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河北石家庄新乐市激光全身脱毛价格石家庄美联臣整形美容医院治疗狐臭好吗石家庄妇幼保健院丰胸多少钱 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:孩子个子再高,岁数再大,在父母眼里也永远是孩子……是孩子,就还要父母罩;不管孩子想不想要……!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/241126在石家庄副乳切除多少钱

河北做眼袋手术多少钱白领更易患抑郁症Money really can't buy happiness, according to a new survey showing lawyers and other well-paid white-collar workers are more likely to sufferdepression.A national survey of more than 7500 professionals has found that almost one in 10 reported moderate to severe depressive symptoms.The legal profession had the worst result, with almost 16 per cent reporting symptoms of clinical depression. Next were accountants and insuranceunderwriters, both on 10 per cent.People in IT services, architecture and engineering also had depression rates above the average.The survey conducted by Beyondblue, an organizationdevoted to fighting depression, also showed that those under 30 had the highest rates of depression and were the most likely to "self-medicate" with drugs and alcohol.Beyondblue deputy chief executive and psychologist, Dr Nicole Highet, said the survey-the largest of its kind- was first to reveal the extent of the problem."We often associate depression with the most socially disadvantaged (and) people under financial pressure, but here's a whole different group," Dr Highet said.She said while it was difficult to know exactly what made some groups more prone to depression, it was likely to be driven by work pressures."It seems, with law in particular, there's a problem with employee expectations and their working reality," Dr Highet said."People base their whole identities on being successful in their role and when it doesn't live up to expectations, and they fail to keep a work-life balance, that impacts on their mental health."Among female lawyers, the average age of first pregnancy was 39, "reflecting the all-or-nothing pressure that the sector places on individuals", she said.Law Institute of Victoria chief executive Michael Brett Young said the survey supported anecdotal evidence that depression was a growing problem."Our message is no one should feel ashamed about being stressed," Mr Young said."Ask for help from your colleagues rather than suffer in silence." 看来金钱确实买不到快乐。一项最新调查表明,律师和其他一些高薪白领患抑郁症的几率较大。一项对7500多名职员开展的全国性调查发现,近十分之一的受访者称自己有中度至重度的抑郁症症状。法律行业的情况更糟糕,近16%的人称自己有临床抑郁症的症状。会计和保险承保人的这一比例位居其后,均为10%。IT务、建筑和工程行业的人患抑郁症的比例也高于平均水平。此外,这项由抗抑郁症组织Beyondblue开展的调查表明,30岁以下的人患抑郁症的比例最高,而且这一人群用药物和酒精饮料进行“自行治疗"的几率最大。Beyondblue副首席执行官、心理学家妮可·海耶特士说,该调查是此领域目前规模最大的一次,首次暴露了这个问题的严重程度。海耶特士说:“我们常把抑郁症与最弱势的社会群体以及有经济压力的人联系在一起,但事实上是另一个完全不同的人群存在这个问题。”她说,至于为什么有些人群更容易患抑郁症还难以解释,但这可能是由于工作压力造成的。海耶特说:“员工的期望值与他们实际工作状况的差别可能是个主要问题,尤其对于法律行业的人来说。”“人们将事业成功作为自己的首要目标,当实际情况达不到期望值时,他们就无法维持工作与生活的平衡了,这便会对他们的心理健康产生影响。”她说,女律师首次怀的平均年龄为39岁,“这反映了这个行业对从业者的压力是一种极端的状况,要么压力很大,要么没有压力。”维克多利亚律师事务所的首席执行官迈克尔·布雷特·杨说,这项调查明抑郁症是个越来越严重的问题。杨说:“我们的观点是,患抑郁症的人不应该觉得这是一种羞耻。”