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love 爱/ like 喜欢/ single 单身的/couple 夫妻/relationship 关联/date约会/ cheat 骗子/propose建议/ honeymoon蜜月/ serious 严肃的/connection关系love at first sight一见钟情 / try to catch his/her eye引起对方的注意 / go after somebody 追求某人/go on a date 约会two-time 脚踩两条穿/ break-up分手 /fall in love坠入爱情 /settle down 关系稳定/ move in together 同居/ introduce to one's parents介绍给父母认识 / give her a ring 送戒指/get married结婚 / go on a honeymoon 度蜜月Are you married? 你结婚了吗?Are you single?你是单身吗?Are you seeing anybody?要去见什么人吗?Can I see you again?我可以再约你出来吗?Are you busy this weekend?这周末你忙吗?I'd like to get to know you better.我想更加了解你。Can I get your number?我能知道你的电话号码吗?She's my type.她是我喜欢的类型。You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. 遇见你是我人生中最美的邂逅。Let me go.放了我吧。I can't stop thinking about you.我时时刻刻都在想着你。We're meant for each other.我们注定要在一起。I've never felt this way before.我以前从来没有这样心动的感觉。I love you. 我爱你。I miss you.我想你。I'm not y. 我还没有准备好。This is going to fast. 我们进展得太快了。You deserve someone better.我配不上你,你适合别人。You never take me seriously. 你从来没在乎过我。Can't we still be friends? 我们只能做朋友嘛?Why don't you ask him out?你为什么不约他出去?I'm looking for a serious relationship.我在寻找一份认真的感情。We got back together. 我们复合了。You cheated on me.你欺骗了我。How could you do that? 你怎么能那样对我?We broke up.我们分手了。Is there someone else? 你是不是喜欢上了别人?I go for looks. 我喜欢帅哥(美女)。 /201108/147841Background: 一个被困在德国北部海岸的人,在被电脑摄像头照到后获得营救。一位远在几百公里外的女士发现了他的求救信号后,通知了当地援救组织和警察。 【文本】Sankt Peter-Ording is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Germany.Even in deepest winter you'll find people braving the snow and the ice and the freezing temperatures to experience the stunning beauty of the North Sea coast.But it's not without its dangers and its dramas.German police have revealed that last week a man got lost on the ice.He'd been taking photographs of the glorious sunset but, as the dark had descended, he'd lost his bearings and got stranded.In a desperate effort to attract assistance, the man had begun flashing a torch.And he was spotted by a woman, 500 kilometres away in the Westerwald region, on the River Rhine.Luckily for him, at that moment she was at her computer, online and watching a live webcam of Sankt Peter-Ording, and in that little box she noticed the figure in distress.She alerted the local police and the marooned man was saved.All thanks to an internet search and rescue. /201008/112026【爱说英语】栏目介绍: 本栏目收集世界各地英语爱好者的录像视频,每期他们会根据某个话题进行口语交流。所以在这里你不仅可以学习到日常的交际口语,还能听到世界各地英语学习爱好者的声音,感受不同的英语口音。如果你也是个口语爱好者,欢迎上传视频到视频网站,并将视频的地址告诉,会将你的视频做成下期爱说英语的节目,把你的声音传递给更多英语爱好者。点击进入》》爱说英语汇总:世界各地英语爱好者交流区听力训练:根据视频内容回答以下问题。1) She had many pet ____ .a) mammalsb) insects2) Her pets loved ____ .a) watermelonb) eating insects3) She made her mother ____ .a) laughb) scream本期话题:have you raised an animal?你饲养过动物吗?Hello, my name is Aiko, I#39;m from Japan and my question is have you raised an animal and my answer is yes. I have raised quite a few animals actually. I had a bird and hamster and dogs but my strongest memories with my pets are from my very young days. I merely kept insects and amphibians because when I was a child I suffered from asthma and I wasn#39;t allowed to have any furry animals for quite a long time. I enjoyed observing the insects#39; habit. For example, whilst I kept quite a few crickets, one cricket loved watermelon. He didn#39;t eat anything but watermelon and another one loved cabbage.I was also into what I called categorization. I collected wood lice and then I separated females from males and another example is I collected tadpoles and I put the tadpoles with tails together. I really enjoyed my days with my small animals but my Mum certainly did not. One day I decorated my shoulders with caterpillars. They were really big, fat and colorful and beautiful but my Mum found this very gross and it made her scream.本期听力:b a b /201207/191330

play hard-to-get 欲擒故纵讲解:A: So she stood you up last night。结果, 她昨晚放你鸽子啦?B: Well, I guess she#39;s trying to play hard-to-get。嗯,大概想跟我玩“欲擒故纵”的游戏吧! /201412/347929

今天我们学习的是常用美语合成词!1) outta out + of 没了,走了2) gotta got + to 必须做3) musta must have 一定It musta snowed!一定是下过雪了!最近看过的电影里有出现过这几个口语词吗? /201403/281621

It’ s a long shot. 这不太可能。shot本意是“射击”, a long shot来源于射击,射击的距离越远,射中的可能性越小,由此引申为“不太可能或可能性很小”。所以It’ s a long shot.可以理解成一件不太可能成功的事情。 /201308/250945

可可网友们,大家好,欢迎做客本期《说法话茬》节目,我是Juliet。 中心词:desire 今天我们要分析含有动词desire的一个病句: She desires that you will see her at once. 这个句子要表达的意思是:她要他立即见她。 用desire表示“想要,要求”的意思时,如果后面跟有宾语从句的,从句要使用虚拟语气,结构为:should+动词原形。此外,should是可以省略的。这句话中的宾语从句使用的是一般将来时:will see her。那么,这个句子的正确表述为: She desires that you ( should ) see her at once. 本期《说法话茬》节目就到此结束了,敬请关注下期节目。 /201211/210957

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