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抚顺李石医院看男科怎么样抚顺市新宾县医院男科妇科网上预约Xiaomi, the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker, is making its first US investment, as part of a m fundraising for internet-of-things start-up Misfit.发展迅速的中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)正做出其在美国的首笔投资,参与物联网初创企业Misfit 规模4000万美元的融资。The latest funding round for Misfit, which makes the Shine and Flash activity trackers and has plans to launch more wearable and smart-home products over the next year, has been led by GGV Capital, a venture fund with offices in Silicon Valley and Shanghai.Misfit的最新一轮融资由风险基金纪源资本(GGV Capital)领投,后者在硅谷和上海设有办事处。Misfit是运动跟踪设备Shine和Flash的制造商,计划明年推出更多可穿戴和智能家居产品。Alongside Xiaomi, the fundraising included JD.com, the Chinese commerce company, and Shunwai, the China-focused fund led by Xiaomi founder Jun Lei. Existing investors such as Horizons Ventures, Li Ka-shing’s investment arm, and Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, also took part in the round, which brings Misfit’s total funding to m.除了小米,参与此轮融资的还有中国电商企业京东(JD.com),以及小米创始人雷军创立的专注中国的顺为基金。李嘉诚旗下投资机构Horizons Ventures和皮特#8226;泰尔(Peter Thiel)的Founders Fund等现有投资者也参加了此轮融资,这令Misfit的总融资额达到6300万美元。The Silicon Valley-based company, whose devices are sold in Apple stores and compete with the likes of Fitbit and Jawbone, was founded in 2011 by Sonny Vu and John Sculley, former chief executive of Apple.Misfit总部位于硅谷,其设备在苹果(Apple)商店销售,与Fitbit和Jawbone等产品竞争。该公司于2011年由桑尼#8226;乌(Sonny Vu)和苹果前首席执行官约翰#8226;斯卡利(John Sculley)联手创建。“Xiaomi is really going to help accelerate product development,” Mr Vu, Misfit’s CEO, told the Financial Times.乌告诉英国《金融时报》:“小米确实将帮助(我们)加快产品开发。”Misfit’s devices have proven successful in part thanks to a sleek disc-shaped design that allows them to be incorporated into jewellery such as pendants.Misfit生产的设备一直很成功,这在一定程度上源于其时尚的圆盘状设计,可以与吊饰等珠宝搭配在一起。Xiaomi is the latest big Chinese technology company to invest in Silicon Valley start-ups. Tencent has a stake in a number of companies including Snapchat, the messaging app, Fab.com, the struggling ecommerce site, and Riot Games, maker of the hugely popular online multiplayer game League of Legends, which the Chinese company later acquired.小米是最新一家投资硅谷初创企业的中国大型科技公司。腾讯(Tencent)持有多家硅谷企业的股权,例如信息应用Snapchat、处境艰难的电商网站Fab.com,以及大受欢迎的在线多人游戏《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)开发商Riot Games(腾讯后来收购了这家公司)。 /201412/346770抚顺市第五医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 Pi in China圆周率在中国Pi,the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, is a very im-portant constant in mathematics. The calculation of pi was an important criterion showing the development level of a nation’s mathematics in ancient times.China attained some glaring achievements in this respect.圆周率,即圆的周长与其直径之比,是数学中最重要的常数之一。对它的计算,可以作为显示出一个国家古代数学发展的水平的尺度之一。而中国古代数学在这方面取得了令世人瞩目的成绩。Pi was approximated in China as 3 at the beginning. Though very simple to use,the number was far from being precise.中国古代最初把圆周率取作3,这虽应用起来简便,但太不准确。On the journey of finding a precise pi,Liu Hui,a prominent mathematician of the Kingdom of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period,took the first crucial step by approximated pi. He did this by approximating circle polygons(plane structures,usually with three or more sides and angles that are used to help measure various aspects of shapes) via doubling the number of sides to get better approximations.He approximated pi as 3. 14.在求准确圆周率值的征途中,首先迈出关键一步的是三国时期魏国杰出的数学家刘徽。