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南岗区治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱哈市维多利亚医院官网During the winter months in New York, the streets are crowded with people bundled in muted colors; sheathed in furs and heavy knits. But the shop windows that line the city’s most fashionable neighborhoods tell a different story, as retailers are aly preparing for spring.冬季里的纽约,街上拥挤的人群带着柔和的色,人们都穿着皮草大衣和厚实的针织毛衣。但在纽约市最时尚的几个社区当中,那些沿街排列的店铺橱窗却在讲述一个截然不同的故事,因为这些装零售店已在准备春季的新款饰了。Fashion moves so quickly, it outpaces even this bustling city. As we trudge through the doldrums of winter, we can at least take refuge while shopping in boutiques and department stores where spring clothes aly line the racks.时尚潮流发展得如此迅速,步伐甚至超越了这座匆忙的城市。当我们在这样清冷的冬日里跋涉,至少能在女装精品店和百货商场里购物避寒,那里的货架上,已经挂满了春装。So, what are the trends for next season to look out for in stores? There are three that seemed to top the list during the runway shows last September: Retro-inspired looks from the 1970’s; relaxed pieces with an active-wear influence; and finally a trend that means you will be able to wear your latest purchase right out of the store an into the cold: furs and skins are in for spring.那么,在商店里都能看到哪些下一季的潮流呢?在已经过去的九月时装秀期间,有三大潮流似乎高居首位:七十年代的复古风;带有运动装风格的休闲饰;而最后一种潮流意味着,你将可以穿着新买的衣直接走入商店外寒冷的天气中,这就是春季款的皮草饰。Here is a look at what you may see in stores this winter, based on how these three trends appeared on the runway:根据时装秀上的这三大潮流,我们来看看今年冬天你能在饰店里看到些什么吧:Back to the ‘70s:一.回到七十年代:Cool Collars:短风衣回潮:The Barrymore collar is back. Both Burberry and Chanel updated the long, pointed collar once associated with disco-fever. At Burberry, as patent leather accents they gave denim jackets a pop of color. The exaggerated collars modernized blouses and polo shirts on the Chanel runway, showing that the long, tapering lapels are perfect for looking like a sophisticated lady or a disco-queen.可以寻觅一下双排扣和单排扣的前襟系带式短风衣,类似上世纪70年代约翰·沙夫特(John Shaft)这个电影角色的着装风格。普拉达(Prada)与古驰(Gucci)都推出了驼色皮质风衣,其夸张的扣子与冬季外套搭配起来,效果很好;即使气温升高,作外衣单穿也很理想。En-Trenched:拼接当道:Look for double and single breasted belted trench coats, a-la-Shaft. Prada and Gucci both showed camel colored leather versions with exaggerated buttons that will be nice for layering with winter coats, and ideal as outerwear as the temperatures rise.这种复古款式在秀场上有各种表现。在汤米·希尔费格(Tommy Hilfiger)与路易·威登(Louis Vuitton)的时装秀上,拼接是一种有趣的错位风格,模特们穿着条纹状的皮质拼接迷你A字裙与晚礼;而经过设计师里卡多·提西(Ricardo Ticsi)为纪梵希(Givenchy)所做的诠释,这种风格又显得尤其性感。你肯定能找到适合你风格的那一款。Patchwork Please:酷衣领:This vintage look had range on the runway. It had a refreshingly playful twist at both Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton’s show, where models wore striped leather patched A-line mini skirts and dresses, but it had major sex appeal when interpreted by Ricardo Ticsi for Givenchy. You’ll be sure to find a version that suits your style.