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2019年10月14日 17:38:54 | 作者:百家信息 | 来源:新华社
Almost four in ten American couples now believe that marriage is becoming obsolete, according to a new survey published yesterday。根据昨天发布的一项新调查,如今近四成美国情侣认为结婚正在变得过时。More than ever before, people in the US are coming to believe that wedding bells aren’t necessary for a happy family。越来越多的美国人开始认为结婚并不是保家庭幸福的必要条件,持这一观点的人数之多前所未有。With US census figures revealing that marriages for adults eighteen and over were at an all-time low of 52 per cent, an increasing number of children are growing up out of wedlock。美国人口普查统计数据显示,美国成人(18岁及以上)的结婚率达到历史新低,仅为52%。越来越多的孩子是在父母没有结婚的环境中成长的。The Pew Research Centre poll, carried out with Time magazine, showed that nearly one in three American children are now living with a parent who is divorced, separated or never married.由皮尤研究中心与《时代》杂志共同开展的这项调查显示,近三分之一的美国儿童目前同离异、分居或从未结过婚的单亲父母生活在一起。That’s a five-fold increase from 1960. Broken down further, about 15 per cent have parents who are divorced or separated and 14 per cent who were never married。这一比例自1960以来增长了5倍。经过进一步分类发现,大约15%的孩子的父母已经离婚或分居,14%的孩子的父母从未结过婚。Within those two groups, a sizable chunk – 6 per cent – have parents who are live-in couples who opted to raise kids together without getting hitched。在这两组人中,还有6%的孩子的父母选择同居并一起抚养孩子但不结婚,这种情况的孩子也占据了不小的比例。The 39 per cent of Americans who now think marriage is on the way out is a significant increase from 1978, when just 28 per cent felt that way。现在有39%的美国人认为结婚正在变得过时,持这一观点的人相比1978年是显著增多了,那时候只有28%的人这么想。When asked what constitutes a family, the vast majority of Americans agree that a married couple, with or without children, fits that description。当被问及组成家庭的要素时,大多数美国人都认为,不管有没有孩子,结了婚就算组建了家庭。But four of five surveyed pointed also to an unmarried, opposite-sex couple with children or a single parent. Three of five people said a same-sex couple with children was a family。但也有五分之四的被调查者认为,没有结婚但有孩子的异性伴侣或单亲父母也组成了家庭。五分之三的人称,有孩子的同性伴侣也算作家庭。‘Marriage is still very important in this country, but it doesn#39;t dominate family life like it used to,’ said Andrew Cherlin, a professor of sociology and public policy at Johns Hopkins University。约翰 霍普金斯大学社会学与公共政策系教授安德鲁 彻林说,“婚姻在这个国家依然非常重要,但它不像过去那样主导家庭生活。”The changing views of family are being driven largely by young adults 18-29, who are more likely than older generations to have an unmarried or divorced parent or have friends who do。家庭观念的变化主要是由18岁到29岁的年轻人带动的。相比往代人,这些人父母未婚或离婚的更多,处于这种情况的朋友也更多。But economic factors, too, are playing a role。另外,经济因素也产生了影响。It was a sharp one-year increase that analysts largely attributed to people unwilling to make long-term marriage commitments in the face of persistent unemployment。分析人士认为,之所以在一年之内会有这么急剧的变化,很大一部分原因在于持续高失业的局面让人们不愿意做出长期的婚姻承诺。Still, the study indicates that marriage isn#39;t going to disappear anytime soon。尽管如此,研究表明,婚姻这种形式绝不会很快消失。Despite a growing view that marriage may not be necessary, 67 per cent of Americans were upbeatabout the future of marriage and family。虽然越来越多的人认为不一定要结婚,但仍然有67%的美国人对婚姻和家庭的未来持乐观态度。 /201212/213422The kindly ;Chinese Fortune Grandpa; wearing Han Chinese clothing and holding a fortune bag debuted at the Imperial Ancestral Shrine in Beijing on the day after Christmas. The final image of the Chinese gift-giver was selected through a global design competition that cost millions of yuan. Its debut seems to be a sign of competition against ;Santa Claus;, according to a report by Guangming Daily.