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西安割包皮要多少钱西安不孕不育私人医院门诊Breast-feeding has well established short-term benefits, but now researchers have found that its advantages may persist into adulthood.母乳喂养的短期效益早已得到世人公认,现在,研究人员又发现,这种优势可能会一直持续到孩子成年之后。Many studies of breast-feeding are confounded by social factors in the ed States, for example, people of higher socioeconomic status tend to breast-feed longer. But the population in this study covered a wide-ranging socioeconomic spectrum of women who breast-fed.许多关于母乳喂养的研究都受到了社会因素的干扰,例如,在美国,社会经济地位较高的母亲行母乳喂养的时间较长。但是,这项新研究所考察的人群涵盖了社会经济各个阶层中进行母乳喂养的女性。The study, in the April issue of Lancet Global Health, began in 1982 with 5,914 newborns. The duration of breast-feeding and the age when the babies began eating solid foods was recorded. Thirty years later, researchers were able to interview and test 3,493 of the original group.这项发表在《柳叶刀:全球卫生》杂Lancet Global Health)4月号上的研究始于1982年,涉及5914名新生儿。研究人员记录了母乳喂养的持续时间和婴儿开始食用固体食物时的年龄0年后,当年的那些新生儿长大成人,其中3493人接受了研究人员的访谈和测试。After controlling for maternal education and smoking, family income, birth weight and other factors, they found that at age 30, compared with people breast-fed for a month or less, those breast-fed 12 months or more had higher I.Q. scores, more years of education and higher monthly incomes.在对母亲的受教育程度和吸烟情况、家庭收入、婴儿的出生体重和其他因素进行核验后,研究人员发现,同样0岁,与母乳喂养不超过一个月的人相比,得到母乳喂养至2个月的人智商得分较高,受教育年限较长,月收入也较多。Still, the authors acknowledge that this is an observational study, and that many other unmeasured factors could have influenced their results.不过,作者承认,这只是一项观测研究,而且许多别的不可测因素也可能会影响他们的结果。“I don’t want to terrify people who did not breast-feed or who breast-fed for a short time,said the lead author, Bernardo Lessa Horta, an associate professor at the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil. “It isn’t only breast-feeding that affects I.Q. and income. But our study does show that breast-feeding is important and should be encouraged.”“我不想吓到那些没有得到过母乳喂养或者母乳喂养时间很短的人,”该研究的主要作者,巴西贝罗塔斯联邦大学(Federal University of Pelotas)的副教授贝尔纳多·莱萨·奥尔Bernardo Lessa Horta)说。“母乳喂养并非影响智商和收入的唯一因素。但我们的研究确实显示,母乳喂养非常重要,应予以鼓励。”来 /201505/377690西安龟头炎治疗方案 陕西省西安九龙医院男科专家挂号

西安治疗少精症哪家医院好Seoul has accused Pyongyang of duplicity by strengthening its military posture this weekend even as negotiators from the two Koreas try to reverse a rise in tensions.韩国指责朝鲜表里不一,称后者于上周末在两国谈判人员努力阻止紧张局势升级之际加大了军事部署。Senior officials on Sunday afternoon resumed bilateral talks that ran late into Saturday night without agreement, and which were prompted by a rare exchange of artillery fire this week.上周,朝韩发生了罕见的相互炮击事件,两国为此举行了谈判,但直至上周六深夜仍未达成任何协议。上周日下午,两国高级官员再次举行谈判。But as Sunday’s meeting got under way, South Korea’s defence ministry accused Pyongyang of showing “two facesby deploying additional military assets over the weekend. It said North Korea had raised its frontline artillery assets to double the normal level and that 70 per cent its submarines were away from their bases.但在上周日谈判进行之际,韩国国防部指责朝鲜“两面三刀”、在周末期间加大了军事部署。韩国国防部表示,朝鲜将其前线的火炮力量增加至正常水平的两倍,同时还有70%的潜艇离开了基地。Senior officials from both sides met on Saturday evening at the truce village of Panmunjeom, which straddles the inter-Korean border, to discuss measures to repair relations. At 4.15am the negotiators agreed to adjourn the talks and resume on Sunday afternoon.上周六晚间,两国高级官员在位于朝韩边境的板门店“和平之家”会晤,讨论修复两国关系的举措。上周日凌晨45分,两国谈判人员同意暂时休会,并于当日下午重启谈判。The Pyongyang contingent was led by Hwang Pyong So, the North Korean army’s top political officer, who has become one of the closest aides to Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader, after rising through the Korean Workersparty.朝方由朝鲜人民军总政治局局长黄炳誓(Hwang Pyong-so)带队。黄炳誓在朝鲜劳动党(Korean Workers Party)内逐步晋升之后,成为最高领导人金正Kim Jong Un)最为亲密的助手之一。South Korea’s negotiators were headed by Kim Kwan-jin, head of national security office and a top adviser to President Park Geun-hye, who came to power in 2013 vowing to build trust with Pyongyang.韩方由青瓦台国家安保室室长、韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)高级顾问金宽Kim Kwan-jin)领队。