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SITUATION 51情景 51Here or to go?要在这里吃还是带走?May I help you?我能为你务吗?Yes.Id like a Big Mac and small coke,please.是的。我要一个大的汉堡和一小杯可口可乐。Will that be all?就这些吗?Yes,thats all.是的,就这些。Here or to go ?要在这里吃还带走?To go.带走。May I help you?我能为你务吗?Yes.Id like a Big Mac and small coke,please.是的。我要一个大的汉堡和一小杯可口可乐。Will that be all?就这些吗?Yes,thats all.是的,就这些。Here or to go ?要在这里吃还带走?To go.带走。May I help you?我能为你务吗?Coffee,black.咖啡,不加牛奶的。Here or to go?这里喝还是带走?To go.带走。Sugar?加糖?No,thanks.不用,谢谢。May I help you?我能为你务吗?Coffee,black.咖啡,不加牛奶的。Here or to go?这里喝还是带走?To go.带走。Sugar?加糖?No,thanks.不用,谢谢。Id like a Quarter Pounder and a chocolate shake.我要一个牛肉汉堡,和一份巧克力冰淇淋雪泡。Fries?要炸马铃薯条?No,thanks.不用,谢谢。Here or to go?在这里吃还是带走?Here.在这里吃。Itll be a few seconds.马上来。Id like a Quarter Pounder and a chocolate shake.我要一个牛肉汉堡,和一份巧克力冰淇淋雪泡。Fries?要炸马铃薯条?No,thanks.不用,谢谢。Here or to go?在这里吃还是带走?Here.在这里吃。Itll be a few seconds.马上来。 /201205/183072

have ones mind in the gutter/ have got ones mind in the gutter------- 思想龌龊大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。生活中,有些人思想很龌龊,总爱想些或说些低俗的东西。那么,我们如何用英语来形容一个人思想龌龊呢?可以用have ones mind in the gutter或者have got ones mind in the gutter.。Gutter是“排水沟”的意思,排水沟里的东西是不是很脏呢?所以这表达绝对是形象生动。我们来听一下例句:Why do you tell so many dirty jokes? Do you always have your mind in the gutter?你干嘛讲这么多黄色笑话?你是不是老这么思想龌龊?在生活中,有幽默感是很受人欢迎的,可是不要靠黄段子来撑起你的幽默感,那样子人家会觉得你思想龌龊哦!我是小强,下期节目,我们再会!关注新浪微@小强爱英语,获取更多英语资讯。本栏目由原创,。 /201412/348756

经典句型:When will the contract be y? 合同何时准备好?A:When will the contract be y?甲:合同何时准备好?B:Shall we sign it next week?乙:下周签合同如何?A:Sure.甲:好的。经典句型:Do you think there is something wrong with the contract? 您认为合同有问题吗?A:Do you think there is something wrong with the contract?甲:您认为合同有问题吗?B:It is not very clear on the issue of packing.乙:关于包装的问题好像不是很清楚。A:I will have it perfected.甲:我会完善它的。B:Please contact us as soon as the issue is settled.乙:解决了这个问题后请及时与我们联系。A:Sure.甲:当然。句型讲解:如果认为合同有问题,可以说I have some problem about…我对…还有些问题。也可以说Would you please give me a further explanation on the issue of…可以对…的问题给我做出进一步的解释吗? /201402/277677