“向你的同事求助,不要自己默默的承受。” /200803/32583石家庄和平医院去胎记多少钱 The frail, dark-eyed young woman was vying for the greatest accolade in music—the hotly contested Prix de Rome for the year 1913. The field had been narrowed to five composers whose cantatas were to be evaluated by a vote of 36 members of the Academie des Beaux-Arts. One critic attending the final judging of the cantatas contrasted contestant Lili Boulanger with the rest of the competitors:Perched over the piano like jockeys over the necks and withers of their horses, the intrepid composers spurred on their accompanists and desperately flailed away at the performers. Then the superiority of the eternal feminine became apparent to the audience. Compared to her hot-blooded colleagues—who apparently believed that “their hour had come”—the young girl, who had just as much reason to be nervous and impatient, showed the most perfect poise. She had a modest and unaffected attitude, her eyes lowered to the score.Another witness reported that the three singers with the composer#39;s sister Nadia at the piano, were directed by Lili Boulanger, standing nearby, “a slender shadow in a white dress, so simple, calm, serious and smiling as to be unforgettable.”But as far as the judging was concerned, the outcome was by no means a sure thing. On the previous day, the preliminary vote by a panel of eight had given Lili Boulanger#39;s cantata a scant majority of five votes. Now it was up to the 36 to decide. After considering the merits of the candidates and other prizes they had won, the members voted. Of the 36, 31 voted in favor of Lili Boulanger and her cantata on the basis of intelligence of subject, correctness of performance, sensitivity and warmth, poetic feeling, and intelligent, colorful orchestration.With her personality, her poise, and her cantata, Lili Boulanger had set a precedent. In the 110-year history of the Prix de Rome, she was the first woman to win.这位身体虚弱、深色眼眼睛的年轻女子,正在竞争1913年度“普里克斯罗马奖”。这项最伟大的音乐奖项竞争进入了白热化阶段。最后五位作曲家的康塔塔曲将由来自美术艺术研究院的36位成员评估。有一位参加最终评判的家将莉莉·布朗热和其他作曲家做了如下对比:如同骑士置身于马脖和马肩胛骨之上,无畏的作曲家们栖息于钢琴旁,鼓舞着他们的伴奏者,竭力鞭策着表演家们。然后,一种永恒的女性的优势向观众展现出来。和她的激动不已的同台竞技者(他们显然认为“他们的时刻来到了”)相比,这位本来有足够理由兴奋和不耐烦的年轻姑娘,却平静如水。她谦逊而超脱,眼睛低垂,看着乐谱。另一个目击者说,有三个歌唱家,作曲家(莉莉)的娜迪亚坐钢琴旁,莉莉·布朗热领着他们,她站在一旁,“一条细长的影子,穿着白色的装,简单,安静,肃穆,微笑着,令人难以忘怀。”但就评判本身而论,结果绝不是一帆风顺的事情。在前一天,一个八人小组的最初投票中,有五票给了莉莉·布朗热,这只是简单多数。现在轮到36人投票了,在充分考虑选手们的优势和他们已经获得的奖项后,评委成员们开始投票了。结果31票持莉莉?布朗热,认为她的康塔塔曲题材睿智,诠释准确,细腻热情,有着诗一样的情感和丰富多的编曲方式。凭借她的人格魅力、她的镇静、她的康塔塔舞曲,莉莉布朗热开创了一个先例——在“普里克斯罗马奖”110年的历史中,她是第一位获此殊荣的女性。河北石家庄新乐市第二医院做双眼皮手术多少钱

石家庄市抽脂多少钱Shannon was on a date with a guy (we#39;ll call him Sean) who had been chasing her for the better part of a decade. She finally caved into his advances and agreed to go on a casual date at a local bar. Shannon was not a fancy, prissy type. She played in an intramural softball league, preferred flip flops to high heels and owned a handicapped dog. But when he uttered the fatal words ;So do you mind splitting the check?; she assumed one thing; he wasn#39;t interested.香农曾经遇到个一个男的,(暂且叫他肖恩)。这个肖恩苦追了香农很多年了,现在,香农终于答应肖恩,在当地一个酒店共享晚餐。香农不是个挑剔讲究的女孩,喜欢垒球、相比高跟鞋更喜欢人字拖,还养着一条残疾。但是,当饭后买单时,肖恩说出:“介不介意AA?”时,香农心理顿时觉得:“他原来不是很看重这次约会。”