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2019年09月17日 13:21:10 | 作者:中医助手 | 来源:新华社
HONG KONG — The woman credited with creating the so-called burkini said the controversy over efforts to ban the full-body bathing suit worn by some Muslim women has helped bolster demand for her invention, which she said was not meant to be a political statement.香港——被认为发明了所谓“布基尼”的女子说,那些试图禁止“布基尼”的争论,已帮助增加了对其发明的需求,这种泳衣覆盖全身,由一些穆斯林妇女所穿,她说,布基尼本来并不是一个政治声明。Aheda Zanetti, the Lebanese-Australian inventor of the swimsuit, said officials in more than a dozen French beach towns seeking to prevent women from covering up have misconstrued the purpose of the bathing suit.泳装发明者、黎巴嫩裔澳大利亚人阿海达#8226;萨内蒂(Aheda Zanetti)表示,法国十几个海滩小镇的官员试图阻止妇女遮盖全身的做法,误解了这种泳衣的目的。“They’ve misunderstood the burkini swimsuit,” Ms. Zanetti, 49, said in a telephone interview from Sydney. “Because the burkini swimsuit is freedom and happiness and lifestyle changes — you can’t take that away from a Muslim, or any other woman, that chooses to wear it.”“他们误解了布基尼泳衣,”49岁的萨内蒂在悉尼接受电话采访时说。“因为布基尼泳衣代表自由、幸福和生活方式的变化,你不能从选择穿它的穆斯林或任何其他女性那里把它夺走。”Ms. Zanetti said she designed the garment in 2004 for women who wanted to show less skin while bathing or exercising.萨内蒂说,2004年,自己为那些想在游泳或锻炼时暴露少一些的妇女设计了这种装。“I wanted to introduce a full range of clothing to suit a Muslim woman — or any woman — that wanted a bit of modesty and wanted to participate in any sporting activities,” said Ms. Zanetti, who is a Muslim and wears her own swimwear products. “我希望推出满足穆斯林女性、或任何女性需求的全套装,这些装是为那些在参加体育活动时想保留一点端庄的人设计的,”萨内蒂说,她是一名穆斯林,也穿自己设计的泳装产品。“It was also my aim for them not to be judged for who they are, or where they’re from, and who people think they’re representing.”“我的目的也是让她们不因自己的身份、来自哪个国家,以及人们认为她们代表什么而被评头论足。”A fashion designer and former hairdresser, Ms. Zanetti coined the name “burkini,” a blend of the words burqa and bikini, but said that the swimsuit was not intended to exclude non-Muslims and was not meant to be a political statement.现为时装设计师、曾经当过美发师的萨内蒂创造了“布基尼”这个名字,它是布卡(burqa)和比基尼(bikini)的组合,但她说,这种泳衣并不把非穆斯林排除在外,也没有想成为一个政治声明。The French “burkini” bans, and the news reports about the ensuing debate, have been good for business, she said, with online sales rising about 200 percent in recent days. Most demand is coming from Australia, Europe and Canada, she said, and some new customers include skin-cancer patients who are looking for ways to shield their skin from the sun.她说,法国的“布基尼”禁令,以及对随之而来的辩论的新闻报道,对她的生意有好处,最近几天网上的销售量上升了约200%。她说,大部分需求来自澳大利亚、欧洲和加拿大,新客户中有些是皮肤癌患者,他们在寻找不让皮肤暴露在太阳光下的方法。Ms. Zanetti said that her company, Ahiida, has sold 700,000 swimsuits since 2008. The company sells its products in stores in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, the ed States and Southeast Asia.萨内蒂说,自2008年以来,她的公司Ahiida已经售出了70万件泳衣。公司在澳大利亚、欧洲、中东、美国及东南亚地区的商店销售产品。Ms. Zanetti, who moved to Australia from Lebanon as a 2-year-old, said that she did not feel comfortable wearing traditional swimsuits as a young girl. She and her friends would sometimes swim in full clothing, she said, but they did not linger in the water because they were embarrassed.萨内蒂两岁时从黎巴嫩移民澳大利亚,她说小时候不喜欢穿传统的泳衣。她说,她和她的朋友们有时会穿着平时的衣游泳,但她们在水里待的时间不长,因为会害羞。Years later, she said, her teenage niece wanted to play netball, a game similar to basketball that is played mostly by women, but was prohibited by her local Sydney league from playing while wearing a hijab. Ms. Zanetti said her sister wrote a letter of complaint to league officials, who reversed their decision.