圣诞节第二天,身着汉、手持福袋、慈眉善目、笑容可掬的“中华福爷爷”在北京太庙隆重问世。“中华福爷爷”是花百万巨资从全球征集来的作品,选在这个日子发布,似乎有和“圣诞老人”叫板的意思。Many Chinese cities have been filled with Christmas neon lights, Christmas songs, Christmas trees, and the images of ;Santa Claus; in recent days, and the business of hotels and restaurants has been exceptionally brisk. As a matter of fact, foreign festivals are becoming more popular than certain traditional Chinese festivals among the Chinese people, particularly the youth.近一段日子来,我国许多城市,圣诞霓虹灯闪烁,满耳是圣诞歌,满眼是圣诞树和圣诞老人的形象,旅馆酒楼的生意也异常红火。不得不承认,在一些人特别是年轻一代的眼里,传统节日有日渐式微之势。;Certain traditional festivals have died out because people have forgotten their spiritual connotations,; said noted writer Feng Jicai. More and more Chinese people are beginning to exchange gifts on Valentine#39;s Day and Christmas. However, many of them know nothing about Chinese New Year pictures or sugarcoated figurines, have never heard suona music, and cannot recognize wormwood or calami. Certain folk customs on the Dragon Boat Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, and other traditional festivals have gradually disappeared. Under such circumstances, even the ;Chinese Fortune Grandpa; is unlikely to defeat ;Santa Claus;.作家冯骥才曾说过:“一些传统节日之所以中断乃至消亡,实际上是它的精神内涵被人忘记,它的精神载体不复存在。”现在越来越多的人开始在情人节、圣诞节互赠礼物,却不知道年画、糖人,没听过唢呐,不识艾草、菖蒲。原本产生于民间的端午节、清明节等传统节日,一些节俗也已不再见于民间。在这种情况下,即便是花巨资从全球征集来的“中华福爷爷”,如果遇到派发礼物的“圣诞老人”,恐怕还是要落下风的。However, it is not a bad thing to some extent. It constantly reminds people to restore the ;true face; of traditional festivals. China has listed traditional Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival as legal holidays, which brings more paid leaves to the public, and is conducive to awaken the public awareness of traditional festivals. Obviously, this method cannot truly root traditional festivals in the hearts of people and their charm has turned into an empty shell of culture.但这种下风,在笔者看来,却并不是什么坏事,它在不断提醒着我们如何还原传统节日的“本真面目”。近年来,国家将清明、端午、中秋等传统节日列为法定节假日,在给公众更多休假福利的同时,一些专家也认为,此举有利于唤醒公众对传统节日的认识。很显然,这种“一设了之”的做法,并不能将传统节日真正植根于国人心中,传统节日的经典魅力充其量只剩下“文化空壳”。In modern society, festival is a carrier of culture and its meaning and connotation largely depend on their understandings and usages by people. Compared with foreign festivals, traditional Chinese festivals are not inferior in cultural connotation, but lack of fashionable elements pursued by modern people. If people do not appreciate the historical culture contained by traditional festivals, and only take pleasure-seeking as the essence, the significance of traditional festivals will fade away and the inheritance of fine traditional culture will be cut off. In this sense, the figure of ;Chinese Fortune Grandpa; is a cultural logo, showing Chinese people#39;s understanding and expectations of traditional culture and demonstrating the tolerance and strength of modern civilization. The creative combination will award marks for the ;Chinese Fortune Grandpa; in its ;contest; with ;Santa Claus;.节日作为一种文化载体,在现代社会里,其意义和内涵很大程度取决于当代人对其理解和使用的方式。传统节日和洋节日相比,在文化和内涵上并不逊色,缺少的就是被现代人所追捧的时尚元素。倘若我们不去体味传统节日所蕴涵的历史文化,甚至仅把吃喝玩乐视为节日的要义,那就难免会淡化节日的意义,更会人为地割断对优秀传统文化的继承、对共同精神家园的守护。从这个意义上讲,“中华福爷爷”作为一种文化标志,既承载了国人对于传统文化的理解和期许,又展现了现代文明的包容和力量,相信这种创造性结合会给“中华福爷爷”在与“圣诞老人” 下一个回合的“较量”中加分不少。