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Conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan Drive Up World Refugee Numbers联合国:世界难民人数持续增加   The U.N. refugee agency says the number of people fleeing violence and repression worldwide has risen to 11.4 million, largely due to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. 联合国难民署说,全球范围逃离暴力和压迫的人数已经上升到1140万人,其中大部分是由于伊拉克和阿富汗冲突造成的。Launching the report, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, said that for the second year in a row the number of people fleeing their countries and displaced from their homes is on the rise.  联合国难民署事务高级专员古特雷斯在发布这个报告时说,今年是逃离自己国家和流离失所人数连续增加的第二年。"We have today 11.4 million refugees worldwide, but we have 26 million people displaced within the borders of their own countries," he said.  他说:“目前全世界的难民人数高达1140万,但是还有2600万人在他们本国沦落得无家可归。”Guterres says conflicts are largely to blame. Refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan alone make up half the world's total. The 11.4 million tally does not include the millions of Palestinians living as refugees in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.  古特雷斯说,这些难民大部分都是冲突造成的。仅伊拉克和阿富汗的难民就占全球难民总人数的一半。但是这1140万难民并不包括在中东和世界其它地区生活的数百万巴勒斯坦难民。Guterres describes a band of conflict and instability that includes mostly Muslim countries. 古特雷斯还提到一些冲突和不稳定情况,其中大部分在穆斯林国家。"Now, together with the Palestinians more than half of the group of refugees are concentrated in the same area," he said. "That area starts in Afghanistan, it includes Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Chad and Somalia. And this is an area of great concern for us all and I can only ask the international community to be more and more involved together, acting together to make sure that these conflicts find an end." 他说:“如果把巴勒斯坦人加在一起,难民人数的一半以上都集中在同一地区。这个地区包括阿富汗、伊拉克、巴勒斯坦、苏丹、乍得和索马里。这个地区值得我们特别关注,因此我要求国际社会更多地一起参与,共同行动,确保这些冲突最后结束。”While Afghanistan, Iraq and the Darfur region of Sudan are highly publicized hotspots, UNHCR's Guterres says many other refugees are created by lesser known conflicts and hardships - often forgotten by the international community. 虽然阿富汗、伊拉克和苏丹的达尔富尔地区是媒体高度关注的热点,联合国难民署事务高级专员古特雷斯说,一些不太被为人所知的冲突和困境产生的很多难民,常常被国际社会遗忘。"And looking only at one continent Africa, we have been having since the beginning of the year, with people crossing their borders in big numbers, in thousands we are having new arrivals of Darfurians in Chad and Central African Republic, of Chadians in Cameroon, of Central African Republicans in Chad and in Cameroon, of Eritreans in Sudan and in Ethiopia, of Somalis in Yemen, in Kenya, in Djibouti, we have Kenyans crossing the border into Uganda and we are now witnessing the worsening situation in Zimbabwe," he said. "Now, this demonstrates a trend that represents a multiplication of crises, with more and more people on the move." 他说:“仅以非洲大陆为例,从今年初以来,我们一直在看到,大量的人,数以千计的人越境逃难,在乍得和中非共和国,新来了很多达尔富尔人,乍得人逃到喀麦隆,中非共和国人逃到乍得和喀麦隆,厄立特里亚人逃到苏丹和埃塞俄比亚,索马里人逃到也门,肯尼亚和吉布提。我们还看到肯尼亚人越境逃到乌干达,我们目前正在目睹着津巴布韦的局势日益恶化。由于越来越多的人四处逃难,这种情况反映了一种趋势,代表了多重危机。”The U.N. agency says global refugee numbers had fallen for five years before rising again in 2006 and 2007. While conflicts are largely to blame, UNHCR says climate change, the rise in energy and food prices and ensuing poverty are also factors.  联合国难民署说,全球难民人数在2006年和2007年再次增加之前曾连续五年下降。联合国难民署说,虽然大部分情况是冲突造成的,但是气候变化、能源和粮食价格上涨,以及由此造成的贫困加剧,也是一些因素。200806/42233。

4 装运时间3句英文任你选When is the earliest shipment we can expect?最早何时能装运?By the middle of June, I think.我想得在6月中旬。Well make it at the beginning of September.我们能在9月初装运。半个句型要记牢at the beginning of (在……开始的时候,在……的开头)Tip:at the beginning常与of连用,表示;在……之初;可以指时间的起初和地点的开始。还有一个短语in the beginning,也表示;开始,起初;的意思,但一般不与of连用。 at the beginning也可单独使用,表示;起初,开始这时可与in the beginning替换。 at first和at the start也有同样的意思。 /201604/434125。

