防御的观点来说,我们需要购买更多精密的武器。e.g. As far as historicism is concerned, the position is similarly hopeless.就历史决定论而言,这种主张也是没有希望的。e.g. As far as historicism is concerned, the position is similarly hopeless.就历史决定论而言,这种主张也是没有希望的。e.g. As far as oil energy is concerned, we cannot be too frugal.就石油能源而言,我们愈节省愈好。 /201408/317365可可网友们,大家好。春节将至,大家互送祝福的时候,常常会说,祝某人的学业、工作等在新的一年里能取得长足进步。那么,用英语表达这个意思的时候,比较地道的说法是什么呢?我们还是先来了解单词 ;headway;。它本身表示;进展;前进;航行速度;。和它最常用的搭配make (great) headway,就是我们今天要为大家细说的;取得进展,取得进步;了。这个短语也可以指代具体的位置上的前行。我们通过几个例子来具体看一下这个短语的用法吧。先来看一个小对话,对话中一个女孩儿的英语取得了很大的进步,原因是什么呢。A: Wow, you are starting to make headway with your English? 哇,你的英语开始进步了。B: Tell you a secret. Irsquo;m kind of in a relationship with a foreign guy. 告诉你个秘密。我和一个外国男孩儿谈恋爱了。A: You donrsquo;t say. How, how did you meet each other. Tell me, tell me the whole story, right now. 不是真的吧?你们怎么,怎么认识的啊?告诉我,立刻告诉我全部过程。两个女孩儿间的对话。不过,交外国朋友,在更自然放松的环境下说英语,提高会既迅速又不知不觉。可能的话,希望大家尽量为自己创造机会。我们再来两个例子:想要问某人最近的学业,或者某项工作进展如何,我们可以说,How much headway have you made recently?You can make great headway in your study if you put your mind into it. 如果你全神贯注于你的学业,一定会取得长足进步。刚才我们也说过,这个短语还可以表示具体的位置上的向前移动。比如下面这两种情况:The ships make headway against the heavy seas. 这些船必须与汹涌的大海搏击前行。When the lot light shines, you canrsquo;t make headway. 这里,hot light等于red light,红灯的意思。也就是红灯亮了,你就不能往前走了。 /201201/166782青岛硅胶丰胸

滨州医学院附属医院祛疤痕集中注意力并不是一件很容易的事情,尤其是处在当前这个充满诱惑和纷扰的世界里。下面是继续告诉大家一些有帮助的方法:  7. Plan your day to the T. 计划到细节。 If you’re finding sporadic periods of laziness throughout the day, it could be because you don’t take enough breaks (see #2), and you don’t have the day mapped out as efficiently as you could. Make sure your list of todos has lots of small, actionable steps that can be done quickly. This will gives a really satisfying feeling when you’re crossing things off your list like crazy.  如果一天中你会不定时出现犯懒的时刻,那也许是因为你没有获得足够的休息(见第二条);而且你也没有最有效地安排时间。保你的待办办事务清单由许多小而易行、能迅速完成的步骤组成。疯狂地勾去清单上的事务会给你带来真正的满足感。  8. Notice your lazy routines. 注意懒惰规律。Everyone has recurring lazy spots throughout the day. Plan to have your breaks for those times. You’re going to be lazy then anyway, right?  每个人在一天中都会有反复出现的懒惰时刻。安排在这些时侯休息。反正到时也会犯懒,对吗?  9. Plan the night before. 提前一天计划。Planning the night before is a great way to really get focused on the next day. “Sleeping” on your tasks and goals for the following day can really help your mind expect what’s going to happen the next day. Essentially, you’re preparing your mind for the following day. Advanced focus.  提前一天计划是在第二天切实保持注意力的极好方法。带着第二天的任务和目标“入睡”帮助头脑预计第二天要发生什么很有帮助。其实,就是为第二天做好心理上的准备。提前集中注意力。 /201212/213053李村妇幼保健医院周末有上班吗 英语谚语:  In the gravethe rich and poor lie equal.  一朝入暮穴,贫富皆一律。   Every minutecounts. 分秒必争。   An ounce ofluck is better than a pound of wisdom.  聪明才智,不如运气。   A lightheart lives long.  静以修身。   A maid thatlaughs is half taken.  少女露笑脸,好事半成全。   make yourenemy your friend.  化敌为友。   where thereis life, there is hope.  生命不息,希望不止。   Faith willmove mountains.  精诚所至,金石为开。   Joy putheart into a man  人逢喜事精神爽。 /201212/212081山东省青岛中医医院减肥瘦身多少钱

青岛怎样去除腿上的汗毛听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Get a group of Michiganders together, add a deck of cards, and chances are pretty good youll wind up with a game of euchre.It was once dubbed ;the queen of all card-games; and was wildly popular in the late 1800s. But its popularity waned through the 20th century. That is, except in Michigan and a handful of Midwestern states, nicknamed the “Euchre Belt.”Jason Boog, a journalist and euchre enthusiast whos written about ;The Peoples Card Game,; spoke to Stateside about the communal nature of the game, and why it remains so well loved in Michigan.“There’s this euchre belt: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania,” Boog said. “The game has stayed alive among this little, tight-knit group of people. And it kind of tracks where German immigrants moved through the ed States.”Boog said euchre rewards cooperation and collaboration, and requires social strategy and communication.In the game, the Bower (the Jack) is the most powerful card, overturning the King and Queen. Euchre scholars believe ;bower; is an Americanized form of the German word for peasant, or farmer: ;bauer.; In euchre, the farmer (i.e. the common person), is the most powerful player in the game.Boog said euchre remains alive in Michigan because of its connection to a culture of family and friends.“If you live in the euchre belt, someone in your family knows how to play it, and they taught you how to do it,” he said.Listen to the full conversation above.201702/493095 Subject:We have a poor connection. 迷你对话A: Hello, Ben. Our boss will give you a raise for your business achievement.你好,本,你的业绩出众,老板要给你加薪。B: Hello... Hello... Hello? Can you hear me well? We have a poor connection.喂......喂......喂?你能听清楚我说话吗?我们地道电话线路状况不佳。 地道表达 have a poor connection 1. 解词释义Poor在这个短语中的意思是“状况差的”,connection是“关系,联系,连接”的意思,在这里引申为“电话线路”。Have a poor connection的意思就是“电话线路不佳”。 2. 拓展范例e.g. I cannot reach our manager because we have a poor connection now.我们现在联系不上我们经理,因为现在我的电话线路不好。 Ps:give sb a raise for sth的意思是“因......给......加薪”。再如:You promised to give me a pay raise for having those work done today.您答应过我,我今天完成这些工作就会给我加薪的。 /201407/309768即墨市第一人民妇保中医院的费用东营市中心医院电话




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