  Yang Li: Hello, Im Yang Li and this is The English We Speak.杨莉:大家好,我是杨莉,这里是地道英语节目。William: Im William Kremer. Welcome to the programme.威廉:我是威廉·克莱默。欢迎收听节目。Yang Li: Ah William, I am so excited!杨莉:啊,威廉,我真是太兴奋了!William: Really? Whats brought this on, then?威廉:是吗?那是什么让你这么兴奋?Yang Li: This weekend something really really really great is happening! Do you know what it is?杨莉:这周末会有非常非常非常棒的事情发生!你知道是什么吗?William: No...威廉:不知道。Yang Li: It has to do with music...杨莉:和音乐有关……William: Hmm. Is it a big opera?威廉:嗯。是大型歌剧吗?Yang Li: No, it takes place outdoors...杨莉:不是,是在户外进行的……William: Ah, is it opera in the park?威廉:啊,是在公园里上演的歌剧吗?Yang Li: No, no, its not opera. Its Glastonbury!杨莉:不,不是,不是歌剧。是格拉斯顿伯里音乐节!William: Oh wow, the huge music festival! Ive never been. Whats the line-up this year?威廉:哦,哇,那个盛大的音乐节!我从来没去看过。今年的演出阵容都有谁?Yang Li: Oh no, you dont need to queue. You can just get tickets online. But of course, they are sold out now.杨莉:哦,不,你不需要排队。你可以在网上订票。不过当然,现在票已经售完了。William: No, no, the line-up, Li. Whos playing?威廉:哦,不,李,我说的是演出阵容。都有谁出演?Yang Li: Oh, I see. Theres U2 and the Chemical Brothers and Fleet Foxes and Elbow... and loads and loads of bands of course. But William, Im confused about this phrase line-up...杨莉:哦,我明白了。有U2乐队、化学兄弟乐队、舰队狐狸乐队和大腕乐队……当然还有很多乐队。不过威廉,我对line-up这个词有些困惑……William: Well, in America to wait in line means to queue. But a line-up refers to all the bands that are playing in a festival.威廉:好,在美国,wait in line的意思是排队。但是line-up指的是所有出演音乐节的乐队。Yang Li: Oh right. So, is this phrase only used for music festivals?杨莉:哦,好。那这个短语只用在音乐节中吗?William: No, it isnt. Listen to this:威廉:不,不是的。来听这个例子:Man: Is Jones playing this weekend?男1:琼斯这周末会参加比赛吗?Man 2: No, hes still injured so hes not in the line-up.男2:不,他的伤还没好,所以他并不在球员阵容中。William: So in that example the line-up meant the members of a sports team playing in a match. The line-up.威廉:所以,在这个例子中,line-up指的是参加比赛的运动队成员。球员阵容。Yang Li: Well anyway, its a pretty good line-up at Glastonbury this weekend. I cant wait.杨莉:好,不管怎么样说,本周末的格拉斯顿伯里音乐节阵容非常强大。我都等不及了。William: Whos headlining on Sunday?威廉:那周日的主角是谁?Yang Li: Eh, what?杨莉:啊,什么?William: Headlining. Whos headlining? Ah, I think I know why youre confused. To headline doesnt mean to be in the newspapers. It means to be the main act in a festival. The main act is the headline act.威廉:主角。谁是主角?哦,我知道你为什么会困惑了。To headline并不是说报纸的头条。而是指音乐节中的主角。主角也可以说headline act。Yang Li: Oh right. I think Beyoncé Knowles is headlining on Sunday. She is the headline act.杨莉:哦,好的。我想周日的主角是碧昂丝·诺尔斯。她是主角。William: Ah yes, Beyoncé. Ive heard of her. Is she the one that does that dance, like this...威廉:好的,碧昂斯。我听说过她。这是不是她的舞蹈,就像这样……Yang Li: Oh William, stop it! Stop it! You are not Beyoncé Knowles! It looks wrong!杨莉:哦,威廉,停下,停下!你可不是碧昂丝·诺尔斯!太难看了!William: (laughing) OK, OK. So, what time do you leave?威廉:(笑声)好吧,好吧。那你什么时候走?Yang Li: Eh?杨莉:什么?William: What time are you going to Glastonbury? Its quite a long way, you know Li. You should probably be getting on a train about now.威廉:你什么时候去格拉斯顿伯里音乐节?莉,你知道,那里离这里很远。你现在就应该上火车了。Yang Li: Oh no, Im not going! It costs an absolute fortune, you know, and it can be so muddy! And I dont like the idea of those festival toilets. Oh, no, no, no, its not for me. Im just going to watch it on telly.杨莉:哦,不,我不去!你知道,那花费太大了,而且音乐节会非常泥泞!而且我也不喜欢音乐节的卫生间。哦,不,不,不,那不适合我。我就在电视上看就好了。William: Oh OK, right! Well, for everyone who is going to a music festival this year, we hope you have a fantastic time. I hope that the line-up is great and that the headline act doesnt disappoint. Bye!威廉:哦,好吧,好的!去看音乐节的观众们,我们希望你们度过美好的时光。我希望演出阵容很棒,主角不会让人失望。再见!Yang Li: Bye.杨莉:再见。 /201407/310478

