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THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. On Thursday, I traveled to California to visit communities ravaged by wildfires. I walked with a married couple through the charred remains of their home. I met with emergency responders. I talked with displaced families at a disaster assistance center. And I made a pledge to the people of California on behalf of all Americans: We will help you put out the fires, get through the crisis, and rebuild your lives. State and local authorities in California were well prepared for this crisis, and they responded quickly and effectively. Officials warned those in danger, moved residents out of the path of the flames, and set up dozens of shelters for thousands of people. State officials also reached out to the Federal government for help. And we responded. Shortly after the fires broke out, we started mobilizing and providing assistance, including the deployment of Federal firefighters and aircraft to drop fire retardant on the fires. As high winds sp the fires, Governor Schwarzenegger requested more Federal help. Within one hour of that request, we approved an emergency declaration that authorized Federal agencies across the government to help state and local responders save lives, protect property, and maintain public health and safety. On Wednesday, I issued a second declaration. This action made additional Federal funding available to the residents of the counties affected by the wildfires, so they can recover and rebuild. This Federal assistance includes grants for temporary housing and home repair, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, loans for small business owners, and funding to help clean up debris. I was impressed by the performance of the first responders I met in California. Despite the challenges of high winds and dry weather, firefighters are gaining the upper hand and earning the gratitude of their fellow citizens. Many of these brave men and women have battled the blaze in triple-digit heat. Some have worked around the clock. And more than once, firefighting teams were forced to take emergency shelter in their fire tents when threatened by approaching walls of flame. I was grateful for the opportunity to meet them, and I thank them for their courage. I was also encouraged by the spirit of the families I met. At one recovery center, I met an amazing young girl named Alyssa Lamborn. Alyssa told me, "I lost my house, but I didn't lose my home -- because my family and my pets are safe." I saw this same spirit in many others who are grateful for their safety and determined to rebuild. People like Alyssa and her family are receiving help from their fellow Americans. Some have opened their homes to strangers who were evacuated and could not find a hotel room. Doctors and nurses have answered the call to help seniors who were forced from their nursing homes. And volunteers from every walk of life have come forward to provide food, clothing, and blankets -- and a shoulder to lean on. I went to Southern California with a message: We want you to know the country cares for you. We're concerned about you, your neighborhoods, and your homes. Things may look dismal now, but there is a better day ahead. And we will not forget you in Washington, D.C. Thank you for listening. 200801/23816

IMlyeASwiDQ_SBUH@[(;ruY4pPresident Kennedy, who said that ;no religious body should seek to impose its will,; also urged religious leaders to state their views and give their commitment when the public debate involved ethical issues. In drawing the line between imposed will and essential witness, we keep church and state separate, and at the same time we recognize that the City of God should speak to the civic duties of men and women._4lo_+@Tw|5ac_.YOThere are four tests which draw that line and define the difference.kMZq4AFg2P%hNRcI]First, we must respect the integrity of religion itself.BW)t7Y@~h3(KcZ.xGl.XPeople of conscience should be careful how they deal in the word of their Lord. In our own history, religion has been falsely invoked to sanction prejudice -- even slavery -- to condemn labor unions and public spending for the poor. I believe that the prophecy, ;The poor you have always with you; is an indictment, not a commandment. And I respectfully suggest that God has taken no position on the Department of Education -- and that a balanced budget constitutional amendment is a matter of economic analysis, and not heavenly appeals.Religious values cannot be excluded from every public issue; but not every public issue involves religious values.k^28rALeK@R_]k2BTFX@cwEImps!zLCqgONqF[0^z0Ua^QlG(yRZ1zB4evTATC#Prj,u1j163476


  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, President Obama met with the Taoiseach of Ireland Brian Cowen this morning. The President thanked the Taoiseach for Ireland’s assistance on important international issues and said that the U.S. and Ireland will be working together to address world hunger.Download Video: mp4 (258MB) | mp3 (8MB) 201003/99067。