巴利尔衣领(Barrymore collar)又回来了。巴宝莉(Burberry)与香奈儿(Chanel)都为这款曾与迪斯科热有关的尖角长衣领赋予了新的式样。在巴宝莉的时装秀上,这款衣领的漆皮样式让那些牛仔夹克衫多了一抹色;而在香奈儿的时装秀上,这款夸张的衣领让女士衬衫和polo衫很有现代感,显示出这类长款锥形翻领能让人看起来像个成熟女性,或迪斯科皇后。Sporty for Spring:二.春季运动款:Mesh:运动鞋: Even evening wear is getting an athletic twist this season, so be on the look out for floor length dresses from Alexander Wang, who used sporty mesh panels to provide a peekaboo of skin.跑鞋热早在几年前就开始了,而且,这股潮流在2015年还会更加强劲。所以,别把你去年春天穿的那款装饰繁复的“Dior Fusion”跑鞋收起来。尽管王大仁没有设计出一种搭配真正跑鞋的装款式,但他受到耐克乔丹鞋(Nike Air Jordan)启发而设计的那些手袋,肯定会在热爱时尚的都市人群中大受欢迎。Sophisticated Sweats:运动裤也优雅:Buy a pair of comfortable and low-slung slouchy trousers resembling jogging pants for this spring. A suede or leather pair like those shown on the Fendi runway can be worn now with boots, and paired with sandals when the weather warms. If a slimmer interpretation is more your style, look for more ballerina-esque pairs like those by Bottega Veneta.今年春天,买一条类似慢跑运动裤的舒适低腰休闲裤吧。类似芬迪(Fendi)时装发布会上展示的那种绒面或皮质长裤,现在就可以配上靴子穿;等天气变得暖和一些时,这款休闲裤还可以配上凉鞋穿。如果你更喜欢较为苗条的款型,那不妨多看看那些芭蕾裤,类似宝缇嘉(Bottega Veneta)品牌推出的那些款式。Sneakers:网眼:The sneaker craze began in earnest a couple of seasons ago, and is going strong for 2015, so don’t pack away your embellished “Dior Fusion” sneakers from last spring. Even though he didn’t pair a single look with actual sneakers, Alexander Wang’s Nike Air Jordan inspired handbags will surely be a hit with downtown fashion lovers.这一季,即便是晚礼也带上了一些运动的感觉。所以,请留意王大仁(Alexander Wang)设计的拖地长裙,用华丽的网眼面料展现出一种若隐若现的效果。Unexpected Fabrics:三.意想不到的面料:Feathers:羽毛: Feathers made a surprise appearance on several runways, but bewilderingly enough, they worked. Cocktail dresses covered in plumes may have staying power, but if you’re looking for a more subtle way to wear this look opt for accents instead of all over fluff.羽毛面料在多场时装发布会上的表现都十分惊人,而令人困惑的是,其效果也都很好。覆盖着羽状物的宴会饰可能依然是主流,但你如果想用更低调的方式穿着这种面料,就选择带有羽毛装饰而不是全羽毛面料做的衣吧。Fur:皮草:Fur embellishments are a statement for spring that will carry you from now until summer begins. Look for ladylike fur lapels like those shown on the Miu Miu runway, or go for a funkier look with a cropped fur and denim combination.皮草装饰是一份春天的宣言,你可以从现在一直穿到初夏。看看女装的皮草翻领吧,比如Miu Miu时装秀上展示的那些;或者选择一种更时髦的样子——将一块精致裁剪的皮草与牛仔布结合的款式。Suede:小山羊皮:We know that leather has become a year-round wardrobe staple, but suede is everywhere for spring. The soft texture is warm enough to wear right now, but suede outerwear in particular is perfect for bridging the period between heavy coats and lighter layers.我们知道皮革已经成为衣柜里一年四季的主打饰,可小山羊皮做的衣,将在这个春天里随处可见。小山羊皮这种柔软的面料不但现在穿着足够暖和,而且尤其适合作为厚重外套与轻便外衣之间的过渡饰。 /201411/342609哈尔滨维多妇产医院妇科挂号 Tianma - Gastrodia elata (Latin name) 天麻 Tianma is a very precious Chinese herb growing in the valleys and is classified into single group Tianma.天麻是一种珍贵的中药材,生长在深山峡谷之中,一株只长一个天麻的,叫独麻;一株长一窝天麻的,叫窝麻。