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郑州妇幼保健院修眉价钱费用河南省郑州华山医院注射隆鼻郑州大学第三附属医院激光祛斑价钱费用 The collapse of a floor piled high with material in a Cambodia sneaker factory killed three people and drew fresh attention to safety problems in low-cost countries serving the world#39;s apparel retailers.柬埔寨一运动鞋生产厂的一个堆满材料的楼层坍塌,造成三人死亡。事故引发外界再次关注这些为全球装零售商供应低成本产品的国家的生产安全问题。Three people died early Thursday and at least six others were injured in a new industry accident, which occurred when a ceiling collapsed in a factory outside the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. An official at Asics Corp., a Japanese sneaker company whose brand is popular among athletes in the U.S. and elsewhere, confirmed that the factory is one of its suppliers. The company said it was investigating and trying to determine what, if any, safety precautions had been taken.周四清早,柬埔寨首都金边城外一座工厂的天花板坍塌。这起最新工业事故造成三人死亡,至少六人受伤。日本运动鞋生产商亚瑟士(Asics Corp.)的一位管理人员实说,这家工厂是其供应商之一。亚瑟士品牌很受美国等国运动员的欢迎。该公司表示,正在调查事故原因,并试图确定该工厂是否采取了任何安全防范措施。#39;We are deeply shocked and saddened to hear of this terrible accident,#39; Asics spokeswoman Masayo Hasegawa said. #39;Safety is of paramount importance for Asics.#39;亚瑟士发言人长谷川雅代(Masayo Hasegawa)说,听到发生了这样一起可怕事故,我们都深感震惊和悲痛,安全生产对亚瑟士来说是最重要的。The collapse came on the heels of other, more-deadly garment disasters in recent months, including the collapse of a building housing factories in Bangladesh this month that killed more than 1,000 people. It also shone a light on the role of Asian retailers#39; attempts to compete with Western brands by expanding production in lower-cost countries.装业这几个月已陆续发生了一系列致死人数更多的事故,其中包括本月孟加拉国一栋内有数家制衣厂的建筑倒塌,造成1,000多人死亡。另外,此事也暴露出亚洲零售商试图通过在劳动力成本更低的国家扩大生产来与西方品牌竞争所带来的影响。The factory involved in Thursday#39;s deaths, Wing Star Shoes, was built a year and a half ago by a joint venture between Asics subsidiary Asics Trading Co. and a Taiwanese partner. A chronic problem at Asics had been production delays and poor-quality products at Chinese factories where it outsourced production, and the new factory was built with the aim to help tighten quality control.周四发生事故的鞋厂是Wing Star Shoes,一年半前由亚瑟士的子公司Asics Trading Co.与一家台湾合作伙伴组建的合资企业建造。亚瑟士以前将生产外包给中国工厂时,经常会出现生产延误和产品质量低下的问题,建柬埔寨这座新工厂的目的就是帮助加强质量控制。Workers at the scene said the deaths occurred when a mezzanine level used for storage collapsed after bearing too much weight. They said the mezzanine floors were added to the site in the past two months to connect buildings at the factory, which employs more than 6,000 people. Workers performed tasks under the mezzanines, including operating machines cleaning the soles of Asics running shoes.现场的工人说,被用来储物的阁楼因承重过大发生坍塌,造成人员伤亡。他们说,阁楼是过去两个月加盖的,作用是连接工厂内的楼房。该工厂有员工6,000余名。员工在阁楼下面工作,包括操作清洗亚瑟士跑步鞋鞋底的机器。The level that collapsed was stuffed with tons of pallets piled with cardboard boxes, crates of tissue-paper wrappings and other dense, heavy materials.坍塌的那个阁楼上有数吨货盘,货盘上则堆的是硬纸盒、成箱的包装纸和其它很重的密致材料。