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长白山火山被批为国家地质公园 --9 19::59 来源: 位于中国东北的长白山是世界上最高的火山湖所在地,国土资源部于上周五正式批复并命名吉林长白山火山为国家地质公园  A mountain in northeast China that is home to the world'shighest volcanic lake has been approved as a national geologicalpark, sources with the mountain management committee saidon Friday.  Mount Changbai, located on the border of China and theDemocratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), has been officially named the Jilin Changbai NationalVolcanic Geological Park by the Ministry of Land and Resources, according to the sources.  Mount Changbai is a dormant volcano that has erupted three times since the th century, withthe last eruption recorded 3 years ago.  Tianchi, a crater lake on top of Mount Changbai, covers an area of 9.8 square kilometers at analtitude of more than ,0 meters. The lake is the deepest mountain lake in China, with anaverage depth of meters.  Mount Changbai and Tianchi are famous scenic spots that attract a huge number of tourists fromhome and abroad.  The China Earthquake Administration set up a volcano monitoring station by the lake in 1997. There have been no signs indicating that there will be volcanic activity in the eseeable future. 长白山 火山 国家地质春天 Spring -- :: 来源: Spring is the first season in the year. In our country, it lasts from March to May. In spring, the weather is comtable, but it changes a lot. It rains sometimes. Many things come into life in spring. The trees turn green. People like to go outdoors to have fun. Besides, farmers are busy in spring, because it’s time them to plant crops. All people are preparing the whole year.春天是一年中的第一个季节在我国,春天从三月持续到五月春天,天气很舒适,但是变化无常有时候会下雨春天是万物复苏的季节,树木也变绿了,人们喜欢外出游玩除此之外,春天也是农民忙碌的季节,因为是时候种植庄稼了所有人都在为全年做准备我喜欢玩游戏 I Like Playing Games -- ::39 来源: When I am free, I like playing games, especially computer games. Playing games makes me relaxed. I usually play computer games at the weekends, because I have much free time then. In weekdays, I can only play small games, because I must finish my homework first. Playing games bee sleep do not influence on sleep and my parents agree me to do that. I am happy they do not bid me playing games.当我有空的时候,我喜欢玩游戏,特别是电脑游戏玩游戏可以使我放松周末我经常玩游戏,因为那时我有很多自由时间平日,我只能玩些小游戏,因为我必须先完成作业睡觉前玩游戏不会影响睡眠,我父母允许我玩我很高兴他们没有禁止我玩游戏

Found 招领启示() -- :3:01 来源: Found 招领启示()  A beautiful purse was found by the school gate. In the purse there's some money and some photos. If you are the loser, dial 91.A student ofClass Five Grade ThreeOctober 18th  在校门口拾到一个漂亮的钱包,包里有一些钱和几张照片请失主打电话给91.三年级五班某学生月18日