The major function of Tianma is to cure liver wind, dizziness and infantile convulsions of children, etc. with distinct effect. In China, Tianma grows in many remote mountain areas but the best are in Baokang county of northwest region of Hubei province. Legend has it that there lived a clan of hundreds of families deep in Jingshan mountain living and laboring in peace and contentment. But somehow in a year, the clan was shocked by a queer disease. Patients would have splitting headache, serious limb twitch, or even paralysis. People resorted to medicine and divine but all efforts turned out in vain.天麻主治肝风头痛、眩晕、小儿惊风等症,功效显著。中国不少深山都产天麻,但保康出的药效最好,这里还有个传说故事。在很古的时候,荆山深处有一个部落,住着百十户人家,过着安居乐业的生活。这一年,部落里突然流行起一种奇怪的疾病。这种病一旦缠身,头痛得像裂开似的,严重的会四肢抽搐,半身瘫痪。部落里的人们占卜求医,但都不见效果。The tribe leader was baffled by his people’s sufferings and was resolved to pay a visit to a renowned doctor in the hope of finding the cure.部落首领平时弄点草药给人们治治头痛脑热。他见人们被病魔折磨而自己又束手无策,心中十分难受,就决心去访求名医,寻找治愈这种病的药物和方法。Having heard of a skilled doctor in Wudao Valley who was able to cure this disease, he started for the doctor immediately with enough food. Wudao Valley was situated among deep and sparsely populated mountains. Could he get to the skilled doctor?这位首领听说五道峡有一个神医能治疗这种病,于是带了干粮披星戴月,向五道峡进发。五道峡是山中蜿蜒曲折的大峡谷,四周崇山峻岭环绕,人迹稀少,到哪里去寻找神医呢?Having tramped over hills and dales, the chief finally met an old man gathering firewood in a forest. He asked about the skilled doctor and was told the doctor was in a village called Shuangti.这位首领翻越了一座座山峰,走遍了每道山坡终于在一片树林里遇到了一位打柴的老汉。他想从老汉那里打听神医住在什么地方,老汉打量了部落首领一下,说神医这几天到双梯寨去了,让他到那里找一找。The chief bid farewell to the old man and continued his way to Shuangti village which was actually a natural stone village built on precipitous cliffs. He climbed up arduously and reached at last. The moment he entered the village gate, he felt dizzy and fell down. But in a few moments, he awoke and stopped twitching finding himself in a cave. Looking up and down his eyes fell on some plant roots on a stone table.这位首领辞别了老汉,又急急忙忙地向双梯寨赶去。这双梯寨,实为耸立在万仞绝壁上的天然石寨。一路上山道崎岖,奇峰插云,这位首领吃尽千万苦,终于攀上了双梯寨。没想到他刚进寨门就感到头晕目眩,一头栽进一洞中,没过多久,四肢也不再抽搐了。他起身打量洞内的东西,发现石桌上堆着一些植物块茎。At that time, an old man came inside with a bow of medicine in his hands y for him to drink. The tribe leader recognized the old man as the one who he had previously met in the mountains. He was about to say something but was stopped by the old man. “You were infected with the same disease that had been haunting your people and the herb you need is on the stone table over there.” said the old man “and they should be preserved in the shadow buried under decayed leaves.” The tribe leader took deep bows to express his profound gratitude to the old man, but when he looked up the old man was aly gone. The chief knew clearly that encountered a miracle doctor as well as miracle herb.正在这时,洞外走进来一位老汉,手中端着一碗药,让部落首领喝下去。