她说,好多年后,她的一个十几岁的侄女想打投球,那是一种主要由女性参与的运动,与篮球类似,但因为她戴着哈吉布打球,悉尼当地的球赛联盟曾禁止她参赛。萨内蒂说,她给赛联官员写信抗议,赛联推翻了其决定。Even so, Ms. Zanetti said that her niece’s hijab was “completely unsuitable” for athletics.萨内蒂说,尽管如此,她侄女戴的哈吉布对运动员来说“完全不合适”。Ms. Zanetti said she designed the “burkini,” which covers everything except the face, hands and feet, so that women like her niece could cover and still participate comfortably in sport. She also created the hijood — headwear attached to the “burkini,” to look like the hood of a sweatshirt.萨内蒂说,她设计的“布基尼”让像她侄女那样的女性可以遮盖全身,同时仍能舒地参加运动,布基尼遮盖了脸、手和脚以外的身体所有部分。她还发明了一个叫“哈吉帽”(hijood)的东西,这种帽子可以像运动衫的兜帽那样,附加在“布基尼”上。Ms. Zanetti said that her four children, who once “rolled their eyes” over her swimwear innovations, have recently become more interested as they follow the news from France.萨内蒂的四个孩子曾经对她的泳装创新“不以为然”,她说,最近因为注意到来自法国的新闻,他们对这种泳装有了更大的兴趣。She said that her children have noticed “that I have a strong voice on behalf of women, for freedom of choice, ” she said. “I can feel how proud they are, more than they’ve ever been.”她说她的孩子们已注意到,“我能代表女性、代表选择自由强力发声,”她说。“我能感觉到他们是多么地自豪,比他们以往任何时候都自豪。” /201608/463602China has named and shamed 10 travel agencies as the country attempts to create a sound environment for tourists, the National Tourism Administration (NTA) said Sunday.国家旅游局在周日表示:中国已经列出10家评价恶劣的旅游中介,并对游客进行声明公示The tourist companies, which are based in Yunnan Province, Hainan Province and Shandong Province, have been blacklisted, effective for two years, due to ;irregularities.;根据旅游“不平等条约”这一事件,包括云南省,海南省和山东省的几家旅行社被加入到了该黑名单当中。该名单有效期为两年Five agencies#39; licenses have been revoked and the remaining heavily fined, according to an NTA statement. Seven tourist guides were also blacklisted and punished.根据国家旅游局近日表示:五家旅游中介的营业许可被吊销,并处以巨额罚款。七名导游也被加到黑名单中同时加以处罚The NTA introduced the blacklist in July. The agencies and guides were the first group on the list. The behavior of blacklisted companies and individuals will be closely watched by tourist authorities.国家旅游局在7月制定出台了黑名单。上述旅行社和导游是第一批被加到名单上的。除此之外,这些名单上的的公司和个人也会被旅游相关部们密切监视.China is one of the world#39;s largest tourism markets. During the week-long National Day holiday in early October, tourists make a total of 526 million trips to attractions across the country.中国是世界上最大的旅游市场之一。在10月初的国庆黄金周假期中,共计有5亿2600名游客到全国各地的景点旅游However, tourist complaints have mounted in recent years about irregularities in tour company operations, most typically over mandatory shopping excursions.然而,游客对旅游中介不公正待遇的抱怨在近些年来也有所增长,其中最典型、最常见的现象就是强制消费 /201510/404579

The Federal Reserve has defied a string of weak inflation figures as it lifted short-term rates by another quarter point and set out detailed plans for paring back the size of its balance sheet later this year.美联储(Fed)不顾一连串疲软的通胀数据,将短期利率再次上调25个基点,并阐明了今年晚些时候缩减资产负债表规模的详细计划。Fed chair Janet Yellen and her colleagues boosted the target range for the federal funds rate of 1 to 1.25 per cent on Wednesday, reiterating that they expect inflation to return to target but stressing they are watching low inflation numbers “closely” after a series of disappointing ings.周三,美联储主席珍妮特?耶伦(Janet Yellen)及其他官员将联邦基金利率的目标区间上调到1%至1.25%,重申他们预计通胀将回到目标水平,但强调称,在一系列令人失望的数据后他们正在“密切”关注偏低的通胀数据。Fed policymakers stuck with forecasts pointing to further rate increases in the coming years, including a further quarter-point increase by the end of 2017.美联储政策制定者维持了指向未来几年进一步加息的预测,包括在2017年底前再次加息25个基点。