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Asking Directio问路 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Dale : Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the Palace Museum? Nancy: You can take Bus 5. The driver will tell you where to get off. Dale : Yes, but I'm driving my own car. Nancy: Oh, then you drive along this street, turn right at the third crossroad, then take the first left. Keep straight on until you see a road sign that says "Palace Museum", and then you follow the sign. It will direct you to the Palace Museum. Dale : Drive along this street, turn right, turn left, keep straight, and then I'll see the road sign? Nancy: That's right. Dale : Are you sure that I won't bump into any one-way streets? Nancy: Well,...I don't think you will....I don't see any car around here. Where is your car? Dale : I parked it over there. You see? Nancy: Oh, no. You'd better move it bee a policeman sees you parking there. Dale : Why? I don't see any "No Parking" signs. Nancy: But you're parking in a bus zone. Dale : Here comes a policeman. I'd better run....Thank you, miss....Oh, by the way, how long will it take me to get to the museum? Nancy: About half an hour. Dale : Thanks again. You've been very helpful. Nancy: Hurry up, or you'll get a ticket. Vocabulary 注释 l. crossroad n. 十字路 . one-way street 单行道“one way”单程 3. zone n. 区域 . ticket n. 罚单、票 Nancy: Dale then willways to have good skinThink bee you drink. Alcohol can dilate small blood vessels,which may lose their ability to constrict.The result:tiny purple facial lines.Hands off. Every time you touch your face,you're depositing dirt and oil,which can clog pores.Also,a blemish will heal faster--and with less scarring--if it's left alone.Stay calm.Many skin conditions,including acne,allergies,eczema and psoriasis,can be aggravated by stress.So stay calm.Come clean-correctly. Wash twice a day with water soluble cleanser appropriate your skin type.After lathering,rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.Pat dry with a towel. 19独立自强,乐于应对生活的变化 让生命中充满特别的时刻,努力让梦想成真Promise yourself to dream more and hesitate less.To believe in yourself more and judge yourself less by the accomplishments of others.To appreciate your family and friends all the wonderful ways they make your life better.Promise yourself to accept life as it comes and truly make each day special.To become more independent and more willing to change.To fill your life with special times, and make your dreams come true. 5

Raising Oysters In the oysters were raised in much the same way as dirt farmers raised tomatoes- by transplanting them. First, farmers selected the oyster bed, cleared the bottom of old shells and other debris, then scattered clean shells about. Next, they "planted" fertilized oyster eggs, which within two or three weeks hatched into larvae. The larvae drifted until they attached themselves to the clean shells on the bottom. There they remained and in time grew into baby oysters called seed or spat. The spat grew larger by drawing in seawater from which they derived microscopic ps of food. Bee long, farmers gathered the baby oysters, transplanted them once more into another body of water to fatten them up. Until recently the supply of wild oysters and those crudely farmed were more than enough to satisfy people's needs. But today the delectable seafood is no longer available in abundance. The problem has become so serious that some oyster beds have vanished entirely. tunately, as far back as the early 1900's marine biologists realized that if new measures were not taken, oysters would become extinct or at best a luxury food. So they set up well-equipped hatcheries and went to work. But they did not have the proper equipment or the skill to handle the eggs. They did not know when, what, and how to feed the larvae. And they knew little about the predators that attack and eat baby oysters by the millions. They failed, but they doggedly kept at it. Finally, in the 190's a significant breakthrough was made. The marine biologists discovered that by raising the temperature of the water, they could induce oysters to spawn not only in the summer but also in the fall, winter, and spring. Later they developed a technique feeding the larvae and rearing them to spat. Going still further, they succeeded in breeding new strains that were resistant to diseases, grew faster and larger, and flourished in water of different salinities and temperatures. In addition, the cultivated oysters tasted better! 5

