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3 Reception 登记入住经典对话CFront Office Clerk 前台务员 GGuest 顾客C:Good afternoon. Welcome to XX hotel. May I help you?下午好!欢迎光临 xx 酒店能为您效劳吗?G:Yes, I’d like to check-in,pleae.我要登记住宿C:Certaily,sir. May I have your name ,please?好的,先生请问大名?G:I’m Lawrence Brown.我叫劳伦斯.布朗C:Do you have a reservation with us. Mr. Brown?布朗先生,您预订了房间了吗?G:Yes, from tonight.是的,预订了从今晚开始C:Just a moment please. I’ll check our reservation record. (After a while) Thank you waiting, Mr.Brown. Your reservation is a twin from March 5th to 7th three nights. Is that right?请稍后,我检查一下预订记录(过了一会儿)让您久等了,布朗先生您预订了从 3 月 5 日到 7日 3 个晚上的双床间,是这样的吗?G:Exactly.对C:Could you fill out the registration m, please?请填写这张登记表好吗?G:Fine(Fill the m)好的(填写表格)C:How would you like to make payment?您打算如何付款呢?G:By American Express Card.用美国运通信用卡C:May I take a print of the card ,please?请让我划印一下你的卡,好吗?G:Sure, here you are.好的,给你C:Thank you, Mr. Brown. Your room number is .that’s on the 8th floor. A bellman will show you the room. Please enjoy your stay.谢谢您,布朗先生您的房间是 8 楼的 好房,务员会带您过去,希望您住得愉快常用句型百宝箱1. 入住基本应对1) You can just skip that, and I’ll fill it in you later on.你可以先不填这一项,我待会儿帮您补上) Please sign at the bottom on the right hand side .请在右下角签名3) May I see some identifications?我能看看您的身份件吗?) How would you like to make paymentsettle your bill?您打算如何付款呢?5) In cashBy credit cardBy traveler’s check.用现金用信用卡用旅行票6) Your bill will be paid by xx.您的账单将由 xx 付7) Please sign at the Cashier’s Counter when you check out.您退宿时请到收银台签名8) Your room charge, including tax and service will paid by xx; but you have to settle theincidental charges yourself.您的房钱,包括税金和务费,将由 xx 付,不过,杂费得由您自己付9) Have an enjoyable stay.Please enjoy your stay here.祝您住得愉快. 有旅行社凭的入住登记1) May I have the hotel voucher, please?我能看看您得住店凭吗?) That will do.有这个就可以了3) I’m afraid that this is only a confirmation note, but not a voucher.恐怕这只是预订确认单,不是住店凭) I’m very sorry , but could you settle your bill when you check out ,please?很抱歉,还是请您结帐时付清账单好吗?3. 旅行团的入住登记1) Who is the Tour Leader, pleae?请问谁是领队?) I’d like to reconfirm the schedule of your stay here.我想再确认一下贵团在本店停留得安排表3) Is there any change in the number of your group?贵团人数有变动吗?) Is there any change in your schedule?时间安排有什么变动吗?5) Could you place your bags in front of you door by 8:30? We’ll have your luggage picked up.请在早上 8:30 把行李放在门口好吗?我们会派人去取6) Here are your room keys and meal coupons.这是贵团得房间钥匙和餐券7) May I have a Group Rooming List ,please?能不能给我一份团体分房名单呢?8) Is there anything else I can do you?您还有什么其它吩咐吗?9) If I can be of any help ,please just let me know.如果有什么我能效劳的,请千万别客气. 请客人等待1) I’m afraid that your room is not quite y yet. Would you mind waiting ,please?您要的房间恐怕还没有完全准备好您介意等一会儿吗?) We have very sorry the inconvenience.很抱歉给你带来不便5. 运送行李1) Let me help you with the luggage.请让我来帮您拿行李) How many pieces of luggage do you have?您一共有几件行李?3) Is that all your luggage?行李都齐了吗?) Is there anything valuable or breakable in your bag?您得袋子有什么贵重或易碎的物品吗?5) Would you mind taking this handbag with you?您介意自己拿着这个手袋吗?6) Just a minute, please. I’ll bring a trolleybaggage cart.请稍后我去推一辆行李车来7) Shall I out your suitcase here?我把您的旅行箱放在这里好吗? 70餐厅是阳光餐厅吗,先生?A:Thank you. What about the restaurant? Where that? 谢谢那餐厅呢?在哪边?B:The Skylight Restaurant, sir? 是阳光餐厅吗,先生?同类问句:Ah. the Skylight Restaurant on the third floor. Turn left out of the lift and it’s at the end of the corridor.啊,阳光餐厅在3楼出了电梯左转,在走廊的尽头中餐厅请问,中餐厅在哪儿?A:Excuse me, where is the Chinese restaurant? 请问,中餐厅在哪儿?B: Ill show you the way myself. 我来领你们去同类问句:Excuse me. But where is the restaurant? 请问餐厅在哪里?On the first floor. We have a Chinese restaurant and a Western one. Which one do you prefer? 在1楼我们有中餐厅和西餐厅,您喜欢哪一个?I like Chinese food.我喜欢中餐Then you go down the stairs. The Chinese Restaurant is at the eastern side of the lobby.您下楼中餐厅在大堂东边 3190

