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A new Chinese television reality show where entertainers hug whale sharks, kiss lions, feed pandas and dress up baby chimpanzees has come under fire from wildlife conservationists who want it taken off the air, saying such activities are cruel and are dangerous both the humans and animals.中国一档今年新推出的真人秀节目引起了动物保护者的批评这档节目中,明星来到野生动物园,拥抱鲸鲨,亲吻狮子,给熊猫喂食,还给幼年猩猩换衣动物保护者说,这些人与野生动物的互动对动物残忍,而且人和动物都可能遇到危险The show, called “Wonderful Friends,” is the latest programming success from Hunan TV. The broadcaster, based in Changsha, was behind the hugely popular talent show “Super Girl,” which drew more than 00 million viewers its season finale in when viewers got to vote their favorite contestant.这档名为《奇妙的朋友的节目是湖南卫视最近的一个大热门总部在长沙的湖南卫视曾经播出火爆的《超级女声,年季终剧集有亿人观看,粉丝通过短信投票选出“超女”The winning “Super Girl” herself, Li Yuchun, is now a major pop singer and among the six stars on “Wonderful Friends.” The new show was an immediate hit. An estimated million people watched the first episode when it aired on Jan. . Seven episodes in, it has attracted more than 196,000 followers on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social media platm.那年的“超女”李宇春就是《奇妙的朋友中六位明星之一这档真人秀一播出即大受欢迎1月日首集播出时全国约有00万人观看目前已经播出了七集,在新浪微上,就已经聚集了超过19.6万名粉丝In each episode, Ms. Li and her fellow participants are given zookeeping tasks that allow them to interact with wild animals at Chimelong Safari Park in the southern city of Guangzhou, whose website boasts of ,000 rare animals and “the world’s most enchanting white tiger permance guests.” The show’s mission, Chimelong says on its website, is to bring humans and animals closer together.每集中,李宇春和其他明星会在广州长隆野生动物园接受一个与动物园管理有关的任务,这些任务让他们有机会和动物们亲密接触长隆动物园的网站介绍说,动物园有万只野生动物,还有全世界最精的白虎表演长隆说,《奇妙的朋友的目的是让人类与动物更加接近Animal welfare advocates say that is exactly what should be avoided.动物保护主义者却说,这恰恰是应该避免的“There are so many reasons why ‘Wonderful Friends’ shouldn’t be on the air,” Dave Neale of Animals Asia, an advocacy group based in Hong Kong, said in a statement. “It is hugely misleading to the public about the needs and welfare of captive animals and does so while putting their welfare and health at risk.”“出于太多的理由,应该停播《奇妙的朋友,”总部在香港的亚洲动物基金的戴夫·尼尔在一则声明中说“关于动物园动物的需求和福利,它严重误导公众,同时还威胁到他们的福利和健康”Animals Asia is leading a campaign to have the show canceled, and it says “thousands of social media users” in China are backing its call. A group of activists based in Beijing called Freedom Animal Actors has presented a petition to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, which regulates China’s broadcasters.亚洲动物基金发起了一个运动,要求停播这个节目该组织的声明中说:中国“数千社交网络用户”响应了他们的呼吁北京一个名为“拯救表演动物”的志愿者组织还向广电总局投递了公开信“Many people may think getting cuddly is an expression of love. What they don’t realize is wild animals need space,” said Xie Yan, a zoologist and China director of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which is based in New York. “Putting clothes on chimpanzees is not as adorable as you may think from the animals’ point of view.”“很多人会觉得宠爱就是对动物的爱护但他们不明白,野生动物应该在不受干扰的环境中生存,”总部在纽约的国际野生生物保护学会动物学家和中国项目主任解焱说“人们觉得给猩猩穿上衣很可爱,从动物的角度,却不是这样”The hazards run both ways when humans and animals get too close, Ms. Xie added.解焱还说,人与动物过于接近,危险是双向的One of the celebrity participants in the show, Ni Ni, an actress who appeared in Zhang Yimou’s “The Flowers of War,” was bitten by a chimpanzee on the first day of taping and had to be rushed to the hospital rabies shots, according to a report in Xin Kuai Bao, a Guangzhou newspaper.