Karadzic: Poet Obsessed With Violence全球首要通缉犯之一卡拉季奇落网 The arrest Monday of Radovan Karadzic, one of the most wanted fugitives from war crimes justice, ended a 13-year manhunt for a man who played a key role in the worst European atrocity since the Second World War. 卡拉季奇是全球因战争罪而受到通缉的头号逃犯之一,他星期一被逮捕,从而结束了对这名在二战以来欧洲最凶残的暴行中发挥了重要作用的人的搜捕行动。Karadzic was the leader of the Bosnian Serbs during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was indicted in 1995 by the Hague war crimes tribunal for his role in the killing of civilians during the 43-month siege of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. He was also charged with genocide for masterminding the slaughter of some eight thousand Muslim men and boys at what had been the ed Nations safe area of Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia. Karadzic went underground in 1997 and had been on the run ever since.  卡拉季奇是1992至1995年波黑战争期间波斯尼亚塞族领导人。海牙战争罪法庭1995年就他在波斯尼亚首府萨拉热窝被围困43个月期间屠杀平民行动中所起的作用提出起诉。卡拉季奇还被控策划了在波斯尼亚东部联合国划定的安全区斯雷布雷尼察屠杀大约8千名穆斯林男子和男孩的行动。1997年,卡拉季奇藏匿起来,逃亡至今。Political analyst Ivan Vejvoda heads the Balkans Trust for Democracy in Belgrade. He says the arrest of Karadzic is good news for the Balkans and for the world and offers solace to the victims of the ex-Yugoslav wars of the 1990s."It also shows very importantly that the new government in Belgrade has demonstrated in practice what it said rhetorically, that it has the political will to move forward and make the arrests of the remaining [war crimes] indictees a priority of its government," he said.Karadzic is 63 years old. He was born of Serbian parents in the former Yugoslav republic of Montenegro. Trained as a psychiatrist, he at one time was a physician for a soccer team. He also published a book of poetry before becoming active in politics.  卡拉季奇现年63岁,出生在前南斯拉夫黑山共和国,父母是塞尔维亚人。他的专业是精神病学,曾经是一足球队的队医。他投身政治之前,还出版过一本诗集。In 1989 he cofounded the Serbian Democratic Party in Bosnia-Hertzegovina. He was adamantly opposed to Bosnia becoming an independent state and warned that the territory's Muslim majority would be unable to defend itself in the event of civil war. In 1992 he declared the Serbian part of Bosnia independent and designated himself as president.  1989年,卡拉季奇和其他人共同创建了波黑塞尔维亚民主党。他坚决反对波斯尼亚独立,并警告说,一旦发生战争,占波斯尼亚人口多数的穆斯林没有能力保卫自己。1992年,卡拉季奇宣布波斯尼亚的塞尔维亚部分独立,并自任总统。Karadzic's principal collaborator in the Bosnian war was General Ratko Mladic, who is also accused of genocide for his role in the Srebrenica massacre and the siege of Sarajevo. Mladic also has been on the run and it has been rumored for years that both men had found sanctuary in Serbia.  卡拉季奇在波斯尼亚战争中的主要同党是拉特科.姆拉迪奇将军。姆拉迪奇也因为在斯雷布雷尼察大屠杀和围困塞拉热窝行动中所起的作用而被控犯有族群灭绝罪。姆拉迪奇同样在逃。多年来,一直有传闻说,卡拉季奇和姆拉迪奇躲藏在塞尔维亚。Vejvoda says it will not be long before Mladic is arrested as well. 巴尔干民主基金会负责人韦沃达认为,姆拉迪奇被逮捕归案的日子也不会太久了。"It was an expectation that when this new pro-western, pro-European government came in [earlier this month, in Belgrade] that in fact it might probably be Mladic who would be the first to be arrested," he said. "So this is a surprise for everyone [that it was Karadzic first], of course, because there was a lot of talk that Karadzic may be hiding in Bosnia or between Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro." 他说:“人们曾经预测,一旦这个亲西方、亲欧洲的新政府开始在贝尔格莱德主政,第一个被逮捕的很可能就是姆拉迪奇。所以,卡拉季奇首先落网,出乎所有人的意料,因为一直有很多人说卡拉季奇可能藏在波斯尼亚或者在波斯尼亚、塞尔维亚和黑山中间的某个地方。”European Union officials call the arrest of Karadzic a milestone. The chief prosecutor of the war crimes tribunal says the date of Karadzic's transfer to the Hague will be determined in due course. Ivan Vejvoda in Belgrade expects Karadzic will be sent to the Hague within days. 欧盟官员称逮捕卡拉季奇是一个里程碑。战争罪行法庭首席检察官说,将在适当的时候决定把卡拉季奇递解到海牙的日期。韦沃达预计,卡拉季奇可能在几天内就被送往海牙。200807/44628。