产品包装部Packing产品包装packingA: We hope our opinions on packing will be passed on to your manufacturers.B: That can be taken care of.包装直接关系到产品的销售Packing has a close bearing on sales.A: You know,packing has a close bearing on sales.B: Yes,it also affects the reputation of our products.Buyers always pay great attention to packing.…怎样包装?How are...packedwrapped?A: How are the shirts packed?B: Theyre packed in cardboard boxes.A: Im afraid the cardboard boxes are not strong enough ocean transportation.内外包装 innerouter packingA: Well,Im satisfied with this inner packing,so what about the outer packing?B: We will pack them a dozen to a carton.A: Cartons? Could you use wooden cases instead?Im afraid the cartons are not strong enough.装箱说明书 packing specificationsA: Did you get our packing specifications?We need this order packed in a special way.B: Yes,Im ing them right now.We know it fragile.A: Yes.Please be careful when you ship it.Well need all our orders packed that way from now on.对包装的具体要求specific requirement packingA: Do you have any specific requirement packing?B: The key point of packing is protecting the goods from moisture.A: In that case,wooden cases would be the best choice.包装的安全性不可忽视The safety of packing cannot be neglected.A: This way of packing has been proven reliable our clients both in America and Europe.B: OK,you know,the safety of packing is a matter that cannot be neglected,so be sure to pay more attention to the packing of the goods.A: We always use this kind of packingwhich is totally suitable ocean shipping,please rest assured.包装费用 charges of packingA: Excuse me.Are you aware of our rule?B: What rule?A: Generally speaking,buyers bear the charges of packing.B: Of course I know the rule.I have been doing business a century! 3579

David Cameron’s “there is no alternativespeech last week on the UK economy has aroused much criticism. This is justified. The British prime minister’s arguments for sticking to the government’s programme of fiscal austerity were overwhelmingly wrong-headed.戴维·卡梅David Cameron)近期讲到英国经济时声称“别无选择”,引发了诸多批评。批评是合理的。英国首相用于论述政府应当坚持财政紧缩计划的理由都大错特错。It is easy to understand why he had to defend the government’s failing flagship policy. The incoming coalition embarked on a programme of austerity with the emergency Budget of June 2010. The economy, then showing signs of recovery, has since stagnated. Even the fiscal outcomes are poor. Indeed, according to the latest Green Budget from the authoritative Institute for Fiscal Studies, this fiscal year’s borrowing requirement may be bigger than last year’s. Only a productivity collapse saved the day by keeping unemployment surprisingly low, ameliorating the social impact of the output disaster.不难理解卡梅伦为何一定要为政府失败的主打政策辩护。当初,刚上台的联合政府颁布2010月紧急预算案,开始实施紧缩计划。从那以后,原本显示出复苏迹象的英国经济陷入停滞。甚至连政府的财政状况也很糟糕。根据权威机构英国财政研究所(Institute for Fiscal Studies)最新的《绿色预算Green Budget),本财年的借款需求可能高于上个财年。只有生产率暴跌才能拯救危局——维持超低的失业率,改善产出困境对社会的影响。How does one defend this record· Simon Wren-Lewis of the University of Oxford and Jonathan Portes of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, among others, have demolished the prime minister’s views. Here are the key points.