他创立割圆术,用圆内接正多边形无限逼近圆而求取圆周率值。用这种方法他求得圆周率的近似值为3. 14。Green is born of blue,but beats blue;the student surpasses the teacher. Lat-er, with Liu’s method,Zu Chongzhi determined pi to 7 digits.青出于蓝,而胜于蓝。后继者祖冲之利用割圆术得出了正确的小数点后七位。Zu Chongzhi ( 429一500 ) was a famous mathematician,astronomer and me-chanic in the Southern and Northern dynasties(421一581).Smart and fond of learning since childhood,he liked natural science,literature and philosophy, and later became a world-famous scientist.祖冲之(429 - 500)是中国南北朝(421- 581)时著名的数学家、天文学家和机械制造家。他从小聪明好学,爱好自然科学、文学和哲学,经过刻苦的学习钻研,终于成为一位享誉世界的科学家。The achievements Zu Chongzhi made in mathematics have been universally acknowledged. Dated as far back as 1500 years ago,He worked out an accurate value of pi. Pi is usually represented by }r, and it has always been a very important yet difficult research topic for mathematics to calculate the value of pi. Many math-ematicians of ancient China made painstaking efforts in this research with satisfac-Cory results. Based on earlier research,Zu Chongzhi continued to carry out system-atic study. After calculating more than 1,000 times,he concluded that the value of pi falls between 3. 1415926 and 3. 1415927;and therefore he became the first sci-entist in the world who calculated the value of pi to seven decimal places.Zu Chongzhi also put forward the thesis that the approximate value of pi was 355/113,which was called milu ( close ratio ),pushing the calculation of pi to a new stage.The value was the most accurate in the world at that time,and Japanese mathe-maticians respectfully called it the“Zu Chongzhi Ratio”.Not until more than 1,000 years later, did scientists in the West come up to and surpass the achievements of Zu Chongzhi.祖冲之在数学方面的成就为世界所公认。远在1500多年前,祖冲之就计算出了精确的圆周率。。圆周率通常用“∏”来表示,求算圆周率的值是数学中一个非常重要也是非常困难的研究课题。中国古代许多数学家都为研究这个课题付出了心血,并取得了喜人的成果。祖冲之在前人研究的基础上,继续进行了深人系统的研究,经过1000多次的计算,得出圆周率在3.1415926和3.1415927之间,成为世界上第一个把圆周率推算到小数点后七位数字的科学家。祖冲之还提出二的近似值为355/113,称为“密率”,把数学中关于圆周率的计算推进到一个新阶段,成为当时世界上最精确的圆周率。日本数学家尊称它为“祖率”。直到1000多年以后,西方的数学家才达到和超过了祖冲之的成就。 /201512/410700抚顺康复医院专家预约

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抚顺男性生育能力检查China#39;s central bank has move to defend draft rules that would force online payment processors to channel large payments through traditional bank accounts, a requirement that industry observers say will stifle innovation while protecting the interests of incumbent banks.中国央行已采取行动为其最新规定草案辩护,这些规定将迫使在线付机构通过传统账户处理大额付。行业观察人士称,这一要求将遏制创新并保护既有的利益。The People#39;s Bank of China in mid-July laid out a broad regulatory framework for internet finance, which includes payments, wealth management, peer-to-peer lending, and crowdfunding, among other services.7月中旬,中国央行为互联网金融制定了一个范围广泛的监管框架,涵盖付、理财、个人对个人(P2P)贷款、众筹以及其他务。Those guidelines sought to strike a balance between promoting innovation by upstarts seeking to compete with large, state-owned banks, while also imposing order on the chaotic world of internet finance, where hucksterism has thrived amid a lack of regulation.该管理办法试图在促进新兴企业创新与规范混乱的互联网金融业之间达成平衡。这些新兴企业希望与大型国有展开竞争;而在互联网金融领域,由于缺乏监管,强制推销的现象很猖獗。The PBoC followed up late on Friday with specific rules governing online payments, a sector dominated by Alipay, an affiliate of ecommerce giant Alibaba, and Caifutong, the payment arm of social media and gaming group Tencent.上周五晚,中国央行发布了管理在线付的具体规定。中国在线付行业由电子商务巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的付宝(Alipay)以及社交媒体和游戏集团腾讯(Tencent)的付平台财付通主宰。