Lightning Bolt Hits Beijing Olympic Track尔特连破世界记录为奥运第一人  A Jamaican sprinter has taken a very short time to rewrite two cherished world records on the track. The man with a name that fits his accomplishments. 牙买加短跑运动员尔特在很短时间里刷新了两项令人敬佩的径赛世界纪录。这名选手给他取了一个和他的成就一致的名字。Several Olympic reporters have debated how to pronounce Bolt's first name. It is Usain by the way. But the world's fastest man prefers a better name. 几名奥运会记者就尔特本人的名字发音争执不下。其实他名叫乌塞恩。但是这个世界上跑得最快的人喜欢用一个更好的名字。"I am Lightning Bolt. I am not Flash Gordon or anybody. My name is Lightning Bolt," he said. 他说:“我叫闪电尔特。我不叫闪光尔特什么的。我的名字是闪电尔特。”It is an appropriate name since the 22-year-old Jamaican became the first man to shatter both the 100 and 200-meter world records at a single Olympics. On Saturday night in Beijing, the tall one-meter, 96-centimeter Bolt used his long, quick strides to cover 100 meters in a jaw-dropping 9.96 seconds.  这个名字恰如其分,因为这个22岁的牙买加人成了第一个在一届奥运会上打破100米和200米跑两项世界记录的人。星期六晚上,尔特这个1米96的高个头在北京以疾速的大步跑,令人惊讶地只用9秒96的时间就冲过100米终点。The longer distance is his specialty. And no one could keep up with him in that race either as he sped to a record of 19.30 seconds. That time lowered the 12-year-old mark set by American great Michael Johnson (19.32), a record many people thought could not be broken. 他的强项是稍长距离的赛跑。在200米决赛中,同样没人能够跟上他,他创下19秒30的新记录。这打破了由了不起的美国运动员麦克尔.约翰逊保持了12年之久的19秒32的记录。许多人都认为那个记录是不可能被打破的。Bolt says it is no surprise because the event has been his favorite for a long time. 尔特说,这并不令人吃惊,因为这个项目一直都是他的强项。"I have been saying all season the 200 (meter race) has been my love since I was 15," Bolt noted. "I was the youngest ever to win the world juniors. And from that day on it has meant a lot to me. I have done a lot in the 200-meters, the world junior record holder, world youth, it means a lot. I can not really explain. It is just close to my heart. And I will always love the 200 meters." “我整个赛季都在说,从15岁起,200米跑就已经是我最喜爱的项目。我是有史以来赢得世界少年赛的人当中年纪最小的。从那一天起,它对我变得意义非凡。我在200米上取得了很多成绩,比如世界少年记录保持者,还有世界青年赛。它对我而言意味着许多。我很难说清楚。它在我心目中最为重要。我仍会热爱200米跑。”Shortly after the second race Wednesday, Bolt was asked how his double gold performance stood against Michael Phelps. The American swimming great won an unprecedented eight gold medals at a single Olympics during the first week in Beijing. 在星期三的第二场比赛后不久,有人问他,他获得两枚金牌的表现和麦克尔.菲尔普斯比怎么样。这个了不起的美国游泳选手在北京奥运的第一个星期里成为第一个在一届奥运会上赢得8枚金牌的运动员。"I can not compare myself," he said. "I will not compare myself to Michael Phelps. He swims. He is a great athlete to win eight gold medals. That is just great. I am on the track. He is in the water. So you really can not compare it pretty much. But he is a great athlete. And I congratulate him on being the best at what he does." 尔特说:“我没办法拿自己做比较。我也不会把自己和麦克尔.菲尔普斯去比。他游泳。他是个了不起的运动员,赢了8枚金牌。那真是了不起。我是在跑道上。他是在水里。所以真的没什么可比的。但是他是个了不起的运动员。我对他成为自己领域里的顶尖好手表示祝贺。”Michael Johnson won the 200 and 400-meter titles at the 1996 Atlanta Games. But Bolt says he is not planning to run longer than his favorite 200-meter distance. 麦克尔.约翰逊在1996年亚特兰大奥运会上赢得200米和400米冠军。但是尔特说,他不打算跑比他的强项200米距离更长的比赛。"Do not hold your breath," Bolt said. "I do not think I will be going up to the 400-meters anytime soon. But right now, I guess the next aim is really to just finish the season injury free. And then [I will be] looking forward to the world championships [in ]. After the world championships I will probably think about doing something else. I am not sure. Me and my coach will decide that when the time comes." 他说:“你用不着紧张。我现在还没有打算要参加400米项目。但是现在,我想下个目标是在这个赛季结束前不受伤。那时候我再想明年世界冠军的事。在拿到世界冠军后,我可能会考虑做些其他的事。我还不确定。到时候我和我的教练会做出决定。”So for now, the world will just have to be content to marvel at the amazing and historic double Olympic victory by Usain Bolt. 所以现在,世界也只能对乌塞恩.尔特了不起的历史性奥运双料冠军的奇迹感到心满意足了。200808/46477。