  President Bush Meets with President Talabani of IraqPRESIDENT BUSH: It's been my honor to welcome a friend, President Talabani, back to the Oval Office. He is the President of a free Iraq. He is a man who's been on the front lines of helping to unify Iraq and to help Iraq recover from a brutal regime -- that of Saddam Hussein.I complimented the President on the progress that the government has made. I complimented the President on the fact that as security has improved, he and his fellow officials are reaching out to all aspects of society to help people realize the blessings of a free life. There's still a lot of work to be done, we recognize that. We talked of a variety of subjects. We talked about a strategic framework agreement that suits the Iraq government. We talked about elections and different laws that have been passed. I did compliment the President on working hard to see to it that the legislative session this year has been very successful. We talked about the fact that the economy is improving, and that the attitude of the people there has improved immeasurably over the years.And so I welcome you here. I'm proud of what you've done, and I thank you for the tough decisions, so that the people of a free Iraq can realize hopes and dreams. Welcome.PRESIDENT TALABANI: Well, I am proud to have the honor of meeting President George Bush, whom we consider the liberator of Iraq from the worst kind of dictatorship, as a great friend of the Iraqi people. I'm grateful for what he said about me, but I agree with him that we are going to work together for having this agreement -- security agreement between the ed States and Iraq, and also to continue our cooperation in our struggle against terrorism, for promotion of democracy in Iraq and Middle East.We are proud to have such a good friend here in this great country, and I think we can -- I can say that we can pass this year two important laws, oil and election. And we are now going to reunite our government by bringing -- (inaudible) -- to the ed Assembly representatives, to the Iraqi National y government headed by our Prime Minister, Nouri Maliki.I also briefed our good friend about the achievements which Iraq had done in struggle against terrorism and, again, militias, who were making troubles for Iraq and threatening civil war. Now I can say that Iraq -- big part of Iraq is stable and is secure and liberated from the danger of terrorism and militia.Yes, some places still there are some groups that remain here and there, but I think big achievement we have done this year with the support of the ed States Army and government, and with the friendly advices from President Bush. I can say that we are proud to achieved good successes in Iraq, and our economy is growing.We have also -- big steps forward for national reconciliation. We improved our relation with our neighbors -- with Turkey, with Egypt, with Jordan, with Kuwait. We normalized our relation with Iran and with Syria, also. So Iraqi government is now going to play its role in the Arab world as one -- a founder of the Arab League. And there is no -- I think no more, any kind of isolation of our government.We are doing our best for this agreement -- this agreement with the ed States of America. I think we have -- we were able to go the steps towards reaching to finalize this agreement. And we continue our struggle to -- our efforts to reach -- Inshallah -- very soon this agreement.And again to thank -- here I am again to thank here our great friends, President Bush and American people, for their sacrifice and their support for the Iraqi people. Thank you very much.PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you.200806/42867

  President Bush Meets with Afghanistan Provincial Governors   THE PRESIDENT: I just had a fascinating opportunity to discuss Afghanistan with eight governors. I started off the meeting by telling them I was a governor once. And I -- and they were then telling me their stories, their concerns. First of all, they universally thanked the American people for standing with them as this new democracy takes hold.   Secondly, there's concerns about unemployment, about economic development. Some provinces are quiet, and the governor wondered whether or not, because it's quiet, people remember the people in the province exist. Other provinces have got some difficult security problems.   They shared with me very candidly their concerns about different types of operations; their desire to see to it that the police get better training and better equipment.   And I shared with them our desire to help them succeed, because one of the things that really matters in democracy is that local governance is strong and good and honest, that the people are being able to see the benefits of democracy. And it's hard work in Afghanistan, but I told these leaders that I think it's necessary work.   And I want to thank them for coming to America. They've got a very busy schedule. They've been to several states. And I think it's going to be very important for our fellow citizens to meet these good men, and to understand the problems they face, and their desire to have their families live in peace, and young girls go to school, and be people treated with dignity.   So I want to thank you all for coming. Thank you for the wonderful gift, and I'm proud you're here.   I'm now going to show them the Oval Office -- a shrine to democracy. Thank you. 200806/41453The President discusses his plan for our fiscal future, a comprehensive and balanced approach to achieve trillion in deficit reduction over twelve years.Download Video: mp4 (158MB) | mp3 (4MB) 201104/132355

