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哈尔滨市第十医院无痛人流好吗哈尔滨市医科大学附属第四医院几级Well have to work hard to get back to fiscal responsibility and a strong middle class.我们必须努力工作,重新承担财政责任,使中产阶级强大。But on the day we live in an America whose middle class in thriving and growing again, where all Americans, no matter where they live or where their ancestors came from, can earn a decent living, we will live in a stronger America. And that is why we must help elect Barack Obama our president.而当我们有朝一日居住在一个中产阶级重新得以繁荣发展的美国,所有的美国人,不管他们住在哪里,也不管他们的祖先来自何方,都能够体面地生活时,我们便拥有了一个更强大的美国。这就是为什么我们要帮助巴拉克·奥巴马竞选总统的原因。Well have to work hard to foster the innovations that will make us energy independent and lift the threat of global warming from our childrens future.我们必须努力工作来促进创新,这些创新使我们的能源能够自给自足,使我们的子孙后代免受全球变暖的威胁。But on the day we live in an America fueled by renewable energy, we will live in a stronger America.而当我们有朝一日居住在一个可燃烧再生资源的美国时,我们便拥有了一个更强大的美国。And that is why we have to help elect Barack Obama our president.这就是为什么我们要帮助巴拉克·奥巴马竞选总统的原因。Well have to work hard to bring our troops home from Iraq and get them the support theyve earned by their service.我们将努力让我们在伊拉克的战士们回家,并且给予他们役所应得的供养。But on the day we live in an America thats as loyal to our troops as they have been to us, we will live in a stronger America.而当我们有朝一日居住在一个对军队忠诚得就像他们对我们一样的美国时,我们便拥有了一个更强大的美国。And that is why we must help elect Barack Obama our president.这就是为什么我们要帮助巴拉克·奥巴马竞选总统的原因。This election is a turning-point election.这场选举是一个转折点。And it is critical that we all understand what our choice really is.而我们必须了解我们的选择究竟意味着什么,我们的真正的选择是什么——Will we go forward together, or will we stall and slip backwards?我们将共同前进,还是停滞不前,一起倒退?201411/340444黑龙江边防总队医院可以做引产吗 Thank you very much.Good evening, everybody. First, I would like to thank Madam Machel Graca for inviting me to join you all this evening. It is a huge pleasure for me to be here at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, in the company of those who knew him best, to remember Madiba. It is not for me to try and put into words the impact that President Mandela had on South Africa, or a generation across the globe – those far more eloquent than I have aly done so. However, I was fortunate enough to meet Madiba a number of years ago and I have treasured that memory ever since. Although I have been to South Africa many times, this is my first Official Tour on behalf of The Queen. I have been keen to see how Mr. Mandelas values and his legacy are inspiring the next generation and shaping the future for South Africa. I have visited a number of fantastic organisations over the last four days, supporting some of the most disadvantaged young people across the country. These organisations, although very different, are united in ambition: to unlock the huge talent amongst youth in South Africa regardless of background or circumstances and crucially on World Aids Day, the status of their health. These organisations, which include the Nelson Mandela Foundation, are empowering the next generation of engaged South African citizens. This innovative centre for memory opens up history to help guide the future. I am sure Madiba would be pleased to see such great work being carried in his name, giving inspiration to so many. I also know that President Mandela worked tirelessly to protect everything that is special about this beautiful country for all future generations. To that end, I was pleased on this trip to lend my support to the conservationists who are fighting to protect South Africas natural heritage, especially its critically endangered animals. Much of this work is a burden that South Africa bears on behalf of the entire world, and