US Committed to Diplomatic Solution to Iranian Nuclear Issue美国重申通过外交解决伊朗核问题   The Bush administration Tuesday reaffirmed its commitment to a diplomatic resolution of the Iran nuclear issue though also saying it forecloses no options in dealing with the matter. The comments followed an Israeli newspaper story that U.S. military action against Iran could come within months. 美国政府星期二重申,决心通过外交途径解决伊朗核项目问题。不过,布什政府同时也表示不排除任何其它可能性。在白宫发表这番之前,以色列报纸报导说,美国可能会在几个月内对伊朗采取军事行动。Administration spokespersons are rejecting, with unusual vehemence, a Jerusalem Post report that a U.S. military strike against Iran is likely before the end of President Bush's term in office next January. 美国政府发言人以不同寻常的坚决态度否认《耶路撒冷邮报》有关美国军方很可能在年底,也就是在布什总统任期明年一月结束之前,对伊朗采取军事行动。 The English-language Israeli newspaper ed a senior official in Jerusalem as saying that a high-ranking member of President Bush's entourage - while in Israel last week - said that both Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney believe that military action against Iran is "called for." 这份英文的以色列报纸引述耶路撒冷一名高级官员的话说,陪同布什总统上个星期访问以色列的一名高级成员说,布什总统和副总统切尼都认为,对伊朗采取军事行动“呼之欲出” 。The Jerusalem Post account said "hesitancy" on the part of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, is preventing a U.S. attack decision, at least for the time being. 《耶路撒冷邮报》的报导说:由于美国国务卿赖斯和国防部长罗伯特.盖茨 “犹豫不决”,美国尚未作出攻击的决定,至少是现在还没有。In a written statement, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino ridiculed the newspaper account - attributed she said to unnamed sources ing other unnamed sources - as in her words "not worth the paper it's written on." 白宫新闻秘书佩里诺在一份书面声明中讥讽以色列报纸的这则报导说,这篇报导来源于一个不透露姓名的消息来源引述另一个匿名的消息来源。佩里诺说,这个消息“一文不值” 。Perino said the ed States and its allies remain opposed to Iran's ambitions to obtain a nuclear weapon, and to that end are working to bring tough diplomatic and economic pressure to bear on Iran's leaders to get them to halt uranium enrichment. 佩里诺说,美国及其盟国仍然反对伊朗企图获得核武器的野心,为了达到这一目的,各国正在采取强硬的外交和经济压力来迫使伊朗领导人停止铀浓缩工作。Perino said no U.S. president should ever take options off the table, but that the U.S. preference, and actions, for dealing with the matter remain focused on peaceful diplomatic means and nothing has changed in that regard. 佩雷诺说,没有一位美国总统会排除解决问题的各种可能性,不过,美国希望同时也正在采取的行动仍然集中在使用和平的外交手段,在这方面没有任何改变。There were similar comments here from State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack, who reiterated Secretary Rice's offer of open-ended dialogue with Iran if it suspended its enrichment effort: 美国国务院发言人麦科马克也作出类似的。他重申了美国国务卿赖斯提出的建议,如果伊朗暂停其铀浓缩工作,美国将与伊朗进行不附加任何限制的对话:"There's no change in our policy," he said. "We are committed to trying to work through diplomatic avenues, to work the international politics, to try to bring about an acceptable understanding between Iran and the rest of the world concerning its nuclear program, as well as other kinds of behaviors that it has. They in turn can realize discussion with us as well as others if they take certain steps. We're committed to this pathway." 他说:“我们的政策没有改变。我们致力于通过外交途径解决问题,在国际政治的框架下工作,努力让伊朗和世界其它国家在伊朗核项目问题上,以及伊朗的其他行动方面,有互相的了解。反过来,如果他们采取了某些步骤,那就可以实现与我们以及其他国家之间的会谈。我们仍然致力于这个途径。”Rice and fellow big-power foreign ministers agreed earlier this month in London on a new offer of incentives for Iran to scrap its uranium enrichment program.  美国国务卿赖斯和其它大国的外长本月早些时候在伦敦同意提供一系列新的奖励措施,鼓励伊朗放弃浓缩铀计划。McCormack said European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana will formally deliver what is being termed the "refreshed" incentives package to Tehran soon, and that the Iranian government will have a reasonable period to respond. 麦科马克说,欧盟首席外交官索拉纳很快将正式向德黑兰提交被称为“刷新”的奖励方案,同时伊朗政府将有一个合理的时间作出回应。The incentives offer is part of a two-track strategy by the five permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany, the P5 Plus One that has also included three U.N. sanctions resolutions against Iran. 这个奖励措施是联合国五个安理会常任理事国加德国的所谓“五加一集团”制定的双轨战略的一个组成部分,这个战略还包括针对伊朗的三个安理会制裁决议。 200805/39589。