  Upon conclusion of the P5+1 meeting regarding Iran, President Obama sends a strong message on behalf of the international community: Iran must take “concrete action” in regards to its nuclear program. October 1, . (Public Domain)President Obama On Progress Made During P5+1 Meeting from White House on Vimeo.相关内容:The result is clear: The P5-plus-1 is united, and we have an international community that has reaffirmed its commitment to non-proliferation and disarmament. That’s why the Iranian government heard a clear and unified message from the international community in Geneva: Iran must demonstrate through concrete steps that it will live up to its responsibilities with regard to its nuclear program.In pursuit of that goal, today’s meeting was a constructive beginning, but it must be followed by constructive action by the Iranian government.First, Iran must demonstrate its commitment to transparency. Earlier this month, we presented clear evidence that Iran has been building a covert nuclear facility in Qom. Since Iran has now agreed to cooperate fully and immediately with the International Atomic Energy Agency, it must grant unfettered access to IAEA inspectors within two weeks. I’ve been in close touch with the head of the IAEA, Mohammed ElBaradei, who will be traveling to Tehran in the days ahead. He has my full support, and the Iranian government must grant the IAEA full access to the site in Qom.Second, Iran must take concrete steps to build confidence that its nuclear program will serve peaceful purposes -- steps that meet Iran’s obligations under multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions. The IAEA proposal that was agreed to in principle today with regard to the Tehran research reactor is a confidence-building step that is consistent with that objective -– provided that it transfers Iran’s low enriched uranium to a third country for fuel fabrication. As I’ve said before, we support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear power. Taking the step of transferring its low enriched uranium to a third country would be a step towards building confidence that Iran’s program is in fact peaceful.Going forward, we expect to see swift action. We’re committed to serious and meaningful engagement. But we’re not interested in talking for the sake of talking. If Iran does not take steps in the near future to live up to its obligations, then the ed States will not continue to negotiate indefinitely, and we are prepared to move towards increased pressure. If Iran takes concrete steps and lives up to its obligations, there is a path towards a better relationship with the ed States, increased integration with the international community, and a better future for all Iranians.10/85856Remarks of President Barack ObamaWeekly AddressThe White HouseSeptember 19, Weekly Address: Progress in the Global Economy from White House on Vimeo.演讲文本:Leaders of the world’s largest economies will gather next week in Pittsburgh for the second time this year. The first meeting of the G-20 nations in April came at the height of the global financial crisis – a crisis that required unprecedented international cooperation to jumpstart the world’s economies and help break the downward spiral that enveloped all our nations.At next week’s summit, we’ll have, in effect, a five-month checkup to review the steps each nation has taken – separately and together – to break the back of this economic crisis. And the good news is that we’ve made real progress since last time we met – here at home and around the world.In February, we enacted a Recovery Act, providing relief to Americans who need it, preventing layoffs, and putting Americans back to work. We’ve worked to unlock frozen credit markets, spurring lending to Americans looking to buy homes or cars, take out student loans, or finance small businesses. And we’ve challenged other nations to join us not only to spur global demand, but to address the underlying problems that caused such a deep global recession in the first place.Because of the steps taken by our nation and all nations, we can now say that we have stopped our economic freefall. But we also know that stopping the bleeding isn’t nearly enough. Our work is far from over. We know we still have a lot to do here at home to build an economy that is producing good jobs for all those who are looking for work today. And we know we still have a lot to do, in conjunction with nations around the world, to strengthen the rules governing financial markets and ensure that we never again find ourselves in the precarious situation we found ourselves in just one year ago.As I told leaders of our financial community in New York City earlier this week, a return to normalcy can’t breed complacency. To protect our economy and people from another market meltdown, our government needs to fundamentally reform the rules governing financial firms and markets to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We cannot allow the thirst for reckless schemes that produce quick profits and fat executive bonuses to override the security of our entire financial system and leave taxpayers on the hook for cleaning up the mess. And as the world’s largest economy, we must lead, not just by word, but by example, understanding that in the 21st century, financial crises know no borders. All of us need to act more responsibly on behalf of a better economic future.That is why, at next week’s G20 summit, we’ll discuss some of the steps that are required to safeguard our global financial system and close gaps in regulation around the world – gaps that permitted the kinds of reckless risk-taking and irresponsibility that led to the crisis. And that’s why I’ve called on Congress to put in place a series of tough, common-sense rules of the road that will protect consumers from abuse, let markets function fairly and freely, and help prevent a crisis like this from ever happening again.Central to these reforms is a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Part of what led to this crisis were not just decisions made on Wall Street, but also unsustainable mortgage loans made across the country. While many folks took on more than they knew they could afford, too often folks signed contracts they didn’t fully understand offered by lenders who didn’t always tell the truth. That’s why we need clear rules, clearly enforced. And that’s what this agency will do.Consumers shouldn’t have to worry about loan contracts written to confuse, hidden fees attached to their mortgages, and financial penalties – whether through a credit card or debit card – that appear without a clear warning on their statements. And responsible lenders, including community banks, trying to do the right thing shouldn’t have to worry about ruinous competition from unregulated and unscrupulous competitors.Not surprisingly, lobbyists for big Wall Street banks are hard at work trying to stop reforms that would hold them accountable and they want to keep things just the way they are. But we cannot let politics as usual triumph so business as usual can reign. We cannot let the narrow interests of a few come before the interests of all of us. We cannot forget how close we came to the brink, and perpetuate the broken system and breakdown of responsibility that made it possible.In the weeks and months ahead, we have an opportunity to build on the work we’ve aly done. An opportunity to rebuild our global economy stronger that before. An opportunity not only to protect the American people and America’s economy, but to promote sustained and balanced growth and prosperity for our nation and all nations. And that’s an opportunity I am determined to seize.So, thanks for listening and thanks for watching, and to our Jewish friends, who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, have a happy and healthy New Year. Shanah Tovah. 09/84563