Ms Yellen said in a press conference that the rate rise reflected the “progress the economy has made and is expected to make towards the maximum employment and price stability objectives assigned to us by law.” She added that economic growth appeared to have rebounded from earlier this year. “We continue to expect that the economy will expand at a moderate pace in the next few years.”耶伦在记者会上表示,此次加息反映了“经济已经取得的进展,以及朝着最大就业和法律规定的价格稳定目标预计将会取得的进展。”她补充称,今年早些时候经济增长似乎已经反弹。“我们继续认为未来几年经济将以温和速度扩张。”Mr Yellen also acknowledged the weaker inflation ings of late, but insisted they were significantly driven by one-off reductions in categories of prices such as wireless telephone services and prescription drugs. “The committee still expects inflation to move up and stabilise at around 2 per cent in the next couple of years,” said Ms Yellen.耶伦也承认近来出现了较为疲弱的通胀数据,但她坚称,这些数据在很大程度上受手机务和处方药等价格类别一次性下调所推动。“委员会仍然预期未来两年通胀将会上扬,并在2%左右企稳。”“We continue to expect the ongoing strength of the economy will warrant gradual increases in the federal funds rate to sustain a healthy labour market and stabilise inflation around our 2 per cent longer-run objective.”“我们继续预期,持续的经济强劲程度将持联邦基金利率逐渐上调,以维持健康的劳动力市场,并使通胀在我们的长期目标2%左右企稳。”For the first time the Fed’s post-meeting statement confirmed that policymakers expect to begin a “normalisation” programme that will reduce the size of a balance sheet that was swollen during crisis-era interventions. In a separate document the Fed for the first time gave detailed figures for how it plans to phase out reinvestments of the proceeds of maturing securities on its .5tn balance sheet.美联储会后声明首次实,政策制定者预计将启动“正常化”计划——缩减在危机时代实施干预期间不断扩大的资产负债表。在另一份文件中,美联储首次给出了详细数据,说明其计划如何分阶段停止对其4.5万亿美元资产负债表上到期券的所得进行再投资。 /201706/513975

TAOYUAN, Taiwan — The fields are overgrown with weeds. Warehouses lie abandoned, their corrugated shells covered in rust. In the distance, an air base, where pilots once took off on reconnaissance missions over mainland China, is devoid of activity, its camouflaged hangars and guard towers symbols of a Cold War long over.台湾桃园市——地上长满了荒草。仓库被废弃,皱巴巴的外壳布满铁锈。远处的一个空军基地——飞行员曾在那里起飞,前往中国大陆执行侦察任务——现在毫无生机,迷飞机库和警戒塔代表着一个早已远去的冷战时代。This neglected area just south of Taiwan’s biggest airport could use a complete makeover. And that is exactly what the local government has in mind. Described as the biggest development project in Taiwan’s history, the multibillion-dollar Taoyuan Aerotropolis promises, in a with a saccharine violin and harp soundtrack, a futuristic utopia of eco-friendly homes and thousands of technology jobs.台湾最大机场以南的这片被遗忘的区域可能需要来个彻底整修。这正是当地政府的想法。这个需要数十亿美元的桃园航空城计划被称为台湾历史上最大规模的开发项目。在一个以甜美的小提琴和竖琴为背景音乐的视频中,它被描绘成一个未来主义乌托邦,将有环保住宅以及成千上万个科技工作机会。Investors are welcome, and on Sept. 8, one arrived, a Taiwanese-American woman named Chen Siting, or Charlyne Chen. She claimed to represent a very prominent businessman: Donald J. Trump. She had been referred to the Taoyuan mayor by Annette Lu, a former vice president of Taiwan, the mayor’s office said in a statement on its website. Ms. Lu, like the mayor and the country’s current president, belongs to the governing Democratic Progressive Party.这里很欢迎投资者。9月8日就来了一位名叫陈思婷(Chen Siting,音),又名夏琳#8226;陈(Charlyne Chen)的台湾裔美国投资人。她声称自己代表一位非常著名的商人:唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普(Donald J. Trump)。桃园市长办公室网站上的一项声明称,她还被前台湾副总统吕秀莲引见给了桃园市市长。吕和桃园市市长以及现任台湾总统一样,都属于执政党民进党。“I told them: Isn’t Mr. Trump campaigning for president? Isn’t he very busy?” the mayor, Cheng Wen-tsan, said in a television interview that aired on Nov. 18, referring to Ms. Chen’s group. “They said she is a company representative. His company is still continuing to look for the world’s best real estate projects, and they very much understand Taiwan.”