US Defense Secretary Says Large-Scale War Less Likely盖茨称要注重打击叛乱分子的战争 U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the ed States must prepare to fight insurgencies and similar types of wars for the foreseeable future, and put less emphasis on preparing for large-scale conventional wars. 美国国防部长罗伯特.盖茨说,美国在可预见的未来,必须准备进行打击叛乱分子的战争及类似战争,与此同时,不要对打大规模常规战争做出过分的重视。It is an ongoing debate among military officers and defense experts, and Secretary Gates spoke up firmly on one side of it during a speech Tuesday in Colorado. 这是一个五角大楼的军官和防务专家们争执不下的问题。美国国防部长盖茨周二在科罗拉多州发表的讲话中,坚定站在其中一边的立场上。"Overall, the kind of capabilities we will most likely need in the years ahead will often resemble the kind of capabilities we need today," he said. "The implication, particularly for America's ground forces, means we must institutionalize the lessons learned and capabilities honed from the ongoing conflicts." 他说:“就整体而言,我们在未来的岁月最可能需要的能力,往往类似于我们今天所需要的这种能力。其中的含义,尤其是对美国的地面部队而言,意味著我们必须把我们所学到的教训以及从持续不断的冲突中所磨炼的作战能力制度化。 ” Secretary Gates said in the past, counter-insurgency capabilities have been gained and lost, but this time they must be maintained. He criticized those in the U.S. military who are, in his view, overly concerned about restoring such conventional capabilities as tank warfare.  美国国防部长盖茨说,过去,美军曾经获得过并且失去过反叛乱的能力,但这个时候,他们必须维持这种能力。他批评美军当中一些人对恢复坦克战的常规战力显得过度忧虑。The secretary acknowledged there are what he called "rising and resurgent powers" - an apparent reference to China and Russia among other countries - and he says they must be "watched closely and hedged against." He listed the Persian Gulf, the Korean Peninsula and the Straits of Taiwan as potential flashpoints. 美国国防部长盖茨承认有他所谓的“正在崛起的和重新恢复的大国” 。显然在诸国中他指的是中国和俄罗斯。盖茨说,这样的大国必须加以“密切注视和折冲” 。他列举了波斯湾、朝鲜半岛和台湾海峡为潜在的热点地区。 But the secretary said it is "hard to conceive" of any country taking on the ed States in a large-scale war, and called the potential risks "manageable." He said the ed States has enough combat power in its air and naval forces to deter, or respond to, any "aggression."  但这位美国国防部长说:“很难设想,任何国家会针对美国发动一场大规模战争。”盖茨把这种潜在风险列为“可控制的”风险。他说,美国海军和空军有足够的作战能力能够遏阻, 或回应任何“侵略” 。 "It is true that we would be hard pressed to launch a major conventional ground operation elsewhere in the world at this time," he added. "But where would we sensibly do that?" 盖茨说:“事实的确是我们在目前这个阶段很难在世界其他地区打一场地面战争。但是,我们会理智地在什么地方那样做呢? ” Secretary Gates said his analysis has implications for U.S. defense planning and purchasing, and he served notice on all the military services, and their contractors, that, at least as long as he is in office, they will have to address what is called "irregular" warfare."Any major weapons program, in order to remain viable, will have to show some utility and relevance to the kind of irregular campaigns that, as I mentioned, are most likely to engage America's military in the coming decades," he explained.That calls into question several ongoing and very expensive programs, including aspects of the Army's high-technology Future Combat System and the Air Force's new fighter jet, the F-22.Secretary Gates said one of the most important things the Defense Department must do to prepare for the future is ensure that the people in the U.S. military are properly cared for, and that their morale is not undermined by defeat, as it was after the Vietnam War. 盖茨说,美国国防部为未来做好准备而必须要做的最重要的一件事情,就是确保美国军事人员得到妥善的照顾,以及他们的士气不会被失利所削弱,像越南战争后那样。"The risk of overextending the army is real, but I believe the risk is far greater, to that institution as well as to our country, if we were to fail in Iraq," he said. "That is the war we are in. That is the war we must win." 盖茨说:“把军队铺得太开的风险是存在的。但我相信对我们的(军事)机制和我们的国家来说风险更大的是我们在伊拉克的失败。伊拉克战争是我们正在打的一场战争,同时也是我们必须赢的一场战争 。”That comment was reminiscent of one by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who famously said in 2004, with regard to the U.S. army's iness to fight an insurgency in Iraq, "You go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time." Secretary Gates was saying the ed States must fight, and win, today's war with today's army, and also be better prepared to fight similar wars in the future.盖茨说,美国必须以今天的军队作战赢得今天的战争,但是也要为在将来打类似的战争做好充分的准备。 200805/38957。