  Larry在咖啡馆里碰见了李华。他们会用到两个常用语:take someone under your wing和take someone for a ride.(Sound of caf□door opening - chimes)Larry: Hey, there you are, Lihua.LH: (Sounding tired) Oh, hi Larry.Larry: I havent seen you since last weekend. What have you been up to? Dont tell me youre having midterms aly.LH: 我连看书的时间都没有! 尽忙着照顾我表了。她从中国来美国上高中,初来乍到,什么都不会,所以我这两天一直在帮她安顿。Larry: Im sure its a very tough transition for both of you. But, its so nice of you to take her under your wing.LH: ;Take her under my wing;? 这是什么意思?Larry: To take someone under your wing means to give them a great deal of personal guidance and protection while they are learning something of which you have experience.LH: 我明白了, to take someone under your wing,就是指导、保护和照料某人。我现在就是这样像母鸡带小鸡一样照顾着我表呢!Larry: It takes time to learn how to cope with living in a totally new environment - its only natural to need a little bit of help at first. As a matter of fact, I can remember a time not so long ago when I took a certain confused girl from China under my own wing...LH: 你说你也曾这样帮助过一个女孩? 你不是在说我吧?Larry, 虽然你给了我很多帮助,但这和我给我表的帮助是不同的。我要是不在她身边,她连出门买吃的都不敢!Larry: But Lihua, you couldnt buy groceries on your own either when you first moved here. One time at the grocery store, your bill came to .50 and you pulled out a dollar bill, asking me if it was enough!LH: Haha, 这个我记得。刚到美国时,每次需要跟美国人打交道我都会非常紧张,就算不说英语,还是觉得很恐怖。Larry: Luckily, I was there to take you under my wing while you got used to living in the ed States - just like how youre taking your cousin under your wing now!LH: 哈,看来我们都是好心人! 最近我在帮我表找房子。她以前的房东欺负她是新来的,把房租提高了两倍!我表已经傻呼呼地交了一个月的钱!Larry: Yeah, you have to be really careful. It sounds like that landlord was taking your cousin for a ride.LH: Taking her for a ride? 开车带她出去?那个房东可没这么好心!Larry: Um, I mean ;taking her for a ride; as in, taking advantage of her situation - playing a trick on her for his own benefit.LH: 哦! 原来to take someone for a ride还有欺负人,宰人的意思!Larry: Yea, thats right. For example, when I went to New York City, my cab driver noticed that I had never been to New York before, and so he took a longer route to my hotel in order to run up my bill. This is a classic case of ;taking someone for a ride.;LH: 啊?司机看你是第一次来纽约,就带着你绕远路,多收你的车费。这可真差劲,欺负人!Larry: Unfortunately, some people will take advantage of other people like that.LH: Larry, 咱们是愿意take others under our wings, 不遗余力地帮助别人,可这个房东和那个出租司机却会take people for a ride, 占别人便宜。所以这两个说法的意思正好相反嘛!Larry: Yea, you could think of it like that. So, its a great thing that you are taking your cousin under your wing! Otherwise, it would be easy for people to take her for a ride.LH: 好吧,为了防止她受欺负,我就继续努力吧。Larry: Im sure your cousin is a smart girl. Before you know it, shell be just as capable to live on her own in the ed States as you are - and you wont have to worry about people trying to take her for a ride.LH: (叹气) 不过,在她完全自立前,我可有的忙了,估计不能常和你见面了!Larry: Thats OK. Taking someone under your wing is a quite a full-time job!今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是to take someone under your wing,意思是“照顾和帮助某人”。另一个是to take someone for a ride,意思是“占人便宜,欺负人”。 /201204/179138。


