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1.All articles in the store are ticketed with the price.  店里所有物品都有标签标明价格。  重点词语:ticket n.票,入场卷 vt.加标签于…  商务用语:a lottery ticket 票  ticket holder 持票人  withdrawal ticket 提款单  ticket stock book 存票簿  2.This is a clause reserving title to the goods in the seller.  这是一条卖方保留货物所有权的条款。  重点词语:title n.头衔,权利 vt.赋予头衔  商务用语:account titles 账户名称,会计科目  buying title 购入产权  evidence title 所有权明  3.We trade with other counties.  我们和其他国家做生意。  重点词语:trade n.贸易,商业,交易 vi.交易,买卖 vt.用…进行交换  商务用语:balance of trade 贸易平衡  bilateral trade 双边贸易  insider trading 内部交易  trade union 工会  4.All transactions ,from banking to shopping, will be performed electronically.  所有活动,从跑到买东西,都可通过电脑来完成。  重点词语:transaction n.办理,交易,业务  商务用语:transaction account 交易账户  commodity transaction 商品交易  transaction in assets 资产交易  issuing transaction 发行业务  5.The goods were transported by air.  货物是用飞机来运输的。  重点词语:transport n.运输,运输机 vt.传送,运输  商务用语:transport capacity 运输能力  transport charges 运输费  transport case 运输箱,装运箱  transport chain 运输连锁线 /200810/54289(一): We really want to see you. 我们非常希望能够和您见面。A: Mr. Brown, we really want to see you.甲:布朗先生,我们非常希望能够和您见面。B: Me too. Im looking forward to the meeting next week.乙:我也是。期盼下周和您的会面。表示很想见面:I cant wait to see / meet you.我迫不急待要见到您。Id like to see you then.我想到时见面吧。Id love to meet you.我很想跟您见面。I have been hoping to see you for a long time.我盼望跟您见面很久了。(二):I was impressed by your kindness the excellent work in the company. 您的热心和出色的工作给我留下了深刻的印象。 A: I was impressed by your kindness the excellent work in the company.甲:您的热心和出色的工作给我留下了深刻的印象。B: Thank you. You,re overestimating me.乙:谢谢。您真是过奖了。表示留下深刻印象:You left a deep impression for me.您给我留下了深刻的印象。You have made the profound impression to me.您给我留下了深刻的印象。Im extremely impressed by your work.您的工作给我留下了深刻的印象。I was particularly struck by your comments.我对您的发言印象尤其深刻。 /201407/31683077.户外活动常用应急场景范例一:Winter hikingM: How about the hiking? It was freezing yesterday, are you all ok?W: Can’t be better, it was wonderful. We had a lot of fun there. There was so much joy and walk and breathe the winter air. We arrived at the park at 9 o’clock in the morning and didn’t leave till 3 o’clock in the afternoon. M: You had been walking for 6 hours, isn’t that boring?W: Of course not! We built a snowman, some snow dogs and one big snow fort. We went sliding on the nice hill. It was a real work out. At noon, we had the most special winter picnic outside. Fortunately, we got it all on a tape. You must come with us next time. I bet you will love it.M: Well. You know I hate walking, but I can’t wait to see your guys’ .范例二:SkiingM: Would you like to go skiing with me? I heard the new ski area is great. They have safe tracks, especially for the beginners and provide free training. I think it suits you best.W: Sounds not bad! You know, the only thing I worried about is the safety. I’m not an active exerciser and my muscle may be not strong enough for such an intense sport.M: Then you can go to the three-day-long training camp first. There’re some professional teachers and they can guide you to do certain necessary exercise.W: I will think about it.M: Come on! It is really a fun game. /201003/100067

A: Hello Mr. Jones, please have a seat. Thank you for coming in today. I have your resume. You completed University in England?B: Yes, I went to Cambridge. After graduation, I started right away into the advertising industry. Later, I made a bit of a switch to focus on marketing research.A: So, what experience do you have?B: I have ten years marketing experience. This includes both entry level and management positions. In my last position, I worked my way up to being director of the markeing department.A: I can see that from your resume. Your last position was marketing director for a pharmaceutical company, is that right? Later, why did you decide to leave your former post?B: I felt after five years in one place, I was y for something new. I would like to have a job that is challenging, something that I can see and do new things every day. I loved many things about my former job, and I left with amiable feelings on both sides. I was just y for something new.A: I see. Do you want to work full-time or part-time?B: I would rather work full-time.A: I'll make note of that. Now, what are your salary expectations?B: I am willing to negotiate, but I expect at least ,000 a year. /12/93370

2 了解渠道3句英文任你选Weve come to know your name and address from the Commercial Counselors Office of the Chinese Embassy in London.我们从中国驻伦敦大使馆的商务参赞处得知你们的名字和地址。By courtesy of Mr.Black, we are given to understand the name and address of your firm.承蒙布莱克先生的介绍,我们得知贵公司的名称和地址。Your firm has been introduced to us by Maple Company.枫叶公司向我方介绍了贵公司。半个句型要记牢by courtesy of (蒙……的好意,蒙……提供)Tip: courtesy的意思是;礼貌,殷勤,好意如 He wrote back to her out of courtesy. (他出于礼貌给她写了一封回信),而 by courtesy of为固定短语,表示;蒙……的好意,蒙……提供;如 This is a radio programme presented by courtesy of a soap company. (这是一档由一家肥皂公司提供的广播节目)。如果不了解这一短语,还可以用 introduce这个相对常见的单词,如be introduced by...表示;由……介绍; introduce还可以用recommend或pass on替换。 /201509/393240

,。,。。,。,。。,。, /200804/36209

第一句:The technology transfer fee shall be paid in royalties.技术转让费按提成收取。A: Whats your requirements?你们有什么要求吗?B: The technology transfer fee shall be paid in royalties.技术转让费按提成收取。A: Thats OK.可以的。第二句:The royalty rate shall be calculated on the net sales of the products turned out with transferred technology.提成率要按我方的转让技术生产产品的净收入来计算。A: The royalty rate shall be calculated on the net sales of the products turned out with transferred technology.提成率要按我方的转让技术生产产品的净收入来计算。B: How much do you want?你们开价多少?A: 15%.15%。B: Oh, that is too high.噢,太高了。其他表达法:提成率供方在受方利润中的份额*(受方的销售利润/受方产品销售价)The royalty rate shall be 15% of the net sales value of the products.提成率是产品净销售额的15%。 /201212/213398

A: We'd like to welcome everyone to the Michelson Tools factory site, and thank everyone for being here today. My name is Paul Shafer, I'll be showing you around today. Please feel free to ask questions at any point during our tour, I'll be happy to answer questions for you.B: is it really necessary to wear all this protective gear?A: that's an excellent question. I'll bet your wondering why we ask you to wear hard hats and safety googles while you's in the plant. The reason is simple, we care about your safety and we want to ensure there are no injuries today. As you will see, to maintain a high level of safety, we also require all of our staff to wear similar protective gear.B: how long will the tour take?A: it should take about twenty minutes to go through the main plant, and maybe another ten to take a look at the laboratory. All together our tour should last about half an hour.B: Okay...A: well, if you don't have any questions, shall we get started? If you'll follow me, first I'll take you to the site of our semi-conductor system... /10/86198

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