这样糟糕的记录要如何为之辩护?牛津大University of Oxford)的西蒙·雷刘易Simon Wren-Lewis)和英国国家经济社会研究院(National Institute of Economic and Social Research)的乔纳森·波特Jonathan Portes)等人反驳了首相的观点。以下为要点。Mr Cameron argues that those who think the government can borrow more “think there’s some magic money tree. Well, let me tell you a plain truth: there isn’t.This is quite wrong. First, there is a money tree, called the Bank of England, which has created 75bn to finance its asset purchases. Second, like other solvent institutions, governments can borrow. Third, markets deem the government solvent, since they are willing to lend to it at the lowest rates in UK history. And, finally, markets are doing this because of the structural financial surpluses in the private and foreign sectors.卡梅伦称,认为政府可以扩大借款的人们“以为有一棵魔法摇钱树。好吧,让我告诉你们一个简单的事实:没有这样一棵树”。这种说法是错误的。首先,摇钱树的确是存在的,它名叫“英格兰BoE),已经创造出3750亿英镑,为资产购买活动提供资金持。其次,正如其他有偿还能力的机构一样,政府能够借款。第三,市场认为政府是有偿还能力的,因为它们愿意以英国历史上最低的利率借给政府资金。最后,市场这样做,是因为私营和对外部门存在结构性财政结余。Again, Mr Cameron notes that “last month’s downgrade was the starkest possible reminder of the debt problem we face No, it is not, for three reasons. First, Moody’s stressed that the big problem for the UK was the sluggish economic growth in the medium term, which austerity has made worse. Second, the rating of a sovereign that cannot default on debt in its own currency means little. Third, the reason for believing long-term interest rates will rise is expectations of high inflation and so higher short-term rates. But such a shift is going to follow a recovery, which would make austerity effective and timely.卡梅伦再次提到,“上个月的评级下调将我们所面临的债务问题展露无遗”。三点原因可明这一说法的谬误。首先,穆迪(Moodys)强调英国的主要问题是中期经济增长疲软,而紧缩已使之雪上加霜。其次,主权国家以本国货币计价的债务是无法违约的,因此对其进行评级缺乏意义。第三,认为长期利率将上升,是因为预计将出现高通胀和短期利率上升。但这一变化将是随复苏而发生的,在那种情况下紧缩将是有效、切合时宜的。Mr Cameron also argued: “As the independent Office for Budget Responsibility has made clear·.·.·.· growth has been depressed by the financial crisis·.·.·.·and the problems in the eurozone·.·.·.·and a 60 per cent rise in oil prices between August 2010 and April 2011. They are absolutely clear that the deficit reduction plan is not responsible.This brought a rejoinder from Robert Chote, OBR director, who noted that: “Every forecast published by the OBR since the June 2010 Budget has incorporated the widely held assumption that tax increases and spending cuts reduce economic growth in the short term.”卡梅伦还认为:“独立机构‘预算责任办公室Office for Budget Responsibility, OBR)明确表示……金融危机……欧元区问题……以010月至2011月间油价上涨60%等因素抑制了经济增长。他们非常清楚,削减赤字计划并非原因所在。”预算责任办公室主任罗伯特·乔Robert Chote)对此的回应是:010月预算案出台以来,OBR发布的每一份预测均秉持一项被广泛认同的假设:增税和减在短期内会降低经济增长率。”Serious researchers, including at international organisations, argue that the multiplier effect of fiscal austerity may be far bigger than the OBR has hitherto assumed, at least in today’s depressed circumstances. Moreover, even if the OBR believes the outcome turned out worse than forecast because of adverse shocks, rather than its underestimation of multipliers, this is an argument for active policy, not against it.严肃的研究人员(包括国际组织的研究人员)认为,财政紧缩的乘数效应可能远高于OBR迄今的假设值,至少在当今疲软的经济环境下是这种状况。此外,即便OBR认为结果不如预期的原因是负面冲击,而非其低估乘数效应,这也是持、而不是反对积极政策的理由。The prime minister also stated: “[Labour] think that by borrowing more they would miraculously end up borrowing less·.·.·.