Israel says Diplomacy with Iran Does Not Work以外长称对伊朗外交努力无济于事Israel says Iran's refusal to stop enriching uranium shows the futility of diplomacy to prevent Tehran from building a nuclear weapon. Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni spoke on U.S. television. 以色列表示,伊朗拒绝停止浓缩铀的工作显示,在阻止伊朗研制核武器方面,外交努力是徒劳无功的。以色列外长利夫尼在接受美国电视台采访时作出上述表示。Iran's president continues to insist he will not surrender his country's "nuclear rights". Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke as an informal deadline expired for Iran to halt its program to enrich uranium in return for international economic incentives and the suspension of further ed Nations sanctions. 伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德一再坚持,他不会屈,放弃伊朗的“核权利”。艾哈迈迪内贾德说这番话的同时,世界大国要求伊朗就有关其核项目的激励方案作出回应的非正式最后期限到期。根据激励方案,伊朗暂停浓缩铀工作,以换取国际社会的经济援助,联合国也将暂停对伊朗的进一步制裁。Speaking on CNN's Late Edition program, Israeli Foreign Minister Livni said the world must take note of Iran's responses to diplomatic initiatives. 以色列外长利夫尼在接受美国有限电视新闻网“晚间”节目的采访时说,国际社会必须注意伊朗对外交激励措施所作的回应。"It is clear that Iran does not pay attention to talks," said Tzipi Livni. "And this is a clear message to the international community to continue with real and effective sanctions. And clearly Iran is a threat, not only to Israel. This is a global threat, and the international community should act accordingly." 利夫尼说:“很明显,伊朗对谈判并不在意。这是给国际社会的明确信号,必须继续采取真正和有效的制裁措施。很明显,伊朗不仅是以色列的威胁,伊朗是全球的威胁,国际社会必须采取相应的行动。”Livni was asked if the time is drawing near for her country or other nations to consider direct intervention to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. The Israeli foreign minister did not comment on possible military options, stressing instead the importance of continued international sanctions to pressure Tehran. 在被问到以色列和其他国家考虑采取直接干预的方式来阻止伊朗研制核武器的时间是否已经迫近,利夫尼没有提及可能的军事行动,相反,她强调了国际社会继续采取制裁措施向伊朗施压的重要性。"I think that time is of the essence. Intensive sanctions can be effective. Iran is a threat to its neighbors, as well," she said. "And the international community is being watched, not only by Iran, but also by its neighbors. And when the international community shows hesitation, this is being perceived as weakness. And we live in a neighborhood where either you beat the bully or join it." 她说:“我认为(确定采取直接干预的)时间很关键。 加大制裁措施可能有效。伊朗对其邻国来说也是个威胁。不仅是伊朗在关注国际社会的态度,伊朗的邻国也在关注。当国际社会显得犹豫不决时,这会被认为是在示弱。我们目前所处的就是一个要么为敌、要么为伍的环境。”Iran continues to insist its nuclear program is purely for peaceful purposes - to generate energy for a growing population. In a recent interview, President Ahmadinejad suggested that nuclear weapons are a relic of the 20th century that his country has no interest in acquiring. 伊朗还在坚持其核项目完全是为了和平用途,为日益增长的人口提供能源。在最近的一次采访中,伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德暗示,核武器是20世纪的文物,伊朗没有兴趣获得核武器。200808/45405。

Up to 150 Hindu Pilgrims Die in Temple Stampede印度发生踩踏事件140人丧生 Up to 150 Hindu pilgrims attending an annual festival have been killed in a stampede in Northern India.  在印度北部,140多名印度教朝圣者被踩踏丧生。Officials say the tragedy occurred when a metal railing along a narrow mountain path leading to Naina Devi temple in Himahcal Pradesh state collapsed under the weight of tens of thousands of devotees who had come to attend a religious festival on Sunday. 有关官员说,这次悲剧发生在通往喜马偕尔邦奈纳德维女神殿的狭窄山路上。路旁的金属栏杆,在承受成千上万教徒的压力下断裂。这些印度教徒是前往参加星期天举行的一个宗教节日。The temple is situated on a hilltop in the state's Bilaspur district.  奈纳德维女神殿座落在喜马偕尔邦比拉斯布尔区的一个山顶上。Officials say the collapse of the railing triggered panic among pilgrims, and a stampede ensued as people tried to flee to safety. There are many women and children among the victims, who fell down and were trampled.  