“我对他们说:特朗普不是在竞选总统吗?他不是很忙吗?”桃园市市长郑文灿在11月18日的电视采访中说。他说的“他们”指的是陈思婷的团队。“他们说她是公司代表。他的公司依然在继续寻找全球最好的地产项目,他们非常了解台湾。”“She had authorization documents issued by the Trump company,” he said, without specifying.“她有特朗普的公司签署的授权文件,”他说,但没有透露更多细节。The mayor’s office, in a Nov. 16 statement, said that although investment opportunities had been discussed, the meeting had not resulted in any agreement and that the election had not been talked about. The mayor’s office did not respond to a request for comment for this article.市长办公室在11月16日的一项声明中称,虽然讨论过投资机会,但会谈没有达成任何协议,也没有谈到选举。市长办公室没有回复本文的置评请求。On Friday, Amanda Miller, a spokeswoman for the Trump Organization, said that there were “no plans for expansion into Taiwan” and that there had been no “authorized visits” to Taiwan to push for a development project.周五,特朗普集团(Trump Organization)的发言人阿曼达#8226;米勒(Amanda Miller)表示,“没有向台湾扩张的计划”,没有“授权过”任何前往台湾推进开发项目的活动。Asked on Sunday for clarification about the company’s relationship with Ms. Chen and knowledge of her activity in Taiwan, Ms. Miller did not respond to specific questions. She instead repeated in a statement that there had been “no authorized visits to Taiwan on behalf of our brand for the purposes of development, nor are there any active conversations.”周日,当被要求澄清该公司与陈思婷的关系以及是否了解她在台湾的活动时,米勒没有回答具体问题,只是再次声明表示,“我司没有在台湾授权任何代表我们品牌,以及以开发为目的访问,目前也没有任何正在进行的对话。”The Sept. 8 meeting, and its confirmation in November, went largely unnoticed outside Taiwan until Friday, when Mr. Trump, the president-elect, received a congratulatory phone call from the island’s president, Tsai Ing-wen. The call is believed to have been the first conversation between a Taiwanese leader and a ed States president or president-elect in close to four decades, and it threatens to upend the delicate ed States-China relationship because Beijing views any communication with Taiwan’s leaders as an affront to its claim of sovereignty over the island.9月8日的会谈以及11月的确认在台湾之外基本没有引起注意,直到周五,候任总统特朗普接到台湾总统蔡英文的祝贺电话。这次通话被认为是近40年来台湾领导人与美国总统或候任总统的首次通话,可能会颠覆美中之间的微妙关系,因为在北京看来,与台湾领导人的任何联络都是公然侵犯它对该岛的主权。And even if it emerges that Ms. Chen was largely freelancing, and not acting on behalf of the Trump Organization, the perception of a possible business conflict in Taiwan further complicates the three-way relationship.虽然后来发现,陈思婷当时主要是作为自由职业者而非特朗普集团代表行事,但是在台湾可能存在的商业冲突使得三边关系更为复杂。Possible conflicts of interest for Mr. Trump as president have been documented around the world, including in Scotland, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Argentina and Turkey. But perhaps nowhere are the stakes quite as high as in Taiwan, because it involves ties between the ed States and China, the countries with the world’s biggest economies and most powerful militaries.特朗普作为总统可能引发的利益冲突已经在世界各地有所报道,包括在苏格兰、印度、巴西、菲律宾、阿根廷和土耳其。但是在哪里的风险都不像在台湾这么高,因为它涉及美中关系,这两个国家是世界上最大的经济体,拥有最强大的军事力量。“Even if the phone call had not happened, once these business dealings came to light it would send a very confusing signal to Beijing,” said Marc Lanteigne, a senior research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs who focuses on Chinese security issues.“就算他们没有通话,一旦这些商业交易被曝光,将会向北京释放非常含混不清的信号,”挪威国际事务研究所(Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)专门研究中国安全问题的高级研究员兰马克(Marc Lanteigne)说。