Things fizzled between them and Shannon later learned Sean was interested, but he was flat broke. She was perplexed. If he was so low on cash, why didn#39;t he take her somewhere less expensive? Or to a free art gallery? Or a movie in the park? Or a dive bar instead of the fancy wine bar he had picked out?就是因为最后的这一出,他俩的关系似乎没什么进展。香农事后才知道,其实不是肖恩不看重那次约会,而是他当时真没什么钱。然而,让香农百思不解的是,既然都没钱了,为什么不选个一般点的地方吃饭?或是去参观免费的画廊、或是去公园看场免费电影;或是就到个廉价小酒馆也好。In What Men Really Want: For Ladies To Pay On The Date Too, we learned that many men would like women to start paying their way when it comes to dating. But in all seriousness, what those men fail to realize is that most women are not out for a free ride. For Shannon, it wasn#39;t about his money — it was about being courted.男人也许在约会的时候也希望女性承担自己那一部分开销。我们知道有些男士是会在约会时要求女性承担自己的开销的,但是,严肃的讲,男人根本不理解女人出来约会其实不是为了占小便宜,就香农的例子而言,香农在约会时不是在乎肖恩的钱多钱少,更在乎的是是否有被追求的感觉。Yes, it#39;s 2013, but in these days of texting instead of calling, late-night booty calls instead of dates, men disappearing and reappearing, it#39;s nice to have a little old-fashioned romance. Women may have increased wealth and equality, but some things may never change. Gold diggers aside, most women don#39;t care how much a man drops on a date. According to a Match.com study, 46 percent of women say it doesn#39;t really matter how much a date spends on the evening, and 58 percent of women are not even looking for an expensive date. A whopping 75 percent of women do not want to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant.是的,现在是2013年了,到了短信比电话重要,夜间的电话比白天的重要,男人去了又来的年头。但是那些传统的浪漫在这时不是更弥足珍贵吗?在就当下,女人的社会价值和平等性和男人并无异,但是有些东西却从未改变。当然,今天的话题和拜金女无关,我们说的是大多说女性并不在意男性在约会时花多少钱。根据Match.com做的调查,百分之46的女性认为约会时的开销并不重要,百分之58的女性不会刻意寻找有钱人约会,高达75的女性其实根本就不期望约会的时候在很贵的餐厅消费。Historically courtship has revolved around ;a man proving to a woman that he values her,; says psychotherapist Tina B. Messina. In the days before women were CEOs and doctors, a woman would lose all of her wealth to her husband once she was married. So it was imperative that a man proved to both the woman and her family that he could take care of her. Hence a man paying and providing for a woman.精神治疗师蒂娜说过,有史以来,求偶都是围绕着“男人如何向女人表达自己有多看重她”而开展的。在女人没有资格和男人获得同样的社会地位的时代,女人一旦嫁人,就会失去的财富,所以,男人要用各种方法向让女人和她的家人明一旦女人嫁给他,会受到很好的照顾。这也是男人为什么为女人买单的历史原因。But now that it#39;s 2013 and not 1952, where does that leave us? Many women, myself included, do not need a man#39;s moula. The real problem is not that men are spending too much money on dates; it#39;s that they#39;re not dating wisely. In the age of online dating and the gaggle of choices out there, truer words were never said. Men waste money and energy dating the wrong people. ;They don#39;t have purpose or focus, and they go out with folks who possess dealbreakers — simply because they#39;re not taking the dating process seriously.; For these men, it#39;s not about the money either. By datingonly people they#39;re truly interested in and who have the same goals and desires, men can save time and energy.但是现在已经是2013年了,而不是1952年。我们的传统变了吗?很多女人,包括我自己,并不予要男人养活。其实真正的问题时男人在约会时花了太多的钱,而在婚恋网上的选择很多,有诚意的却很少。“一些男人自己也没定性,在网上也会那些没有诚意长期交往的女孩——原因很简单,他们自己都没有将这次约会看得很重要。”对于这类男人,钱也许也不是问题。然而,和有想要着认真交往的女孩约会可以节约时间和精力。