有关官员说,金属栏杆断裂引起人们惊慌失措,在人们试图逃离到安全地带时发生了踩踏事件。很多死难者是妇女和儿童,她们在混乱中被挤倒踩死。A senior police official in Bilaspur, Bimal Gupta, says bad weather worsened the situation. 比拉斯布尔区的高级警官古普塔说,恶劣的天气使情况更加糟糕。"At the same time there was heavy rain. People wanted to save themselves," Gupta said. "In the midst you know the stampede occurred. But the administration, the local police and Home Guards, they immediately started the rescue work within 15 minutes." 他说:“踩踏事件发生时正下着大雨。人们都想逃生。因此这时候发生了踩踏事件。但是政府、当地警察和地方志愿人员在15分钟之内就立即展开了救援工作。”Police used a cable car to ferry down the dead and wounded from the hilltop. Helicopters aided the rescue efforts. Scores of injured people have been rushed to hospitals. As news of the stampede sp, relatives flocked in to identify the victims. 警方使用缆车将死伤者运下山。直升机协助救援努力。数十名受伤者被迅速送到医院。踩踏事件的消息传出后,亲属们纷纷前来找认死难者。The temple was packed at the time of the tragedy . It was the second day of the nine-day long festival called Shavran Navratras, where tens of thousands gather every year to pray to a Hindu goddess. Many of the worshippers were from the neighboring state of Punjab. 这场悲剧发生时,奈纳德维女神殿内面挤满了人,当时正是为期9天的那婆罗怛罗节的第二天。每年都有成千上万的人来神殿朝拜印度女神。很多朝圣者来自临近的旁遮普邦。Stampedes at religious festivals have occurred previously in India, where massive crowds gather on such occasions - sometimes in remote towns where the local administration is not equipped to handle large crowds. In 2005, more than 250 pilgrims were killed in a stampede near a temple in Western India.  印度过去在宗教节日期间也发生过踩踏事件,这种宗教节日吸引成千上万的人,但是有时是在边远的城镇,地方当局不具备应对大量人群的能力。2005年,在印度西部一个神殿发生的踩踏事件中,有250多名朝圣者丧生。200808/45403。

Script: Though last two years have been a smooth flying for Boeing. The stock up about 50% now at 96 dollars and 77 cents a share. This week, Boeing unveils its 787, it’s also two years since Jim MacNerney took over the company, and has seemingly made it fly right. Phi Lebeau is On the Money tonight. As Boeing prepares to debut its new 787 Dreamliner, the company has seldom flown higher. Orders for the new plane are pouring in. Boeing stock is close to an all-time high. And CEO Jim MacNerney has revitalized the company once in crisis. When you look at how far Boeing has come, you’ve got to put it in MacNerney’s hands. It’s all about how carefully they marketed the 787 and how well planned they went after a segment of the market that Airbus ignored. But history shows now that all the airlines are waiting for Boeing to step forward. MacNerney took over Boeing after its two previous CEOs, Harry Stonecipher and Phill Condit, resigned following scandals. At the time Airbus and its massive A380 easily collected more orders than Boeing, with the outlook was subdued at best. But since then, Boeing’s taken off. Dreamliner order soared as airlines and leasing companies lined up for the composite-based plane that will be 20% more fuel-efficient. Today, Boeing 651 Dreamliner orders are almost four times more than Airbus’ A380, which has been delayed due to production problems. And Boeing stock has surged more than 48%, fifth best in the Dow over the last 2 years and easily better than the Index’s 30% return. While Boeing may be on top right now, Jim MacNerney’s next challenge is taking the company even higher, that means not only making sure the 787 launch and deliveries go as planned, but also preparing his company for the next downcycle in the aircraft industry.Boeing, I think has aly led the way when it comes to dampening the cycles of the industry. Because they have a lot of people to book options and delivery positions that aren’t necessarily hard financial commitments. So they aly have a mechanism and I think they are finetuning that, but they are aly making a lot of progress. The right man, at the right time, for a company finally getting things right. On