The business ties may undermine the near certainty that world leaders have had for many decades about some of the basic foundations of ed States foreign policy, which has included the primacy of maintaining ties with China in a “very narrow framework,” said Shelley Rigger, a professor of political science at Davidson College in North Carolina who studies Taiwan-ed States relations.北卡罗来纳州戴维森学院(Davidson College)研究台湾美国关系的政治学教授任雪丽(Shelley Rigger)称,这些商业联系可能会损害世界领导人数十年来对美国外交政策基本原则的一些近乎确定的看法,包括在一个“很窄的框架内”保持与中国的联系这一首要原则。“It is very worrisome not just for leaders in China but for leaders everywhere to think that there could be motivations driving U.S. foreign policy that they can’t, A, know about and, B, work out logically,” Professor Rigger said by telephone. “If the U.S. government is being influenced by some kind of parallel set of side deals and interests that are not the sort of mainstream U.S. foreign policy and national interest agenda, then no one is going to be able to predict anything.”“中国以及世界各国的领导人会认为,可能有些动机会促使美国出现他们无法了解并且无法从逻辑上推测的外交政策,这令人非常不安,”任雪丽在接受电话采访时说。“如果美国政府受到某种不符合美国主流外交政策或国家利益计划的平行附带交易和利益的影响,那么谁也无法做出任何预测。”Adding to the complexity is the fact that the Taoyuan Aerotropolis is a government-run development project, and Ms. Tsai’s administration must give final approval for the complex plan, which involves removing many people from their homes, before construction can begin. Taoyuan is the center of a metropolitan area with over two million residents.令情况更为复杂的是,桃园航空城是政府操作的复杂开发计划,必须最终得到蔡英文政府的批准。因为建设开始之前需要动迁安置大量居民。桃园是一个大都市区的中心,有200多万居民。Ms. Chen, who according to online biographies of her was raised in Las Vegas, has been associated with the Trump Organization for several years, and with Ms. Lu, the former vice president, for much longer. In December 2012, a photograph of the two women was posted on the Facebook page of the condominium sales arm of Trump International Realty in Las Vegas, thanking them for visiting. Ms. Chen also accompanied Ms. Lu, who was then the vice president, during a trip to Las Vegas in 2004.据陈思婷的网上简历,她在长大,与特朗普集团往来多年,不过她与台湾前副总统吕秀莲的关系可以追溯到更久之前。2012年12月,这两位女士的合影发布在特朗普国际地产公司(Trump International Realty)公寓销售分部的Facebook网页上。2004年,陈思婷还陪同时任副总统的吕秀莲参观。“The Trump Organization said: ‘Hey, Ms. Chen, your business and politics connections seem great. Do you want to help us promote our Las Vegas properties?’” Ms. Chen said in an interview with a Taiwanese television station in late October, before she took part in a fund-raiser in Taipei for Mr. Trump on Nov. 1.“特朗普集团说:‘嘿,陈女士,你的商业和政治关系网似乎很强大。愿意帮我们推广我们在的地产吗?’”陈思婷去年10月接受台湾一家电视台采访时表示。去年11月1日,她在台北参加了一场为特朗普举办的募捐会。Ms. Lu, reached on her mobile phone, did not comment. Ms. Chen could not be reached for comment. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ms. Chen said she had a letter saying she was a “sales ambassador” for Mr. Trump’s company but was not an employee.我们通过吕秀莲的手机联系到了她,但她没有做出。我们联系不上陈思婷。陈在接受《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)采访时表示,她有一封信,上面说她是特朗普公司的“销售大使”,但不是员工。Ms. Chen’s visit was followed in October by a work-related visit to Taipei by a Trump Organization employee, which the company does not dispute. The duties of the executive, Anne-Marie Donoghue, include trying to find guests for the company’s hotels worldwide.在陈的访问之后,今年10月,特朗普集团的一名雇员对台北进行了一次与工作相关的访问,对此该公司没有表示异议。这名高管安-玛丽#8226;多诺休(Anne-Marie Donoghue)的任务包括为该公司在世界各地的酒店招揽宾客。Ms. Donoghue, who is not part of the company’s development team, did not respond to requests for comment. Ms. Miller of the Trump Organization would not specify with whom she met during her visit to Taiwan.多诺休不是该公司开发团队的成员,她没有回复置评请求。