Online payments are expected to hit Rmb11.8tn (.9tn) this year, up from Rmb8.1tn in 2014, according to iResearch.根据iResearch的数据,今年中国的在线付规模预计将达到11.8万亿元人民币(合1.9万亿美元),高于2014年的8.1万亿元人民币。The rules set a cap on payments by third-party processors of Rmb5000 per client per day and Rmb200,000 per year. Larger payments must be routed through the payer#39;s account at a commercial bank.管理办法对第三方付机构处理的付规模做出了限制,一名客户每日最高限额为5000元人民币,每年限额为20万元人民币。超出的部分必须通过客户在商业的账户付。Online groups reacted with dismay.在线付机构对此感到失望。;It#39;s not even enough to buy one iPhone. If I want to donate Rmb210,000 to the Winter Olympics, I guess I#39;d have to sp it over two years,; Yi Huanhuan, secretary-general of IFC1000, an online finance trade group, wrote in a commentary, referencing Beijing#39;s successful bid to host the 2022 winter games.在线金融交易组织——互联网金融千人会(IFC1000)的秘书长易欢欢在一篇中写道:“这还不够买一部苹果手机。如果我想给冬奥会捐21万元人民币的话,我猜得花两年来捐。”这段话提到了中国成功赢得2022年冬奥会的主办权。;Basically this blocks off the industry#39;s space for development.;“本质上讲,这堵死了互联网金融业的发展空间。”In an unusual move, the central bank issued a follow-up statement at the weekend responding to criticisms of the payment cap.中国央行在管理办法公布后回答了记者提问,对外界对于付限额的批评做出了回应。The PBoC cited data showing that 71 per cent of online payment platform users made payments of less than Rmb1000 for all of 2014, to support its claim that the cap won#39;t influence most users.中国央行称,这些限额不会影响大多数用户。为了持这一说法,中国央行援引数据称,2014年,72.31%的个人客户付账户余额仅用于购物消费全年累计付款金额不超过1000元人民币。The central bank also clarified that online payment companies can process payments of more than Rmb5000 but that the excess portion must be debited directly from a bank account linked to the user#39;s payment platform account, rather than from cash aly stored on the platform.中国央行还明确指出,在线付机构可以处理超过5000元人民币的付交易,但超出的部分必须通过与用户付平台账户关联的账户直接付,而不是通过用户在付平台存放的现金付。;Transfer limits are proposed based on a holistic consideration of payment efficiency and convenience, as well as factors such as anti-money laundering and client fund security,; the central bank said.中国央行表示:“限额管理是综合考虑付效率与便捷、以及反洗钱和客户资金安全等因素而提出的。”The new rules also forbid payment companies from opening accounts on behalf of financial institutions, as well as financial intermediaries involved in peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, wealth management, or foreign exchange. Instead these companies#39; funds must be held at commercial banks.新的规定还禁止付机构为金融机构,以及从事信贷、融资、理财、担保、货币兑换等金融业务的其他机构开立付账户。这些机构的资金必须存放在商业。The rules require payment companies to verify a client#39;s identity in person before opening fully functional accounts. The issue of in-person account opening has also emerged as an obstacle for MYBank and WeBank, two online-only banks recently launched by Alibaba and Tencent, respectively.规定要求,付机构在为客户开立付账户前须亲自核实客户身份。现场验开设账户的问题也是最近阿里巴巴和腾讯分别推出的在线网商(MYbank)和微众(WeBank)面临的障碍。The draft rules are open for public comment until August 28.这份管理办法草案将公开征求公众意见,征求意见的截止日期是8月28日。 /201508/390849 译文仅供参考 译文在上,对照英文在下。据官方消息显示:苹果计划把最华丽的那款智能手表的起步价定在1万美元。Well, it is official: Apple plans to charge at least,000 for the fanciest version of its upcoming smartwatch.尽管这个新推出的腕上电脑系列也有349美元的普通款,但《财富》不禁注意到,苹果正举步迈入由柏利、路易o威登和劳力士等老牌奢侈品牌主导的高价手表圈。实际上,价格动辄超过1万美元的手表相当普遍。在内曼o马库斯等高端商店的玻璃陈列柜里,许多奢侈品牌手表都在相互竞争。Although the base price for the new wrist computer are 9, Fortune couldn’t help but notice that Apple is also tossing its hat into a ring of high-priced watches dominated by established luxury brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Rolex.之前就有人猜测,苹果会试图利用高价手表参与奢侈品市场的争夺,而本周一旧金山的苹果发布会则坐实了这一推断。苹果在周一展示的高端手表共有8款,价位从1万美元至1.7万美元不等。