In fact, any traditional culture cannot be self-enclosed in the era of global village. Nowadays, some of Chinese people are keen on celebrating foreign festivals while foreigners more like to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals. In the face of cultural conflict and integration, we should dig the tradition as well as tolerate diversified choices. Noted sociologist Fei Xiaotong had said that as one of the major powers with ancient civilizations, China should have broad bth of mind and cultural ambition. Therefore, the ;Chinese Fortune Grandpa; should coexist with ;Santa Claus; and jointly bring joy to people.其实,在地球村时代,任何传统文化都不可能自我封闭。当下,一些中国人爱过洋节,不少外国人也热衷于中国的传统节日。面对这种文化的冲突和融合,我们既要挖掘传统,又要宽容选择。社会学家费孝通先生曾经提出作为一个世界大国和文明古国,中国应有这样的文化胸怀和文化志向:“各美其美,美人之美,美美与共,天下大同”。我想,如果中华福爷爷”遇上了“圣诞老人”,它们应当和谐共处的,携手并行的。 /201301/219213

RIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Always on the go and y to rush off to the next big thing, the Ram will most likely grab some fast food en route. When dining in a restaurant, try a variety of appetizers, which will suit your investigative nature.白羊:一贯急匆匆的羊儿喜欢边走边吃。各式的开胃食物通常是你的最爱,这很符合白羊座喜欢深究的个性哦。 /201210/204382

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:越来越喜欢克莱尔的这个闺蜜兼损友了,每次都那么犀利地摆弄克莱尔^_^!!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/239998

No matter how tough the life is, you will eventually find someone who’d make you willing to stay with.无论生活得多么艰难,最后你总会找到一个让你心甘情愿傻傻相伴的人。Love comes fast. You either risk it, or you regret it.爱情来得如此之快。你要么冒险一搏,要么遗憾一生。If you leave me, please don’t comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain.离开我就别安慰我,要知道每一次缝补也会遭遇穿刺的痛。Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.虽然没人可以从头开始,但任何人都可以从现在开始,创造一个全新的结局。Life is sad at times, but it is up to you to make your own life happy.生活有时是令人沮丧的,但你可以努力让自己的过得开心。When you feel that the whole world is betraying you, please believe he just turns around to brew a more beautiful hug for you.当你觉得整个世界都背弃了你时,请相信,他只是背过身去,酝酿一个更美的拥抱。Your smiling at me is my daily dose of magic.你嫣然的微笑是我每日享受到的魅力。Do you have a map? Because I just keep losing in your eyes.你有地图么?因为我刚在你的眼神中迷失了。Look into my eyes – you will see what you mean to me.看看我的眼睛,你会发现你对我而言意味着什么。Love is not a matter of counting the days. It’s making the days count.爱情不是数着日子过去,它让每个日子都变得有意义。 /201212/217331

We all know that exercise is important – vital, in fact. Yet, one of the most common excuses for not exercising enough is “I can#39;t find time for exercise.”我们都知道运动很重要——其实是非常重要。可是,最常见的不运动的一大借口就是“我抽不出时间做运动”。And it#39;s true. It is hard to find time for exercise. Just like it#39;s hard to find time to meditate, cook healthy meals, and volunteer to make your community a better place.而事实也的确如此。人们很难挤出时间做运动,就像我们挤不出时间去冥想、烹饪健康食物、做社区志愿者一样。The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association (AHA) provides the following minimum exercise guidelines for healthy adults (18-65):美国运动医学学院(ACSM)和美国心脏协会(AHA)为成年人(18-65岁)的健康制定了以下最少的运动指南:Moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes, five days per week (e.g. a brisk walk) or;每周五天、每天至少30分钟的中等强度有氧运动(例如快走);Vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity for 20 minutes, three days per week (e.g. jogging) or;每周三天、每天20分钟的高强度有氧运动(例如慢跑);Some combination of moderate-intensity and vigorous-intensity.中等强度运动和高强度运动相结合。NOTE: Exercise can be performed in bouts of at least 10 minutes.注意:运动至少应持续10分钟。That#39;s not bad. In fact, it#39;s pretty achievable. So let#39;s move on to the challenging (but fun) part: Finding time for exercise.这真的不错,甚至还很有可行性。下面看看具有挑战性(但很有趣)的部分吧:挤出时间去运动1.Turn off the TV1.