Once upon a time there was a child y to be born. So one day he asked God, ;They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?;从前,有个孩子马上就要诞生了于是有一天他问上帝:;听说明天您就送我去人间了,但是,我这么弱小和无助,我在那儿怎么生活呢?;God replied, ;Among the many angels, I chose one you. She will be waiting you and will take care of you.;上帝答道:;在众多的天使中,我特别为你挑了一位她会守候你,无微不至地照顾你;But the child wasnt sure he really wanted to go. ;But tell me, here in Heaven, I dont do anything else but sing and smile, that enough me to be happy.;小孩还是拿不准自己是否真的想去:;但是在天堂,我除了唱唱笑笑外,什么也不做,这就足以让我感到幸福了;;Your angel will sing you and will also smile you every day. And you will feel your angel love and be happy.; ;你的天使每天会为你唱歌,为你微笑你会感受她的爱,并且而幸福;;And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me,; the child continued, ;If I dont know the language that men talk?;;如果我不懂人类的语言,他们对我说话时,我怎么听得懂呢?;孩子继续问道God patted him on the head and said, ;Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak.; 上帝轻轻地拍了一下孩子的脑袋说:;你的天使会对你说最最美丽、最最动听的话语,而这些都是你从未听过的她会不厌其烦地教你说话;;And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?;;如果我想与你说话怎么办?;But God had an answer that question too. ;Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray.;上帝胸有成竹地回答:;你的天使会将你的双手合拢,教你如何祈祷;;Ive heard that on earth there are bad men, who will protect me?;;听说尘世有很多坏蛋,谁来保护我呢?;;Your angel will defend you even if it means risking her life!;;即使冒着生命危险,你的天使也会保护你的;;But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore,; the child continued warily.;但是见不到你,我会难过的;小孩小心翼翼说道God smiled on the young one. ;Your angel will always talk to you about me and will teach you the way you to come back to me, even though I will always be next to you.; 听到这儿,上帝对着小孩笑了;尽管我会一直陪伴你左右,你的天使仍会提起我,教你重返天堂之路;At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from earth could aly be heard. The child knew he had to start on his journey very soon. He asked God one more question, softly, ;Oh God, if I am about to leave now, please tell me my angel name.;此时,天堂一片宁静,凡间的声音已可听到,小孩明白自己得赶紧上路了他又轻声问了最后一个问题:;哦,上帝,假如我现在就出发,请你告诉我,我的天使叫什么名字?;God touched the child on the shoulder and answered, ;Your angel name is not hard to remember. You will simply call her Mommy.; 上帝把手放在小孩的肩上,答道:;你的天使的名字很容易记住,你就叫她--妈妈; 78

The sun shone brightly in the cloudless blue Wabash, Indiana, sky.  印第安纳州沃巴什县晴空万里的蓝天上,太阳光芒四射地照耀着;That was an especially beautiful sunny day,; recalls Jimmy Mitchell, a statuesque man in his early thirties.  ;那是一个特别美丽的晴日;吉米bull;米切尔回忆道他30出头,五官轮廓分明That day Jimmy was driving his car behind a man on a motorcycle, who was behind a truck hauling a boat, when suddenly the truck swerved erratically. Miraculously the motorcyclist avoided hitting the truck, but he couldnrsquo;t prevent himself from colliding with the boat.  那天,吉米正驾驶着自己的小汽车跟在一个骑着托车的男人后面,这个男人的前方是一辆运载着一艘小船的卡车突然,那辆卡车开始无规律地左冲右撞,虽然那个骑托车的男人奇迹般地躲过了卡车,没有撞上去,但他却和那艘小船撞到了一起The impact of the crash dislodged the boat from the truck, and slammed the motorcyclist to the ground, leaving him lying severely injured in the middle of the road. However, the driver of the truck didnrsquo;t stop his vehicle, but raced away from the scene of the accident.  猛烈碰撞的冲力把船甩下了卡车,并把骑托车的男人重重地甩到了地上严重受伤的他躺在道路中间然而,卡车司机并没有停车,而是快速逃离了事故现场Jimmy Mitchell didnrsquo;t think twice about stopping to help. Nor could he ever imagine what price he would pay his good deed.  吉米bull;米切尔毫不犹豫地立刻停下车去帮忙他根本就没有想象过自己会为这次善举付出什么代价;I pulled over, got out of the car and rushed over to give the man whatever first aid I could.; Jimmy recalled, his large gray eyes misting over as he detailed the events of his brush with death.  ;我把车子停到路边,走出车子,冲过去尽我所能对那个男人施行急救;吉米回忆道当他详细描述自己与死神擦身而过的经历时,他含有泪水的灰色大眼睛变得模糊起来The manrsquo;s name was Fred Griffin. After getting Fred untangled from the boat, Jimmy carefully dragged him into the shade by the road, then told him he was going help, assuring him he would be back. Heart pounding with fear the injured motorcyclist, Jimmy raced to the nearest house, and asked the person who lived there to call 9 to report that there had been a hit-and-run, and give a description of the truck. He then returned to the injured man.  