这位首领一看,眼前的老汉正是在五道峡树林里遇到的那位打柴人。他刚要说话,老汉笑哈哈地拦住他,告诉他生的病和总落的人们生的病一样,要靠一种药材医治。药材已准备好,就放在石桌,让他病好后带回部落里去。这位首领躬身下拜,感谢老汉的救命大恩。老汉告诉他说,这种;药材; 如果吃完,就把它藏在背阴的烂树叶里,它就会永远用不完。这位首领低身拜,待他抬起头时,老汉已不见踪影了。这位首领知道自己遇到的老汉是神医,他的药材是天赐之物。就把老汉备好的药材放进口袋里,背回到部落里去了。Back home, the chief stewed the herb for all patients to drink. Shortly after, patients all recovered gradually. He hid the rest of herb under shady and rotten leafs as the old man advised. Since then, this herb grew prosperously year in year out.回到部落,这道领把神医赐的药材熬了一大锅,让生病的人喝下,几锅药水一喝,部落里生病的人逐渐好了。他把剩下的药材,依照神医所嘱,藏在背阴处的烂树叶里,从此,这药材就一年年地繁殖下来。.Everybody believed the herb to be panacea from the heaven to cure dizziness and hemiplegia . So people called it “Tianma”.人们说这药材是神医所赐的上天之物,又专治头晕目眩,半身麻痹瘫痪,就把这种药材叫做天麻了。 /201504/372198Baking Er Kuai烧饵块One morning, a young farmer named Cu Kangbao carried a basket of local goods to Kunming for sale. When entering the East Gate, he saw crowds of angry people standing there and cursing. And little babies were crying with an open mouth in their mothers’ arms. Cu stood by until he understood what was going on. Last night, the government’s second interrogation room was on fire and the cause was yet to be identified. The officer was angry to death and assumed that it must be a mob messing around. He ordered that announcements be put on the six gates of Kunming and that all people should not cook at home using fire for three months.Anyone who violates it would be severely punished.一天清晨,粗糠宝挑着一担山货到昆明去卖。刚刚走进大东门,就看见城门口站着不少老百姓,一个个怒气冲天,叫骂之声不绝于耳。有的娃娃躺在妈妈的怀里张着小嘴哇哇直哭,粗糠宝站在旁边听了一会儿,才明白了事情的原委。原来,昨天晚上知府衙门二堂不知什么原因突然起火,知府气得暴跳如雷,认定是大胆刁民故意捣乱。他马上下令,在昆明六道城门张贴布告,从今天开始,所有百姓一律不准在家生火做饭。此项禁令有效期三个月,违者严加惩处,绝不宽容。Cu waved to the crowd, and patiently explained to them how to deal with the matter. After hearing his words, people all put on happy smiles. When they arrived home, people carried out their stoves one after another and started baking Baba, a snack made of rice, over the stoves. All enjoyed a good meal.粗糠宝向乡亲们招招手,如此这般地嘱咐了一通,大伙儿顿时乐得眉开眼笑。回去以后,大伙儿纷纷从家里搬出炉子,在上面烤起粑粑来,一个个吃得香极了。Knowing this, the officer hurried to inspect. He caught an old man, questioning him with threat. Cu went up and made faces to the officer saying “Sir, the announcement said “no cooking at home using fire”, but it did not ban the people from baking Baba out of home using fire. We all cook and bake our Baba out of our homes. The officer regretted deeply. He had not expected the situation would become so unmanageable.知府老爷知道了,急忙出来查看。他揪住一个老倌吹胡子瞪眼睛。粗糠宝走上前去,冲着知府扮了个鬼脸,“知府大人,布告上禁止在家里生火煮饭,可没有禁止在家门口烤粑粑吃呀!”知府懊恼不已,事先怎么就没想到粗糠宝会来这一手呢!Sa Mei people, a branch of Yi ethnic group, call Baba Er Kuai. This is the story how baked Er Kuai was passed on.撒梅人把粑粑叫饵块,烧饵块就这样流传了下来。注:中央民族大学外国语学院北京市大学生创新项目“云南美食故事的收集与传播”项目组供稿。 /201504/370881哈尔滨省六院专家

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