Having dated online myself, I can certainly attest to that fact. Though I stated clearly on my profile that I was looking for a longterm relationship, there was no shortage of men who took me out with less than serious intentions. Men who go on date after date hoping that just one of them will ;stick;. It#39;s not just men who do this; I#39;ve been guilty of it too. I#39;ve gone out with guys who possessed way too many of my dealbreakers — believed Top 40 was good music, didn#39;t vote and owned cats — because I hoped that if I was more open-minded I might meet the right guy. It wasn#39;t until I focused on quality not quantity that I met the right guy.我自己也有网上交友的经历,当我在我的个人介绍里写清楚了我要寻找的是长期伴侣时,任然有很多不是很严肃对待约会的男人来约我出去。很多男人觉一次又一次的约会总会有合适的出现,当然有这种想法的不仅仅是男人,我也曾经忏悔自己对约会的不严肃。我曾和许多不严肃对待约会的男人约会过。很多人都有共性——喜欢音乐、不参加选举和养猫。我当时觉得,我也许更开放就有机会遇到我的白马王子。 然而事实却不是这样的,我意识到质量比数量更重要。On the flip side, I had a guy friend named Greg who signed up for an online dating profile but refused to actually message a single woman. Instead he would just wait until they noticed him lurking on their profile and message him; As you can imagine, his lazy methods got him nowhere. He went on a lot of crappy dates, could never understand why none of his dates worked out and complained that women are just interested money.我有一个男性朋友叫格雷格,他在一个婚恋网上登了记,但是却从来不主动找女会员,只是等别的女会员找他。你可以想象,他的懒人理论产生怎样的结果,他有过很多次垃圾般的约会,他永远都不明白他的约会为什么都没有结果,还不停抱怨女人只对钱感兴趣。Men also forget all the time and money women spend pre-date; a new outfit, waxing, shaving, makeup and hair. Consider this: according to the survey by Match.com 65 percent of women spend 50 dollar or more on pre-date grooming and clothing, Don#39;t want to spend money on the first date? I#39;m guessing many women would rather not spend the time or money shaving, putting on makeup, choosing an outfit and blow drying their hair. Not to mention teetering in high heels, donning crippling Spanx, and strapping on push up bras. But alas, most of us don#39;t wake up looking runway-y. Even though most guys claim not to notice all the things that women do to primp, I#39;m also guessing most men would be horrified to see a girl show up to a date with hairy legs, under-eye circles and a Brillo pad for hair like I have when I wake up..男人也不知道,女人在准备约会前的开销,新衣、脱毛、化妆、做头发。根据调查,百分之65的女性花在约会前准备的钱高达50美元甚至更多。我想更多女性宁愿不花钱和时间为了一次约会去收拾打扮自己。更别说穿着摇摇晃晃的高跟鞋,让人窒息的瘦身衣….哎,毕竟不是所有的女人都是天生丽质,尽管大多数男士会说,并没有意识到女性的精心打扮,然而我却想说,如果女人再跟男人约会时没有刮腿毛,带着黑眼圈,头发乱的跟刚睡醒似得,肯定大多数男人都会被吓跑的。If we#39;re really talking about gender equality, then yes we should just split everything down the middle.. But dating isn#39;t about gender equality. Dating is about that dance between two people. Flirting and courting and chivalry, no matter how old-fashioned, is a part of that.从性别平等的角度上讲,是的,我们应该男女各付一半。但是约会不是讨论性别平等的时候,约会是两个人的舞蹈,约会是应该有调情、奉承和绅士风度的部分,不管这样的观念有多守旧,都不应该改变。From a financial standpoint, I#39;m far from needing or wanting a man to pay for my lifestyle. But I do want to be swept off my feet. I want doors opened. Bugs killed. Dragons slayed! Of all the things my boyfriend has done for me, the most memorable one was surprising me with balloons that had hidden notes in them. Expensive? No. Thoughtful and caring? Yes. And I saved every sticky note inside.