there is a gathering momentum to support you in this urgent task. I was pleased to be able to discuss this with President Zuma this morning and share my hopes for the future. I can think of no better way of ending my visit to South Africa than by joining you here this evening to remember Madiba as we approach the anniversary of his passing. I know he is missed by a generation, a nation and most keenly by his family. However, he will never be forgotten. I would like to end by thanking all the South Africans I have met over the last few days for their incredibly warm welcome and hospitality. I look forward to seeing you again soon when I no doubt visit this beautiful country again. And now I have to catch a flight. Thank you.201512/416280The big men in the other boat crews 其它船上的大个子would always make good natured fun of the tiny little flippers 总喜欢拿这些小个子的小脚蹼开玩笑the munchkins put on their tiny little feet prior to every swim 每次游泳之前 他们都会把这些脚蹼戴到小脚丫上But somehow these little guys, from every corner of the Nation and the world但来自美国和世界各地的这些小个子always had the last laugh 却总能笑到最后swimming faster than everyone and reaching the shore long before the rest of us 比其他人都游得快 早早就到达了目的地SEAL training was a great equalizer 海豹训练中 大家都在同一起跑线上Nothing mattered but your will to succeed 没有什么比求胜欲望更为重要Not your color, not your ethnic background, not your education and not your social status 肤色 种族 教育 社会地位都不重要If you want to change the world 如果你想改变世界measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers请用心有多大来衡量一个人 而不是脚蹼的大小Several times a week the instructors would line up the class and do a uniform inspection每周都有那么几次 教官会让学员排好队进行装检查It was exceptionally through 检查格外彻底Your hat had to be perfectly starched your uniform immaculately pressed 帽子需要非常笔挺 制不能有一点褶皱and your belt buckle shiny and void of any smudges 带扣要有光泽 不能有任何污迹But it seemed that no matter how much effort you put into starching your hat 但无论你把帽子弄得多笔挺or pressing your uniform or polishing your belt buckle, it just wasnt good enough 把制弄得多没褶皱 带扣擦得多有光泽 这都不够The instructors would find ;something; wrong 教官似乎总能找出;问题;For failing the uniform inspection 由于制检查不合格the student had to run fully clothed into the surf zone and then, wet from head to toe学员需要穿着制跑步到海浪区 从头到脚都会湿透roll around on the beach until every part of your body was covered with sand 在沙滩上来回跑动 直到身体上到处都沾满沙砾The effect was known as a ;sugar cookie; 这被称作;糖曲奇;效应You stayed in that uniform the rest of the day cold, wet and sandy 接下来一天 你都得穿着这件制 又湿又冷 满身沙砾There were many a student who just couldnt accept the fact 有很多学员都无法接受that all their effort was in vain 自己的努力完全白费201602/423997哈尔滨南岗妇产医院彩超检查好吗

延寿县做孕检多少钱By the end of each week,the students take a quiz,hand in their homework,which are assessed by their peers under the supervision of the instructors,get a grade, move to the next week. 每周结束的时候,学生们参加一个测验,提交他们的课外作业,作业会在教师的监督下由同学互相评估,得到成绩,然后继续下一周的学习。By the end of the course, they take the final exam,get a grade, and follow to the next course.在课程的末尾,他们参加期末考试,得到成绩,然后开始下一个课程。We opened the gates for higher education for every qualified student.我们为每一个合格的学生打开了高等教育的大门。Every student with a high school diploma,sufficient English and Internet connection can study with us.每个学生,只要有高中文凭、足够的英语能力和互联网连接,就可以和我们一起学习。We dont use audio. We dont use .我们不使用音频和视频。Broadband is not necessary.宽带网络不是必须的。Any student from any part of the world with any Internet connection can study with us.来自世界任何一个地方的任何一个学生只要能连接到互联网就可以和我们一起学习。We are tuition-free.我们没有学费。All we ask our students to cover is the cost of their exams,100 dollars per exam.我们的学生只需要负担考试的成本,每门考试100美元。A full-time bachelor degree student taking 40 courses,will pay 1,000 dollars a year,4,000 dollars for the entire degree,and for those who cannot afford even this,we offer them a variety of scholarships. 