·Yes, it really is as incredible as that.What truly is incredible is that Mr Cameron cannot understand that, if an entity that spends close to half of gross domestic product retrenches as the private sector is also retrenching, the decline in overall output may be so large that its finances end up worse than when it started. Bradford DeLong of Berkeley and Larry Summers, the former US Treasury secretary, have shown that, in a depressed economy, what Mr Cameron deems incredible is likely to be true. A recent International Monetary Fund paper argues that “fiscal tightening could raise the debt ratio in the short term, as fiscal gains are partly wiped out by the decline in output Mr Portes adds that, even if this is not true for the UK on its own, it is likely to be true for Europe since almost everybody is retrenching simultaneously.首相还声称:“工党认为增加借款最后能奇迹般地起到减少借款的效果……是的,这令人难以置信。”但真正令人难以置信的是,卡梅伦无法理解,如果一个出占国内生产总GDP)近半的政府随着私营部门一起削减开,这将大大降低总产出,使得政府最终的财政状况还不及当初。伯克利(Berkeley)的布拉德福德·德隆(Bradford DeLong)和美国前财长拉里·萨默Larry Summers)明,当经济不景气时,在卡梅伦看来难以置信的事情可能成为现实。国际货币基金组IMF)近期的一篇论文认为,“财政紧缩在短期内可能导致债务比率升高,因为财政改善会被产出下降部分地抵消掉。”波特斯补充道,即便英国不出现这种状况,就整个欧洲而言也可能出现这种状况,因为几乎各方都在同时减。Mr Cameron argues that “this deficit didn’t suddenly appear purely as a result of the global financial crisis. It was driven by persistent, reckless and completely unaffordable government spending and borrowing over many years.In a way, this is the most worrying error not because the fiscal policy of the Labour party, then in power, was perfect. Far from it. Fiscal policy should have been tighter. But that is not the main reason the UK has a huge structural deficit.卡梅伦认为,“赤字不是单纯因为全球金融危机而突然产生的,其根源是多年来政府进行持续、不顾后果、完全无法承担的出和借款。”在某种程度上,这是最令人担忧的错误——原因并非当时执政党工党的财政政策无懈可击。工党当时的财政政策远非完美——它本该更加紧缩。但这并非英国产生高额结构性赤字的主要原因。It is the economy, stupid. In 2007, according to the IMF, UK net debt at 38 per cent of GDP was the second-lowest in the Group of Seven leading economies. These levels were also exceptionally low by UK historical standards. In the March 2008 Budget, the Treasury estimated the structural cyclically adjusted deficit on the current budget at minus 0.7 per cent in 2007-08 and minus 0.5 per cent in 2008-09. The collapse in output has caused the explosion in deficits and debt. Almost everybody underestimated the vulnerability, the Conservative leadership among them: pre-crisis, it committed itself to continuing the plans that Mr Cameron now calls “reckless and unaffordable问题是经济,笨蛋。根据IMF的数据,2007年英国净债务为GDP8%,为七国集团(Group of Seven)第二低。按照英国历史标准衡量,这个比例也是非常低的。英国财政部008月预算案中估计,经周期调整的结构性经常预算赤字比例在2007-08年度0.7%,在2008-09年度为的-0.5%。产出大幅下降,导致了赤字和债务剧增。几乎所有人都低估了经济的脆弱性,保守党领导层也不例外:在危机前,它延续了如今被卡梅伦称为“不顾后果、无法承担”的计划。Some think reckless spending explains the jump in government spending from 40.7 per cent of GDP in 2007-08 to 47.4 per cent two years later. Yet, between 1996-97 (the year before Labour came into office) and 2007-08 (the year before the crisis), the share of spending in GDP rose by only 1.2 per cent. No: the collapse in GDP, relative to expectations, caused the jump in spending and decline in receipts, relative to GDP. The Green Budget compares the forecasts for 2012-13 made in the 2008 Budget and the 2012 Autumn Statement: nominal GDP is down 13.6 per cent, receipts are down 17.6 per cent, spending is down 5.6 per cent and borrowing is up 372 per cent. It is because the OBR (and others) believe most of this lost GDP is permanent that the position seems so grim. (See charts.)