根据广州《新快报的报道,《奇妙的朋友中一个演员、曾出演张艺谋电影《金陵十三钗的倪妮在开拍第一天就被猩猩咬伤,紧急送到了医院打狂犬疫苗Telephone calls seeking comment went unanswered on Wednesday and Thursday at Hunan TV’s headquarters. The broadcaster told The Beijing News last week that the celebrities had undergone training bee taping started, without specifying what kind. Professional zookeepers can be seen supervising them during the show.周三和周四时,记者始终未能联系到湖南卫视在长沙的总部上周,湖南卫视接受《新京报采访时说,参加拍摄的明星之前都曾经过培训,但未说明是什么样的培训每集节目中,观众可以看到,有专业的动物园工作人员监督明星们的活动Hunan TV and the animal protection group WildAid had discussed running a joint fund-raising campaign animal welfare during the show, according to the San Francisco-based group’s China program director, May Mei. She said the plan was dropped because WildAid officials could not see a preview or pilot episode of the show.据旧金山动物保护组织野生救援的中国项目主任子雯说,她所在的机构和湖南卫视曾讨论在节目中开展联合募捐活动,用于推动动物福利但她说,这个计划后来被放弃了,因为野生救援未能事先看到样片“I guess their idea was to get their viewers to love the animals, which could be a promising start conservation efts,” Ms. Mei said. “But we do not agree with their entertainment-oriented approach.”“我想他们的思路是希望人们对动物会更加喜爱,先有了喜爱才会去保护,”子雯说“但我们不赞同他们追求的拍摄方式”Using celebrities to focus public attention on wildlife is a common practice in conservation campaigns. Last year, WildAid released the documentary “The End of the Wild,” which follows the Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming to Africa, where he highlighted the problem of elephant and rhinoceros poaching.在野生动物保护中,用名人效应吸引公众注意也是惯常的做法去年,野生救援推出纪录片《野性的终结,记录了篮球明星姚明赴非洲了解大象和犀牛盗猎的见闻But the difference with “Wonderful Friends,” Ms. Mei said, is that in an awareness campaign like Mr. Yao’s, human observers keep their distance. “Yao was there to see the hard truth of poaching, and that is different from a show created to drive ratings,” she said.但子雯说,与《奇妙的朋友不同,姚明的纪录片中,人类观察者与野生动物是保持距离的“姚明在非洲是为了直面盗猎的真相,和追求收视率的电视节目是不一样的,”她说Critics also argue that the show violates Chinese wildlife protection laws.批评者还说,这档节目违反了中国野生动物保护的相关法规In , China’s State estry Administration banned entertainment activities at zoos that allow nonprofessionals to have close contact with wild animals. But the ban carried no penalties and has been loosely enced. It is widely ignored by Chinese zoos and wildlife parks, where visitors are often seen petting animals and posing photographs with them.年,中国林业局曾禁止动物园从事游客与动物亲密接触的活动但这个禁令没有惩罚措施,执行也不力在中国的动物园,这个禁令经常被无视,游客爱抚动物、与动物合影的情况很普遍In December, four giant pandas at a breeding facility in the northwestern province of Shaanxi contracted distemper, and all have since died. Transmission from humans or their pets is suspected because the facility was open to tourists.去年月,陕西一个大熊猫繁殖基地的四头大熊猫感染犬瘟,全部死亡这个基地是对游客开放的,怀疑是人类或宠物把病毒传染给了熊猫In response to the pandas’ deaths, the estry Administration issued another directive in January reiterating its rules, but once again without measures encement.事后,林业局又传达禁令,重申游客与野生动物不得亲密接触,但仍然没有明确罚则Chimelong did not respond to emailed requests comment on Thursday. In an interview last week with Xin Kuai Bao, it said it receives more than million visitors a year to its safari park in Guangzhou and its aquatic theme park in Zhuhai. “Wonderful Friends” viewers are offered chances to win free tickets to Chimelong parks.长隆到周四时仍然没有回应采访请求上周接受《新快报采访时,长隆介绍说,集团下的野生动物园和珠海的海洋馆每年共接待游客00万人《奇妙的动物播出时,观众可以参与互动,有机会赢得免费的长隆观光门票 366Valerie Trierweiler has broken her silence to contact a radio station from hospital, denying that Fran?ois Hollande had declined to visit her and insisting instead that he had been barred from doing so by doctors.