一个全日制本科学位的学生选修40门课,每年将付1000美元,整个学位需要4000美元,对于连这些也无法负担的学生,我们提供了各种类型的奖学金。It is our mission that nobody will be left behind,for financial reasons.没有人会因为经济上的原因而被抛下,这是我们的使命。With 5,000 students in 2016,this model is financially sustainable.到2016年,随着5000名学生,这一模式在经济上是可持续的。Five years ago, it was a vision.五年前这还是一个畅想,Today, it is a reality.而今它成为了现实。Last month, we got the ultimate academic endorsement to our model.上个月,我们的模式得到了学术界的最终认可。University of the People is now fully accredited.人民大学现在已完全通过认。Thank you.谢谢。With this accreditation,its our time now to scale up.有了这一认,现在到了我们扩张的时候。We have demonstrated that our model works.我们已经展示了我们的模式是可行的。I invite universities and, even more important,developing countries governments,to replicate this model to ensure that the gates of higher education will open widely.我邀请大学,更重要的是,发展中国家的政府,来复制这一模式,来保高等教育的大门将一直敞开。A new era is coming,an era that will witness the disruption of the higher education model as we know it today,from being a privilege for the few to becoming a basic right,affordable and accessible for all.一个新的时代来临了,这个时代将会见我们今天所知的高等教育模式的瓦解,从一种少数人的特权变为一种基本权力,所有人都可以承担,可以获得。Thank you.谢谢。201508/390651哈尔滨维多利亚妇产女子医院处女膜修复 So this is my kid.这是我的孩子,This is Maezza, and when she was seven years old,Maezza,当她七岁的时候,she came home from school one day, and like I do every single day, I asked her,有一天她放学回家,我像平常一样问她,;Whatd you do today?;;今天你过的怎么样?;So she said, ;We talked about the Middle Passage.;她说:;我们今天讨论了中央航路。;Now, this was a big moment. Maezzas dad is black, and I knew this day was coming.这是一个重大的时刻。Maezza的爸爸是黑人,而我知道这一天迟早会来。I wasnt expecting it at seven.但真没想到会是在她只有七岁的时候。I dont know why, but I wasnt.我不知道为什么,但我确实没想到。Anyways, so I asked her, ;How do you feel about that?;于是,我接着问她:“你感觉怎么样?”So she proceeded to tell me,她接着告诉我,and so any of you who are parents will recognize the bingo buzzwords here.用你们中任何一位为人父母者都熟悉的“宾果流行语”来回答So the ships start in England, they come down from England,一开始那些船舶在英国,它们向下航行,离开英国,they go to Africa, they go across the ocean --来到非洲,又跨越大洋——thats the Middle Passage part they come to America where the slaves are sold, shes telling me.这就是中央航路的部分——它们来到美国,在那里出售奴隶”,她告诉我。But Abraham Lincoln was elected president,但亚伯拉罕·林肯当选为总统,and then he passed the Emancipation Proclamation, and now theyre free.然后,他通过了奴隶解放宣言,所以现在他们自由了。”Pause for about 10 seconds.暂停了大约10秒钟。;Can I play a game, Mommy?;;我可以玩游戏了吗,妈妈?;And I thought, thats it?而我想,这就完了?And so, you know, this is the Middle Passage, this is an incredibly significant event,因为,你知道,这是可是中央航路,这是一件难以置信的重大事件,and shes treating it like, basically some black people went on a cruise,但她看待它就像是一些黑人去参加一次乘船游览,is more or less how it sounds to her.她差不多就是这种感觉。And so, to me, I wanted more value in this,对我来说,我希望其中有更多意义,so when she asked if she could play a game, I said, ;Yes.;所以当她问我是否可以玩游戏时,我说,;可以。;And so I happened to have all of these little pieces.碰巧我有很多这种小玩具。Im a game designer, so I have this stuff sitting around my house.我是一个游戏设计师,所以我家到处都是这些东西。So I said, ;Yeah, you can play a game,; and I give her a bunch of these,于是我说,;是啊,你可以玩游戏,;之后我给了她一些这种小玩具,and I tell her to paint them in different families.然后我让她给他们上色These are pictures of Maezza when she was God, it still chokes me up seeing these.表示不同的家庭成员。这些照片都是 Maezza正在——上帝,现在我看到这些依然会哽咽——So shes painting her little families.她在画她的迷你家庭成员。So then I grab a bunch of them and I put them on a boat.于是我抓起其中的一部分,把它们放在一条小船上。This was the boat. It was made quickly obviously.这就是那条小船。很明显它是个速成品。And so the basic gist of it is, I grabbed a bunch of families,所以重点是,我抓起一把玩具“家人”,and shes like, ;Mommy, but you forgot the pink baby and you forgot the blue daddy而她不断地念叨:;妈妈,您忘了拿粉红宝宝,你忘了拿蓝爸爸and you forgot all these other things.;你忘了拿这个那个”等等。