It wasn#39;t clear whether the addition of the mezzanine met local building codes. Ith Sam Heng, Cambodia#39;s social-affairs minister, told reporters authorities are investigating the addition.不清楚加盖的阁楼是否符合当地建筑法规。柬埔寨社会事务部长Ith Sam Heng对记者说,当局正在调查加盖阁楼一事。The recent spate of accidents in the garment trade, especially in Bangladesh, where in addition to the building collapse more than 100 have also died in factory fires over the past year -- has led labor unions and worker-safety groups to press Western retailers to tighten oversight of their supply chains.制衣业近来发生的一连串事故导致工会和维护工人安全权利的组织强烈要求西方零售商加强对供应链的监管。特别是孟加拉国,除本月倒塌的那栋楼外,过去一年该国有100多人死于工厂火灾事故。The Cambodian accident, while much smaller than other recent disasters, nevertheless fits a pattern of dangerous work conditions in Asian garment factories.虽然比起制衣业近期发生的事故,柬埔寨的这起事故规模很小,但也是由亚洲制衣厂工作环境危险所致。Asics#39;s sales are smaller than a global heavyweights like Nike, and it has become increasingly reliant on low-cost manufacturing partners in other parts of Asia. Since 2008, the company has shifted emphasis toward gaining market share overseas -- especially in the Americas.亚瑟士在销量上不及耐克(Nike)等全球巨头,并且愈发依赖亚洲其它地方低成本的制造伙伴,2008年以来,该公司一直在将重点转移至夺取海外市场份额,特别是美洲市场份额。 /201305/240332荥阳市副乳切除多少钱

河南鼻头缩小多少钱郑州哪家整容医院隆鼻比较好 IT#39;S my first Chinese class of the year with my Mandarin teacher, Meimei. We are discussing New Year#39;s resolutions. Meimei#39;s is to find a husband.这是我今年与我的中文老师美美的第一节中文课。我们正在讨论新年计划。美美计划找到一个丈夫。;2013 is the year I will meet my husband!; she declares. ;And in 2014 I will get married!;“2013年是我将遇到我丈夫的一年!”她说。“2014年我将结婚!”My resolutions are to take more pictures and order food delivery less often, but I admire her ambition. ;You#39;re right!; I tell her. ;Perhaps I need to think bigger.;我计划拍摄更多的照片,少定一些快餐,但是我很佩她的雄心。“你是对的!”我告诉她。“也许我需要考虑得长远一些。”Being the same age and single, Meimei and I have great empathy with one another, although our circumstances are not exactly the same. Like most unmarried Chinese women nearing 30, she comes under intense pressure from her parents to find a husband. My mother, by contrast, takes the subtler approach of simply wondering out loud whether she will ever become a grandmother.同样年龄和单身,美美和我对彼此有强烈的共鸣,尽管我们的情况下并不完全相同。像大多数未婚的接近30岁的中国女性一样,她开始承受来自父母要求找一个丈夫的巨大压力。我的母亲,相比之下,以简单地想知道她是否会成为一个祖母的想法采取着更微妙的方式。Today Meimei is full of romantic optimism, because the day before our class was January 4, 2013. In Mandarin this sounds a bit like Yi Sheng Yi Shi (201314), which means ;Love You All My Life,; she explains. Apparently 10,000 Chinese couples chose the day to get married.今天美美全是浪漫的乐观情绪,因为我们课的前一天是2013年1月4日。普通话听起来有点像“一生一世” (201314),这意味着“一生都爱你,”她解释说。很显然一万对中国夫妇选择了这一天结婚。;Maybe January 4, 2014, will be your turn!; I say.“也许2014年1月4日将轮到你!”我说。She shudders and I realize I have committed a terrible faux pas. ;That sounds like #39;I want to die#39;,; she says in a horrified whisper. ;That wouldn#39;t be a romantic choice for a wedding date.;她浑身颤抖,我意识到我犯了一个可怕的社交错误。“那听起来像‘我想死’,”她用一种惊恐的声音小声说。“这不会是婚礼日期的浪漫选择。”