有人认为,不顾后果的出能够解释政府出占GDP比例007-08年度0.7%大幅升至两年后的47.4%。然而,996-97年度(工党上台的前一年)007-08年度(危机发生的前一年)之间,出占GDP的比例仅上升.2%。不!GDP相对预期的大幅下跌才是出上升、收入下降(相对于GDP)的根源。《绿色预算》比较了2008年预算案012年秋季预算报告对2012-13年度的预测:名义GDP减少13.6%,收入减7.6%,出减.6%,借款增加372%。OBR(和其他机构)认为GDP的下降大部分将是长期化的,因此情况才显得如此严峻。(见图)Mr Cameron’s argument against fiscal policy flexibility is wrong. But, beyond this, we have to consider why the economy has proved so fragile and rebalancing so difficult. That is for next week.卡梅伦反对财政政策灵活性的理由是错误的。但我们也必须思考:为何经济表现得如此脆弱,而再平衡是如此困难?这是下一篇专栏的内容。来 /201303/230705#65279;The ed Nations General Assembly has approved a resolution on Syria. But it does not require any actions and cannot be enforced. The resolution condemns the governments use of heavy weapons against rebels. It also criticizes the U.N. Security Council for failing to stop the violence in Syria. 联合国大会已经批准对叙利亚的决议。但它不要求任何行动,也不能强制。这份决议谴责政府军对叛军使用重型武器,同时批评联合国安理会未能阻止叙利亚的暴力Fridays vote came as Syrian activists reported more violence in the seventeen-month-old uprising against President Bashar al-Assad. 星期五的投票是在叙利亚活动人士报告这次为7个月的反阿萨德总统起义中发生了更多暴力后做出的On Thursday, Kofi Annan announced he will leave at the end of the month as the ed Nations and Arab League negotiator for Syria. He blamed his resignation what he called a lack of unity in the Security Council. 科菲·安南(Kofi Annan,联合国前秘书长)周四宣布,他将在月底辞去联合国及阿拉伯国家联盟叙利亚特使一职。他将自己的辞职归咎于安理会缺乏团结KOFI ANNAN: ;Syria can still be saved from the worst calamity if the international community can show the courage and leadership necessary to compromise on their partial interest for the sake of the Syrian people.; 安南:“如果国际社会能够为叙利亚人民着想,在局部利益的妥协上展示出必要的勇气和领导力,叙利亚仍然可以免于遭受最为严重的不幸。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the Security Council has become ;paralyzed; over Syria. On Friday he urged the major powers to cooperate. He said ;the immediate interests of the Syrian people must be paramount over any larger rivalries of influence.; 联合国秘书长潘基文表示,安理会在叙利亚问题上已经“瘫痪”。周五,他督促各个主要大国进行合作。他说,“叙利亚人民的切身利益必须高于任何影响力的大对抗。Unlike Security Council measures, General Assembly resolutions cannot be vetoed. 和安理会的议案不同,联合国大会决议不能被否决Since last year, Syrian allies Russia and China have vetoed three Security Council resolutions on Syria. The proposals would have held President Assad responsible for his failure to honor Mr. Annans peace plan. They would have also threatened the president with sanctions. The Annan plan included a cease-fire and talks on a temporary government. Rebel forces did not commit themselves to the plan either. 去年以来,叙利亚盟友俄罗斯和中国在叙利亚问题上已经否决了三次安理会决议。这项(联合国大会)决议将未能兑现安南和平计划的责任归咎于阿萨德总统,还威胁制裁阿萨德总统。安南和平计划包括停火和关于临时政府的谈判。叛军也未遵守该计划The Obama Administration said Mr. Annans resignation shows the failure of Russia and China to support meaningful resolutions against Mr. Assad. 奥巴马政府表示,安南先生的辞职表明了中国和俄罗斯未能持反阿萨德的有意义的决议But China says it has been actively ;supporting and cooperating with; Mr. Annans efforts. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said China regrets his resignation and understands the difficulties of his work. 但中国表示,中国一直积极持和配合安南先生的努力。一名外交部发言人表示,中国对安南的辞职表示遗憾,并对安南工作中的困难表示理解The Security Council established a U.N. observer mission in Syria in April. But the violence increased, and half of the three hundred military observers left in July. 四月份安理会制订了叙利亚联合国观察员的任务。