  To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends. ed there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided there is little we can do—for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder. To those new states whom we welcome to the ranks of the free, we pledge our word that one form of colonial control shall not have passed away merely to be replaced by a far more iron tyranny. We shall not always expect to find them supporting our view. But we shall always hope to find them strongly supporting their own freedom—and to remember that, in the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside. To those people in the huts and villages of half the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves, for whatever period is required —not because the Communists may be doing it, not because we seek their votes, but because it is right. If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. To our sister republics south of our border, we offer a special pledge: to convert our good words into good deeds, in a new alliance for progress, to assist free men and free governments in casting off the chains of poverty. But this peaceful revolution of hope cannot become the prey of hostile powers. Let all our neighbors know that we shall join with them to oppose aggression or subversion anywhere in the Americas. And let every other power know that this hemisphere intends to remain the master of its own house. To that world assembly of sovereign states, the ed Nations, our last best hope in an age where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace, we renew our pledge of support — to prevent it from becoming merely a forum for invective, to strengthen its shield of the new and the weak, and to enlarge the area in which its writ may run.201110/158695

  演讲文本:Barack Obama, a young man in his mid-forties has now won the Iowa Caucuses... and he's about to speak to his supporters and get y for the next contest in 5 days in New Hampshire where the polls show it's very very tight right now. We don't know what the impact the bounce will be, from Iowa and New Hampshire, we do know that his supporters are very very pumped up and excited as a result of tonight's dramatic win in Iowa. I should point out to our viewers that he have some trouble with his voice over the past day of tour who have been working really hard, it's been really cold out there, so that his voice sounds a little bit weak tonight, been known that he's been losing some of that voice not necesasrily a great time for that to happen, but I'm sure that, he will overcome that problem with the whole notion of this victory for Barack Obama with his supporters. And you see that banner behind that "Change, we can believe in", that's been his theme from Day One. He's focused on Change, not necessarily experiences but that theme of change is clearly paid off in Iowa for him tonight. Right now with 98% of the vote officially counted, he got 38% to John Edward 30%, Hillary Clinton's 29%. Barack Obama is about to speak in, and we just wanna listen in very very closely to hear what he has to say just as we listen closely to Mike Huckabee who is the Republican winner. Let's get y to listen to the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. Thank you, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! .... Thank you!~~ Thank you Iowa! They said... They said ... They said this day will never come. They said our sights were set too high! They said this country was too divided too disillusioned to ever come together around a common purpose, but on this January night, at this defining moment in history, you have done what the cynics said we couldn't do. You have done what the State of New Hampshire can do in 5 days! You have done what American can do in this new year, 2008. In lines that stretched around schools and churches, and small towns and big cities, you came together, as Democrats, Republicans and Independents... to stand up and say that "We are one nation!! We are one people! and our time for change has come!" You said the time has come to move beyond the bitterness, and the pettiness, and anger that consumed Washington, to end the political strategy that's been all about division, and instead making about edition, to build a coallition for changes structures through Red states and Blue states. Because that's how we will win in November, that's how we'll finally meet the challenges that we face as a nation! We are choosing hope over fear! We are choosing unity over division! and sending a powerful message, that change is coming to America! You said the time has come to tell the lobbists who think their money and their influences speak louder than our voices, and that they don't own the government, we DO, and we are here to take it back!! The time has come for President who will be honest about the choices and challenges we face, who will listen to you and learn from you even when we disagree, who won't just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know. And in New Hampshire, if you give me the same chance that Iowa did tonight, I will be that President for America! I'll be a president who finally make health care affordable, and available to every single American the same way I expanded health care in Illinois, by bringing Democrats and Republicans together to get the job done. I'll be a President who ends the tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas and for the middle-class tax cut into the pockets of working Americans who deserve it. I'll be a President who harnesses the ingenuity of farmers, scientists, and enterprenuers to free this nation from the tyranny of oil once and for all!! And I'll be a President who ends this war on Iraq and finally brings our troops home, who restores our moral standing, who understands that 911 is not a way to scare up votes but a challenge that should unite America and the world against the common threats of the 21st Century. Common threats of terrorism and nuclear weapons, climate change and poverty,genocide and disease. Tonight we are one step closer to that vision of America, because of what you did here in Iowa. And so I'd especially like to thank the organizers and the precinct captains, the volunteers and the staff who made this all possible! And while I'm at it on thank yous, I think it makes sense for me to thank the love of my life, the rock of the Obama family, the closer on the campaign trail. Give it up for Michelle Obama!!02/62275。