其中有一款售价1.7万美元,拥有18K玫瑰金表壳和玫瑰灰表带。你想找一款更实惠的?那试试售价1万美元的白色运动款。There had been speculation that Apple could try to tackle the luxury market with exorbitantly pricy watches, and Monday’s event in San Francisco confirmed those rumors. The high-end line of watches Apple debuted Monday includes eight models ranging in cost between ,000 to ,000. One example is a ,000 18-karat version with a rose gold case and a rose gray buckle. Looking for a more affordable option? Try the white sport band for ,000.在苹果进军智能手表市场之前,已有很多公司抢先推出此类产品,但多数消费者并不买账。根据研究公司NPD Group的调查,美国有十分之一的成年人拥有健身追踪器,但只有2%的成年人拥有智能手表。而高昂的价格会让苹果手表的受众面更加狭窄。Apple’s move into the smartwatch market comes as a number of companies try to make inroads despite reticence by most consumers. While one in ten U.S. adults own a fitness tracker, only 2% of adults have smartwatches according to research firm NPD Group. The high-priced Apple watches will reach far fewer consumers.以下是四款其他品牌的手表,售价也都在1万美元以上,而且并不具备无线上网功能。Here are four other brands selling watches that cost at least ,000 — and they don’t have WiFi.1)柏利“英伦风尚”限量版18K金自动腕表——14,995美元1) Burberry’s 18K Gold Watch — ,995这款柏利限量版手表男女通用,每一只手表上面都有独立编号,总共只有50只。手表为瑞士制造,拥有防反光、防划痕和抗震的蓝宝石水晶表镜。苹果大可从挖来的零售和在线商店高级副总裁安吉拉o阿伦德茨那里,学一点奢侈品的相关经验,她之前曾担任过柏利的首席执行官。This limited edition Burberry is a line of individually numbered watches for men and women, each one created in a series of 50. The watch is Swiss made, and features anti-reflective, scratch and shock-resistant sapphire crystal. Apple could learn a thing or two about luxury from one of its own top leaders: Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of retail and online stores, had previously served as CEO at Burberry.2)路易o威登Tambour——10,200美元2) Louis Vuitton Tambour — ,200这家奢侈品牌的Tambour系列瑞士手表专为男士打造。它拥有不锈钢表壳和“黑色金属基复合材料的表圈”,以及不锈钢的表带。This Swiss-made watch from the luxury brand’s Tambour collection is meant for men. It features a stainless steel case with “Black Metal Matrix Compositebezel,” as well as a stainless steel strap.3)Dolce amp; Gabbana DS5——37,500美元3) Dolce amp; Gabbana DS5 — ,500Dolce amp; Gabbana在官网上列出了许多手表,却并未给出价格,上面只写着“按需定价”。但DS5金表倒是明码标价了,却相当惊人——34,500欧元,约合37,000美元。掏这么一大笔钱,你就能获得一款拥有“指示小时、分钟、秒、星期、日期,以及计时”功能的手表了。绝不是吹毛求疵,但这些听起来和很多便宜的手表没太多不同——最多是计时准确度上有些微差异。但它的确有一些东西是便宜手表没有的:25颗红宝石,和炭黑鳄鱼皮的表带。Dolce amp; Gabbana lists a number of watches on its website without a price tag. Rather, all it says is “prices upon request.” But the DS5 Gold’s price is listed: it is a whooping 34,500 euros, or around ,000. For that you’ll get a watch that includes “indication of hours, minutes, seconds, day and date, and chronograph.” Not to be argumentative, but that sounds a lot like a most cheap watches – give or take a few seconds in accuracy. But here’s something cheap watches don’t have: 25 rubies and a carbon black alligator strap.4)劳力士Lady-Datejust——18,750美元(可能更高)4) Rolex Lady-Datejust — ,750 (or possibly more)这款手表的零售价据说是23,850美元(劳力士并未在官网标注价格),但如果你想看看有没有打折的机会,那么在bernardwatch.com上能够以18,750美元的价格买到它。Lady-Datejust诞生于1957年,据劳力士介绍,该表由于非凡的精度,成为了最先一批获得精密计时表认的女装腕表。This watch retails for a purported ,850 (Rolex doesn’t list prices on its website), but if you want to take your chances on a discount, a website called bernardwatch.com sells it for ,750. The Lady-Datejust has been telling time since 1957 and according to Rolex, was one of the first ladies’ watches certified as a chronometer for its remarkable precision. /201503/364321抚顺人民医院没有泌尿外科辽宁抚顺人民医院怎么预约



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