但暴力事件持续增加00名军事观察员中的一半于7月份离开了叙利亚French ambassador Gerard Araud is this months president of the Security Council. He denied suggestions that he opposes an extension of the ed Nations Supervision Mission in Syria, or UNSMIS, past August nineteenth. He noted a recent Security Council resolution permitting a renewal, if the government stops shelling civilian areas and if the level of violence decreases. 法国驻联合国大使杰拉德·阿兰德(Gerard Araud)是本月安理会轮值主席。他否认自己反对延长联合国叙利亚监督任务(简称UNSMIS)。他指出,最近一次安理会决议允许延期该任务,前提是叙利亚政府停止炮击平民区域,且暴力水平下降GERARD ARAUD: ;And on this basis, I think well decide whether we keep the UNSMIS. If we cant keep the UNSMIS in Syria, I think we are y, of course, to consider any proposal by the secretary-general.; 阿兰德:“在此基础上,我们将决定是否继续维持联合国叙利亚监督任务。如果无法维持该任务,我认为我们就做好了准备考虑任何秘书长的建议。British Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for more aggressive action. 英国首相戴维·卡梅伦(David Cameron)呼吁采取更为积极的行动DAVID CAMERON: ;We need to pass resolutions at the ed Nations to put further pressure on Syria. I want to see them under so-called 7 so they have full legal backing of the UN: sanctions, travel bans, asset freezes -- all the steps we can take.; 卡梅伦:“我们需要在联合国通过决议,对叙利亚进一步施加压力。我希望根据联合国宪章第7章看到这项决议,这样就有充分的联合国法律依据采取制裁、旅行禁令和冻结资产等所有我们可以采取的措施。Government forces have been attacking Aleppo, Syrias largest city, with tanks and helicopters over the last three weeks. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled and an unknown number have died. 过去的三周里,政府军一直在使用坦克和直升机进攻叙利亚最大的城市阿勒颇。无数平民逃离,死亡人数不详 /201208/193586I will honour the pledges I have made - to uphold justice, protect the rights of the people, safeguard the rule of law, clean government, freedom and democracy which are among the core values of Hong Kong, and take an inclusive approach towards different opinions and views.我必定恪守承诺:维护公义,保障市民权益;维护法治、廉洁、自由、民主等香港核心价值,包容各种立场和意见;同时以身作则,廉洁自持,建立“行之正道”和诚信的政府。I will do my utmost to safeguard human rights and make sure that press freedom and the independence of the media are respected.我会尽力保护每位市民的权利,并尊重新闻自由,维护媒体的独立性。I will promote the development of a democratic political system in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Law and the relevant decisions of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress.我会按《基本法》的规定和全国人大常委会的有关决定,推动民主政制发展。I will further develop the political appointment and accountability system to enhance the efficiency of the Government.进一步优化政治任命和问责制,提高政府效率。I will also build a service-oriented government, establish partnership with the people and encourage public engagement to draw energy from every corner of our community.同时建立务型政府,与市民建立伙伴关系,鼓励公民参与,凝聚力量,推动社会共融。The new-term Government will continue to uphold the concept of ;One country, two systems; and the principle of ;Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong; with a high degree of autonomy. While safeguarding the interests of our country and Hong Kong, we should properly address the relationship between ;One country; and ;two systems.; We will also strengthen unity and cohesion between different sectors of our society.本届政府会继往开来,落实“一国两制”、“港人治港”,保持高度自治;维护国家和香港的利益,处理好“一国”和“两制”之间的关系;加强团结社会各界,凝聚民心。Effective policy implementation hinges on effective governance. The relationship between the legislature and the executive is an integral part of governance. For bills to be passed and policies endorsed, we need the support of the Legislative Council as well as the community at large.要有效施政,就要有效管治。行政立法关系是管治的重要一环,通过法例、落实政策,都必须得到立法会和社会的广泛持。It is my hope that my Government will strengthen communication and co-operation with the Legislative Council. With one heart and one vision, we will work for the well-being of our people.我希望今后和立法会加强沟通合作,齐心一意为香港。来 /201207/189297