  Neils turned up late so Helen smashes up a clock. Why? Neil and Helen discuss a useful expression for when you have spare time you need to waste.尼尔来晚了,所以海伦砸了一个钟。这是为什么?尼尔和海伦在讨论一个有用的表达方式,有关可以消磨的空闲时间。Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak from B Learning English. Im Neil and with me today is Helen (crashing noises). Um, Helen what are you doing?尼尔:大家好,欢迎收听B英语教学频道的地道英语节目。我是尼尔,今天和我一起主持节目的是海伦(撞击声)。呃,海伦,你在做什么?Helen: Oh Im just stamping on this clock.海伦:哦,我在踩这个钟。Neil: Yes, I can see that you are really… destroying that clock. My question is… why?尼尔:我看到你正在毁坏那个钟。可是我想问为什么要这么做?Helen: Well, dont you remember you told me that you were going to be a little late for the recording session?海伦:嗯,你记不记得你跟我说你可能会赶不上录音时间?Neil: Yes, I had to delay things by an hour.尼尔:对,我不得不把事情延迟一个小时。Helen: And I asked you what I should do while I was waiting.海伦:然后我问你我等你的时候要做什么。Neil: Yes thats right.尼尔:对,没错。Helen: And you told me that I should just kill time. So thats what Im doing… killing time.海伦:你说我杀了时间就行。所以我现在做的就是……杀了时间。Neil: Well I did tell you to kill time, but I didnt mean destroy a clock. In English, when you say you are killing time, it means you are doing something that isnt really important just to occupy yourself before the start of your next plan or arrangement.尼尔:我是告诉你要打发时间,不过我的意思不是让你毁坏一个钟。在英语中,killing time的意思是在下一个计划或安排开始前,找一些不重要的事情让自己有事情可做。Helen: Yeah, thats right. Killing time has nothing to do with violence towards clocks. Its an expression which means to do something which isnt really important just to keep you occupied until the start of your next plan or arrangement. Here are some examples.海伦:对,没错。killing time和对钟实施暴力没有关系。这是一种表达方式,意思是在下一个计划或安排开始前找些不重要的事情让自己忙碌起来。请听下面的例句。Examples例句I turned up an hour early for my flight, so I just looked at the duty free to kill some time.我比航班时间早到了一小时,所以我去免税店打发时间。I had an hour between work and meeting my friends so I killed time in a department store.在工作和见朋友期间我有一个小时间的富余时间,所以我在百货商店消磨时间。I always arrive hours early for job interviews. Id rather have to kill time than deal with the stress of being late!参加面试时我总是会提前几个小时到达。我宁愿打发时间也不愿意面临可能会迟到的压力!Neil: So Helen, you can stop smashing up that poor clock now.尼尔:海伦,你现在可以不用再砸那个可怜的钟了。Helen: But you know what? Im quite enjoying it.海伦:你知道吗?其实我很喜欢。Neil: It looks like you are enjoying it… and it looks quite fun. Do you mind if I…尼尔:看起来你是很享受……而且看起来的确很有趣。你介意我……Helen: Not at all… join me. (smashing)海伦:完全不介意……和我一起砸吧。(砸钟的声音)Neil: Actually, this is the most fun Ive ever had killing time!尼尔:实际上这是我在打发时间时过得最愉快的一次!Helen: Me too! Join us again soon for The English We Speak.海伦:我也是!请记得收看我们下期地道英语节目。Neil: Bye! (smash)尼尔:再见!(继续砸)Helen: Bye!海伦:再见! 译文属 /201501/352515Bruce was taken up above the salt.(误译)布鲁斯坐在盐上。(正译)布鲁斯被请坐上席。take up 拿起;开始从事;占据(时间,地方)1. 开始从事He was eager to take up some job.他热切的要开始从事一些工作。The full Senate will take up the matter after this weeks Thanksgiving recess, with the leadership keen to pass it before Christmas.参议院全体在本周感恩节假期后将开始从事这件事,领导层非常想在圣诞节之前通过这项法案。2. 拿起Even his recreation consisted in change of study, laying down one subject to take up another.连他的消遣都是放下一个科目又拿起另一个科目的变换研究。And pink noise, our son’s favorite, sounds like the tone you’d hear were you to take up residence inside a conch shell.粉色的噪音,是我们儿子的最爱,听起来像你听到的音调,你拿起一个海螺居住在里面。3. 占据(时间,地方)Then, we plot the different graphs so that they each take up one fourth of the screen.然后,我们绘制不同的曲线图,从而它们可以每个图占据屏幕的四分之一。Hand, arm and leg movements are toward their own body as the liar tries to take up less space.手、手臂和腿的移动都靠向自己的身体,因为撒谎者设法占据更少的空间。above the salt 坐上席;受尊敬Respect Above The Salt 尊为上宾Please sit above the salt 请坐在首位When I entered the banquet hall, they all stood up and asked me to sit above the salt.我走进宴会厅时,他们都站起来,请我坐上席。 /201205/182076