关掉电视This is usually a good place to start. In 2011, the average American watched 34 hours of TV per week. If you do the math, you could still watch 30 hours of TV and get all your exercise in (including a shower afterwards, which is typically appreciated by your colleagues/family members).关掉电视通常就是一个好的开始。2011年美国人平均每周看34小时电视。如果你计算一下就会发现,就算把运动后冲澡的时间算在内(通常是同事或是家人的要求),你也还可以看30小时的电视。And if you#39;ve aly whittled your TV watching down to just one or two favorite shows per week, consider exercising while you watch.如果你已经将看电视的时间减少到每周只看一两集喜欢的节目的话,可以考虑边看电视边运动。2.Limit Your Time Online2.限制上网时间If we#39;re not watching TV, we#39;re surfing the Internet, checking email, updating Facebook, tweeting, or pinning. According to comScore, the average American spent 32 hours per month online in 2011 (sounds low to me!).如果我们没有看电视,就是在上网、查收邮件、刷新Facebook,发微或刷网页。据comScore网站统计,2011年美国人每月平均上网32小时。(我觉得听上去好少啊!)That#39;s over 60 minutes per day, some of which could be devoted to moving your body rather than letting it waste away in front of a screen.也就是说,美国人每天花60分钟以上的时间上网。其实与其将时间浪费在电脑屏幕前,还不如去运动呢。Becoming more efficient with your online dealings is a great way to cut down on the time spent online. It#39;s not about the technology. It#39;s about improper use of the technology. You will be amazed by the amount of time you will save if you check your email only once or twice per day.提高上网效率可以有效减少上网时间。问题不在于科技本身,而在于对科技的不当使用上。如果你每天只查收一两次邮件,你会讶然发现大把时间被节省了下来。3.Ask for Help3.寻求帮助I don#39;t want to assume that you are a couch potato or an Internet addict. Perhaps you simply have your hands full with work, laundry, kids, community commitments, and all the other things that make up our plate of life.我无法断定你是否是电视迷或网虫,或许你只是工作太忙,洗衣、带小孩、小区义工或其他事情占据了生活的全部。If you are serious about finding time for exercise, ask for help. Maybe you just need somebody to watch the kids for an hour while you hit the gym. Ask your spouse, your mom, your friend, the teenager next door – anybody who can help you find that time. Also, if you have the money, hire somebody to clean your house. That frees up significant time.如果你真想挤点时间做运动,那就寻求帮助吧。或许你只是需要有人在你去健身馆的那一小时帮忙照看一下孩子。你可以向任何能够帮你腾出时间的人寻求帮助——爱人、老妈、朋友或隔壁的少年。而且如果你手头宽裕,可以请人打扫房间,这样可以帮你省出不少时间。4.Find Pockets of Time for Exercise4.利用零碎时间运动If your eyes didn#39;t completely gloss over when you the ACSM/AHA recommendations above, you may have noticed that you can exercise in “bouts of at least 10 minutes.”如果你仔细阅读了上面ACSM/AHA的建议,你应该注意到“至少应持续10分钟”这句话吧。This means that you could go for a brisk 10-minute walk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only will you feel refreshed, but it also helps with digestion!也就是说如果在早中晚餐后快走10分钟,你不仅会感到神清气爽,还有助于消化呢!I often find myself with 10 minutes to spare, so I have a mental list of things that can be completed in that amount of time. If you have your own 10-minute activity list, just add exercise to it.我就经常发现自己可以抽出10分钟的时间,我心里有一个清单,10分钟可以干很多事儿。如果你也有“10分钟活动清单”,何不将运动也添进去呢?5.Combine Exercise and Transportation5.运动与交通相结合In many parts of the world, this is an obvious one. However, sometimes it#39;s easy to forget that getting from Point A to Point B can be a wonderful opportunity to exercise. Here are some options:对世界上许多地方而言,这一点显而易见。只是人们很容易忘记从一个地方到另一个地方也是绝好的运动机会。请看以下几个建议:Bike or walk to work/school骑车或步行去工作/上学Bike to the grocery store骑车去杂货店Walk over to a friend#39;s house步行去朋友家Walk or bike to the coffee shop步行或骑车去咖啡店As long as it#39;s at least 10 minutes and getting your heart rate up, it#39;s exercise!只要能花10分钟让心跳加速起来,也算是运动哦! /201209/198569

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