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抚顺切包皮手术哪里比较好抚顺市钢铁公司职工医院男科医生最后一场白宫记者晚宴:奥巴马秒变段子手 妙语连珠上演脱口秀抚顺市顺城妇幼保健院男科最好的医院 Now Jolie is reinventing herself again, as a director. Her latest, second, film Unbroken, about a Second World War hero, is hotly tipped as a Oscar contender. But bee picking up another golden statue, there is the matter of a visit to Buckingham Palace to collect her gong.抚顺市第三医院网上预约

抚顺市治疗前列腺炎多少钱抚顺市矿务局老虎台矿职工医院男科最好的医院 Several Hollywood blockbusters broke various same-day and opening weekend records at Chinarsquo;s box office last year, but ultimately ended the year on a weak note.辽宁抚顺市妇幼保健院看前列腺炎好吗

抚顺顺城区第二人民医院怎么预约 准备一次完美面试小技巧(双语) --5 ::51 来源:   As the presidential candidates answer endless variations of the same questions in pursuit of the ultimate government job, we can't help but be reminded of our own often-torturousexperiences on job interviews.  为了在竞争中能够最后赢得在政府部门的最高机构工作,总统候选人需要就同样的问题回答出无尽变化的,这使得我们不由想起无数次折磨人的面试经历  If, like the candidates, we could review our permances on tape, what might we see?  如果像总统候选人那样,我们可以在录像中看到自己的表现,我们将会看到什么呢?  Watch and Listen to Yourself   观察,聆听你自己  "Verbal fillers are the No. 1 problem," says Randy Bitting, cofounder of InterviewStream, a Web-based service that gives job seekers the chance to tape and watch themselves in mock interviews.  InterviewStream网站专门为求职者提供机会让他们有机会录下自己在模拟面试中的表现,从而仔细观察,网站创始人之一Randy Bitting说:"口头的记录是最大的问题"  "People are so used to texting and emailing in short phrases that they can get stuck putting together a few complete sentences," he observes. "It's better to opt silence while you gather your thoughts, especially if you're nervous."  他说:"人们习惯性地在邮件或书写中运用一些简单的词语来使劲拼凑成一句话,当你在思考的时候,最好保存沉默,尤其是在你很紧张的时候"  Of course, nervousness can also generate over-talking. "We have a bar running along the bottom of the screen as you're being recorded to mark the passage of time," Bitting says. "We strongly suggest that respondents limit their answers to two minutes, at most."  当然了,紧张也可能引起你说话说个不停,Bitting 说"我们在屏幕的底部安装了条码计时器,可以记录你用的时间我们强烈推荐求职者的回答最多不超过两分钟"  Watching yourself on tape is also a good way to monitor things like dress -- too much cleavage, too-short cuffs -- and gestures, Bitting adds. "People don't realize how many times they scratch their heads or fliptheir ties."  在录像上观察你自己也是一种管理其他事情比如自己衣着的好方法,穿得太暴露了,袖子太短了,也可以注意到你发言时的姿态,Bitting补充说:"人们都没注意到自己在面试中抓了几次头发,或动了几次领带"  Maintain a Conversation   将一段谈话进行下去  Mastering the art of presentation goes hand in hand with carefully packaging the content of what you want to get across. "The key idea is to remember that an interview is a two-way conversation designed to determine if there's a mutual fit," says Rob Sullivan, a Chicago-based career coach and author of "Getting Your Foot In The Door When You Haven't A Leg To Stand On."  掌握陈述的艺术与精心地润色你想要表达的内容是同样重要的Rob Sullivan ,是芝加哥一名职业教练,也是"Getting Your Foot In The Door When You Haven't A Leg To Stand On." 一书的作者,他说:"主要的宗旨是要记住,面试是一次双向会话,是为了找到同时符合双方利益的共通点而定制的谈话"  A good mula, Sullivan continues, has you doing most of the talking the first two-thirds of that conversation, and then ceding the floor to the interviewer. "That's your chance to ask lots of questions, which people tend to get to do," he says.  Sullivan再次说到:"一个很好的套路就是,你负责谈话的前三分之二的时间,将剩下的时间留给面试官,这样你就有机会提出很多问题,而这是人们很容易忘记的"  Assemble a list of talking points and make sure you get through them, adds Sullivan. "If you realize that this person's asked you one standard question after the next -- What's your greatest weakness? Where do you see yourself in the next five years? -- look at your watch and say, 'I notice we're running out of time. There are a few things that I'd like to share with you. Is that OK?' Make their job easier them."  列出一张要点清单,并确保你将清单上的每一项都说完了Sullivan补充说:"如果你意识到面试官在时间到了之后还问你一个标准问题:你最大的缺点是什么?在接下来的五年内你自身有什么打算?等等,这时候你可以看看你手表,然后说‘我注意到已经过了面试时间了,但是我还有一些事情想告诉您,可以吗?'努力让他们的工作简单一点  Have Your Story Ready   准备好你的故事  It's at this point that you dazzle with your "story," as Sullivan calls it. That's different from the "elevator pitch," the 30-second encapsulationof who you are. "Your story is not about your sales records or your business generating prowess," Sullivan says.  Sullivan说在这时候你就会因为你的故事而耀眼30秒钟对自己的包装和电梯演讲不同,"你的故事不是有关你的销售记录或事业带来的威力" Sullivan如是说  Instead, ask yourself what's excited you in your career, what you've done on your own initiative, what's energized you? What stories can you relay that show your passion, initiative and resourcefulness?  相反,问问你自己,在职业中有什么让你兴奋的事情,你自己主动完成过什么?是什么给予你精神动力?你可以讲述什么样的故事来展示你的,主动和足智多谋呢?  "If you think about what's better because you were there, like in the movie 'It's A Wonderful Life,' you'll come up with some compelling anecdotes and you'll stand out," Sullivan says.  Sullivan说:"如果你想到的是那些的在公司里因为你的到来而变得更美好的事情,就好像‘美好生活'电影里的那样,你的讲述将会成为非常有吸引力的奇闻异事,而这会使你脱颖而出"  Skip the Scents   不要发出气味  Just make sure the impression you leave is a good one. "It can't be said enough, but skip the perfume," Sullivan adds.  要确保你留下的是好的印象"虽然说并不是必要的,但是不要喷香水" Sullivan补充说  "This is not a date, and a lot of people are extremely sensitive to smell. If you give me a migraine headache, I'm not going to remember a word you said, and I'm not going to like you."  "这并不是一次约会,并且有很多人对气味特别敏感如果你引发了我的偏头痛,我不会记得你说的任何一句话,我也不会喜欢你"抚顺市东洲治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好新抚区泌尿科咨询



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