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三门峡市副乳切除多少钱河南人民医院做祛疤手术多少钱小贝新西兰掉根薯条 球迷网上拍卖Fans of football superstar David Beckham are cashing in on his recent visit to New Zealand by trying to sell his food scraps and dirty dishes on the Internet.Among the items put up for sale on New Zealand website Trade Me are a half eaten corn cob, a nearly empty bottle of Coca-Cola and a single French fry, which the seller said Beckham had dropped during a stroll around Wellington.The chewed corn cob and soft drink came from a chicken restaurant where Beckham ate on Thursday night. The seller was also auctioning the plate and knife and fork he had used at the restaurant.The seller vouches for the items' authenticity and suggests they are ideal for anyone "who actually cares about David Beckham."The French fry attracted an initial bid of one dollar (75 US cents), rising to three dollars by late afternoon Wednesday.Beckham was in the New Zealand capital for three days last week with his LA Galaxy football team to play an exhibition match against local team Wellington Phoenix.He left on Sunday to rejoin wife Victoria as her reformed group The Spice Girls played a concert in Vancouver. 足球巨星大卫·贝克汉姆近日在新西兰逗留期间吃剩的东西和用过的餐具竟被球迷当成“宝贝”在网上贩卖。这些在新西兰“易我”网上拍卖的“宝贝”包括,啃了一半的玉米棒、一瓶快喝完的可乐和一根薯条等。据卖家介绍,这根薯条是小贝在惠灵顿闲逛时掉的。而啃了一半的玉米棒和快喝完的可乐是上周四晚小贝在一家炸鸡店进餐时吃剩下的。小贝在这家餐厅用的盘子和刀叉也被卖家拿到了网上拍卖。卖家保东西绝对是“真品”,还称这些东西对于“真正在乎小贝”的人来说是很理想的纪念品。那根薯条的起拍价为1新元(相当于75美分),到了昨天下午晚些时候,已经被拍到了3美元。上周,小贝与他的洛杉矶队在新西兰首都惠灵顿逗留了三天,与当地的惠灵顿凤凰队踢了一场友谊赛。小贝于上周日离开惠灵顿,前往温哥华去见妻子维多利亚,为她的辣回归演唱会助兴。 /200803/32068河南省人民医院激光去痣多少钱 Do women cheat as much as men do?by Erin Flaherty, Shine stafThat's the first question the latest infidelity studies point to. The second is: If you cheated on your spouse, would you even admit it to a researcher?Historically, the male sex gets most of the flak when it comes to infidelity among spouses. But that could be due to those tired old gender roles we're cast in. A recent New York Times report implies that women may simply be more likely to lie about it for that very reason. Research professor of anthropology at Rutgers Helen E. Fisher suggests that, “Men want to think women don’t cheat, and women want men to think they don’t cheat, and therefore the sexes have been playing a little psychological game with each other.” Fun!“Is it that men are bragging about it and women are lying to everybody including themselves?” she asks. Makes sense. After all, it's no secret that the widely held double standard that men who cheat are "studs" while women are "sluts" is still disturbingly prevalent.Still, the changes in the landscape of cheating have surprised researchers who have found that infidelity is on the rise and "women appear to be closing the adultery gap: younger women appear to be cheating on their spouses nearly as often as men."That's not to say that the guys are entirely off the hook. Medical advances like Viagra and erectile dysfunction remedies ensure that those with XY chromosomes can cheat longer and um, stronger. But when it comes to the younger set, women may be finding more opportunities to cheat via interoffice affairs and the good 'ole World Wide Web. While men might be content to "stray" by looking at porn--a relatively benign form of infidelity in the grand scheme of things--Atlanta psychiatrist Dr. Frank Pittman notes that he's observed more women acknowledging sexual affairs that began with electronic contact born out of the desire to emotionally connect with someone on a more intimate (and therefore stereotypically "feminine") level.So yes, it would appear that women certainly cheat more than they're usually given credit for. (Of course, who wants to take credit for something as damaging as an extramarital affair?) But when it comes to our original second question pertaining to the idea that the fairer sex is more likely to lie about it due to societal double standards, one wonders if the modern woman has just become more open about her transgressions than in the past?In the absence of hard and fast numbers--as opposed to all this admittedly speculative research--when it comes to adultery, here's the real question for the ladies out there: Have you ever cheated and well, kept mum about the damn thing? (As opposed to say, bragging about your conquests in the locker room or whatever?) 