综合外国媒体1月日报道,奥朗德绯闻女友、女演员朱莉?加耶起诉爆料两人有染的法国八卦杂志《靠近,控告其侵犯个人隐私“第一女友”瓦莱丽?特里耶韦莱也打破沉默,否认被抛弃英国《每日邮报当天刊登了一张奥朗德与前女友、现任女友以及绯闻女友的合照,三美同台竞艳;She doesnt want to people to think he is neglecting her at such a painful time,; said a reporter RTL radio in France, after speaking to the de facto First Lady. ;It was the doctors who had bidden the head of state to visit her, it is a widesp practice in case of psychological distress. The patient is temporarily confined, kept at distance from their entourage to get better.;Miss Trierweiler, who was taken to hospital on Friday after hearing about Mr Hollande alleged affair with actress Julie Gayet, was still under observation in the Salpétrière hospital in Paris.《靠近杂志报道说,加耶控告该杂志侵犯隐私权,索赔5万欧元的名誉损失费和000欧元的法律诉讼费若加耶胜诉,《靠近杂志还必须在封面刊登法庭判决结果奥朗德此前曾威胁要起诉该杂志,但最终放弃《靠近日用7页纸篇幅爆料奥朗德和加耶偷情,这期杂志有望售出60万本,是平常销量的两倍瓦莱丽日获悉奥朗德偷情后大受打击,随即入院接受治疗日她首度打破沉默,通过法国RTL电台否认被奥朗德抛弃,表示将与男友并肩作战;She is still very tired to the extent that she cannot stand up. Her blood pressure and morale are low but she hopes to leave with her head held high to and is prepared to fight, at least her dignity,; RTL said she told the station.瓦莱丽入院后,奥朗德并没有前往探病,外界对此揣测纷纷RTL电台报道称,“是医生禁止总统探望瓦莱丽,这是病人面临心理困扰时一种常见的做法病人暂时隔离开来,远离身边的人,病情就会好转”爱丽舍宫知情人士实,总统对医院禁止他见瓦莱丽的做法“很不满意”She further added that he had sent her flowers and chocolates, and said that she had not suffered a nervous breakdown but rather “extreme fatigue.”And yet in a sign that the battle to save or sacrifice their relationship is now playing out via the media, an Elysée source told RTL radio that the president was “not unhappy” about the hospital orders bidding him to visit.瓦莱丽在这个时候发声,“是不想让人觉得奥朗德在这个痛苦的时刻对她不闻不问”“她在某种程度上还很疲惫,站不起来她的血压很低、斗志低落但是她希望自己在离开时能高高地扬起头,她已经准备好战斗,至少要为尊严而战,”RTL电台称Earlier on Thursday, sources said that Miss Trierweiler was determined to ;stand by her man; and fight to save the relationship.Le Nouvel Observateur, the Left-leaning weekly magazine reported, she has “not the slightest intention of packing her bags”.瓦莱丽还补充说,奥朗德给她送来了鲜花和巧克力,并表示自己没有患上神经衰弱,只是“极度疲劳”消息人士日透露,瓦莱丽决定“持她的男人”,并尽量挽救两人的关系法国《新观察家杂志称,瓦莱丽“完全没有打包走人的意思可以原谅,但不会离开”“OK to give, but no OK to leave,” it wrote, saying she intended to “stand by her man”, like Hillary Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky affair. He has promised to “clarify” the situation bee a visit to the White House on February .英国《每日邮报1月日曝光了奥朗德和他的三个女人——前女友罗雅尔、现女友瓦莱丽和绯闻女友加耶共同亮相的照片照片拍摄于奥朗德年参选总统的活动现场照片显示,奥朗德在和女友瓦莱丽握手,绯闻女友加耶在背后深深凝视着这一幕,罗雅尔则坐在不远处旧爱新欢同台竞艳,奥朗德大享齐人之福 “偷腥”传闻已经让奥朗德焦头烂额、应接不暇,孰料“屋漏偏逢连夜雨”,日当天,一位法国农民将一车马粪倒在了法国国会门口,以示对奥朗德的不满据报道,该男子将标有“奥朗德和他的政治阶层下台”的车停在国会门口,并将一车马粪倾倒出来男子已经被捕,抗议动机还不明朗法国媒体进一步爆料称,奥朗德原本打算在上周末与瓦莱丽分手,但在后者被送入医院后暂时摒弃了该想法那么瓦莱丽究竟是鸠占鹊巢、濒死挣扎还是地位稳固、有恃无恐?目前这场闹剧越来越扑朔迷离不过奥朗德日前承诺将在月日访美之前澄清谁是“第一女友”,届时必将一清二楚 3853

Two stars, one look. You decide who wears it better!  两位明星,同一件衣谁高谁低你来决定! Jessica Simpson vs. Kim Kardashian    The mom-to-be wears her Love Sam top with cutoffs and peep-toes, while the divorcée picks leather leggings and boots.  即将做妈妈的Jessica Simpson穿着她心爱的豹纹上衣搭配牛仔热裤加露趾凉鞋而另一边,刚刚离婚的Kim Kardashian则选择搭配皮裤和短靴  小编点评:一个像春天一个像秋天 KATIE VS. EVA    Katie Cassidy goes downtown chic with her Alice + Olivia metallic sheath with major black platms and a golden bangle, while Eva Longoria accents hers with an updo and nude pumps.  