  President Bush Meets with Prime Minister Gillani of PakistanPRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. Prime Minister, welcome. It's been a -- it's been a very constructive morning. We've had a good meeting in the Oval Office. And then I'm going to have lunch with the Prime Minister here in the main White House. And that's fitting. After all, Pakistan is a strong ally and a vibrant democracy. The ed States supports the democracy and supports the sovereignty of Pakistan.We talked about areas of concern. Of course, we're going to spend a lot of time on the economy, about how the ed States and Pakistan can continue to cooperate to -- for economic benefits for all the people of Pakistan and for our own country, for that matter. And of course, we talked about the common threat we face: extremists who are very dangerous people. We talked about the need for us to make sure that the Afghan border is secure as best as possible; Pakistan has made a very strong commitment to that. I told the Prime Minister that the ed States is committed to helping the Afghan democracy succeed, which is in Pakistan's interest. After all, the Prime Minister wants there to be a peaceful country on his border.The U.S., I repeat, respects the sovereignty of this democracy. And we also appreciate the Prime Minister's strong words against the extremists and terrorists who not only would do us harm but have harmed people inside -- in Pakistan.So we welcome you here, Mr. Prime Minister, and looking forward to having a good lunch with you after your statement.PRIME MINISTER GILLANI: Thank you. Now?PRESIDENT BUSH: Please, yes, absolutely.PRIME MINISTER GILLANI: First of all, I want to thank Mr. President Bush for inviting me to ed States, and this is my second meeting with the President. Previously I met Mr. President in Sharm el Sheikh, and today again I am meeting Mr. President.And I appreciate what he has said about supporting democracy, supporting sovereignty, looking after the interests and on a lot of other areas we are -- there's a cooperation between us -- Pakistan, ed States have very cordial relations and bilateral relations. And this is not of today -- this is for over 60 years since the creation of Pakistan. We were inspired with their slogan of liberty and self-determination. And now we want to further improve our relations.We are committed to fight against those extremists and terrorists who are destroying and making the world not safe. And that is -- this is our own war; this is a war which is against Pakistan. And we'll fight for our own past. And that is because I have lost my own leader, Benazir Bhutto, because of the militants, and therefore I assure ed States, the people of ed States, that majority of the people of Pakistan and the people of those areas, the NWFP and FATA, they are the patriarch, the loyalists, they want the peace in the world, and they want to cooperate. And there are few militants -- they are hand-picked people, militants, who are disturbing this peace. And I assured Mr. President we'll work together for democracy and for the prosperity and peace of the world. Thank you very much.PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir.200807/45136

  Happy Thanksgiving! Given the holiday, we are releasing the President's weekly address today. In this , President Obama calls to our attention the men and women in uniform who are away from home sacrificing time with family to protect our safety and freedom. He also talks about the progress of health care reform, the Recovery Act, and job creation to ensure that next Thanksgiving will be a brighter day.Download Video: mp4 (115MB) | mp3 (4MB) 11/90387


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