朴槿惠013年上台之际曾承诺要建立韩朝信任关系。Prospects of improving relations have been undermined by a series of diplomatic and military confrontations. The latest came two weeks ago when Seoul accused Pyongyang of laying mines that maimed two South Korean soldiers on the southern edge of the demilitarised zone that divides the peninsula.两国关系改善的前景受到了一系列外交和军事冲突的影响。最新冲突来自两周前,当时韩国指责朝鲜在位于韩朝分界线的非军事区南部边缘地区布雷,导致两名韩国士兵身受重伤。On Thursday North Korea fired three shells over the border and South Korea responded by firing about three dozen. There were no reports of any casualties. Pyongyang then threatened further military action if loudspeakers blaring propaganda across the border from the south were not silenced by Saturday afternoon.上周四,朝鲜在两国边界处发射枚炮弹,韩国则回击了30多枚炮弹。双方均没有伤亡报道。随后平壤方面威胁称,如果韩国不在上周六下午前停止在边界处播放宣传广播,就会采取进一步的军事行动。Despite the joint effort to bring calm over the weekend, the military posturing continued. On Saturday eight US and South Korean combat jets flew over the peninsula in a show of force. Seoul’s defence ministry said on Sunday its forces remained on high alert, and that the propaganda broadcasts were continuing.尽管上周末双方努力缓和局势,但军事上的部署仍在继续。上周六架韩美战机在朝鲜半岛上空飞行,展示武力。韩国国防部上周日表示,其军队依然处于高级别的戒备状态,而且继续用扩音器播放宣传广播。Meanwhile, the “semi-war footingNorth Korea assumed on Friday remains in force, with state media on Saturday carrying warnings of the country’s iness for conflict.与此同时,于上周五进入“准战时状态”的朝鲜依然枕戈以待,其官方媒体上周六警告称,朝鲜已做好战争准备。“We servicepersons are eagerly waiting for an order of attack on the provokers,Hong Chul, an army officer, was ed as saying. “The time of ultimate destruction on the part of the South Korean group of traitors is near at hand.”媒体援引朝鲜军官Hong Chul的话称:“我们军人急切地等待着打击挑衅者的命令。最终打垮南朝鲜逆贼集团的时机近在咫尺。”Experts this week noted that North Korea routinely threatens war to put pressure on Seoul and Washington, but warned that the exchange of fire was unusual and raised the risks of dangerous accidents.专家在上周指出,朝鲜时不时威胁发动战争以对韩国和美国施压,但他们警告称,此次互射炮弹异乎寻常,增加了爆发危险事件的风险。“Pyongyang instigates crises approximately twice per year, ratcheting up tensions, grabbing headlines and then fading away until the next bizarre or bellicose incident,Christian Whiton, a former US envoy for North Korean human rights, wrote on Saturday for CNN. “Unfortunately, North Korea is getting better at creative aggression.”美国前朝鲜人权问题特使克里斯蒂安惠Christian Whiton)上周六为美国有线电视新闻CNN)撰稿时指出:“平壤方面几乎每年都会有两次挑起危机,加剧紧张局势,抢占新闻头条,随后偃旗息鼓,直至下一起古怪或挑衅的事件发生。遗憾的是,朝鲜对创造性挑衅越来越得心应手。”来 /201508/395093西安人民医院检查精子质量 Cambodia has received its first group of asylum seekers from Australia, as part of a refugee resettlement deal that has been widely criticized by human rights groups.柬埔寨从澳大利亚接受了首批寻求避难者,这是重新安置难民协议的部分安排。这种做法受到人权组织的广泛批评。Officials at the Phnom Penh international airport confirmed the refugees arrived Thursday and were handed over to the International Organization for Migration, which is helping resettle them.在金边国际机场,柬埔寨官员实难民已于星期四抵达,并将这批难民交给了国际移民组织,由该组织负责对他们重新安置。In a statement, IOM said it will ;begin to provide essential support, including language training, cultural and social orientation, education services, health services, and employment services; for the asylum seekers.国际移民组织发表声明说,该组织将着手为这些难民提供基本持,包括语言培训、文化和社会知识介绍以及教育、医疗和就业等方面的务;They will be encouraged and supported to integrate into the Cambodian community and become self-reliant as quickly as possible,; said the statement.声明说,将鼓励和持这些难民融入柬埔寨社会,并在最短时间内做到自立。Cambodia last year reached a million agreement to resettle refugees who were rejected by Australia and are now being held in a detention center in the Pacific island nation of Nauru.柬埔寨去年与澳大利亚达成3200万美元的重新安置难民协议。澳大利亚拒绝接受这些难民,他们被暂时安置在太平洋岛国瑙鲁的拘留中心。Critics say the deal amounts to Australia, one of the worlds biggest economies, neglecting its international responsibilities and dumping refugees off on Cambodia, one of the worlds poorest countries.批评人士说,这项协议显示澳大利亚不顾国际责任,将难民抛弃在柬埔寨,澳大利亚是世界上最大的经济体之一,而柬埔寨则是世界上最贫穷的国家之一。来 /201506/379841西安做包皮手术需要多少钱

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