And she says, ;They want to go.;她说,;他们也想要去。;And I said, ;Honey, no they dont want to go. This is the Middle Passage.我说:;不,亲爱的,他们不想去。这是中央航路。Nobody wants to go on the Middle Passage.;没人愿意走中央航路;。So she gave me a look that only a daughter of a game designer would give a mother,然后她看了看我,只有游戏设计师的女儿才会用这样的表情看着她妈妈and as were going across the ocean, following these rules,当我们准备“横渡大洋”,按照这些规则进行时,she realizes that shes rolling pretty high, and she says to me, ;Were not going to make it.;她意识到这些要求太高了,她对我说;我们做不到。;And she realizes, you know, we dont have enough food,她意识到了,我们没有足够的粮食,and so she asks what to do, and I say, ;Well, we can either;于是她问要怎么办,我回答道,;嗯,我们可以要么;Remember, shes seven.请记住,她当时七岁;We can either put some people in the water;我们可以要么把一些人放到水中or we can hope that they dont get sick and we make it to the other side.;要么我们只能希望他们一直不生病直到我们到达目的地。”And she -- just the look on her face came over and she said她又用之前的表情看了我一眼。后来有一天now mind you this is after a month of -- this is Black History Month, right?—请注意,这是经过一个月之后,那个月刚好是美国黑人历史月(二月)。After a month she says to me, ;Did this really happen?;总之,一个月后,她对我说,;那些事情真的发生了吗?;And I said, ;Yes.; And so she said,我说,;是的。;之后她说,;So, if I came out of the woods; this is her brother and sister;那么,如果我当时出生了;--这是她的哥哥;If I came out of the woods, Avalon and Donovan might be gone.; ;Yes.;;如果我出生了,Avalon和Donovan可能就不在了?” “是的。”;But Id get to see them in America.; ;No.;“但我到美国后会再见到他们吧?”“不会。”;But what if I saw them? You know, couldnt we stay together?; ;No.;;但万一我们能见面呢?我们不能呆在一起吗?; ;不能。;;So Daddy could be gone.; ;Yes.;;那么爸爸也可能不在了?; ;是的。;And she was fascinated by this, and she started to cry,她被吓呆了,之后她开始哭泣,and I started to cry, and her father started to cry, and now were all crying.我也开始哭,她的父亲也开始哭,然后我们一起哭。He didnt expect to come home from work to the Middle Passage, but there it goes.他没想到下班回家会遇到中央航路这档子事,但它就是发生了。And so, we made this game, and she got it.总之,我们一起玩了这样一个游戏,最后她懂了其中的含义。She got it because she spent time with these people.她懂了,因为她与这些“人”共同经历了那个过程。It wasnt abstract stuff in a brochure or in a movie.这不像书本或电影里的教化那样是抽象的东西。And so it was just an incredibly powerful experience.这是一次令人惊叹、充满力量的体验。201602/424866哈尔滨专业人工流产医院

哈尔滨人流手术大概费用The leader in this online race is ;amazon.com;.If you have not heard of them, do not feel bad. Three years ago, nobody heard of them. They did not exist. Their customers do not aware they exist physically, and they do not care. Amazon.com exists only in cyberspace. But with 2.5 million titles, it is nearly 15 times larger than the worlds largest physical bookstore. It is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And they recently serve their one million of customer in Japan, one of 160 countries in which amazon ships books. Until recently they had the market to themselves. Now the traditional book sellers like Barnsamp;Noble in the US, and medium firms like Burtlesman in Europe are jumping in. Can virtual companies like ;amazon.com; battle against and beat these entrenched brands? Stay tuned. We do not know yet. The same kind of transformation is happening in retail banking, in car sales, in music entertainment, in insurance. And it is not just limited to the commercial world. Public sector institutions are being buffeted by the same powerful forces. 这场竞赛现在的领先者是 amazon.com。如果你还没听说过它,不要紧。三年前没有人听说过它们,那时候它们还不存在。它们的顾客并未意识到它们在实际上的存在,它们也不在乎这些。amazon.com 仅仅在网上存在。但是它拥有 250 万种图书,几乎比世界上最大的传统书店大 15 倍。它每天 24 小时、全年每天都营业。不久前,它们在日本接待了它的第 100 万名顾客,日本只是 amazon 销售书籍的 160 个国家中的一个。现在传统的书籍销售商如美国的......媒体高速如欧洲的......也跳进了这个市场。象 amazon.com 这样的虚拟公司能否击败这些根深蒂固老牌号?等着瞧吧,我们也不知道。类似的变革同时还发生在零售业、汽车销售、音乐、保险业中,而且还不仅仅限于商业领域。公众机构也遭受了同一种强大力量的冲击。