这个受伤的男人叫弗雷德bull;格里芬吉米把弗雷德和小船分离开,小心翼翼地把他拖移到路边的阴凉处,然后告诉他自己马上去寻求帮助,并且向他保自己会回来由于非常担心这个受伤的骑托车的男人,吉米的心一直怦怦地狂跳不已他驱车赶到最近的居民点,请求那里的住户拨打求助电话9报告这起交通肇事逃逸案,并描述了肇事卡车的具体特征然后他回到那个受伤男人的身边Jimmy was applying pressure to slow Fredrsquo;s bleeding when, glancing up, he noticed that the driver of the truck had returned to the scene. When the man spotted Jimmy, he ran back to his truck. What Jimmy had no way of knowing was that the inebriated driver-a man with a criminal record-had returned to his truck to get a nine-millimeter pistol.  当吉米正用压的方法减慢弗雷德的伤口出血时,他抬眼一看,发现那位卡车司机返回了事故现场卡车司机看见吉米后,跑回到自己的卡车上这名醉醺醺的司机是一个有犯罪前科的男人,他回到卡车上是为了取一把口径9毫米的手,对于这一切,吉米全然不知As Jimmy was bending over caring the injured Fred, the man shot Jimmy four time twice in the back. Thinking Jimmy was dead, the man then shot and killed Fred.  就在吉米正弯腰照顾受伤的弗雷德时,卡车司机朝吉米开了四,两击中他的背部卡车司机在认为吉米已死之后,又开打死了弗雷德Believing that both were dead, the driver of the truck climbed back into his truck and sped away. He didnrsquo;t get far. A roadblock had been set up in response to the 9 call.  卡车司机认为两个人都死了,便爬上自己的卡车并快速开走但他并没有开出很远因为警方接到报警电话后,立刻在路上设了一个关卡Spinning the truck around, the driver raced back down the road in the direction of the accident. He tried to avoid the wreck he had caused, but in his frenzied flight, he rolled his truck and smashed into a telephone pole directly in front of Jimmy Mitchell. As he looked in the direction of where Jimmy lay, he realized that Jimmy was still alive.  卡车司机开着车兜兜转转,沿着发生事故的那条马路又开了回来他试着避开他所造成的事故残骸,然而,狂乱逃跑中的他疾驰着卡车,一头撞在了正位于吉米bull;米切尔前方的一根电话柱上当他向吉米躺着的方向望去时,他发现吉米还活着;He was going his gun,; Jimmy said. ;But that moment a policeman arrived, and handcuffed him.;  ;他准备取,;吉米说,;但就在那时,一名警察赶到了现场并逮捕了他;The coprsquo;s timing was tuitous Jimmy. Even so, the gunshot wounds left the young husband and father of two small children, permanently paralyzed from the waist down.  警察的及时出现,对吉米来说是不幸中的万幸即便如此,伤仍然使吉米这位年轻的丈夫同时也是两个小孩的父亲的下半身永远地瘫痪了  Jimmyrsquo;s tale was just one of the heart-wrenching stories I listened to, while serving as a guest expert on the Geraldo Rivera Show. The stories of the panel members assembled beside me-mother fathers and relatives who had lost loved ones to senseless violence-stirred my soul.  我在杰拉尔多bull;瑞弗拉主持的谈话节目《杰拉尔多bull;瑞弗拉秀担任客座专家时,吉米的故事是我听到的令人心痛如绞的故事之一围坐在我身边的那些讨论小组成员的故事震撼了我的心灵他们是受害者的母亲、父亲或其他亲人们,都因为残忍的暴力而失去了心爱的人Jimmyrsquo;s story, like the other was harrowing. But unlike the other panel member Jimmy was an actual victim who had survived his ordeal. ;You were so heroic, Jimmy. But after making such a personal sacrifice, would you ever be a Good Samaritan again?; Geraldo asked.  吉米的故事和其他人的一样令人痛心但与讨论小组的其他成员不同的是,吉米是一位从磨难中挺过来的受害者本人;吉米,你是如此地英勇但是在你做出了这样的个人牺牲之后,你还会助人为乐吗?;杰拉尔多问;I would help again,; Jimmy answered without hesitation. ;Irsquo;d want someone to help me. I think itrsquo;s a sad world when we canrsquo;t stop and help another person.;  ;我还是会伸出援手;吉米不假思索地回答,;我希望有人来帮助我我想,当我们不能停下来去帮助其他人时,这个世界将是令人感到悲哀的;The story of Jimmy Mitchell, a man whose selfless act proved heroic, grows even more touching with the response of the citizens of Wabash to his disability. It was months after that fateful summer afternoon bee Jimmy was able to return to work. Many challenges confronted him. Confined to a wheelchair, mobility was one of them. After seeing Jimmyrsquo;s wife, Lori, struggling to get Jimmy out of the car one day, citizens in Wabash County decided to reach out. Recently, representatives of his commy presented Jimmy with the keys to a new van;totally equipped to accommodate his disabilities.  吉米bull;米切尔的无私行为是英勇的而沃巴什县的居民对于他伤残的反应则让他的故事变得更加感人那个灾难性的夏日午后过后,又过了几个月,吉米才返回自己的工作岗位他遭遇了许多挑战其中一项挑战是,他只能坐轮椅而不能灵活自如地走动有一天,沃巴什县的居民们看到吉米的妻子洛丽艰难地把吉米从小汽车里抬出来之后,他们决定伸出援手最近,吉米所在社区的代表们给吉米送来了一辆新面包车的钥匙,里面的配备完全是依据他的伤残情况而设置的What is lost in so many lives and must be recovered is the trust that people will reach out to help, support and assist others.  现在必须重新找回的,正是这样一种早已从许多人的头脑中丢失的信念;;人们会伸出援手帮助、持并协助其他人Many do parents who lovingly act in responsible ways in the raising of their children; teachers who maintain excellence in teaching their students to learn; friends who are caretakers and caregivers; those who act with honesty, courage, kindness, encouragement and courtesy;helping each other as we go about our lives.  我们眼前就有许多例子:担负着抚养孩子重任的慈爱的父母们、循循善诱地教导学生如何学习的老师们、彼此关心和爱护的朋友们,以及那些以诚实、勇敢、善良、鼓励和谦恭作为行事准则的人们,在我们漫漫的人生路上,互帮互助Like Jimmy Mitchell did.就像吉米bull;米切尔所做的那样 1889

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