the Money, Phill Lebeau, CN, Chicago.Notes:The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an American mid-sized, wide-body, twin engine jet airliner currently in production by Boeing's Commercial Airplanes division and scheduled to enter service in May 2008. It will carry between 210 and 330 passengers depending on variant and seating configuration. Boeing has stated that it will be more fuel-efficient than earlier Boeing airliners. It will also be the first major airliner to use composite material for most of its construction.Finetune: To make small adjustments in for optimal performance or effectiveness200807/44496。

President Bush Urges Iran to Reconsider Nuclear Offer布什晤萨尔科奇磋商伊朗问题  U.S. President George Bush is calling on Iran's leaders to drop their objections to a modified package of incentives put forward by the five UN permanent Security Council members plus Germany. The dispute over Iran's nuclear program and other Mideast issues dominated the agenda when Mr. Bush met with French President Nicholas Sarkozy. 美国总统布什呼吁伊朗领导人不要拒绝由联合国五个常任理事国和德国提出的一套经过修改的激励措施。在布什会晤法国总统萨尔科奇时,双方重点讨论了伊朗核项目争议和中东地区局势等问题。The president is touring Europe in an effort to win even more support for U.S. policies on the Middle East. 布什这次欧洲之行是为了给美国的中东政策赢得更多持。He is urging unity on Iran, where a government spokesman has rejected the set of incentives delivered to Tehran by the European Union's foreign policy chief Javier Solana. The spokesman says Iran will not suspend uranium enrichment. 他敦促各国在处理伊朗问题时团结一致。此前,伊朗政府发言人拒绝了欧盟外交政策负责人索拉纳向德黑兰提交的一套激励措施。伊朗政府发言人说,伊朗不会停止铀浓缩工作。President Bush says he is disappointed. "It's an indication to the Iranian people that their leadership is willing to isolate them further," said Mr. Bush, "and our view is we want the Iranian people to flourish." 布什表示,这个答复令他失望。他说:“这是向伊朗人民表明,他们的领导人愿意让他们进一步孤立。而我们的观点是,我们想让伊朗人民过上富足的生活。”Iran was one of many international issues that dominated Mr. Bush's talks with French President Nicholas Sarkozy. 伊朗和其它一些国际议题成为布什同法国总统萨尔科奇讨论的焦点。At a joint press conference in Paris, both leaders expressed their strong support for Lebanese sovereignty. Mr. Bush also called on Syria to not only stop its interference in Lebanon's affairs, but to rethink ties between Damascus and Tehran. "My message would be stop fooling around with the Iranians and stop harboring terrorists," he said. 两位领导人在巴黎联合举行了一个新闻发布会,他们对黎巴嫩主权表示坚决持。布什还呼吁叙利亚不仅停止干涉黎巴嫩内政,而且重新考虑同伊朗的关系。他说:“我要说的是,叙利亚不应该再和伊朗混在一起,不能再庇护恐怖分子。”Mr. Bush was also asked about the prospect for a U.S. security agreement with Iraq, which would provide a legal basis for American troops to remain after the current U.N. mandate expires. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says negotiations are deadlocked.  有记者向布什询问美国同伊拉克之间一项安全协议的前景,这项协议将向美军在联合国授权期满之后继续驻留在伊拉克提供法律依据。伊拉克总理马利基说,双方的协议谈判陷入僵局。The president said he remains hopeful. "If I was a betting man, [I would say] we will reach an agreement with the Iraqis," he added. 但是布什说,他依然对谈判抱有希望。他说:“如果让我赌,我会说,我们会和伊拉克达成协议。”The Iraq war created tensions between the ed States and France which have eased since Nicholas Sarkozy became French president last year. He says both the American and French governments are known for their strong opinions, but they have realized they can listen and learn from each other. 伊拉克战争曾经给美国和法国造成紧张关系。不过,自从萨尔科奇去年当选法国总统以来,这种紧张关系已经有所缓和。萨尔科奇说,虽然美国和法国的政府都坚信各自的观点,但是双方认识到可以互相倾听,彼此学习。"We can talk very frankly when we have points of disagreement," said Mr. Sarkozy, "but we have to do so as allies and as friends." 他说:“当我们意见相左时,我们可以坦诚交流。但是作为盟友和朋友,我们必须合作。”Later in the day, President Bush paid tribute to American and French troops killed in the line of battle. 当天晚些时候,布什向阵亡美军将士和法军将士致意。His schedule included a trip to a U.S. military cemetery, and a French monument to the resistance fighters of World War II. 他拜谒了一个美军阵亡将士公墓和法国第二次世界大战抵抗运动战士纪念碑。200806/42133。