从财务上讲,我不需要男人为我的生活买单。但是我却想感受到无微不至的体贴,感受到他能力所能及地为我做所有的事。也许对我来讲最大的惊喜就是看到气球上写着他的求爱语。贵吗?一点都不,周到和体贴的他会让我谨记气球上的每句话。I#39;m in no way suggesting that a woman doesn#39;t start chipping in after the first 2-3 dates. In fact, when my boyfriend realized that he brought me to a cash-only restaurant with no cash on our second date, I forked out the money without batting an eyelash. The fact that I knew he was interested in more than an easy fling, he told me he liked me, texted me within 24 hours of our first date and had aly asked me out for a third date, made it easy for me to pay.我不建议女人在2到3次约会以后就将你的未来押在这个男人身上。然而,我的经历也值得分享和参考。我和男朋友第一次约会时,他约我去了一家很贵的餐厅,当他意识到没有钱再约我时,我想也没想就把我的钱拿出来,因为我知道他对我有意,他告诉我他喜欢我,约会后的24小时内发信息给我,计划下一次约会。这些行为让我判断出他的诚意,让我更愿意为爱情买单。Why? Because he was courting me.为什么?因为他的追求让我很受用。本译文属 /201309/256114 Caffeine addiction is so commonplace that nobody will bat an eye if you say you need your daily dose of coffee.Though people claim that coffee benefits them, the efficacy of the brown liquid is often misconceived. For starters, studies have shown that although caffeine may give you more speed, you#39;ll be more prone to making mistakes. This means even if you have a larger output, it#39;ll be of lower quality. More negatives include feeling jittery when you drink too much coffee and withdrawal symptoms like headaches if you choose to stop drinking. Convinced? Here are some tips to kicking your caffeine habit to the curb for good this year:咖啡瘾太常见了,所以如果你说要每天喝杯咖啡,都没有人会在意。虽然人们声称咖啡对他们有益,但这种棕色液体的功效却被经常误解。对刚开始喝咖啡的人们来说,研究表明虽然咖啡因会让你做事速度更快,但也更容易犯错误。这意味着虽然你做了更多事,但质量却更低。负面影响还有:咖啡喝多后会焦躁不安,不喝时会有头痛的戒断症状。现在相信了吧?下面有些小建议可以让你今年永远摆脱喝咖啡的习惯:1. Figure out your quitting style. Everyone has their own way of kicking bad habits, and you can either choose to go cold turkey or ease off it slowly. Remember, if you go cold turkey and suffer withdrawal symptoms, don#39;t take any pain medication for your headaches since those have caffeine in it as well!1. 找到自己的“退出”方式。每个人都有戒掉坏习惯的方法,你可以痛定思痛下决心快速戒掉,也可以慢慢除去坏习惯。要记住的是,如果你决定快点戒掉并且出现戒断症状,别用吃药治疗头痛,因为这些也含有咖啡因!2. Find a replacement. When you find yourself craving coffee, try to replace it with caffeine-free tea. Chamomile and mint tea are always good options.2. 找替代品。当你很想喝咖啡时,试着喝茶代替,它们不含咖啡因。菊花茶和薄荷茶总是很好的选择。3. Try decaf. When you just miss the comfort of the taste of coffee, opt for decaf. Keep in mind that there#39;s actually a small amount of caffeine in a decaffeinated cup of joe, so drink a small cup.3. 试试看无咖啡因咖啡。当你想起沁人心脾的咖啡味时,就喝没有咖啡因的咖啡吧。要记得在一杯“不含咖啡因”的咖啡中,还是会有少量咖啡因的,所以喝一小杯即可。Of course, it#39;s up to each individual to decide if quitting coffee is right for them. I#39;d say you should truly consider it if you#39;re drinking excessive amounts (more than three or four cups a day) and if you#39;re feeling some of the negative effects of caffeine.当然,每个人要自己决定戒咖啡是否合适。如果你喝过量的咖啡(一天超过三四杯),而且感觉到咖啡因的一些副作用,我觉得你确实该考虑一下是否要戒了。 /201302/224072石家庄美联臣整形美容医院减肥手术多少钱石家庄妇产医院激光祛斑手术多少钱



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