  13. What do they come to?一共多少钱?还能这样说:How much do I owe you?How much altogether?应用:come forward 自告奋勇;站出来;come to life 苏醒过来;活跃起来;come in handy 迟早有用14. Which kind of postcards do you like?你喜欢哪种明信片?还能这样说:What sort of postcards do you prefer?Which kind of postcards are you fond of?应用:of a kind 很相似的;同一类的;be kind to 对……慈爱,对……厚道15. You can get what you like.你挑喜欢的拿。还能这样说:You can choose what you are interested in.You may pick what you like.谚语:He who plays with fire gets burned.玩火者必自焚。16. That comes to 15 Yuan.一共15元。还能这样说:These cost you 15 Yuan.The total amount is 15 Yuan.应用:supposing that 假使;on condition that 假如,若是;at that time 那时,当时17. These postcards are specially designed for New Year.这些明信片是专门为新年设计的。还能这样说:These are postcards especially for New Year.These postcards are designed solely for the New Year.应用:special delivery 专递;special school 特殊学校;special pleading 诡辩法 /201307/246972。

  1. Will you have it here or take it go?在这儿吃还是带走?还能这样说:Do you want to take it away or just eat it here?Will you have it here or be packed?2. He invited me to dine out.他邀请我出去吃。还能这样说:He invited me out to dinner.He invited me to go out to have dinner.3. Do you want to eat at home or outside?你想在家吃还是在外面吃?还能这样说:Do you want to cook yourself or eat in the hotel?Do you go for meal at home or in the restaurant?应用:outside and in 里里外外;at the very outside 至多,充其量;outside in 里面翻到外面,彻底地了解某事;outside of 在……外面,超出……的范围4. The package impressed me very much.这个包装使我印象很深。还能这样说:The package gave me a very deep impression.The package left a deep impression on me.应用:bear the impress of genius 带有天才的痕迹;impress on/upon 留下印象,在某物上盖印;impress with 使铭记;impress sth. in/on sth. 用硬物压入软物使留下痕迹 /201403/280017


  1. I need to write two thesis.我需要写两篇论文。还能这样说:I do with two thesis.I need to work on two papers.谚语:A friend in need is a friend indeed.患难之交是真朋友。2. Hows your thesis going?你的论文写得怎么样了?还能这样说:How are you coming along with your thesis?How does your thesis go off?谚语:A moneyless man goes fast through the market.身上无钱过市快。3. In fact, I just finished the outline.事实上,我刚写完提纲。还能这样说:As a matter of fact, I just pulled the outline off.Actually, I just completed the outline.应用:as a matter of fact 事实上,实际上;be caught in the fact 当场被捕;in fact 事实上,其实4. Many thanks for your instruction.非常感谢您的教导。还能这样说:I appreciate your instruction.Im thankful for your guidance.谚语:He that marries for wealth sells his liberty.为财富而结婚的人,出场了自己的自由。5. We had a great graduation ceremony.典礼的气氛很活跃。还能这样说:Our graduation ceremony was very great.The graduation cermony we had was very great.应用:stand on ceremony 讲究礼节,拘泥礼节,讲客套;with ceremony 正式,隆重;without ceremony 不拘礼节地,随便地6. The chancellor attended our graduation ceremony.我们的大学校长出席了我们的毕业典礼。还能这样说:The chancellor was present at our graduation ceremony.We found the chancellor at the graduation ceremony.谚语:Do not attend to two things at a time.一心不能二用。7. My father was proud of me during my graduation.毕业典礼上,父亲为我感到自豪。还能这样说:My father took a pride in me during my graduation.I was my fathers pride at the graduation ceremony.应用:graduation exercises [美]毕业典礼;significant graduation 有效分度8. May your future be big and bright.祝你前途光明远大。还能这样说:Wish you have a bright future.Good luck in future.谚语:Big mouthfuls often choke.贪多嚼不烂。 /201301/219200

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