这是最新背信研究所指向的第一个问题:是否女人和男人一样爱说谎?第二个问题是:如果你对你的配偶不忠,你是否会向研究员承认。从以前的观点来看,当提到配偶之间背叛的事男性都会大大的吹嘘一番。这种背叛或许是因为厌倦了古老的性别角色。最近《纽约时报》报道暗示女人在配偶背叛问题上更趋向于说谎。罗格斯大学的人类学研究教授海伦-费希尔建议说:amp;ldo?quo;男人都想着女人不会说谎,女人也希望男人如此认为,因此男女之间开始在相互之间玩一些心理游戏。”非常有趣!她问:amp;ldo?quo;是否男人爱在这事上吹牛而女人却对任何人都说谎甚至是自己。”有意思。毕竟,这没有任何秘密,有两种标准在评判男女背叛的事,当男人背叛的时候就比较“缄默” 而女性“放荡”却邻人不安的广为传扬。在背叛上的变化令研究人员很吃惊,他们发现背叛呈现上升的趋势,同时女性似乎在缩小这种差距:年轻的女性背叛配偶的频率和男人是一样的。这并不是说男人都摆脱了这种背叛的困境。医学方面的进步像“伟哥”等药物能让XY染色体的男性背叛的更为长久和强烈。但是到比较年轻的一代,女性更容易找到背叛的机会,比如说在办公室之间,还有网络。同时男性过于沉迷色情文学--在这一大类事上算一种相对良好的行为--亚特兰大精神病医生弗兰克-皮特曼指出他发现大多女性起初知道性事是通过网络的接触,继而希望与某人在感情接触上发展到更加亲密的程度。是的,显然女性的背叛行为比他们承认的多。(当然,谁都不想分享这种只会带来损害的事)但是当我们回到最初的第二个问题,女性更趋向于说谎是因为社会的双重标准,有人就想是否现代女性对于自己的背叛会更加的开放?由于缺少严格的数据--作为反对这些无可否认的投机的研究---当遭遇到通奸行为的时候,各位女士的问题就出现了:你是否有背叛行为,是否对这该死的事保持沉默。(把这些都隐藏起来,藏在一个上锁的房子或者其他地方) /200811/55460Kale 羽衣甘蓝 Kale is full of vitamins, minerals and health-enhancing antioxidants. Indeed, kale's filling fiber, bone-building calcium and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help support the body's natural detox system, getting rid of harmful compounds that are thought to cause cancer, heart disease and other serious ills. Plus, kale is easy to prepare. Add this healthful pick to soups and stews in the last 20 minutes of cooking, or saute it with a splash of olive oil for a delicious side dish. 少有蔬菜能与这种多叶绿色植物比肩。羽衣甘蓝富含维他命、矿物质以及增进健康的抗氧化物。事实上的,甘蓝能饱肚的纤维、筑建骨骼的钙以及有益心脏健康的Ω-3脂肪酸已被明可帮助持人体的天然排毒系统,摆脱那些可能导致癌症、心脏病及其他恶疾的有害化合物。此外,羽衣甘蓝很好处理。在烹饪的最后20分钟,把这些健康的东西加到汤或者炖菜里去,或者泼点橄榄油煎一下作为美味的配菜。 /201108/148863洛阳市做脱毛手术多少钱

新密市自体脂肪隆鼻价格Girls who attend single-sex schools are more attracted to feminine looking boys, researchers have claimed.研究者声称,读女校的女生更偏好面容女性化的男性。The St Andrews University-led study suggested a girls-only education could have a "significant impact" on what the youngsters found attractive.苏格兰圣安德鲁斯大学进行的调查显示,女子学校的教育会对女生的审美标准带来明显的影响。Boys at all-male schools proved less susceptible to the effect, although the study found they did prefer the company of boys with more masculine faces.而男校学生对女性面容的偏好并没有受到太大影响,但是他们更倾向与长相更具男子气慨的人交朋友。The effect was weakened if children had siblings of the opposite sex at home.不过,如果学生家庭里有异性的兄弟,那么这种影响就会减弱。The research team said the results suggested a person's "visual diet" influenced what they thought was attractive.研究小组称,一个人的“视觉口味的偏好”会影响他对于新引力的判断。They asked 240 children, aged 11-15, attending co-educational and single-sex schools, to rate faces in terms of attractiveness. 研究人员对240名年龄在11至15岁之间的接受混校和分校教育的学生进行了研究,让他们对不同面容的“吸引力”进行打分。It suggested female pupils at single-sex schools, compared with those at mixed schools, had a significantly stronger preference for facial femininity in both male and female faces.结果显示,女校的学生和上混校的学生相比,更喜欢女性特征明显的男性以及女性。Dr Tamsin Saxton, who led the study, said: "Interestingly, the weakest effect of 'visual diet' was in relation to boys' judgments of girls' faces. "组织这项研究的汤姆森·萨克斯顿士表示,有趣的是,男生们对女性面容的评价甚少受到“视觉口味的偏好”的左右。"This might be because femininity is such an over-riding cue to female facial attractiveness, or perhaps because even at a single-sex school, boys see more female faces around them, in their teachers and so on."“这可能是由于女性特征面容的特点更为明显,或者是由于对男校学生来说,他们身边有更多的女性面容,比如他们的老师等等。”Previous studies have suggested women tend to prefer men with feminine faces such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Jude Law for long-term relationships.以往进行的调查显示,女性更愿意与面容有女性气质的男性建立长久的关系,比如莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥和裘·德洛。 /200909/83143郑州激光治疗雀斑的费用 Skinny or underweight women at greater risk of miscarriage 研究表明:过瘦女性易流产According to a new study, thin or skinny women who get pregnant are 72 percent more likely to miscarry in the first three months of pregnancy than their normal weight counterparts. However, the risk can be reduced up to 50 percent by eating the right food or taking multivitamins like folic acid, say researchers. The researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine carried out their study on 603 British women aged 18 to 55 who had miscarried within three months of getting pregnant. B reports that the new research also indicated that eating fruit and vegetables, and also chocolate, helped reduce the risk of miscarriage. Those classed as underweight had had a body mass index under 18.5. Additionally, unmarried women or those living with a partner were also at a greater risk than those who "planned" their pregnancies. Planning parents were 40 per cent less likely to miscarry than those for whom conception was an accident. The research also discovered that woman who separated from their partners after becoming pregnant increased her odds of a miscarriage by 60 per cent. If a woman has had a previous abortion, it also raised the chances of a subsequent miscarriage by more than 60 percent, while fertility problems were associated with 41 per cent higher odds. The research leader, Noreen Maconochie, a senior lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said, "The findings related to low pre-pregnancy weight, previous termination, stress and change of partner are noteworthy, and we suggest further work be initiated in other study populations." 一项最新研究表明,过瘦的女性在怀前三个月流产的几率比正常体重的女性高72%。但据研究人员介绍,合理的饮食及摄取如叶酸等多种维生素可将这一风险降低至50%。 伦敦卫生及热带医学院的研究人员对603名年龄在18至55岁之间的英国女性进行了调查,这些女性均有怀前三个月内流产的经历。 据英国广播公司报道,这项最新研究还发现,女性在怀期间多吃水果、蔬菜和巧克力也有助于降低流产的风险。 体重指数低于18.5的人被认定为“过瘦”。 此外,未婚女性和同居女性意外怀后流产的风险比“有计划”怀的女性高。“有计划”怀的女性流产几率比意外怀的女性低40%。 研究同时发现,女性在怀期间与伴侣分居,发生流产的可能性要比正常情况高60%。 此外,有堕胎史及有生育问题的女性流产几率分别高出60%和41%。 研究小组组长、伦敦卫生及热带医学院高级讲师诺琳·麦克诺奇说:“这些研究结果很有意义,体重过轻、有过堕胎史、压力过大及与伴侣分居等易造成流产的几个因素应引起女性的注意,同时我们希望这一研究能尽快在别国进行。”Vocabulary:miscarry:to have a miscarriage; abort(流产)odd:the ratio of probability of the occurence of an event(几率;可能性) /200802/26550郑州市绣眉多少钱

郑州妇幼保健院整形科Over the last year I have lots of material on self-improvement and success. One common theme I found in almost everything I was an emphasis on gratitude. In an effort to increase gratitude in my life, I have listed the top 5 things that have been given to me for nothing:去年我看过很多关于自我成长和成功的材料,我发现几乎所有材料都有一个共同点,那就是强调感恩。为了增强我的感恩之心,我找出了五个对我来讲最重要的不劳所获。1. My CarWhen my Gramma bought a new car, she sold her 1997 Ford Tauras to me for . A white Tauras isn’t exactly the coolest car on the block, but I have driven it for 7 years with minimal maintenance costs. After 14 years and 100,000+ miles, it still gets me where I need to go.我的车我奶奶买新车的时候,把她的1997年产福特金牛座轿车以一美元卖给了我。白色的金牛座虽然并不是我们那个街区最酷的一辆车,但它为我效力了七年,也没花多少维护费用。现如今在它役14年、跑了10万英里路之后,仍然可以带我去任何我想去的地方。2. My EducationI was fortunate enough to have great parents who decided at a young age to save money for my education. I graduated from Purdue University in 2009 with no student loans and paid by me towards my tuition. They also paid my rent all four years. The only thing I had to do was graduate on time. I know that most people don’t get an amazing deal like this and for that I am grateful.我的教育我非常幸运有一对伟大的父母,他们在我很小的时候就开始为我的教育存钱。到2009年我从普渡大学毕业的时候,从未自己付过一分学费,却也没有任何学生贷款。我的父母甚至还为我付了四年的房租,而我所要做的就是按时毕业而已。我知道很多人没有像我这样的好运,为此我心怀感激。3. My ComputerWhen I graduated from High School in 2005, my parents threw a graduation party for me. I netted about ,000 in cash gifts and used it to buy a brand new laptop.In 2008, the laptop was stolen when our house was robbed. Good thing my parents had home owners insurance. The laptop was covered for 00 which I used to buy a new computer that I still use to this very day.我的电脑2005年我高中毕业的时候,父母为我办了一场毕业欢庆会。庆祝会上我收到了大概2000元的礼金,我用这笔钱买了一台新的笔记本电脑。2008年我们家失窃的时候我的笔记本也被盗了。不过好消息是我的父母购买了家财险,我的笔记本得到了1200元的赔偿。我又用这笔钱买了一台新电脑,并且使用至今。 /201103/127576 <牛人_句子>郑州那里做双眼皮好些河南脱毛要多少钱



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