Katie Cassidy身着别致时髦的Alice + Olivia金属亮片紧身群搭配黑色高跟,金色手镯可谓点金之笔与此同时Eva这用高高的发髻加裸色高跟鞋来搭配同样一条裙子  小编点评:金色亮片非常考验身材,细腰长腿才是王道 ISABEL VS. EMMY    Isabel Lucas gives her Madewell pleated dress a boho twist with a headpiece and velvet sandals, while Emmy Rossum goes preppy with a cardigan and oxds.  Isabel Lucas将她的Madewell百褶裙搭配波西米亚风的编织外套加上小帽子和天鹅绒凉鞋而Emmy Rossum用开襟羊毛衫加牛津鞋体现校园风  小编点评:两种风格都很赞 JULIANNE VS.JENNIFER    Julianne Hough : A Rachel Zoe Collection-clad Hough opts simple head-to-toe black in N.Y.C., while Jennifer goes monochromatic (with lots of bling) in her white tuxedo dress in Paris.  Julianne Hough在纽约用一身黑色来展现极简风,而在巴黎,Jennifer Lopez用闪亮的饰品来搭配纯白色的西装  小编点评:同样长款西装,JLO的白色以及闪亮饰品吸引了所有的目光 67

ed Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon met fellow countryman and global popstar PSY some Gangnam Style dancing at the UN headquarters in New York last night.联合国秘书长潘基文当地时间周二晚上晚上在纽约的联合国总部接见了老乡-目前全球最火的《江南STYLE的PSY,一起跳“骑马舞”Ban Ki-Moon thanked PSY coming to the UN with ;such a big crowd; of reporters and said he was a ;a bit jealous; that he was no longer the most famous Korean in the world潘基文感谢PSY的到来还说他有些“嫉妒”PSY,因为他,潘基文不再是这个世界上最著名的韩国人了;Im a bit jealous. Until two days ago someone told me I am the most famous Korean in the world. Now I have to relinquish. I have no regrets,; Ban said.潘基文说;“我有点嫉妒他,直到两天以前还有人告诉我是世界上最著名的韩国人,结果现在我就不是了,不过我没有什么遗憾”The two lavished praise on each other at UN headquarters Tuesday, with Ban even risking a few of Psy trademark dance moves from the viral smash Gangnam Style.这两位周二在联合国总部都对彼此大加赞扬,潘基文还向这位风靡全球的说唱歌手学了几招“骑马舞” 18

Teachers at local schools in the otherwise sedate town of Clevedon were asked to remain vigilant on Monday as One Direction breezed in to film a new music .单向乐队在星期一前往英国一小镇为新MV取景,这可累坏了当地学校的老师们,他们必须要时时保持警惕以免学生逃课The chart toppers were joined by a busy production team as filming kicked off in the North Somerset town – but their presence prompted inevitable hysteria amongst young fans.乐队和制作团队一到目的地萨默塞特小镇就开始了紧张的拍摄工作,但是他们的到来,无疑使当地的年轻粉丝们欣喜若狂South West News report that school staff were asked to be extra vigilant regarding a potential exodus of female One Directioners keen to get a glimpse of their idols.《西南新闻报道说学校要求全校教职工时刻保持警惕,以防有单向乐队的狂热女粉丝为了看偶像一眼而逃学However, once the school bell rang there was no stopping them - and fans flocked close to the pier while the lads filmed in chilly conditions.但是,放学之后学生们就自由了,铃声一响,喜欢单向乐队的学生们就涌到他们拍摄MV的桥墩当天冷风习习,乐队成员们为了拍摄不惜吹着冷风Keeping his hands firmly in his pockets, Harry Styles in particular looked to be feeling the chill, however it was Niall Horan that resorted to carrying a hot water bottle around the set.哈里·斯泰尔斯看上去已经冻得不行了,把手严严实实地捂在口袋里而一边的耐尔·霍拉尼早已抱着热水袋来取暖了Despite being dressed in a thick black coat, the -year-old looked happy to have the red aid with him to warm up his hands.虽然当天耐尔·霍拉尼已经穿了一件厚厚的黑色大衣了,但是这位岁的歌手还是要靠热水袋来温暖自己的手,有了热水袋的他看上去很满足It was thought that the hitmakers were filming their latest music however, regardless of what they were doing, fans were eager to get a sighting off them.当天单向乐队是来为即将发布的MV取景的,但是无论他们在做什么,粉丝们的愿望就是能看上他们一眼Wearing his favourite brown coat, Harry stepped out in a skull print scarf, grey sweatshirt and his trademark skinny jeans.哈里当天外披着自己最爱的棕色大衣,里面穿着一件灰色的运动衫打底,配着一条骷髅图案的围巾,下面穿着他那条标志性的修身牛仔裤He also tried in vain to keep his famous curly hair under control, however his bandana seemed to offer very little as he stood on the seafront.虽然哈里还想让自己的一头的卷发保持它应有的造型,但是风太大,当他站在风口上的时候,他的头巾几乎没有什么作用 968

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