《远距离爱情经典台词 -- :: 来源: 《远距离爱情经典台词1. us to push back from the gate, make sure seatbelts are fastened, tray tables in their locked position, and your luggage is completely stowed.在飞机起飞以前,确保系紧安全带,餐桌在固定的位置,行李都完全放好. I am going to get wasted.我要去大醉一场3. You might as well remove that quarter. I have no intention of getting off this game.你把硬币拿走吧我玩完还早着呢. I was just about to beat the high score.我正要冲击最高分呢5. I screwed up Erin’s Centipede game so I owe her a beer.我破坏了艾琳的“蜈蚣游戏”,要请她喝一杯6. Just don’t drag me down. You don’t seem very smart.不过别拖我后腿看你样子不太机灵7. What album holds the record most weeks on the Bilbord 0?哪张唱片占据公告牌排行榜第一的时间最长?8. And although I’d be psyched to hang out again...um, please know I’m not looking to start up.尽管我很愿意再和你出来坐坐,但我不希望有别的发展9. I think the lady and I will partake of the Sunshine Harbor per your glowing recommendation.由于你的美言推荐,我和这位淑女就尝一尝你们的“阳光港口”精对白欣赏:1.-I just...I freaked out, okay? I’ve had such a good time with you and a part of me doesn’t want that to end, but I have been down this road bee with a guy. I dropped out of collage and I followed him across the country and I dropped everything him. And that’s why my timeline is all off, you know? And now I finally got everything back on track, you know, with my life and school, and then you had come along and fuck that all up.-Oh, I am sorry. I am not asking you to drop out of school or even move here. I am just asking to see you because I don’t wanna lose you. Fuck the miles. Fuck them. I’ll be here and you’ll be there and we’ll just be long-distance because quite frankly, I’m crazy about you.-I’m crazy about you too..-Hugh, wait. Look, I would really love to turn this internship into a job. And it’s fine that my last piece didn’t get picked and the ones that do usually get bumped space. But it is my dream to work here and I would like to make a good impression.-Good. Then do that.-Okay. Um, well, is there a piece you could assign me, or...?-A piece?-Uh, the only thing I have is a human interest story on Grant-A-Dream. It’s a charitable organization.-Yes, Grant-A-Dream. It grants wishes to terminally ill children. I love terminally ill children.-Don’t get too excited. Four other people passed on this.-I’m on it.-Okay, good.3. -Can I please get the garbage omelet, double meat, home fries...and how about everything bagel with butter, cream cheese, jelly, all that shit. And then, you know what? I’ll take a chocolate shake.- And I will make it very easy you. You know, I’ll have that same exact thing.-Okay.-I’ll just have the turkey burger.-Okay.-Is there a way to just wrap it in lettuce, like use lettuce the bun?-Can do no bun. Does that work?-Yeah, no bun.-Fries or salad?-Uh, I’ll get the salad with dressing on the side.-Yep. Coming up.-Thank you.精片段对白:Ron:Mm. Corinne, these mashed potatoes are amazing.Corinne: Thank you. I spent all day cleaning the table.Ron: Sorry?Corinne: Making them. I spent... It’s an old recipe the family.Garrett: Well, very good.Karen: Um, Garrett.Garrett: Yes, Karen.Karen: Now, are you a singer or a musician?Garret: No, neither one. Excuse me. Yeah, I am just behind-the-scenes guy.Erin: He actually goes out and scouts band, and then he signs them to his label, and he takes us to, like, these amazing places. These seedy hole-in-the-walls that you’d never know existed.Karen:That sounds cool.Garrett: It’s nothing cool. She’s building it up.Karen:It is cool.Garrett: She’s being sweet.Karen: Believe me, it’s a lot more interesting than what Ron does.Garrett: Oh.Karen: He makes boxes a living.Ron: Cardboard containers, Karen. Please. They’re cardboard. I’m a supervisor.Karen: Pretty much boxes. Pretty much boxes.Ron: They’re cardboard containers.Garrett: Oh. I often use boxes. The thing about my job is that it’s in a state of flux. In fact, both our fields are kind of a little.Erin: We are in very similar positions.Garrett: Yeah. But we do it because we love it.Erin: We do it because we love it.Karen: So, Erin, did you know he was coming in?Erin: No. He completely surprised me.Phil: Surprised me too.Corinne: No one knew.Erin: And it was quite a surprise. But he surprised me at work with flowers.Karen: Oh.Ron: Jesus Christ.Garrett: It wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t like, rappel in from some helicopter. I just showed up.Karen: How come you never do that? Ha, Ha.Ron: Because we live together, Karen.Karen: I know, but it’s nice to show a gesture of appreciation.Garrett: How long have you guys been together?Karen: It’s been a long time. Yeah.Ron: Long time.Karen: It’s kind of like when you get really drunk and you just black out. You don’t know how much time’s gone by. Sort of a similar feeling.Garrett: Oh.Corinne: Erin, Karen, would you come to help me in the kitchen?Erin: Absolutely. Corinne’s gotta go assassinate your character. I gotta play defense.Garrett: Oh. Hurry. Hurry up.Erin: Yeah.Garrett: Um... So, Ron, do you make all different size of boxes, or do you specialize in a certain...Ron: Do you have any idea of the trouble that you’re causing us there, chief?Garrett: Ron, Please, tell me what’s bothering you.Ron: I’ll tell you what’s bothering me there, bucko. You just caused a prime-time problem between me and my wife. Now I gotta go home and listen to her complain that I don’t do enough her. Ha, ha. You think some effing sappy shit makes you a real boyfriend?Garrett: I’m sorry. I stopped listening after “bucko”.Ron: Listen up. We’re the effing trenches there, where the real hell happens. All right? And we’re here every day. It’s not just about flowers and presents and showing up the weekend.Phil: Do you think you can just come in here with your fake tan and your girl shirt?Garrett: What?Phil: You think that’s what it’s like when you’re married? When you’re in a serious, long-term relationship? You think you’re gonna be able to work out and keep that nice ass of yours? No, you’re not gonna be able to keep it.Harper: Hey.Erin: Hey. How are you? Hey, do you remember my friend Harper from work?Garrett: Yeah, we’ve met. How are you? It’s good to see you again.Harper: Hey.Garrett: Hey.Erin: I love them.Garrett: Yeah. They’re so good. They spent three years and all their money getting this produced.Erin: Really?Garrett: These are the band that should get noticed. I hate that. I hate that a band like this would get passed over because of money. It just takes a chance on someone because they deserve it, because they’re genuinely talented. Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just frustrating because I know that my label, they’d never go something like this. You know. It would be like a waste of time to bring it up.Erin: Well, if you act all melodramatic like that, yeah, it would be. But if you show your balls and you went in there and got in their face and said “listen to this”, the worst they could do is say no, or get mad at you because you showed you balls.Damon: There you are.Erin: Damon. 远距离爱情经典台词

河北必看景点娲皇宫 --30 :00:33 来源: 河北必看景点娲皇宫娲皇宫位于河北邯郸市涉县,经当地政府整修后已成为河北必看的一处景点娲皇宫占地面积1.96平方公里,是中国传说中的祖先女娲的象征The Wa Huang Palace, in Shexian county near the city of Handan, Hebei province has developed into the scenic spot to see in Hebei, after a local government renovation and in line with its opening-up policy.The palace area covers 1.96 square kilometers of land and contains several places that represent the culture and history of China’s legendary ancestor Nu Wa.These include three places - Chaoyuan, Guangsheng, and Wa Huang - and it is worth noting that Wa Huang is a "hanging temple", 3 meters tall that is tied to the cliff by iron chains.Thanks to the government's renovation work, there is also a new 5-kilometer pedestrian street, Wifi coverage in the whole scenic area, and an electronic audio tour guide, which breathe new life to the area and have attracted more tourists.The local tourism bureau reports that, by the end of , it had as many as 1.7 million tourists coming to see the Wa Huang Palace, and more than 5,6000 from overseas.Edited by Roger Bradshaw 娲皇宫

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