Putting Together 将小桌拼成大桌Excuse me, Is there a table 8 right now?请问,你们现在有8人桌吗?Let me see. I am sorry the tables you want are booked.让我看看抱歉,你们要的桌子都被预订了Well, since there are some small square tables, could we put two tables together?既然那里有些小方桌,我们能将那些桌子拼起来鸣?No problem sir. Let me help you.没问题的,我来帮你们 68Greeks pulled their cash out of the banks and stocked up with food ahead of a cliffhanger election on Sunday that many citizens fear will result in the country being forced out of the euro.因为担心本周日紧张的大选后希腊将退出欧元区,希腊民众纷纷奔赴取现,并大量囤积食物。Bankers said up to 800 million euros were leaving major banks daily and retailers said some of the money was being used to buy pasta and canned goods in case of shortages, as fears of returning to the drachma were fanned by rumors that a radical leftist leader may win the election.希腊主要每天有高亿欧元资金流出。来自零售商的消息称,因为担心供应短缺,很多人用取出的钱购买面条和罐装食物。有传言称激进的左翼领导人将在大选中获胜,激起人们对重返旧币德拉克马时代的担心。The last published opinion polls showed the conservative New Democracy party, which backs the 130-billion-euro bailout that is keeping Greece afloat, running neck-and-neck with the leftist SYRIZA party, which wants to cancel the rescue deal.最新公布的民调结果显示,保守的新民主党与左派政党激进左翼联盟党持率不相上下。新民主党持正维持着希腊经济300亿欧元援助计划,而激进左翼联盟党想要取消援助计划。The European Union and International Monetary Fund have warned that Greece, which has only enough cash to last for a few weeks, must stick to the conditions of the bailout deal or risk seeing funds cut off.欧盟和国际货币基金组织已警告希腊,必须坚持援助协议,否则资金将面临中断风险。希腊的现金仅够维持几周。Fears that Greece will collapse financially and leave the euro have slowly drained Greek banks over the last two years. Central bank figures show that deposits shrank by about 17 percent, or 35.4 billion euros in 2011 and stood at 165.9 billion euros at end-April.对希腊经济崩溃以及退出欧元区的恐慌已使希腊的在过去两年内慢慢被“取空”。希腊央行的数据显示011年存款大约削减了17%,合354亿欧元,而截至今月底这一数字已达659亿欧元。Bankers said the pace was picking up ahead of the vote, with combined daily deposit outflows from the major banks at 500-800 million euros over the past few days, and 10-30 million euros at smaller banks.方面称,如今临近大选,存款流失的速度又在上升。过去一段时间,希腊主要每天流出的存款总量多达5亿至8亿欧元,而小型每天流出的存款总量000万至3000万欧元;This includes cash withdrawals, wire transfers and investments into money market funds, German Bunds, US Treasuries and EIB bonds,; said one banker, who spoke on condition of anonymity.一位没有透露姓名的业者说:“这包括取现、电汇、购买货币市场基金,以及购买德国、美国和欧洲投资的债券。”Retailers said consumers were stocking up on non-perishable food while almost all other goods were seeing a huge drop in sales as cash-strapped Greeks have no money to spare in the countrys fifth year of recession.零售商称,很多人在储存不易腐坏的食品,而几乎所有其它类食品的销量都出现大幅下跌,因为希腊的经济衰退已经历时五年,人们已经没有闲钱花了;People are terrified by the prospect of returning to the drachma and some believe its good to fill their cupboard with food products,; said Vassilis Korkidis, head of the ESEE retail federation.希腊零售商组织ESEE的负责人瓦斯里斯-柯克蒂斯说:“人们都很害怕回到旧货币时代,不少人都想往自家的橱柜里多装些食物。;Its over the top, we must not panic. Filling the cupboard with food doesnt mean we will escape the crisis,; he said.他说:“这太夸张了,我们不能恐慌。即便你把你的橱柜全填满,也不意味着你能躲过危机。”Supermarkets said they did not see a rise in profits as people spend less money. But sales of staples like pasta have gone up.超市方面表示,人们在节省开销,利润并未上升,但面条等日常必需品的销量已经显著上升。来 /201206/187104

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