201312/269522 But this is sort of the important stages in which that framework will get built,平台建设是很重要的阶段,and so we want to all be thinking about it consciously now.所以现在我们都要自然而然地思考这个问题。Just before we jump into that, theres sort of a question of: why is this important?当我们开始讨论这个问题之前,还有一个问题,那就是:为什么重要?Im sort of making this claim that there is a game layer on top of the world,为什么我刚才说的建设最棒的游戏社交网络and that its very important that we build it properly.非常重要。The reason that its so important is that, the last decade,重要的原因是,最近十年,what weve seen has been building the social layer,建立的网络社交圈,has been this framework for connections,也就是网上人与人的联系,and construction on that layer is over, its finished.这种社交网络的建设已经完成了。Theres still a lot to explore.但是还有很多值得开发的地方。Theres still a lot of people who are trying to figure out social仍然有很多人试着提升这种网络平台,and how do we leverage this and how do we use this,摸索如何使用这个平台,but the framework itself is done, and its called Facebook.但是这平台本身已经搭建起来了,叫做Facebook。And thats okay, right? A lot of people are very happy with Facebook.平台已经建成也没有关系,不是吗?很多人很喜欢Facebook。I like it quite a lot.我也很喜欢。Theyve created this thing called the Open Graph, and they own all of our connections.它们搭建了所谓的“开放列表Open Graph”,它可以拥有所有使用者的关系资料。They own half a billion people.FACEBOOK拥有5亿人的资料。And so when you want to build on the social layer,所以当你想建立社交关系网时,the framework has been decided; it is the Open Graph API.这个平台已经搭建好了,也就是开放列表应用程序(Open Graph API)。And if youre happy with that, fantastic.如果你很乐意使用它,那就太好了。If youre not, too bad. Theres nothing you can do.如果你不高兴用它,很可惜。我们无能为力。But this next decade -- and thats a real thing.但是下一个十年——一定会有事情发生。I mean, we want to build frameworks我的意思是,我们想建立一个平台-in a way that makes it acceptable and makes it, you know, productive down the road.一个人人都能读取和改变信息的平台,这个平台会不断丰富。So, the social layer is all about these connections.网络社交圈是处理人与人关系的,The game layer is all about influence.而游戏社交圈全是有关影响力的平台。Its not about adding a social fabric to the Web并不是简单地在网上增加一个社会联系and connecting you to other people everywhere you are and everywhere you go.而是把你和其他人联系起来,无论你在哪里和要去哪里。Its actually about using dynamics, using forces,它完全利用的是某种动力、影响力,to influence the behavior of where you are, what you do there, how you do it.来影响人们在哪里,去哪里以及怎样行动的方式。Thats really, really powerful, and its going to be more important than the social layer.这种方式真的很强大,比网络社交圈更加重要。Its going to affect our lives more deeply and perhaps more invisibly.它会更深刻地影响到人们的生活,或许以更无形的方式。And so its incredibly critical that at this moment,所以游戏社交圈无比重要,此时,while its just getting constructed,我们刚刚开始建立它,while the frameworks like Facebook, like the Open Graph,我们认为游戏社交圈are being created for the game layer equivalent,堪与Facebook和开放列表这样的平台并驾齐驱,that we think about it very consciously,我们认为这是非常准确的,and that we do it in a way that is open,我们把它做成一个开放的、that is available, and that can be leveraged for good.每个人都能够使用的、不断提升的平台。And so thats what I want to talk about for game dynamics,这也就是我所提到的游戏动机,because construction has just begun,因为建设才刚刚开始,and the more consciously we can think about this,我们设想的越精确,the better well be able to use it for anything that we want.我们就能够更好地利用它来做任何我们想让它实现的事情。So like I said, the way that you go through and build on the game layer is not with glass and steel and cement.就像我刚才说的,我们建设这个游戏社交圈的方式并不是用玻璃、钢筋和水泥。And the resources that we use are not this two-dimensional swath of land that we have.我们所用的资源并不是屏幕上的两维的平面地图。The resources are mindshare and the tools, the raw materials are these game dynamics.而是俘获的人们心灵,我们的工具和原材料就是人们玩游戏的动机。So with that, you know, a couple game dynamics to talk about. Four.所以今天我就主要谈一谈玩游戏的四个动机。201601/422732哈尔滨省中医院门诊怎么样哈尔滨维多利亚妇产妇科医院看不孕不育怎么样



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