特朗普集团的米勒不愿具体说明多诺休在台湾会见了谁。Ms. Chen, who once headed Nevada’s economic development office in Taiwan, has been outspoken about her admiration for Mr. Trump, though it is unclear how much is self-promotion.曾任内华达驻台湾经济开发办公室主任的陈思婷曾公开表示对特朗普的钦佩,但不清楚这在多大程度上是自我宣传。“The election demonized Trump,” she said in the late-October television interview. “But in my experience and close interactions with him, he is very nice, has great bearing, has a very good head for business and really respects women.”“在这次选举中,特朗普被妖魔化了,”她在10月底的一次电视采访中说,“但是,就我的个人经历以及与他的亲密交往而言,他很友好,很有风度,很有商业头脑,而且真的尊重女性。” /201612/481876

Not only does it share the rude taxi drivers, freezing winters and crowded metro carriages; Beijing now matches New York for billionaires, according to one annual ranking.根据一项年度排名,如今北京和纽约的共同之处不仅包括了粗鲁的出租车司机、寒冷的冬季和拥挤的城铁车厢,还在亿万富翁的人数方面赶超纽约。With 32 newly minted super-rich in the past year, China’s capital has become the billionaire capital of the world, the latest Hurun Global Rich List says, with a total of 100 to the Big Apple’s 95.最新一期的胡润全球富豪榜(Hurun Global Rich List)表示,算上过去一年新出现的32位超级富豪,北京已成为全球亿万富翁之都,总计100名超级富豪超过了纽约的95人。Despite its economic slowdown, more fortunes are being made in China than anywhere else in world, according to the report. The mainland added 74 dollar billionaires in the year to January 16 — more than in either of the previous two years — to make a total of 470.根据这份报告,尽管中国经济放缓,中国制造的财富却超过了全球其他所有地区。在截至1月16日的一年里,中国内地新增了74位身价至少10亿美元的亿万富翁——超过了之前两年的任何一年,令总人数达到470人。“We believe the boom in Chinese billionaires mostly happened in June 2015 after the stock market boom,” Rupert Hoogewerf, the creator of the list, told the Financial Times, explaining that China’s super-rich weathered the subsequent stock market collapse.该富豪榜的创始人胡润(Rupert Hoogewerf)向英国《金融时报》表示:“我们认为中国的亿万富翁人数激增主要发生在股市暴涨后的2015年6月。”他解释说,中国的超级富豪们挺过了随后的股市崩盘。Greater China, which includes the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, ranks above the US as the region with the highest number of billionaires, counting 568, an increase of 90 from last year. The US clocks in with 535 billionaires, two fewer than last year.包括中国内地、香港和台湾在内的大中华区,排名超过了美国,成为拥有亿万富翁人数最多的地区,其拥有的亿万富翁人数为568人,比去年增加了90人。美国则有535名亿万富翁,比去年少了两人。Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, remains Greater China’s richest person with a net worth of bn, just bn more than Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong tycoon.万达集团(Wanda Group)董事长王健林依然是大中华区最富有的人,财富净值达260亿美元,只比香港富豪李嘉诚高了10亿美元。In addition to Beijing, Greater China accounts for four more of the world’s top 10 billionaire cities. Shanghai (50), Shenzhen (46) and Hangzhou (32) have risen up the ranks, while Hong Kong is down seven with 64.除了北京,大中华区还占了全球十大富豪城市的另外四个:上海(拥有50名富豪)、深圳(拥有46名富豪)、杭州(拥有32名富豪)排名均有所上升,而香港的富豪人数则减少了7人,至64人。The combined net worth of the Greater Chinese billionaires is .4tn, just under an eighth of the region’s combined 2015 gross domestic product.大中华区亿万富翁的总财富净值为1.4万亿美元,略低于该地区2015年国内生产总值(GDP)总和的八分之一。China’s growing clout in the rankings is even starker in the world of female “self-made” billionaires, according to Hurun, where the country dominates with 93 of the global total of 124.根据胡润报告,中国在排行榜中地位的上升,在女性“白手起家”亿万富翁这一块表现得更加突出,全球此类富豪总人数只有124人,中国以93人占据了绝对优势。The report also lists the number of global billionaires of Greater Chinese origin, bringing the total number to 630 — 29 per cent of the worldwide figure of 2,188.该报告还列出了全球源自大中华区的亿万富翁人数,其总人数达到630人,占全球总人数2188的29%。 /201603/429063

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