China#39;s obsession with auspicious-sounding numbers never fails to tickle me, given that so many words in Mandarin actually do sound the same. In addition, there are a whole host of superstitious homophones that it seems only Chinese can hear. My birthday, May 20, is also a good day, according to Meimei, because it supposedly sounds like the Chinese for #39;I love you.#39; Except that it really doesn#39;t.中国人对听起来吉祥的数字的执迷总是使我发笑,考虑到汉语中那么多字实际听起来一样。此外,还有一整套同音异义词,似乎只有中国人才能听到。我的生日,5月20日,也是一个好日子,根据美美的说法,因为它能听起来像中国的“我爱你。”除了它真的没有。Being female, 30 and unmarried in China is not considered lucky. Meimei uses the English counting system because it makes her 29, instead of the Chinese system, where babies are born aged 1 and she is aly past it.作为30岁的未婚女性在中国被认为是不幸运的。美美使用英语计数系统因为这使她才29岁,而不是中国的系统,在婴儿出生时1岁,那样算她早已经过了29岁。For months her concerned parents have been sending her on blind dates, which inevitably fail to live up to expectations. She delights in regaling me with tales of these boring men, including the latest, a public servant whose sole topic of conversation consists of asking her what she has eaten that day.几个月来她操心的父母一直让她相亲,这不可避免地无法实现预期。她喜欢和我讲这些无聊男人的故事,包括最新的那位,唯一的话题就是问那一天她吃了什么的公务员。;One day he wanted to go out for rice porridge. In the evening!; she says.“有一天他想出去吃稀饭。在晚上!”她说。With the 30 deadline fast approaching, Meimei has decided to take fate into her own hands and pay large sums to a professional matchmaker, who has promised to introduce her to hundreds of suitable men.30岁期限即将到来,美美已经决定要掌握自己的命运,付大笔金钱给职业媒人,那个已答应给她介绍数百个合适男人的人。Dating in China involves a minefield of complex requirements. According to Meimei, men are supposed to be Gao Fu Shuai - tall, rich and handsome - while women should be Bai Fu Mei - white, rich and beautiful. Men have the added responsibility of securing a car, a house and a promotion by the time they reach their fourth decade if they are to have any hope of finding a wife.在中国约会涉及到复杂需求的雷区。根据梅梅,男人应该成为高富帅——个高、富有、英俊,而女性则应该成为白富美——肤白、富有和美丽。男人还有额外的责任来保一辆车、一栋房子以及当他们到40岁时的一场晋升如果他们想有任何找到妻子的希望。;Everyone says Shanghai women are so superficial,; she sniffs. ;But I don#39;t mind at all if my future husband doesn#39;t have a car. Or a house. As long as, you know, he was going to buy one at some point.;“每个人都说上海女性是如此肤浅,”她鄙视地说。“但我一点都不介意如果我未来的丈夫没有车。或一栋房子。只要,你知道,他将在某个时间段能买上。”The matchmaker asked Meimei for a list of her criteria and she said that he should be kind and earn a minimum of 5,000 yuan (US4) a month. The matchmaker took one look at clever, beautiful Meimei, and told her she was setting the bar too low.媒人问美美她的一系列标准,她说他应该友好,月收入至少5000元(804美元)。媒人看了一眼聪明漂亮的美美,告诉她她设置的门槛很低。;You need to double the salary requirement to at least 10,000 a month,; she advised.“你需要两倍的工资要求,至少一万一个月,”她建议道。Meimei is a bit put out by this.美美对此有点恼怒。;Any nice man with a house and a car has definitely gone by now,; she says gloomily. ;If my expectations were really so low, doesn#39;t she think I would have found one aly?;“任何有房有车的好男人现在绝对走了,”她沮丧地说。“如果我的期望真如此低,难道她不认为我早就应该找到了吗?” /201301/220358郑州/哪里有冰点激光脱毛

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